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Top 10 Great Scenes In Popular Movies

by Estelle
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Some movie scenes have such a huge impact the first time around, that they warrant a re-watch, or you know, 30 re-watches. These include the shower scene in Psycho, the “you are a toy” scene from Toy Story, the “he slimed me” scene from Ghostbusters and the training montage in Rocky. Often, awesome lines punctuate these types of scenes and lead to fans reciting them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

On this list are some of the most beloved scenes in movie history, some accompanied by great lines, guaranteed to induce at least a goosebump or two.

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10 “Avengers! Assemble.”


Watching the final battle scene in Avengers: Endgame has become bittersweet after the sudden passing of Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman. It was revealed in 2019 that the Black Panther originally had a longer fight sequence against Ebony Maw during the last battle scene, but it was ultimately cut when it didn’t truly fit in with the Iron Man and Thanos build-up.

The scene where Black Panther appears for the first time after the snap, does have the potential to make one teary-eyed, however. The look that passes between him and Captain America says more than words could, and the line “Avengers! Assemble” is the perfect way to kick off the fighting after all the lost heroes return.
Audiences’ reaction in cinemas during the original screening says it all.

9 “Things are gonna be different now.”


Fast and Furious 7 end scene

For many years, fans have laughed, cried and marvelled along with the characters of the Fast & Furious franchise. When Paul Walker died in 2013, there was an overwhelming sense of disbelief and shock that reverberated across the world. The filmmakers were faced with some tough decisions as Walker’s passing happened during the filming of the 7th movie and, ultimately, they decided to let Brian O’Conner go, but not in the tragic way he did in real life.

With a heartbreaking montage at the end of Furious 7, friends and fans were able to say goodbye to Walker’s character. The scene, accompanied by a tearjerker song courtesy of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, is summed up best by Tyrese’s character who simply says, “things are gonna be different now.”

8 “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”


The Craft (2/10) Movie CLIP – Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board (1996) HD

On a lighter note (see what I did there), some iconic movie scenes don’t have to be tragic or deep to make an impact. It just has to connect with its audience. In a time of teen flicks galore, along the lines of Clueless and many others, The Craft came along and instantly cast a spell over audiences. Its plot centers around female friendship and empowerment, and, of course, witchcraft, and the movie became a surprise hit after its release in 1996.

One particular scene in the movie sees four teenage girls trying out a spell during which one of them is levitated off the floor by the other three who are chanting the words, “light as a feather, stiff as a board.” The whole set-up is about as 90s as it could possibly be, but the scene still has the power to enchant a whole new generation of viewers all these years later.

7 “Day-O.”


Beetlejuice – Day-o (Banana Boat Song)

Beetlejuice is still one of the weirdest films ever made. It has ghosts who can make their heads do weird things, creepy intro music, a strange affinity for calypso music as well as a handbook for the deceased.

And then of course there is the infamous dinner scene where all the guests get up to involuntarily sing “Day-O” while doing peppy dance moves and hitting themselves in the face. To add to the weirdness, hands emerge from the plates on the table and push the guests off their chairs.
Good luck getting the song out of your head after watching the clip.

6 “Did you feel that?”


Best Jurassic Park Scene EVER!

The water rippling in a glass and a young boy asking, “did you feel that?” pretty much encompasses the feeling of dread that the unforgettable Jurassic Park T-Rex scene was going for. The growling of the T-Rex builds the tension even further. The expressions on the characters’ faces when they finally spot the massive dinosaur, perfectly rounds out this Steven Spielberg classic scene.

Spielberg got the idea for the scene after listening to an unnamed Earth, Wind, and Fire song in his car with the bass turned up. He noticed his rear-view mirror vibrating and immediately knew what needed to happen.

5 Parting the Red Sea


The Prince of Egypt (1998) – ‘Red Sea’ scene

Prince of Egypt is an underrated hand-drawn animated gem produced by DreamWorks. It follows the story of Moses on his journey as he tries to get his people freed from slavery. There is compelling family drama, excellent animations, fantastic music composed by Hans Zimmer and a whole bunch of highly memorable scenes.

One scene that will probably always leave goosebumps in its wake sees Moses parting the Red Sea so that his people could escape the approaching Egyptians. The parting is preceded by a giant fire column, meant to deter the Egyptians, and a pensive moment as Moses wades into the shallow water before raising his staff. He hears God speaking to him and then strikes the water with the staff, causing water walls to spring up on either side of him.

Look out for the whale shark silhouette as the Israelites slowing make their way through the sea on dry ground.

4 ‘’My tiny little nipples went to France.”


Before being endowed with all God’s powers, Bruce Nolan was having a rough time. In Bruce Almighty, Bruce not only misses out on a long-wished-for promotion that eventually goes to the hated Evan Baxter, but cracks also start appearing in his relationship with Grace Connelly. However, when he finally realizes what he could achieve by means of the power transfer, he decides on a little revenge directed at Baxter. This scene is the result.

Sure, it’s slapsticky and over-the-top, but do we really expect anything less from Jim Carrey?

3 “I’m not your f…..g mommy!”


The Ring Two (8/8) Movie CLIP – I’m Not Your Mommy (2005) HD

When fans don’t hate the main character in a horror movie, they tend to root for them to overcome their obstacles and take out the bad guys. The Ring Two saw this type of scenario and fans were elated when Naomi Campbell finally flushed Samara down the well after the two clashed near the end of the film. Seeing Samara emerge from the dark well the way she did, crawling legs over head while crying “Mommy!” was enough to give anyone nightmares back in 2005, and I for one am glad that she was thrown back where she belonged.

That last line is absolutely perfect.

2 “I’ve never hit a kid before.”


Zombieland (2009) – Who’s Bill Murray?

Zombieland was a huge hit in 2009, surpassing more than $60 million in box office revenue within 17 days. It features Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin as survivors of a zombie apocalypse and follows their road trip as they attempt to flee the undead.

The movie also features Bill Murray playing himself disguised as a zombie so that he can move freely around town. He is sadly killed off after being mistaken for a real zombie. Before his untimely demise, the fleeing group arrives at Murray’s house and Abigail Breslin’s character asks, “Who’s Bill Murray?”. This immediately prompts Tallahassee, played by Woody Harrelson, to retort “I’ve never hit a kid before. All right? I mean, that’s like asking who Gandhi is.” After which she immediately asks, “Who’s Gandhi?”

The sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap, was released in 2019 and features a ‘revived’ Bill Murray.

1 The loss of three sons


Saving Private Ryan: Mrs. Ryan gets the bad news

Tearjerker scenes are often remembered far longer than their comedic or dramatic counterparts. The scene with the mother in Saving Private Ryan is a prime example of this. All these years after the movie’s release, it still finds itself on many a list of ‘most iconic’ movie scenes. You can tell from Mrs Ryan’s demeanor as she watches the official military car pull up, that she already knows bad news is eminent. Everything that happens after the two men get out of the car is devastating. It is a raw depiction of what thousands of families experienced during war time and is guaranteed to bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

+ “He can’t see without his glasses!”


My Girl (1991) – He Can’t See Without His Glasses Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

And since everyone loves a sad movie, here is probably the most harrowing scene ever captured for a childhood classic movie. In My Girl, Vada, played excellently by Ana Chlumsky, approaches the casket of Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) who died after being stung by bees. She becomes instantly overwhelmed by the sight of her best friend in the casket saying, “… his face hurts, and where are his glasses? He can’t see without his glasses!”

My Girl was released in 1991, and this scene remains one of the saddest in movie history. Try and watch the clip without shedding a tear. It’s not as easy as it may seem.

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fact checked by Jamie Frater

Estelle is a regular writer for Listverse.

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