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10 Oddly Specific Clubs You Can (Maybe) Join

by Toby Oliva
fact checked by Rachel Jones

In a world full of diverse interests and passions, it’s no surprise that people have formed clubs and societies to celebrate even the most peculiar and niche hobbies. From exclusive high-IQ groups to secretive dining organizations, here are ten oddly specific clubs that you might be able to join.

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10 The Giga Society

The Official GIGA Society

In a world where intelligence comes in all shapes and sizes, a club caters to the super-elite thinkers: The Giga Society. While Mensa might be the go-to for those with high IQs, the Giga Society takes exclusivity to a new level. To be considered for membership, you must have an IQ in the top 0.0000001% of the population. This isn’t your everyday IQ test; the Giga Society uses the Cattell III B test to challenge even the most brilliant minds.

With just a handful of members scattered worldwide, this club isn’t for the faint of intellect. It’s a gathering of some of the sharpest minds, a group that thrives on solving the world’s most complex puzzles. The society was founded in 1966 by Dr. Paul Cooijmans, a Dutch psychologist known for his work in intelligence testing. Driven by a fascination with cognitive abilities beyond the norm, he established the Giga Society as the pinnacle of intellectual achievement.

Membership not only grants access to a network of extraordinary thinkers but also opens doors to exclusive events and forums where members engage in discussions that push the boundaries of human understanding. The society’s emphasis on the Cattell III B test underscores its commitment to identifying minds capable of grappling with the most intricate enigmas, cementing its reputation as the ultimate enclave for cognitive virtuosos.

9 The Seven Society

UVA Secret Societies: Lifting the Veil

When it comes to secret societies, the Seven Society stands out as an enigma wrapped in kindness. Founded at the University of Virginia in the late 1800s, this group is dedicated to anonymous acts of goodwill and charity. What sets them apart is their distinctive calling card: the number “7,” often appearing in unexpected places across the campus. Members remain hidden, their identities known only to themselves and perhaps a select few, fueling rumors and fascination.

The Seven Society has been responsible for significant donations to scholarships and charitable causes, leaving a trail of positivity in its wake. Their impact extends far beyond the university grounds, from funding innovative research projects to contributing to disaster relief efforts. The allure of secrecy combined with the thrill of making a difference adds a layer of intrigue to this society. It reminds us that behind closed doors, some quietly strive to leave the world a better place while maintaining an air of mystique.

Over the years, the society’s acts of benevolence have taken various forms, including grants to struggling students facing financial hardships and discreet assistance to local community initiatives. Their commitment to remaining entirely anonymous has resulted in countless speculations regarding their membership, leading to a campus-wide guessing game that only deepens the mystique surrounding the society. The legacy of the Seven Society serves as a reminder that even in a digital age, true acts of kindness can be carried out selflessly, evoking curiosity and inspiring others to embrace empathy and make a positive impact in their own ways.

8 Club 33

Inside Club 33 – Disneyland’s EXCLUSIVE Restaurant

For Disney devotees, Club 33 is a dream realized. Nestled within Disney parks worldwide, this exclusive club offers a touch of luxury to the Magic Kingdom. With limited membership spots and a considerable annual fee, Club 33 offers a haven for those who seek a respite from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks. This unique establishment holds an intriguing history, having been conceived by Walt Disney himself as a hidden oasis for VIP guests.

Behind its unassuming facade, Club 33 houses an elegant retreat where members can indulge in fine dining and special events. It’s an opportunity to experience the enchantment of Disney with a dash of sophistication. The interior is adorned with rare Disney memorabilia and artistic touches, immersing members in a realm of creativity and opulence.

Moreover, membership grants access to the club’s amenities and offers unique park privileges like expedited ride access and backstage tours, allowing enthusiasts to delve even deeper into the Disney enchantment. Whether you’re dining on exquisite cuisine in its lavishly decorated chambers or sipping a crafted cocktail on its private balcony overlooking the park, Club 33 unfurls an extraordinary dimension of the Disney experience.

7 The Beefsteak Club

Clubland: The History of London Gentlemen’s Clubs

The Beefsteak Club holds a special place in the annals of culinary eccentricities. Born in 18th-century London, this gastronomic society celebrates excess and camaraderie with a peculiar twist. Imagine feasting on copious amounts of steak while donning traditional garb: blue tailcoats, yellow waistcoats, and white cravats.

The Beefsteak Club harks back to a time of indulgence and revelry, a society where men could savor the pleasures of meat and company. While it might seem odd in today’s health-conscious world, it captures a slice of history where culinary extravagance was celebrated. The club’s rituals go beyond the gastronomic; they include toasting the meat by drinking port wine from peculiar elongated glasses called “yard of ale” glasses, adding a playful element to the proceedings.

This unique culinary haven reveals the importance of tradition and continuity. The club’s membership is passed down through generations, maintaining a sense of heritage and exclusivity. It showcases how the spirit of camaraderie and shared experience can bridge the gap between centuries.

6 Project Steve

Project Steve’s 1000th member announced at IgNobel Awards

Science and humor come together in Project Steve, a delightful nod to scientific endeavors. This playful response to organizations that use lists of scientists to promote their agendas is exclusively for scientists with names like Steve, Stephanie, or Stephen, who endorse the theory of evolution.

The quirkiness of Project Steve extends beyond its criteria. Highlighting the significant number of scientists named Steve who support evolution—now numbering over 1,500—it humorously underscores the robust consensus among experts. This ever-growing list playfully showcases the diversity of Steves in the scientific community, highlighting their collective dedication to evolutionary biology.

Moreover, Project Steve subverts the tactics of those who misuse lists to lend credibility to unscientific claims. By focusing exclusively on a single, specific name, this project humorously exposes the fallacies of such practices, revealing the absurdity of drawing conclusions based on names rather than expertise.

5 The Alfalfa Club

Kissinger leaves ’em laughing

In politics, the Alfalfa Club adds a dash of satire to the mix, infusing a lighthearted touch into the often serious realm of Washington, D.C. This annual gathering, rooted in tradition since 1913, brings together a vibrant blend of political leaders, business magnates, and celebrities, creating an eclectic tapestry of personalities. Named after the unassuming alfalfa plant known for its unremarkable growth, the Alfalfa Club cleverly mirrors this humility by playfully embracing those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

The centerpiece of the club’s activities is its renowned black-tie dinner, where wit and jest take center stage alongside camaraderie. This event is a melting pot of influential figures and cutting-edge humor as attendees engage in good-natured ribbing and jestful banter. The Alfalfa Club’s distinctiveness lies in its ability to offer a rare respite from the gravitas of politics, allowing heavyweight politicians to shed their formal personas and revel in shared laughter.

Beyond its surface fun, the Alfalfa Club subtly underscores the human side of political leaders, demonstrating that even the most influential figures have a capacity for joy and camaraderie. This facet is essential in breaking down the walls of formality and fostering connections that extend beyond policy debates.

4 The 300 Club

Friday Surprise: Having Fun at the South Pole (3:30)

In the realm of frigid challenges, the 300 Club indisputably claims the icy throne. Nestled within Antarctica’s unforgiving embrace lies the McMurdo Station, home to this audacious club that beckons its members to a test of mettle in the most unorthodox manner. As temperatures plummet to an unthinkable -100°F (-73°C), participants shed their layers, embarking on a madcap sprint encircling the South Pole. But this audacity doesn’t end there. No, it’s merely the prelude to the heart of this chilling endeavor.

With a staggering temperature differential of 300 degrees, contenders catapult themselves from the polar freeze into the embrace of a blistering sauna, where temperatures soar to a searing 200°F (93°C). Such a feat necessitates nerves honed from steel and an insatiable thirst for adventure bordering on the reckless. This ritual is nothing short of a tribute to the unwavering resolve of humanity and its propensity to welcome the extraordinary, even within the icy clutches of adversity.

The 300 Club is a living testament to those who discover rapture in stretching their boundaries, unshackled by even the most hostile environments. It embodies the spirit of those who dare to flirt with their limitations, using them as launchpads into new realms of exhilaration.

3 The 20-Minute Society

Surprising Yourself: The Joy of Being Spontaneous | Jonah Yoelin | TEDxUniversityofNevada

In a world where time often rules our lives, the 20-Minute Society invites us to embrace spontaneity. This unconventional club encourages members to gather for impromptu activities within a tight 20-minute timeframe. From picnics to frisbee games, the goal is to inject excitement into routines and relish unexpected moments.

The 20-Minute Society captures living in the present and finding joy in the unplanned. It reminds us that life is full of fleeting opportunities, and sometimes, the most memorable experiences are the ones that catch us by surprise. In a world of hectic schedules, this club encourages us to pause, connect, and savor the magic of spontaneity.

2 The Bilderberg Club

What is the Bilderberg Meeting? – BBC News

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the Bilderberg Club reigns as a magnet for speculation. This annual conference gathers a select group of around 130 influential figures from Europe and North America. Discussions are held behind closed doors, sparking intrigue and questions about potential global influence.

While the Bilderberg Club asserts that it’s a forum for informal discussions, its air of mystery continues to fuel curiosity. It reminds us that even in our interconnected world, some gatherings are still shrouded in secrecy. The Bilderberg Club invites us to ponder the complexities of power, influence, and the intrigue that often surrounds the elite.

1 The Dracula Society

The Dracula Society 30th Anniversary Film

The Dracula Society, founded in 1973 by Dr. Donald A. Reed, is an organization dedicated to studying, appreciating, and celebrating vampire literature, film, and culture. Focusing on Bram Stoker’s iconic character Count Dracula, the society delves into the various interpretations and adaptations of vampires in media.

The society serves as a meeting point for enthusiasts, scholars, and fans, providing a platform for discussions, screenings, lectures, and events related to vampire folklore and literature. Members often engage in conversations about the evolution of vampire mythology, the symbolism behind these creatures of the night, and their influence on pop culture.

Over the years, the society has expanded its scope to encompass a broader range of vampire-related topics, including literature, art, history, and folklore worldwide. By fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for all things vampiric, the Dracula Society keeps the legacy of Count Dracula alive while appreciating the broader cultural impact of these captivating and immortal creatures.

fact checked by Rachel Jones