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More Downtime Coming

Hi everyone. First of all, my apologies for not replying to all of the recent comments on the controversial suicide list and the evil scientists – I have been inundated with administration relating to moving the site to a stable host (which could not have come at a better time seeing as our second server upgrade made no difference at all!

For your information, our new hosts (PacificRack in Los Angeles) are currently preparing our new server and the site will be moving some time today. The consequence of this is that we may lose a few comments in the process (I will certainly try to avoid this though) and we may experience some downtime. In addition, and most importantly, because we are moving to a whole new site, may, for a short time, be pointing at two different hosts (the old and the new) because it can take a day or slightly more for the new address to spread around the internet.

I apologize for this annoyance – unfortunately it is the only way that we can get the site running stably.


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  • Anthony

    Better to have some planned downtime than a lot of unplanned downtime. I think we can survive without listverse for a few hours.

    But then again…

  • Anthony: Survive? a few HOURS? Survive? You, sir, are a mad man.

  • The site is running a little slow at the moment as we are getting caching in place. also, some people may now be at a risk of losing comments because the site is operating in two places – some of you are coming to the new host (if you are reading this – you are on the new host) but some will still be connecting to the old as the new IP address filters around the net.

  • Okay – my site administrators are now working on security and patches – the site should become more stable as the day progresses. For the sake of not overloading I am not going to post any lists today. It will be a good opportunity to go through some of the archives :)

  • Hey, not sure why, but I just logged in and when I tried to return to the site I got some sort of awful redirect to something that said something like, ‘Do you have adware on your computer that you want to get rid of?’ And you had to click either install or cancel. =/ Hope that’s not with the new host.

  • Kelsi: no – definitely not – it is the advertiser – they have obviously added a new advertiser to their group – I will try to remove it now.