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A brief update before leaving

by Listverse Writers
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As you should all know by now, I am leaving for New Zealand for one month today. I will be posting from there so fear not – the site will keep going through Christmas. It will take me nearly 30 hours to reach NZ so there may be a period where the site does not seem to be updated. I have three lists prepared for today that will automatically publish at set intervals while I am in the air.

I thought you might like to know that we have also finally upgraded our second server and the site is running brilliantly – better than ever before. We have survived a front page on Fark, a front page on Reddit, and a front page on Ebaumsworld within the last two days and the server hasn’t even noticed. Pacific Rack was definitely the right choice of host for us.

Yesterday we had two landmark events happen – the first is that we reached 20,000 comments (in only four and a half months!) and we had our 1,000th user registration. Thanks to all of you for making that happen!

While I am traveling I will be selecting the winners of the Christmas competition and preparing their lists for publication on the site starting 23 December. Exciting times!

Enjoy the lists, keep up the comments, and I will see you all from the other side of the planet!

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Listverse Writers

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