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Top 10 Bizarre Relationships

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

[WARNING: this list contains images that are of an adult nature] Throughout history there have been many unusual relationships and love affairs. Some may seem normal by today’s standards, but in their time caused great controversy. This is a list of the top 10 bizarre relationships.

10. Allen and Previn

Woody Allen

In 1978, at the age of eight, Soon-Yi Previn was adopted by Mia Farrow and her then-husband Andre Previn who were on vacation in Korea. In 1980, when Soon-Yi was 10, Farrow began a long-term relationship with Woody Allen which lasted 12 years. In 1992, Farrow found naked photographs of Soon-Yi in Allen’s apartment and subsequently discovered that the two had been having a romantic relationship (at the time she was 22 and Allen was 56). Allen parted ways with Farrow and married Soon-Yi in 1997. Both of Allen’s biological children refused to see him. Allen and Previn have two adopted daughters.

9. Wilde and Douglas

Wilde Douglas1893

In 1891, Oscar Wilde was introduced to the twenty-two-year-old Lord Alfred Douglas, an undergraduate at Oxford at the time and son of the 9th Marquess of Queensberry. The two began an intimate relationship which may have involved sexual relations, though Douglas later denied that this was the case. In the course of the relationship, for sexual satisfaction, Wilde would look on while Douglas entertained other young men for the pleasure of Wilde. The Marquess eventually found out about this “scandalous” relationship and sued Wilde and after a series of arguments between the two, Wilde took him to court. The case failed and Wilde was eventually charged with gross indecency and was sentenced to two years of hard labor. After he was released on May 19, 1897 he spent his last three years penniless, in self-imposed exile from society and artistic circles.

8. Caligula and Drusilla


Drusilla was Emperor Caligula’s favorite sister. When he became Emperor it is believed that he ordered her to divorce her husband after which she became his lover. She most likely had a great deal of influence over Caligula. When she died in 38 AD, he never recovered from the loss. He buried his sister with the honors of an Augusta, acted as a grieving widower, and had the Roman Senate declare her a Goddess as “Diva Drusilla”, deifying her as a representation of the goddess Venus or Aphrodite. Drusilla was consecrated as Panthea, most likely on the anniversary of the birthday of Augustus.

7. Lincoln and Speed


In 1837, Abraham Lincoln (aged 28) met Joshua Fry Speed (aged 23) when Lincoln moved to Springfield Illinois to set himself up as a lawyer. Lincoln tried to buy a bed from Speed’s store on credit, but Speed offered to share his room and bed instead. Previously Speed had heard the young Lincoln speak on the stump when Lincoln was running for election to the Illinois legislature, but the two men had exchanged only bits of conversation. The two ended up having a lifelong friendship, and upon the death of Lincoln, Speed and other members of his family put up funding to create a Lincoln Memorial. The bizarre nature of this relationship is not that the two shared a bed, but that it is an example of a now extinct version of “Romantic Friendship” – a term that described an intimate, but non-sexual relationship between two people. Romantic Friendships were very common until the mid to late 19th century when homosexuality was beginning to be defined. Other famous examples of Romantic Friendship are William Shakespeare and his “Fair lord”, and Emily Dickinson and Sue Gilbert.

6. The Tomainis

Aug23 Tomainis-732762

Al Tomaini was a giant who claimed a height of 8’4″ (though the Guiness Book of Records stated that he was 7’4″). Weighing 356 pounds (162 kg) and wearing size 27 shoes, Al spent most of his life as a circus giant. He was working with a circus at the Great Lakes Exposition in Chicago, in 1936, when he met his future wife, Jeanie Tomaini. Jeanie was born without legs and was only 2 ft 6 in (76 cm) tall. After retiring from the circus life, he and Jeanie settled in the circus community of Giant’s Camp, Gibsonton, Florida.

5. Verlaine and Rimbaud


In 1871, Arthur Rimbaud – a budding young poet – (aged 16) travelled to Paris at the invitation of Paul Verlaine (a highly regarded French Symbolist Poet). When Rimbaud arrived in Paris, Verlaine fell in love with him and the two began a turbulent relationship which lead to the breakup of Verlaine’s marriage. During absinthe and hashish influenced nights, the two scandalized Paris with their obscene behaviour and violence. At one point, whilst drunk on Absinthe, Rimbaud stabbed Verlaine in the hand. The two moved to England and eventually Brussels. On the morning of 10 July, Verlaine bought a revolver and ammunition. That afternoon, “in a drunken rage,” Verlaine fired two shots at Rimbaud, one of them wounding the 18-year-old in the left wrist. Eventually Rimbaud asked the police to arrest Verlaine, and he was sent to jail for two years. The two met again only once and at age 21, Rimbaud stopped writing. He is now considered to be one of the most influential French poets in history.

4. Stuebing and Karolewski

Gerincestdm0103 228X164

Patrick Stuebing is a man living in Leipzig, Germany, who has recently been the centre of a heated debate around incest, due to his relationship with his biological sister, Susan Karolewski, since 2001. The relationship has so far spawned four children of whom only one, Sofia, remains with the couple. Patrick, an unemployed locksmith, was adopted and, as a child, lived in Potsdam. He did not meet his mother and biological family until he was 23. Today he and Susan share a small flat in an east German tower block on the outskirts of Leipzig. Incest is a criminal offence in Germany. Patrick Stuebing has already served a two-year sentence for committing incest. In 2004, Patrick voluntarily underwent a vasectomy.

3. The Bunkers and The Yateses

Picture 2-12

Chang and Eng Bunker were conjoined twins born in Siam (their condition and place of birth created the term “Siamese Twins”). They were joined at the sternum by a small piece of cartilage. Their livers were fused but independently complete. Although 19th century medicine did not have the means to do so, modern surgical techniques would have easily allowed them to be separated today. The two became American Citizens and became respected members of the community, owning a plantation and slaves. On April 13, 1843, they married two sisters: Chang to Adelaide Yates and Eng to Sarah Anne Yates. Chang and his wife had ten children; Eng and his wife had twelve. In time, the wives squabbled and eventually two separate households were set up just west of Mount Airy, North Carolina in the community of White Plains – the twins would alternate spending three days at each home. The twins died on the same day in 1874.

2. Nero and Sporus

250Px-Nero Glyptothek Munich 321

Suetonius (c. 69AD – 130AD) wrote that the Emperor Nero fell in love with a young boy, Sporus, and loved him so deeply that he tried to make a woman of him:

He castrated the boy Sporus and actually tried to make a woman of him; and he married him with all the usual ceremonies, including a dowry and a bridal veil, took him to his home attended by a great throng, and treated him as his wife. And the witty jest that someone made is still current, that it would have been well for the world if Nero’s father Domitius had that kind of wife. This Sporus, decked out with the finery of the empresses and riding in a litter, he took with him to the courts and marts of Greece, and later at Rome through the Street of the Images, fondly kissing him from time to time.

As bizarre as that sounds, there is another even more bizarre relationship:

1. Dumas and dos Santos

Jean (or Juan) Baptista dos Santos is said to have been a “Gipsey”, born in Faro, Portugal around 1843, to normal parents with two other normal children. He possessed two functioning penises and three scrota, the outer two of which each contained a single testis. Dos Santos claimed that the central scrotum had also contained a pair of fully-formed testes, but that these had retreated into his abdomen when he was ten years old. He also had a third leg. Fortunately for dos Santos, at the same time there lived in Paris a women named Blanche Dumas who had four breasts and two vaginas (and also a third leg). Dumas was working as a high class prostitute. Dos Santos travelled to Paris and it is believed that the two had a torrid affair. You can read more about this most bizarre relationship on Cogitz.

Bonus: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Surgery  Photo

Michael Jackson involved in any relationship is bizarre. Enough said.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia articles: Patrick Stuebing.

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Jamie, the Lincoln and Jackson pics are HYSTERICAL! Outstanding!

  • Stew: Thanks :)

  • cparker

    Another fine example of the always perplexing Emporer’s Caligula and Nero

  • lola

    Super interesting list. I wish there was a bigger and clearer picture of number 1 Blanche Dumas.

  • sue

    OMG my eyes!!!!! Great list,but lets try and do without Micheal Jackson from now on,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sue

    And that woody allen and his daughter thing is really disgusting

  • lola: me too – it was the best I could find alas.

    sue: I agree about Woody – and as for Michael Jackson – I sometimes feel the need to add him to a list – it is the same feeling you are up very high and feel drawn to the edge of a cliff – so so wrong but such a strong urge!

  • mortem

    lmao! Michael Jackson!

    The Bunker brother’s story is also amazing!! Haha I mean, 12 and 10 children respectively? Man, it should have been weird having sex while the other one just stood there and watched.

  • mortem: heh – I suspect the other one had to *lie* there and watch :) They are lucky to have lived so long – many siamese twins don’t.

  • jwbm2525

    hmm… one could really wonder about the “positions” that Dumas and dos Santos could utilize.

  • MzFly

    Cool/weird/distrubing list. Great Stuff! I had never heard of #1, but after seeing the pic I thought twice before reading it.

  • Kristin

    Wow…………..great pic of Michael Jackson! Him even being alive is just bizarre! Love the list, keep up the good work!

  • Kristin

    By the way, #1 kinda makes me want to throw up, along with #4 and #10!

  • Yikkity

    Four breast..two vaginas? And an extra leg! No wonder she was a high class prostitute. She was putting in a lot of work.

  • Jamie, curious: was rocker/pianist Jerry Lee Lewis and his cousin being married not quite odd enough? I suppose compared to the whack jobs on this kick-ass list, maybe not…


    I had heard of Dos Santos (maybe even from another one of your lists), but I had never heard of Dumas. That is a very interesting hook up there. No pun intended (okay so maybe it was intended).

    I am wondering if the brother and sister in #4 is the reason for the push to give adopted children more information about their biological families. I thought it was a case in Britain about twins and the same thing happening where they didn’t know they were related and fell in love…


    Kristin: #4 and #10 make you want to throw up a little bit, but #8 doesn’t? What is written here is almost an understatement of his obsession with his sister.

  • chsrocket47

    you could also put tom cruise and katie holmes on here too

  • Stew: Marriage to the first cousin only marginally increases risk of child defects – it is legal in many countries, therefore, not bizarre :) I believe Guiliani also married a first cousin but it was annulled – I might be wrong though.

  • mrbizmark

    James Buchanan (15th president) also had a “romantic friendship” and never married.

  • Andie_Girl9

    Another weird one: Anyone dumb enough to marry Bush. Sorry, I have strong opinions toward him.

    -Andrea Carlena Beauman

  • Dr. Goodtimes

    Can you imagine if Dumas and dos Santos lived in today’s society the sales their homemade porno tape would generate? They’d put Pam & Tommy to shame.

  • heavybison

    #3: Imagine having a dead body attached to you for hours…lucky he died the same day…
    Finally a gr8 list to herald the return of JF.
    Welcome back man!!

  • SubliminalDeath666

    What about David Letterman and Julia Roberts? I heard they were married for like a month.

  • Blogball

    Wow 4 breasts and an extra leg.
    If someone could breed a chicken like that they could make a fortune.
    Another interesting list by the way.

  • Martin L

    Heavy Bison: as a matter of fact, I recall reading a little more of the Chang and Eng tale. I think Eng was the first to go, sickening and dying in the morning, so that, yes, his brother was attached to a corpse, and mourned the whole day before succumbing around sunset. Allegedly of grief, though I’m sure (ech!) septicemia had something to do with it.

  • blogball: hahah

  • heavybison: thanks :) It is good to be back in charge!

  • heavybison

    #Blogball: LOL!! You shld really consider writing for Letterman/Leno or somethin’ dude…

  • Palrao

    I’m a huge fan of your lists. I come by here everyday yearning to see any new lists you may have put here. Congratulations.
    As for this one…talk about strange!!!
    Just one thing…maybe he was really Juan due to Spanish family, but if Dos Santos was really portuguese it is very likely that he was called João, rather than Juan. I’m portuguese, hence my being picky,lol.

  • Palrao: I do believe you are correct – I used the standard English version of the name but I am sure I have seen him referred to as João.

  • petey mcgee

    what about Kenneth Pinyan and the equine world?

    (sorry couldn’t resist)

  • Nelia

    Just to be clear… Did this German guy meet his biological family KNOWING they were his biological family, then start the relationship with his sister? Or did he start the relationship and find out later? I got the impression from the way it was written that he knew she was his sister when they got together.
    Which would be super weird.

  • petey mcgee: hahahaha – it didn’t even cross my mind while writing this list!

  • Monique

    What is so weird or “bizzare” about #1. They say there is someone made by God for everyone. In that case these two were perfect for one another. They both had multiple sex organs so that really makes them the perfect match. And they both had a third leg, that really solidifies them as being a match made in heaven. How many other people existed at that time that could relate to them as well as they could together?

  • Cat Skyfire

    On Chang and Eng – The second brother died because they did share a blood connection. One heart stopped pumping and the living heart wasn’t enough to force it through two bodies.

    The Lincoln and Speed: I liked that one. We tend to forget that it was not uncommon in the past for people of the same gender to share a bed just because it was a bed. Most early senators shared rooming houses and beds before going to the capitol. And it wasn’t uncommon for strangers to share a bed on a long journey, because it beat the floor.

  • riledupone

    The Woody Allen thing really creeps me out. Since it happened I have refused to watch any Woody Allen movies. Blecchhhh!

  • Mom424

    Welcome home Jamie….Great List as usual
    Number 1 is the most disturbing, How can anyone have sexual feelings for someone they raised since childhood? He has to be some sort of sicko….
    Also bed sharing was common before the days of decent central heating…
    Also with #4, they met too late in life for the natural aversion to sex with family to be ingrained,,(this is a genetic strategy for healthy offspring, happens not only with humans but animals as well), although Caligula proves that you can overcome anything if you’re perverted enough…

  • FifthSonata

    Is that Michael Jackson photo actually real? Someone please tell me that’s not real…

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  • Judit

    Wow!! Fantastic list! Very bizarre, and very interesting! :)

  • Haha, possible candidate for best list EVER. I bet dos Santos’ tailor made tons of money just making pants for the poor guy. I really got a kick out of this one, J. Great list. =)

  • copperdragon

    here’s my vote for Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson (as a couple). truly bizarre!!

  • About #4:
    They have a relationship since 2001. In 2004 Patrick voluntarily underwent a vasectomy. The relationship has so far spawned four children.

    I say they are fast :)

  • I don’t see what’s so bizarre about Wilde and Douglas…

  • Shabab

    Eww…When i saw woody on the top of the list i said to myself “surely, nothing could be bizzar-er than this”…Well, needless to say i stand corrected and ofcourse grossed out

    also, evry time i burn a disk now ill think of that wierdo paedophile…Thanks

  • shaunism: the weird aspect was the fact that Douglas had sex with other men for Wilde’s pleasure – rather than having sex with Wilde directly.

  • jfrater: Re: Wilde and Douglas: Oh dear! If that’s your bar for ‘bizarre’ sexual behaviour, you need to live in Manhattan for a few years! ;-)

  • Mav

    X Effing D @ the Jackson one.

  • shaunism: hah – it was shocking for its time :) Obviously these days virtually anything goes!

  • Shabab

    What abt that guy who married a rock?

    Or a woman who married a dolphin?

    Im not talking about bestiality but ppl who actually love animals n objects enough to take them as partners over humans

  • srichards

    hey guys its not nice to make fun of Michael :(

  • Shabab: Have you heard of the “real dolls”? Life-like, life-sized dolls people enter into ‘relationships’ with? There was a whole documentary on it here in the UK – very interesting and odd. Check it out if you can.

  • nikita

    how do i begin…i am not here to argue, berate, or talk down to everyone that’s posted a comment, but i do have a question. how could people make judgement calls based on a picture and a paragraph? but more than that, why do the posters feel it necessary to tell us what they think? did someone ask? is that what these top 10, 15, 20 list sites are for? to inform, entertain, incite etc? or are they a joke? what is the motivation? and i would like to see posted by____ followed by age of poster____.

    i know my post will offend some of the people, and it’s just my opinion, but if you are kids, then i understand, but i truly fear for my future, because you will be in charge of the country. and with such a critical, narrow minded, shoot from the, guilty until proven innocent, set of values. we are doomed!

    post on haters, i don’t care because i wont be reading your insults.

    • Minelbp

      To be honest the sole purpose of comments is to, well, comment. You ask if they were asked your opinion, were you?

  • jwbm2525

    Nikita: First of all, this is one of the most “mature” forums that I have seen on the web. Have you ever seen some of the comments on ebaums? I refuse to post there because of the inmature nature on that site! Obviously you don’t understand what a forum is about or what the internet is about. One of the greatest things about the internet is that people can remain anonamyous! Yes, this does attract some inmaturity and haters, but for the most part, it is a good thing. No one should have to tell their age, and I guarantee that most of these people are not kids. I, for one, am over 30 and have 2 children.

    As far as being critical and narrow minded, I don’t feel that the majority of these comments are narrow minded or critical. You might want to check your dictionary for the definition of OPINION.

  • jwbm2525

    shaunism: it’s called guys and dolls, you can view it here:

    It is somewhat disturbing, but interesting at the same time.


    Dumas and Dos Santos….those 2 were tailor made for each other!!!!! their video would have been better than pam and tommy lees’s lmao!!! the possibilities are endless!!

  • michelley

    i’m 21, and i don’t take what you say as an insult just hypocritical. everyone has an opinion on everything. internet is a great way to put your opinion out there, hence why you decided to put yours out there with this post. if you’re really so annoyed by it, i suggest not going to sites like this. or simply just not read the comments.

  • jwbm2525: Wow, great! Thank you! I have been wanting to show that to a couple people. Cheers!

  • KdK

    You obviously never heard about the Swedish lady, who consider herself married to the Berlin Wall..

  • Troyez

    The Abraham Lincoln thing is bulls**t. Just another piece of revisionist history (tripe). You might want to do a bit of research before you post such slander, especially when the person in question is not able to defend himself.

  • Troyez: here is a site on Kentucky History that agrees completely with what I said above: – wikipedia also has a lot to say on it in both the topic for Speed and Lincoln, as well as a separate article on Lincoln’s sexuality.

  • Troyez: Re: Lincoln: I have heard about similar thoughts/conclusions about Lincoln from other places, so I couldn’t discount it so quickly.

    But besides, why would he need to ‘defend’ himself about such a relationship? Thinking he does points out more what you think about the relationship than the relationship itself.

  • drogo

    The people hating Woody Allen must have missed Soon-Yi’s TV interview. She stated that she was too old and mature to ever consider Allen as a father figure. Andre Previn will always be her father. She said that as soon as she met Woody Allen she thought he was cute and witty and felt romantic feelings toward him, but had to consider him her mother’s boyfriend, then husband. Since Soon-Yi was quite mature, Allen never bonded with her as a father figure. Allen’s biggest crime is that he cheated on Mia.

  • Tardly

    Troyez, i think starting an illegal war that killed more americans than any other, then trying to deport every black in america trumps a little gay trist in the scandal department.

  • Bananas

    do you really beleive the Lincoln stuff????

  • Troyez

    Well Shaunism,
    I was talking about Lincoln being able to defend himself from being labeled as “gay,” when he was not.

  • Troyez: I did not label Lincoln as gay – I do not believe he was. I was referring to the “Romantic Friendship” he had with another man – these were very common in those days and did not involve sex – it was a type of relationship that started to disappear after people began defining the genres of sexuality – due to the fear that you might be labelled homosexual when you were not. Obviously I did not make that clear in the list.

  • Troyez: As was I.

  • Drogo

    OMG, Abraham Lincoln was gay…..NOT that there is anything wrong with THAT!…

    (a Seinfeld reference)

  • Jeremy

    wow, what a coincidence!
    A man with two penises meets a chick with two vaginas. That makes me laugh.

    I bet the twin’s wives were competing on who could have the most kids.

  • Vicky

    I think the brother and sister thing, while pretty freaky, isn’t as gross as it could be because they didn’t actually grow up as siblings.

  • Troyez: SLANDEROUS to be accused of being gay? And he must DEFEND HIMSELF from being labelled as gay. Do you hear yourself? The message you are conveying is that you’re anti-gay. Who cares if Lincoln was gay or not? Who cares if he had a “Romantic Friendship?” I think the world would be a better place if people could allow themselves to have strong feelings for other people, regardless of gender, and express them in a natural way. Instead we deny these feelings, and put on macho airs to avoid these kind of deep friendships. I think that’s pretty sick.

  • Troyez

    What I am saying, Dan A.,
    Is that Abe Lincoln was not homosexual, and that it is slanderous to label him as such. He is not here to defend himself from any accusations. I am not calling anyone names. It seems that gays like to call people who do not agree with their lifestyle choice, “homophobic.” And in this society (U.S.), if you disagree with someone’s beliefs on homosexuality, you are a bigot; remember the 1st Amendment, it discusses freedom of speech, and assures my right to voice my disagreement with you, Dan.
    The whole reason I posted on here was because the blog creator did not include all the facts. I also posted a link:

    It seems that some people do not want to see the truth staring them in the face.

  • Because the weekly standard is a non-biased news source. Please..

    Anyway, as far as being labelled a bigot…

    “…gays like to call people who do not agree with their lifestyle choice homophobic.”

    If the pointy little shoe fits…

    I do not deny your right to voice your opinion, I think that you are wrong, and I am voicing my opinion. I think you are a bigot, and that is my opinion. I think you are homophobic, and that is my opinion.

    What rubs me the wrong way, as a gay man, is that you people (bigots) try to stand up and tell me about my “lifestyle choice.” It doesn’t matter how many times I tell you, and others tell you that it is NOT a choice, you still know better don’t you? You’re the expert, huh?

    The only CHOICE I made was not to deny who I am. I didn’t want to be gay at first, but I could not change it, and so I accepted that I was not the pervert and horrible human being that you people (homophobic bigots) tried to make me think that I was. I have accepted myself, and I now am quite happy. The only misery in my life is that I have to deal with PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

    Don’t take this too personally, it’s really meant for everyone who tries to tell me about my “lifestyle choice.”

  • Troyez

    If you don’t subscribe to the Weekly Standard, I have a review from the Washington Post book review (Michael F. Bishop) if you want;

    “Its not a choice.”

    I’ve heard that one before.
    When you say that you “accepted” being gay, didn’t you make a choice?
    There are peole in this world who think that everything is determined by fate (you have no say in what happens in your life), and those who think that human beings have free will (the ability to make choices, determining the paths of their lives. It seems that you believe the former, while I believe the latter.

    My point was that I didn’t think that Abraham Lincoln was homosexual, and that people should not try to re-write history to strengthen/further their worldview, without Mr. Lincoln’s being able to defend himself from these accusations.
    And I called the post here slander; here’s the definition of slander: : the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation (Merriam-Webster). I think Mr. Lincoln was misrepresented.

    Call me all the names you want, Dan; they seem to be the main point of your argument.

  • Cyn

    …“Romantic Friendship” – a term that described an intimate, but non-sexual relationship between two people…
    copy/paste of text from this list.

    notice it says romantic NON sexual.
    bear in mind the enormous differences in what constitutes friendship, romance, passion (sex less variety) by that time period’s standards of behavior and the 21st century.

    so i’m confused as to how anyone reading this list can charge the author of it w/ slander when the entry expressly states NON sexual.

    and do we really want to get into a debate about homosexuality being voluntary or biological (which it is)? i think not.

  • Troyez

    Look at the picture associated with the article.

  • Troyez: first of all – I did not say he was gay and I don’t believe he was. The image is meant to be humorous and nothing more. And thirdly, I don’t think it is defaming a person to suggest he is gay (which I haven’t done) – but I think your over-reaction to it might say more about you than Lincoln.

  • Cyn

    Troyez – its a caricature or cartoon. as in not a real depiction or photograph.

    IMO someone who is offended by such an image not only lacks a sense of humor (and perspective) but is probably a closet homophobe. :)
    or is some cases..a quite public homophobe. :)

  • Troyez

    Everyone attack the evil, intolerant, homophobe!!! You all have reiterated what I think is indicative of today’s society; tolerance is king, but in this case tolerance really means acceptance.
    And, through all this arguing, those of you who have responded have successfully (in your minds, no doubt) shifted the focus of my statement from the article to me, successfully muddying the water.

    And btw, Mr. Frater, your piece on Lincoln implied that A.L. was a homosexual;

    “Romantic Friendships were very common until the mid to late 19th century when homosexuality was beginning to be defined.”

    It sure sounds like you said/inferred that a “romantic friendship,” was an early form of homosexuality.

    Anyway, it is hard to have discourse when everyone who writes in calls you names; what happened to the celebrated tolerance this new world is always trumpeting from the rooftops? That’s right, I forgot, you can have tolerance only for liberal minded folks who think like you!

    Thanks everyone, you’ve changed my way of thinking! I am going to get a Hillary ’08 bumper sticker, buy a pair of Birkenstocks, and join Move on!
    Peace, out!

  • Troyez: you missed my point completely – it was the definition of homosexuality that caused people who were having normal platonic relationships to stop out of fear of being branded something they were not. It was not because homosexuality was the new term for Romantic Friendship – it is that Romantic Friendships were likely to be labelled homosexual when they were not. Let me state it again – I do not believe Lincoln was gay and I was not trying to imply that he was in my comment.

    Oh – and btw, there is no such thing as “an early form of homosexuality” – homosexuality has always been there, it was just not referred to in that way – the concept of gender “classes” is a modern one.

  • Nice picture of Michael Jackson. What a freak.

  • satori

    Ok…the whole Nero and Sporus is a little strange…I hope that Sporus was willingly casterated! Also, some strange entanglements took place throughout the life of Aleister Crowley-especially with (I can’t remember the guys name) but he was a follower of his teachings and was forced to sleep on burrs etc, and only for brief periods after which Crowley would have his way with him. The guy was later married. He was told it was all part of his “training”.

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  • JwJwBean
  • Sugarpie

    The first one just gives me the creeps even more of Woody Allen

  • Green Is Good

    Apparently, Stuebing and Karolewski never heard of birth control.

    Why would they keep spawning when 3 of their 4 kids were yanked from their custody? They BOTH should be sterilized, not just the guy.

  • Joo is funniez

    Woody Allen is creepy, but the first one is creepier

  • ligeia

    10, 8 and 4 REALLY creeped me out, well, anything to do with incest does that. Number 6 is pretty cute, though. I used to share a flat with a couple and the guy was about a foot and a half taller than the girl. People would see them walking down the street holding hands and think he was some sort of perv holding hands with a 12 year old – until they actually saw them from the front. Funnily enough she was the older of the two.

  • Ryan

    I had to read number 10 FIVE TIMES before I could what the fuck it was talking about. Too many names…

  • A

    OMFG!!! This is by far the best list I’ve read on this web site. The #1 made my life complete! This is great.

  • David in London

    Martin L (#26)

    You said – “Heavy Bison: as a matter of fact, I recall reading a little more of the Chang and Eng tale. I think Eng was the first to go, sickening and dying in the morning, so that, yes, his brother was attached to a corpse, and mourned the whole day before succumbing around sunset. Allegedly of grief, though I’m sure (ech!) septicemia had something to do with it.”

    In fact Chang was the first to die and the reason Eng died the same day is h refused to be separated and no one thought to bind the physical link between the twins.

    As a result, Eng’s heart continued to pump blood into the dead body of his conjoined twin, but obviously very little blood was coming back. Ultimately it was the lack of sufficient oxygenated blood that killed Eng.

  • MDWhite

    Hey, wasn’t it Woody Allen who said that the McCain-Palin presidential ticket was “immoral” and a “disgrace”? More moral musings from a true perv.

  • Baxter

    Lincoln was a homosexual. fact.

  • Baxter

    I have family who were related to Lincolns wife.

  • Sandra

    shaunism–you mean this documentary? I think that this is the weirdest of all relationships!!

  • herbert

    so lincoln and wilde were gay , big deal these days although at the time it obviously spilt some fleet street ink. so Woody Allen Loves his little girl unwisely and too well, whoopie pooppie with money comes power and the possible abuse thereof and that as an argument also covers michael jackson. so even genetic aberrations like chang and eng
    need love too; why doesn’t Louis xvi get a mention in your list for getting off on eating his teenage mistress’s shit with a big specially made golden spoon off a specailly made lead crystal table? why isn’t catherine the great of russia on this list? she apparently died from having sex with a bull. Open your eyes to history and the peccadilloes of the human heart, guys. Bizarre maybe means something else to somebody with little faith in the nobility of the human condition. we are all animals, we eat, sleep, shit fuck and die as best we can. Maybe woody Allen is even in his dotage good…. with children

  • Devon

    Gee, am I the only one that thought it was odd that the Siamese twins were slave owners???? Zoinks!!

  • Devon

    Also, I know I am going to get heat from the politically correct crowd but stating the truth has a way of doing that…

    I would note that one of the most controversial relationships in history would have to be between Muhammed of Islamic fame and his last wife, Aisha whom he married while in his mid 50’s and she was only 6…..and to make it worse, he deflowered her when she was only 9 years of age…ewwwwwwww….and don’t bring any of the moral and cultural relativism crap to the table….wrong is wrong and you don’t bed a 9 year old girl in your mid 50’s…indeed, you don’t bed a nine year girl if you are even of similiar age….gross…..

    And that is according to solid Islamic sources ie the Burkari Hadiths……part of the Sunnah!! The funny thing, Muslims to this day either try to explain this away by saying Aisha was actually 16 when she married muhammed but that isn’t being honest to the text….the fact that she was still playing with dolls when Muhammed called on her pretty much blows that theory apart..

    And to make it worse, you can find countless websites defending this marriage …..ewwww..eww…..ewwwwwww…

    Of course, I do not expect the fine persons who run this site to post such a thing….having death threats thrown at you is not great fun to be sure….

  • DurhamGooner

    The Siamese twins.
    Sadly , after the 1st twin died the second one died for no other reason than he was unable to live without his brother. There was no medical reason at all for his demise it was purely down to extreme grief at the loss of his twin.

  • Ash

    Numbera 4 and 10 are RANK
    They know it’s wrong and disgusting but no they do it anyway
    Dirty, dirty people
    Especially Number 4
    Everyone knows the dangers of inbreeding
    How selfish to go ahead and have a kid anyway
    Those kids are going to get nothing but bullied at school
    They should both be locked up.

  • LDPan

    Jamie: why “bizarre”? I was a little bit offended when you use the world bizarre to describe some of the relationships here. But then I read a few of your follow ups, and I realized you are not a bigot. You did certainly infuriated a bigot up there!

  • Hayley

    Soon-Yi Previn actually just died.

  • rushfan

    I looked it up, and Lark Previn died, not Soon-Yi. It’s her adopted sister. She died on Christmas.

  • Jayme

    I truely LOL’d at the Michael Jackson joke at the end…
    Though a few of these made my nose wrinkle and my stomach turn, it was a very interesting read.

  • Solidus
  • Uh…

    for number one: How do they do it? does she get pregnant with twins? have 2 wombs? Does the leg kick around alot? That would suck. You would see 2 people in bed and 6 legs at the edge. Weird…

  • Copaface

    106. Solidus Eurghh… that story you posted is disgusting
    People like that deserve to be shot.

  • Shaaronie

    Burt and Linda Pugat, featured in the film “Crazy love”. He was obsessively in love with Linda and when she broke off the relationship, he had acid thrown in her face, permanently disfiguring and blinding her. After Bert, served 20 years in prison, they were married. Linda was down and out and Burt felt guilty. You can see the entire documentary on youtube.

  • Ignatz Horowitz

    Next time please put “WARNING: Ugly-assed picture of Michael Jackson at the end of article”. Christ, I’ll have nachtmares tonight…

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    Comment 107, thank you for those images. Wow, this is an interesting (and bizarre) list. I love Rimbaud’s work and I new he had an affair with Verlaine but didnt know the messy details. Interesting.

  • lolkittie

    ‘Michael Jackson involved in any relationship is bizarre. Enough said.’
    LOL ;p

    Interesting list, as many others I’ve read. Ever since I found your site(a week ago or so), I’ve been reading it every day and have it bookmarked (:
    Keep up the great work.

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  • Stacy Braswell

    Would you consider taking the bonus off now that he is deceased?

  • Robin

    @Stacy Braswell

    Umm, why? His demise doesn’t make it any less nor more funny.

  • Stacy Braswell

    Well it stopped being funny when he became a father.

  • hellojavi

    wow! #1 is really bizarre, plus please enough with MJ! and the PIC OF HIM IS NOT FUNNY!! >.<

  • Sasquatchs cousin Beelz

    The picture of Lincoln made me laugh.
    The first relationship? Damn that’s true love right there (not to mention really coincedental- I mean, how often if you had two penises would you be able to find someone with two vaginas?). That’ :)

    I’ve heard about every one of these relationships before. Except the tenth, sixth, fifth, fourth, & first ones (which is about half the list, isn’t it?).

    On the fourth relationship: I just let them be. Already had kids. They’re happy (just so long as they’re kids do Not make the same choice as their parents did).
    And Michael Jackson’s relations kindof seemed to be a topper to this list.

    Cool list. And i agree, some of these were quite bizarre; while others were controversial for the time (like Oscar Wilde’s pretty much dominoed his career).

  • Nautilus

    Wilde and Douglas Bizarre? Maybe,If you live in 1692??!

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  • Beth

    Chang was once convicted of general assault on a member of the audience during one of the twins’ variety acts. However, the judge in the case could not hold Eng in prison as well, so he set them both free.

    I thought that this was quite interesting. :D

  • someone

    Oh My God I am so fucking depressed right now. I just read the list of “Creepy Victorian Life” or whatever it was and now this list. I literally feel like killing myself. Fucking hell I am feeling sick.

  • Blaze


    DUDE This was posted back in 08′
    And just because he died recently doesn’t make it any less funny.

  • zoe crack

    some relationships aren’t bizarre at all- actually very few are bizarre, most of them are homosexual. is homosexual bizarre?

  • Kitkat

    @zoe crack (122): totally agree. thats not bizarre at all

    that michael jackson comment CRACKED ME UP

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  • og_gd

    I don’t understand the first relationship on the list at all. Can someone please explain?

  • shabz

    @Devon (99):
    You have the whole thing wrong my brother…. plz look into it. I know it is hard to change ones opinion over night but really, there is more to this story than you decided to blurt out.

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  • BoyBettaKnow

    @jfrater (7): Hilarious!

  • tinky

    michael jackson being on the list seems a bit more bizarre.

  • tinky

    (well now at least)

  • MJFan

    poor michael…leave the poor guy alone xD. i think michael was very talented and kind to people. but other then that this list was amazing. ive read so much about chang and eng. i love super old “circus freaks” probably my biggest obsesion

  • DeAdMaN

    Michael ‘s music is awesome… Himself? A fucking lunatic

  • nicoleredz3

    Oh… My… WOW! :-/

  • kristinkat

    F**K all of y’all,I love Michael Jackson, he was an incredible and talented human being, and I am sooooo G*DDAMNED tired of truly stupid people who have to make the token Michael joke. Grow the f**k up.

  • Dave

    And number 1 goes to Portugal. Conclusion: Portuguese lovers are too manly for a single penis, so we have 2, so we can please 2 girls at the same time.

    Portugal rocks!!!

  • Scott

    Don't forget about former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson!

  • Raetoya

    ummmmmm to that michael jackson comment u can shut that shit up he was just as normal as anybody else so who ever wrote that fuck you

  • beep

    Michael Jackson needs his own Bizarre list. What a nutjob that one was.

  • enragedwalrus

    #7 bromance

  • Madelaine

    wow. while reading this article i actually thought it was written by a smart, mature and sensible adult.
    When i read your disgusting comment about the late King of Pop, i came to the conclusion that you are nothing but an insensitive, ignorant brute and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for publishing such a mean, childish and meaningless comment.

  • Plod

    In 2008 Kristin commented its bizzare having MJ alive good thin u sed that before he died

  • Plod

    He really was a very talented singer though R.I.P


    somebody was smoking something when they married bonus

  • The (wo)Man

    I;m fairly certain that the movie Total Eclipse is loosely based on the Wilde and Douglas story there.

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  • Amber

    Cracked did a similar list with three of the same entries, written before this.

  • Amber

    Cracked did a list similar to this, with three of the same entries, before this one.

  • Anna Hanson

    My favorite was Al and Jeanie Tomaini because they have such a loving and compassionate relationship between them. I am currently writing and editing my brand new biographical novel (which is a biography written like a novel, thus making it much more enjoyable to read) and the title is: Second Chances: The Love Story of Al and Jeanie Tomaini By Anna Hanson. I hope it will be a great success and a ton of people will love it and thus have it posted on the back of my novel thus making people wanting to read it more.

  • springbok101

    O wow, some really creepy ones, the guy with the multiple penises is one, and the guy who had incest with his sister? Gross….ewwwww!

  • Reblogged this on Another Life,exploding. and commented:
    I’m having a morbid evening.

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