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Top 10 Exhilarating Activities

A New Zealand online newspaper recently produced a list of exhilarating activities for travelers who want to do more than just see the sights. This is the list – in no particular order. Hopefully this list will help you with your next holiday plans!


Trekking to Everest’s South Base Camp in Nepal


Trekking to Everest’s South Base Camp in Nepal is the adventure of a lifetime. Start at Kathmandu before making your way to Lukla and up the Khumbu Valley towards the South Base Camp. In addition to breathtaking snow-capped mountain ranges, you’ll take in the Khumbu Icefall, Sherpa villages, the Namche Bazaar, and a number of Buddhist monasteries on route.


Walking the Great Wall in China

Great Wall of China

The world’s longest man-made structure stretches over 6,300 miles (10,139 kilometers) from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west. It’s a great way to experience the country’s history, culture and breathtaking scenery but you’ll need physical strength and stamina to keep up, as this is not an activity for the weak.


Hiking the Inca trails in Peru


Hiking 28 miles (45 kilometers) Peruvian Andes, you’ll come across the stunning ruins of the long-forgotten Inca city of Machu Picchu. Like Indiana Jones, you will cut away foliage with a machete as you make your way through the subtropical jungle, cross deep ravines, scale long flights of stairs, and pass through the crumbling passageways constructed by the Incas thousands of years ago.


Camel trekking in Morocco


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the Sahara Desert, on camel. Starting in Marrakech, follow the ancient camel caravan routes through the desert to Jebel Saghro and up towards the dunes of Erg Chebbi, camping each night beside a crackling fire at small, palm-fringed oases.


Tandem skydiving in England


Tandem skydiving involves being strapped to an instructor as you leap out of a plane 10,000 to 12,000 feet (3,048 to 3,657 meters) above the ground so you don’t need to worry about pulling the cord at the right time.


Cage diving in South Africa


Forget the movie “Jaws.” You’ll be in a robust cage with an oxygen tank strapped to your back as the king of the deep approaches, with its gleaming white teeth, dead black eyes and its torpedo-like body.


Bungee jumping in Zimbabwe


You could just appreciate the beauty of Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls with a walking tour — or, for those more daring, bungee-jump from a perch at the nearby Victoria Falls Bridge. Until recently, this was the highest legal bungee-jump spot in the world with a 364 feet drop towards the Zambezi River.


Motorcycle trip up Highway 1


There are few road trips that manage to pack in the best of both the natural and the man-made worlds, but a motorcycle trip up the road linking Los Angeles and San Francisco does just that. The trip affords drivers sights of everything from mansions to coast lines with the awesome beauty of the coastal mountains in the Big Sur.


Running with the bulls in Spain


Running away from a bull during the nine-day San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, is one of the most exhilarating activities an outsider can do. Six or so raging bulls charge down the street, bucking and snorting, and the aim of the game is to run as fast as you can and escape injury by ducking into alleyways or completing the run before the bulls.


Ice fishing in Canada


If you’ve ever wanted to catch your own fish straight from a hole in the ice, try Ontario, Canada, which offers up over one quarter of the world’s freshwater, with plenty of trout, bass and pike. Travel to Algoma Country on the northern part of Lake Superior then bait-up, cast your line and wait for something juicy to bite which can then be cooked a crackling fire.

Source: Stuff – NZ News

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  • SUN

    Yikes, some worse then others but all too much for me!

  • rhharley

    I’ll take #3. Thanks. :P

  • Lorcs

    I would kill to do the Inca trail in Peru. I’ve wanted to do that since I was a kid. My sister did the cage diving in South Africa and loved it, she said her heart was in her mouth every time a shark came up to them but she enjoyed it.

    Great list!

  • rhharley: I wouldn’t mind number 3 either.

    You definitely won’t catch my bungee jumping or skydiving though!

  • stevenh

    Good Morning
    Good list, Jamie, but you should check out:

    Skip the tame stuff and go right to Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail!

  • stevenh

    Oh, and read the story of the Guoliang tunnel – Unbelievable!

  • stevenh: I feel sick just looking at those pictures!

  • stevenh

    I know exactly what you feel!
    (And I was a rock & ice climber for years, in my younger days)

  • Mathilda

    I think I need a raise, to afford these trips! I’d do any of these, except running with the bulls. Some of them would still be dangerous but at least you can check your skydiving instructor’s background, the bungee jumping equipment, and the thickness of the ice. Unless they let me give personality tests to the bulls to check for anti-social behavior I’d have to pass on that. ;)

    I want to go on the camel trek in Morocco! That sounds fabulous. As a side note, I have a friend who goes fishing in Canada. He says it’s beautiful but apparently the mosquitoes are horribly bad; maybe that’s why ice fishing is the way to go!

  • Harsha

    At least im in the top ten!!

  • HexenBexen

    As soon as I saw this list, the first one I thought was sex, haha! I guess it sort of goes without saying, though.

    I would love to walk the great wall someday, that would be absolutely amazing.

  • HexenBexen: me too!

  • islanderbst

    my dream is to do #9 too
    me and some friends go whitewater rafting every year, thats pretty good.

    btw: wheres reading listverse? :)

  • darthbarbie

    I am Canadian and I live in Ontario and you guys must be crazy to have ice fishing on this list. There is nothing more exhilarating than sitting in -30 Celsius weather staring at a circle for 5 hours waiting for a stick to move.

    I would be so excited to have the opportunity to do anything from #10 to #2.

    • linda10989

      I’m Canadian too and when I saw what they had chosen for #1, I was howling with laughter! I’m as patriotic as the next Canuck, but you’ve captured the sheer silliness of ice fishing in one sentence! Well done!

  • JC

    Firstly, highway one does not run through california.

    I don’t know who wrote this, but it actually runs from southern Florida to Northern Maine!


  • reid1201

    JC the list refers to California State Highway 1 not US Highway 1. Oddly enough, I think most states have a Highway 1

  • JC: As reid1201 said, it is California state highway 1. Do you really need to resort to that kind of behaviour and language to get your point across?

  • Mom424

    I live in Canada, I’ve been ice fishing many times and you forgot the important part. The booze. Ice Fishing and liquor is like tea and crumpets. They belong together. Getting there is exhilarating, ice fishing is the party at the end of the trip.
    Great list by the way, many of these things I would love to do.

  • Mom424

    Jfrater; I’ve discovered that name calling usually results from people attributing to others characteristics that they themselves have…see post #15

  • heavybison

    No Skydiving and bungee jumping for me. No Bulls either but i’m definitely gonna try for all the others. Now let me just win that lottery ticket…

  • Malaprops

    Skip the ice fishing. Try flying–learning to fly an airplane is the most exciting thing I’ve done in my life.

    And you now can buy tickets (@ $200,000 a pop) to take a short ride into space–how cool would that be????!

    I also found the experience of watching my two children arrive pretty exhilarating, too!

  • heavybison

    #stevenh: I’m amazed folks don’t pick some other time of the year to travel that road.

  • visitorq
  • StormyGirl

    Amazing list, “jayfray”. I would love the skydiving, bungee jumping, if I weren’t afraird to jerk my eyes out or have my insides jumbled around. The Great Wall looks amazing. The Motorcycle trip is the most appealling and doable for me. Thanks for all the great lists.

    Question: do you write ALL the lists? Or do you have help?

  • StormyGirl: I try to write most of them – I publish ones that people send in too – and occasionally use other sites as the source (such as this one) :)

  • rhharley

    Jamie: Totally… load my ass on a Harley and off we go… course, I’m actually MOVING to California soon, so it’s closer to a reality for me now… :)

    And jumping off of tall things potentially to your doom? NOT COOL.

    DarthBarbie, as a Canadian as well, I was confused by the inclusion of ice fishing too. Not my idea of fun, certainly not at the top spot!!

  • StormyGirl

    Thanks, j.

  • AJ

    i would luv 2 try all……..its sooooooo gr8….provided i get a chance………n yeah….provided mom n rest dont freak out……i can imagine my mom havin a heart attack bfore i can even put a step anywer near mt. everest…………

  • Mom424

    Jfrater, Kiwiboi; I’m assuming you two aren’t part of the demographic used for this study..

  • antlyon

    Hike the Appalachian Train Georgia to Maine.

  • Csimmons

    I’d probably do everything except running with the bulls!
    and whats with the commenting rules i see at the bottom of the screen?

  • Cyn

    rules that will hopefully eliminate some annoying trends of late. :)

  • csimmons: they are the rules that most people are doing out of good manners anyway – I have put them there for the few that need a bit of reminding :) I will eventually remove them from registered users screens – only unregistered users will see them.

  • trenttooo

    i went ice fishing at lake of the woods in ontario in the begginging of january:)

  • Linda LeBlanc

    I have actually done several of your list. The one I’m most connected to is hiking to the Everest Base Camp. I used to lead treks there. For an intimate portrait of that trek and the Sherpa culture of the Everest region, read Beyond the Summit.

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  • W Tom

    Cheers to Canada being number one. Such a great place for those who love the outdoors.

  • Michelle

    Great list! Like W Tom, I’m glad you included something from Canada – most people don’t really think of us as a getaway destination!

  • steve

    I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. I LOVE going Ice fishing, There are no black flys or mosquitoes or ticks during the winter, Bears are hibernating and you don’t need a boat to get to the deeper water. :D

  • stevenh

    heavybison: I’m sure that it is easier in other seasons. But ya gotta admit – not as much ‘fun’ ;)

    Jamie: A bit of a shame that you’ve needed to state those posting rules. I leave for a few hours and then…there goes the neighborhood….

  • stevenh

    BTW: Linda’s post was not a novel.
    It was an advertisement for her book.

  • Simone

    Wow JC you’ve got to be the biggest prick ever. Awesome list by the way, im hoping to go skydiving in a few months.

  • Breaking and entering at 3 am… Streaking at 3 pm… Telling you boss how you really feel about the new project… The first kiss with a chick… Proposing to said chick… Driving 1700 miles to see you wife while she’s on base… Finally figuring out whether you Are indeed Divorced… JagerBombs… Hard work without recognition… Promotion… Becoming a better person through criticism by your employees… That one good Stretch when you wake up that makes your toes curl…
    This is fun!

  • torn and frayed

    I’ve ridden the pacific coast highway, 1 and 101 from Seattle to San Diego a couple of times and it is incredible. I also did a cage dive in Hawaii. Didn’t see great whites like in South Africa, but did see a huge school of other 10 to 12 foot long sharks, and it’s amazing to be in the water with them. I highly recommend it.
    What’s the altitude at the base camp?

  • stevenh

    Re: #15, Just for the fun of it, and keeping things on a nice note …

    Highway 1 (A state road) in california Vs. US 1 (A Federal Road) In a GoogleFight:

  • Csimmons

    its a little late to respond, but good rules Jamie, I am always tired of reading long comments that are more than likely not worth the read, and i hate all caps writing, you can’t shout through text, but i love text talk.

  • Cat Skyfire

    I’m not sure I’d call these ‘exhilerating’. Perhaps “Adventurous”.

  • anthony p

    If i win the Bebo Gapyear im so putting these on my list of things to do. (that bull doesnt look particularly sober)

  • zubair kaka

    man i feel guilty….i live in south africa and have never been cage diving! maybe its because i watched a bit too much jaws….

  • Emily

    I think the bull-running thing is the dumbest thing ever. If you get hurt doing that, you totally deserve it.

  • wetsocks

    Ice fishing is painfully boring, I don’t know how it made it on the list let alone how it got number 1.

  • Running with the bulls would be fun as long as you could run fast.

  • Arkz_Archduke_of_Geeks

    i’ve driven highway 1 and its nice ride with nice scenery

  • Lynn


    Don’t stop the trip in San Fran, keep heading north!
    HWY 101 gets even more beautiful through Oregon.

  • Borg

    This list gets me all excited. I’m a travel junkie and a thrill seeker. I would do all of these except for running of the bulls.

    I’ve been to Peru, and though I didn’t hike the Inca Trail, I did a lesser known hike, which is a bit harder, into Colca Canyon. It’s a 3 day hike and out of a canyon twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, with a small village and an oasis at the bottom. I’m pretty athletic but, physically, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It doesn’t help that I can’t pack for shit and was carrying way too much weight.

    When I was 17, I forged my age and bungee jumped off the highest bridge in Europe, the Europebruecke in Austria, even though I was still terrified of heights at the time. The height was 192 m, which is almost 600 feet. I was gonna back out but they wouldnt give me my money back and they were making fun of me in German so I jumped to spite them.

    I have many more plans but this list gives me some new ideas. Thanks!

  • rodeograndma

    No offense to Canadians, but I wouldn’t describe fishing as exhilarating.

  • JwJwBean

    To #50: Of course ice fishing is “painful” to you, you are doing it with wetsocks. HaHa Me so Funny.

    Anyway. I don’t think I could do most of these. I don’t have phobias, but I do have fears. Heights, flying, sharks, drowning, spiders. Hacking through the Inca Trail all I could think of was a spider coming out.

    My husband’s uncle mentioned a scary road like those in #5. It is in Jamaica. I wish I could remember the name of it. He said people drive really fast on it too.

  • danielle

    wow I’m glad canada is number one. It is a beautiful country :)

  • DiscHuker

    i don’t see how walking the great wall of china can be in a list of exhilarating activites when other things like sky diving are on here.

    also, the relative difference between ice fishing and running with the bulls is unbelievable.

  • SlickWilly

    No signatures? I guess ACB is out of luck.

  • pufonthis

    WAIT WAIT WAIT .. sticking a string into a hole in the ground is the number 1 most exhilarating activity ????? WTF are you thinking?

  • pufonthis

    With such a completely off the mark #1 as this I just had to add more.

    Right around the time this website started having lists which linked directly to Amazon (clearly this site has just become an advertising tool for Amazon, no matter what they say against that view otherwise) the site really started going down hill. What was once a pretty cool website to see some neat lists has become a complete joke.

  • lightningclash

    I live in Ontario and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Hands down. Say what you want about ice fishing, but spending time outdoors in my beautiful province is exhilirating. Although I’d have to agree that being number one on the list is kinda odd considering Everest and the Inca trails are on the list.

  • pufonthis: Amazon was used when he released the first list of niffty things, whenever that was and which ever one it is. “Just paying the bills…”, unless you want to buy a lifetime supply of Listverse tees, do criticize the sites methods of staying alive.

  • *Don’t criticize

  • Phillies

    Fishing is number 1…

    FISHING… the most exhilarating thing you can do?

    Better than riding a motorcycle? Better than climbing even a portion of the tallest mountain on Earth? Sky diving? Cage diving? All of those pale in comparison to fishing??

    I gotta say, I can’t agree

  • jrjb

    #8 and 9 seem interesting to try.

  • Mortivore

    Ah yes. Fishing. The thrill of watching your fishing pole bob around for three and a half hours only to realize that you aren’t going to catch anything but a cold.

    Other than that, the list is pretty freaking amazing. I’d like to try all of these, especially the Highway 1 route and running from the bulls. Stupid, yes, but definitely exhilerating.

  • fishing4monkeys

    I totally agree with Mortivore.

  • Saffa

    While you are in South Africa shark cage diving, I suggest you do the world’s highest bungee jump over Bloukrans River. If the rope breaks, the trees below are soft.

  • Cyn

    61. pufonthis
    personally, i’d much prefer a subscriber service or that the site could be maintained at a profit for J by donations only. but site costs are covered by advertising. well, i’m not sure how much is actually paid for by just ads or what comes outs J’s pocket. the point is maintaining this site costs money. it does not magically appear for free. so unless people are willing to commit to a scheduled subscriber service or enough donations come in to routinely cover costs and even make it worth J’s time and effort…..there will be ads. i would strongly suggest you show your support of this site by clicking the ads and utilizing the services/products shown. as for there being some kinda of tie in of content to advertising…its the other way around..the advertiser ties in ad content TO the material posted. the lists generate the ad content. the ad content DOES NOT generate the list. :)

  • stevenh

    you do know that you have the option of Not Visiting.

    Try putting together a list for submission, with commentary, and photos, etc.
    1) Get an Idea
    2) Do a bit more thinking (the idea came with 6 items & you want 10)
    3) find pictures
    4) write a few lines for each (don’t forget spell and grammer check)
    5) Do the stuff needed to put it all on line
    6) Now do this Several Times a Day – Every Day
    7) Hold your tongue when people complain.

    I am in the middle of step 4 (I’ll send it soon, Jamie), and I don’t know how he does it.

  • stormy617

    To Everyone commenting on the fact that Ice Fishing is number one. It does say in the opening paragraph that these are In No Particular Order!!

  • heavybison

    #pufonthis: I’ll bet all you really do is puff on that all day long. I wouldn’t be surprised if ure a big bore and a loser in real life..

  • Nik

    jfrater I think you’ll have to start charging a subscription fee for people like pufonthis(read comment 61)

  • SocialButterfly

    Hahahaha!! I am SOO happy that you have added the “posting requests” Jamie!

    Now that that is over with, I wanted to say thank you for recognizing Canada, allthough I must agree with Mom424(post 18) Alcohol is a necessary requirement for ice fishing.

    And as a side note I love the picture for running with the bulls (#2) That is just too funny!

  • chemical_echo

    I’ve done Tandem Skydiving, but I don’t get why doing it in England is any more breathtaking than anywhere else.
    I did it up near Barrie, Ontario and was between Wasage Beach and Lake Simcoe. The view on either side of me was simply amazing.

    BTW, even though I was doing it tandem, the instructor still made me pull the cord.

  • R Brown

    There is a movie on the web with a dude who tandem parachutes without a chute. He jumps out of the plane chuteless and then attaches himself to the other dude. No way on bungee jumping. I am going to buy myself a Harley this July so I may have to take that trip – finally my Dad has more stories of ice fishing, great time. The only one that bothers me are the sharks. People need to curb their curiosity and leave these damn things alone. I firmly belive all this human interaction is allowing the shark to EVOLVE into having NO FEAR of any human and as a result shark attacks on people will continue to increase to the point where they will eat us and not just bite and let go.

    JFrater -THANK YOU for the posting requests, ESPECIALLY number one. You have eliminated a BIG pet peeve of mine. Thank you sir!

  • chershey

    I’ve wanted to go cage diving for as long as I can remember.

  • Joss

    Cool list. Number 2’s picture cracked me up.

  • srichards

    Try visiting Trinidad for Carnival!

  • CK

    Pacific Coast Highway (Cali’s Highway 1) is a gorgeous route, but do be careful if anyone actually tries it. Some of it gets pretty windy and you get pretty close to the cliffside at times. A lot of people do it for a honeymoon because it’s a beautiful drive and you can stay at really nice bed & breakfast places along the way.

  • JC

    yeah…about the language jfrater, i just did it in the attempt to get the attention of others. i don’t actually speak like that on this website, but i’ve found that if i do, i usually get a response, which is what i am looking for.



  • pufonthis

    Step one: Develop a website that has GOOD lists that aren’t just blatant Amazon advertisements disguised as real lists.

    Step two: Get enough hits that you can sell advertisement space.

    Step three: Profit

    See guys. It’s not really that hard is it?

  • Cyn

    83. pufonthis
    you are entitled to your opinion. it would make much more impact if it were actually backed up w/ facts. there are literally hundreds of lists in archive. thousands of comments ..more related to a particular list and/or supportive of this site than not. as for having advertising…regardless of company (apparently you have a personal issue w/ Amazon) is the way this site is made available to you to criticize. :)
    i think you should submit a list for consideration of publication. find out for yourself how difficult it is. then try doing that several times a day. for months on end. i wish it were possible for you (and anyone else who thinks they understand how a website is run) to be behind the scenes and experience for yourself the difficulties of just the technical aspects of keeping a site up, let alone posting content.
    then i think you would have a much better appreciation of the amount of work J’s put into this site. on his own time. w/out making a profit. and being far more gracious w/ the likes of you who criticize his every move than i would be.
    and finally pufonthis ..bugger off!
    yes, i do take this personally because i do have some idea what goes on behind the scenes. and it disturbs me whenever anyone berates this site or J. so thar! :(
    there is nothing like this online. oh, there are list sites. but the kinda of community of commenters is unique to this site. the consistent quality and creativity of lists is unique to this site.
    i’m quite happy to be associated w/ LV. i am very proud of what J’s accomplished here. and for the most part ..i am very glad to be a part of the LV commenting community. most of ya’ll rawk! :)

  • Mullacio

    How about running from the cops after you throw a donor kebab off the cop car? Thats certainly a rush!

  • pufonthis

    Just remember

    Arguing on the Internet is like being in the special olympics .. win or lose you’re still a retard.

  • Cyn

    86. pufonthis

    oh, this is not an argument. :) i’m simply stating facts to help rid you of your ignorance. although if you choose to see yourself as a retard, that is your choice. granted, it would give retards a much more dismal reputation than they deserve. :)
    btw..the Special Olympics is much respected organization doing fine work for a segment of our society that does not get the credit it is due often enough.

  • kiwiboi

    Mom424 – “I’m assuming you two aren’t part of the demographic used for this study..”

    Hey…that report is a damnded lie !!
    (BTW…they didn’t mention my name did they…??) ;)

  • Drogo

    [sigh] Unfortunately I can’t afford any of those excursions.

    Where would the “Tipping over Porta-Potty’s at construction sites at 3:00am.” rank?

  • Tomo

    The bull in the pic#2 looks rather funny. It’s looks shocked at whats going on. Maybe its first bull run.

  • jesse

    you forgot, going to a GWAR show- haha

  • Logick Bomb


    written by someone who’s never done it. Ice fishing is cold and boring, and compared to skydiving or hiking to everest’s base camp?

    Kill that noise. Replace it with kayaking the colorado river. I’ve done both, and the kayak is infinitely better.

    how about free-face rock climbing in the continental divide? surfing the barrier reef? I’m seriously disappointed in #1. it shouldn’t even be on here, much less so high up.

  • sarah at the disco

    I would do skydiving and cage diving…They seem fun :]

  • srichards

    CYN: you tell em’

    pufonthis: get outta town mister!

    Jfrater: looks like you got some life long friends ;)

  • Cyn

    94. srichards

  • Tom

    I’m only 21 and hope to do all of these activities in my lifetime, except skydiving, bungeejumping, and running with the bulls. This is just pure adrenaline high and no aesthetic value

  • Drogo

    I hope some day to hang glide. I think I can get up the nerve to jump off a cliff if I’m holding onto a glider. I would probably chicken-out of sky diving, or a bungee jump. I wouldn’t be able to get a running start with a glider because of a back problem, so it would have to be tandem.

  • SuaveBugger

    Ahhh….. how come Bungee Jumping is in Zimbabwe? Surely Queenstown in New Zealand is where you should Bungee Jump, seeing as we invented it!

    Surely Zimbabwe has something else to offer?

  • Willis

    I’m all down for #10 & #8, I used to live in Wisconsin where there was a lot of Ice-fishing, but not for me. The running of the bulls pick is funny!

  • Mark

    I live on Georgian Bay in Ontario and we usually have a hut on the ice for the winter.. I wouldn’t say it belongs on this list but it’s a great experience.. sans good friends, booze, etc.

    Great list.. I’m making them life goals.

  • Bella

    Didn’t read EVERY comment but I’m hoping “Rafting the Grand Canyon from East to West” has GOTTA be one of the most life changing experiences I EVER HAD! Mother Earth is So amazing and to be that low into the earth and touch rocks at the base that are millions of years old is truly incredible for a “mere” human like myself. I would imagine rafting the Amazon would be a similar experience.

  • I really want to do nr 6.
    I think I’m too lazy to do any of these activites.

  • rushfan

    Top 10 Exhilarating Activities aka The Amazing Race ;)
    I would love to do any or all of these things!

  • Cool list :-)

    Ice fishing sounds a tad boring. Like fishing but colder.

    Running with the bulls? I think I’d rather watch actually, I just don’t like the idea of putting my life in the hands of a mob and some large scared animals.

    And I think I’d rather bungee jump in New Zealand than Zimbabwe, at least until the political and humanitarian problems there are resolved.

    Other than that I’d happily do anything on this list. I’ve actually skydived (from 15,000 feet :-P) but not in England, it was over Lake Taupo in New Zealand.

  • jpvallee

    7,8,9 and 10 are definitely on my todo list…

    It’s a fact that ice fishing is less exotic, but can be very fun… You can even catch a shark (Saguenay, Quebec) !!!

  • Drogo

    I knew a guy who went ice fishing. He caught 200 pounds of ice. His wife tried to fry it and they both drowned.

  • Magician

    How about full body suspension ?

    I’ve suspended in Norwich, Bournemouth and London (England).

    Have a look at


  • hannah

    i would so do the bull thing

  • Laura

    Woo hoo! Love to see Canada at #1! If you go at the right time and get to see the Northern Lights – seriously one of the coolest things ever. Makes me super proud to be an Albertan!

  • lacemychucks527

    Ziplining through the Costa Rican rainforest canopy is pretty exhilarating too.

  • maximuz04

    I am a little disappointed that I have never tried any of these. I will however to at least 3 within a yr.

  • jussayin

    I’d settle for sex in any of those locations…..

  • Twitus

    I did 1,6 and 7 and 10 (although not up to the base camp) ;P not bad!

  • Boo

    @ JC (82)
    It’s also less mature.

  • ??

    I love number 4 muchhhhhhhhhhh

  • JROC

    just wondering why skydidivng in england is so special? is the air sweeter there?

  • natapillar

    @JROC (116): uhm,because England is special? Wouldn’t say our country air is sweeter,but it certainly has a tang of eau du cow pat about it!

  • JV

    Call me lame if you’d like, but none of these activities are appealing for me… Skydiving and bungee jumping seem terrifying!

    I’d only do a segment of the Great Wall, and maybe the Andes. That’s about it.

  • chris

    lol at #1 if anyone has ever seen Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay

  • John

    O Canada, our home and native land….

  • Kai

    I live in Ontario.

    Ice Fishing beat out things like SKYDIVING and Being in the water with SHARKS?


    Good list anyway.

  • I'd do number three minus the motorcycle. A convertible anything would suit me best in that situation.

  • WWhiteSShadow

    Why is ice fishing exhilarating? Now is hypothermia and a nice meal exhilarating? Why is it #1 instead of all those other adrenaline-pumping activities? Why isn’t it on “Top ten most relaxing activities” instead in the first place?

  • jiorjefl;jio;wjeo;

    I freaking love Mr. Wenzel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) so cute<3<3<333