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Top 12 Things You Need To Be A Mad Scientist

by stevenh
fact checked by dickensgirl

When I was a kid I really wanted to become a Mad Scientist. Frankenstein (the patron saint of the Mad Scientist) had Electrical and Biological toys. So here is a shopping list for both. Visit the links and dream of the best la-bora-tory ever. I’m sure that ListVersers will have suggestions if something is missing – but don’t just tell us, please track down an on-line source and post the URL to the item (a page with a photo would be nice).


Large Knife switches


Mad Scientists like these switches because they are dramatic to flip and it is easy to see the connection. Not to mention all those exposed electrical circuits. The best ones are double pole, double throw. Cheap enough to get a bunch and mount them on the wall. These are mounted on a bakelite base. These are essential components when trying to build a living creature as they will make the connection between your corpse and your power source.

You can buy one here.


Electrical Spark Resonator


This item was used in conjunction with a Ruhmkorff coil in electrical experiments. It dates to about 1890. From the picture above we can clearly see how it would fit well in to your basement or garret laboratory. A must have for all Mad Scientists.

You can buy it here.


Ruhmkoroff-type Induction coil


I’m not sure why we need one, but it goes with the really cool Electrical Spark Resonator and it looks scary – a mad scientist is bound to have a use for one of these.

You can buy it here.


Jacobs ladder (at least two)
2 kilowatt Jacob’s Ladder. 15,000 volts

This is a requirement for all laboratories. A proper lab needs at least two, of course. These are less dangerous than Tesla Coils. When working in the lab, these should be switched on at all times to give ambience. Get the biggest ones you can so you can make all the other mad scientists jealous.

You can buy it here.


The Tesla Coil


For really intense experiments you will need at least 500,000 Volts. There is a great video from their website is attached. Here is a video clip of the tesla coil in action. This is absolutely essential for your lab – without it you can’t really call yourself a mad scientist. Combined with the Jacob’s Ladders, your electricity effects needs are all taken care of.

You can buy it here.


Oudin Resonator


This discharge coil can generate very high voltages at a high frequency. Less than the Tesla coil, but very impressive looking – and mad science is all about looks!

You can buy it here.


A Static Electrical Influence Machine


This is sure to be the hit of any party, capable of sparks 10+ inches in length. Sure it’s expensive, but no lab should be without it.

You can buy it here.


Surgeons head mirrors


It is critical to wear one of these when doing any type of experiment. Everyone knows that without a head mirror the operation can not be a success.

You can buy it here.


Amputation Saws


These are an obvious tool for the mad science lab. Once your corpses have been delivered, you will need these to cut up your bodies so you can sew them back together for that truly authentic “monster” type creature.

You can buy it here.


Lab Coat


You need a good supply of these – some stains you just can’t remove!. Very stylish, for men and women. You may want to get a few pocket protectors too.

You can buy it here.


A do it yourself EEG kit

Diy Eeg

I’m not sure that this is legit, but for about 50 dollars you too can wire-up someone’s brain! Don’t make the same mistake Dr. Frankenstein made – check the quality of your brains before you use them!

You can buy it here.


Assorted specimens


The best specimens need to look good on the shelf. Somehow frogs, worms and grasshoppers are not impressive enough. Not all suppliers can ship to all locations. But at least you don’t have to go out digging at night in cold graveyards! A Mad Scientist needs at least:

A Brain, a few eyes, a bull testicle (better get two), and from a source I didn’t expect (, a Heart and fetus (pig).

Contributor: stevenh

fact checked by dickensgirl