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Top 10 Badass Female Warriors

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

This is a list of the greatest female warriors through history. In order to be selected for this list, the woman has had to be someone who fought in battle herself, not just commanding from a distance, and she had to be real – for this reason people like Hua Mulan are not included as there is a lot of doubt about their historical existence.


960 AD


Gudit (also known as Judit) was a non-Christian queen who ruled D?mt around 960 AD. She laid waste to Axum (the then-Sacred capital of Ethiopia – image above) and its countryside. She destroyed monuments and churches and attempted to wipe out all of the members of the ruling dynasty (descendants of the Queen of Sheba). Her activities are recorded in oral tradition and in various historical records. It is believed that she killed the emperor and took over his throne where she reigned for 40 years. Tales of her violence and history are still told by peasants in the North Ethiopian communities. It is traditionally believed that she sacked and destroyed Debre Damo, the treasury and prison for male relatives of the King of Ethiopia.


Trieu Thi Trinh
225 AD


Trieu Thi Trinh was a Vietnamese warrior from the 3rd century who successfully resisted the occupying forces of the Wu Kingdom during their time in Vietnam. She was born in the Trieu Son district of Thanh Hoa province (now in Northern Vietnam). At the time of her birth, the area was controlled by the Eastern Wu Kingdom, one of China’s three Kingdoms. She was orphaned at a young age and was raised by her brother and his wife as a slave until the age of 20. She escaped from her brother’s home and fled to the jungle where she built up an army of at least 1,000 men and women soldiers. Trieu Trinh managed to liberate an area of Vietnam which she then claimed as her own. By the age of 23 she had defeated at least 30 Wu advances. It was said that she rode in to battle on the back of an elephant whilst wearing golden armor and carrying two swords.


1st Century AD


Boudicca was a Queen of the people of Norfolk who lead an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. Her husband had left his kingdom jointly to his daughters and the Roman Emperor when he died, but the Romans did not acknowledge the joint rule – they simply took full control. It was reported that Boudica was flogged and her daughters raped. She was eventually chosen as the leader of her people and their neighbors to lead an assault on the Romans. Her army had great success in their battles – and in fact completely demolished the city of Camulodunum (Colchester). Tacitus said that the Britons had no desire to take prisoners – they simply slaughtered everyone in their path. Dio said that the noble Roman women were beheaded and had their breasts cut off and sewn to their mouths. Ironically, the great anti-imperialist rebel is now identified with the head of the British Empire, and her statue stands guard over the city she razed to the ground.


Trung Sisters
1st Century AD


The Trung Sisters were Vietnamese military leaders who managed to repel Chinese invasions for over three years. They are regarded as national heroines of Vietnam. They were born during the thousand-year Chinese occupation. After fighting off a small Chinese unit from their village, they assembled an army mostly consisting of women. Within months they had taken back many regions from the Chinese and had liberated Nam Viet. They became Queens of the country and resisted all further attacks from the Chinese for two years. Eventually the Chinese formed a large army to crush the sisters and their army. Legend has it that the Chinese army went in to battle totally naked in order to shame the women soldiers in to defeat. Despite a heroic effort on the part of the sisters, the Chinese overcame their army. To protect their honor and to avoid ridicule at the hands of the Chinese, the two queens committed suicide by drowning themselves in the Hát river.


Artemisia I of Caria
5th Century BC


Artemisia I of Caria became the ruler of Ionia as a client of the Persians. She is best remembered for her participation in the Battle of Salamis (image above). She alone counseled the King of Persia (Xerxes) not to meet the Greeks at sea and do battle. Nevertheless he did not heed her advice and she participated in the battle in September 480 BC as the commander of five ships. At one point in the battle the Greeks were close to capturing her trireme when she devised a cunning plan to escape. She had her own ship bear down on another Persian ship causing the Greeks to think that she was fighting on their side. When she sank the ship the Greeks left her alone. Xerxes watching from a nearby hill also assumed that she had defeated an enemy ship and praised her for her bravery. Xerxes was so full of praise for her that he said: “My men have turned into women and my women into men!”. Artemisia tried to convince Xerxes to retreat to Asia Minor against the advice of his other generals. Ultimately the Persians suffered a great defeat.


Fu Hao
1200 BC


Fu Hao was a consort of King Wu Ding of the Shang dynasty. She also (unusually for that time) served as a high priestess and military general. Her tomb (image above) was discovered in Yinxu (the ruins of the Shang Capital, Yin) full intact with her treasures. She is known to modern scholars mainly from inscriptions on Shang dynasty oracle bone artifacts. In the inscriptions she is shown to have lead many military campaigns. The Tu fought again the Shang for many generations until Fu Hao finally defeated them in a single battle. Further campaigns against the neighbouring Yi, Qiang, and Ba were to follow – with the latter being particularly well known as the earliest recorded large scale ambush in Chinese history. With over 13,000 troops, she was the most powerful military leader of her time.


Ahhotep I
16th Century BC


Ahhotep I was such an important figure in the early New Kingdom that she is considered to have been a pivotal figure in the founding of the eighteenth dynasty. She had a long and influential life and ruled as regent after the death of her father. She enabled her two sons (Kamose and Ahmose I) to unite Egypt after the Hyskos occupation. She was instrumental in driving the Hyskos invaders out of Egypt. She lived until the age of ninety and was buried beside Kamose at Thebes.

She is the one who has accomplished the rites and taken care of Egypt… She has looked after her soldiers, she has guarded her, she has brought back her fugitives and collected together her deserters, she has pacified Upper Egypt and expelled her rebels.

Weapons and jewelry found in the tomb of Ahhotep I include an axe depicting Ahmose I striking down a Hyskos soldier, and flies in honor for the queen in her role against the Hyskos. She was considered a warrior Queen and was presented with the Order of Valor. She was honored with a stela, commissioned by Ahmose I in the temple of Amun-Re that praises her military accomplishments.


St Joan of Arc
15th Century AD


Saint Joan of Arc appeared before the Crown Prince of France after receiving visions she claimed were from God telling her to fight to take France back from the English late in the Hundred Years’ War. The uncrowned King Charles VII sent her to the siege at Orléans. She gained great recognition after she was able to lift the siege in only nine days. After several more swift victories, she led Charles VII to his coronation at Rheims. She is the only person ever recorded to have commanded the entire army of a nation at the age of seventeen. Despite sustaining wounds to the neck and head, she continued to lead the country to victory repeatedly. She was tried for heresy in a false court and burnt at the stake. Her trial was declared invalid by the Pope and she was canonized as a saint many years later.


3rd Century AD


Septima Zenobia governed Syria from about 250 to 275 AD. She led her armies on horseback wearing full armor and during Claudius’ reign defeated the Roman legions so decisively that they retreated from much of Asia Minor. Arabia, Armenia and Persia allied themselves with her and she declared herself Queen of Egypt by right of ancestry. Claudius’ successor Aurelian sent his most experienced legions to conquer Zenobia but it took almost 4 years of battles and sieges before her capital city of Palmyra fell and Zenobia along with nine other martial queens of allied provinces were paraded through the streets of Rome in chains. Aurelian exiled Zenobia to Tibur. Her daughters married into influential Roman families and her line continued to be important in Roman politics for almost three centuries. Mavia, was Queen of the Bedouin Saracens from 370 to 380 AD. She led her troops in defeating a Roman army then made a favorable peace and married her daughter to the Roman commander in chief of the eastern Emperor Valens.


Tamar of Georgia
13th Century AD


Tamar (sometimes known as Tamara) was the daughter of the Georgian King Giorgi III. Her father declared her co-ruler and heir apparent to prevent dispute after his death. After the death of her father, Tamar gained a reputation as an outstanding ruler and was dubbed “King of Kings and Queen of Queens” by her people. Her reign saw the bringing to heel of almost every neighboring Muslim state. Tamar played an active military role as the commander of her army. During her reign the kingdom reached the apex of its political, economic and cultural might. In 1201-1203, Georgians took and annexed the Armenian capitals of Ani and Dvin. In 1204, Tamar’s army occupied the city of Kars. In 1204, Tamar helped to found the Empire of Trebizond on the southern shore of the Black Sea (whose capital is now the Turkish city of Trabzon). Queen Tamar died in 1213.

Jamie Frater

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  • Ari-Chan

    What about Lakshmi Bai? She was a queen of a part of Northern India and was one of the leading figures of the 1857 rebellion against the English. She led two victorious defenses and when the British overtook her army in one instance she escaped unharmed. She was later killed in a battle with the English at the age of 30. She is written about highly in both Indian and English literature and is considered a national hero.

    • WarriorBlood

      You’re reading an article written by some scummy European white guy

      The only Indian female warrior he has heard of is ‘Sunny Leone’

  • Cat Skyfire

    Excellent list. Couple of additions to Boudicca. She was initially queen of the Icini tribe. The flogging she could take, but it's said that the rape of her daughters took place in front of her. It's also theorized that they may well have been well under 12. No wonder she got angry.

    It's also interesting that her army's defeat was largely based on the Roman's use of the Wedge, which is a devastating attack. (So nasty, in fact, that the 'flying wedge' was outlawed from American Football for being too effective and too destructive.)

    • Name

      About your comment about her daughters being 12 and raped (not saying that it’s acceptable).

      It was common back then for wo…. girls of a young age (yeah, 12 and such) to marry old perverts. Do you think back then that the moral compass was the same as todays? Their daddies probably diddled them when mommy wasn’t looking.

      So happy I’m in todays world, although I would like to kick some assholic medieval ass once and a while (but if that were the case, I’d just look like some weirdo getting emotional over some 40yr old guy and his 12-14 yr old wife) and be laughed at. =/

  • Brandon5am

    Sweet list

  • David

    “fled to the ungle where was built up an army”

    otherwise great list

  • David: oops – thanks – I have corrected it.

  • Ginger Lee

    Great picks. I was worried for a moment Zenobia would be left off as she’s often neglected in the light of Boudicca.

  • EricB

    nice list. very interesting stuff

  • Tenebrae

    Yet more proof that the concept that “Women don’t belong in battle” is a bit archaic and asinine. Women have proven themselves time and time again to be capable and have even excelled in battle.

    It’s a never ending source of amazement that some people believe that putting women into armies is a new idea.

    Excellent list.

    As a female in the armed forces, I really applaud it. :D

  • Awesome list…

    give me a few years and I will be added onto it

    maybe ;)

  • Ari-Chan: I would consider Lakshmibai to be in the top 20, but probably not the top 10 – thanks for mentioning her though.

  • Great list, I’d only heard of two of them (Joan & Boudicca (though who hasn’t heard of Joan of Arc?)). You wouldn’t think there’d be that many women involved in battles.

    Ravyn: Haha, good one :P

    From point #4: “ruled as regent after te death of her father”

  • bob

    stupid list! where are xena, wonder woman, beatrix kiddo, etc.?

  • Nelia

    I would most definitely have included Queen Medb, but I guess her life is a tad fictional… Ok probably mostly fictional. She was likely based on the combination of a real woman and a sovereignty goddess of Irish tradition. She was really bad ass though, I highly recommend that people check out her story. The Tain is a great Irish epic (along the lines of an Homer type thing).
    Great list, really interesting.

  • Nelia

    And I hope Bob is kidding, otherwise he has managed to mix up real life with Xena, Warrior Princess :P

    • BabyGirl

      hahah he's not the only one i asked my mum who the really kick ass warrior chick that lived in medieval times was andd she said "i dont know Xena"

  • Tenebrae

    dangorironhide: Women have been involved in conflict and battles as long as mankind has had war. As I said, it’s not a new concept. The Celts were famous for their fearsome women warriors.

    There’s even evidence that there were women gladiators in ancient Rome.

    Unfortunately, history has been painted with a very masculine brush. I’m no feminazi, but it’s rather sad so much history is disregarded or just not taught. You have to hunt to find it, but it’s out there.

    • jiriya


  • romerozombie


  • DanOhh

    Just goes to show you don’t mess with uni-browed women that through gang symbols.

  • bob

    xena is real! i saw her last year at sydney mardi gras.

  • Talking of women in conflict, here’s the latest ‘breaking news’ from teh BBC site:

    Involving a woman and a bomb.

    Hardly the same as the entries on here, but a funny little coincidence anyway.

    • sheena

      there are way more male suicide bombers than female. it seems like you're just trying to belittle women.

  • romerozombie

    Yeah, fucking hilarious!

  • Funny as in odd or strange, romero, not amusing.

  • Bob

    Britomart? Bradamante?

    And to the genius further up thinking that a list of probably half-legendary women who were an exception somehow proves that the sexes are equal on the whole when it comes to physical strength: get a clue, pal. Men, on the whole, are phsyically stronger than women. Exceptions are just that–exceptions–and they primarily serve to prove the rule.

    Protip: Don’t let idiotic PC strictures force you into stupid, false on the face assertions like “Women are just as strong as men.” Instead, try letting a bit of reality into your mind. YWIA.

    • Liz

      If you knew anything about fighting, you'd know that strength is only a quarter of the battle. You also need speed and technique. Someone with half you strength but twice the amount of speed and targeting skill will beat you ten times to one. I can tell you've never been in a real fight/in a martial arts or boxing class or else you wouldn't even think to assume strength=might.

      Think about it, if you're 300 pounds and tall, and I pop my leg behind yours and spear you in the throat, you're going down… hard. Much harder than I at 140 would fall. It will also take you longer to get up, allowing me to kick your teeth down your throat before you can even think about rising.

      In the UFC, it's usually the smaller, quicker fighters that win over the strong but slow ones.
      There's some reality for you.

      • jiriya

        you tell him hun hun

        • lolyeah

          Hmm yea i wonder why they dont make female fight male in the UFC…. i bet on 10 fights we only see maybe 1 women win… i may be wrong but probably not.

  • Phender_Bender

    Great list!

  • Tenebrae

    Now, where did I say women were just as strong as men? Nowhere. I may espouse equality, but equal does not mean “the same”. Each gender has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Both can play a role in combat.

    Read my comment again, a bit more thoroughly this time. I said women have been in battle throughout history. That’s it. This list is not a list of “exceptions”, it’s a list of remarkable cases of outstanding female warriors. I am not saying that the cases are as common as men. However, it’s a grievous error to assume that women warriors, as a whole, are exceptions.

    One does not necessarily need physical strength to excel in the art of war, especially in the modern era where technology plays a greater part in combat.

    My comment was only to state the point that it’s absolutely ridiculous to say that women “don’t belong in combat”. They’ve been in combat for thousands of years. It’s not a new idea.

    Don’t put your own spin on my comments.

  • I agree with Tenebrae about war being more about brains than brawn – it is for that very reason that St Joan managed what she did at such a young age.

  • copperdragon

    Was hoping to see mention of the Amazons. although thought of mainly as almost fictional, there is evidence that this race of warrior women existed.

  • copperdragon

    really? no Fa Mulan? is it not true that the ultimate sign of validation is being made into a disney cartoon?

  • Tony Alvarez

    Would like to see movies made based on the lives of these women. The Chinese and most of the Far East have released quite a few films based on women warriors.

  • Tonny SS

    Hmm, good list. Just a minor thing though.
    No 9 Tri?u Th? Trinh.

    The illustration. Where did you get it? It’s inaccurate. It clearly shows Chineses in Manchurian hair style and clothes, while exist in Three Kingdom era (aka. Late Han dynasty). No one has those hair styles or clothes until about 1600 years later.

    Mulan is just a soldier, she volunteered in place of her father and served valiantly, but she is not a significant commanding officer, don’t trust Disney for a history lesson.

  • cparker

    I wonder about some of the samarai women that were never leaders but excellent on the ground. Can’t think of any names. I had a preconceived notion that Boudica and Joan would be the top but I like your picks. Will Hillary Clinton be next????? Sure hope not.

  • courtney

    To jfrater: Girl Power!

  • adam

    Probably you don’t know about this one
    Name:Nene Hatun
    Place:Erzurum – Turkey
    Weapon:Rifle&Cleaver :D
    There is a hill or something on Mars named after her, but I’m 100% sure.

  • SoCalJeff

    Melissa “Half-pint” Gilbert was a pretty bad-ass President of SAG.

  • Csimmons

    nice list, although i always thought hua mulan was real, oh well, the movie Mulan had the cartoon Mulan pretty hot though. :)

  • Lani

    dude, Buffy.


  • Joss

    Very interesting.

  • Mom424

    Great List Jamie! Thanks for mentioning my namesake. My mom told me that was why she picked Judith for my name. That and it is so much better than Beulah, my dad’s idea. (I think/hope he was joking.)

    Cat Skyfire; I am aware of the wedge technique, it worked all too well. If I’m not mistaken it was used quite effectively by Europeans armed with muskets and bayonets against Native defenders in the Americas and Asia.

  • deadhand13


  • deadhand13: Did you read the opening paragraph? Let me quote:

    In order to be selected for this list, the woman has had to be someone who fought in battle herself, not just commanding from a distance, and she had to be real.

  • Du

    St Joan of Arc
    the only reason i know that name is because i have the game Joan of Arc for the psp.
    If anyone has a psp, i highly recommend it

  • ian

    ummmm xena?
    “WARRIOR princess”
    lol joking of course, very interesting list.

    p.s. i think Mulan deserves and honorable mention

  • WOO!!!!! GO WOMEN!!!!!

  • Che

    Margeret Thatcher ?

    In the 1980s she single-handedly took on King Arthur of Scargill and his hordes of feckless barbarian workers, wiping them out with a single swipe of her silver hand-bag.

    Legend has it that she also defeated the hated mad tyrant Galtieri of Argentina, (not to be confused with the enlighted, peace loving, and much loved mad tyrant of Chile, Pinochet) equipped with nothing but the second-best navy in the world, and (reluctant) help from Ron-Ald of Reagan.

    Her tireless effort to alienate Scots from the British Union has earned her the honorary title of “Mother of Independance”.

    But she is best known for defending the children from that most pernicious of evils – free milk!

  • whiteotter

    Nice list… Vietnamese chicks are tough

    • Me

      I was about to say the same. 3 out of 10 fighting chicks (33%) listed were Vietnamese. What the hell happened to all the Vietnamese dudes?

  • flgh

    No Agustina de Aragon?

    While her fellow countrymen, MALE SOLDIERS, ran screaming away from the French invaders, she ran forward to load a cannon & fired at the enemy from point-blank range.

    She’s the Spanish female version of Bosco Baracus.

  • NikPG

    Jfrater – Include my girl friend too!

  • cheese

    no xena?!


  • Doc

    I understand that mythological female warriors are/were not included in this list, but there *were* Amazons. They were the warrior priestesses of Artemis, called Artemesians. They were (according to legend) Scythians, sworn to celibacy, and dedicated to Artemis (AKA Diana). It is reported that they would amputate their left breasts if they were too large, so as to not interfere with a bowstring when drawn to full nock. There was a queen of the Artemesians (whose name I do not recall) who battled King Theseus of Athens to a standstill and eventually ended up as his queen. Anybody remember her name? I don’t – sorry.

  • Ari-chan

    You should also give an hononorable mention to Agnes Dunbar aka Black Agnes. She held off one of the best strategists of her time for months, and for the most part, instead of using weapons she used her maids to mock and tease the beleagured general.

    Now THATS my kinda woman

  • Andie

    Ah, the old ‘women just don’t have the muscle to be fighters’ argument. Very weak argument. It doesn’t require a great deal of strength to pull a trigger or wield a stabbing instrument. Now if the battle turned into a fist fight… who can say?

  • My first thought was ‘OMG! Xena would so have to be No. 1!!!”


  • RichardF

    You forgot Laskaria Bouboulina of Greece, the female Admiral who helped drive the Turks out of Southern Greece. She led the Siege of Nafplion in 1822, and commanded troops on land and sea.

  • Abhimanyu Ghoshal

    You forgot India’s Rani Lakshmibai, from a place called Jhansi. She waged war against the British in 1857, and led an army to fight against them. She learned to ride, sword-fight and shoot. Legend says she was killed by a British bullet.Thats really badass.

  • Ari-Chan

    Abhimanyu, I already mentioned that early on, but yes she SHOULD have been on this list, but Jfrater said she was top 20 not top 10 *tear*

  • Joan of Arc definitely deserves to be on this list. Her life is simple amazing. For anyone wanting to study more about her the best place I have found online is

  • emily: you do realize she was on the list don’t you? :)

  • yaurt

    Check this female warrior. She’ll kick my but in like 10 secs.

    • jiriya

      im in love lol

  • pieranpr

    What about “Queen Mary” of St. Croix?

  • Scuba Steve

    If they were not all real women I would have asked where Red Sonya was.

    • sammy

      Red Sonya is fictional character.

  • memizz

    can't help it… i want buffy on the list .. and xena to of course

    • sammy

      buffy and xena again is fictional

  • nikki

    yeah i entered this list thinking hahaaa, xena’s gona be no1 :p and skimmed through to make sure i was right. then she wasn’t. then i read the opening paragraph. i still think she deserves to be on it :p

  • Gigi

    Where is Ecaterina Teodoroiu??????
    This lists are very stupid!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Wow! Nice list! Thanks for posting this up. I was just looking up historical females to read about, and your list really did help me out!

  • Sara

    Hmm… Isn’t it spelled Boudacea?

  • Green Is Good

    Excellent! I’d only heard of 2 of the women on this list; JOan and Boudacea.

  • Rennix

    #8 reminds me of the album cover of Valley Of The Damned by DragonForce. Maybe that’s where they got it from.

  • Mo

    Good list, I wish the Mino (or the Western name…Dahomey Amazons) made it to the list but overall a good list.

  • Ella

    What about Madame Chen? She is considered the most successful pirate. Of course, I’m not sure how much actual fighting she did, so that could be why she was left off…

  • sam

    this was kinda boring

  • sam

    ok never mind

  • jahie

    The male ‘Y’ chromosome does not regenerate, thus, in time, all humans will be genetically female and the male gender will gradually disappear. That is a scientific fact and is the only way the human race may ultimately survive.

    We destroy the environment that we need to survive. We destroy and belittle women, yet women are the key to human survival. In dire food and water shortages, women survive longer than musclebound men. Those days are fast coming upon us. Look around u dude!

    One woman with the right technologies and a cellphone can wage global war without any face to face combat. How much muscle does it take to push a button on a cellphone? The world has been irreversibly changed! Yet we forever refuse to see that. Raw muscle power is no longer required.

    Go warrior women! We need you!

  • cymraegbachgen87

    You’ve mis-interpreted what it means by the Y-chromosome not regenerating means. As long as the SRY gene is present on the Y-chromosome, it is still a sex determinant. Males and females are not going anywhere. Even where the Y chromosome has been lost in the animal kingdom, males and females are still present. Indeed, the Y and X chromosomes used to be homologous so even if the Y chromosome disappeared, an analagous section of the X chromosome would take up the job.

    If we didnt have both sexes, the species would not survive.

    Despite that – warrior women scare me :) Behind every great man is a woman telling him what to do after all

  • Gory

    Great list. Joan of arc, who liked to be called Jehanne, was real, but a lot of what we know about her is ficticious. Her great trials, the sources of what we know about her were attempts by others to get their way and make themselves look good- by making Jehanne out to be somethin she probably wasn’t.

  • lowdog

    boudiccia is the shit

  • kymmyp

    I was very impressed by this list. I had no idea that there were so many recognised female warriors throughout history.

  • Jessikanesis

    Great list. I would have included Anne Bonny and Mary Read, but then I have a slight pirate bias. I suppose it’s a lot easier to be a “warrior” when you actually have guns. Maybe they’d be better suited to a top female criminals list.

  • Blena

    FYI Judit aka Gudit was of Jewish background. Gudit is a negative name that was given to her by those who hated her trying to show she was plain cruel. So far I’ve only heard biased info about her. Sad… regardless she was a warrior

  • kennypo65

    Boudicca was also a redhead, like my wife, who is also a great warrior. 5 feet 5 inches of green-eyed, red-maned fury. God, I love her.

  • Andy V

    Another Indian Female warrior
    Razia Sultan –

  • Alejandro

    You should add Juana Azurduy, rather modern heroin of Argentinian and American (continent) revolution.
    She did some great work fighting spaniards. She has songs and she has streets with her name.

  • BigMan

    Mai Bhago should definately be on this list.
    She and 40000 fellow Sikhs completely destroyed the invading muslim armies in Northern India, outnumbered 10 to 1! 40,000 vs 400,000-600,000 and the Sikhs won

  • Mindblasting!

    what about the rani of Jhansi?

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  • fresh

    You forgot Medea!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Doc!
    I know your name is up there somewhere, number 48. That Artemesian queen’s name was Antiope.

  • Shay

    I agree with Mo. The Mino, or Dahomey Amazons, were beyond badass!!!

  • lorddiable

    @BOB please try to accept facts as they are dude.maybe bitter for some but true all the same.WOMEN ARE AS STRONG AS MEN,EVEN’s just that the male dominated societies throughout ages have painted women in a weaker shade,so that they won’t protest against gender based exploitations.women just need a bit of confidence and support from the society,and….ofcourse ……… denying it,maybe a bit of toughening up(just a little bit)to stand shoulder to shoulder with any man,even physically.the saying that men are physically stronger than women is just a saying,by the hypocrats, for the hypocrats and of the hypocrats ,who inspite of knowing the truth just don’t want to believe it.

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  • Jay

    @Tenebrae [7]: I read that Isreali infantry prohibits women from close combat… the problem, however, is men and not women being weaker. I read in a wiki article that men seeing women get killed and hurt makes the men experience “uncontrollable, protective, instinctual aggression” and “Thus while men might be able to be programmed to kill, it’s is not as easy to program men to neglect women”

  • fizzure

    The early spelling, Boadicea, used into the second half of the twentieth century was a medieval scribes error. The correct spelling, Boudicca, equates with the name ‘Victoria’ in the Celtic language.

  • hasib

    quin Lakshmibai should take place in this list.

  • Anais Ninja

    WHERE IS KING/QUEEN NZINGHA OF NDONGO/ANGOLA? Is it because she preferred to be called King? They don't come more badass than Nzingha – she excelled at military tactics, rode into battle with her troops until she was in her effing 60s, played the Dutch and Portuguese governments for decades against each other to keep her people out of the slave trade.

  • cupcake

    i cant remember, were the amazon women real? if so, i think they deserve a mention

  • Najib

    how about Thalestris???????

  • about Zenobia daughters , i Think it was like myths because there was no prove that she married again..most of the sources said that she was killed or commit suicide

  • Miryam

    what about Devorah the judge/warrior/prophetess of biblical israel?

  • ttt

    how abt yaa asantehene. she was really great to the Ghanaians

  • RockZanna

    No Golda Meir?

  • leslie

    you forgot grace Omalley.

  • jiriya

    I hate war. It’s not for me but i do applaud any woman who has the guts to go into it. ive heard so many comments on women not be able to handle war (or do anything in that matter besides house work) to see that its not impossible for a woman to take arms is encourageing. we may not be able to fight in the same way as men do but we do get the job done. its all about heart and will

  • Awesome

    WTF That bitch Artemisia I of Caria got her ass kicked by the Greeks and so did the Persians why is she considered good she lost all her battles and all these women didnt do much they lost their wars only the vietnamese bitch won for fucks sake

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  • Mike

    ooh our quuen oh i’m really proud of her nice list :))

  • Mike

    © From Georgia :)

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  • Rebecca A. Perry, Ed.S, LPC

    Its important that women, & especially girls, be reminded of their strength- mental & physical – through the example of these fierce warriors. It may be even more crucial that men & boys be educated about these powerful women. If they were, perhaps we would see a decline in the incidents of violence against females of all ages, perpetrated by males of all ages. If these great warriors were no longer omitted from school curriculums, girls might finally take their rightful places beside boys in their sense of personal power & self confidence. Children of both genders would come of age in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, cooperation, & equality. Rebecca A. Perry, Ed.S., LPC, Licensed Psychotherapist

    • Dean

      I agree. One of my favorite warriors in fiction is DeJa Thoris.

      Kenny above, could have been describing my red-haired, green-eyed fury of a daughter, who has always set out to overwhelm the world with her talents.

  • selenology

    Freydís Eiríksdóttir (daughter of the famous Viking Erik the Red) deserves a mention, if not in the top 10. She went to Vinland (Canada) at least twice and fought the native warriors who attacked them there.

  • Sam Obeng

    I don’t want to sound bias but why is Yaa Asantewaa, the queen mother of the Ashanti’s who fought and defeated the British on Ghanaian soil not on this list?

  • Ricardo

    Interesting list,but you utterly failed to include African warrior queens who always fought!

  • fucking strange they fought ladies ???? NUTS if those Darein,Demzel,Demure ladies had CONFRONTED me i SWEAR by GOD’S above would have named d entire fuckin GALAXY to them ( obviously not exaggerating) WOW !! FANTASTIC FEMALES …Love dis list regret for having not seen them in real WISH COULD TURN BACK TIME….

  • mohit


  • Jon Jackson

    a woeful omission of Candace of Ethiopia, who was so formidable that Alexander the Great chose not to invade her kingdom for fear of losing to woman.

  • Richard

    I was a little disappointed by this list. I was expecting full on female warriors but this was more of a list of female generals. I don’t know enough about any of them so I won’t make any comments disreputing them, but I don’t honestly believe that they were on the frontlines very much.
    I was expecting women like Tomoe Gozen, who killed on the frontlines like any male soldier and broke all gender boundaries.. and then for some reason become a nun.

  • Bhupinder Singh

    The list is good, but you forgot one more females warrior. There is a Sikh female warrior who led an army of Sikh men into battle and she was the sole survivor of that battle. Her name is Bhag Kaur.

    The battle took place in 29 December 1705 and it was called the battle of Khidrana. She led 40 Sikh men who ran away from battle of fear of dying after being surrounded by the Mughal (Muslim) and Hindu armies, thus they betrayed their Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Jee. They fled to their homes where Bhag Kaur confronted them and rebuked those 40 men for shamefully leaving their Guru. So, they went back into battle with her leading them.

    Here’s the link of the full account:

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  • Wolfgang Gerhard

    you didnt add razia sultana….

  • Kim Taehee

    Men and women have different strengths. Men rely more in their strength, speed, agility and brawn, women rely more in their wisdom, knowledge, information and litheness. Its different in both genders how to handle wars, brawls and fights anyways. :P

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  • lasha

    queen tamara is famous queen.when she was queen there was golden age in georgia. tamara s surname was bagration. she had two children boy:lasha-giorgi and daughter:rusudan. georgian people didnt know vere is tamaras grave. for queen tamara famous writer shota rustaveli wrote poem called vefxis tkaosani.tamara vas sun bring in georgia she vas beautiful queen and very klever.

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  • Great list. :)

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  • Akhand Bharat

    Rani Lakshmi Bai (1835 – 1858) cost the British 14 Victoria Cross recognitions out of the 1364 (approximate figure) awarded till date. And, by the way, she was just 22 when she died and not 30.
    Whether or not it was a rebellion? I suggest you to read the letters written by her from camp Jhansi in the month of march 1858. These letters have been uploaded on the internet. It was India’s first Freedom Struggle.

  • agit

    How about Margaret Thatcher? Not a soldier but a pretty serious warrior.

  • Harpoon

    One name for you: Juana Azurduy.

  • david inglese

    Lozen of the Mimbres Apache fought beside her brother Victorio, managing to escape the massacre at Tres Castillos when her brother and most of her people were killed or captured. She hooked up with the aged Mimbres leader Nana, alongside Geronimo, Naiche and Juh of the Chiricahua. She joined Geronimo in battle and exile and is seen in pictures by C S Fly and others, identified in at least one by name… just thought this hardcore warrior women was worth the mention.

  • sn1kuna

    Great! One addition about king Tamar’s death – there’s a legend, that the king wanted to be buried secretly, that no one should know about her grave.Thats why they made six gold coffins. 4 brothers (from one ordinary family) took the King Tamar’s body and buried secretly. None of them returned. And nobody knows where is the greatest king’s grave till today!

  • sn1kuna

    Great! One addition about king Tamar’s death – there’s a legend, that the king wanted to be buried secretly, that no one should know about her grave. That’s why they made six gold coffins. 4 brothers (from one ordinary family) took Tamar’s body and buried it secretly, like the way she wanted. None of them returned. And nobody knows where is the greatest king’s grave till today! This is an unfortunate fact for us, Georgians.

  • Tako Ambokadze

    Great! One addition about king Tamar’s death – there’s a legend, that the king wanted to be buried secretly, that no one should know about her grave. That’s why they made six gold coffins. 4 brothers (from one ordinary family) took Tamar’s body and buried it secretly, like the way she wanted. None of them returned. And nobody knows where is the greatest king’s grave till today! This is an unfortunate fact for us, Georgians.

  • Gamrekeli

    Whoever wrote this post, is bad in history. Now, let me make some corrections about “Tamar of Georgia”; She took cities Ani and Dvin, but she had to, because by that time Armenia(State) did not even exist, it was a Vassal of Georgia. The Turks had annexed a part of it, so Tamar gave them an answer. She was responsible, as she was a ruler.
    By the way, dear author, Queen Tamar is imputed as a Saint, so a word “badass” is really insulting pride of me and my country.

    P.S. I apologize for lack of knowledge in English.

  • Sh Martin

    Tamar was not warrior!! she was king of the kings and queen of the queens!! the most kind human that ever was born on our planet. she helped poor people, impartial judge,the most talented strategist and During her reign nobody get the death penalty.And with her humanity, there was no criminal in her kingdom.Georgian church recognized her as a saint. its impossible to broadcast everything about her in one comment… St. Tamar bless us…

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