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Top 10 Amazing True Life Giants

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

From well before Biblical times, man has told amazing tales of giants. The likelihood of seeing a true giant was so slim that they have always been a part of folklore. But, thanks to modern record keeping and photography, we can now all see first hand, true living giants. This is a list of the top 10, ordered from shortest to tallest.

Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they brought forth children, these are the mighty men of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4


Bernard Coyne

Bernardcoyneand Parentsanthonlynnmccormmick06

Coyne was born in 1897 in Iowa, USA. His 1918 World War I draft card listed his height as 8 feet. His Guinness book of records entry states that he was refused entry to the war due to his height. At the time of his death it was possible that he had reached the height of 8 foot 4 inches. He died in 1921 of hardening of the liver and a glandular condition. He is buried in his place of birth in a specially made extra-large coffin.


Väinö Myllyrinne


Myllyrinne was born in Finland in 1909. At one point he was officially the world’s tallest man. At the age of 21 he was 7 feet 3.5 inches tall, and weighed 31 stone. He experienced another growth spurt after that which took him to his final height of 8 feet 3 inches. He is considered to be the tallest soldier in history as he was in the Finnish army. He died in 1963.


Edouard Beaupré


Edouard Beaupré, born in 1881, was a circus sideshow freak, a strong man, and a star in Barnum and Baileys. He was the eldest of 20 children and was born in Canada. While he was of normal height during his first few years of life, by the age of nine he was 6 feet tall. His death certificate showed him as being 8’3″ and still growing. As a strongman, his feature stunt was crouching down and lifting a horse to his shoulders. He reportedly lifted horses as heavy as 900 pounds. He died in 1904 of tuberculosis.


Ella Ewing

Gigantes Ella Ewing

Ella Ewing was born in Missouri in 1872. She is known as the ‘Missouri Giant’. She grew normally until the age of 7, at which time she began to grow rapidly. Her maximum height is disputed and due to the lack of records she is not listed in the Guinness book of Records. She toured as a side-show freak until she died of tuberculosis in 1913.


Al Tomaini

Aug23 Tomainis

Al Tomaini was a giant who claimed a height of 8’4″ (though the Guiness Book of Records stated that he was 7’4″). Weighing 356 pounds (162 kg) and wearing size 27 shoes, Al spent most of his life as a circus giant. He was working with a circus at the Great Lakes Exposition in Chicago, in 1936, when he met his future wife, Jeanie Tomaini. Jeanie was born without legs and was only 2 ft 6 in (76 cm) tall. After retiring from the circus life, he and Jeanie settled in the circus community of Giant’s Camp, Gibsonton, Florida.


Leonid Stadnyk

Stadnik Leonid 4 16 04 Ap Photo Efrem Lukatsky

Leonid Stadnyk was born in 1971 in the Ukraine. He is a registered veterinary surgeon and lives with his mother. He is currently the world’s tallest human according to the Guinness Book of Records. According to Pravda, his health is slowly failing in that he needs to hold on to limbs of trees and the side of his house to walk about. A group of Ukrainian business people donated a satellite dish and a computer to Stadnyk and now he has Internet access.


John F Carroll


John Carroll (born in 1932) was born in Buffalo, New York and was known as the Buffalo giant. Despite a large number of medical treatments, he grew at a very rapid rate. He grew seven inches in a matter of a few months. He died in 1969 and while his height was not recorded at the time, it is believed that he was very close to nine feet.


John Rogan


John Rogan was born in 1868 and he grew normally until the age of 13. His height was not officially recorded until his death at which point he was 8’9″ tall. Due to illness he weighed only 175 pounds. He is the tallest African American ever. He died in 1905 due to complications from his illness.


Johan Aason
8′ 9-1/4″


Johan was born in America the year that his mother moved there from Norway. He beats John Rogan to the second spot on this list by a mere 1/4 of an inch. Interestingly his mother was also a giant, at 7’2″. According to his death certificate from Mendocino State Hospital, at the time of death he was 9’2″ – if this is true then he is the tallest recorded human – beating our number 1 spot by 3 inches. He is buried in Montana.


Robert Wadlow
8′ 11.1″


Robert Wadlow is the tallest man in history whose height is verified by indisputable evidence. He is often referred to as the Alton giant because he came from Alton, Illinois. At the time of his death he weighed 440 pounds and showed no signs of stopping growing. He was born in 1918, the oldest of five children. He died at the age of 22 from an infection caused by a blister on his ankle, which he got while making a professional appearance at the National Forest Festival. His coffin weighed half a ton and required 12 pallbearers to carry. He was buried in a vault of solid concrete as his family had fears that his body would be interfered with by curiosity seekers.

Notable Extras: Gabriel Estêvão Monjane 8’1″, Zeng Jinlian 8’1.75″

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • jsbery

    Entry #9: Väinö Myllyrinne, was born and died in the same year…

  • Graeme

    Wow – that’s tall

  • Mom424

    Interesting list but we have a problem with #9. According to the info in the blurb, he grew 8’3″ within a year. :)

    I’m assuming a typo, either the birth year is incorrect or the death year.

  • Laura

    Great list, however, Edouard Beaupré was born and died in the same year

  • Laura

    sorry, my mistake, it was Väinö Myllyrinne

  • Thanks everyone for pointing out the mistake – it is now fixed :)

  • JwJwBean

    I have always been fascinated with giants and dwarves. Will a dwarf one be next?

  • Shlong

    Imagine the guys’ shlongs…

  • Sen. Ego/Id

    I remember Wadlow from early days of visiting the Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum. They had a lifesize “doll” of him and a pair of his actual shoes, which were so big that one could easily have been used as a crib for a baby. They had early film footage of him that showed him through out his short life. doing kids stuff, but for affect, showing his out of placement. Probably used in news reels before movies.
    I have heard that the biblical giant Goliath, in actuality, probably never came close to these guy’s height….but closer in the 6 and a half foot range.

    Al Tomaini and Jeanie Tomaini. What a love story!
    John Rogan_ look at that hand. and the image of John F Carroll- why are those two guy’s cencored. That adds something weird, doesn’t it?

  • DiscHuker

    shlong: i doubt they were proportionate. atleast i hope so for the sake of their wives.

  • Brilliant list! It’s insane how tall people can grow sometimes. Isn’t that asian guy who stuck his arm down the dolphin’s throats the tallest guy alive now?

  • dangor: he has been surpassed by Leonid Stadnyk now.

  • mregan

    My mother met Robert Pershing Wadlow in the thirties. He used to do promotional trips for a shoe company and came through South Bend IN where my mother’s family was from.

  • trojan_man

    This list proves that Intelligent Design is the only way that the universe was….just kidding.
    Great list. It is sad that a lot of these people had short, troubled lives.

  • 116880

    why are most of these people from the late 19th Century, and the early 20th?

  • I’m curious as to the average lifespan of someone suffering from this disorder.

    Interesting list, have always been intriqued by “oddities”.

  • Mom424

    Another interesting fellow to read up on is Andre The Giant. He too suffered acromelagy and died an early death. Partly due to his fondness for drink. He really was a gentle giant. Wikipedia has a fairly good article, but the A&E Biography special was better.

  • warningdontreadthis

    Nice list. You know whos a giant? stephen fry!

    But Jfrater I’ve got a problem, once again I logged on to the comment box as someone else. This time it was trojan-man.
    This worries me. By the way the password thing didn’t work.
    Oh and am I dreaming or am I a top commenter?

  • screw that, I got the password working but I thought you had fixed the bug?

  • chershey

    warningdontreadthis: LOL! We should add Jeremy Clarkson too!

  • Hooray for the Oddity!

  • billyrules!

    i wish i was tall….*sigh*

  • chershey: And John Cleese, we mustn’t forget the tallest Python :D

  • billyrules!: as do I. I’m 5’4… D :

  • Billyrules!: No kidding, just two inches would make me feel better. For the most part, I’d like a longer reach.

  • WarningDontReadThis: you are in the top commenters list now :) As for logging in – are you trying to log in HERE or at the forums? The forums require a different username/password.

    The commenting as someone else will be fixed soon – once the new servers are up.

  • Jfrater: I fixed it :D! By the way how did the move go or is that in a few days?

  • WarningDontReadThis: I am in the middle of cleaning and packing – I leave in two days – this is my last night in my flat.

  • Bobbi

    great list, I’m surprised that so many of them are American, during the same time period and from the midwest.

  • This was a fun list for me because I have always been interested in real life giants so I was familiar with most of these. I had relatives that lived in Alton Illinois including a nurse that remembers Wadlow coming in for checkups. She told me he was a really nice and kind man. The city has an actual size statue of him. You can see it here.

  • Joss

    Amazing. Those people are freaking TALL!

  • tami

    i’m just wondering.. how tall is the giant lady currently living in china? i thought she was tall enough to make it on this list, but i can’t remember her name anymore.

  • Tami, her name is De-Fen Yao and she stands 7’9
    You can see more of her here.

  • dizit

    There was a documentary on the National Geographic Channel a while ago ( within the last two years ), covering an African giant. The man had a pituitary tumor, which caused his out of control growth.
    One part of the documentary was about a teen-aged girl in America with the same tumor but who, thanks to better health care, was diagnosed and treated early. She quit growing at about 6′.
    People being forced by medical conditions to work as circus freaks is a sad commentary.
    Yet, I have to admit, there is a fascination in the “otherness” of those with such obvious differences.
    We are a curious breed, we humans.

  • Jfrater: If I were you, I’d start getting emotional.

  • copperdragon

    what next…?

  • amy

    Do giants have giant “parts?” I’m not trying to be gross – just curious.

  • amy

    LOL – ok this has already been discussed!!!

  • Barack Obama

    Wonder why so many are American? Wouldn’t it be spread out more…unless the ‘there’s something in the water’ bit is true…

  • Christine

    My brother had a young girl in his class when he was in elementary school (about ten years ago). She was so tall that she could not sit in their desks at school. I think they said she was 6′. I wonder if it’s the same girl dizit is talking about.

  • jon

    wow that a huge b**ch……………

  • JayArr

    As for the question on why only in the last 150 years or so, and why from the ‘west’ in general, I suspect the reason is the lack of documented means of proving height elsewhere in the world (cameras, physical access, accurate measurement, etc.) as well as poor or non-existent health care in many other countries (death from disease, injury, illness may have prevented a lifespan long enough to get that tall in the first place).

    Hate to even think it, but there are also documented cases where people who are ‘not like the others’ are killed in some cultures, and discussion of their very existence thereafter was/is taboo… no telling how many ‘giants’ were slain by their own people because they were so different.

  • Dre87

    You guys are missing out the life of China’s current tallest man. he lives in Inner Mongolia. Last year, when one of CHina’s last river dolphins swallowed a plastic bottle while in captivity, doctors were unable to operate on them to save the dolphins. So they called in China’s tallest man to reach into the mouth of the dolphins, into its digestive system, and he successfully pulled out the bottle and saved the animal. Now that’s amazing no?

  • MPW

    it really is a curse to be so tall because you cannot live a long fulfilling life and you have to see a doctor neartly everyday.

    just a thought who is the tallest listverse use?

    I am 6’1″

  • MPW


  • GPinLV

    Sen. Ego,

    Forget John Rogan’s hand – look at those knees!!!!

  • Ghidoran

    I notice that many died at a young age.

  • logar

    6’5″, 6’9″ with the afro.

  • trojan_man

    MPW: 6’5″

    logar: nice…with the Fletch!

  • nikki

    what about the guy off of big fish? how tall was he? and i agree that andre the giant should be mentioned

  • Cedestra

    Andre the Giant was 7’4″, a little too short for the list (but not by any means short!).
    50.: Matthew McGrory was 7’6″, still too short for the 8’2″+ list.

  • Jessy

    The blurb on John Rogan refers to an “illness” he had which eventually killed him- anyone know what it was?

    Shame that most of them died so young…I guess the human body isn’t designed to withstand that kind of growth/height.

    JFrater: hope the move went alright! You oughta come visit us in Canada sometime!

  • MPW

    you guys are pretty tall:)

  • those are some tall guys

  • dizit

    On Tuesday, 20 May, Christine wrote:
    Author: Christine
    My brother had a young girl in his class when he was in elementary school (about ten years ago). She was so tall that she could not sit in their desks at school. I think they said she was 6′. I wonder if it’s the same girl dizit is talking about.

    The age would work out about right, I believe. I’m sorry I don’t remember either her name, or the state in which she lived, but the meds I’ve had to be on these past 10 years play havoc with some kinds of memory (I have an extremely rare neurological disease, incidence 1:1,700,000)…and I used to have such a great memory!
    Anyway, the girl had an operation which stopped her growth. The documentary stated that the man in Africa just might be the last giant; That medical intervention, early enough, would eradicate what is an always a fatal condition, though for different reasons.
    Well, LIFE is a fatal condition, but you catch my drift.

  • dizit

    Jessy – May 20th, 2008 at 2:59 pm
    The blurb on John Rogan refers to an “illness” he had which eventually killed him- anyone know what it was?

    John Rogan suffered Ankylosis, (from Greek meaning bent, crooked) is the stiffness of a joint, the result of injury or disease. The rigidity may be complete or partial and may be due to inflammation of the tendons or muscular structures outside the joint, or of the tissues of the joint itself. When inflammation has caused the joint-ends of the bones to be fused together the ankylosis is termed osseous or complete. “Ankylosis” is also used as an anatomical term, bones being said to ankylose (or anchylose) when, from being originally distinct, they coalesce, or become so joined together that no motion can take place between them.
    Circus side-shows called sufferers “stonemen”, most of whom were not giants. Sadly as the disease progressed, the patient would have to decide whether they wanted to live out their lives in a standing or sitting position.
    This information, and more, can be found on several sites online. I LOVELOVELOVE research.

  • Chelsea

    How, I thought I was tall at 5’11. I’d love to see a list of the tallest women.

  • Chelsea

    Wow, I meant.

  • Bad News

    RE: Andre the Giant
    He was only 7’4″, but he had a posse.

    Anybody? Anybody?

  • MPW

    chelsea: you are tall:)

    these people are GIANTS!!!

  • MPW

    goof_ball: one of those tall guys is a woman(#7 Ella Ewing)

  • Cheeshygirl

    Chelsea: A kindred spirit. I’m also 5’11”. I don’t meet many woman my height or taller though my son’s aunt is 6’1″.

  • dizit

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I guess all of the tall women, at 5’11” or 6′, got me to thinking about it…my mother was from Australia. Her relatives, both male and female, were all over 6 ‘4″, except for the “shortie”, at 5’11”.
    They were all Professional Basketball players (Australia has much more support for women’s professional teams in all sports), and several generations took part in various Olympic Games, either Basketball or Swimming.
    I used to think that at 5’8″ I was respecfully tall for a woman, until my cousin Meg came to visit. She stood 6″ taller, and with her larger bones just seemed to dwarf me.
    Weird experience.

  • MPW


    “taller” or tall

  • davo

    most of these guys would have had tumours on there pituitary glands, cuasing accelerated and non stopping growth.

  • MPW

    i know two people with pituitary issues but they are fat not tall

  • Big Skye

    6’6″. My whole family is on the tall side, and the one thing I can say about it is; buying clothes sucks. I feel sorry for my youngest aunt, her son just turned 15 and he is already 6’7″ with a size 16 EEEE shoe. (I have no clue how that translates into metric) On a fun note, my wife is only 5 1/2 feet tall. Imagine that ;)

  • MPW

    my family is friggin’ short (mostly)

  • Patrask

    It would be kinda nice to use some other values besides feet and inches as I have no idea how to translate those into something understandable.

  • tl

    My grandfather was in the army at the same place as Väinö Myllyrinne. He told Väinö could touch the ground with his feet when he was riding a horse. He was also very strong. When they were carrying heavy sacks that the others were barely able to lift alone Väinö carried two sacks at the same time easily.

  • Drogo

    My great grandfather was the tallest guy in his town. He was a whole 5 ft. 11 in.(180cm). It was a small town, with apparently small people too.(haha)

    I have a bunch of tall relatives, and more than one ancestor who had ankylosis type problems, but I take after the shorter ones.

  • Drazo

    Chinese tall man is missing. And I think he is tallest now…

  • dizit

    MPW – May 20th, 2008 at 8:58 pm
    “taller” or tall


    In this particular case, either can be used correctly, though “tall” is more correct. I noticed, this morning, that I made a foolish spelling error in that post. I should never post within 45 minutes of taking my major pain med. It screws with my brain.

  • Cori

    I grew up in a smaller town right outside of Alton, IL ( its right across the river from st. louis ) As soon as I seen the list I was like ah Wadlow has gotta be on there. They have a museum dedicated to him there and a life sized statue in town for him. As a kid I remember visiting it. ( Theres alot of older towns in IL with giant statues of people for whatever reason) But I remember asking my dad why he was so special and when he told me thats how big that guy actually was I about shit a brick. And being still a kid my mom made the comment thats why you drink your milk and eat your vegatables, so I went on a milk and broccoli diet for like a month hoping to be like him. lol. Thank god I didnt though prom would have been ackward lol.

  • Cori

    and a p.s to that this article makes me feel like a midget im 21 at a whooping 5’2

  • Csimmons

    So, to these guys we are all midgets! :)

  • MPW

    Csimmons: then what does that make real midgets to these guys?

    action figures!

  • Csimmons

    MPW: and action figures are toothpicks!

  • MPW

    i got something in my teeth hand me that gi joe

  • YashaMaru

    good thing there are pictures of other people as well on most entries.

    could you add height in metres/(centimeters)?
    and how much is 31 stone? (if you could add weights in KG as well that would be very nice indeed.)

  • Curly

    The heights of Stadnik, Tomaini, Ewing and Aasen are grossly exaggerated and should be removed from this list. The other 8 foot plus giants that need to be added to your list are Sa’id Muhammad Ghazi (1909-194?) 8′ 0″, Suleiman Ali Nashnush (1943-1991) 8′ 0.4″, Gabriel Monjane (1944-1990) 8′ 0.75″, Patrick Cotter (1760-1806) 8′ 1″, Julius “Constantin” Koch (1872-1902) 8′ 1″, Zeng Jinlian (1964-1982) 8′ 1.75″, Don Koehler (1925-1981) 8′ 2″ and Grady Patterson (1943-1968) 8′ 8.25″. Hope you can use this info.

  • nerd-hater-girl

    these giants are cool man…but the only giant i need is the one in they’re pants!!!!!!oh…she BANG SHE BANNNGGGGG!!!!!!!! suck on that haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JScott

    The word for these cases is ‘gigantism’
    Heres a good link to get information about the disorder:

    I saw a show on A&E about a lady (I think it was a lady?) in China that was in a poor, small town and doctors were going to provide her with surgery to release/take out the tumour in her pituitary gland. Apparently this benign tumor is the most common cause of gigantism.

  • rp

    What, no Bill Brasky? He killed Wolfman Jack with a trident.

  • tyrotoxism

    Nice list! Now I realize how much more gorgeous I am now (as a shortie) than if I were to grow up THAT big!

  • Glowbug

    Thanks. I needed to be reminded just what a pathetic shrimp I am. :(

    I’m only 5’8″, and skinny to boot. Grr…. I hate tall people.


  • MPW

    just like a short person:)

    btw how old are you? you may have some growing left

    when i started HS i was 5’4″ and by the end of tenth grade i was 6 foot now im 6’1″

  • MPW. Exact same thing happened to my son. He was always either the shortest, or next to shortest guy in class until HS. Then all of a sudden he started to sprout! He’s 31 now, something over 6′, but still the skinniest of everyone.

  • colin

    oh my

    fantastic list

    hope you’re all settled in Mr Frater:)

  • Disc

    Pier Gerlofs Donia should be on this list

  • Tigers

    im only 6″2.
    but my cousins how are siblings and go to the same school as me are 6″5, 6″8 and 7″2.
    Dominick is only 13 and is 6″5
    John is in my grade he is 6″8
    and Tim is 7″2, and 325 lbs and is a senior

    we are in highschool.

  • Woolhouse

    I don’t care if Andre the Giant was only 7’4″: he was THE giant. It was in his name. None of these fellows were called “Al the Giant” or “John the Giant.”

    And I bet none of them needed 2 liters of vodka to “get a buzz” either.

  • Stacy

    heh i’m only 6’3 but i’m also only 14 so maybe i’ll make it on the list :/

    i don’t think i have much more to gro but its hard to find clothes! i have to order everything online. there are a lot of tall actresses well not as tall as me but close :)

  • Stacy

    oh wait that doesn’t exist
    tall woman support there we go

  • gabi319

    So, umm…there’s no way I could make this list? If I cheat I could reach 5’3″…. hmm? no? *sigh* oh well, at least I tried…

  • diogenes

    there are many ways:
    a) stack up tiny giants within the self, ala- circus acrobatic magic.
    b) where a mask
    c) dignity
    d) gravity
    e) open your heart so wide that the world is not enough to fill it
    f) stomp on puny dust motes
    g) where a crown even if it is not the correct holiday to do so
    ect ect

  • Taranis

    I had a Bio teacher last year who had Giantism (the pituitary gland tumour thing) and he was 7’2″ but he was freakin’ stacked. He looked more like a giant viking (he had long hair and a beard) than a Bio teacher. Needless to say you did your homework in that class!

  • M

    I saw Gabriel Estavao Monjane in Sweden 1975. He was tall, no doubt about it. He was declared 2.62, but that was a trick. He was about 2.46, I think. Al Tomaini # 6 on the list above, looks like a real fake to me.

  • Marc

    Your list, like many of those that discuss the tallest people ever, omitted a verified giant. His name was Don Koehler and he reached a full medically verified height of 8 ft 2 inches. Koehler (1925-1981) was born in Denton, Montana, and appeared with David Frost on national television on two different occasions as part of what was billed as a show on Guinness Book record holders. He had a twin sister who stood 5 ft 9 inches tall. Their 29 inch height differential was also billed as a record for twins.

  • John

    My schvartze is 12″ long.

  • M Mac

    Forgot Angus MacAskill, though he is on other lists, tallest natural man to date.

    Found a few of the above comments interesting, my grandmother was 6’3 her sons taller, my father is massive at just above 6 but with 54′ chest. I am a pygmy in comparrison, just under 16 stone and no way 6 foot.

    Childern, girl tall and slim, (realy pretty). sons heavily built and not overly tall. By heavily built just muscle. How do all these various differences arrise.

    Makes life fun though.

  • Jessie Stone

    wow there are really tall. i wonder where they get their shirts?

    Language Learner

  • Nice post! More info pls

  • aram

    A lot of the guys on your list are inaccurate. First of all, Al Tomani, Eduard Benopart, Leonid Stadnik, Ella Ewing, and John Aasen ARE ACTUALLY NOWHERE near the height you listed them at. There true heights are actually MORE THAN a foot shorter! Gabriel Monjane, Don Koehler, Vaino Myllyrinne, Bernard Coyne, Robert Wadlow, Sultan Kosen, Zhang Juncai, Zeng Jianlian, Julius Constanine, and maybe John Caroll are the only legit verified 8 footers in history.

  • yeah .. very true….you are right about it

  • Anonimo

    you have to add Eddie Carmel and Johann Petursson

    look this site

  • nicoleredz3


  • wausen

    No mention of Angus MacAskill supposedly the tallest and strongest true giant to have ever lived

  • Ackmed teh idiot

    Stare them down!! Also, mini-me had a growth spurt and was at least 7 feet tall!

  • Prashanth

    Hey did anybody notice this – the “short” guy in #1 and #2 is the same!

  • dylan

    robert wadlow did not die from a blister. since his feet were so big he had to get custom made shoes that had screws in them. and one day 1 of the screws in the shoe went through the shoe and into his foot and he got an infection from that. and he died a few weeks later.

  • Are these still the records or must this list be updated again?

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