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Top 10 Infamous Recorded Outbursts

ten of swords . . . Comments

Tirades, meltdowns, outbursts; call them what you like. The fact is that none of us can honestly say we’ve never once lost our cool. It happens to everyone, and unfortunately for these people, it happened when either a camera or tape machine were rolling. So I invite you to sit back quietly in your chair and enjoy listening to 10 people totally flying off the handle. WARNING: the clips herein contain language that may offend.


Dennis Green
Loses To the Bears

Dennis Green was the usually level-headed coach of the Arizona Cardinals from 2004 to 2006. However, he revealed quite a different side to the press after an embarrassing loss to the Chicago Bears in which they blew a 20-point lead in less than 20 minutes. The incident was later mocked in a well-known commercial for Coors Light.


Ed Harris
A Violent Man?

At a press conference for his film “A History of Violence”, Ed Harris kills the laughter in the room by demonstrating his own concept of violence. The footage has been cropped, so there is seemingly no explanation for his sudden change of character.


Bob Dylan
Glass in the Street

This clip was taken from the 1965 documentary “Don’t Look Back”. A casual party in Dylan’s hotel room turns ugly when someone comes to the door inquiring about glass that has been thrown into the street. At first the rock icon seems out of line, but then you come to find that he’s really just concerned that someone might get hurt.


Lily Tomlin and David O Russel
“I Heart Huckabees” Out-Takes

Tensions were certainly high on the set of the film “I Heart Huckabees” as seen in this clip. Actress Lily Tomlin and director David O. Russell had been at odds from the first day of shooting. Keep your eye on Jason Schwartzman sitting in the chair. He doesn’t even flinch as props go flying right over him!


Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Reporter Attack

Popstar, actress, trendsetter, and apparently, animal. Björk’s primal instincts got the best of her while at the Bangkok International Airport when she assaulted this reporter like a mother bear protecting its young. Björk later apologized for the incident.


Casey Kasem

Sometimes the best outbursts are the ones from people who you could never imagine losing their cool. As is the case with Casey Kasem and the late Snuggles.


Bill O’Reilly
“Do It Live”

Before he had his own show, Bill O’Reilly was an anchor for Inside Edition, and had a decent head of hair to boot. His behind-the-scenes temper tantrum has been widely circulated since the inception of YouTube, becoming a favorite of liberals and conservatives alike.


Buddy Rich
Bus Tapes

Buddy Rich’s reputation for being a hot head almost eclipses his work as a celebrated jazz drummer, thanks to a series of tapes secretly recorded by his band. These tapes, which feature explosive tirades of Rich horribly insulting and actually threatening members of his band, eventually fell into the hands of comedians like Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. Based on the absurdity of some of Rich’s “florid, inspired rants of pure rage”, certain lines were lifted right out of the tapes and used in dialogue for the Seinfeld show.


Michael Richards (Kramer)
Racist Rant

Speaking of Seinfeld, here is an man who ruined his entire reputation/career in a matter of 3 minutes at a comedy club back in November of 2006. Unlike most on this list, there’s nothing funny about this clip, just shocking footage.


Orson Welles
Frozen Peas

Once the golden boy of Hollywood, poor Orson Welles was eventually reduced to narrating commercials for a line of TV dinners late in his life. Welles’ career might have plummeted, but his ego never did. In this most infamous clip of them all, Welles is recording his voice-over to a screen showing the corresponding video footage.


“Yes, Always”

This clip comes from the Pinky & Brain show featured on Animaniacs (the 7th Most Popular ’90s Cartoon). Seeing as how the character of Brain was partially based on Orson Welles himself, it makes sense that the writers would feature a show with Brain doing a word-for-word parody of the Frozen Peas recording.

Contributor: ten of swords

  • Ash

    Hahah good list
    Suprised that MP guy who punched a member of a crowd for throwing something at him isn’t here lol
    I’m crap with names and politics so I don’t remember who he was

    Hah well done though

  • Ash

    Ooooh or when Alex Ferguson (sir) threw a shoe at David Beckham’s head

    That was definately a funny one

  • james teh flame

    holy shit buddy rich is nuts
    given full right
    he is easily the best drummer

  • Hemza3000

    Even though I love seeing these, I find it extremely awkward to sit through them. I only just got to 9 and was so embarrassed for him. But not to view the others :)

  • Hemza3000

    edit: “but now to view the others..”


  • beff

    these are often played on the howard stern show…it is so funny to hear them when they happen or randomly….i love the bill o recording, they just played it two days ago. they were mentioning how calm the cameraman is….i have to add on one of William Shatner doing a recording and being very very sarcastic

  • Nicosia

    Can’t believe none of Grace Slick’s drunken outbursts are here!

  • Liam

    Excellent list, simply awesome.

  • McSquida

    How about the ‘I have a Scream’ speech from the last US election? I’m an Aussie, but even that one made it to my tv!

  • ligeia

    Pinky and Brain was always my favourite from Animaniacs. Ahh, that takes me back to the 90s. Michael Richards was pretty scary – I had heard about it but never seen the clip before. Yikes.

  • Ren

    I wasexpecting to seeTom Cruise when that guy squirted him with water, or the guy that threw a phone at a hotel, I forget who it was. I guess you couldn’t use the phone one because there wasn’t footage but there is of the Tom Cruise one.

  • Hemza3000


    That Tom Cruise vid would be totally out of place here. He didn’t have an outburst at all, if anything he should be on a top ‘kept their cool’ list. Did you even see the clip?

  • Iain

    I’d suggest ‘The Troggs Tapes’ – a legendarily bad tempered recorded rehearsal session by noted 60s band (‘Wild Thing’ ‘Love is All Around’) that inspired parodies in Spinal Tap and Father Ted amongst others.

  • emmstein

    arsenio hall vs gay people? i’ve seen that clip on this site in a different list

  • Fernut

    lol i actually take Kramers side. . .lol ive seen to many black dudes say racist things and be real jerks but when the n bomb is dropp they act like like hurt wussys

    • davo

      yeah agreed. suck it up I say.

  • Hemza3000

    “lol i actually take Kramers side. . .lol ive seen to many black dudes say racist things and be real jerks but when the n bomb is dropp they act like like hurt wussys”

    The fact that you said Kramer instead of Michael Richards completely murdered your own credibility. I’m disabusing you of the right to an argument. Go sleep somewhere.

  • lott79

    Nice list, Chris Berman is another person who could be a possible addition to a list like this

  • lott79

    sorry, the chris berman link has language NSFW

  • ChristineM

    wow, that Huckabees fight was intense, I’m surprised no one even attempted to break it up, I guess out of fear of the director firing them

  • astraya

    Sometimes I yearn to be famous. Sometimes I don’t. I hope no-one recorded my first lesson today (the really shit one). I hope everyone recorded my second lesson today (the really fan-bloody-tastic one).

    Many people are laughing quite a way into the Michael Richards clip.

  • LordCalvert

    Mike Gundy Oklahoma State football coach flies off the handle and really lets a newspaper reporter have it.

  • Che

    You mean John Prescott and the egging incident ?

  • Me

    Bill Hicks goin crazy at a heckler now that was funny


  • cparker

    That Pinky and the Brain episode is better than the real thing

  • Callie

    Oh boo! I can’t at work, my headphones are at home and my computer doesn’t have external speakers. oh well..this list looks really good :)

  • miller

    I don’t blame any of these people for there outbursts. To be on that level where everything you do is scrutinized. I can’t imagine the stress. It’s bound to happen.

  • tofingerpaintisnotasin

    hahah bill o’reilly. what a crazy mammajamma.

  • JayArr

    Oh shit, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! Yay! I’d not heard/seen some of these before – where can we get another 10??

  • lott79


    That level where everything you do is scrutinized? Every job has that kind of stress.

  • JwJwBean

    OMG Beff that William Shatner one was funny. And I think the Pinky and the Brain addition was fantastic. All of these were interesting, but a big Wow to clip 7 and 6.

  • Katie

    AH! They block youtube and anything linked from youtube at my job, so these really interesting/entertaining lists that I can’t watch make me crazy! Any chance you could link videos or audio from anywhere else for a change?

  • Cedestra

    Great list! I would add the infamous Howard Dean campaign speech.

  • bucslim

    Howard Dean’s thing was pretty funny. AAAGGGHHH!!!

  • Cedestra

    Oh, and I would also recommend youtubing a guy named Mark Mathis. He’s a weatherman in NC and does some pretty zany stuff on air. My favorite one was his birthday clip when he smashed his face into his cake and then later light sabered. All on air, live.

  • Brad

    The Bill Hicks “freebird” heckler. He says some ridiculous things in there like “Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever!!!”


  • robneiderman

    Bjork is so crazy. Luckily (I think), I have a soft spot for crazy cute shorties. Does anyone else think she’s really an elven changeling?

  • Csimmons


    XD XD XD

    I can never get tired of that!

  • MT

    Great list Ten. Thanks.

  • Scientific

    What about the George Brett pine tar incident. That has to be one of the best freak outs I have ever seen.

  • The Anachronism

    I was hoping Tyra Banks’ Top Model outburst would be on here. I never get tired of seeing that.

  • Blogball

    Very entertaining list Ten of swords. A nice broad selection of people too. I like how you just included one sports coach outburst. I think a list could be made just on those alone.

  • Hillery

    I sympathize with Orson Welles,and not just because I have a soft spot for his movies. Part of my job involves editing script for advertising. I won’t go into details, but I have the feeling he deserves an award for not slapping some of the people he works with.

    Excellent list!

  • Yun

    I’d have included Yngwie Malmsteen unleashing the fuckin’ fury, personally.

  • Nauplius

    I was hoping to see Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man, I’m 40.” but good list anyway.

  • smurff

    As the introduction says – it can happen to anyone of us.
    If your cage gets rattled a lot, you will throw your toys out of the cot at some stage. Its a good thing really – it brings the revs and blood pressure down.

    Enjoyed the list thanks.

  • nahi

    how about the time the king of Spain told Hugo Chavez to shut up? i though that was pretty hilarious

  • Cedestra

    36. robneiderman: Oh, totally. Everything is musical. You wonder why she’s 45 and still looks 12? Yep, elven changeling.

  • Green Is Good

    The Ed Harris clip was awkward to say the least. Is he Bipolar, or just cranky? Or drunk again.

  • JayArr

    Joe Blackk(39) Dude, I so totally agree with what you were thinking but not saying – I could not hear much over the shouting; the pain, the terror, the sheer depth of spirit! Oh what I wouldn’t give for a list where all 10 entries made me laugh until tears streamed down my cheeks.

    Sorry, I’m getting a little thick here – mostly in the belly – but I promised my wife I’d start exercising; just didn’t say when or how much **Tourettes outburst wakes my fellow cube-rats** …

  • Hmm

    Love the Casey Kasem one, it’s on the money. A friend and I had joked for yours about the format of “up-temp rocker” to “death story ballad”, good to see the man call attention to this ridiculousness.

  • fivestring63

    Hey cats, this list is really groovy. If you don’t like it, get off the ***cking bus. LOL

  • dime138

    As far as outbursts in sports, I would take Mike Gundy or about a dozen clips of Bob Knight over Dennis Green, but that Dennis Green clip is still classic.

    My favorite had to be Bill O’reilly.

  • bigski

    I didnt realize Buddy Rich was such an asshole.Best drummer ever though!

  • orenj21

    kanye had some outragous outbursts. he still my favorite artist though

  • Bananas

    I am ashamed to call myself a Sienfeld fan after seeing this.
    I had heard about it of course, but i never thought it was as bad as it really was.

  • what about chris crocker. you know, the “leave brittany alone” guy? (that everyone thinks is a chick)

  • Angryfeet

    One of the most entertaining lists on the site!

  • islanderbst

    I love it when you get to see these things happen live, of course i do always feel bad for the people involved as im sure public life can be stressful

    surprised no mention of alec baldwins phone rant to his daughter: “you’re a thoughtless little pig”!

    and being a chicago sports fan, we’ve had some good ones (mike ditka anyone),

    but a good one is former Cubs manager Lee Elia. Back in 1983, when the cubs played all the games during the day, Elia went on to rip the fans that showed up basically as unemployed mother effers. I dont have the link, but if you youtube ‘lee elia tirade’ it will come up. Lots of F words!!! (i’m a big fan of the f word) XD

  • Panic


  • chibodee

    That “I Heart Huckabees” one was hilarious! Maybe that would explain why that movie was so shitty.

  • dracon

    Rosanne Barr’s mangling of the national anthem deserves a mention. Loved Dennis Greene’s outburst! As for drummers, I think System of a Down has the best drummer in the solar system.

  • YellfromtheGut

    MAN! That Lily Tomlin got TREATED! Yikes! She was speechless…Bill O’Riley is pure comedy.

  • Hahahah! The one of Bjork is hilarious! A clear reminder never, and I mean NEVER greet Bjork in any airport. Heck, you could even include her in the world’s most dangerous animals! Videocast or actual list! Harharhar! ;)

  • Next time, if he wants it live, DO IT LIVE! Harhar!

  • Idreno

    Great list but I’m also surprised that the Tyra Banks Top Model outburst isn’t up here. That was one of the most intense moments in reality tv!

    The other one that should be on here is Sue Simmon’s cursing on the news…I actually was watching the news when it happened. Never laughed so hard.

  • Precision

    bahahaha this is a great list, very funny (except number 2 of course).

    I loved the Bob Dylan one – I’ve never heard the word “man” used so often in a conversation!

    The bonus was awesome too, the Brain is hilarious! “You- leave” had my in stitches

  • Lizzyxo

    Ten of swords: Fantastic list. Thank you so much for Orson Welles being #1 I quote from that fairly often and no one understands! Also, thank you for putting Pinky and The Brain right after so i didn’t have to search for it. =)

  • rpresto

    Casey Kasem?! NO WAY! I don’t want to believe it.

    Some of these really scared me, I have to say..

    I never knew that Brain was partially based on Orson Welles! the bonus clip is awesome.. thanks for including it

  • rpresto

    I also thought the Dennis Green clip was pretty sad (losing games can be heartbreaking) and the Huckabee Out-take was hilarious!

  • mandysparky

    Great list!
    Oh my god! Bob Dylan is so funny, he’s trying to get mad but he’s so cool when he does it! i love this list well done!

  • cubicdome

    Good list but you could add Giovani Trapattoni’s outburst whn coaching Bayern Munich!! Excellent!! Check it out here:

  • hill

    (57.Jay) Why is that your favourite quote?
    [email protected] theres the [email protected]

    It is higly offensive and shocking racism that was uncalled for.

  • littlemissrock

    Was Kramer trying to poke fun of racial equality or is he just a downright racist jerk? I’ve always hated Seinfeld,nothing more than a blantant exhibition of vulgarity.

  • stefan

    Great list, thanks !!!!

    Was thinking about adding the Trappatoni-outburst but thought it too “german” – though it is very Italian (?) – and not-comprehensable for non-german-speakers.

    But as I am a native speaker and do NOT understand a single word/meaning (!!!!!) he is saying, it is funny and belongs here – so i am glad somebody contributed it already.

    keep going


  • Jim

    Maurice LaMarche, who does the voice of Brain, did a similar spoof as Orson Welles on an episode of the Critic.


    what about cantona and his epic liu kang-style kick at someone on the crowd?
    (first one

  • Dood

    RE: Michael Richards

    There are no rules for talking to hecklers. You’re supposed to insult hecklers as much as possible. They started it.

    If Richards has simply stated this, most would have agreed with him. Problem solved. He totally caved.

  • Floyd

    Can’t not mention the BBC reporter who snapped at Scientology loons

  • ElenaSFA

    Mmmm delicious Bill.

    Lol. Excellent Poo list, man.

  • Vera Lynn

    Brad (35)
    I couldn’t even watch that all the way through. Too much vile hate. Hard to think that people feel this way still.

  • TMX

    It’s funny to see everyone here taking the moral high ground with the Michael Richards clip. Was it uncalled for? Yes. Was it as big of a deal as everyone made it out to be? No.

    We all have our own private thoughts, some of which would not endear us to the majority of the population if we said them out loud. We can contain most of these because most of us aren’t put in many situations where we would blurt it out. Having the spotlight put on you, even on the smallest stage, can be very nerve racking – and that is if things are going well. If you have something like people heckling you, you are usually going to run on instinct in response. My guess is that Michael Richards never did much stand-up and if he ever did, he probably wasn’t doing a lot of it after Seinfeld. Hence he is not going to have the know-how stand-up comedians gain by just paying the dues.

    So yes, he certainly overreacted, but he realized it pretty quickly and tried to rationalize it. I’ve seen a lot worse stuff happen between a performer and an audience. The only difference between them and the Richards incident is no one with a camera decided to document it. This is an example of a “wrong place, wrong time thing” where viral video was really starting to explode and hence every Tom, Dick, and Harry was on the lookout for this kind of thing to happen. If it had happened a few years earlier, it probably would have gotten a brief story in the newspapers.

    I’m certainly not condoning what he did – it was a in poor taste and a very bad judgment on his part. However, everyone who is taking the whole “Why I’d NEVER…” approach here is full of it. We all have prejudice towards some group of people, whether it be based on race, age, gender, sexuality, etc. I think you’d be quite surprised to see what would come out of your mouth if you were put in such a position.

    And yet, you laugh as Bjork beats someone down, but Michael Richards losing his head? Unacceptable apparently. The constant scrutiny that people in the public spotlight are put on is what leads to things like this. It may be cliche to say it, but the media is the greatest propagator of this type of behavior. “They” (and obviously every indivdual is different and has different degrees of journliastic integrity) love backing these personalities in a corner and getting a reaction like this. But then they turn right around and act appalled, like they are better than that person. As we consume more and more of that kind of double-standard, the effect trickles down and well… you get a lot of people riding the moral high ground like a surfer catching a wave.

    Things like the Bill O’Reilly clip are hillarious, so I’m not saying that I am somehow immune to it as well (though, O’Reilly’s thing is a much different circumstance than lashing out in public). I am willing to take responsibility for what I think, however, and not have to rationalize things to myself so I can sleep at night.

  • Cedestra

    82. TMX: “However, everyone who is taking the whole “Why I’d NEVER…” approach here is full of it.”
    Exactly. I’ll even admit it myself. I think the whole tongue-in-cheek approach Stephen Colbert uses when he says he’s “color blind” and asks people if they’re from a particular race because he can’t see color is what people keep saying. No, we see race. We see it very strongly. We label and categorize people. We see it as “like me or not like me”. After the civil rights movements, we have added “racism” as another trait that affluent, forward thinking people do not suffer from. 150 years is not a long time in the grand scheme of things and 150 years ago we enslaved an entire race of people in the US. And we still feel pretty bad about it. But we still don’t accept them quite as us, which is sad but coming along the pike.
    I can totally see myself in a situation. My ego is hurting because I went from the biggest television show ever to stand-up, instead of in reverse. I’m doing my marginally funny routine and people are heckling me. I’m not used to the snickering and the comments- people have always loved me and what I do. Sure, they never knew my name and just called me Kramer, but still, that’s better than this. And then I lose it. I can’t think of any funny thing to say, so I just dish it back to him, in the easiest difference to see, his skin color. It’s a knee-jerk reaction I have and it’s out of my mouth before I can think of it, like swinging a punch. In this country, using that word is just more painful and unaccepting than other slurs, so it just gets blown out of proportion.
    Do I support Michael Richards at all? Hell, no. He doesn’t even support himself. I can just see it happening to people, even those who have black friends or black co-workers.

  • davo

    Michael Richards’ outburst was great. Don’t give it if you can’t take it.

  • astraya

    Apropos of nothing at all: one of the ads at the top says:

    “Pee Video
    Always having to pee? Frequent peeing is a sign of…”

    I don’t dare click to find out!

  • Mike

    You have Dennis Green, but not Jim Mora?? Mora’s “playoffs” rant was ten times more famous and talked about than Dennis Green’s “they are who we thought they were” rant….just sayin’

  • Anon E. Mouse

    Aahahahaa… Bill O’Reilly just never fails to crack me up… He’s such a domineering, hypocritical ass. I mean, how much can you trust the opinion of someone whose idea of argument or debate rebuttal involves talking as loudly as possible so the other person can’t get a word in?

    As for the whole Micheal Richards thing… What he did and said was uncalled for… But I really do get sick of this over-sensationalizing of the use of the ‘n word’. A white actor or citizen uses it, every black person within a ten-mile radius is screaming racism. But here come Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock or just your common african-american fellow, and they can bandy the word about like it’s some kind of term for kinship. Just doesn’t compute for me.

  • W

    Björk is badass.

  • Rocknopera

    Great list. Chris Berman’s rant deserves a listen. Maybe if you wanted to write a followup outburst list, I recommend it.

  • jbjr

    Swords excellant list. As a whole, coaches, athletes, because of sportscenter, etc. have more than the occassional rants.

    Buddy Rich was a great drummer and Black Belt. I remember when I was kid and he’d come on The Tonight Show. Those recordings are off the wall!!!!!!!

    Also Casey Kasem cracks me up everytime I hear that. Imagine Shaggy ripping into Scooby and the gang.

  • Michael Clapham

    The end of this list and the bonus blows my mind.

    I’m staggered and delighted to learn that a children’s TV show would parody(verbatim) an out-take of an Orson Welles voice-over. Who commissioned that in the name of children’s entertainment?! They are truly heroic in mine eye.

    And what brilliance from David and Seinfeld to interweave snippets from Buddy Rich into their show!

    This has brightened my day

    I like sniffing glue

  • Michael Clapham

    Haha I just remembered this one as well

    Tom Baker (for Americans he was Dr Who – I don’t know if that’s patronising) giving them hell

    This one is great

    ‘I don’t know if I can go on I’m so emotional, I’m getting a stalk-on!’

  • tjp

    heh, you forgot joe “fuckin” kinnear’s outburst only a few weeks into his job as newcastle united manager

  • warrdogg

    Here’s one that you guys might not know unless you watch racing. Dave Despain of Speed Channel loses it.

  • Redsoxgirl247

    I’m surpised at the number of people who don’t get why the Michael Richards outbusrt is offensive. When a person of a particular race or gender or sexual orientation uses a degrading word to describe themselves they do it as a way to take power from the people who use the words as a form of hate. A black person using the N word or a gay person using the F word those words have a compleltey different context than someone like Michael Richards using those same words. I also disagree with those who say secretly we all have the same thoughts expressed by Michael Richards. Bleieve it or not, I can look at someone with a different skin color than my own and not think in stereotypes.

  • spike

    lily tomlin probably should have just walked away and promised to come back when the director was calm. though it “takes two to tango,” he was clearly out of control.

  • InfeaNO

    Anyone else think Björk’s strangly sexy? No? Just me?

    Michael Richards, WTF I’m surprised he didn’t get pulled of stage and beaten like the racist [email protected]%t he is.

  • dfs

    this needs to be updated with Alec Baldwin, and Christian Bale!!

  • flamehorse

    Why aren’t Alec Baldwin and Christian Bale on here? They gotta be on here. Personally, based on what I heard, Buddy Rich has to be #1. 9:37 of unbridled rage!! Raging savagery! That was awesome! Like looking at a building on fire saying, “Wow…!”

  • cate

    ha, remove michael richards and replace with howard dean and tom cruise..

  • Steven

    lmoa wow bob dylan sure can argue
    bout nothing! lmao still my music
    inspiration lmao

  • plamtreestalker

    dont know if this mentioned earlier in the comments because i’m too lazy to read them all,but in the animated show “the critic” there is a good Orson Wells scene with him doing a peas comerical that must have been based off the #1 in the list

  • Edmian

    If any black people worked as a slave then they should be offended by the word nigger, but if not shut up it’s just a word. There is no Miss White USA or White history month.
    As long as we keep these racist conventions there will be racism!

  • linda10989

    Christian Bale and Alec Baldwin would be at the top of this list if it were updated, that’s for sure!

  • C. L.

    @Edmian the n-word didn’t and doesn’t mean “slave.” It’s a derogatory term for Black people. Anyone who is offended by racism (regardless of their race or ethnicity) can be bothered by that word.

    And perhaps the point is lost on some people, but a special month was needed because all 12 months (that is to say, all days of every year) *were* focused on White history and perspectives. Now there’s just the other 11 months for that. A whole lot of people and cultures have had their viewpoints and contributions ignored or erased because the people on top get to write the history books. It’s a fairly recent development to try to get a more complete picture from voices that have previously gone unheard. I think we to learn more about all cultures and everyone’s [email protected] (102):

  • nicoleredz3

    I love Bjork…

  • rr05

    i think that Bill oriley got rickrolled…

  • cate

    What about Howard Dean’s shrill screech back in 2003-2004? hehe

  • fordman

    What, no Jim Mora? The guy had lots of them, but my favorites were the “Playoffs?!?!?” rant and the one where he said they didn’t do “diddly-poo” the whole game. HILARIOUS!!

  • fangsby

    You need the Paul Anka rant up there. There’s no video but someone snuck a tape recorder into an after-rehearsal meeting. Word to the wise: Don’t wear a t-shirt to rehearsal.

    “I’m the only important one on that stage.”

  • salazar

    number 4…if i remember correctly it was when he was rick rolled… :D

  • DB

    In defense of Ed Harris, his movie had to do with violence and he was demonstrating it. He wasn’t really angry, but demonstrating (which could even be told from that sadly edited clip) that he was demonstrating the meaning of the movie to a bunch of people who never saw it but were looking for a quick answer. He was rather clever and ballsy. That really had no place here and is just an example of internet trickery. Shame on you.

  • Harry

    Where’s Ringo Starr’s “I’ve Got Blisters on my fingers?” from Helter Skelter?

  • Parad0xfool

    I was expecting Christian Bale would be on here. Anyway, great list!

    • The Dude

      I said to myself the same thing…when this list was posted however, the audio hadnt been released to the public as of yet…same for Alec Baldwin…

  • micheal richards is ignorant

  • Mimi

    I thunk I would have to see more of the Kramer rant to understand exactly what was going on there, the first time watching I was thinking ‘this is what ALL comedians do, they choose someone at random and pick on them. Especially there race’ but after watching it a second time I realized he was actually upset at someone for interrupting his stand-up routine.

    Now, my conclusion and with all honesty I get really upset with this whole double standard thing. Do I think he was in the right for calling out a racial slur? No. But I don’t think black people have the right to call each other racial slurs either. I watched a Chris Rock comedy special and turned it off 15 minutes in since his vocabulary doesn’t seem to go past “fuck” or “nigga”

    I think there was a lot of disrespect going on here from both parties, the guy had no right to disrupt and Kramer had no right to slam him like that. In the end, people are all way too sensitive.

  • Mejasourus

    What about Roger Waters yelling at the audience at a 1977 Pink Floyd concert because they let off fireworks? It’s pretty famous because later in the show, though this part was not recorded, he spit in a fan’s face, and that inspired The Wall.

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