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Another 15 Amazing Science Facts

Following on from our extremely popular top 20 amazing science facts, we have produced another list of facts that are entertaining and educational. These are all facts that are (hopefully) not especially well known to the average person.


Facts 1 – 5


1. Fingernails grow four times faster than toenails

2. Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people

3. If you rub an onion on your foot – within 30 – 60 minutes you will be able to taste it – this is because it travels through the blood stream

4. You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath (if you hold it until you go unconscious, you begin to breath normally as soon as you do)

5. On one square inch of human skin there are 20 million microscopic creatures


Facts 6 – 10


6. Armadillos are the only creatures apart from men that can catch leprosy – there are known cases of armadillo to human transfers of the disease

7. A snail can sleep for 3 – 4 years – during which period it does not need food

8. Giraffes can live longer without water than camels

9. The songs of humpback whales can change dramatically from year to year, yet each whale in an oceanwide population always sings the same song as the others [Source]

10. The forces required to remove a foot from quicksand at a speed of one centimeter per second would require the same amount of force as “that needed to lift a medium-sized car.”


Facts 11 – 15


11. To test if a pearl is real, you can rub vinegar on it – the composition of the pearl will cause it to bubble furiously

12. Goldfish kept in a dark room turn much paler – and if it wasn’t for the color in the food they eat, they would turn completely white

13. Unlike normal bees, the Queen bee’s stinger is not barbed and can be used repeatedly without harming her

14. Quicksand doesn’t directly kill humans as it is usually not very deep at all – it is the fact that it can be incredibly difficult to remove yourself from quicksand that causes death by the environment – such as exposure.

15. Oysters can change between being female or male

16. Men are over 30% stronger than women on average, especially in the upper body, and men’s brains are heavier than women’s [Source, Source]

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  • Bill_24

    I've actually had experience regarding the goldfish one (i took a long vacation and the curtains were closed the whole time…) and now i know why.

    Oh, and there are 16 facts (not 15).

    • Mike

      The fact that there are 16 facts on not 15 makes the amount of facts 17

      • Typhoon

        And that face makes there 18 facts, and this fact means there are 19….
        I better stop there, i think you get the point

  • me

    WOW I totaly have to try the onion thing!


      now i know i will live 9 years after my sister hehe :)

  • deeeziner

    Great list Jamie, I love the "short entry" lists like this one.

    Item 6- Thanks for the trivia concerning the armadillo, I shall consider myself warned, if I ever DO get the chance to see one in the wild.–LOL

    What's with your preoccupation towards quicksand?

    and finally–I shall NOT be adding onion essences to my footbath, nor foot balm.

    • RabidCareBar

      I HAVE seen a real life armidillo..kinda cute yet ferocious..Yay a new friend that GETS me!

  • DiscHuker

    joanne #28: i think that means you will spontaneously combust soon.

    • Bobo

      Some tips i have seen in terms of laptop meomry is always that there are technical specs such as SDRAM, DDR and the like, that must match the specifications of the motherboard. If the personal computer’s motherboard is reasonably current and there are no os issues, changing the ram literally takes under sixty minutes. It’s one of many easiest personal computer upgrade procedures one can think about. Thanks for spreading your ideas.

  • Eugene

    Great list!

  • jakooob

    eh not bad list

  • Rufus

    3rd =D
    some good-to-know facts nice

  • Darren

    I’m gonna have to try number 3 out, just to see if its real :p

    • Our Jo

      LOL I thought that too.. gona be hard explaining to the people I live with why Im rubbing onions on me feet tho :p

    • Be sure to discard the Onion when finished c:

  • oouchan

    You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath (if you hold it until you go unconscious, you begin to breath normally as soon as you do)

    hehe…remind me to do this next time when my niece threatens to do this.

    #5…makes me want to take a bath now.
    #6….how did they get it in the first place…ewwww!
    #14….I don’t know about this one…I always thought that quicksand sucked a person completely under. :D

    Great list, Jaime!

    • Spaz

      I watched a video of a guy who purposely sunk himself in quicksand to show you how to get out of it. He stepped into the quicksand and had to work at getting himself buried up to his armpits and then he worked his way out. Quicksand can be deep but usually isn't. You can actually crawl over quicksand.

  • oouchan

    darn intalics….oh well.

  • jhoyce07

    i hate onions.. raw onions..

  • John

    Wow great list!!

  • Vez

    Ahh quicksand scares me so much, it always reminds me of that scene in the Jungle Book :(

    Cool list though

  • zacky27

    cool list. that onion thing really caught my attention lol

  • astraya

    List item 11: Does this ruin the pearl? Better a good-looking fake than a ruined genuine article.

  • Niels

    Great list, knew a few of these (giraffe, oyster, male/female, bees and holding breath). But also learned a lot of new trivia. Never knew about quicksand that it usually isn’t deep.

    Absolutely love lists like these. It’s a great read for a sunday morning (while I should be studying). ^^

  • sarsmi

    @astraya (27):

    Hrm, I tend to cut my fingernails once a week but my toenails much less often (I'd say once a month).

    • Vasif

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  • so …
    #10 Why are called quicksand if you must get out slowly?
    #14 Why are called quicksand if they kill you slowly?
    I suggest to call them cruelly-slow-sand

  • gremlinmiller

    #4 you begin to breathe normally, not breath.
    I don’t want to nitpick, but it is a habit of mine.

  • and about 14
    I think it could happen because of the Archimedes principle not because the dept of the pound.

  • joanne

    #3 made me sick – i should be cleaning my shoes more often thanks

  • apepper

    As a left hander, I find the right handed dying later a bit annoying! One theory is that in the armed services, weapons are designed for right handed people, left handed people have a disadvantage. Also, it’s only an average – the two surviving Beatles are both left handed.

  • Jubbs


    Yes, both of the two surviving Beatles are left handing. But you must remember, one of them got shot.

  • funkhose

    the title says 15,
    but there is 16 facts?

  • Skrillah

    Things that u should not trust.

    The News

    The holy scriptures



    coz they change from time to time,

    ehem when are we gonna get the ”ultra- New testament” coz this one is outdated now….

  • deeeziner

    at comment 21: Don’t you like a little unexpected free bonus, I do.

  • rjh

    #2 is nonsense. The study which concluded this was based on a survey of age-at-death amongst right and left handers. But older people were often forced to be right handed. Once this is accounted for, there is no difference in life expectancy between right and left handers.

  • MadMonkey

    #10 – Have you ever actually been in quicksand? Didn’t think so.

  • astraya

    On 10 June last year (I just checked) Jamie published a list of body facts. One of them was: “Each finger and toenail takes six months to grow from base to tip.” This seems to imply that finger and toenails grow at the same rate. Sure, fingernails are generally longer than toenails, but not the four times longer that would see fingernails and toenails completely grow in six months each.
    I commented back then that the previous week a dermatologist had pulled one of my big toenails off, so I’d get back to you in the middle of December. Another commenter wished me a happy Christmas. The toenail grew at about that rate until it got to the end of my toe, then hasn’t grown since, so I haven’t had to cut it yet, one year (and a bit) after it got pulled off and six months after it was supposed to have completely grown back.
    I read somewhere once that if you rub garlic on your palms, you end up with garlic on your breath, for the same reason. Who thought “I will rub onions on the soles of my feet to see what happens?” And why?

  • joanne

    i’m ambidextrous so what does #2 say about me?

  • El_Karlo

    Fact 13: I remember reading or watching something that said the only species of bee to die when they sting you is the honey bee, whereas there are numerous species of wasps that will die when they sting you, so if you are stung and the insect dies it’s actually more likely to be a wasp than a bee. You should probably check this fact out though not take it as gospel ’cause i’m not too sure.

  • telosphilos

    #11 Pearls + vinegar == no more pearl. I accidentally did this once. I thought my ‘pearl’ was nothing more than a paste construction and I was cleaning all my other jewelry. Now, it may just have been a paste creation that also could be destroyed by vinegar, but historically the ancient Romans had a drink that was pearls dissolved in vinegar.

    For anything that doesn’t dissolve in vinegar as most jewelry won’t, a dilution of vinegar makes for a nice overnight soak that is inexpensive and readily available. If you want to entertain kids, use an old toothbrush and make a paste with some baking soda to scrub the stuff. After you have brushed the majority of the dirt off, you put it in the vinegar and let them watch it bubble. Some kids like this enough to want to do the chore for you.

  • Nissi

    I hope the list author could give us sources of these facts. Only #9 and #16 have them. That’s all I want for this site.

    More Power ListVerse!

  • msulli22

    Great list… I kind of want to try the onion thing now, but I don’t think I will.

  • Char

    Think im going to go test out the onion one on my little sister!

  • zululand

    Excellent list, the short entries are brilliant as mentioned above by deeziner # 23.

    As far as the armadillo goes – I think I would rather take my chances with him than a Honey Badger.

    Thanks Jamie.

  • Liamd95

    Nice list, i’m trying the onion thing right now, wish me luck Hehe

  • deeeziner

    I was taught that you can check if a pearl is genuine by simply rubbing it against one of your teeth. It will have a “grainy, sandy” texture as it rubs past. Not so with a manmade replica. This method is handy, and does not cause any damage to your pearl.

    Wear pearls often, the body oils picked up from your skin keeps them lustrous. Lightly wipe them with a clean, soft cloth as you store them after wearing.

    Be careful when cleaning your pearl jewelry, some commercial jewelry cleaners contain acids similar to vinegar, and will damage the pearl’s surface. Pay attention to any warnings on the cleaner’s label.

    As for the list’s info on vinegar/pearls, I had heard that the ancients dissolved pearls in wine. I guess their wine was a bit bitter.

  • deeeziner

    P.S. Don’t wear your pearl rings while housecleaning, etc. Again you can ruin their lustre through the chemicals in the cleaners used.

  • Lig

    There are sixteen facts, not fifteen! Lol.
    I’ve heard about the onion one before, but everything else is new.
    Interesting list! c;

  • oouchan

    @deeeziner (23): Do you know what they call the armadillo here in AZ? Nature’s speedbumb. That is the only way I have seen one. On the side of the road.

    @joanne (28): Split the difference?

  • ringtailroxy

    here in south florida the armadillos frequently inhabit marshy, swampy areas and although not seen near my house, i have seen them in the parks.


  • deepthinker

    ok- I’m now going to rub an onion on my foot. Interesting.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    I have a feeling that if you tried the onion thing you would bang like and old man for at least 3 days

  • Mathie

    It was a good list. I was a little disappointed that there were no chemistry and physics facts (except #10). The list should have been called 15 amazing biological (or even zoological) facts.

  • bucslim

    This list blinded me with science.

  • chershey

    #4 is exactly why so many movies bug me when the killer/murderer just strangles the victim until they go unconscious.

  • Ginger Lee

    Men may have bigger brains but intelligence is measured by how deep the ridges in the cerebral cortex are. The deeper the ridges, the more intelligent one is likely to be.

  • lab

    Imagine sleeping for 3 years!

  • Manner

    I counted 16 facts.

  • Eric Karthik

    Is the fact about onion rubbing true ??? if yes can you site a scientific source plz.

  • aleoper

    If the onion bit is true, how come I can’t taste my smelly feet(fortunately)?

  • mom424

    Ginger Lee – Hows about the fact that the brain is in proportion to the skull? Geez. Most men are larger than most women, their heads are larger and therefore their brains are too. Proportion is really what’s important. And even that only works when we’re speaking species; in humans it’s the number of connections (synapses) at the cellular level that are key. Something you can’t tell by size or shape. (in a normal brain)

    “The implications of this analogy for the brain are straightforward. Any program that seeks to relate brain weight, cranial capacity, or some other measure of overall brain size to individual performance ignores the reality of the brain’s functional diversity. Thus, quite apart from the political or ethical probity of attempts to measure “intelligence” by brain size, by the yardstick of modern neuroscience (or simple common sense), this approach will inevitably generate more heat than light. A more rational approach to the issue, which has become feasible in the last few years, is to relate the size of measurable regions of known function (the primary visual cortex, for example) to the corresponding functions (visual performance), as well as to cellular features such as synaptic density and dendritic arborization.”

  • redcaboose

    Quicksand is so named because it is living, as in “the quick and the dead”. Not because it works fast. It is made of sand or silt, clay and saltwater.

  • Resin

    @aleoper (52):

    He specifically stated onion. If he had stated the amazing fact that we could taste anything through our feet, you probably would have laughed at him in this comment section.

  • sexybitchbackk

    not really sure about the left hand fact…
    and several “facts” here are wrong jamie!

  • sexybitchbackk

    and you didn’t even give us 20 real facts

  • w00tz

    I love how in the quicksand picture there’s a warning sign for the quicksand and just a hat lying around. :)

    Good list.

  • zululand

    # 48 lab I will complete the sentence for you – Imagine sleeping for 3 years …… and waking up to find that all the women have 4 boobs, and to your utter amazement, after cheaking yourself out, you discover you have also grown 2 extra arms and hands.

    Man o man 4 hands – 4 boobs – some soft music – a crate or 2 of vino in a dimly lit hotel room.

    Stop dreaming.

  • Moonbeam

    @redcaboose (54): I still didn’t get what it meant to say “the quick and the dead” so I checked Wikipedia and found this: “The Quick and the Dead is an English phrase and popular title …, particularly to describe the act of gunfighting. This usage was due to a misunderstanding of its original meaning in the King James Version of the New Testament (published 1611), where the phrase is used in 1 Peter 4:5: “…who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead.” In the English of the era, quick meant “living” or “alive.”

  • Lifeschool

    Hey all. A few great ‘pearls’ of wisdom here – very interesting. General comments then…

    Item #1: You know what, when my fingernails are about ready for cutting, my toe nails are too. I have heard, however, that nails (like hair) grows much quicker if you cut them more regularly. Perhaps the ladies who trim their nails encourage them to grow faster? Dunno.

    Item #3: This is an interesting one for me – I think the feet are our ‘roots’. The human body also needs to be ‘Earthed’ (like any electrical circuit) to work at it’s best. That’s because we are a bio-electro-chemical organism; and every organ needs have a trailing little wire connecting it to ‘ground’ – which terminates in the feet and also in the hands; from when we walked around on all fours. That’s basically how reflexology works; all roads lead to the hands and feet. Hence all the fuss about washing the feet in biblical times, and that’s also why hippies say ‘get grounded maaan!!’

    Item #8: One Giraffe for callie, please sign here.. ;)

    Ginger Lee: – I agree, although I think that’s more a sign of apptitude towards learning/intelligence rather than actual provable ability.

  • mom424

    Lifeschool – then you’re wrong too. In a normal brain even scientists can’t tell how intelligent someone is by looking. (At least not without some pretty fancy tools that measure activity at the cellular level)

  • Lifeschool

    @mom424 (62): I agree with what you said too. There are many biological signs that a person ‘might’ have an apptitude towards intelligence, and as you say, it really is more complex than just looking. It is important to remember that there are many ways in which a person could become intelligent – there is book-wise, street-wise (environment learned) and common sense; and as we ‘put two and two together’ we actually create those synapse connections in the brain ourselves. I think the brain is a growing organism, and both nature and nurture affect its performance.

  • segues

    Re: brain size ratio to skull size, ridges & intelligence. While everything Mom424 said is, essentially, true, the fact remains that the smoother a brain is (that is, the fewer the ridges and the shallower they are) denotes how complex and intelligent a creature owned the brain.
    Among humans, however, Mom424 is right completely, as far as I know. I even remember reading that Einstein’s brain was smaller than average.

  • danchristman

    #4 … unless you try it underwater.

  • Corey

    “You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath”…. Someone actually considers this an “amazing” fact?

  • moloch1123

    Wow! I didn’t know the majority of these. Now, I can be a wallflower at parties who can carry on an intelligent conversation with the potted plant AND himself, lol.

  • ABrutalKind

    My left-handed finacee informed me about #2, she also told me that this was because they drive with their left hands and so therefore when they swerve they swerve into traffic rather then out of it. Apparently this causes enough deaths to sway the average lifespan of lefthanded people.

  • redcaboose

    Moonbeam: Thanks for the information. I was only aware of “Quick” being used as meaning alive from westerns.

  • lo


    “That’s basically how reflexology works; all roads lead to the hands and feet.”

    but reflexology has never been proven to work at all.

    i’m pretty sure the point of the onion thing was that the active compounds in an onion that give it it’s smell and taste can enter the blood stream through the skin (just like lsd), not only the skin of the feet. i feel that you’d need to rub a lot of onion on a large area to be able to taste it in you saliva later, but i don’t know. if the tasting part is true, then i assume someone who cuts a lot of onions with bare hands could taste them later too.

    i have no idea if this is true, because when i chop onions for food i then eat the food and smell it cooking in the interval, so a subtle onion taste would go unnoticed.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    reflexology = bullshit

  • Lifeschool

    @lo (70)& @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (71): Thanks for your replies guys. Please understand, I was only sharing my view, please don’t take anything I say to heart – unless it feels right for you.

    There have been a number of studies into such things as chi energy, meridian lines, and complementary therapies such as reflexology. In some cases, they have proven that they do exist, while in other cases, they have proven that they don’t. It sometimes boils down to whether the scientists themselves are biased in favour or against, or how questions can be used to manipulate an outcome. Of course there are some folks who want more research into these areas, and some (drugs companies) who definitely do not.

    Me? I have actually gained enough personal evidence and experience to be in favour of these; and that’s not only because I have trained in these areas, but also because I have experienced the results myself. That’s what makes it a presonal view.

  • lo

    alternative medicine is almost never submitted to true, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled studies. if it is, and enough of them are done, problems of bias are pretty much weeded out.

    you can read a skeptical assessment of reflexology here, an excerpt follows:

    “Reflexology is based on an absurd theory and has not been demonstrated to influence the course of any illness. Done gently, reflexology is a form of foot massage that may help people relax temporarily. Whether that is worth $35 to $100 per session or is more effective than ordinary (noncommercial) foot massage is a matter of individual choice. Claims that reflexology is effective for diagnosing or treating disease should be ignored. Such claims could lead to delay of necessary medical care or to unnecessary medical testing of people who are worried about reflexology findings.”

    the real bottom line seems to be that if you believe something like reflexology can help you do something like alleviate pain, then the chances are good that the placebo effect may actually help you feel less pain. that doesn’t mean that the “treatment” itself has any specific powers though.

    several very interesting studies were recently done with “sham” acupuncture. one used real acupuncture needles, but applied randomly and not in keeping with (or deliberately against) any of the rules of energy-lines and such that control where “real” acupuncture needles go. it basically found that when the patients reported any improvement in whatever it was “treating” the only consistency was the more needles used the better they felt, strongly pointing to them believing that more needles must mean more “treatment” and getting a stronger placebo effect.

    another compared “real” acupuncture and people just being poked with toothpicks -results, random toothpick pokes were deemed equally or more effective than the “real” acupuncture.

    i don’t want to get auto-moderated for multiple links, but i’m sure google can help you find the studies if you’re interested :)

  • joeseph

    ultraLOLZ on the list – LOLZ!

  • merrychristmascharliemanson

    #4 reminds me of a Kids in the Hall skit in which a kid threatens his mother to “hold my breath… until I turn gay!” at which point the mother gives in.

    Another way to test if a pearl is real is to rub it against the two front teeth. A fake pearl will feel smooth, while a real pearl will feel kind of gritty. I really doubt this has any chance of ruining your pearl, but if it does, go to your bathroom and brush your goddamn teeth.

    (:28) Joanne : Everyone knows that ambidextrous people live forever. Jeez, idiot.

  • whataclaire

    I find this list disturbing……… I am left handed.

  • Lifeschool

    Sorry if my comment appears twice – the site is very slow to update at this time in the morning.

  • Lifeschool

    Well, I’ve tried 6 times to reply (and agree) with lo, and the system just isn’t having it, so I give up.

    • lifeschool: it went to moderation because of the URL – I have approved it :)

  • Lifeschool

    @lo (73): Well said lo. :) After reading your initial doubts I too went through a few web pages. Some seem to offer very strong cases of improvement in peoples health, such as – and seem to offer a variety of proven statistics. A lot of the alternative health sites are worded to give this impression. Alternatively, some official health sites claim there are so such statistics, and tend to lean towards condemning the practice or simply writing it off. None of this actually helps to inform the reader.

  • Lifeschool

    @lo (73):

    After reading your initial doubts I too went through a few web pages. Some seem to offer very strong cases of improvement in peoples health, such as – and seem to offer a variety of proven statistics. A lot of the alternative health sites are worded to give this impression. Alternatively, some official health sites claim there are so such statistics, and tend to lean towards condemning the practice or simply writing it off. None of this actually helps to inform the reader.

  • Lifeschool

    Ah, glad you’re on the case. We miss you around here JF – what you up to?

    Lastly folks, don’t believe me just because I do – if you’re interested in this topic or any other topic, you must find your own truth. It’s out there, somewhere…

  • lo

    jamie, have you selected URL’s to moderate, or is it an inherent feature in the wordpress format? i remember the devil-of-a-time i had on “migration day” trying to post something from “sciencebasedmedicine.” which, weirdly enough, is another WP endeavor and another addressing alt-med critiques/support. weird.

    lifeschool, glad you finally got though :)

    lifeschool- you are right, it’s very hard to find any real studies or information based on studies in the alt-med field. for this reason, i say if you are treating a non-life threatening symptom and you’re happy spending whatever it costs, cool. but think about checking skeptical sites and sources before you spend a pile of cash on something (many things can be done way, way more cheaply once you learn what they actually are, like “cleanses” with generic psyllium fiber and such. that is if you still think they sound safe and worthwhile after learning what they really are.)

    but i worry that desperately ill people -those with cancer and the like- who are told “this herb/’ionized’ water/ancient charm/energy work etc. will cure you. isn’t you life worth x-amount of money?” are getting scammed, and often dying anyway. i grant that some practitioners may believe whatever they’re peddling really does work and don’t intend to scam, some do, but when it comes to unproven “medicine” i wouldn’t bet my life or my bank account unless i’d already tried all science-based treatments, seen them fail, and had nothing left to lose.

    p.s. i’m not against things like yoga and meditation and carefully chosen diets, i’m just against people charging money for them as “miracle cures.”

  • Kriziaablaza

    hey jfrater another wonderful list….. :)

  • John

    I saw a video of a guy who purposely got into quicksand up to his shoulders and showed you how to get out. You have to work your way into the quicksand because it is thick. It is tough to do but possible. You basically work your arms out then work your body out getting as horizontal you can. You can actually crawl across quicksand.

  • Lifeschool

    @lo (83): Yeah, its getting late for me here, I think I’ll turn in. Dear Diary, Today I learned that brains can be high or flat; but they’re still good brains at the end of the day! It’s what’s inside that counts. ‘Knock ‘Knock [taps head].


    May I know… life…… ZZZZzzzzzzzz

  • lo

    goodnight lifeschool! :)

    may you rest well and dream deeply, and may you learn much from your dreams. ;)

  • Ayeshaa

    The foot thing also works with garlic. Strangely I learned this in my culinary arts class.

  • archangel

    Wow… foot tasting. But i’ve always been afraid of no. 4, now, with this info… I can safely stop breathing!

    Haha… nice list.

  • Carole

    The right handed fact is flawed. They studied people in old folks homes and came to that conclusion because most of them were right handed. They didn’t take into account people like my mother,who hand left handedness beat out of her because it was considered evil. They tried so many times to get me to switch hands, but I was too stubborn.

    It is possible that left handed people have more accidents. I have hurt myself a few times using right handed tools.

  • cyncity

    I wish i was an oyster!

  • bubbles

    i’ll be trying # 3

  • Jojo

    I want to stick my foot in quick sand and see how hard it really is to get out.or…thorow something in quicksand XDDDDD

  • merrychristmascharliemanson

    I… think I see the strange fascination with foot-jobs. Nonetheless, if any lady ever tried it on me, I honestly wouldn’t know what to say.

    Is this comment considered unhealthy for the Listversers? There’s nothing banning it in the FAQ. I seem to remember a “NSFW” group of lists.

  • molly m

    #3 is completely untrue, ive tried it many times. it also makes no sense, considering your tastebuds are in your mouth and have nothing to do with your bloodstream.

  • deeeziner

    @molly m (95): “ive tried it many times”

    In the name of science, or just for fun? Sorry just kidding.

    It does make sense in the fact that skin has the ability to absorb–Otherwise what good is a nicotine or birth control patch.

    And onions/garlic contain very strong juices, that are easily identified through flavor. Given enough elapsed time, those juices will absorb and subsequently enter the bloodstream, distributing throughout the body.Including your tastebuds.

    Perhaps the ability to detect their flavor is based upon the type of onion, how “juicy” it is and the individual’s sensitivity to flavors.

  • nuriko

    cool list! :D

  • TX-Machina

    Yet another fascinating list. :)

  • Bob

    The onion one is obviously nonsense. You’re not tasting it through your bloodstream. WTF is that? That’s not how things work, people. You’re just smelling it enough to taste it, and that won’t take longer than a few minutes. How stupid.

    And the pearl in vinegar thing is a myth about Cleopatra and a pearl she dropped in wine and then drank. It’s probably a myth, but check it out on her wiki page.

  • Freshies

    How come I have seen goldfish in public lakes where they are not eating there pet store bought food and they are still orange? Does eating GREEN algea make them orange? Where is a source?

  • Levi

    You just had to throw number 16 in there, didn’t you?

    : )p

  • Paramnesia

    Interesting list though I agree with Mathie #44 that it would have been better to include a wider spectrum of scientific topics.

    This could just be the uni student in me but I’d also prefer to have seen referenced facts (from credible sources, not wiki).

    Though good effort anyway, still was interesting to read and I’m always looking forward to more lists :)

  • Looser

    on the subject of left handers dying earlier could it POSSIBLY be that left handers tend to be more creative they also tend to have a higher suicide rate? just thinking out loud here

  • crazy2010

    I find it extremely entertaining that those of you who complain about no sources being listed and then offer your own insight still do not offer up any sources.

    BTW – I agree that sources should be listed. A list is just a list. If you want to spark up a good healthy discussion, good sources should be listed.

    Otherwise, shall I just write down 15 ‘facts’ and submit?

  • tismons

    Hum… I think I’m going to start holding my breath now, always wanted to find an easier way to sleep. Your facts better be true, because if I die I’m going to um… sue you?

  • Corey

    I’ve never actually tried the onion/foot thing, but I wanted to jump in and clarify the bloodstream/taste bud debate.

    Yes, you CAN taste things that enter your bloodstream. I was very sick in the hospital last year and had a central line (a tube inserted into a large vein near your heart, so that medicine will be quickly pumped through your entire body).

    I could taste most medications very strongly, about 2 seconds after they were injected into the line. There’s no way it was smell, obviously.

  • Davo

    my wife punched me in the face, then I punched her, and she hasn’t gotton up yet, so at least the last one is correct.

  • Davo

    BTW some pearl necklaces dissolve with a wet cloth ;)

  • segues

    This fact wasn’t on the list, but it’s true nonetheless. Under extreme conditions, you can taste things through your ears!
    I know that sounds absurd, but I’ll give you the scenario; a number of years ago I had a particularly nasty middle ear infection. My doctor was treating it with all of the regular medications, but it kept on getting worse. Finally, he gave me some medicated eardrops to put in the ear, but I could not only taste the nastiest of tastes, but I could feel something dripping into my throat with every treatment.
    When I went back and told him, he said, “Nonsense! That can’t possibly be occurring unless…” at which he looked at my ear through an otoscope (for the 10th time), but this time all he could see was gunk.
    He decided to do an ear washout, with one of those big stainless steel syringes that sort of look like a cake decorating tube but deliver warm water with sterile solution. The ear wash knocked me off the table! Water and gunk was blown out of my mouth, my nose, my ear! He had to get down on the floor to look again at my ear, and what he found was a completely eaten away eardrum.
    So, yeah, everything that went into that ear ended up in my mouth, and I could taste it.
    Weird fact # 42.

  • GTT

    Fun list! Now a couple of comments:

    #3: I´m going to try that as soon as I get home… Though hubby might not appreciate it… :)

    #5: I did not need to know that…

    #11: Would that cause some sort of damage to the pearl? I´m reluctant to try this one out as I´m thinking the pearls might end up grooves and holes… Anyone?

  • frfghtrbts

    a real pearl rubbed on your teeth will give a rough sensation. fakes are smooth.

  • Jay Poe

    Skunks will not spray other skunks (with the exception of males in the mating season).

    There’s a code of honor there.

  • kbird

    The first on is certainly not true.
    Lefty’s rule

  • Salome

    Segues- I know what you mean. A couple o\’days ago, I accidentally got soap in my eyes and they turned red and burny, so i put some sterile eye ointment in them and in a few minutes I could taste it at the back of my throat. It wasn\’t even faint it was a strong disgusting bitter. And it couldn\’t have been smell coz i checked and the ointment was totally odourless. Weird!

  • Salome

    Segues- I know what you mean. A couple o\’days ago, I accidentally got soap in my eyes and they turned red and burny, so i put some sterile eye ointment in them and in a few minutes I could taste it at the back of my throat. It wasn\’t even faint it was a strong disgusting bitter. And it couldn\’t have been smell coz i checked and the ointment was totally odourless. Weird!

  • deeeziner

    @segues (109): Sorry segues, but don\’t leave us dangling..

    Your experience sounds traumatic, I\’m amazed you can so glibly recount such an event to illustrate another \”Science Fact\”.

    But since you\’ve started the tale…..How did it end up?

    Does one recover from an \”eaten away eardrum\”?

    Please forgive me if you feel enough has been said, but inquiring minds want to know….

  • deeeziner

    And what\’s up with all these back slashes?


    #9 Either one whale is the first to change the song (thus, not always singing what his peers sing), or they ALL change to a new song at once. I’m thinking there are some some whales who come up with the catchiest tunes that every other whale has to sing its song!

  • segues

    @deeeziner (116): My ear was treated vigorously over the course of the next six months and the ear drum grew back. Though it is now thicker, because it is sort of scar tissue, and stiffer, I can once again hear in that ear, though not as well as before.
    I have no idea about any backslashes…I only see a bunch on your post!

  • deeeziner

    @segues (119): Thank you for coming back, and sharing the rest of your experience.

    I’m glad and relieved that you had a relatively complete recovery from your situation. Your cliffhanging story led my imagination to some scary conclusions.

    I believe having your eardrum grow back is in itself an interesting science fact.

    Take care, and thanks again.

  • segues

    @deeeziner (120): Well, the completeness of my recovery certainly amazed my doctor!


    I really have enjoyed reading these amazing facts.
    Thanks a lot =)

  • dirtyrockerbarbie

    #1: I’m a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That’s what kind of man I am. You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science.

  • segues

    @dirtyrockerbarbie (123): Amazing! Neither scientific nor factual, but amazing that someone could believe such a coq’n’bull story in this day and age.
    Tells me that dirtyrockerbarbie is either pulling our collective leg, or has an IQ equal to his/her/it’s age. I fear to guess which, but hope it’s the first.

  • dirtyrockerbarbie

    @segues (124): i take it you don’t get out much. that quote is from “anchorman” with will ferrell. and yes, it was completely ironic.

  • segues

    @dirtyrockerbarbie (125): The other regulars around here will tell you that no, I don’t get out much. For several reasons; the least of which is that I live in a village in the woods, on the central coast of California with a permanent population of of fewer than 5000 (but only if you count all of the out-lying farms and vineyards). Then there’s my health issues, booorrrrrring.
    But you’re right, the quote went speeding right over my head, about the speed of mach 5, I’m still hearing the ringing in my ears.

  • monami

    really cool list,the onion thing was very interesting…will try it out with my friends..4 sure..!

  • Norman

    I love dropping these facts randomly into conversations, it makes me seems really smart. Unfortunately, most of the time people think I’m making them up.

  • Lindz

    You can check to see if pearls are real by just rubbing them on your teeth. If they are, they’ll feel gritty, where fake plastic ones feel smooth.

  • Lindz

    Oh, I just read that someone already beat me to this facts. My bad

  • Penlag

    Males have bigger brains than women. Its science

  • segues

    @Penlag (131): You have bigger penises, too. What’s your point?

  • Maggot

    @segues (132): sometimes my brain is in my penis, but that’s another issue…

  • gabi319

    @segues (132):
    Woo segue! I’m going to print that out and frame it :-D

  • segues

    Ahhh, guys! It was just begging to be said, I just got there first. And @Maggot (133): that is true of everyman, which is why we love you so. :-D

  • melyse4peace

    weird… Thats so cool i love science as long as its not a class:)

  • Kalmah

    I nocited #16 established the male sex as both more physically superior and although they haven’t yet found a link between brain weight and intelligence, probably more mentally superior. food for thought. We must all accept that women will never be treated equal to men in this society. Not until the female homo sapien has evolved to match the male homo sapien’s fitness.

  • Cocksucker

    Men can pee standing up. That’s why we are better. No further comments necessary

  • segues

    @Kalmah (137): Males and females evolved to perform different physical functions; hence the females wider pelvic bone structure and her ability to suckle young. Not to mention the females higher pain tolerance.
    Males have greater upper body strength, and a longer stride.
    Neither is superior to the other, they are suited for different functions.
    As far as intelligence is concerned, posts like yours keep it plain that the female is intellectually superior to the male now and always.

  • Kalmah

    Males are fitter than females. Now it does not have to be directly linked to anthropology. In this society, men make more money than women, and on average have a higher chance to get further academically and in the workforce. This is a direct result of their size back when our common ancestors first established social groups.

  • Kalmah

    @ segues (139): I also must add that you’re quite ignorant to assume females are more intelligent to males just because you don’t agree with one male’s opinion on a website. Read up on facts before you make such bold statements buddy

  • gabi319

    @Kalmah (137):

    I’m a female so be patient because according to you I’m too stupid to get these things the first time around. According to your comment, physically stronger means more intelligent means equal treatment in society. You’re comparing apples to oranges to nerf supersoakers here, buddy.

    There’s no disputing physical differences. Males as a whole have larger muscle mass and bigger, denser bones to withstand greater physical demands. There are some Miss Universes who’ve attained physical attributes comparative to their muscular colleagues and at far greater health risks than their male weight-lifting counterparts but in general, woman can’t go toe to toe physically with men. But to say this (and a heavier brain) is why men are more intelligent is ludicrous. From a biological view, you’re equating two vastly different areas of the body (i.e. the muscular system and the nervous system). They function differently or else…gasp, shock, and awe… they would be within the same system. From a psychological point of view, you have no proof of brain density equaling intelligence. Just look through the sources provided or the comments on this board and you’ll see no one has reached a scientifically sound conclusion – you included.

    on average have a higher chance to get further academically
    Only because of an ‘affirmative action’-like stance aiming towards gender equality at the university level. USA Today reports that the gender gap in higher education has widened to a 57% majority favoring women. The UK’s Higher Education Policy has found that females are outranking their male classmates in every single academic field. So yes, males have a slightly better chance at getting into higher education but do they take advantage of the academic opportunities presented? Some do, some don’t. At least I am realistic enough to know that academic achievements are based on the effort put into the work while you are basing it solely on what junk is in the trunk.

    In this society, men make more money than women, and on average have a higher chance to get further…in the workforce.
    No denying this, but how is physical prowess in any way relevant to MODERN society’s gender roles aside from being antiquated views that can (and should) be obsolete?

    Not until the female homo sapien has evolved to match the male homo sapien’s fitness.
    What are you on? crack? Again, antiquated societal rules and you’re saying the only way to bypass that is to “evolve” physically to be equal to men. Well, physically, I know guys with biceps bigger than their gigantic heads (which I assume hold gigantic brains) but that still doesn’t mean they can change a flat tire better than I can. Again, physical abilities should not have the final say in societal rules. We’ve changed our environment to the point that these rules are outdated. The fact that you’re using that as a reason is further spreading the stereotype of the inferiority of women to men.

    although they haven’t yet found a link between brain weight and intelligence, probably more mentally superior
    In science, there are no probablies. There are hypothetical statements that are not credible unless supported by evidence. Show some actual proof that goes along the lines of your statement or you’re simply spewing rubbish.

    segue, carry on… At the moment, I am under rant restriction and limited to comments fit for the two finger typist because both arms are in splints…or were before this rant and will be once again after submitting. I’m not even a fan of the modern feminist movement and yet this thing’s obtusely sexist remarks has got my balls-kicking leg ready for action.

  • segues

    @Kalmah (141): If you read my post again you’ll note that the male who’s intelligence I was questioning was yours.
    You have now confirmed your lack of intelligence, though the site is chockablock full with intelligent men.
    @gabi319 (142): covered most of the salient points I would have covered myself if it hadn’t been almost 2 a.m.
    How you can confuse physical prowess with intelligence is beyond the pale, and to make matters worse you confuse a societal error of reimbursing men, who perform exactly the same job as a woman, at a higher rate as a source “fitness” shows, again, a lack of intelligence on your part.
    You are confused. You are deeply and sadly confused. I’d be angry but I honestly believe you to be too stupid, or too ignorant, to be blamed for your lack of knowledge.

  • Maggot

    @segues (139): Males and females evolved to perform different physical functions; hence the females wider pelvic bone structure and her ability to suckle young. Not to mention the females higher pain tolerance.
    Males have greater upper body strength, and a longer stride.
    Neither is superior to the other, they are suited for different functions.

    Whereas Kalmah has evolved a large ass and a smaller head so as to facilitate the function of easier insertion of the latter into the former, where it apparently predominantly resides.

  • Maggot

    @gabi319 (142): both arms are in splints

    Wtf? Another tree?

    I’m not even a fan of the modern feminist movement and yet this thing’s obtusely sexist remarks has got my balls-kicking leg ready for action.

    Note to self: wear protective cup when being obtusely sexist in gabi’s presence.

  • ted

    i would totally take a giraffe into the desert more storage space

  • segues

    @Maggot (144): Maggot, you wonderful Maggot you! I’d wanted to say something esactly like that, but somehow the exact phrasing just wouldn’t come to me at the right time…yet I was sure one of my friends would do so for me. You often make the correct call.
    Thank you, my dear.
    I’m sure his pointy little head is appropriately inserted into the proper receptacle even as we type.

  • gabi319

    @Maggot (145):

    Sure, I’m laughing now but you do realize that I’ve been attacked by three trees in the past five years? It’s no coincidence. They’re conspiring against me.

  • Anonymous

    A better way to determine if a pearl is fake without ruining it – rub it against your tooth. A real pearl has a grainy texture, plastic is smooth. If you can, look at the pearl under a magnifying glass. Pearls have a fingerprint-like surface, fake pearls have bubbles or matte patterns. Real pearls have depth to their color, fake pearls are one color. Real pearls are cool to the touch, fake pearls are room temperature.

    There you go. Now you can tell your pearl is real without ruining it.

  • Rowena

    @Kalmah (137) – there is no way I am going to admit the superiority of the male brain when you, evidently male because of your sexist comments, have incorrect grammar in your posts… And incorrect spelling (although I will admit the possibility of typos).

    Males tend to be heavier than females. Thus have heavier brains. What does this prove? Nothing. Are you going to claim that because blue whales have heavier brains they are smarter?

    Women are not treated equally to women. This is a fact. At present in New Zealand, where I live, women are paid on average 12% less than women. I do not disagree with you on this. We do not, however, have to accept this, seeing as we can change it. All we have to do is – shock horror – pay women as much as men for the same amount of work.

    You also stated (141) that men are likely to get farther in the workforce (by the way, I’m not directly quoting because this sentence had one of the grammatical errors I was annoyed about). This is due to subliminal prejudices – whites are likely to get higher jobs than blacks. And tall people are more likely to get high-paying jobs than short people. Does it follow that tall people are more intelligent?

    And I’m not sure of your logic behind this statement: “This is a direct result of their size back when our common ancestors first established social groups.” Can you explain?

    Actually, not only does the mass of your brain not determine your intelligence, neither does the mass compared to the body mass of the person (or animal). Some great apes have larger brains compared to their body masses than us. What actually matters in intelligence is the numbers of connections between neurons in the brain. And not destroying these by taking drugs. As it happens, in the UK in 2006 70,000 drug offenders where male – and only 10,000 female. Therefore females are more likely to be more intelligent.

    @Gabi: Thanks. That was a wonderful summary of my thoughts.

    @Anonymous (150): Tis nice to know about how to tell if your pearls are real without destroying them. Thankyou, too.

  • gabi319

    @Rowena (151):
    You’re welcome! :-) but really, don’t feel compelled to respond to Kalmah. He’s a troll and not even a very good one.

    And don’t forget that sexism is not gender specific. A female can be sexist towards females or even towards males and still be labelled sexist.

    @Kalmah (149):
    THAT was your response!? Awe, come on! If you’re going to troll the Internet, you’ve gotta commit! A little more effort on your part please because frankly, the lack of quality in your responses are becoming more insulting that what’s actually being said. I may find you and kick you in the nuts just for wasting my time with your half-assery.

  • segues

    @gabi319 (153):…I may find you and kick you in the nuts just for wasting my time with your half-assery.
    gabi, considering you were meaning Kalmah (149), shouldn’t that read “your half-asshattery”?
    Just my 2 ¢

  • gabi319

    @segues (154):
    I considered it, segue. I truly did. However, his effort wasn’t worth the extra letters. Why give him my best effort when he won’t give me the same?

    Plus my hands haven’t gotten any better :-( . My whole arms were literally shaking this morning. Didn’t really feel painful but definitely lacked the usual mobility. I for more consistent improvement because being a painter and all, I kinda need my hands…e

  • Emily

    Actually, the left-handed people die sooner theory is false.
    The study was conducted by noticing that in older populations there are fewer left-handed people.
    The actual reason was that lefties were forced to switch, because if you were left-handed, it was thought you were possessed by evil spirits.
    SO, because people were less paranoid as time progressed, there are fewer lefties in older generations and more lefties in younger generations.
    There may be a higher accident rate among lefties due to the majority of tools and appliances having a right-handed design, but definitely not a shorter lifespan.

  • segues

    @gabi319 (155): So true, gabi, so true! As we are both artists, though of different genres, I can empathize wholeheartedly with you.
    Still, what a shame that K will go through life bumbling about, seeing things only through smoked-glass filters, a blight upon everything he touches.

  • Adam

    More recent studies show that left handers do not die at nearly such a greater rate:

  • segues

    @segues (159): @segues (160): Obviously, I did not post either of these comments, nor probably others I have not yet caught…I have a feeling to whom thanks should be given, but as I am not sure, all I can do is beg Jamie, et al to remove and reject further posts by whomever did post under my name.

    ****JAMIE****159 & 160 are the work of a troll! Please kick his/her/it’s butt off of LV for time immemorial! Thank you!****

  • gabi319

    @Kalmah (161): My friends and I got high and decided to piss you all off. …Well technically my friends inputted too.

    Really? No, for real…. Really?? You AND your friends are so socially (and possibly mentally) deficient that you couldn’t find anything of quality to occupy your time? This is so sad that there isn’t enough empathy in the world to pity him properly.

    Buddy needs to find new friends.
    And possibly get laid.

  • oouchan

    @gabi319 (162): Gabi, dear. He’s a troll. Inari knows that I want to respond to his rants but you were doing such a good job. Too bad he now resorts to vulgarity.
    By the way, have you heard from pinkbiscuits?

  • truthbetold

    Why don’t you go back to live with your friends in the caves?
    A common tactic of the muslim fringe is to use crude comments and insults when their posts fail any kind of logic test.
    Actually, this tactic is also used by the liberal fringe, but muslims love to talk about … body parts in graophic ways. Boggles the mind.
    Guess Kalmah’s posts just illustrate that everything in the article is a lie.

  • gabi319

    @Kalmah (163):
    We knew what we were saying made no sense.
    HAHAHA!! Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait. A. Minute. So first you and your friends of undetermined quantity (I’m guessing one) first took up the time to create an argument AND THEN BACKTRACKED and took the EXTRA effort to make it nonsensical? Oh, your life is more pathetic than I originally thought! Mention any more tearjerkers and we might just have material for a fundraising effort. …”LV community, we bring to your attention the sad, sad social life of Kalmah. With a small donation from each and every one of you good people, we may be able to find this sad, sad fellow a life…”

    causes all your discomfort
    Nope. No discomfort on my part – anal or otherwise. You’ve been worth a weak giggle or two at this glimpse into your unenviable life but that’s pretty much all.

    Now this…this annoys me. I already addressed your poor trolling abilities and requested better quality the next time around and THIS is the best you could come up with?! Now that I know that this is a concerted effort from multiple people this sad tale becomes even SADDER! The pair of you and all your imaginary friends couldn’t think up anything more creative than that?!

    Don’t believe me?
    Frankly, no. I’m usually skeptical of people I meet on the internet and even more so of those who need to boast about themselves while contributing no statements of real value. You’re obviously not fucking all the time if you had the chance to respond to me as quickly as you did…with a “stellar” retort like “gabithebitch”. The genius contained in that display literary wit has me in complete awe of your mastery of the English language.

  • gabi319

    @oouchan (164):
    No I haven’t :-( But she said she got pretty tired from the get-go. It only gets more wearisome from there.

    I’ll send her another email and tell her you said hi as well! :-) I think she’ll get a smile from that…assuming she remembers to check her email. Checking email frequently isn’t exactly her forté, lol.

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  • Bo

    This list is bullshit having scarcely any citations. The comments in here however affirm the old adage, “most people will believe anything.”

  • Mark

    @Bo (165): Have you ever considered that if you come here to do some serious research, maybe you should rethink your researching prowess.

  • Jared From Subway SAYS:

    The last one is sexist i like everything on this list except for the last one…
    And i think oysters are incredibly sessy…

    by the way i like subway and i think its good… but you walk in the store and it smells like aged cheese.. but they dont have any aged cheese..
    i think that is weird. i think ….

    anyways i like the one about leprosy as well

    and you know that tonight im definetly going to try rubbing onion on my toes coz i am jared and im not supposed to eat after 7 pm its in my contract with the subways…

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    A heavier brain just means I got more padding between my intelligence and my skull. Seriously, knocking up against a skull this thick is -not- good for the brain.

  • larssonr

    i love onions! so tonight i will rub and take onion foot baths! =) awsome list btw, love the wierd sience!

  • joey

    mens brains are 30% bigger than womens…and that’s science

    -Ron Burgundy

  • Kitkat

    weird list i love it! and i do recall ron burgundy saying that…good movie by the way

  • albatross48

    two more to add to the list – when you push your hands together it is not matter pressing against matter that stops them from going through each other – it is similarly charged particles in each hand that repel each other.

    the quantity of U235 that converted from matter to energy in the bomb that was dropped over hiroshima was 600 mg. this is less than the weight of a dime.

  • bassbait

    @apepper + any left hander:

    Yes, We don’t live as long. But we are smarter, better multitaskers, superior in sports of almost every kind, more likely to become rich, almost superior in every way except population and age. I hope that makes you feel better.

  • Bhavesh

    the most amazement is 10000000subtances in oine blood cell.

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    I find these facts very interesting.
    Hell, I’m gonna try the onion thing at home!


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    The left handed life expectancy study has been proven inaccurate at best.

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  • soccer023maniac

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    Are you joking??? You can’t tell people to try to put pears in vinegar to see the effect!!!
    Pearls will melt in it!!

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    not much interesting…………boring and useless

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    You can also tell if pearls are real by running them over your teeth…real ones will feel gritty while fakes will feel smooth.

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    Number 8. How come Giraffes are so dependent on Camels?

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    If you feel a pearl against your teeth and it’s coarse, then it’s real. Fakes are smooth

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    I would like to share Amazing facts!!!!

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    “FACT” Number Two makes the entire list completely unreadable. So far,there has been absolutely no accurate scientific study to suggest that right handers live ANY longer than left handers.This list is SHITE

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    this facts are really very amazing

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    Sooo regarding number 2.. I’m ambedexterous. Does this mean I live 9 years longer on average then right handed people??

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