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Top 10 Weirdest Foods To Get You In The Mood

When it comes to libido-boosting foods, you can always expect to find dark chocolate, wine, and oysters topping the list of aphrodisiacs. But if you’re only nibbling your Hershey Bar, you’re just getting warmed up. There is a heady menu ahead filled with passionate edibles that lovers world-wide swear will rev up your romance and enhance your sex life. If you want to save your strawberries for the morning’s corn flakes, you can still give your night some wild flavor with these weird and wonderful aphrodisiacs. Some of the items on this list have featured elsewhere on the site, but this is the first time they are presented together with the new items in a list about lurve!


Soup # 5

Rr Soup 5.Jpg

Strong like a bull is a phrase that attracts some lovers to this four-legged mammal with a notorious temper. In areas of Southeast Asia, a soup (known as soup # 5) composed of onions, carrots, broth and bull’s penis and testicles is a popular dish noted for its aphrodisiac properties. The parts in question are given a good scrubbing and scalded in boiling water for good measure before winding up in an aromatic soup loaded with vegetables. Unlike some truly wild aphrodisiacs that are potentially harmful, bull’s soup is pretty tame by any stretch of the imagination. And while ostrich testicles are said to be tasty, they fall short in the bedroom when compared to the hardy bull variety.




The sea offers a bounty of strangely arousing aphrodisiacs. One of the weirdest is also one of the deadliest sea creatures known as the blowfish or fugu as it is heralded by Japanese chefs who must be specially licensed to prepare and serve this potentially-deadly delicacy. Studies show that the toxin in these creatures is far more lethal than cyanide. Eating this specially prepared dish causes the mouth to feel numb. As the numb feeling wears off, people remark on a lingering tingling on their lips and inside their cheeks. This tingling is said to greatly promote sexual arousal.



Cobra Skin

Clearly, many of the world’s weirdest aphrodisiac dishes come from dangerous animals. Shark fin soup is a notorious aphrodisiac whose popularity is causing shark numbers to drop alarmingly in some waters—particularly in Asia. While hunting shark is no walk in the park, catching cobras for their sweet meat is no sport for shrinking violets either. Snakes have sexual connotations that go back centuries, but eating cobras to enhance sex is a thoroughly contemporary practice in many parts of Asia. In some concoctions cobra blood is mixed with a beverage containing alcohol. Cobra meat is also eaten for its aphrodisiac qualities. Of course, before eating this preparation, it would be wise to know the cook’s credentials first.


Bird’s Nest Soup

150388021 27Ec9Ded5D

Bird’s nest soup is an Asian delicacy that lovers must pay top dollar to procure. Bird’s nest soup is, indeed, the edible nests made from the saliva of cave-dwelling swifts. The nests are formed along cave walls and are extremely difficult to obtain even by experienced cave wall climbers. Nevertheless, they have been served to royalty and the like for centuries and renowned for their ability to stimulate the libido. The soup is one of the most expensive animal-based dishes in the world; save it for a special anniversary occasion! [JFrater: I had a bowl of this soup in Hong Kong. As for its aphrodisiacal properties: citation needed!]


Caterpillar Fungus

Cordyceps Ophioglossoides 02

Cordyceps, historically known as caterpillar fungus or dong chong xia cao in China, has been revered in the east as an aphrodisiac extraordinaire. This most extraordinary fungus is a parasite of sorts; it invades the brains of caterpillar larva and grows there eventually replacing native tissue with its own. One can wonder how its aphrodisiac properties were discovered, but this mushroom has been a popular libido-booster for centuries. Today it is actually cultivated so that it can be purchased quite inexpensively unlike many other weird culinary aphrodisiacs. A plate of cordyceps and a glass of champagne could be the making of the Valentine’s night of your life!


Spanish Fly


Some people will do anything for love—even ingest a potentially lethal substance that makes the privates swell up, itch, and secrete a bloody discharge. Ingesting Spanish fly is a famously historic way to stimulate the libido. The Spanish fly, actually a beetle, would be crushed and eaten for a substance it produces called cantharidin. Humans dispel this substance through urine which is how it comes to irritate the genitals. Of course, Spanish fly enthusiasts are lucky if all they get is an itch. A moderate dose can lead to death by causing fever, convulsions, and seizures. Many love shops try to sell Spanish fly potions, but these are, fortunately, mostly imitations that offer a placebo effect. The use of Spanish fly as an aphrodisiac goes all the way back to the ancient Roman world.




Balut is another popular Asian dish served with love in mind. Balut is a duck egg that contains a fetus. The egg is boiled and served. This dish is said to have Viagra-like properties so it is of particular interest to men. Once the fetus or embryo is consumed, the stimulation is thought to begin. Often served nestled within its broken outer shell, this dish is a weird aphrodisiac that is a real bargain compared with bird’s nest soup. And because ducks are not on the Endangered Species List, this dish is quite legal to order unlike the following.


Horn and Penis

Tiger Penis 01.Jpg

Rhino horn and tiger’s penis are definitely outlawed, but that does not stop poachers and a thriving black market from continuing to offer them. For centuries people have eaten parts of these wild animals to stimulate or enhance their sexual ability. Men suffering from impotence are the usual market of these aphrodisiacs in some parts of the world. Although weird and illegal, these elements have been revered sexual stimulants for centuries as well.



Foar Ambergris01 608

Ambergris should be a familiar term to all you English students who read Moby Dick in high school. The sweet expensive stuff was the sperm whale’s elixir that went into perfumes during the whaling centuries. This heady stuff was prized during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when whale oil powered the world. Melville didn’t mention its aphrodisiac properties, but some Arabian texts recommend its use in the bedroom. Today, many believe that ambergris can boost sexual excitement and vigor. Ambergris is rare and not easy to procure; it is another of the sea’s sexually charming elements that doubles as a weird aphrodisiac.


Asses’ Milk


Other weird aphrodisiacs are merely topical in nature. For example, asses’ milk was a renowned aphrodisiac for ancient Arabs and Romans. Women who rubbed the milk on their genitals felt stimulated by its effects and men were thought to increase their virility by likewise using it topically. Legend has it that the wife of Nero bathed in the milk for its sexually stimulating effects. Pictured above is Claudette Colbert bathing in asses’ milk in the Cecil B. DeMille film “Sign of the Cross”.



200507190038 01

Aphrodisiacs have been notoriously ignored by western medicine. But folk medicine around the world recommends weird and not-so weird edibles that are believed to boost libido, cure infertility, or strengthen endurance. While weird is a relative term, the unusual items featured in this list are quite popular in some parts of the world and date back centuries. The illegal items are not recommended for use, but simply featured here for information sake. With the plethora of legal aphrodisiacs out there, it is far more ethical to try one of those! Otherwise, be sure to order the fugu next time you visit Japan!

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  • Luce

    Great list, but the duck egg made me feel sick!

    • zombiegirl


  • Writergal

    Now I know why China boasts such a large population! lol

  • kristi

    this just proves that humans would do anything for sex

  • Aled

    Great list, Now if only I could get the girlfriend to eat some….
    Ha, there’s your next list!

  • Karl

    Why is there a number 0???? wtf???

  • @Karl (4): It’s a bonus item – kinda :)

  • cm

    Axe ??? :)

  • dbrownl

    its funny that #6 has “dong” in its name

  • lukebarnes

    Here’s a news story from the BBC a few days ago:

    Watermelon ‘has same effect as Viagra’ !!!

  • yuff

    balut looks disgusting, but is so delicious… we eat a lot of it here in the philppines…

  • Skrillah

    Amazing to see the kinda shit that people eat to get horny! for me a simple red onion would do! and its scientifically proven too.if u give a shit about science that is…

  • JessicaKarli

    I don’t think I would eat any of this.

  • Jandaman

    meh. i’ve been eating balut and soup # 5 regularly since i was 6 years old and it doesn’t do much actually. now red horse beer, which smells like a horse’s piss when warm, is another story…

  • Talanic

    Really, this list is irresponsible…most of these act psychosomatically, which is a fancy way of saying that they DON’T WORK. People believe they work, which can cause perceived reaction to them. They’ve been USED as aphrodisiacs for centuries, but there’s no actual reason to believe that any of these do anything more than look phallic and/or cause irritation to genitalia.

  • dr. Hannibal Lecter

    That’s a strange list considering there are much simpler solutions. :)

    Years ago when I was on college, there was a period of a few months when I was horny as hell but I could not figure out why (well, I *was* single, but come on!). And then I realized it happened because I was eating huge amounts of peanuts every day. Impressive, eh? Just plain old peanuts. I’ve noticed a “similar effect” with almonds and walnuts.

    And since all of those are good for your health anyway.. :)

  • Kestner

    @dbrownl (8):
    Wow, fantastic list. I personally have tried bird’s nest soup and boy it is delicious! It is a definitely a must-try for all those who have not tasted it before. And as for caterpillar fungus, I eat is almost every other day as a kind of stimulator for the mind and helps you concentrate. Btw, dong cong xia cao means in “worm in winter, plant in summer” in chinese.

  • AshleyR

    ooh…how interesting. i would know nothing of the subject, hell im only 16, but you’d think eating this stuff would demolish any sexual arousal…

  • nuriko

    I love balut! :)

  • Sammy

    for me ecstacy (mdma) does it

  • deepthinker

    I would try the bird’s nest soup, but balut is another story. I really don’t think that I could convince my mind to eat it.. we Americans don’t like to be reminded that our food was once a living being. Great list, by the way.

  • sleaterkinney1bt

    ill stick to dark chocolate

  • astraya

    I wonder who tried these for the first time and what excuse they use to convince their significant other to eat it as well.

  • timmar68

    My oldest son graduated last year. I was reading the list of names of the graduates and one girl had ambergris as her middle name.

  • Nitroglycerin

    Speaking of Balut i bought my Kiwi friends some last saturday to try it, they were repulsive of the idea of eating but the technique with it is that you need to toast it bottoms up and you need to be in the dark to eat it..Its really good..Basically,its an acquired taste just like sushi.

  • Gus

    why is it always the penis? (of the animal) I find that interesting they never use anything of the female animal… Oh well good list… As for what looks good is that bird soup…

  • Kreachure

    Yeah, now I’m in the mood… TO PUKE. :(

  • oouchan

    Interesting and infomative list, JAYoung. Not that I’m going to run out and try any of these. I will stick to eating chocolate.
    That soup looked anything but appetizing. :P

  • robneiderman

    So let me get this straight…rubbing your genitals (with milk) makes you horny? Didn’t we all figure that out when we were twelve?

  • bgtcolombia

    Ouchan I agree chocolate strawberrys whip cream and was it oysters? Oh and wht they sell on the radio or infomercials extenz… haha must be one of the funniest commecials I have seen….


  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    These would just make me throw up.

  • Callie19

    Regarding #9….I guess it would be helpful for some thngs to keep your mouth numb. It seems like the most useful item on the list. Just sayin’. :)

  • Nick

    Soup # 5 and caterpillar fungus look gross to me; but hey, I eat balut. Funny how it’s all a matter of perception.

  • Chavon

    LoLz great list.. that duck fetus made me throw up a lil in my mouth

  • mcamp

    It’s not a weird food, but I just read where Avocado’s were an aphrodisiac. I definately craved them when I was pregnant.

  • Seanette

    I was still thinking “BARF!!!!” after reading about balut, and along comes ambergris (which is, wait for it, whale BARF). This list would double as a great diet aid.

  • Hikari

    OMG I would never have fugu…. my father ate it in front of me once and I thought he was going to die =(

  • bucslim

    I was under the impression that oxygen was an aphrodisiac because breathing makes me horny.

    But this list does make me wonder about the bored and cold people of yore. Eating bugs, bird spit and milking the herd of asses so that you can wallow around in it doesn’t exactly bring back that lovin feeling in my way of thinking. If they were so damn uninterested and floppy then why the hell are we all here? Surely there wasn’t that much ass milk to go around. Maybe that’s where the Israelites thought they were going – to the land flowing with ass milk and honey.

    Also makes me wonder who was the people who thought this crap up in the first place. Sitting around the cave after an all night bender of mead and looking at the sabertooth carcass, then suddenly wondering what the boner inspiring qualities the kitty’s johnson might have? I mean really, who thinks of this shit? Ahh, my willy just isn’t as vigorous as it used to be, here, I’ll eat this potentially lethal bug and that’ll spice up the evening.

    It’s simple, just watch Shakira in ‘Whatever, Whenever.’ Problem solved, case closed.

  • undaunted warrior

    Im feeling a wee bit hungry right now, and I have a date later on, now let me get back to that list……………….

  • Benmark

    @cm (7):

    Yeah, because “Axe” is a food.


  • John Sherman

    Yes, yes, yes, yes. All very well and good. Now how about a list of not-so-weird everyday things that will get you in the mood!

  • Nitroglycerin

    @bucslim (37):

    Right on the Button Buc!

  • psychosurfer

    @dr. Hannibal Lecter (15): I´ve noticed the same thing when I eat a lot of pistachios, not in the arousal department (which needs no boost) but in the increased volume of ejaculation.
    Those things recharge your batteries ;)

  • chubbmeister

    heheh, picture #2 has Gandalf looking in through the window to see who stole his Ambergris…

  • jason

    Bucslim:great point bout Shakira.I’m sorry but I would have 2 call my sex life quits if I had 2 eat bird spit or whale barf!!!! Man I’m gonna load up on Viagra,go 2 some of these places & become like a king or something.

  • the_elan

    That’s not how you eat Balut. you suck it out of the egg. You don’t even need to look at the fetus… much.

  • GTT

    @bucslim (37): ;)

    I have to say I´m a little shocked at the amount of people who admit to eating Balut. Question: do you eat it whole (like a sushi roll) or do you take bites out of it?

  • TDavis

    I recall reading an article in National Geographic years ago about fugu. The author mentions that while there is certainly some danger in consuming the fish, it’s very tasty.
    There’s an old Japanese saying: “Only a fool would eat fugu. And only a fool would not”.

  • Bryanne

    @ (46):

    you suck it out of the egg… lol…
    best eaten in the dark (works best for me with a sprinkle of salt), so you can’t see what you’re eating…haha…that’s why balut vendors usually sell them at night on the streets…

    nice list… :)

  • pestonmama

    Balut. Never ate it, but I saw plenty of them when I lived in Manila. I could never get past the duck beaks and feathers.

    I have eaten bird’s nest soup and shark’s fin soup, but I was only 7 so I can’t attest to their aphrodisiac properties.

  • ericrod

    @ Buc(37) Good call man.

    Dude i wonder people who eat this do they barf before they do it or after?

  • Nitroglycerin

    @ericrod (50):

    Nah, they howl man..haha

  • archangel

    Since when did ostriches have testacles!? 0_o that i did not know… oh and balut… i never knew it about that either… good thing i don’t like eating the actual duck… that would’ve been aphrodisiac overdose!

  • gabi319

    @GTT (46):
    Easiest to eat it whole. The hard part is mentally dealing with it – SEEING what you’re eating makes it harder to take (even harder when you’re dumb like me and name your balut…). Went to a Filipino festival and one of the old dudes came up to me and asked me if I was 21. When I said yes, he cheered and said he was going to buy me beer (he wasn’t hitting on me, he was well past drunk at that point. Simply wanted to spread the happiness) and came back with 20 glasses of San Miguel and boxes of balut and peanuts. I would’ve left that all for my friends if my cousin hadn’t challenged me to eat a balut. Stupid challenges and my inability to back away from one…Tastes just like chicken. No for real, it tastes like hard boiled egg, which it essentially is.

    However, the image for the balut here looks a bit old and too-well formed even for most balut eaters.

    Like Nick above said…it’s all a matter of perception. I can eat chicaron bulaklak (chitlins in southern US) like they were popcorn (or rather like potato chips since I don’t like popcorn) but I’ve only met one green bean casserole that didn’t make me gag.

  • Jandaman

    @46: well some gobble it up like a disgusting piece of duck fetus feeling guilty for killing such an innocent creature and swearing never to eat another one for their entire lives.

    others like me, enjoy every piece of it. hell i even eat it under the light so i can see if i’m already eating the yolk or the fetus itself. but first i make a little hole on one end of the egg which is the soupy side. then add salt and spicy vinegar and suck on the savory juices made of boiled duck fetus blood. then if i’m lucky, i get to munch on the fetus itself before the yolk. so i see the wee little dead duck fetus with it’s soulless eyes staring at me as i munch on it bit by bit crunching every bone and spitting the feathers because i don’t like feathers. then finally saving the best for the last which is the yolk. it’s pretty similar to an egg yolk but it’s more savory. then you’re left with a pretty hard egg white. most people discard the egg by then but if i haven’t had my fill which is usually 4-6 eggs then i gnaw on the white stuff until i can gnaw no further. so that’s about it.

  • Angel

    So that’s what they use those bird’s nests for. Planet Earth showed the birds making the nests and people going through the trouble of harvesting them. Poor little birdies. They live in a cave and all they have is this tiny little nest that they just barely fit in. It takes them 30 days to complete a nest, and then someone comes and snatches it.

  • bearded_defender

    I love balut,

    @GTT (46):

    OK, here’s the art of eating balut…

    Find the side of the egg where the air sac is [this is just a lucky guess, you find it or not, you can still eat balut].
    Crack that side of the egg and that will be the top part.
    Now, remove bits of the shell making a hole [like a rim of an egg cup], also remove the shell membrane [you only do this when you successfully cracked the egg on its “air sac side”].
    Sprinkle some salt or vinegar if desired [I suggest salt].

    Now here comes the eating part:
    Sip the savory soup. Be sure to sip it all out so it won’t be making a mess when the remaining eggshells are removed.
    Then, remove the remaining eggshells.
    Eat the yolk. It has more flavor than that of a regular hard-boiled. [Add some salt too]
    Eat the albumin. The albumin is a bit hard and somewhat rubbery, with a bland taste.

    And for the main course:
    The little duck; eat it whole, and it is best eaten when there aren’t any feathers yet [because if it has, it’s a bad balut.]

    I usually skip this part, hehe.

    That made me hungry and craving for balut.

    Nice list. I tried 7 & 4 and it dint work for me, not that I eat them to get me in the mood [I’m a virile 21 year old].
    They probably just work, when you think they work.


    weed should be on this list…it gets your motor running

  • ericrod

    Why the hell eat baby ducks when you could but a rosted chicken for 5.99. Whats wrong with you people? Im seriously about to throw up.

  • Jandaman

    @ericrod: because chickens make you sleepy. while ancient men thought baby ducks only make their p***s harder.

  • chongsmoke

    It’s cool to see the reactions to a lot of this stuff from people all over the world. Apparently balut is good, but seeing that picture of a giant vein running through the cooked yolk doesn’t sit right with me :P
    @Gus That’s a good question, I bet they would be pretty scare by comparison.
    Also, the cordyceps are crazy. I saw a video on them a year ago or so and it was actually pretty cool.
    TY for the list and cogitz is coming along nicely :)

  • gabi319

    @ericrod (58): Why the hell eat baby ducks when you could but a rosted chicken for 5.99. Whats wrong with you people? Im seriously about to throw up.
    If the farmer or the nice man at the meat counter hadn’t cut off the chicken head and feet, defeathered and crammed his hand up the butt to yank out its intestines, heart, lungs and other innards before you picked it up in its nice, neat, sanitized packaging, you’d probably say the same thing about that rotisserie chicken.

  • The comments on this list are priceless! I think gabi319 summed things up nicely in comment 61 – we would probably be put off a lot of what we eat now if we saw it in its raw form.

  • redcaboose

    @dr. Hannibal Lecter (15): Maybe you were not that horny, but just hungry for a good homecooked meal. Good thing you were willing to trade sex for food. :)

  • Jandaman

    @61: damn dude. you’re making me puke! i ain’t touchin’ my kfc no more.

  • bearded_defender

    @ericrod (58):

    Why the hell but a rosted chicken for 5.99, when you can get roasted chicks for about a dime!

    photo here:
    Day Old Chicks

  • Jandaman

    @65: i’ve heard about these but i haven’t eaten these. we own a poultry and i tried getting my mom to give me some day old chicks to roast but she gave me a full grown rooster instead. she said i can eat the rooster because it doesn’t lay eggs. but i wanna eat some roasted chicks. what a bummer. i have to settle for putting chicks in my mouth and letting them out a few seconds later. tiny little creatures.

  • Nitroglycerin

    @jfrater (62):

    Tried any of these so-called weird delicacies Jamie?

  • redcaboose

    These things are mostly confined to a certain culture, and you were raised with the belief that they will work. I think they are all in the brain (as several have already said in the comments). That can be the strongest of aphrodisiacs, just thinking they will work.

    I am from the old school: some Billie Holiday on the hi-fi, a good 12 year old scotch (straight), and a crackling fire. Snowing outside is a bonus. :)

  • Heat

    @bearded defender : Ahaha, that pic is priceless.. You must be a pinoy like me.

  • GTT

    @Jandaman (54): I honestly dont know if you´re serious or yanking my chain… Just as a recap, all the following phrases were part of your post:

    “boiled duck fetus blood”

    “then if i’m lucky, i get to munch on the fetus itself before the yolk”

    “so i see the wee little dead duck fetus with it’s soulless eyes staring at me as i munch on it bit by bit crunching every bone and spitting the feathers because i don’t like feathers”


  • Maggot

    “Women who rubbed the milk on their genitals felt stimulated by its effects and men were thought to increase their virility by likewise using it topically.”

    Ass milk, shmass milk. Something tells me it wasn’t the actual milk that was doing the “stimulating” here. Likewise, I can see how watching Claudette Colbert bathing in pretty much anything could be rather stimulating.

  • Frushka

    smoke a joint. works every time.

  • Andree

    i’ll have the mambo #5 please

  • jessi

    I see your asses milk and I raise you viagra.

  • katieeeeeee

    Jfray whats up with cogitz? are you still gunna update it?

  • Maggot

    @jessi (74): and I raise you viagra

    I think you got that a little backwards…

  • Aj

    Just don’t look at the balut when your eating it.Consuming it fast is better.But i suggest that if the chick on the balut is already big i suggest to throw it out.Its good while the baby chick inside is still warm and soft,small.
    It consuming more makes your knees stronger and performs longer in the fight.Works well with soup # 5 lol :)

  • good article. thanks.

  • nzkristy

    i know its not an aphrodisiac but arent you supposed to get pregnant if you transplant parsley from one part of the garden to another?? lol good old wives tales! awesome list

  • ringtailroxy

    @Kestner (16): i thought bird’s nest soup & shark fin soup where simply a means of exploiting an animal because the soup is either beef or chicken based broth with some veggies & shrooms added. i was told that the shark fin & bird’s nest really has no definitive flavor, it absorbs the flavor of the broth, and only adds texture.

    the reason it is a delicacy is because it was once so difficult to procure, that only royalty could afford to savor it. hence it became a desire amongst the commoners…

    & like many such resources, instead of humans backing off when sources grew limited, the value in monetary compensation & prestige rose. unlike everything else in nature-numbers crumble of rabbits? foxes go hungry, starve, and the rabbit population can grow yet again. it’s not like foxes raise the value of the ever rarer rabbits!

  • Samzilla

    @bearded_defender (65):

    Seriously those look delish…now I’m hungry.

  • Lynn in Washington

    It’s interesting that what some cultures call food others find truly disgusting. There are places that chicken eggs, cow’s milk, and peanutbutter (American staples) are thought of as weird and gross.

  • Casualreader

    Q. What smells like shit, tastes like strawberries and gets you a-shaggin’ like a bunny wabbit?

    A. The durian. Durian down, skirt up. Everything up.

    Or is it all the mind too, like viagra?


  • Patsu Princess

    Gosh thats weird T___T … poor duck baby…

  • My problem here is not so much what they are eating, although the animals may have a problem with it. My problem is, are that many people in relationships with individuals they find so sexually unappealing that they need a little extra something just to try and get them going ?.

  • jason

    What damn time zone are u people in?? LOL love the site & would love 2 get in on these conversations but I seem 2 be in the twilight zone or something.anyway good list

  • Jandaman

    @83: mmmm… durian. my favorite fruit. next to mango of course. i can consume 2 large fruit of those.

    i guess it all boils down to acquired taste. my first durian had me puking all over the floor. i was even covering my nose while eating my first spoonful and still the stench got through. i was 6 during that time. same thing with balut. i started with the duckless variety which is basically just the juice and the yolk and working up to the feather and bones by the time i was 12.

  • Skrillah

    @ 83 and 87 : Come to Sri Lanka We have loads of Durian here!! :P

  • Jandaman

    @88: i get mine from davao city which is the durian capital of the philippines or from thailand because of the durian chips.

    @83: yeah, i’ve heard that durians are supposed to be aphrodisiac. based on my experience all these supposed aphrodisiacs have one common effect though. they seem to raise your hearbeat rate even without any stimuli, you feel warm all over and you start taking deep breaths. it happens whenever i eat too much balut, durian or chocolates. haven’t experienced that with soup # 5 though. but it doesn’t make my p***s any harder or kittens nearby any wetter.

  • Alvin

    Balut are so delicious, you can find them anywhere here in philippines. Your first will gross like hell but your second and on, nah tastes like heaven dude, “Masarap talaga!” (its relly yummy!)

  • Caitlin Reynolds

    Awesome list!

    Ewwwwww…. cobra’s. I LOL’d at the fugu

  • Marvin

    Balut is really good after a night of heavy drinking. 2 to 3 eggs will make you sober so that you can drink a few more or you can go to sleep without the fear of hangover the next day. Just beware of the cholesterol content. hehehe.

  • kk

    I think that i might just stick to the normal ‘sexual excitement’ foods. But thanks for the interesting list anyway

  • OMG those are so disgusting…………i would never eat those

  • b_clark

    balut is a famous filipino delicacy, best consumed at night. to eat it, shlurp the juice off then gulp the poor chick whole like it never happened. for first timers, keep your eyes closed. and don’t look at the chick. =)

  • A good porn movie and popcorn does it for me!!!

  • b_clark

    for me, eating balut is quite a challenge. it’s not something you eat everyday. i’d rather eat it early on while it can be an omelette or wait longer until it can be fried chicken. although, harry connick jr gamely ate it on stage during his concert in manila.

  • the witches of venus

    super strange! and i thought chocolate was it.. lol!

  • stellalingmaris

    At least, we won’t have to worry about gaining weight, as compared to other aphrodisiacs such as chocolates, foie gras, oysters, mussels and clams

  • platinum ninja

    i love balut and one day old… man, filipino streetfoods are the best. isaw, helmet, adidas. now im drooling. i miss the philippines. beautiful country.

  • ..and people look at me strange for eating “chitlings”!

  • Mabel

    There is no such thing as an aphrodisiac. It’s all in your head.

  • kyle_hendrick

    I do eat Balut and it actually taste good….but like what Ronan said(comment 96) : A good porn movie and popcorn does it all!

  • brittanyia

    I was wondering where the band Ambergris got their name. Now I know :]
    Nice list!

  • Hieronymus Bosch

    I’ve been to Japan. I’ve eaten fugu — the poison blowfish — more than once. No tingling — that only happens if you have been served improperly prepared fugu. If you eat fugu and do feel the tingling, instead of preparing for some lovin’, you’d best prepare your will. No lie.

    As for the three or four times I’ve eaten it — sorry. No aphrodisiac-like symptoms occurred — in spite of me being an easy-to-arouse type.

    Sad but true.

  • DenzeLL

    @kristi (2): haha you have a point there!

    But despite the popularity of balut in Philippine culture, Filipinos are surprisingly conservative.

  • sparkelina

    Cool, so I’m gonna go have some balut…vomit…then have hot sex.


  • VI6SIX

    I’ve been eating pussy for years – that always gets me in the mood! ?

  • Lk

    @ DenzeLL (106): Yeah. I agree with you.

    @ crazyuno30 (94): Never say never. :))

    By the way, and I don’t think that we (Filipinos) are eating balut for arousal or something. And it doesn’t even look like a cock (for Pete’s sake!)!

  • If anyone of you guys eat those foods then………I raise i hat to you. But if i have to eat those to get in the mood then i guess i wont be in the mood anytime soon.

  • Eon

    Soup #5, Birds Nest Soup or The Nido Soup and Balut can be traced back as genuine aphrodisiac recipe of a 7,107 Island tropical country in Southeast Asia, The Philippines..

    For most birds nest hunters, they make fatter purse by marketing their harvest to Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and Japanese businessmen rather than just selling the harvest at home.. This is why the Nido Soup is more famous in China than in the Philippines..

    Balut’s counterpart is called Penoy.. It tastes and looks very much like the Balut minus the days-old chick, but believed to be as effective as the Balut as far as “adult bed time stories” are concerned..

    Soup #5 sells like a hotcake anywhere in the Philippines.. In fact, it is the best known aphrodisiac to Filipinos..

    Your list sure will stop Viagra in business! :-)

  • lynchy

    these are fuking discusting only fukin wierd asss bitches and fukd up twats would have sumthing as discusting and vial not too mention inhumain tooo hav a fukin shaggg u pple mus be misserible fukkers married n goin out wid sum rotting zombie if ud consider having any of these 2 get hard or wet discusting shitttttttttttttttttttt !!!!!!

  • Minodo

    fuck you lynchy

  • hunter


    You know these foods actually make you SPELL better. You should try it some time.

  • delta

    you’re filipino? aren’t you? im proud pinoy too!!! balut!! hehe

    redhorse? well…. eto ang tama!

  • nikoledew

    i’m from the philippines and balut is very popular in our country and it’s really very tasty! i’m actually surprised that it’s considered as an aphrodisiac. i actually never feel any change at all in how i feel whenever i eat it. anyways, soup no.5 is also very good. great list!

  • nicoleredz3

    This list is a turn off!.. Just playing. In Trinidad, the Spanish Fly is quite popular…

  • katerinaelaena


    honestly though, some of these foods make you wonder “really? Is this really worth it?”

    Some ARE desperate, though =P

  • falcom

    asses’ milk is damn useless, everytime you rub your pussies minus the milk, women got turned on. the mere rubbing your clitoris is enough to make you cum plus your wild sexual fantasies. its all in your mind, the brain is your biggest sex organ

  • Captain Carrot

    Just shows the ignorance and juvenile nature of humans. For f*ck’s sake, what is the point of eating crap that could kill you or killing an animal just for its private parts?? There are plenty of other things out there that have the same properties, but yet people are ignorant enough to do that stupid sh*t.

    Actually, here’s an idea. Quit being so d*mn insecure and just enjoy sex for what it is, and stimulate yourself mentally. If you have such a complex that you let it ruin your sex life, then maybe you shouldn’t be having sex at all. Buy a doll or a toy. Masturb ate. Find an unattractive woman and get a hand job. If you have a physical problem, then learn to do things besides just having sex.

    If you can’t have it, then do something else. The primitive mentality of man, no matter how much we think we’re “advanced” or “evolved”, is astounding in the way it has not matured much at all over thousands or millions of years. In-f*cking-credible.

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  • PAWI!!

    I LOVE BALUT! I’m from the Philippines and we Filipinos eat it a lot every night! :D

  • Emaviemisamed


  • Bogart!

    I’m an Asian (definitely Filipino), and tasted no. 4 several times, so I would suggest that BALUT will be demoted coz its value as an aphrodisiac is not that credible here for these days.

    Although yes, I admit that some elders believes in its properties until now.

  • TreriaBiple


  • Franco

    I just realize “Asses” here is referred to Donkey lol

  • Micah

    Balut is sooooo DELICIOUS !!

  • Boink

    I like Balut. delicious. hehehe

  • Stacey

    I eat Balut (duck’s egg) every week. It’s not disgusting of you give it a try. It tastes like heaven.