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Top 10 Comics From Furrydom

A “Furry” comic is a comic that involves Human/animal anthropomorphic characters, and is popular with folks who refer to themselves as “Furry” or fans of Anthropomorphic animals. Because of the odd subject matter many furry comics see only limited success and are often overlooked by mainstream fans (though this isn’t always the case, as with #1 on this list) after reading and reviewing many furry comics over many years, I submit what I believe are the ten best of all time.


Omaha Cat Dancer


One of the very first long-running Furry comics running from the late 70’s into the early 80’s focusing on the life of Omaha, an exotic dancer and her friends. It was revolutionary in many respects, it was the first “furry” comic that wasn’t cartooney or aimed at children, and it depicted things like drug abuse, homosexuality, divorce and other edgy issues without batting an eye. Omaha enjoyed a long run for an independently produced comic, and even had a theme song, “Dance my Tail off” recorded by creator Reed Waller’s band. The song was only available as a small vinyl record packaged with one of the comics. This record is exceedingly rare and has fetched hundreds on e-bay.


Shanda the Panda

Other1995 3

Many consider this comic the “Spiritual Successor” of Omaha, Shanda the Panda shared many similarities such as mature subject matter and a focus on real life situations. (there was even a crossover between the two comics written but never released) The story focuses around a movie theater manager, Shanda Bruin and the lives of her and her staff, each having their own extensive back stories. There are hippy rabbits, Jewish moths, and Lesbian crickets. Shanda has become so well loved because it’s not an action fantasy that takes you out of your world, it’s a simple story about life and love that anyone can relate to. The art was originally done by cartoonist Mike Sagaria, and was later helmed by furry art legends Michelle Light, Terrie smith and Christina “Smudge” Hansen. It’s still running today in it’s 50th issue.


Albedo Anthropomorphics


Albedo was printed in the early 80s as an “anthology” comic, or a series of short stories by various artists and writers. While most of Albedo’s stories are memorable, (including the first appearance of Usagi Yojimbo) their flagship story, “Erma Felna EDF” was by far the best of the bunch. The story is furry, with cartoony, cute characters but it’s also the hardest of the hard sci-fi. It focuses on Erma Felna, a feline commander in the EDF and her adventures dealing with corrupt politicians, rebel groups, and massive government cover ups as well as the more human experience of winding up a divorced single mother. While the story itself is strong the artwork would be beautiful even without a story. With training in traditional fine arts, Steve Galachi’s delicate watercolor artwork makes each page just a pleasure to look at.


Havoc INC


Another hard sci-fi outing, Hovoc INC pioneers the “Comedy space opera” in the anthropomorphic world. Being one short part of a much larger series, (preceded by “Midnight Sonata” and followed by “Crime +”) the six issues of Havoc INC are  entertaining all around, being the adventures of the Hapless Chris Deck and Chester the Ringtail as they run an interstellar cargo business that specializes in hazardous cargo. The comic is also a popular gay comic, as these two main characters are a couple, but being straight myself I found this sub-plot not to take anything away from the main story. Terrie Smith’s incredible artwork doubtless makes this series, she has a mastery of expression and all the space age tech looks pleasingly like the tech of 1950’s serials with shiny rocket ships and campy ray guns. Printed somewhat sporadically, Havoc INC may or not still be in print but according to the web site (last updated about six years ago) a new issue is “on the way”.




The Storyline of Katmandu is almost impossible to summarize due to it’s utter complexity and uniqueness, but I’ll make an honest attempt. Katmandu is about Leahtra and Thorin, a married couple living in an alternate world populated by feline-like humans. Each issue Leahtrah tells a story to her children about her ancestor, Liska Mitsa el Aman, who live 200 years earlier in a world based around native American legends and folktales. This sounds like a complete summary but trust me it’s not. The storyline is vast, and while it’s told in simple little bites, you feel as if there’s a lot you’re missing. Both stories, the one in the present and the past tie into one another flawlessly. The art has been done by numerous artists, two standouts being Shawntae Howard and furry legend Terrie Smith.


Sabrina Online


The only the comic to make the list that is a free online web comic though it has been made available in collected online volumes. The three panel comic drawn and written by cartoonist Eric Schwartz follows the adventures of nerdy but loveable skunk girl Sabrina and her roommate Amy the squirrel. The strips are classic nerd humor with jokes about everything from playing Quake to online dating.




One of the few straight-up superhero titles that edges into the furry realm, Extinctioners is pure silver age comic superhero goodness with  vibrant Furry art by Shawntae Howard. The story revolves around a team of anthropomorphic superheroes defending their world from evil invaders from space who turn out to be . . .human beings. A fascinating read for anyone that likes the silver and bronze age X-men.

The comic has always had a schizophrenic publishing schedule (there can be 3 months between issues) and with a recent change in publishers it’s unclear if the comic is even still in print. It’s well worth the search for incredibly rare back issues such as the first and second issues released in digital color, and the hard to find Extinctioner annuals (tales of the endangered) featuring art from the comic’s loyal cult of fans. Another curious item is this comic’s “Soundtrack” with features techno tracks based around the characters, and a ton of concept artwork as data on the CD. Hard to find, but well worth the search for the artwork alone.


The Suit

Human Dog Hybrid

A one Shot from Doug Cernan, “The Suit” is perhaps one of the overlooked classics of Anthropomorphic literature. It’s a fascinating sci-fi story that tells the life story of an Anubian alien named Walter fang, who looks strangely like a human/dog hybrid. The hatred and bigotry he experiences is a fascinating parallel to the condemnation that many furries experience in everyday life, and mirrors the feelings of oneness we finally realize when we begin to find others like ourselves. Drawn in a unique style that is reminiscent of the art found in “the New Yorker’s” one panel cartoons, everything about this one shot graphic novel is unique and interesting. [I have used the image above as I can not find one for this item.]


Usagi Yojimbo


Roughly translated as “Rabbit Bodyguard” this adventure comic has been going strong for well over 20 years and garners a loyal fan following. The comic follows the adventures of Miyomato Usagi (A parody of the famous swordsman Miyomato Musashi) as he wanders Edo-era Japan (populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals) defending the innocent and dealing out punishment on evildoers. And when I say punishment, I mean it. Despite the lack of blood and gore, the comic was recognized by Wizard magazine as having the second highest body count of any comic in history (Second only to Marvel’s Conan series). The action is great and the art is clean and extremely detailed. Author and artist Stan Sakai pens brilliant stories that make the reader just ache for the next issue to come along. Truly a modern classic, furry or otherwise.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


While not being identified as a “furry” comic to most modern readers (or a comic book at all), TMNT indeed had it’s start as a small press comic that was popular in the furry community. The original comic was dark and gritty, and explored complex social issues. It was a far cry from the watered down cartoon series formed in the late 1980’s. The original sprang up in furry circles after advertising in Albedo Anthropomorphics and other furry comics; it was originally mimeographed in creator Peter Laird’s basement and distributed to only local comic stores. As readers started to see the charm of the title, it transcended the underground comics market to become a multimedia sensation that crossed TV, movies and video games. According to a nationwide survey in 1992 the turtles were more recognizable to children than Santa Clause. By far the best furry comic of all time.

Honorable mention: Hey Neeters, Hepcats, Gold Digger, Jewel Vixens, Captain Jack, Furlough, Androzons, Nautilus, Kevin and Kell, and last but not least, Associated Student Bodies.

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  • junqueman

    Gee, I guess I’m wayyyyyyyy too old for those.

  • Rince

    I miss blacksad here, nice list anyway

  • dbrownl

    what a stupid rudiculous list. side note aren’t people who call themselves “furries”people who have sex as mascots, i think i saw that on 1000 ways to die on spike but i guess not is not the most credible of sources

  • saopauloesquecida

    I know they’re not 100% suitable for this list, but I would also include Thundercats.

  • Nodie

    I really only recognise #1 :-) …

  • dbrownl

    thundercats are awesome, they are animal people they should be here

  • Amanda Buttfuk

    No Cerebus?

  • Maximuz04

    I guess I am the first to say this, this was a great list, especially since if it wasnt for listverse’s policy of allowing people to submit their own lists, I wouldnt have known about this subject at all. very interesting.

  • cool list !

  • tony

    Pogo. Pogo predates all øf these by 50 years and was brilliant. I go Pogo!

  • Hassanee

    Ninja Turtles ! THE BEST

  • Don

    Not being very familiar with the genre, I don’t know if you are listing series or not. I’ve only ever read one graphic novel where the characters were animals taking the place of humans and it was Maus. It tells the story of a Holocaust survivor as written by his cartoonist son. The Jewish victims are portrayed as mice and the Nazis are portrayed as cats while other characters/races are variously portrayed as pigs or dogs. Very interesting story.

  • totalstranger

    Silverhawks!!!!! the little known series that followed Thundercats.

    oh and for the guy that asked about “furries” and ppl having sex, its true, Entourage have that in an episode too.

  • nuriko

    cool… :)

  • totalstranger

    @Don (12): Maus was brilliant. very serious, like Animal Farm

  • necro_penguin

    not really into furries but i do like the comic strip “my cage.”

  • necro_penguin

    oh yeah, and another one called “mouse guard” or something like that about mice knights.

  • Jenova4

    @Don: The Polish were pigs, specifically. I remember reading Maus, and it is a brilliant comic. I am glad to see Usagi Yojimbo on here, I saw this list and hoped that it made it on there.

  • Don’tGoogleMe

    Funny list!. You may find some more funny stuff her:

    Gj Joshua_the_Samurai.

  • saber25

    YOU FORGOT THE FURRY, RETARDED, SUPERHERO FAMILY OF XMEN :) What about the ,um, that kinda blue character from x-men that acts like a monkey? and perhaps, 20

  • saber25

    And what about the Thunda Cats?

  • get a clue

    “Furry” is just another word that’s been bowldlerized by a razor-thin percentage of freaks to fit their sad, strange little world and thereby cast an ugly net over any basic storyline that uses an animal to convey human emotions. In that case, it makes Aesop the first ‘furry’ writer.

  • BooRadley

    @tony (10): I was wondering as I read the list if Pogo would show up. It’s still my favorite comic – it’s like stepping into another world that you never want to leave. I have several books that have the dailies for a whole year, but they didn’t do that for each year… more’s the pity. Porky Pine was my favorite. I can picture Pogo’s tree on the bayou with lazy egrets flying by, and all his friends stopping by for a free lunch…

  • Lala

    Shouldn’t Wolverine also be mentioned here?

  • Hobo

    heh. I know many a person who will like this list! And as it goes im off to a convention today so I’m gonna see many a people doing just this

  • laurghita

    Check out this online for comic 500+ strips…

  • Don

    @Jenova4(18) Ah yes, thank you. It’s been many years since I read it. I think I might go and see if I can pick it up at my favourite bookstore.

  • astraya

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. It’s a movie starring Tim Allen.

    One of my students mentioned “Maus” a couple of days ago. Thanks for reminding me to research it further.

  • sleaterkinney1bt


  • El the erf

    #1 has made me all nostalgic about my days as a li’l child when I used spend all my time reading Noddy, Goosebumps,TMNT etc. and watching super human samurai cyber squad(how i wished there was a comic series of the same!) I am never able to get that same feeling whenever I try reading them again. Guess that happens when you grow up,blah.

  • MartinL

    What surprises me is how many of these I DID know — but then my first wife ran a comic book store (into the ground) in the 90s, so I had some exposure there. Great to see Omaha and Usagi Yojimbo on the list. Maus by Art Spiegelman (hello Astraya) should definitely have been on the list: it’s a revisitation of the Nazi concentration camps with mice as the interned Jews and cats as the Nazis, and has had major critical acclaim well outside the comics community. (It was the book that made serious literary critics in the 80s first take a noncondescending look at graphic novels.) Very good list, Joshua — do more. But edit yourself for grammar and spelling a little better, if you would. It does matter.

  • Nerikull

    @dbrownl: Way off the mark. The overwhelming majority of ‘furries’ do not have “sex with mascots”. It’s a fandom of anthropomorphic artwork. Yes, there are the few that have a sexual fetish involving fursuits, but that’s the slimmest of minorities.

    CSI and other shows only concentrate on that handful of people for ratings.

    That being said, I like the list, and many of the entries, but where’s Maus? For that, where are the Looney Toons, cartoony as they many be?

  • MinaLumina

    See, you only ever hear about the sexualized furries- you kind of get the impression that’s what the term means. If it just means fans of anthropomorphic animals, well, that’s.. I don’t know… my daughter’s been watching the disney Robin Hood a lot recently. I understand we’re talking comic books here, but if I were a fan of these kind of books, I would not refer to myself as a furry. It’s like if I said I was gay, everyone would assume I meant homosexual, even if I just meant happy. To the general public, the term just doesn’t mean what it used to.

  • Mac

    Lol! I love furries!


    First CNN, now Listverse… Shame on you guys.

  • aleoper

    Thought I knew a bit about most things, but WTF?

  • niz

    another crappy oppinonated list – there was such a string of great lists comming out the last few months – the last 6 lists have been rubbish

  • Davy

    Ninja turtles?
    Wierd list, but I guess that’s what listverse is all about.

  • lala

    I’m thinking back to the late 80’s, when I watched cartroons, and all that I can think of could be described as a ‘furry’. Muppet Babies, DogTanion and the Muskerhounds, Chip n Dales rescue rangers, Kissifur, Racoons etc. Just about any Disney cartoon of the 80’s, and any saturday morning show featured loads of furries. Of course, these were purely for kids, no sexual fantasies at all.

  • oouchan

    Well, I knew of 2 of these. Not sure if that makes me too old or too young. :)

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Unusual list about an unsual genre. I see some fetish undertones to these comics. When I read TMNT way back when I didnt realize I was being “furry”

  • Audrey

    Great, greeat, great list!
    I love it, being a big fan of the anthropomorphic and comics.

    Another amazing comic I can suggest, (or graphic novel more so) despite it not being furry-related, is Fables.
    An absolutely amazing series with stunning animation.
    I highly recommend it.

  • robulusrexx

    How the HELL do you leave off Fritz The Cat??!!
    Other than TMNT, I never heard of any of this johnny-come-lately crap.

  • Taylor

    Woohoo! Time to put on my grammar-Nazi pants. I usually don’t bother, but you end a sentence there with “… their’s a lot your missing.” (#6: Katmandu), which uses the incorrect homophones of both “there” *AND* “you’re”.

    Other than that it wasn’t a bad list at all. The addition of TMNT actually makes me think how strange the marginalization of Furries in the fetish spectrum is considering exactly how many mainstream children’s shows bombard us with anthropomorphic animals. It isn’t odd for people to develop fetishes from childhood experiences. Quite a few S&M fetishists can be said to have developed their kink from being punished as a child.

    Now, I’ll leave it up to following commenters to reaffirm Muphry’s Law.

  • ringtailroxy

    what? no Redwall? even as an adult I like this series…but i guess they aren’t comics…

  • Captain Funtime

    people may not like people calling those freaks furries, but thats the name thats been labelled to them, just like goths and the rest

    only joking, different strokes and all that. im suprised thunder cats was never a comic, and the list seems incredibly anime orientated.

    im starting to like the cartoon lists, how about some game ones? best driving games etc



  • Sid

    No Cerebus? Seriously?

  • milqytoast

    I love animals and I love comics and other forms of visual art/media, but furry art is an abomination. I know a furry artist myself, and he needs help.

  • timmy the dying boy

    Here’s one I like:

    If you’re into Prohibition-era stories with cats, this one’s for you. It’s a continuing story, so click on “Archive” and take it from the start.

  • MT

    Why no Fritz the Cat?

  • Federov

    @niz (37): You don’t like the liste de jour? Tough shit.

  • anon

    what a worthless list…definitely the worst ive seen on here

  • mom424

    No Archie and Mehitable by Don Marquis? Wouldn’t it be one of the very first examples? Still selling copies today.

  • L

    All these cartoon with talking animals are part of.. FURRY AGENDA!!! NExt thing you know they will start wandering the street and causing havoc ( nsfw?) Slippery rope people, slipery rope!!!

    Just kidding

  • King_EVX

    pretty cool list not to familiar with them other then TMNT.

  • Link of Hyrule

    I knew Usagi would be on the list. I loved the 80’s series (in the 80’s) loking back at it now (on DVD) I’m wondering why I liked it so much. It’s boring and kinda stupid. The 2003-2009 series was much better.

    On a completly related topic be sure to check out “Turtles Forever” a new direct to DVD animated feature in which the dimensional walls crumble and Ninja Turtles of different realities (and by realities i mean media. The 80’s series, 2003 series, Image comics, and live action movies) team up to stop the Shredder’s and Krang from destroying reality.

  • archangel

    Wow cool list. I’m too young for the rest, but I certainly know of TMNT!

    Which reminds me! OMG I had a giant Michelangel TMNT teddy bear!

  • facekickin

    why no bucky o’hare? is it just me, or are a majority of these straight manga?

  • Petie

    @L (54): The FURRY AGENDA is part of the VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY! They want us to be SHEEPLE! Literally! BAAAHH!!!! Ooh la la.

  • Zombie Julie

    Anything furry kinda creeps me out.
    Well, not kinda, it does. A lot.

  • L

    @archangel (57):
    was your teddy bear at least half as cute as these:

  • kofeelite

    Hobbes? from Calvin and…

  • Danny

    Thank you for treating this with respect.. and not going on a “HATE FURRIES” sort of deal…

  • General-Jake

    What the hell. Ive never complained about a list but how HIGH do you gotta be to actually read this shit?

  • GTT

    OK, at first I was thinking WTF? until I realized that I actually enjoyed TMNT as a kid. And then someone mentioned in comment (39) that there were actually a lot of cartoons that I enjoyed that might be considered furry. No problem there.

    I guess it starts to creep me out when people take it too far. I read an article a while back about a man in Japan who considers his body pillow (complete with a semi-nude, very young anime character printed on the cover) as his official girlfriend. Yeah, that´s right. This man takes his printed body pillow with him to restaurants (I think he orders food for “her”), the movies and on trips. And the worse part of it all? He wasn´t the only one. Apparently, it´s becoming something if a fad.

    Different strokes and all but that´s just sad… and creepy.

  • Doogie

    All furfags need to go yiff in hell. Putting TMNT on this list is a DISGRACE.

    This truly is a pathetic excuse for a list, and it’s probably the worst on the site.

  • Green Eyes

    Another mention here for Maus I and II.

    Really worth a read. One of the better graphic novels I’ve read.

  • Maggot

    @Doogie (66): Putting TMNT on this list is a DISGRACE.

    I totally agree. Those turtles have no fur. WTF? They are furry wannabes, IMO. Stupid turtles…

  • TheAwesome

    Thank you furries for effectively destroying my Dad’s career as a comic book artist. My dad gave up the comics because the furfags kept coming around my house and my dad did not want those creepers around his kids. I still wish my dad would bring back and finish Space Wolf.

  • TequilaSunrise502

    wow… um… great li.. yeah i’m not even gonna pretend interested in this.

  • undaunted warrior

    I like things that are furry mmmmmmmmmmm

  • flamehorse

    I LOVE FURRIES!!! AAARGRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Awesome list! My favorite is Sabrina. I’m a freak, I know it. If you look at frry art, which invariably becomes porn, you are so going to Hell. Accept it.

    Now you talk about a controversial list in the offing. This one will break records.

  • Leah

    fucking lame-ass furries.

  • bucslim

    @GTT (65): yeah, GTT, you can go ahead and count me in the officially ‘creeped out’ department.

    I guess I’ve read too much about the whole ‘furry’ thing that when I saw this over morning coffee, I immediately wanted to take another shower. I think for about 6 months Something Awful’s Awful link of the day pointed to a furry site. GNNAAGNNHH!

    I’m gonna restock the shelf with more Tums.

  • OMG

    Wow. Just… wow.

    You guys are REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel for list topics, huh?

  • demirah

    I only knew TMNT not my kind of list

  • Woyzeck

    No no no no no no. Furries are perverts by definition. Sexual deviants. Emotionally handicapped.

    There seems little doubt about it; this is the one of the worst lists ever featured on this site. Tomorrow, why don’t you compile a list of the best scat films ever made, or the top ten tycoons of the amputee porn business?

  • Spiff17

    If only the word “furry” had been left out in place of “anthropomorphic” a lot more people may have given this a read. I don’t think enjoying a comic involving anthropomorphic characters invariably makes you a freak, but the word “furry” has a lot of connotations that understandably freaks people out. I enjoyed a couple of these titles but I was still pretty turned off of reading the whole thing just cause I felt like I was reading about animal porn thanks to the title of the list.

  • Spiff17

    Not to mention that the very first entry has a blacked out naked breast on a cat woman. Not a great way to convince me the list isn’t gonna be about furry porn.

  • Gav

    Not my thang, but for those who do dig it, it’s probably a pretty good list by what I read.

    Was Fritz the Cat a comic or just a cartoon?
    And Hobbes was just a stuffed animal, living only by the freakishly cool imagination of Calvin.

  • kennypo65

    Lesbian Crickets sounds like a great name for a rock band.

  • Robert

    Would Animal Farm be considered a Furry novel?

  • Kelsi

    Not a fan of this list. =(

  • peri1020

    I read the title of this list and immediately thought of Omaha. I only ever read one issue (stolen from my father’s collection!) and it’s definitely not for the under-18 set. I may look into acquiring a few more.

  • Indrid Cold

    Not a fan of this list. =(


  • Axel

    Somehow this list feels a bit dirty. Maybe I have seen too much on the net.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @niz (37): *yawn*
    Another crappy opinionated comment.
    The only reason you don’t like it is because you don’t know anything about the subject. Which is the same reason I don’t like it, but at least I don’t whine about.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Zombie Julie (60): OH NOES!!!1! Look behind U, A SQURREL!!1!!!1!

  • Melissa

    What, no “Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew”? I loved that comic as a kid….

  • Jorick

    @Spiff17 (78): I know what you mean. I make a habit of reading all the lists that are put up, but this one I almost avoided due to the title. Despite what fans of anthropomorphic comics want to say, the term ‘furry’ now means someone who has anthropomorphic sexual fetishes. Regardless of what the word USED to mean, that’s the common meaning now. I suggest they think of a new word for themselves rather than being branded weirdos for keeping the tainted one.

  • The Red Phantom

    Weeeeeird. Turtle Power!!

  • Chipmunk

    Y’know, calling these “furry” isn’t exactly going to do much, other than make the comments explode with “fursecution” and furries running around like asshats trying to defend their “lifestyle”.

    In the end… giving an animal human qualities does not a furry make. Having an anthropomorphic character does not a furry make. The only things on this list that actually qualify as “furry” are the ones dealing with sex, so…

  • _-DAN-_

    Listen…being a furry is a fetish. I don’t care if you are attracted to cat or dog like people. You are not hurting anyone, but at least admit you are attracted to that and don’t say it is a lifestyle choice.

  • Chuck Melville

    The entry for THE SUIT is completely in error. It has some of the story info right, but nothing else. It was a graphic novel written and drawn by professional animator and cartoonist Mike Kazaleh (who drew REN & STIMPY and MIGHTY MOUSE for Marvel Comics, as well as his own CAPTAIN JACK for Fantagraphics) and it was published by MU Press in the mid-90’s.

    I must say that I’m surprised that the lister considered the book to be influential even though he also states it’s overlooked — if it was overlooked, then it couldn’t have been influential. You can’t have it both ways. Frankly, I think Mike’s CAPTAIN JACK was much more influential.

    And how is it that Vicky Wyman’s XANADU never made this list? It was one of the main furry comics to inspire early furry fandom, along with ALBEDO.

  • Chuck Melville

    To those who appear to be confused, let me correct your misconceptions: Furry is not, as some tend to believe, a sex fetish. A Furry is one of three things:

    A) An anthropomorphic animal.
    B) Someone who creates art or stories about anthropomorphic animals.
    C) Someone who enjoys art or stories about anthropomorphic animals.

    That is ALL that it is, and anything else you might think it to be is your own prejudice.

  • aaa

    What a strange subject to do a list on…

  • Maggot

    @Chuck Melville (95): Furry is not, as some tend to believe, a sex fetish.


  • plow22

    Boris the Bear!!!!

  • scape

    Why do furries always deny that it’s a sexual fetish? A quick google of ‘furry art’ gives you all you need to know to draw the conclusion. There’s a vast difference between the anthropomorphic art of say, Disney and this kind of stuff. The eroticization of anthropomorphic art is undeniably deeply ingrained in furry culture.

  • Bex

    Thank you, Chuck.

    You explained before I had the chance.

    Ignorance breeds hatred, guys. Like it or not, TMNT falls into the “furry” category as Chuck described above — as does the majority of beloved Disney films in which anthropomorphic animals are main characters — Robin Hood, anyone?

  • Moonbeam

    One of the things I love about this site is the chance to expand my horizons and learn about something I didn’t know anything about. I never thought about anthropomorphic animals or Furry as a whole genre. BTW, I loved Maus I and II, and Pogo like others here who have mentioned them. I wonder if Beatrix Potter would be an early creator of anthropomorphic animals as Peter Cottontail? Or Joel Chandler Harris’ Uncle Remus stories? Or Aesop’s Fables?

  • anony-mouse

    KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck Melville

    “Why do furries always deny that it’s a sexual fetish? A quick google of ‘furry art’ gives you all you need to know to draw the conclusion.”

    Because it is not of itself about sex. But there are those who do express their sexual interests THROUGH it. You can do a sex story in a furry setting, but that does not make furry a sex fetish.

    Nor is furry the only fandom to have it’s ‘fetishist corner’. There’s all kinds of similar treatments done with Anime, D&D, Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Star Trek, the Simpsons, etc.

    As for Google, well, there’s two answers for this. One, you’re seeing the stuff that everybody gravitates to most often, and it should be no surprise that it’s sex. Two, there is a lot of non-sexual furry art out there, but you’re being distracted by the sex and not looking beyond it.

  • Justin

    People complain about Baseball lists, or American centred lists, but then we have 2 lists about COMICS in less than 10 days and hardly anyone blinks. LAME!

  • Jack

    By far the stupidest list on listverse. This disgusted me.


    What Happen to tunder cats ! that should be number one best furrydom from all time am dissapointed !

  • Batz

    Yiff in hell. I’m going to be sick.

  • Woyzeck

    @Chuck Melville (103):

    “Because it is not of itself about sex. But there are those who do express their sexual interests THROUGH it. You can do a sex story in a furry setting, but that does not make furry a sex fetish.”

    If it isn’t a sexual fetish then why does it need to exist in the first place? Why is there such vast quantities spread all over the net? Where is the artistic merit in it? Why produce a corrupted image of nature in such a perverse manner?

    “Nor is furry the only fandom to have it’s ‘fetishist corner’. There’s all kinds of similar treatments done with Anime, D&D, Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Star Trek, the Simpsons, etc.”

    None of those are anywhere near as rampant or as intrinsic to the “culture” as in ‘Furrydom’. I’m sure if you want to find fetishes for anything you listed about you really have to look for them, whereas with furries the sexual aspect is really to the fore. Often aggressively so.

    “As for Google, well, there’s two answers for this. One, you’re seeing the stuff that everybody gravitates to most often,”

    That Furries gravitate to most often.

    “and it should be no surprise that it’s sex.”

    But it’s animal sex. You don’t see that as in any way disturbing or perverse?

    “Two, there is a lot of non-sexual furry art out there, but you’re being distracted by the sex and not looking beyond it.”

    “Furry art” – oxymoron of the week.

  • sleaterkinney1bt

    ive read every list on this site.. this is THE WORST

  • Chuck Melville

    “If it isn’t a sexual fetish then why does it need to exist in the first place?”

    I’m not sure I understand your question. Does it NEED to be a sexual fetish in order to exist!?

    “Why is there such vast quantities spread all over the net? Where is the artistic merit in it? Why produce a corrupted image of nature in such a perverse manner?”

    There are vast quantities of any kind of art because there are people interested in creating art. The artistic merit rests in the eyes of the beholders. And in what way is any of it perverse? You must be more specific.

    “Nor is furry the only fandom to have it’s ‘fetishist corner’. There’s all kinds of similar treatments done with Anime, D&D, Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Star Trek, the Simpsons, etc.”

    “None of those are anywhere near as rampant or as intrinsic to the “culture” as in ‘Furrydom’. I’m sure if you want to find fetishes for anything you listed about you really have to look for them, whereas with furries the sexual aspect is really to the fore. Often aggressively so.”

    I beg to differ. They are just as easily found as any other sort of porn on the internet. Just look at the copious amounts of Hentai, for an example.

    “As for Google, well, there’s two answers for this. One, you’re seeing the stuff that everybody gravitates to most often,”

    “That Furries gravitate to most often.”

    That anybody would gravitate to. Google only presents those sites that are most often visited, and more people visit sex-oriented web-pages than anything else.

    “and it should be no surprise that it’s sex.”

    “But it’s animal sex. You don’t see that as in any way disturbing or perverse?”

    How is it perverse if two animals have sex? If they didn’t do it, there wouldn’t be any animals!

    At any rate, furry characters usually aren’t animals in the strictest sense but metaphors for people. Aliens, that take the place of humans in fantasy tales.

    “Two, there is a lot of non-sexual furry art out there, but you’re being distracted by the sex and not looking beyond it.”

    ““Furry art” – oxymoron of the week.”

    And that’s your prejudice, not mine.

    If there’s any sin in the presence of sex in furry art, it’s that there’s far too much of it, to the point of distraction. But then, that can be equally said of society in general, so let’s set aside those blinders to focus on the wider and more prevalent problem.

  • superbloop

    Furrys suck

    Worst list EVER

  • Doobie

    I think someone needs to introduce the author to girls.

  • GTT

    @bucslim (74):
    @Spiff17 (79):

    OK, now I need to go take my second shower of the day. Furry, half-animal, half-human porn. I feel dirty just thinking about it.

    Tums to go around?

    Oh, and buc, if you feel the need to throw up a little more, you should look for that story about the Japanese guy. Yuck.

  • bucslim

    @GTT (113):

    No thanks GTT, I think I’ll pass on the Japanese guy story for now. Just coming back here to catch up has reminded me I need to clean under my fingernails, trim my nose hair and Q tip my ears. And about 1000 other disgusting things. I don’t need anything else to give me the willies.

    Please do not post the top ten people who need to dress up like horsies in order to get off. Thank you.

  • natapillar

    ooh we have a JFrater impersonator…… wow,that rhymes! i am way cooler than i first thought.

    sorry,but this whole furry fetish(or whatever u wanna call it) is not my thing. i will stick to Marvel Comics.

  • BethDEATH

    Wow… You alright there, JFrater? o_O

  • natapillar

    people who pretend to be other people…… why????

  • flamehorse

    @JFrater (119): That was FUN-EE! Giggity giggity giggity goo!

  • Caysha

    I don’t understand why so many people are calling this the worst list ever, did you actually read it? Sure some people are finding the term ‘furry’ and what they are associating it with (animal/human sexualization) pretty unpalatable, but there is nothing disgusting about this list. Actually read the list (and maybe the comments!) before posting an opinion, yeah? Maybe the title should be changed as Spiff17 (78) suggested to anthropomorphic rather than furry, so some prejudiced people aren’t going to comment negatively without giving the list a chance? Personally I found the list really interesting, especially as I don’t know much on the subject.

  • Davo

    Jfrater, you gettingcredit for this?

  • Alencon

    Errr, you’ll excuse me but, huh? (*scratches head*)

    Some of the stuff looks furry all right. The only one I ever heard of was the TMNT.

    I must be getting old. Put me out to a nice pasture will you?

    Thanks for the list though. It’s always nice to learn about something new.

  • ringtailroxy

    @timmy the dying boy (49): I know! i am SOO addicted to the gang!!! Freckles is one crazy tomcat…looks innocent, but devilish inside…

  • Maggot

    This is MY kind of furry fun:


  • joeyjoejoejrshabadoo

    this shit is fucking gay

  • I didn’t know TMNT used to tackle mature issues. And I think I’m going to start looking for Usagi Yojimbo comics and read them.

  • tox/n

    Bloom County? Howard the Duck?

  • lintswdihe

    furries really? for srs? there are tons and tons of anthropomorphic animals out there. and that’s cool. i guess, just the thought of reading a comic where stripper cats have ‘real’ issues is a bit of a turn off. where as i know that for others its a turn on and thats a bit gross. it’s a well thought out list, and i really hope the artwork that is shown to represent these comics isn’t really the art for the comics…it looks like terrible fanart you would find on deviant art.

  • Chuck Melville

    “i really hope the artwork that is shown to represent these comics isn’t really the art for the comics…it looks like terrible fanart you would find on deviant art.”

    In fact, the artwork shown in the examples above are by folks who are professional animators, technical illustrators, and freelance artists. As an example, Stan Sakai, who does the USAGI YOJIMBO books, also works as a letterer for Sergio Aragones (GROO, MAD MAGAZINE) and on the SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip.

  • Syfte

    It saddens me how we find no love for Sonic.

    Some of those comics were actually pretty good.

    Then again, maybe Sonic doesn’t count cause they were all very stylized, and were done after a video game…

  • JOshua_the_Samurai

    Let me Make perfectly clear, the people who are into comics like this and the artwork behind it are not the same “Furrys” Who have sex in mascot costumes. We have conventions, those people show up but trust me when I say none of the creators and artists on this list go around dressed up as giant dog people having sex with each other. Please don’t throw me in with those weirdos.

  • JOshua_the_Samurai

    BTW to Mr. Melville, I apologize for getting the name wrong on “The Suit” I looked up the name in my comic DB and apparently had the wrong author listed for the book. Should have looked at the cover.

  • Shawn Howard

    I’d like to thank the author for including my work in his list. I’m humbled by the inclusion of Extinctioners, though I’ll say it probably should be further down on the list.

    To those who are making the comments about “Furry” being a sexual fetish, I’d like to strongly state that Extinctioners does not have any sort of sexual focus and is as mature as any other mainstream super hero themed comic book.

    The use of anthropomorphic characters for the purpose of story telling has been a done throughout human history, from the transformation stories of Native Americans, to the political cartoons of Pogo. In publishing they were once called “funny animals” and were a very big and popular portion of comics produced during the early 30s and 40s. It wasn’t until the series Omaha came along that the idea of using humanoid animals for the purpose of story telling shifted from always having to be “funny” and changed to a more mature subject matter. Omaha is actually a very well renowned book from the underground era of comics in the 70s (which was a rebellion against the censorship started in the late 60s by congress) and the book is often mentioned and featured in many published books and magazines that document that era of comic production. The book, yes, does have “sex” in it, which any mature adult should be able to handle, but the main thing that had gotten the book it’s continued recognition by a much more informed comic community was the story telling by it’s writer Kate Worley.

    And while people seem to want to lump the term “furry” into the fetish of mascot sex, it can be nothing further from the truth by the authors of the books produced on this list. The creators simply want to tell good stories but using humanoid animals as the protagonist, just as any sci-fi writer may use an alien, or any mainstream writer may use a mutated human. They are vehicles for story telling that strip away the limitations of human issues that often prevent people from relating with one another, such as Race, Religion, and Sexual identity and give the reader a more open look into humanity. When you strip away the human face you are left with the human qualities and people tend to find more comfort with that than worrying about what race a character may happen to be or any other visual cue that causes us to have hang-ups with the “other”.

    I would say, give some of the titles mentioned here a try and come to a true, pure opinion on the merits of the work. Who knows, you may find a story that has an animal lead actually enjoyable, (Lord knows many of use do without blinking an eye when it comes to other forms of media entertainment we consume like movies and cartoons).

  • Zippy

    If you knew anything about furrydom, furries, or comics at all none of these would be on the list. Sorry.

  • redcaboose

    I have never heard of this before, but it looks like a lot of light hearted fun. Some of you guys just don’t want others have a little harmless fun.

  • milqytoast

    furry fanatics should not be allowed on listverse

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    You know what? All you “furry fans(non-sexual fetish type)” should just stop using the word “furry.” I mean, just give it up already! Everyone already associates “furry” with anthromorphic-animal-on-anthromorphic-animal action, just change the name and nobody will notice! Furry can still be the disgusting fetish, and something else can be the Ninja-turtles, Katmandu, etc. type comic. How about “humanimal” for a new name? Whatever you decide on, make sure people can tell it from furry.

  • Chuck Melville

    @GiantFlyingRobo (137): You know what? You’re a good ten years behind the argument. Several people tried to do just that way back when this problem began to assert itself, but it never took. Apart from the fact that most of those already in the fandom didn’t want to be forced to give up the term which was coined by them to begin with, was the fact that there were those who felt that their ‘special interests’ were still legitimately part of the fandom, regardless of what the rest of us thought, and refused to be separated from the fandom. It was a hot-button topic within the fandom a decade ago, and it remains so today.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Chuck Melville (138): Okay, how about not telling anyone you’re a furry fan? That’d work.

  • Wow..

    This list is completely based on opinion and should really be called “MY Top 10 Comics..” …cause, really, some of these are so old, they’re not really cared about anymore.

  • Chuck Melville

    @GiantFlyingRobo (138): Why lie?

    Seriously, why should I have to lie about enjoying a genre because somebody else can’t differentiate between a hobby and a sex fetish? I’ve been enjoying anthropomorphic stories, cartoons and comics since long before there was a furry fandom. Seems that my time is better spent in correcting people’s misunderstandings and encourage them to take a wider view rather than to panic and focus tunnel-vision only on the parts that disturb them. Though I do wish it weren’t necessary to have to do that in the first place.

  • Wenchtits

    I lol when people try to defend furries.

  • demirah

    One word: __
    ______ __ ___ 1 1
    l _____] //\\ { } 1 1 1 1
    l l // \\ { } 1 1 1 1
    l L____ //____\\ { } 1 1 1 1
    l _____}[[ —- ]] { } 1 1 1 1
    l l [[ ]] { } 1 1_____ —
    l_l [[ ]] {__} 1________1 /**\

  • demirah

    That didn`t came out right
    all Iam saying is……

  • slipstick

    Wow… I started to read the comments after the list, but the sheer ignorance of people who apparently caught the title, but not the description of the list itself nor the items contained caused me to hang my head in realizing that these are the same people who fight against equal rights for all people. Of course these are also the same people who enjoy watching Disney or Looney Tunes and seeing anthropomorphized characters there.

    I would make a suggestion of having as at least a bonus item since when it was imported to America it was shortened to 3 graphic novels, Apocalypse Meow (known in Japan as Cat Shit One.) With the forces fighting in Vietnam anthropomorphized, it told a great story with attention to details and side notes of history. The Americans are rabbits, Vietnamese cats, Chinese pandas, Russians bears, Korean dogs, Japanese monkeys or gorillas (depending upon how combat oriented they are,) Aussies become either koalas or kangaroos…. And it was successful enough that they’re making a cgi anime out of it centering this time on what appears to be Desert Storm.

    • awesomeo


  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Chuck Melville (140): I’m not saying you should lie about it, just not tell anyone who isn’t a fellow furry fan.

  • Salagos


  • Jess

    @demirah (142): and @demirah (143):


  • Merykitsune

    I actually grew up with a furry… my mother. Really. She’s somewhat well-known in furry fandom and is still active in it, even doing a furry-themed webcomic that is safe for work. We had a lot of these comics around the house (although never the mature-themed stuff) and I have very fond memories of reading Usagi Yojimbo and still love it to this day.

    Yes, some furries are… strange. Yes, some of them have somewhat odd sexual fetishes, but I know tons of non-furries who have strange sexual fetishes, too. For the most part, they’re very respectful folks that would never dream of doing anything untoward to another person.

    Most have a rather shamanistic view on life and feel a strong connection to one type of animal or another.

  • bucslim

    @slipstick (144):

    Yes, slapstick, I’ve devoted my entire life to “fighting against equal rights for all people,” while watching Disney and Looney Tunes.

  • Doobie

    The onlything gayer than this list is the people who are defending it.

  • Pegasus316

    It’s nice to know that some people are simply willing to look at this list for what it is. A list of comics with compelling stories/characters.

    And, even though I’ve been associated with this fandom for the past 11 years now, it STILL surprises me that people who don’t know anything about it are so quick to judge.

    Here’s the thing… If what you’ve “learned” about furries came from any of the following sources:

    a) MTV
    b) C.S.I.
    c) Tyra Banks

    … then, you need to go back and do some more digging if you REALLY want to know what they’re actually all about.

    Just like any fan base, there are fans on the fringe that go apeshit crazy for porn. Not because they suddenly feel the urge to go out and fuck a wolf/fox/horse/etc. It’s nothing more than pure escapism. And, EVERYONE needs that in ONE way or another.

    What? You don’t think there are any more Star Wars fans whackin’ off to Princess Leia in that weird bikini thing? Or, Star Trek fans fantasizing about, well, ANY of the ladies from all those different series? (Even those two Klingon chicks from TNG? Trust me. Their fan base is probably only SLIGHTLY smaller than 7 of 9’s.)

    Let’s go more obscure. I’m sure you all have childhood memories about your favorite shows that DON’T involve funny animal characters. Inspector Gadget, maybe? How ’bout the movie “Cars”. Pretty innocent, right?

    Go ahead and look any of those up with the word “porn” added in to the search. I guarantee, you’ll find it. Just substitute the two examples above with your favorite example of “innocence” in TV programming. Go ahead. I DARE you to look up Teletubbies. ;P

    Just because there are furry artists out there drawing this stuff, it’s the same reason that comic artists will draw porn of THEIR characters (and make no mistake, they will). Money. Now, for some artists, they do it because they want to. But, in the end, if it’s not actually HURTING anyone, why in FUCK should you even care??

    If your problem is that these are imaginary characters covered in fur and have animal heads and tails… so?? Since they’re not real, it’s hardly any more of a perversion than fantasizing about fucking an alien chick, or even an imaginary HUMAN chick.

    If that helps these people to feel even just a LITTLE bit better about themselves, I don’t see a single problem with it.

    Now… Having said all of that, I speak for the ones who otherwise seem to interact with people normally. And, yes, I’ve met one or two who seem to have a bit of trouble in that facility. Weeding them out isn’t always so easy, though. In ANY fandom.

    And, y’know what? There are types like that in every fandom. Trekkies, Warsies (I’m pretty sure that’s the term), LOTR fans, Comic Book Geeks…

    Honestly..? Even Football fans are kinda weird to me. (And, don’t think for a moment there aren’t a few REALLY weird fans thinkin’ of gettin’ it on with Brett Favre or Tom Brady… They’re out there.) It’s already been said a few times, but most people here seem to be glossing right over it: “Different strokes for different folks”.

    Why is that such a hard thing for people to get?? Opinions are opinions, and that’s all fine and good. You’re all welcome to ’em. But, it’s one thing to say, “Furries are weird” and another to say they’re “an abomination” (not quoting anyone here specifically, but it HAS been said).

    Really? With ALL that’s gone wrong with this world, Furries are REALLY that bad? My friends, you’ve got bigger fish to fry than us if you’re looking for things to focus that kind of animosity on.

    They’re just drawing some comics. Get over yourselves. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. And, for the artists that DO draw furry porn, they’re just drawings. I’m not quite sure I understand how that’s really hurting anyone.

    Maybe it’s time to just let the whole thing die and move on to something else to carpet-bomb. It just seems to be getting old at this point.

  • Doobie

    See what I mean?

  • Chuck Melville

    I see thus far that the defenders have shown some eloquence and the detractors are only lacking the requisite “Dahr!” at the end of their comments.

  • pegasus316

    Look, Doob (can I call you Doob? NotthatIcare.), if the only argument (such as it is) that you have is that this is a “gay” list, then consider what I said earlier to not be directed toward you. Mainly because I have nothing to prove to you.

    This is really meant more for the people willing to actually discuss the subject.

    If all you wanna do is bash it, then you go right ahead. Your opinion is so unimportant to us at this point that it won’t even go noticed.

    Have a nice day.

  • Doobie

    Quote 151: “If your problem is that these are imaginary characters covered in fur and have animal heads and tails… so?? Since they’re not real, it’s hardly any more of a perversion than fantasizing about fucking an alien chick”

    No shit! And that’s pretty fucking gay too!

  • pegasus316

    @Doobie (155): “No shit! And that’s pretty fucking gay too! DAHR!

    Okay. NOW your statement’s complete.

    As I said, I’m aiming these comments toward those who understand what fan bases are all about. Trekkies tend to understand Trekkies only. The thing about Furries is that we’re not JUST furries. We have other interests. I’m a Comic Geek/Gamer/Trekkie who used to be in a full time band and knows more about lawn care and agronomics than I ever cared to learn. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    There. You know something about me that has nothing to do with Furry ANYTHING. Consider this the last chance to bring something to the table that’s more than just “that’s fucking gay”. ‘Cuz, that’s not an argument. Up to you, though. My life’s still going to go on, regardless. Just like yours will, I guess.

  • Doobie

    Your little biography there just proved my argument for me. haha.

  • Doobie

    By the way…what’s the geek to english translation of “DAHR”?

  • Jason

    I remember Swat Kats being one of my favorite tv shows when i was a kid. Not sure if it started off as a comic though.

  • WBTX

    Being a comic collector during that time I remember TMNT had a huge impact on the indie comic scene in the mid 80’s. It’s word-of-mouth success help get indie comic publishers into comic book stores that just sold DC and Marvel superheros.

    And because of TMNT, there was an explosion of indie “funny animal” comic books that were published in the mid 80’s: Critters (featuring Usagi Yojimbo) Albedo, Cerebus, The Adventures of Captain Jack, Boris the Bear, Xanadu, and Omaha The Cat Dancer (which a lot of furs consider the first Furry comic book)… and many many more.

    And it was those early fans of “funny animal” comics that (before the internet) began networking via fanzines, and meeting at anime and sci-fi cons… and started what we know now as the furry fandom.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Okay, Joshua_The_Samurai, you left out a very important detail in Shanda the Panda’s description: the lesbian cricket is also her lover. She’s bi. I just learned this from Wikipedia, so don’t go assuming I’m a furry fan.

  • Shawn

    Nice compilation

    how can u forget Thunder Cats?? they definately fall into the furry category

  • Shawn

    Swat Cats in another name that popped into my mind

  • Scaredformylife

    furies…………oh god….furies are everyone’s problem

  • demirah

    @Jess (147): wht goes around comes around

  • Egg

    I don’t know man – I’d have put the Sonic comics up here before a lot of these. I’m not a Furry, but I got a load of furry comics with a box of other comics at an auction. Shanda the Panda is awful and Albedo has simply the most god-awful artwork I’ve ever seen in any comic. Honestly, I was just laughing with my friend yesterday at how terrible it was. The story is boring too.

  • Violet

    Love TNMT

  • Trapper439

    I’m not a furry, but the way they seem to inspire such hatred in some people is truly ridiculous.

    Seriously, stop foaming at the mouth about what other people enjoy and get a life. Alternatively, you could join Al Qaeda. I’m sure they don’t like furries either.

  • Moonchild

    Well you’re missing Art Spiegelman’s MAUS, won a Pulitzer prize for that!!!.

  • Aedros

    Furries claiming TMNT? I have no words, only primal bellowings of rage.


  • andy



  • Sage

    Sage goes in all fields.

  • Anonymous

    Sage this shitty thread.

  • Potatoes

    GO EAT YOU’RE SHITTY POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RageFromTheRageDimension

    DID Trapper439


  • Dickbutt


    U MAD?

  • Anonymous

    “Would Animal Farm be considered a Furry novel?”


  • SAGE


  • Green Lex Luthor

    LOL, /co/ influx butthurt because they find out their scaly heroes are really secret furry icons. U ALL MAD?

  • David

    Yes, yes we are Lex.

  • Guy

    Furries are nice, normal people like you and me.
    See? Here’s one spending Christmas with its family.
    Look at how happy they are.

    • awesomeo


  • Scott Hall

    Furries are only people who want to be animals or animalistic. Stop trying to claw in everything with animals in it to make it seem more okay that you are attracted to animal features.

  • Anonymous

    >Furries are people

  • AuthorityFigure

    You could of picked *any* ten comics and I wouldn’t of known the difference…

  • KravenWTF

    Missed Tank Girl if your looking for a successful kinda furry comic

  • Jay

    A list of this sort that doesn't include "Cerebus" isn't really complete. Not only did it run 300 issues over 25 years; much of it is intensely funny and highly enjoyable. I simply can't fathom it not being here.

    The absence of Art Speigelmann's "Maus" is also disappointing.

    You seem to have included only the sort of comics that would appeal to the fetish-istic element of the comic-reading populace. And while there's nothing wrong with that, as such, I certainly didn't begin reading the list with that understanding. Maybe I just didn't understand what you were going for.

  • Name











  • Pack&Packs&PacksOfSmokes

    Not sure if it was a rumor, but I read a long time ago that TMNT’s original creator was robbed of all credit. His “friend”–the guy credited as the series’ creator–got the series copy-written in his name, and put the comic out as if he had made it himself. Anyone who has any information and links on the subject I’d be very interesting in finding out the level of artifice to the story. Accordingly, the “comic-thief” recieved all rights, royalties, etc., making a bundle off of an over-trusting guy who “had a good idea but didn’t know how to publish or market the series, and as a result, asked for help from his friend who did have the means to do so, making a grave, grave error in judgement”.
    I would probally have dismissed the subject if it had been just the article I read, over a decade and a half ago. But my Intermediate School Social Studies teacher–a woman who had always seemed to be very well-read and knowledgable–recanted the same story to me during class one day. Anyone know anything about the story or the circumstances surrounding it?