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Top 10 Famous Real Ghosts

Winter is a wonderful time for a good ghost story. In the long hours of dark and the twinkling lights of the holiday season, it is all too easy to imagine more shadows than there ought to be. The most spine tingling stories, though, are the ones sworn to be true. The following list is of these sorts of ghosts: Specific apparitions, witnessed by several people at different times in the same place. The more witnesses, the more respected the witnesses, the better. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories capture the imagination.


Kate Morgan
Hotel del Coronado


The Hotel del Coronado is a stunning Victorian beachfront resort hotel in the very southern California city of Coronado, just south of San Diego. It was only four years open when a beautiful young woman named Kate Morgan checked in on November 24th, 1892. She was apparently very ill for the time she spent at the hotel, and it was later speculated she had taken a large dose of quinine in an effort to induce miscarriage of an unwanted child. That she was distraught there was little argument, so when she was found on the outside steps leading to the beach on November 29th, with a single bullet hole in her temple and a gun nearby, the death was quickly ruled a suicide. From that point on, strange phenomena have been reported at the hotel: strange noises, lights flickering on and off, and even the occasional ghostly woman in Victorian garb wandering the halls.

It is worth noting during my research on this story that the particular room number where most of the phenomena is witnessed varies from account to account. Whether because the accounts are second hand (and many of them are), or whether there is confusion due to the changing of the room number over the years as the hotel has expanded, I cannot say.


Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel


If you where staying at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and turned to channel 42 of your guest-room television, you would be watching one of my all-time favorite movies: The Shining. Doesn’t matter what time of day or night, or year for that matter, it is always on. That’s not supernatural, of course- merely a nod to their role as the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel. Employees report hearing the commotion of a great party in the grand ballroom when there is no one there. Children can be heard playing in the halls when there are no children at all, and many guests have reported seeing ghostly figures in their rooms at night, merely standing, watching. The fourth floor seems to be host to the most amount of activity, and there is one ghost in particular, purportedly Lord Dunraven, the previous owner of the land the property was built on, who can be seen standing over the bed or looking out the window of room 407. He is widely blamed for any jewelry or valuables that have gone missing in the hotel over the years.


The Brown Lady
Raynham Hall

Brown Lady Lg

Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, is home to the subject of one of the most famous ghost photos ever captured, the Brown Lady is named so because she appears in a rich brocade brown dress. She is widely believed to be Lady Dorothy Walpole, sister of Sir Robert Walpole, who married Charles, 2nd Viscount Townshend in 1713. She died under mysterious circumstances in 1726, and sightings of her began shortly after. Though reports of sightings have waned dramatically since the photo was taken in 1936, sightings before then had been reported by some fairly reputable sources. My favorite account is from a Major Loftus, who was staying at Raynham Hall in 1849. Retiring to bed one night, he and a friend named Hawkins observed a woman in brown brocade who vanished as Major Loftus approached her. Determined to confront the apparition, the next night he returned to she same spot and saw her again. He was horrified to see however, that when he looked into her face he saw only two black sockets where her eyes should have been. Unsettling to say the least!


Clifton Hall


If you have a spare £2.75 million laying around, you can be the proud owner of Clifton Hall in Nottinghamshire, England. The property was noted as far back as the 11th century, and was in the hands of the Clifton family from the 13th century until its sale in 1958. From there it became a school, then another school, then another school , then a planned set of luxury apartments, before finally settling as a private residence most recently belonging to a mister Anwar Rashid, his wife, and their four children. It boasts 17 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 10 reception rooms, a private gym and a cinema. Oh, and a few ghosts, of course. The Rashid family experienced unsettling phenomena their very first night in the home, in the form of a knocking sound and a man’s voice calling “Hello, is anyone there?” In one incident, Anwar’s wife, Nabila, went downstairs to prepare some milk for their 18 month old son at five o’clock in the morning and observed her eldest daughter sat in front of the television. When calling out to her gave no answer, Nabila got a strange feeling and went back upstairs to her daughter’s room, where the eldest was found still fast asleep in her bed. The Rashids fled the house after 8 months of putting up with the hauntings. Though their accounts are the most recent and easiest to find during research, there had been rumors and sightings on the property for as long as anyone could remember, including babies crying and a woman who could be seen through a window pacing in a room that had been bricked up and inaccessible.


The White Lady
Balete Drive


Oh, the ghosts of the Philippines! A Lady in White is undoubtedly the most common type of ghost anywhere in the world, and joins a laundry list of spirits in the Philippines for this story. I will say in research I have come across two accounts from locals of Quezon City, Philippines that say this is just a hoax, but I will stick with the majority opinion that there is something there. Believers report a woman in white with long black hair and her face either completely blank or obscured by blood standing in the middle of the road on Balete Drive. It is said you should avoid driving there at night – but if you do, make sure your back seat is full of passengers. Apparently it is in empty back seats that the White Lady will hitch a ride, spotted by the unfortunate driver in their rear view after they experience a dreadful ominous feeling.


Chloe and The Myrtles Plantation


Legend has it Chloe was a slave in the house of the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana who had a bad habit of listening at keyholes to the goings on of the residents. Caught one day in the act by the Master of the house, he lopped off her ear as punishment, forcing her to wear a green scarf over her head to cover the wound. As punishment, she baked a cake with oleander leaves, a common plant in the south that is immensely poisonous. Though the master of the house was her target, her victims became his wife and two daughters, who died in agony a couple days after eating the cake. Chloe fled the house and was lynched by field slaves on the plantation for the wicked light she cast on the rest of them.

Fortunately or no, there is no historical evidence to back up this story, just an intriguing photo. True or not (probably not), there are certainly plenty of other ghosts to keep you company, including a young girl frequently spotted in a mirror on the stairs, and another young girl who chants voodoo over people who dare to sleep in her room. The Myrtles is currently a Bed and Breakfast that gives regular tours to those curious enough to want to see the house- just not alone after dark.


Resurrection Mary


Traveling northeast on Archer Lane between the Willowbrook Ballroom and Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois, young men might find themselves tempted to pick up a young woman hitchhiking on the side of the road. She has light blond hair and blue eyes, is wearing a white party dress, and has been dead since the 1930’s. If you pick her up, she will stop you in front of Resurrection cemetery and vanish from the car. She is a classic example of the vanishing hitchhiker legend, a type of ghost story that has been around for at least a few hundred years. What makes this one so distinctive is the consistency of the story- the girl looks the same, wears the same dress, disappears in the same spot. Also worth noting stories of this particular hitchhiker popped up suddenly in the mid thirties and have been going strong ever since, and not just for those in the know. An account from 1973 sees a cab driver inquiring at Chet’s Melody Lounge across the street from the cemetery about a girl who fled his cab without paying her fare. Only his description of her sounded mighty familiar to the customers: Resurrection Mary had struck again!


The Flying Dutchman


It was 1641 when Captain Hendrik van der Decken swore he would round the Cape of Good Hope if it took him till doomsday. At his current rate, it probably will. The captain’s ship, known as The Flying Dutchman, has been seen frequently around the area, a phantom ship often so close the witnesses would swear it was on a crash course for their ship, only to see it vanish before them. It is always viewed as a bad omen to see the ship. Such a sighting was witnessed by the future King George V of England in 1881. He wrote: “At 4 a.m. the Flying Dutchman crossed our bows. A strange red light as of a phantom ship all aglow, in the midst of which light the masts, spars, and sails of a brig 200 yards distant stood out in strong relief as she came up on the port bow”. Later that morning, the sailor who originally spotted the vessel fell to his death.


Abraham Lincoln


Legend has it Lincoln saw his fate before he was assassinated. He reported a dream to his cabinet in which he wandered into a funeral at the white house, and when he inquired of one of the mourners who had died, the man responded “The President… he was killed by an assassin.”

Lincoln’s ghost has been spotted by many visitors and residents of the white house, among them First Lady Grace Coolidge, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and even Winston Churchill, who of course had something clever to say on the occasion. He claimed to be fresh from the bath, in the nude (what an image!) walking into the bedroom when he saw Lincoln standing near the fireplace. He quipped “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”, after which Lincoln smiled softly and disappeared.


Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn 1507 36 Tower Det Hi

Second Wife of Henry VIII and mother of a future Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn had three years as queen consort before Henry tired of her. Accused (most historians agree falsely) of adultery, incest and witchcraft, she faced an executioner’s sword with her head held high on May 19th, 1536. The executioner was reported to have said “Where is my sword?” before striking the single blow necessary, apparently in an effort to ease Anne’s anticipation by making her think she had a few moments more.

Her ghost has been spotted by several different people in several different locations: Hever Castle, Blickling Hall, Salle Church, Marwell Hall, and perhaps most famously the Tower of London. Though she is most often seen just as she was alive- a beautiful woman in a beautiful gown- some sightings are a bit more upsetting. More unlucky individuals will see her as she was just after death- headless, often with the head tucked under one arm. It has become such an iconic image it is often parodied in movies and television, and more elaborate Halloween costumes. One must not forget, however, what you would think if such a vision approached you in some dark corridor one night.

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    There is no proof for the existence of ghosts. (Also, existence of soul is not proof of heaven either.)

    Interesting list, but for example, old ghost photos are easy to explain. In many modern cases mass hysteria explains a lot.
    And as many of us know, people are hardwired to see faces in otherwise nonsensical places.

    I’d love to believe in ghosts, I even seen something many would have accounted as acts of paranormal. Alas, there has never been a ghost story that wouldn’t either have been dismissed as fraud, explained by something else or not existing in the first place.

    The mind is capable of some extremely powerful mindf’s.
    even skeptics aren’t safe from their own minds’ tricks.

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    I believe in ghosts. I saw them in my old house, as did my brother. My new house is haunted, too, andI also had a couple encounters while at Lizzie Borden’s bed and breakfast. I found this to be a great list, so thank you very much.

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    I’ve seen one of these – the brown lady. I was in the house for a tour and saw someone going round a corner. Being the child that I was, I followed, and reached a dead end in time to see the edge of a brown dress dissappear through the wall. Scared the hell out of me and I spent the rest of the day in the car with the dog, who had refused to join us.

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    Stop being retards. Ghosts are not real.

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    Sorry for the double post, but I just remembered another ghostly thing. My friend moved into a house and every day, her brother would wake up with a trashed room and say “It wasn’t me, it was Jessica.” Jessica is my friuend’s name, and she would always deny it. So their mother tried to reason with the brother and he said, “Not our Jessica, the other Jessica who stands behind my door, Jessica who’s only got one eye.”
    When they had moved in, they had changed the side of the door that the hinges were on, and that was when the trashing started. So they changed it back and it all stopped. Spooky!

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    What about Hampton Court, and the Ghost that “lives” there? Photos have been taken of him, and he`s even been caught on film. He wears a black cloak, and has a skull-like head. He`s named Skeletor, after, er, Skeletor. Just type in Skeletor Ghost, and it`ll show a picture of him. He`s a wierd looking thing.

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    What a horrible headline for this list. None of these are “real” ghosts. All I read here was speculation and bias on the authors part. I still don’t believe ghosts are real and I wont until I see one with my own eyes or see a video/photo that undeniably proves ghosts exist. Until that moment I will still be a skeptic.

  • deeeziner

    My father had seen two full apparitions–the White Lady, while he was stationed in the P.I. and another woman in the old quarter of San Diego.

    I have had enough experiences of my own to feel that ghosts ARE real.

    I also got a great thrill when watching the TAPS team at the Stanley Hotel. One of the better episodes.

  • timmy the dying boy

    This is silly.

  • RedMan

    There are some convincing stories and photos of ghosts however most have been proven fake. Just so people know photos of ghosts are not called ghost photos they are called spirit photos. The best way to capture a spirit on film is by using a polaroid camera because they are harder to manipulate than most cameras. If you suspect your house or just a room in your house is haunted leave a digital recorder in the room with the most activity overnight and listen to it the next day. It may not prove anything to your friends and family but it could mean something to you.

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    I loved this list! Although it is debatable wether ghosts are real or not, it is certainly interesting to think they might be. I really like this kinds of lists :D Thank you for making such a good one!

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    Although I definitely do not believe in ghosts, this was a fun list to read. The only part of this list I take serious issue with is the title- including the word “real” seems to be rather over-confident for the amount of evidence presented in most of these. However, great list nonetheless.

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    Entertaining list, but it’s the equivalent of people seeing images of Jesus in their cornflakes. You should have just dropped the word “real” from the title.

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    I’ve actually been to the Stanley hotel,and I got a really creepy vibe being there.
    The Winchester House(in CA. and not on the list)also gives off a really creepy vibe.
    Speaking as a skeptic,It was probally just my imagination or was it? I’m not the only person who got a really chilled creeped out feeling,while being in these places.

  • I agree with DM that “real” should not have been part of the title.
    Otherwise, the list was entertaining. It would seem that nearly everyone has had experiences which couldn’t be explained at the time, but given sufficient time and information are easily solved.
    I’ve had such experiences, in fact I set myself up for having the experience by sneaking onto the abandoned estate of Harry Houdini at midnight on Halloween. (The rumor was that his mother’s ghost roamed the hallways of the castle on Halloween waiting for a sign that Harry had survived death.)
    Part of the dare was to sneak all the way up to the castle and touch it before returning to the street.
    Now, of course I saw something on the second floor. I was all set up to see something on the second floor. It wasn’t real, though.
    What was real was the care-taker with his shotgun and his dogs, all of whom I had to evade to get away safely. Thankfully, I was not alone (this was a big deal at the time, so there were several other groups besides mine) and the old man and his dogs went after some other group.
    What I’m saying is, you can make yourself see something that isn’t there. It’s relatively easy.

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    DUDE I WOULD TOTALLY LOVE TO SEE ABE LINCOLN AS A GHOST. :D I would say hi and offer to play checkers with him. Lincoln is just so awesome tis not scary at all.

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    Ghosts – real or not, believe them or not – fascinate us. Nothing is as good as watching a horror movie on a cold winter night. Or how about tales of real ghost encounters at a camp fire? Love the list! (fascinating, not scary though).

    Also loved “Where’s my sword?” part. Very thoughtful of the executioner.

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    @SS (6): @therenosuchthingasghost (14): @archiealt (28): I’ve raised this issue before on other lists. It’s hard for me in good conscience to let go of your use of the term “retard.” Yes, yes I can already anticipate the accusations of being too politically correct. But please hear me out.
    1. Some of the people who read and comment on Listverse may in fact have intellectual disabilities. You could possibly be addressing one of them.
    2. If you have a valid argument, why reduce yourself to using adolescent name-calling? The most persuasive arguments show a better grasp of language than that. Name-calling makes the speaker look bad and also lose credibility.
    3. At one time the use of this word was acceptable. So was the use of many other words that are now not acceptable. From John C. McGinley, “You no longer use the words nigger, or kike, or faggot, or jap, or kraut, or mick, or wop… Why on earth would you? Those are all words that hurt. Those are all racial and ethnic slurs and epithets that perpetuate negative stigmas. They are painful! And that is not okay…There is no longer any acceptable occasion to lace your dialogue with the words ‘retard’ and ‘retarded.'”
    4. If you thinks is OK to use this word, then why not use it when talking to someone with Down Syndrome? Ask them how they feel about it. I’ve worked many years in the service of people with various disabilities, they tell me it hurts. From Rex W. Huppke of the Chicago Tribune: “I was once as flip as the next person when it came to the r-word, and I saw outrage over the word as another example of political correctness run amok. It’s just a word. It doesn’t hurt anybody. Why not worry about something else?…[T]he kids I spent time with explained to me why the word itself matters, how it hurts them when they hear it, even if it’s not directed at them [my emphasis]. And you can’t look these kids in the face and argue the point–you just can’t do it…If you still don’t buy that it matters, carve out a small amount of time to spend with…a kid with autism or Down syndrome. You’ll be better for it, and you’ll never think about the r-word the same way again.”
    8. Many of those with developmental disabilities cannot speak for themselves, thus I feel compelled to say something.
    9. Why pick on those of this world who are among the most vulnerable? Remember the childhood saying,”pick on someone your own size?”

    Sure, I’m under no delusion that I’ll change anyone’s mind here, but I feel honor bound to speak up. I’m not alone in my belief check out and the Campaign to End the “R” Word.

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    @Moonbeam (57):

    You “did” change someone’s mind today. I use this word a lot in many public forums just to be rude to the rude. But I now realized that I am actually being rude to someone else!

  • Ringo710

    Paradoilia is when you see uncanny resembleances to people or things from random objects or patterns (like dust or light). Thats what most ghosts are, figments in your head.

    And to all of you jerks who like to tell stories about how you or someone you know saw a ghost need to famililerize yourslef with the arguemnt from anecdote. Its when you present a story as evidence as a claim.

    Beside that, nothing about ghosts make sense. Why do ghosts have clothes? Did the clothes die too? Why do people only generally see them in the dark, where human senses are at their weakest? Why are there no cripple ghosts?

  • wondersquid

    I don’t get ghosts. I know my car can kill me. I’m not afraid of my car. And yet I’m supposed to be wetting my pants with terror over some vague, tenuous apparition? Even if ghosts exist – which they probably don’t – why do people fear them? They don’t seem to do anything but mope around.

    I am highly amused, however, that disappearances of valuables from the Stanley Hotel are blamed on a ghost. I’m sure the actual thieves never thought anyone would buy that excuse…

  • puppydoodoo

    Real? Debatable. But very interesting none the less.

  • Randall

    @Ringo710 (59):

    Not that I’m speaking on behalf of the existence of ghosts (I’m not) but your opinions and ideas here are all wet.

    In the first place, pareidolia does not apply here; I don’t recall any scientist or debunker using it as an explanation for hauntings, for the simple reason that it doesn’t seem to cover what people have claimed to see. Pareidolia explains the Face on Mars or someone seeing the Virgin Mary in a water stain on their ceiling, or dragons in clouds. It doesn’t explain why someone sees a dead relative standing at the foot of their bed, or a figure from the past appearing to stroll along a corridor or some such thing. Pareidolia *could* apply to cases where someone thinks they see a figure or other, and it turns out to have actually been, let’s say, oddly placed clothing hanging on a chair, or shadows combining in ways to resemble a person… but that would only explain a small percentage of hauntings or ghost sightings.

    “And to all of you jerks who like to tell stories about how you or someone you know saw a ghost need to famililerize yourslef with the arguemnt from anecdote. Its when you present a story as evidence as a claim.”

    True, stories of hauntings–even when they happened to the storyteller–are not evidence, are not proof in and of themselves that ghosts are real. No more than someone’s story of having seen Bigfoot is proof that Bigfoot is real.

    Nevertheless, when someone reports seeing something unusual, the report itself cannot simply be dismissed; there must be an explanation of some kind. Either the witness is lying; delusional or experienced a hallucination; misidentified an ordinary object for something extraordinary; or they actually saw something which was unusual, paranormal, or otherworldly.

    Of course, others who didn’t experience the sighting can never be sure which of these applies, and that’s why such stories are unreliable and cannot function as evidence. But hauntings are a long-lived phenomenon that have been experienced by countless individuals over the centuries, and this in and of itself counts as something which demands an explanation.

    The automatic conclusion that many jump to is that ghosts are some kind of apparition of the dead–spirit figures and so on. But it’s possible that ghosts are not this at all, but are merely perceived as such. Perhaps instead ghosts are like random snippets of film run and re-run through a camera–moments from the past that can somehow be witnessed by people in the present. Or perhaps they’re outward projections of the mind—perhaps the mind picking up on some kind of latent energy and then projecting that energy into something which is not actually there–but appears to be.

    We simply don’t know. None of this is scientific, of course, because there’s not the slightest shred of evidence, as yet, to support such wild theories. But we can safely assume that *something* is going on because this is a phenomenon that has been reported repeatedly for countless years. Even if only a weird manifestation of the mind, it may be “real” in that sense, and cannot simply be dismissed without explanation or being addressed in some way.

    “Beside that, nothing about ghosts make sense. Why do ghosts have clothes? Did the clothes die too?”

    This, again, is the assumption that ghosts are the dead. But we do not and cannot know that. Nor can we know *why* they manifest the way they do, to people. Yes, it’s tempting to simply dismiss the phenomenon as it makes so little scientific sense. But just as it’s wrong for the “believer” to conclude that ghosts are really spirits of the dead based on zero evidence, it’s wrong for us to simply evict the phenomenon from reality simply because it has no basis by which we can study it or describe it accurately. Scientifically all we can truly say about ghosts is that we *don’t know.* And leave it at that. They may or may not reflect something real. We just don’t know.

    Some, however, may consider the phenomenon worthy of study on that basis alone.

    “Why do people only generally see them in the dark, where human senses are at their weakest?”

    Actually, it’s my understanding that many hauntings have been reported in daylight.

    What you’re getting at is the psychological explanation that ghosts are merely our minds playing tricks on us because our senses are weakened and darkness makes us fearful or unsure of what is around us. Perfectly valid theory. But it doesn’t cover all ghostly experiences, unfortunately.

  • Vinna

    Double post: sorry :P

    But I agree, there’s no proof of a ghost’s existence, but that doesn’t stop you non-believers from trying to encourage everyone that ghosts aren’t real. How would you know if they’re not real when nobody knows if they are. But I don’t care what people say, I believe in ghosts.

  • craggster

    I’m from Nottingham and my tutor used to go to Clifton Hall when it was a Grammar School. She tells us about the strange and ghostly happenings going off, the stories are pretty immense.

  • Master

    Even if I provided plausible physical explanations for a million ghosts in a million different places at a million different times, there is always the possibility that the next one that pops up will be the real thing. So, those who believe in poltergeists, ghosts, and unicorns can always take refuge in the fact that nobody ever has enough information to debunk every ghost story, and even if they did, the next one might prove the debunkers wrong!

  • BigMack321


  • deeeziner

    Good to see you pop in Randall. Hope you had a happy holiday. :)

    About the nature of hauntings and man’s current inability to provide scientific proof–Well said.

    Proof or not, I DO know that the old courthouse of my town cannot get a cleaning crew to come in after dark. It is the only courthouse in Pinal County to have their janitorial services provided during business hours.

    Just too many “incidences” through the generations, the city fathers have decided not to rationalize anymore. They simply lock up at sunset and stay away.

  • Rachel

    I can’t believe the Bell Witch wasn’t included. The only “ghost” that was supposed to have done physical harm to various people, and may have actually caused a death (Mr. Bell supposedly died by being poisoned by the Witch). She was seen by many people and heard by many people at the same time (perhaps mass hysteria). Even President Andrew Jackson went to visit her, but was scared away by … something; I can’t remember. lol.
    If ghosts really do exist, then that is definitely the story to study.
    And I find all the photographic “proof” mostly a scam. But there ARE amazing photos out there – the men’s faces in the sea after they died, the soldier that died and was somehow in a group photograph with his fellow soldiers the next day – there are some incredible pics. But I do agree that most are just bunk.

  • Arsnl

    @Randall (62): how about the fact that some people see what they want to see. That would explain some phenomena. Also i wonder is hitch hiking ghosts are a new thing. There are also people that live everyday in “haunted places” and never see a ghost. Why are ghost being selective? I think we can scientifically say a bit more than “we dont know”. If ghosts would exist then physics would have to change. And explaining things as latent energy. Thats doesnt work because the all the ghosts are human or animals. Why dont we have ghost power plants or ghost buildings. Also why arent there ghosts in space or in antarctica.
    My personal explanation would be that somekind of elecromagnetic energy would exist in some places that would determine some kind of hallucination. And some poeple would be more sensible than others. Since these things dont happen in a reliable way and these sightings cant be repeated in some kind of controlled environment well we really cant just say “we dont know”
    Ps im so certain ive said loads of mumbo jumbo

  • Alencon

    I think calling these “real ghosts” is a bit of a stretch. There is no compelling evidence that ghosts exist. In the absense of compelling evidence the default position has to be skepticism.

    This is basically a list of anecdotes about ghosts and anecdotal evidence is notoriously unreliable so I think I’ll remain skeptical.

    But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an entertaining list. I enjoyed it.

  • Moonbeam

    @Shadow Lord (58): I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me. Thank you.

    Just like any one else, I know that I have offended others during my life. I’m certain that I will again. But once I understand that maybe what I’m saying may be hurtful to another, I find that I have to work on changing.

    Thank you so much for letting me know!

  • saber25

    The Flying Dutchman greatly resembles the fictional ship called Maria Celeste. ANd more sightings of ghosts are seen on Balete drive, and I mean ghosts, GHOSTS, not any form of creature. And it’s more of than just the famous legend of the White Lady!

  • Karl

    FINALLY!!! Our favorite ghost here in the Philippines is on the list!!!! Thanks!

  • Gregory

    “real ghosts” is a contradiction in terms. Ghosts have never been scientifically proven to exists. Yes we still get the shoddy stories and reports, faked or ambiguous videos or photos. But they aren’t much evidence at all.

  • El_Karlo

    Why the hell did i read this at 3am just before going to bed?

  • Rufus

    has anyone noticed there’s a scythe at the front sticking out (whatever that part is called) of the flying dutchman picture =P

  • T-Pev

    I actually worked at the Hotel del Coronado for a little while at an ice cream parlor near the beach. I tried asking many employees, including managers, what room the ghost was in and no one ever “knew” or they just wouldn’t tell me. One manager told me that they get asked that so many times that they have change the room number a few times just for the sake of confusing ghost hunters/ curious tourists. I can tell you on a personal experience that the basement area for the hotel is not a comfortable area to be in, I’ve seen things move with no one around and have heard many strange noises but it could have been my over active imagination.

  • jenny

    please make more like this..


  • Vera Lynn

    Moonbeam (57) I teach, and as the adopted daughter of parents who had 2 severely retarded children who died shortly after birth, I do not allow that word to be used in my classroom. It is as ugly and hurtful as any of the other words you mentioned. I applaud your efforts!

  • Vera Lynn

    After my father died, I asked my 6 year old son if he missed papa. He said, “No.” I was dumbfounded! They were close. I asked, “Why not?” “Because he comes and sits on my bed every night.”

    Still makes me think.

  • scrumpy

    Listverse could be such a great website if it just stopped using crap titles!

    “real” ffs…….

  • mpyle

    Great List! Love reading lists like this but makes me paranoid. I can only blame so much on my cat & dogs ;)

  • @Vera Lynn (80): Kids have a really active imagination…or are exceptionally close to their loved ones who have died. I don’t know for sure which. But don’t totally discount your sons story.
    When I was about his age, living on a different continent, I woke in the middle of the night to see my paternal grandfather standing near my bed.
    “I just came to say goodbye”, he said, his face radiating love.
    The next day my Dad got a telegram to say his dad had died the day before.

    I do not believe in ghosts. But I believe in whatever in whatever that was.

  • Morticia

    Thankfully have never seen any ghosts, but sure as hell have heard them and there WAS NO other explanation for the noises, and boy did I look for alternatives!

  • Anna

    I will bear in mind not to visit those places…gives me the creeps…btw,this is a really excellent list.Kinda made my day !Kudos!!

  • archangel

    Interesting list! Am still waiting on seeing a ghost too… would really lighten my spirits about the nature of an afterlife.

    I can see the objections to this list being titled ‘true’ for this is not yet entirely proven, nor unproven. But having said that, it is neither proven nor proven so just be sceptical about it, and have fun with other people’s experiences!

    Oh, and I surely hope I can summon up Churchillian wit when I do see one! He was fortunate enough to see Lincoln though…

  • nicoleredz3

    The flying Dutchman was real?..

  • Mrs Polidori

    I believe in ghosts. I have experiences with them everyday and in my house, people have seen and felt a presence even before they knew it was haunted.

  • Shagrat

    Great List Hillerious: I received a postcard from a friend who was tudying in the States – it was of a narrow, tree-lined river crossed by an arching, wooden footbridge. I was enjoying the scene when I noticed an ‘anomaly’ and was stunned to see a reflection of a woman crossing the bridge carrying a bundle – presumably a baby – and dressed in late 18th Century clothing – yet there was no-one on the bridge! It was an original photo taken sometime in the ’30’s I believe and reproduced on postcards.

    As for No.#1 – Anne Boleyn is rarely seen intact – in two locations: In St Peter ad Vincula Church in the grounds of the Tower of London – she was seen by a soldier who investigated a glow coming from the church and at her home in Hever Castle; where she is observed frequently at Christmas time wandering beneath the oaks in the parkland surrounding the castle – every other haunting attributed as being Boleyn describes her as headless but beautifully clad and occasionally carrying her head. Her most frequent hauntings are observed as she is driven up the driveways of the various castles in which she lived or on the roads of Norfolk near her various homes. In all cases she is in a carriage drawn “at furious pace” by headless horses and carrying her own head in her lap
    BTW – part of the ‘witchcraft’ accusations levelled at her were based around the fact that she was a “polydactylus sinistre” – that is she had six fingers on her left hand (as well as a supernumerary left nipple): When her coffin was was exhumed during renovations to St.Peter ad Vincular a century or so after her execution her coffin was opened (for presumably historical identification reasons and her body identified’positively’ by that infamous sixth finger

    However I must ask why, in a list of Top 10 Real Ghosts you could not find a single place for any of the ghosts of York – officially the most haunted city in the world; or Edinburgh – the second most haunted city in the world: especially since the MOST verified and authenticated haunting of modern times occurs there. I refer to the “McKenzie Poltergeist” of Greyfriars Kirkyard and the ‘Black Mausloeum’ which lies in its grounds (on the site of the old Covenanters Prison at the back corner of the kirkyard. This latter has caused (up until I went on the tour) 200 collapses and 8 heart attacks and literally enough ‘attacks’ to fill several ‘visitors accounts books’ – one of them being mine: I was left with a vivid red scratch on my neck from being grabbed when I went to leave the mausoleum: I was standing at the back of the mausoleum with the rear wall against my spine – no-one human could have grabbed me. And yes, scoffers, I have photo’s of the scratch mark to prove it.

    I would also sign ANY form of legal, ecclesiastical or sdpiritual based document and swear to the truth on a stack of Bibles attesting to the authenticity of the ‘incident’.

  • Oooh awesome list~
    Shouldn’t have read it when I’m on my own though. o.O

  • GTT

    @Shagrat (89):

    I´ve looked everywhere for confirmation of Anne Boleyn´s sixth finger and I havent been able to find it. In fact, a lot of the sources say that it would have been improbable that Henry XIII (who was fastidious to a fault) would have fallen in love with her if she had had this defect.

    Where did you find evidence of this sixth finger?

  • Firefly

    Like many people I’m still unsure about the nature of ghosts. While I’ve never seen or heard anything supernatural myself I know people who have. I work in a building that dates from the late 19th century which is built on the site of a medieval church. One of the women I worked with, Colette, is very spiritual, believes in ghosts, angels etc. There are rooms in the building where she gets a ‘strange’ feeling. We went to visit Trim castle and there’s a room which is reportedly haunted. Our guide said some people see images of a priest there and get ominous feelings. I felt fine, nothing unusual. later on we were looking at the photos we had taken and one of Colette’s showed the outline of a human figure in that very room. It was quite strange, especially seen as I had taken a picture of the same area (it had original medieval whitewash on the walls) and my picture was perfectly normal.

  • Mrs Polidori

    I’ve heard people say “there’s no proof in existence of ghosts”, but also there is no proof that they don’t exist, so that is what annoys me about some people who just rule the whole existence out completely. Then they argue and say they have never seen a ghost. Just because a person has not seen one, it doesn’t make them any less real. If they would open their minds, then they would.

  • Mrs Polidori

    Or even if they didn’t see one, they would at least feel something, eg, a presence that cannot be explained.

  • Mrs Polidori

    #59 – Answers to your questions:- Ghosts appear dressed in clothes, as they will appear to you how they looked in life, which ties in with your other question about cripples. If a person was crippled in life, then their ghost would appear the same way, unless they crossed over into the Light or “home” and would be healed and then no longer would they be a ghost, but they would be a spirit. Ghosts appear at night, not for us to see them, but because they can go about their “business” without us living people to interrupt them. It’s kind of accidental to see them at night, unless you ask to see them. But they rarely do it to scare humans. And don’t you find it weird that we detect ghosts with lower senses? That there is something beyond our “normal” sensory detections?

  • LLC

    The pictures that you are seeing with the ghost have ALL been proven as hoaxes. Come on people catch up with the rest of us.

    • Gerry

      The Brown Lady photo is a hoax??? It was never proven to be a hoax.

  • LLC

    That’s not to say ghost do not exsist!

  • Annie

    Nice list! I was a bit disappointed that the Bell Witch didn’t make it on the list. :]

  • ryfi

    they proved the brown lady picture and lincoln picture as hoaxes, not saying the stories are hoaxes. The Stanley Hotel has been proven to have paranormal activity from multiple investigators.

  • porkido


  • careless whisper

    I’m from the Philippines, and re: White Lady ghost in Balete Drive, Quezon City, I believe almost every part of the Philippines, in the provinces and cities, has their own version of that kind of (raped-victim wearing white gown, sometime beautiful face bloodied or no face?) ghost. So, I don’t know if it was real or just used to scare children so they won’t stay outside home at late night…

  • hillerious

    I’m pleased and surprised my list was published- after I wrote it I realized I was repeating a lot of content that was already on the site in different lists (in subject, not wording). I submitted it because I didn’t have time to write a new one. Ah well. I am surprised by the number of people who don’t get why I used the word “real”. The explanation is right there in the opening paragraph. It’s really only to differentiate these stories from fictional ghosts (jacob marley, canterville ghost, etc). I debated whether or not to include quotation marks on the word “real” and decided against it- it seemed condescending.

    You don’t have to believe in ghosts- although I, in fact, do. What I don’t get is why the people who don’t believe in ghosts are so desperate to argue why they don’t believe in them. Does it honestly make you angry when someone believes something you do not? I believe in ghosts because I have seen a few. If you want to believe I was hallucinating, that’s fine, but I like the air of mystery the things I’ve seen lend to my outlook on life. I believe as strongly as you do not want to believe. There is really not enough proof either way on this, so why not just flip a coin and get on with your lives?

    Here’s a story: I was staying in a downstairs bedroom at a friend of my mothers. It was about seven in the evening and you could hear the sounds of dinner being made only a few feet away. I was walking from the bathroom to the bedroom to hang out for a while, and had my head down initially. I entered the room, shut the door, turned around, looked up, and saw it. Directly across from me was a window whose blinds were pulled up. It was black outside, because this house was on a fair bit of property and there weren’t any houses visible from it. Standing outside the window was an old woman. She was semi-transparent, and her features seemed to be highlighted in a thin white light. She seemed to be looking directly at me, then turned and walked away- out of the line of sight of the window. This incident is only the most clear cut of a few that happened in that room while I stayed there. I assumed the old woman was my hosts mother, who had died in that house of cancer. I had been told her bedroom was upstairs, and I even avoided that room because of this fact. Only much later did I find out that the room she actually died in was the room I stayed in, and that she had not actually died from cancer, but a suicide assisted by her daughter. That’s why I believe in ghosts. Wouldn’t you?

  • Rachel

    @ Annie
    I know!!! I said the same thing and I am really irritated that the Bell Witch story is overlooked so often in articles like this.

  • Jags

    Hi Listverse,

    Merry Christams!

    What I do not get is those people who whinge about material that has been left off lists? If you have suggestions than please comment on them or do some reseach and put a new list together for all of our enjoyment.

    Of course it is impossible to pick only 10 ghosts and have everbodies favorite on one list.

    I think that the ability to comment and discuss each of the lists adds to their richness and allows us to start thinking about topics that we have only just scratched the surface of. (ghosts have been around for a fair while i would imagine!)

    so Listverse,

    get out there and tell us about more ghosts!!

  • tolle

    Randal says it like it is he always does. And @ hillerious…… Yes I would too

  • nuriko

    My friends and I tried passing by Balete Drive as part of our peer tripping… the road was indeed scary knowing the possibility of the white lady showing… unfortunately, we saw none…

  • tolle

    @hillerious (102):yes… And randel you always tell it like it is love reading your comments

  • Shagrat

    GTT (91) – The original reference I found was in a book called “50 Great Ghost Stories”; sadly now out of print – though you may find a copy on eBay or Amazon or something if you’re lucky. The book is an anthology of true hauntings chiefly in Britain and North America. A vedry good read.

    I have also come across references over the years in various places – though, my memory, not being what it was, I can’t recollect them. I do recall a couple of them involved ‘historical trivia’ which I was into in a BIG way about 30 years ago – and still am to a certain degree.

    Just keep searching and you’ll eventually come across them – many of the stories are probably apocryphal, but the text I quoted above contains stories by very well-respected writers in the supernatural field (I think it was written, originally, in the 40’s or 50’s)

    Hillerious: another tale – after the scratching I got in Edinburgh, I went on another ‘Ghost Walk’ in York a few nights later and one site (now occupied by town houses) bounded by St Andrewsgate and Spen lane was once a workhouse for orphans. The owner murdered 13 of his charges before handing himself in (he had realised after one child died – natural causes – that if he didn’t report it, the government would continue to pay him for their upkeep). Authorities only recovered 10 bodies/sets of remains from the sewers. The haunting involves childrens voices raised in laughter and play – occasionally weeping – and accasional appearances.

    We were standing about listening to the history of the haunting when the guide described the children (as they had been described by others): when got to the eldest, a girl, he described her clothing and appearance – at which point I said: “like the little girl standing by the garden bed there?”. They looked at me and then at the garden bed and said “what girl?” I looked again and said “oh! Now she’s standing behind you – this to the guide – he turned and looked and looked back at me and I said “she’s gone!” I said it in quite a surprised tone because, to me, she had appeared to be flesh and blood: a chap had accosted the guide about 5 minutes earlier and I stepped forward to defend the guide and the tour (as did an English bloke who backed me up) and our ‘accoster’ left after threats of violence – and as I and the Englishman turned back to the group, I saw her sheltering behind the guide and I thought this girl had come with him and I hadn’t abserved her before; odd, because she was attired quite ‘cutely’ in 19th Century period dress – as that’s when I first noticed her. I’ve noticed in previous ‘ghostly’ encounters that minds tend to ‘switch off’ until ‘jogged’ by something.

  • Casper

    Ghosts are real. Some of them are even friendly.

  • hillerious

    @Shagrat: What a fantastic story! I love that- sharing personal stories- this is why it may be smarter to believe in ghosts than not. Surely not *everyone* with a story is lying or crazy. As for your account of not knowing what you had seen at first: you remind me of another one. I was about 8, we were at a goat show. A goat show, for those not in the know, is a get together of goat breeders (like my mother), usually on fairgrounds. This fairgrounds had permanent structures made to look like the old west (American old west, that is). I honestly don’t know anything about these structures, even to this day, though I may look it up when I’m done typing. As a kid, since these shows lasted a few days, you could imagine we did a fair bit of wandering. I remember this particular year being exceptionally mischievous. At one point, we decided we wanted to sneak into an old house. I don’t know what the purpose of this building was on the fairgrounds. I was told to watch for grown ups while my brother tried to break in. My brother was on the back side of the building- no where near the room of the window I was standing next to. I mostly watched for grown ups, but at one point something caught the corner of my eye. Through the window -not in that room but the hall beyond- for just a moment I saw a woman move through the doorway. She wore a brown dress and had her hair up in a bun. She just passed by. She was so solid, I ran to my brother and told him someone was coming. I concede it could have been some re-enactment actor warming up, but the fact is it was not in season for the fair, and even if it where, to my knowledge, the fair never had actors. One of those uncertain things I think about from time to time…

  • AuthorityFigure

    I’ve now seen so many ‘ghosts’ that I wouldn’t cross the street to see one. The funny thing is, I’d pay real money to see one, but no one out there has managed to figure out the link between seeing ghosts, and the revenue that that would generate…

  • Shagrat

    Hillerious – if you get to Britain, you need to go on the ‘City of the Dead’ tour in Edinburgh (that’s the one that ends at the Black Mausoleum – BTW it’s not called the Black Mausoleum because of the haunting or McKenzie’s vicious past – it’s because it’s built of black basalt)

    In York there are several ghost tours, but the best was the one that starts at Exhibition Square in front of the City Art Gallery opposite Bootham Bar on one side and Kings Manor to another (BTW – a ‘Bar’ in York is a gate – not a pub; and a ‘gate’ in York is a street – not a “hole in the wall” to go in and out of a city – – – oh and BTW – the best pub in York is called the “Hole In The Wall” and it’s in High Petergate near Bootham Bar – so it’s a pub in a gate near a bar – – – confusing, no?

    I think the ghost tour that leaves Exhibition Square begins at about 7:30 or 8 in the evening.

    BTW (again) – got photo’s of an ‘apparition’ in the Covenanters Prison area in Greyfriars Kirkyard which, when magnified digitally has a very clear image of a man in kilt, fly-plaid and jerkin with a baldric for a sword across his chest and in York both I and an American took photo’s of St.Saviours church (haunted by a Viking) and BOTH of us got images of a face peering through the window: the window was 12 feet off the ground, the church had been padlocked shut for 25 years at that point and the face moved and was in three different positions in the three photo’s!

  • Barold

    @Mrs Polidori (95) If your ‘answers’ were tongue in cheek responses then it may be the funniest thing I have ever read.
    If they were genuine then it may be the saddest thing I have read.
    “Ghosts appear at night, not for us to see them, but because they can go about their “business” without us living people to interrupt them.” This is my favourite bit!!! Comedy gold!!

  • Great post, thanks


  • Mrs Polidori

    #113 Barold:- Yeah, okay, you might feel good in making fun of my comment, but I just hope that one night a ghost is “going about his/her business” at your place and you just happen to see them. I’d love to see what happens if you made fun then, so tell us all and post it on here, okay? (Don’t make fun of something you know nothing about, or something that you don’t want to know about, it’s not good for you or the subject matter).

  • michaelfury
  • And still, Houdini remains in silence.

  • swissknifev

    @ Mrs. Polidori- Ma’am don’t worry. I believe in what you say.And we can never ever argue and win about our beliefs and non-beliefs in Ghosts. Ma’am, sometimes truth is deadlier than fiction. It goes beyond the grasp of our 5 senses. 5 feeble senses that can only detect 5 feeble energies in a universe of 1000 forces. You have a point in your belief. I take you seriously. No one knew about electromagnetic waves until they were discovered. Till then they were in the air all around us. There are three examples of scientists who believed in forces beyond.

    1. Sir Arthur C Doyle – the creator of Sherlock Holmes was a Doc. and an absolute rationalist. One day he decided to attend a seance and dissect the whole thing with the logical powers of science. He came back baffled.
    2. A man sitting in a train was laughed at by a co-passenger for constantly praying with his rosary. The man just smiled, saying not a word. When he got down at the final stop there was a huge crowd to greet him. The man was Louis Pasteur, the famous scientist who discovered bacterial phenomenon and pasteurization.
    3. Finally we had Albert Einstein who said that the more he thought about the universe the more convinced he was that there was some intelligent power that ran the universe.
    His theory of relativity talks about matter turning into energy at the speed of light and a reverse effect when energy turns into mass. So the comp that we see is relative energy in the form of mass. Our fingers ‘feel’ it like mass. Now the theory is difficult to understand but the point is – there are a lot of paralogical things in the universe that we don’t know. So Ma’am, you are right and the three giants of science would have agreed with you. And stood up for you.

  • GTT

    @Shagrat (108):

    I wasnt referring to the haunting of Anne Boleyn… I was asking where you read that she actually, truly had 6 fingers. Every source I find seems to agree that the rumor of her polydactily was a complete fabrication circulated by her enemies (they also called her a witch, whore, etc).

    It´s a historical falsehood and it´s about time it was put to rest.

    Oh, and BTW, great ghost stories! :)

  • Mrs Polidori

    118 swissknivev:- Thankyou for what you said and for agreeing with my beliefs. And I’m sure that plenty more people also agree.

  • Mrs Polidori

    Sorry, I mean swissknifev

  • ianz09

    @Shagrat (112): @hillerious (110): Ok, I’ve got a few, not quite as interesting as yours, but creepy nonetheless.

    The first story was five or six years ago. I was home alone, right after school (I was in middle school at this time). I stopped by the house to get a bag of chips for a snack before joining my brother at our friend’s house. My sister was still in school (she went to elementary which ran later) and both my parents were at work. It couldn’t have been my brother, because he couldn’t have sprinted over to the house before I got there (he was already to our friend’s house, which was very much out of the way from the bus stop to our house).

    Well, I just got it, took a whee, grabbed my chips, and was on my way out the back porch door when from upstairs came a very heavy thud. I know that it wasn’t a sonic boom, because I could hear where it had landed. It was as if SOme jumped high in the air and stomped down with two feet, or like my bookshelf had toppled over. I assumed the worst, so I grabbed a kitchen knife and a Louisville Slugger and proceeded upstairs. I went room to room, searching under every bed, in every closet. Basically, anywhere it was possible for a human to be concealed out of sight, I looked. Easily, a quiet person could have waited until I was searching a room (I closed the door to prevent anyone escaping without my knowledge), and slipped by me. The last room I searched was mine, where the thud originated. Nothing. No burglar, no furniture out of place. I stood in the hallway, defeated and confused.

    THUD! From downstairs, in the living room, the same loud thud! The stairway and hallway in my house are open to the living room, and my entire first story floor is all open to one another, so the sound was unmistakeable, and I very quickly sprinted down the stairs and skidded to a halt. I had moved so fast, and the room was so open, that I surely would have found the culprit, or if they ran, would have heard them scrambling for cover. I moved fast enough the quietly slipping into another room wasn’t an option. After I stumbled upon nothing, I sprinted around all the rooms in a big circle, and no one was present, nothing misplaced. I decided enough was enough. I put up the knife, replaced the bat, grabbed my chips, and proceeded out the door.

    Not a second after a grabbed the doorknob on my way, from up in my room, THUD! I ran the entire way to my friend’s house.

    The second story: This was about 3 or four years ago. Everyone was home, and yet, could not have been the culprit. Both my siblings were in their rooms, my mom was in the living room watching TV, my dad in the dining room on his laptop, doing work or something. I came stomping down from my room, making a beeline for the basement. I had some TV to be watching.

    As I approach the door, I hear a funny sound. Wait, it was familiar. Oh, duh, it was the doorknob turning. Someone was on their way out of the basement. I stopped for a beat to wait on whoever it was to swing open the door, so I could get in a “BOOGA BOOGA!!!!” and a good laugh at their reaction. It was probably my sister, she is very gull- Wait… It has been three seconds, and the doorknob is still turning. I stared at it for another five, while it just slowly turned all the way to the right, stopped, all the way to left, and again.I could see the bolt moving back and forth. What the hell is she doing? I thought, annoyed. I prepared my best scary face, and ripped open the door by its still-turning doorknob.

    Blackness. The open void of the threshold revealed the empty, unlit stairs below. I held in a yelp of fright and some urine, and shut the door behind me. There are only two rooms in my basement: The laundry room with the stairs, which only has the doorway at the top of the stairs to lead out, and the rec room, which only has one door. The stairs and the rec room door are both very loud. I would definitely have heard if the door had opened and someone made their way up the stairs. I searched the laundry rooms few and poor hiding spots, and proceeded to the rec room, shutting the door behind me to trap in whomever may be hiding. I searched the even fewer and poorer hiding places of this room, and left the basement, teeth chattering with anxiety and confusion. I checked the living room. Mom: check. The dining room. Dad: check. Knocked on both my siblings’ doors. Both times received a response along the lines of “What? What do want?” Nothing…. I went back downstairs, and tried every way I could think of the imitate the doorknob turning, but even my best attempts (which didn’t turn the doorknob or cause the bolt to move) couldn’t accurately imitate the door. I had it partially opened, gently nudging it like a breeze may have done, all the while ignoring the fact that when it happened, the door was completely shut.

    To this day, I do not call these ghost stories, but besides that definition, cannot explain them.

  • nice one

  • El the erf

    @ianz09 (122):
    You sure do have a knack of tingling the humorous vein whenever you wind up your ghost stories.
    “THUD! I ran the entire way to my friend’s house.” :D
    This line made my day.

  • GTT

    @ianz09 (122):
    @El the erf (124):

    My favorite line was:

    I held in a yelp of fright and some urine…

  • QDV

    @swissknifev (118):

    “Sir Arthur C Doyle – the creator of Sherlock Holmes was a Doc. and an absolute rationalist.”

    Don’t know about that one, SKV: You might have a good look at the story of the Cottingley Fairies, as a couple of young ladies really took SACD to the cleaners on that one. :)

    @atheists eat fish (5):

    I live not too far from Flower Mound, and am surprised there aren’t any tales about the mound itself. However, Denton County has its share of ghost stories…

  • Rachel

    It’s a good list, but just a quick correction:
    Resurrection Mary haunts Archer Avenue near Chicago, not Archer Lane.

  • _-DAN-_

    I saw a ghost once. I was taking dumb pictures of my face with my phone and in one of the images a gray arm is reaching for my head from the right side. I was so terrified that I deleted the picture instantly when I looked at it. I wish that I never did so that I had some proof!

  • I like this

  • _-DAN-_

    Ooh I almost forgot I have another one. I was home alone one night, except for my dad who was sitting next to me on the couch. It was 7 o’ clock and the living room TV was off. I was looking at the wall when all of a sudden, I hear an extremely loud blood-curdling scream coming from the basement. I grabbed a knife and headed down. I looked around and none of the TV’s or radio’s or anything was on. The only thing with an electric current running through it was the light bulbs. There was no one down there. I still cannot explain what happened.

  • Jay

    @57 Moonbeam, i must say i use that word, just because it sometimes rolls off my tongue, not something i’ve really thought about.

    But I have to say after reading your post, i’m certainly going to make sure that word does not come out my mouth again.


  • Shagrat

    GTT (119) I wasn’t referring to her hauntings in reference to her polydacty either. I was referring to them ‘in general’ as to when she appears with (rarely), or without (commonly), her head.

    The polydacty was reported as a ‘sidelight’ int the book ’50 Great Ghost Stories’ – not AS a ghost story or haunting; but as a ‘matter of occurrence’ when her coffin was removed from its underfloor crypt in St, Peters ad Vincula by workmen engaged in repairs and refurbishment in the 17th Century – in the book it says [quote] … some years later …” [unquote]; However, in a book regarding the Tower of London I bought while AT the tower makes mention of the 17th Century in reference to repairs/renovation in St. Peters ad Vincula. The fact that her body was removed was not explained in the Ghost Stries book – but the Tower book explained that her coffin was opened in order to prove she was still IN it – and had not been secreted away by either sympathisers or “Satan” (she was supposed to be a witch, remember – one of the charges laid against her).

    However, I also said I have read the references to her bein polydactyl on the left hand (occasionally on both) several times in the past in various places and in volumes of varying credibility.

    The truth is – I neither know for certain whether she was or wasn’t polydactyl on either hand and without opening her crypt and coffin – never will. But it does make for intriguing speculation.

    Finally, given the frquency of polydactyly (1 in 1,000 births) and the fact that it’s likelihood increases in close-kin marriage (Thomas Bpleyn and his wife were related as were several of their forebears) then its incidence was quite possible in Anne.

    All these aside, Anne was patently innocent of the charges laid against her (or most of them) – her true crime was simply that she failed to produce a son. Though Henry probably would have been incredibly proud of his daughter’s achievements and her strength – IF she was a she!???

    Read ‘The Bisley Boy’ by bram Stoker (he wasn’t just a gothic horror writer) which contends that Elizabeth died as a 12 year-old of Plague and was replaced by a boy who remained ‘Elizabeth’ throughout his/her life. Interesting concept. His bases on which he argues the point are actually well-argued, too.

  • swissknifev

    I am a ghost laughing at you guys. You have a stupid notion a bout ghosts. And you make fun of people who don’t believe. AND THAT’S the tragedy. Don’t laugh. Analise. Do you guys know about Dark Matter in the universe? Zero.

  • swissknifev

    I hate it when people say they don’t believe in spirits. I love to tease them. The clothes i wear and appear in are just light energies. Like- when I have an intense experience in a place my spirit wants to go back there. Some people happen to be there and I can’t help it. Maggie, my pal in Cripple creek lost her kid there. She keeps going there to find her kid. But- she doesn’t harm people. In fact she helps people. If Maggie knows that there’s an accident ahead she stands in the way of the car and stops it, She’s a sweet spirit friend of mine. Who am i? I was Einsteins fan and I still roam the universe to out truths about energy and matter. In some places I turn my foot around. I love to scare the wrong guys. And if they are really bad We get them in the end and make sure that they land up in the looney bin. Good guys we love. How can we hurt them? How can we bust their love lives? Now can we bust their careers? How can we create jinxes in their offices? We don’t do that.

  • joe

    It seems to be the most gullible superstisious people are the ones who see ghost. not that all of these sightings are fake, but I am sick of the use of EMF detectors to detect ghost, there is so many radio waves, cell phones, radar towers, ect. how can one assume it’s detected a ghost? Hey my spirit is inside of me now yet it dosen’t go off near me.
    I worked at the Willowbrook ballroom back in the 70’s and the basement/passageways where creepy but we never saw anything ghostly but we did have fun haunting the basement area where the fresh linen was kept. AND the people we scared thought it was ghost!
    I feel most (not all) “hauntings” can be solved wiith a cool logical mind.
    Hollywood has ruined the concept of a haunting by giving a overblown, overdramatized definition to the term haunted.

  • swissknifev

    I was just trying to explain the ghost phenomenon in a first person format-just trying to understand from a spirit’s point of view in a lighter way. I was trying to see the world from a Ghost’s point of view.It is a subject that defies logic and there’s no point in arguing with anyone. If it was that easy the problem would have been solved long ago. It’s not a case of A=C, C=B therefore A=C. That’s why I had tried to explain across in a story format. In Britain there are many haunted castles and the government has banned entry into some because of happenings that they themselves couldn’t understand. Windsor Castle itself has stories of ghosts roaming about. The Queen of England should know better. In a place called Cheshire there’s a haunted house and the TV crew that wanted to cover it could not last through the night. They packed up and left.At times, even the most rational minds get zapped. Jokingly I had suggested to get the Ghostbusters ( I refer to that famous Movie). In fact, just recently I had read a theory about Ghosts and spirits. It was kind of interesting and if I write about it here it’s going to make people sleepy. A huge thesis.In short, I just don’t know the real answer. And the theory says that ghosts need not be bad. There are compassionate ghosts too who just go about their work. Finally I am a firm believer in God – or a higher force, if yo wish to call it that. Life is cool, I feel, if we keep our path clean. In the meantime I respect everyone’s opinion and I am not in a position to argue with any comment. It’s beyond the over thinking that I had done over the years- and given up.The previous comments of mine, where I pretended to be a ghost, kind of sums up the theory I had read-in a simple way. Happy New Year to everyone.

  • jaithyme

    there’s a sucker born every minute.

  • amon

    the white lady in balete drive is a myth. it was proven myth when news editors admitted they made the balete drive white lady to fabricate a bizarre story and make their newspaper’s sales go up. check the philippine archives for that.

  • Shagrat

    swissknifev – I’m a little confused. Are you a believer in ghosts or a non-believer; I really couldn’t decide from your posts – parts seemed to ridicule the belief others to support it. Not fussed either way – just curious.

    joe – ridicule if you wish but it’s a small mind which negates all experience or derides another’s without having been there – take the example of a fellow paramedic whose charge ‘arrested’ in his ambulance – it was supposed to be a routine patient transport to hospital to attend a clinic when the patient suddenly arrested on the bed. It took my mate 30 seconds to get the patient into position to check for a pulse and another 30 to get him into position to perform CPR in the confines of the back of a moving vehicle: as he checked for pulse and then began wreatling the body (the chap was as dead as last weeks roast) he uttered a terse “Fukkit! He’s gone! Go like hell!”

    The patient was finally revived about 10 minutes later as they pulled into the hospital (he had been performing CPR alone the entire time).

    After being ‘plugged in’ in a treatment room and such, my mate went in to see him before they left and the chap thanked him profusely for his furious efforts to save him, he forgave him for dragging him off the trolley onto the floor and then admonished him for swearing in front of his wife – who had been travelling into hospital in the front passenger seat.

    The patient was DEAD when Huggie swore – not unconscious, but dead.

    As for ridiculing others who have seen. felt, experienced ghosts – we pity you who have not the sensitivity to do so.

    jaithyme – what would you know? Except that you’re quoting from experience – – – probably a lot of it! You shouldn’t let your mind wander like that – it’s too small to be out on its own.

  • Jags


    that is an awesome line – “You shouldn’t let your mind wander like that – it’s too small to be out on its own.”

    thankyou for making me laugh out loud on a slow day!

    oh and btw. Happy New Year Listverse! (very jealous of the jayfray who gets to party first!

  • swissknifev

    @ Shagrat. Hi! In my last comment this is what I said, ” It’s beyond the over thinking that I had done over the years- and given up.” The point is I’m neither ridiculing anyone not am I brushing aside those who don’t believe. Obviously I am not an expert on Ghosts and I wouldn’t want to honestly meet one. The movies have scared us enough. At the same time paralogical experiences have happened. Now when I go through all the comment I find that each one has a point. Everyone seems correct and no one seems wrong. But if you want and honest clear cut answer – I think there’s some truth to it.At the same time I wouldn’t want to let my rational mind blow up where I may end up imagining that my shadow is a spook.

    Now- as for the ridiculing part I think my comments have given a wrong message. It was no ridcule. It was about making the topic a little light- because- if we are intense about it then it can be disturbing.

    OK – let me take a parallel example. UFOs. I seriously believe that we can’t be the only bio-chemical life on earth. There are thousands of solar systems, thousands of light years away. But there is no proof except for certain sightings by the U.S. And British air force. It is supposed to be classified information, not for public consumption. I believe, but there’s no conclusive proof.

    Same applies to astrology. The moon has a tremendous gravitational pull that can raise tons and tons of sea water. So, you can imagine it’s effect on a tiny human being. So do other planets. Now, there is truth in planetary influences – again no conclusive proof. but I TEND to believe.

    In short – When logic ends, faith starts. I am being open minded and that’s the only way to find out the truth.

  • hellojavi

    lol, the balete drive in Philippines, i dunno if its real but many reported that they actually encounter the white lady and because of that a lot cases of accident were noted.
    so as much as possible drivers were looking another route instead of passing the balete drive most especially by midnight. awwoooo, im a filipino btw.

  • Maggot

    @swissknifev (141): Same applies to astrology…no conclusive proof. but I TEND to believe.

    You’ve just proven youself to be an idiot. Conclusively.

  • swissknifev

    @ Maggot. thanks a lot. You have just proved what close minded thinking is. You haven’t read what I said-carefully because I can see that you don’t have much of education. You reacted like a prejudiced jerk. No brains no impartial thinking. I beginning to suspect you career. A janitor? Think rationally, and be impartial, which, from your poor brained comment I can understand you can’t. Have you ever gone deep into this subject? Do you know how complex it it? Are you a punk or a juvenile? From you comment I can see that. Not much education. If you reply to me again, you don’t deserve an answer. Because we are advanced in our thinking-you will take us to some lo brained Punk era best suited for punk alleys.. Can your feeble brain understand that Ghosts may exist.?But you have to check and believe – and believe. For of all you idiot do you know English and an intelligent analysis? I don’t know who you are and I never use such words as an idiot against anyone. You used iyt against me. Your are a punk-uneducated asshole and your life this year will be like that. GOD BLESS YOU>

  • swissknifev

    I cannot scientifically prove that you had insulted me by calling me an idiot. I can sense you did- I tend to believe that you did. Did you get that you Idiot?

  • Maggot

    @swissknifev (144): You reacted like a prejudiced jerk…

    No, I reacted like someone who knows astrology is a crock of shit.

    I beginning to suspect you career. A janitor?

    So you think you’re a better person than those who do janitorial work? And you’re calling ME prejudiced? Fucking hypocrite.

    Have you ever gone deep into this subject? Do you know how complex it it?

    Hey baby, what’s your sign? LMAO.

    If you reply to me again, you don’t deserve an answer.

    Oh, you’ll answer.

    I never use such words as an idiot against anyone.

    So you’re also a liar? I see. Quite the resumé you’ve got going there.


    Aw, that’s so sweet, commiting sin on account of me and all.

  • ianz09

    @Maggot (146): Randall would be proud ;)

  • swissknifev

    @Maggot. Listen pal. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said. It’s just that you had called me an idiot. I thought that was uncalled for. If you had told me I was confused I would have agreed with you. It’s nothing personal. I was just reacting to a posted comment.

  • Moonbeam

    @Jay (131): Thank you – I scincerly appreciate your comment. I’m grateful that even a few people at least heard me out and gave consideration to what I was trying to say.

  • Maggot

    @swissknifev (148): I was just reacting to a posted comment.

    Me too. Ok perhaps I shouldn’t have called you an idiot, so sorry for that, but welcome to the internet. The gist of my intent was to imply that astrology is idiotic. Sure, looking up your horoscope in the paper and whatnot is bit of harmless fun for some people, but to actually believe it, study it, defend it as “real”, pattern your life by it, or worse, try to paint it as a science, are all foolish endeavors IMO.

    Now getting back to the topic of this list about ghosts, and since you asked me – no, I don’t “believe” in ghosts. Might they exist? Sure, anything is possible, and as Randall points out in post (62), there has to be something behind the accounts that people report. But until proven otherwise though, I’m just of the opinion that this “something” has to consist of more logical explanations, such as people dreaming while asleep, hallucinations, tricks of the eye played with light and shadows, power of suggestion, self-fulfilling desire to have an “experience”, etc., to yes, outright lies and hoaxes. My mind is “open” to anything, and I’m curious as hell for answers, but my starting point resides on the side of logic and skepticism.

  • Peter

    To the ones that object that there has never been proof for the existence of ghosts: are you kidding ? You think one could ask ghosts to participate in double blind tests ? And the control group would be …. fake ghosts ?

    Personally I have never seen a ghost. However, going by the number I have heard first hand, the accounts of intelligent, sincere, rational people must run in the millions. To dismiss all of those because ‘there is no proof’, shows the dismisser to lack a scientific mind and to be what he/she accuses others of being: a believer.

  • Maggot

    @Peter (151): To the ones that object that there has never been proof for the existence of ghosts: are you kidding ?


  • ianz09

    @Peter (151): As a believer, I will say this: ghosts have never and most probably will never be proven to exists. I believe for reasons I experienced personally, and due to evidence that is indisputable, simply because I was present when the evidence was gathered, and I know for a fact that it could not possibly have been faked. However, I cannot present it to others as evidence. I cannot prove my circumstances are true, which will lead them to be skeptical. As well they should, because I wouldn’t believe ANY picture, EVP, video, etc., unless I was present when it was captured, am thoroughly savvy with the technology with which it was captured, and completely trust all of those present. I have checks for all three of those, but anybody I try to appeal its authenticity to will not (and really should not) believe it without tearing it apart for every other possible explanation. As a believer in ghosts, I fully endorse skepticism. Blind faith is as bad or worse than no faith.

  • get a clue

    Fun list. Except there’s simply no proof for a ghost. Ever.
    (But it is funny to see self-professed Christians going on about it. People who believe in magic would naturally be prone to such folly.)

  • ianz09

    @get a clue (154): You really have no cap on how much of an asshole you truly are.

  • get a clue

    Spoken like a true Christian. ;-) Still no evidence, just good old-fashioned cursing.
    Thanks for playing, kid.

  • archiealt

    @ianz09 (153):

    ‘ghosts have never and most probably will never be proven to exists. I believe for reasons I experienced personally, and due to evidence that is indisputable, simply because I was present when the evidence was gathered, and I know for a fact that it could not possibly have been faked’

    Dumber words were never spoken. Stop misusing words like ‘indisputable’ and ‘evidence’ or else they will lose all meaning. Oh and just so we’re clear, ghosts aren’t real. Stop being an idiot.

  • ianz09

    @get a clue (156): Damn, you’re so pompous. What is it with you? Oouchan and Lo are both very outspoken atheists, but for some reason, they are always very cool and nice to me, and have never given me shit. And if you forget, I provided evidence, but instead of making any attempt at debunking, you just insulted me and told me I was unintelligent. You insist on bitching at me at every turn, and I’m getting sick of it. I think it was archiealt that consistently harassed Randall, and you are doing the same to me. Never talk to me again, never talk about me again, and until you debunk my past arguments like you say you can, stop mongering your anti-religious agenda on EVERY FUCKING LIST. And “spoken like a true Christian”? Way to stereotype. I am SO sorry I am not conforming and molding to what you think I should be. At the end of the day, Christian or not, from all of my comments and all of yours, I think it is obvious which one of us is the decent human being. You disagree with me? I could give a shit, LOTS of people do. But this is harassment.

    Let’s take a poll: Fellow readers of Listverse, which one of us consistently comes across as an asshole?

  • ianz09

    @archiealt (157): And you stop fucking following me around too, you dipshit prick. I wouldn’t be surprised if you and get a clue were the same person.

  • archiealt

    @ianz09 (159):

    Calm down sweetheart. I know Santa didn’t bring you anything you wanted this year, instead of getting a Life, a Set Of Balls, and an Intellect, you got a Bible, a Can Of Silly String, and a Book Which Mathematically Proves You’re a Loser, but that’s still no reason to get uppity. Lord knows you are in danger of hurting my feelings.

    Lets take a poll: Fellow readers of Listverese, what do you believe Ianz09 spends more time doing,

    A) Taking Polls on the internet.
    B) Taking Poles in real life.

    I’m here all week. Try the squid.

  • oouchan

    @ianz09 (158): How true. You got some fanboys there, buddy. Sorry to see that. Ignore your personal trolls. :)

    I don’t believe in the big guy in the sky like others do but since I have had 2 experiences with ghosts I tend to be not so hasty in passing judgement. I still keep a critical eye in these matters though. Some stories and other evidence just seem too much like hocus pocus.

  • ianz09

    @oouchan (161): Which is nearly exactly how I feel. I just don’t get why those two insist on personally attacking me time and again. I can practically set my watch by it.

  • OsvaL

    I don’t believe in ghosts but I would like to share my story: My mom and her former husband had a hobbie, try to find buried treasures using a metal detector. My country (Paraguay) had two main big wars, one of them devastated most of the country leaving almost no men. During that war, most of the people used to bury their belonging consisting in gold jewelry and other objects. The thing here is that one day, one of my mother’s former employee came to her and told her that next to his house in the countryside, when the weather was “heavy” moments before raining, they used to hear weird sounds following with lights on the nights. So my mom and her husband went to that place with their machines and when they tried to find something, the machines started to beep like crazy. All what they found was a bullet, some ashes, and a metal badge of some soldier of that war. After they made a requiem for the defunct, no one hear a sound ever after.

  • get a clue

    Just for the record…..
    I haven’t ‘debated’ the foul-mouthed ‘Christian’ save for one go-round on one particular list months ago. I haven’t commented on any lists in a couple weeks, and then just to generally state approval or suggest improvement. And this morning I took a light-hearted jab at this thin-skinned follower of the Prince of Peace after reading his blather about ghosts.
    And look what the crybaby does. “Let’s take a poll!” “I can set my watch by them!” Suddenly he’s being…well, crucified. (pun intended) Imagine how brittle his life must be for him to speak here in a way I am certain he does not speak in front of his mother…when he could simply choose to ignore comments he dislikes.
    I find his rants entertaining. Not the least because this is, by my count, the third time he’s ‘threatened’ me by ordering me to never respond to him again. He’s like one of those frenetic wind-up toys that just bounce off the furniture legs when you set them on the floor.
    But with less personality.
    Thanks for playing, kid. ;-)

  • Pyderz

    I love these Lists!!! Spook me out, i’ve no belief in ghosts or anything supernatural but i really would like to spend the night in one of these places just to be scared lol

  • swissknifev

    @Maggot. I am happy that you’ve forgiven me. I , in reality, don’t discriminate any human.being A janitor can be a FANTASTIC human being as compared to all – even me – an asshole. I am also sorry for the shit I used in my comment against you. All human beings You are right. I am not Mao. That was my Irrational rant. I am sorry- DON’T mean any OF THE SHIT I SAID AGAINST YOU. IT WAS A RANT. You reacted the way I would have reacted.
    The Problem is Maggot, today we are living in a scietific world and I don’t deny logic. But there are fantastic stories about ghosts and astrology that zapps me. When I was in college all I was interested was in fun and chicks. One day this face reader comes and tell me things that amazed me.That zapped me. Than I called up my cousin and asked him if he had given him some dope on me. No, He didn’t. The bloody face reader didn’t turn up again – and the bloke was so damn accurate- Now tell me what Should I do- That’s why the comment about conclusive proof.

    I am really sorry about all the shit I spoke in my comment. It’s a tough world Maggot. We don’t know what comes up next. I am not a Hypocrite I am confused. Just don’t know what the F..k is happening. i am seriously interested in knowing the truth. Otherwise why would I get into this Blog. I could have gone into a blog that said ‘ 10 rop sexy women in the world’

    I am sorry for anything offensive that i said. I am in a NEW YEAR mood and on beer. Once I’m out of it I’ll think about the topic. You and all the people her – and the Ghosts-have a great New Year.

  • Maggot

    @swissknifev (166): I am also sorry for the shit I used in my comment against you…I am sorry- DON’T mean any OF THE SHIT I SAID AGAINST YOU. IT WAS A RANT.

    Dude. Relax. Lol

    The Problem is Maggot, today we are living in a scietific world

    That’s not the problem. The problem is those (not directing this at you) who try to suppress science and scientific research and empirical evidence-based conclusions in effort to promote their own agendas of pseudo-sciences and belief-based ideologies. Science doesn’t have all the answers (and probably never will), but we shouldn’t just make up stuff to fill in the gaps.

    When I was in college all I was interested was in fun and chicks.

    I don’t see the problem here…

    One day this face reader comes and tell me things that amazed me…and the bloke was so damn accurate- Now tell me what Should I do

    You should caution yourself against falling for the clever deceptions of charlatans.

    Just don’t know what the F..k is happening.

    Choose one:

    A.) Me either, but it makes for an interesting ride.

    B.) Life is a bitch. Then you die. Period.

  • swissknifev

    @ Maggot : ‘Life is a bitch.’ Here I’ll have to agree with you completely. In fact it’s the exact slogan I use at the Beer bar and everyone is using it now. What a co-incidence.
    What you have said makes a lot of sense. The search however is going on. When I catch hold of a black straw to hang on a white one suddenly dangles as a better option. When I catch hold of the white straw both of them dangle with a grey option. Yeah I know I’ve got to decide. Like Pink Floyd sang, ‘on and on it goes just another brick in the wall’ and the ‘Show must go on…’ But ending on a good note is always nice. Have a great day.


    I read somewhere that Abe Lincoln’s wife saw his doppelganger before he died

  • Hunter

    I saw my doppelganger a few months ago. I was scared. I thought that meant I was going to die.

    Turns out, it was just Johnny Depp.

  • Kaye

    I didn’t believe in ghosts, either. Until we moved in an old house in South Georgia. We were only there a little less than a month when we started hearing noises. I would see someone walking down our hallway out of the corner of my eye. My husband heard church music. We both would hear someone walking behind us as we walked across the yard at night. This went on for a couple of years with neither of us telling the other…we were afraid the other would think we were crazy. Then one night we were talking to my parents who lived next door and my husband informed us all about hearing someone walking behind him coming across the yard at night. That’s when I fessed up to what I have been hearing and seeing. It continued on for another year, until one day a cousin of mine came to visit me. After she left, I went into the kitchen to look for something in a drawer and when I opened the drawer, there was an old picture of a man in an old 1950’s suit. I love antiques so I planned on buying an antique frame and putting the picture in it in my living room. Then one day as my mother and I were together, she saw the picture and told me that the man was the father, who had died, of my cousin who had come to visit the day I found the picture. That house had been in our family for years. Anyway, I took the picture within the hour to my cousin and she told me that everybody had been looking for the picture because it was the only one he had ever had taken and he died when she was two years old. I gave it to her and told her about all the happenings.
    Needless to say, we never saw nor heard him again. I kind of missed him. I felt safe when he was there when my husband was out of town on business. I don’t care if anyone believes me. They can believe or not. I know what happened to my husband and I…and God knows. And anybody else…I just don’t care about. I do know you have got to have an open mind. I didn’t believe in ghosts, but I never close my mind to ANYTHING!!! One day, if they’re lucky, maybe they’ll see something or hear something that just doesn’t add up and they’ll realize they have indeed heard someone who is not solid through and through. Then we’ll see what they have to say!

  • swissknifev

    I love science. And I love ghosts. I don’t know what the F–k is happening. What are the ghosts saying about this? We are all fighting about them and they are happily watching us. Ghosts: Do you guys exist or not? Don’t make us fight. Without you we are all best pals. Ghost> you’re making us fight. Not nice, not nice… we don’t harm you…

  • R.B. Glennie

    one thing that always bugs me when I hear about ghost sightings: why are the ghosts always wearing clothes?

    If ghosts are the lost souls of the departed, why are they wearing clothing at all? Presumably, a human soul should not include clothes; any philosophy of the soul that I’m aware states that the *body* is not essential to the soul. Why should clothing be essential to it?

  • ZibbyYamala

    do some of u guys come to these lists JUST to post a comment that’l piss people off? get a life assholes.

    this list is scary! haha, i’m afraid of anything that’s DEAD and still walkin around.

  • ZibbyYamala


    i was wondering the same thing too! but i heard that when ghosts show up, they’re how they remember themselves. For example: is some lady died and she remembers wearing a clown nose, then she’ll wear one when she shows up as a ghost. Now i dunno if that’s TRU, but that’s what i heard. :)

  • Maggot

    @ZibbyYamala (175): For example: is some lady died and she remembers wearing a clown nose, then she’ll wear one when she shows up as a ghost.

    To be on the safe side, whenever I am about to engage in some sort of dangerous or life-threatening activity, I take the added precaution of first removing my clown nose.

  • slk51

    This list seemed harmless enough.

    After a late night shift(which ends at 4 in the morning)i usually bike home..unfortunately i have to bike past a church and cemetery.All I could think about was this list and my imagination went wild .Ive never biked so fast in my life!!

    Can’t say i saw any ghosties though….

  • Denzell

    I’m a nonbeliever but this is still an enjoyable read.

  • swissknifev

    Maggot – Zibby has a point pal. She says- the angstroms can manifest… No fight friends…only discussion.

  • Maggot

    @swissknifev (179): Zibby has a point pal. She says- the angstroms can manifest

    Well, that’s precisely the reason for my precautionary measure. If an apparition if me is going to manifest itself after I die, I don’t want it wearing a freaking clown nose. I’m thinking: shades and a snappy blazer.

  • swissknifev

    @Maggot @Zibby – Clown nose, shades and a snappy blazer – now that’s very interesting perspective…Some one just said that she believes in ghosts but not the White Sheet movie stuff. I suppose what she means is clothes. Clothes make the puzzle a little tricky.

  • Aj


    The balete ghost is a 100 % hoax.These are just made by taxi drivers who pass there during the early 60’S and some journalist made it a headline for his own sake.

    As i have said already in the past the real hunted street near balete are its neighborhood streets which is Victoria St.There is this part when you reach the end of this road before reaching a dead end. A lot of people feel the jitters when they reach this road.

    reason is even if there are lights on this part of the road.It looks like the street on which father karaz of exorcist fell.Even in summertime if you pass this area on a bike the wind is colder and when you reach the dead end it will be warmer.

    If those who lived near there read this tell me im wrong.


  • Ayushi Panicker

    that is known as scary and spooky……it’s really nice 2 read it in d day but at nightit will give all d kind of creeps possible….it’s really a good list of ghosts…

  • Wynona

    Jaryuki…I think some things can be counted as fake or explainable, but saying all of them can is definitely not true…I think it’s incredibly close minded to say that everything is explainable as well as a trick of the human mind to think you can actually make such an assumption. I really do think it’s close minded if nothing else. Someone who mistakenly thinks they can explain everything is just as bad as someone who believe everything they read or hear…I’m saying this to anyone else too. People who always write things off, in general, are completely close minded. Someday you just have to realize you can’t explain everything.

  • swissknifev

    @ Ayushi Paniker. Do you believe?

  • I don’t believe in ghosts.
    That being said, I offer the following true story.
    I was living in the Hollywood Hills, in a house that had been built sometime in the 20’s. It was beautiful, with enormous rooms, hardwood floors, and positioned above all other houses so that no one could see in.
    The cars were parked underneath the large overhanging deck. The driveway, like the street, was at a steep, steep angle, and the walkway to the house (totally surrounded by strong,, iron fencing), was a switchback walkway.
    As soon as we moved in, once a month, always at the exact same time of night, you could hear the sound of the gate opening, and footsteps going down the walkway. There was the sound of a car door opening, then a rat-a-tat-tat of sound, followed by complete silence.
    It didn’t take long to establish that the occurrence happened on the same date and time every month.
    Finally, I asked a neighbor if he’d heard anything odd about the house.
    He had. At one time the owner of the house had been in the mob. He had been caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to do, and was ambushed in his garage as a warning to others.
    The neighbor showed me the bullet holes in the cement.
    Once I knew what the story was, the entire thing stopped.
    Weird timing, what?

  • swissknifev

    @segues, then how’s that you don’t believe in ghosts?

  • My faith in humanity was lost after reading this list …

    I’m contemplating whether any of the people who left a comment are above the mental age of 9. I have come to the conclusion No, they aren’t. I believed in ghosts when i was 6 and watched Casper for the first time. By the time i was 7 i realised that GHOSTS DO NOT EXIST. Take a leaf out of my 7 yar old’s self book, finally grow up and see a psychiatrist to help you find out why you have so little intelligence to believe this crap.

  • swissknifev

    I wonder why people have suddenly stopped commenting. Come on! You can’t stop because a 7 year old guy had some brilliant thing to say…Usually 7 years old have brilliant things to say. Continue the discussion. Don’t go by school books. School books are usually self-smart stuff. Psychiatrists are usually half crazed themselves. The couch isn’t ht answer. A seven year old intelligence is not a BIG intelligence either. Just imagine-a guy asks us to refer to his 7 year old self book… obviously he thinks he’s a geek. I wonder who told him that. Pompous.

  • flying sheep

    uhm, i think it’s because most commenters are from america and believe in things like gods, holy people and stuff. you can’t expect them to think rationally.

    but at the guy/gal making this list: there is no such thing as a real ghost, so please rename it into “ghosts which most people have claimed to see” or simply “most famous ghosts”

  • what?

    Holy Crap! I am shocked! First, do you believe in God? Have you ever seen him? Okay, first point made. Next, God is watching you. If that doesn’t scare you, then I HOPE you see a spirit tonight!(Don’t call them ghosts!)Then you can come back and post something worthwhile!I just spent an hour reading all these posts, and frankly, I think you DO BELIEVE; if not, why are you spending time at this site? Why did you click on it in the first place? Something tells me you ARE curious beyond a reasonable doubt, and someone, or someTHING, made you that way. Was it a spirit that came to you as a child, and now you want to push it off as your imagination? Perhaps a deceased friend or relative came to YOU, and you were just too much of a coward to communicate with them. So, now you like to make fun of people who weren’t afraid. I am embarrassed for all of you – shame on you.

  • what?

    Furthermore, I had an experience that changed me from a skeptic to a firm believer. I dated a guy that lived in historical house that was once home to the town’s doctor. Many, many people took their last breaths in this place. Countless people were laid out in a bay window for the townspeople to walk by and view from the outside. Many years later, it was later renovated and turned into a three-family home. My friend purchased it and continued the renovations in the 1990’s. He turned the attic into living space to add to the square-footage; his bedroom was in the old attic. I saw not one, but three spirits there. I saw a beautiful young girl with skin of porcelain – and a man that was not happy that I saw her. In an instant, he was in front of my face. I was terrified, but from that moment on, my life changed. Believe it or not – I really don’t care. Don’t forget to remember my story.

  • alan


  • katerinaelaena

    @swissknifev: close-minded comments like yours are what make me lose hope in people. You have no valid proof or even legitimate reasoning for your ideas, you just insult about half the people who read this list and referred them all to a psychologist. Grow UP. You claim you’re well over the age of 7, well then start acting that way. I’m guessing you should have realized how to “play nice” years ago and learned how to carry on a conversation without insulting others.

    Which brings me to another comment.
    @get a clue: You’ve definitely crossed from harmlessly stating your opinion to be being blatantly rude and insulting. No matter your religious beliefs, it is disrespectful to insult the beliefs of others. Or did you not know that? And you were the one who referred to religion initially and in my opinion, that was out of line, considering the content of this list as well as your ‘writing style’ You’re also proving yourself to be arrogant and condescending with your choice of words. I’m not taking sides here, but i hope you’ll refrain from potentially insulting several people with one childish post. Or even one person! Why anger others?

    Ianz09 – maybe it would be easier of you just ignored them. I mean whoever is frustrating you. One stops playing with a wind-up toy the minute it stops running. In any case, good luck?

    That said, i found the list interesting, though most of the slots on the list had been posted again and again. I’ve never had an experience with a ghost, though as everyone, i’ve heard many. I don’t think we can denounce the idea of ghosts existing, though evidently, there have been many hoaxes in the past, as with all mysteries or phenomena. And i agreel with so many accounts, experiences, etc., even considering the hoaxes, there must be something more. It would be stupid to assume that ALL the stories (and there have been so many) are false. Who are we to judge? Who knows? Obviously the reason it’s so debatable is that no side is easily proven. If we had the facts, this would no longer be a debate! Just like religion or other mysteries/beliefs. Sometimes,you either take the sceptic stance or you just have to believe.

    I’m sorry about the length of this message. I didn’t quite intend for it to be this long.

  • katerinaelaena

    Sorry, @swissknifev: my first comment above was meant for @My faith in humanity was lost after reading this list …:

    obviously. As well [email protected]flying sheep: and whoever else decides to randomly brush off the longstanding religions or beliefs of anyone other person. Grow up.

    Sorry about the mistake ‘swissknifev’.

  • Heather

    This is ridiculously stupid. there’s no such thing as ghosts- only fallible living people. You can’t say these ghosts are real without scientific evidence.. which you will never have. There are hallucinations, mental disorders, the fallibility of the brain (and several phenomenons associated with the brain such as being able to see and hear things in white noise) as well as bad wiring or overactive imaginations. Science, not superstition people. try it.

  • dain_bramaged

    I can't say I have seen a 'ghost', but I have had 2 very strange experiences with Oija (sp?) boards. A few years ago myself and 2 friends were sitting up late one night at one of their houses playing computer or whatever, when the talk got around to oija boards. Since his parents were on holiday he suggested doing one, but didnt want to do it in the house due to (it sounds stupid) worries about it bringing paranormal activity into the lounge, so to speak. Anyway, we went out and after a while of nothing the glass started making erratic movements (you get used to the minor movements caused by the touch of the people taking part), and after a while we got the info that it was a man who called himself richard and who had hung himself in a building which formerly stood on the land the garage was built on. Spooky. Time went on and we mostly forgot about richard, until speaking to another friend whos parents had lived years before in the house next door to the one whos garage we had been in. They told me that a man known as dick had in fact hung himself in a shed which had been knocked down to make way for the garage…
    The other one occured months later, when after telling a group of friends about dick and the garage, they wanted to do one themselves. We set one up in the lounge. Someone very close to me , whom the others did not know at all, had died a few months before hand, and although the glass was moving alot, and quickly, no-one could make sense of the jumbled letters that came out. Except me, there werelots of instances of a name the person called me through childhood, and references to 'swally' which is what they called whisky (their favourite nightcap, with lemonade). There were more but there isnt really any need to go into because there is, even in situations that seem as clearcut as these, still no way to clearly define what has gone on. The results (if any) have given me no reason to firmly believe in the afterlife or ghostly beings of any knid, it is probably outrageous coincidence. I dont feel any deeper knowldedge or truth has been shown to me…It was all just bloody weird.

  • wahhhhhh, awesome

  • wah awesome !!!

  • Amy Louise

    Hi there, I just want to suggest you look in to the Vaults in edinburgh as a consideration for this list (with particular reference to Nidry street) these vaults are particularly haunted and vicious attacks, strange sightings and 25 deaths of members of the public due to having stepped inside the iconic ‘stone circle’

    Should look in to that. They kind of blow all of these out the water if im honest.

  • Wickedwalk

    avid fan of the site. just pointing out, I’m a Filipino, and thought White Ladies are commonly believed to be true here, I think that particular apparition at Balete Drive was a hoax. Some person admitted the forging of the story, forgot who.

    Great list nonetheless.

  • gabriel

    wow,i believe in ghosts even i haven’t seen one. apparently 99% of indonesian too. there so many urban legends here in indo. you guys should check their stories out

  • jeaseltine

    Does anyone one know more about the photograph of "Abraham Lincoln"? Was it a hoax photograph? Who is the woman?

  • Anwar

    those above there are real ghosts in the hotels in abroad very frnakly telling that i had read those stories of these gosts in the news about 4 months ago……………….
    !!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT !!!

  • Americanized Ninja

    I love "real" ghost stories. I was apparently born in a haunted house. Thanks to hippie parents I was a home birth. When I was about two I called my mom into the living room because there were a couple of kids in our house. My mom walked into the room only to see a flash of light and I told her they were gone. It's a cool story, but I was too young to remember any of it, so I remain skeptical but fascinated by ghosts.

  • bre

    you might think im crazy, but I beleive in ghosts. Im a christian, and I think if God is real, then ghosts have to be real too. When my mother was 11 she was lying in bed and she saw a shadow of a "person" kneeling by her bed.

  • ghostbuster

    all are interesting hoax. every pic had have 100 figures your imagination y0u may shape abstract semi abstract or very clearly .

  • Ana

    I live in a street parallel to Balete street in the Philippines! The street was scarier when I was a kid but over the years, developers have been building townhouses all along it so its not as frightening. Also, aside from the white lady, most of the old houses in the general area have had ghost sightings. Probably because the area of New Manila, where Balete street is located was the sort of a suburb during the Spanish era and there are still a few abandoned mansions here that date back to the time the country was under Spanish rule.

  • jaz

    i dont believe in ghost no such thing!

  • Vegard

    Where is the flying dutchman picture taken from?

    What a stunning picture.

  • Ghost buster

    I hope someone ells pointed this out before me, but it needs to be said. The “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” quote is indeed by Churchill but he did not say it to a ghost. It was directed at Roosevelt! (Info taken from a book of Churchill quotes, don’t have it with me but it’s a book by some Churchill association, great book “Churchill’s wit’ I believe the title is, that man was brilliant!).

  • inconspicuousdetective

    awesome list, i love ghost stories, and i am terrified to have empty seats in my car when i’m driving around at night for the very reason stated in #5, i don’t want to look around and see somebody who wasn’t there before…

  • trollolol

    i have seen a ghost twice! In the one would believe me but i was scared shit! second time i fainted.. It was a very hot afternoon ..i was driving other car on that road..and i saw a lady wearing red suit..she was in middle of roas ..when i got out of car i heard sonething i looked back..there was nothing..then i saw lady disappeared..i was fukin scared as shit

  • hailey

    If you havent actually had something strange enough happen to you(like i did)then please dont be rude and say things like “some” of you people mom passed away when i was 16 i saw her paceing at the end of my bed a few months later and it did scare the crap outa me and i dont know why maybe cuz i wasnt suppose to see her…or was i..i dunno but other things besides that has happened

  • hailey

    For all u folks who say that i was only seeing what i wanted in my head come to life well i had another experience at the cemetary my moms buried at someone walked right up to me and my boyfriend,i ducked my head into my bf chest and when i looked up the person was gone my boyfriend saw it to gosh i wish all u nonbelieving folks could have been there then you would seriously think differently

  • Dutch412

    I believe the case of Abraham Lincoln, because even the Queen(Wilhelmina) had seen him.

  • stretch

    excellent comment , like your style anonomous

  • stretch

    only somebody with serious menta problems would be low enoug to belittle other opinions by calling them retarted i reckon

  • Barry Parker

    why cant we solve this whole ghost thing ? why is it so difficult to capture a ghost on tape

  • Stephen

    No. 6 is light refracting off another object, such as the window of another car. No. 5: person hiding. No. 4: can’t see anything. The Lincoln one is a fake.

  • Vikram

    I see real ghost in my area and i am very carefull

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    Churchill made me laugh :P

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    Great list, but what about Gettysburg, like the battlefield?

  • Name


  • Kenny

    Haha so fake

  • Abby


  • morning star69

    ghOsts do exist…wana face the truth cum to Churachandpur,Manipur,India and experience the horror if you dear to.nOn~beliVeRs /w\

  • Photographe professionnel

    Bonne continuation et à très bientot !

  • It was good.. Reading, But i’wont say it was gr8t…

  • Kumar

    Terrible thing is they are alive.

  • kinzie

    what the well… just to say im pretty frieked out now!!

  • Nikyla

    thanks for your info on ghost as it has help me think more about then and i think that they ae real and that some can be nice and some can … well do what they want. thank once again.



  • rimmy

    too interesting