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Top 10 One on One Battles in Film

Movie’s have long given us some amazing battle and fight scenes. This list is reserved for one on one battles only. Good Vs. evil, protégé Vs. master, even father vs. son, this list is dedicated to those memorable and significant fight scenes that we won’t forget. My only regret is that I am definitely forgetting some top contenders. The ones I’ve chosen are picked based on the intensity, history and significance and are among my personal favorites. Happy reading.


Han Vs. Kai
Romeo Must Die

Rmd02 M

In one of the movie’s final scenes, Han realizes who is true nemesis is and battles his long time friend to the death. The fight is extra memorable as the two have a mock battle earlier in movie which more or less ends in a draw. Han finally finishes off his brother’s murderer with a well placed kick to the head while the entire outdoor arena goes up in flames.


John Spartan Vs. Simon Phoenix
Demolition Man

Wesley Snipes Sylvester Stallone Demolition Man 001

“Is it cold in here, or is it just me?” In a futuristic version of the classic cop Vs. bad guy, we watch the demolition man finally best his long time foe by freezing him and kicking his head clean off. The sheer intensity of the fight results in the total destruction of everything and the movies hero narrowly escaping alive. Fists, laser guns and even a giant metal claw get involved in this great sci fi fight to the death.


Inigo Montoya Vs. The Man In Black
The Princess Bride


In one of the, if not the best swordplay battle of the 80’s we watch the films supposed villain, the Man in Black take on the honorable mercenary, Inigo Montoya. In a true sign of respect to his foe, Inigo assists the Man in Black in reaching the top of the cliff and then even giving him time to rest before the battle begins. We watch the two of them try to get the best of the other until my personal favorite scene in the movie – the Man In Black revealing the he as well is not left handed.


Robin Hood Vs. The Sheriff of Nottingham
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


The battle between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham has long been a well known tale. In the early 90’s we watch Robin Hood storm the castle of Nottingham looking to free the people from tyranny and avenge his father’s death. A true battle between good and evil, the fight ends with Hood narrowly winning the battle with knife the chest. This also benefits Marion who was otherwise looking at what would have been a nasty marriage.


Wolverine Vs. Deathstrike
X2 X-Men United


As Wolverine closes in on Styker, hoping for a chance to learn the truth about his past, he happens upon the brainswashed mutant, Deathstrike. With similar healing powers to his own, and similar adamantium claws the two of the engage in a climatic battle ending when Wolverine pumps his adversary head to two with liquid adamantium. Clunk.


William Wallace Vs. The Magistrate


The only battle on the list that was not fought by physical means. William Wallace from one of the best epic movies in history fights an agonizing battle of wits against the magistrate it charge of his execution. The magistrate has Wallace strapped to a table and tortured by being disembowelled, wanting only for Wallace to finally cave and accept Edward the Longshanks as his one and only king. As Wallace feels his insides being ripped out and the crowd cheering for more and more blood, he refuses to accept the king and a merciful death. It comes to a head when the crowd finally begins to realize they don’t like watching someone being gutted and begins to cheer for mercy. The magistrate finally admits defeat after Wallace summons all his strength to shout only “freedom” and orders him killed by decapitation.


Ripley Vs. The Alien Queen


Possibly one of my favorite lines in all of movie history is spit out of Ripley’s lips moments before she decides to do battle with the source of the her biggest nightmare, The Alien queen. After realizing the enormous creature has stowed away on their ship, Ripley is able to escape the cargo bay before realizing she has abandoned her comrades in the room with the queen. Ripley climbs into an exosuit cargo-loader and using the protective armor and giant vice grip claws, she finally beats the beast by expelling it into space. Unfortunately this happens after the queen manages to tear Ripley’s droid buddy right in half in milky explosion of goo.


Neo Vs. Agent Smith
The Matrix Revolutions

Mv5Bmtiynzgwnju1Nv5Bml5Banbnxkftztywoty3Mdg3. V1. Sx485 Sy316

There may never be a better and more dramatic build up to a fight in a movie than the one viewers get the pleasure of watching in Matrix Revolutions. Having been aided by his former foe, Neo plugs into the Matrix to take on – for the last time – Agent Smith. As they walked toward each other in the pouring rain, Neo probably realized what was riding on the battle. The fate of all mankind. Kind of a big deal you could say. This fight scene will long be remembered for the sheer amount of destruction it caused, pretty much the equivalent of two Gods fighting each other.


Maximus Vs. Commodus

Mv5Bmtgxmjcxnje0Ov5Bml5Banbnxkftztywoty2Nji3. V1. Sx550 Sy366

This battle made its way to the top of the list for many reasons. Most notably because the viewers wanted it and needed it to happen. As the movie unfolds we watch the sinister and sadistic Commodus destroy the life of Maximus and plunge Rome into a place of fear and unrest. The only pure thing left is the spirit of competition and the legendary coliseum in which Roman gladiators battle to the death. Commodus, wanting to put an end to the legendary “Spaniard” and give the crowd “the end to the story” challenges his nemesis and even punctures his lung before the battle in an effort to guarantee himself victory. Although both participants die at the end of the fight, Maximus secures his revenge by staring his enemy in the eye as he drives a knife in his throat.


Darth Vader Vs. Luke Skywalker
Return of the Jedi


What can you say? The ultimate version of good vs. evil. The troubled, brilliantly talented Jedi, Anakin Skywalker plunges into the dark side joining forces with one of the greatest deceivers in movie history. As the powerful Anakin becomes Darth Vader, he murders his own Jedi brethren among others until he is finally defeated by the one who trained him and believed in him his whole life, Obi Wan Kenobi. Left for dead by his own master, Vader survives the fight but is transformed into a half machine half man Sith lord who pretty much oozes rage and hatred. Years later, Darth Vader exacts his revenge by slaying Obi Wan but not before Obi Wan is able to direct Darth Vader’s own son Luke Skywalker toward the way of the Jedi and of the force. As the series unfolds, Darth Vader is finally defeated in battle by his own son. Vader goes on to make one of the greatest redemptions ever by saving his sons life, thus ending his own and that of the Emperor, the one who started the whole chain of events by luring Anakin to the dark side.

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  • Aus


  • good list

  • robert

    Not nearly the “best” but more like the popular.

  • lala

    nice list… agree with the first 4… not sure about the others though.

  • yacketyyack

    Nice List…..
    Notable Mention: Achilles v/s Hector from Troy…. great fight!!!

  • scrumpy

    How about the final scene from A Fistful of Dollars?

  • El the erf

    Spoiler alert! Damn. This list just ruined two dvds of mine

  • dbrownl

    what about bruce lee vs kareem (unintentionally hilarious)

  • uwebays

    This list is terrible, where is rocky vs ivan drago?

  • YoungAnabaptistRadical

    I agree with number one 100%!

    However…where’s King Arthur vs. the Black Night from the Holy Grail?

  • mocachinomacdaddy

    maaaannnn.. what happen to Symba vs Scar in the lion king???!!! that scene was the ultimate!

  • dbrownl

    couldn’t think of any fight from before 1983??? i guess the one on one fights didn’t exist before then

  • Late O’Day


    “They Live” (1988)

    The *5 minute* battle between “Roddy Piper” and “Keith David” is legendary.

    You really need to see more movies instead of poaching the low-hanging fruit.

    “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubble gum”

  • Late O’Day

    “They Live!” (the fight scene)


  • Kyran

    not bad fight scenes, but you clearly forgot Blade Vs Deacon frost.

  • Kyran

    oh, and tony jaa vs lateef crowder.

  • Pyderz

    Haha this list is quality. Gladiator was such a ledge film

  • Mr Scumbag

    I agree with a few on the list but honestly, Luke Vs Vader as number one? Certainly wasn’t the best choreographed scene, nor was it the most emotional.

    I suppose I’m going to have to call fanboy on that one.

    As a few others mentioned, where’s Rocky? Surely one of those fights trump one or more of these fight scenes.

    I’d also like to nominate Jsckie Chan’s final fight in Legend of Drunken Master. THAT is a classic.

  • deeeziner

    I really enjoyed this list, and agree that almost every entry was memorable.

    I did expect to see the fight between The Bride and O-ren Ichii from Kill Bill. Or The Bride and Elle Driver.

    But good list nonetheless.

  • El the erf

    This list baffles me to say the least. It would convince none but the most credulous ones out here.
    It looks as if this was composed of whatever little the author has seen or heard of in his/er lifespan( which I suspect is no more than 15-20 yrs).
    You simply CANNOT put ‘Matrix the revolutions’ in the same bracket as Braveheart or Gladiator.

  • Mr Scumbag

    Not to be too picky, but the grammar in this list is fairly terrible. “Movie’s” as the first word? You do NOT use an apostrophe to pluralize.

    This is really a basic rule most learn in early schooling, why has is become so common lately? It’s infuriating.

  • garv403

    How about all the great one-on-one battles in Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2? Black Mamba vs. Venita Green, O-ren Ishii, Elle Driver, etc.?

  • Avi

    T-1000 Vs. The Terminator. That is all I have to say.

  • brosiusjb

    Surely there was an epic confrontation prior to 1980 or so, no?

  • tripsyman

    Gandalf V the Balrog in LOTR 1 is a good one.

    I enjoyed the list but the spelling and grammar were not great :)

  • Jacky Chan

    nice list…..but need improve not good enough…..and one movie that i dont know is romeomust die……and i say WTF… about liquid vs snake……..

  • Cholo

    Jackie Chan V.S Jet Li?!

  • Stizzy

    Have to say this was a very confusing, slightly boring list. Not because of the subject matter but because of the choices. I just couldn’t help feeling that there have been better one on one battles in other movies.

    I mean, Hector vs Achilles in Troy? Whatever you may think of the rest of the film, that fight alone is highly memorable.

    Obi Wan vs Darth Maul? Again, rest of the movie may be poor but that fight scence alone is worth it.

    Jen Vs Shu-Lien in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Absolutely epic.

    Dutch Vs the Predator?

  • David

    Where`s Transformers The Movie?(the original one, not the Michael Bay shit)where Optimus Prime fights Megatron, one on one TO THE DEATH, and when Optimus Prime beats the shit out of Megatron, that stupid robot comes along, and Megatron kills Optimus Prime.

  • OeJay

    Nah, the best fight scene is the final showdown between Al Pacino and Robert de Niro in Heat. I know this is old school but Pacino vs de Niro is still the greatest movie match up of all time.

    “I do what I do best, I take scores. You do what you do best, try to stop guys like me.”

  • sisi

    i’m with mr scumbag (#23). bad grammar makes otherwise good lists unreadable.

  • Armodillotron

    On a Harry Hill TV Burp episode once, Father Christmas fought Saddam Hussein. In real life, though, who`d win between Santa and Saddam Hussein? I love Santa, But Saddam Hussein was a hard nut.

  • Armodillotron

    They were both baddies, but who would win between Skeletor and Mumm-ra?

  • WiseMenSay

    meh, the fight scene at the end of the first matrix film was better. revolutions was CGI-ed to death.

    the princess bride is one of my favourite films! i think the fight between inigo montoya and the six-fingered man at the end of the film deserves a mention too :) – “Stop saying that!”

  • fish

    anakin vs obi wan?

  • astraya

    In how many of these scenes is there any doubt about who is going to win (eventually)?

  • Atreyu3388

    The fight between V and Creedy at the end of V for Vendetta…classic.

    “No, what you have are bullets and the hope that when they’re all gone, I’m no longer standing for if I am…you’ll all be dead before you’ve reloaded.”

    Bad ass…

  • Glenn

    Wow you’ve left off quite a few good ones. You forgot Rob Roy’s final fight with Archie Cunningham, the bastard that raped his wife. What made that scene cool was the fact that there wasn’t any music. Nothing but two blades and one awesome death scene. You left off “Jack’s” final conflict with Tyler Durden. The guy had to ventilate the side of his own face in order to vanquish his imaginary frenemy. Then there’s Doc Holliday’s gunfight with the dreaded Johnny Ringo in Tombstone. Those weren’t latin epithets that Doc drilled through Ringo’s head. And lastly Connor MacLeod serving up a wicked decap on the Kurgan in the only good Highlander that was ever made. Nuff said, talk amongst yourselves.

  • skeeter

    I don’t mean to nitpick, but this was so poorly written, that in some places I have no clue what is being said.

  • skeeter

    Seriously.”the Man In Black revealing the he as well is not left handed.” What in God’s name does that mean?

  • Ben Dover

    Bambi vs. Godzilla! Classic death match!!!

  • The Dude

    awesome list but i think it was kinda dumb to include the freedom scene from braveheart.

    Stizzy- i agree with this guy, dutch vs the predator was too badass and awesome for you to exclude it. just think about it, man vs alien where he has to use all of his military training and witts to out match the alien.

    how about the tyler durden scene at the end of fight club as well? a crazy guy vs his imaginary friend which climaxes in him shooting himself

  • The Dude

    also bruce lee vs kareem abdul jabbar at the top of the pagoda in game of death. you know where bruce lee has the yellow jump suit.

    a second list is a must

  • Glenn

    @The Dude (44): That was one of my four picks. Good call, Dude.

  • sHaN

    achilles vs hector??

  • Anonymous

    What about Cloud v.s. Kadaj/Sephiroth on Advent Children? I’m not really a fanboy but you gotta say that was pretty epic.

  • bakke

    What about Jason Bourne vs Desh in Ultimatum or Bourne vs that assassin in the first movie (in which Bourne used a pen to stab that guy’s hand!). Bourne makes normal everyday items deadly.

  • bakke

    Yeah! Good call on that fight club scene

  • Jediknight

    What about Hector vs Archilles in Troy surely that’s top 3

  • oouchan

    There are SO many of these that it would be very difficult to just limit these to a Top 10. I think some follow up lists are needed here. Many that I would have named were in the comments but I liked anything with Earl Flynn (sp?).
    Cool list idea. :)

  • El the erf

    Think before you post spoilers dumbasses!

  • Jediknight

    Bruce Lee in the game of death

  • h

    matrix is the first.

    have u ever seen “PARAGRAPH 78 PUNKT 2” ????

    i’m sure you miss one of the best one on one battles.

  • flgh

    No AvP, Obi Wan vs Anakin, or King Kong vs T-rex?

  • mikerodz

    Listverse could be a source of more important and more helfull information and history. We can categories most of our submissions lately as interesting.

  • Ouchmaker

    Oh please:

    Errol Flynn’s Adventures of Robin Hood

    How could you miss that?

  • strwrz

    surely cloud and sephiroth and hector and achillies should be there, but where is spidey and doc oc from spiderman 2

  • Ffiffisop

    Great list, but the spelling and grammar… Not so great!

    What? Nothing from Lord Of The Rings Trillogy? In all fairness, that has some pretty awesome fight scenes – Gandalf and the Balrog, Aragorn and Lurtz, Eowyn and The Wtch King of Angmar *Epic*?

  • surly

    Yeah I have to agree with some other folks, “They Live” should have been on here as well.
    However this was a great list.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Forsythia

    Kung Fu Hustle’s final fight scene between Sing and The Beast? That should be somewhere I think!

  • Justin Credible

    Kramer v.s. Predator

  • T

    How about the last scene in Dirty Harry? Absolutely love it.

  • msgsudz

    This list is horrendous and obviously written by someone with a failing grade in English grammar, and lacking any knowledge of cinematic history.

  • Miss_Info

    This list could go on forever! an honorable mention should be San Te in “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin”.. one of the best kung fu movies of all time !!

  • jf

    spatacus and his friend had to kill each other so the victor would have to endure more suffering than the loser. cant remember who well choreographed it was but it was one seriously cool one on one as those fights go.

  • weegmc

    Tommy Lee Jones vs. Seagal – Knife fight in Under Seige.

  • DoubleT

    My oh my, I was happy when I saw the title but then I started to read… First word (Movie’s instead of Movies) was ominous and the rest was more than consistent with the intro. Poorly written (I’m Croatian so I really shouldn’t care but I still ache when I witness the atrocities done to English language) and not researched at all. Ten obvious choices from ten obvious movies. The writer has obviously not seen many (good) films in his lifetime which is a shame but, judging by the way it’s written, the author must still be a teenager so hopefully he will live to learn. Us, on the other hand, we learned nothing from this Top 10.

  • Deez

    The fact that this list has neither Bruce Lee nor Chuck Norris makes it a sketchy list at best. Also there are fight scenes from movies like Hero or Fearless that would be far better for Jet Li. And wtf for Demolition Man?!? That movie was entertaining on a sophomoric level, but one of the best battles on film- not hardly.

  • marmalamuc

    What’s up with the lists lately? Would it kill you to proofread it once before you post it?

  • missmozell

    When I saw the list title I thought, “They’d BETTER have Ripley vs. Alien Queen on there!” That’s also one of my favorite lines!

    How about John Wayne’s character vs. his brother-in-law in The Quiet Man? They seem to fight their way through the entire county, gathering everyone (including the local priest and rector), the crowd sets up bets, and they pause at a pub for a drink before resuming. Great stuff.

  • Miss_Info

    Most of these dont belong here!!! I was expecting mostly kung fu movies!! the movie Black Mask belongs here, and a bunch of other kung fu flicks.

  • Miss_Info

    “The Protector” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and any Stevan Segal movie !!

  • Gus

    where is Bruce Leee?? There has too be at least some mention of one of his one one fight scenes… :-( not cool

  • gjeiii

    You might want to consider the final contest between “Rob Roy” and the evil-doer (can’t recall his movie name).

    Likewise the final duel in “The Patriot.”

  • Tonio

    Cloud vs Sephiroth in Advent children!!!

  • plasmatwa2

    This list is terrible. It is only a handful of popular movies. A speech in Braveheart makes the list over the fight scene in They Live? Come on! If you are going to do a movie like this, you need to see more movies than simply what is in the popular rental section of Blockbuster.

  • kate

    what about tyler durden vs. narrator? or even narrator vs. angel face!

  • J.L. Schallert

    If you liked the battle between Inigo Montoya and the Man in Black in The Princess Bride, I’ve got another one for you. Danny Kaye and Danny Kaye vs. Basil Rathbone in The Court Jester. That was not a typo. Their sword fight comes near the end of the movie, and while I don’t wish to reveal how it happens, let me just say it is the best three-man sword fight ever engaged in by two men. And it is hilarious! Do yourself a favor and watch it.

  • FamousAmos

    This is clearly a controversial list and perhaps would be better suited if it were more specific…I.E. Best One on One Battles of the 90’s, or …of SciFi Movies. or whatever. My nomination would be Michael Sullivan’s battle with John Rooney. Mostly for the picturesque cinematography of the rain falling down, with no music or sound. All the men around John Rooney being cut down by an automatic gun. He just stands there waiting for the inevitable because he knows. The flashes of the machine gun fire coming from a dark corner of the alley. And then the line Paul Newman delivers, “I’m glad it is you.” is just perfect for it. You could tell Michael Sullivan was saddened by having to kill his father figure, really one of the few scenes where that character shows any emotion.

  • Theodore

    Rocky v Apollo (original), King Arthur v Black Knight. Yo Adrian, it’s just a flesh wound!

  • bg

    That list is total fail. MacLeod. There can only be one. The original highlander was an amazing fight scene. The above list has these ballarena pitter pattering hermaphrodites with dance lessons prior to tthe movie. How bout a quick smack by the pythons of clint eastwood in every which way but loose…there is many others. these are just two. Nothing against the feminine lists…realistic fight scenes aren’t in it.

  • EGM3

    58 is right. Errol Flynn vs Basil Rathbone in Robin Hood and in Captain Blood are fantastic. Also Stewart Grainger vs James Mason in Prisoner of Zenda.

    Luke ftw! <3
    I like this list. ^^

  • kennypo65

    The swordfight in The Princess Bride was the most polite and civilized fight I have ever seen.

  • Kuban8r

    Hi everyone,

    As the author of this list I would like to apoglogize for the bad grammar. I had just surfed onto the site and got really excited after reading the awesome lists people have put together and wanted to chip in with one of my own. Yes I am missing some really good fights (and yes I have seen alot more movies than these) but I could only include ten. I would have liked to create a longer one with Rob Roy, Rocky, Godzilla, etc. but this was my first creation on the site and obviously it had a few flaws.

    Thanks for the positive and negative feedback.

  • Kuban8r

    I should add though that my first thoughts regarding this site is that there are some lists that you can learn alot from, and some lists that are just fun to read. Obviously I was going on the latter…. I will probably never post a list that is educational so please skip my next one if you came here to learn.

  • cyph3rlunch

    Great list! I agree with #1 and #3 completely…..

  • Tom Wang

    Good List! My only gripe is that X2 could have been replaced by something like a Van Damme or a Bruce Lee fight

    There sure are a lot of whiners who complain about the movies being too recent, but on the other hand don’t list what would make it better or what movies should be included.

    Debate, don’t just contradict for the sake of it.

  • Arsnl

    @Miss_Info (74): wrong, wrong and omg im not even going to go there.
    @El the erf (22): oh c’mon give us a break you puritan. Matrix was fine and its not like Breaveheart is sacred. Freeeeeeedom you bastard

  • oouchan

    @J.L. Schallert (81): hahaha! I LOVE that fight. It was one of the best ever. I agree that it should be on here.

    @bg (84): I hated Christopher Lambert because he can’t act his way out of a paper bag, but loved that movie! Another one that should have been added.

    Also from my previous post, apparently I really couldn’t spell Errol Flynn’s name correctly. The Robin Hood fight should have been number one.

  • Arsnl

    @Kuban8r (89): for your rod roy comment you have become one of my favorits. That movie was amazing and tim roth scared the poop out of me

  • ianz09

    Displeased Erf is not pleased.

    I liked the list. A few complaints: The Braveheart one, though epic, doesn’t exactly fit the motif of the list, I would have made it an honorable mention or left it off all together. Spelling and grammar mistakes, most of those could’ve been avoided, but that’s about it. Also, Anakin vs. Obi Wan in Revenge of the Sith was truly epic to the nth degree. Doesn’t matter if you liked or disliked the movie, most should agree. But diluting the list with too much Star Wars wouldn’t have been a good idea, so I’ll back off. I’m a Star Wars nerd, I know.

  • ianz09

    @Kuban8r (89): It was a good list man, next time take a few minutes to proofread and you’ll be OK. Also, ignore the non-constructive whiners, lists based around opinion always attract bitching. As for constructive criticism, take it to heart. Otherwise, welcome to Listverse!

  • Bethan M

    Awesome list man!
    still, some Bruce lee action needed.
    Although I agree with all of them.

  • Mactor

    The good guy vs. the bad guy in any of 3 different versions of “The Spoilers”… Robin (Sean Connery) vs. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert Shaw)in “Robin and Marian”… The same two actors at the climax of “From Russia With Love… Rod Taylor vs. William Smith at the end of “Darker Than Amber”… Get a clue, author; Even “King Kong vs. Godzilla” was better than some of those on your list!

  • imacanadian

    That’s my kind of list, I suppose there could only be one Jet Li entry.

  • scrumpy

    Michael Caine v Laurence Olivier in ‘Sleuth’. A battle of words and wits.

  • randomprecision24

    – Rocky vs Apollo Creed in the first Rocky!
    – King Arthur vs the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail! “It’s only a flesh wound”
    – Paul Newman vs the big dude in Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman just keeps getting up.

  • slickb

    Bourne Vs. Desh in Ultimatum, Best fight scene ever

  • CrazyHorse

    Nice list, but of course you have to leave out some good ones due to the limit. Here are some other really good ones.

    Lai Lai Zen vs. Yuri Petrov – The Tournament (Awesome sleeper action movie and this was a great fight scene)

    Rocky vs. Ivan Drago – Rocky IV

    Bruce Lee vs. Han – Enter the Dragon
    Bruce Lee vs. O’Hara

    Wang Chi vs. Rain – Big Trouble in Little China

    James Bond vs. The Free Runner – Casino Royale

    Indy vs. The Nazi Officer – Raiders of the Lost Ark (The Truck Scene)
    Indy vs. The Big Nazi Officer (The Plane Scene)

    Jubei vs. Tasai – Ninja Scroll
    Jubei vs. Gemma
    Jubei vs. An Army of Ninjas

    Mike Haragan vs. The Predator – Predator 2
    (Honorable mention to Dutch in Predator 1. Haragan gets the win though because he did more overall damage to the Predator. Yes, I know he had his weapons when Dutch did not, but still.)

    Tommy vs. Dae Han – Best of the Best

    And just for fun Hawk vs. Bull Hurley – Over the Top

  • Kuban8r

    thanks for your comments everyone – I look forward to creating more lists in the future. I will definitley take more time proofreading though!

  • Jeff

    Thunderdome, Best fight scence ever!

  • mailedbypostman

    This list would have been better if it included, like, martial arts films.

  • mailedbypostman

    As it is now it’s pretty bad

  • meh

    i would have definitely added:

    Vassili Zaitsev vs Major König (Enemy at the Gates)

    or one of those sniper battles from Saving Private Ryan

  • Arsnl

    Raging bull lamotta vs fox :-p

  • Gosot

    Where… Is… The fight… Of Bruce Lee… AGAINST CHUCK NORRIS!? It’s epic. DDDDDDD:

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Great list idea. Ok content. I would have liked to see some Bruce Lee. Maybe something from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

  • ants1

    Thats so freaky, i was watching Aliens yesterday thinking someone should make a best one on one fight list. Mind reader or what.

    Great List

  • jonny

    thanks for the spoilers

  • Rick

    Is it really that hard to post spoiler warnings?

    I mean honestly now, use your heads

  • Gregory

    lol you need to watch some asian movies.

  • necro_penguin

    i know most of these have been mentioned already, but what the hell?
    the bride vs. bill
    the bride vs. daryl hannah’s character

    roddy piper in the back alley brawl with the other guy he was trying to get to put the sunglasses on.

    errol flynn vs. basil rathbone in the 1938 robin hood

    king arthur vs the black knight

    and for the comic fight:
    danny kaye vs basil rathbone in the court jester

  • Rascalian

    Tommy Lee Jones vs Benicio del Toro in The Hunted? Middle age de Toro Against old as dirt Tommy Lee, fighting to the death in the woods with knives they made. Brutal and all in all quite believable stunts. I’ve always laughed at movies where blades are used in a melee, and the hero comes out with a slashed shirt. Ask any knife fighter and they’ll all tell you: in a fight where any kindof blade is used, you will be cut. And at the end of the fight in the Hunted, they both look like confetti.

  • chemical_echo

    The Hulk vs The Abomination in the Incredible Hulk

    Iron Man vs Iron Monger in Iron Man

    Anything from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

  • QDV

    “The big dude” in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ would be George Kennedy. :-)

    I can’t believe there’s no mention of Lee Van Cleef/Clint Eastwood/Eli Wallach in ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.’ Also worth a watch is the duel between Toshiro Mifune and Tatsuya Nakadai in ‘Sanjuro’ — “He was exactly like me. A naked sword. He didn’t stay in his sheath.” — and Nakadai’s final battles in ‘Seppuku’ and ‘Sword of Doom.’

  • IceKeyHunter

    I second “Sanjuro,” as well as another Kurosawa film- “The Hidden Fortress.” Toshiro Mifune had a great one-on-one battle with Susumu Fujita as his old rival. One of my favorite fight scenes in a Kurosawa film and in cinema history.

  • IceKeyHunter

    Oh yeah, also, surprising lack of Sergio Leone. The final duels of “A Fistful of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More”, and “Once Upon a Time in the West” deserve to be on here. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” doesn’t really count for me because it’s between three gunmen.

  • jmount43

    I got two for you that should have been on here. The Bride vs O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill Vol. 1 and The Bride vs Elle Driver from Kill Bill Vol. 2.

  • deeeziner

    To Jamie and our other admins here at the site–

    I see the *first* post at the start of these comments has been deleted in a new manner.

    Is this going to be the new standard for all deleted comments on the lists? It certainly will keep reference to previous comments made a bit less confusing, as comment number will be kept to a minimum of shuffling.

    Thanks for the constant attention to the architecture of the site. :)

  • Tryclyde

    Daniel Larusso vs. Johnny in Karate Kid!!!

    Also, the fact that there’s no Rocky fight here (whether it be vs. Apollo or Drago) is unforgivable.

  • Tom

    The fight scene in the movie “The Deep” between the black dude and the white guy. Not sure of the actors names but it was pretty intense.

  • Tom

    Another fight scene I thought was intense was the one in “Saving Private Ryan” in the hand-to-hand combat scene in which the German ended up slowly pushing his knife into the American soldiers heart.

  • Tom

    That one caught me off guard. I was expecting to see the American soldier win. But the good guy doesn’t always win.

  • Charls

    Voldemort vs Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix.

  • Zot

    They forgot to mention the Charger vs Mustang

  • MadMonkey

    Wow. I was expecting a big ending, not a stereotypical one…

  • Moonbeam

    @Kuban8r (89): I feel kinda’ bad that you should have to apologize for mistakes in grammar and spelling. Even the most experienced writers make mistakes and rely on editors. Some of the errors appear to be simple typos like this from #6: “head to two with liquid adamantium,” and from #7: “winning the battle with knife the chest.”

    I’ve mentioned this before, but I still don’t get why Listverse doesn’t edit the submitted lists before publishing. It would save the list maker any embarrassment or hurt feelings; make the lists seem more credible; eliminate the need for numerous comments about the mistakes; make it easier to understand what the writer is trying to say; and make this a more professional and polished site.

    Because I don’t administer a web site myself, maybe I am missing the reason editing seems to be so difficult to manage here. Yes, there’s that whole,’walk a mile in their shoes’ thing, but somehow other pages seem to be able to pull it off.

    In spite of all the mistakes that seem to show up on list after list, this is still one of my favorite places to visit. It’s for that very reason that I’d like to see it be better.

  • Birdieguy

    Sean Archer vs. Castor Troy in Face Off was incredible as well. John Woo is simply one of the best.

  • Moonbeam

    By the way, I agree with many others that whenever there’s a list that gives away the endings to movies, plays, or books, it should be noted with something like,”spoiler alert…”

  • Charly

    Top 3 is cool. The rest is pure pop garbage. U need to watch more movies or stop making lists about movies. No rocky???? U r fuckin retard then. I mean Jet li????? This list is shit. They need to remake this shitty list, and include more items: SOme suggestions:

    -AQUILLES VS HECTOR (from troy)
    -VOLDERMORT VS DUNBLEDORE (i mean, the only cool scene in the entire H.P movies, and u forgot it)
    -MEDUSA VS PERSEUS (in clash of the titans)

    I can think of a ton more…

  • Savanti Romero

    Optimus Prime vs Megatron in Transformers. Spider-Man/Doc Ock train battle in Spider-Man 2.

  • l to the t

    What about the kitchen fight scene from Guest House Paradiso?

  • bassbait

    Good list, only problem:

    No bonus at the end, because the bonus should be reserved for Dark Helmet versus Lone Star. It’s so awesome that it deserves a special spot…

    I mean, come on, what’s more awesome than “I see your Schwartz is as big as mine” or “Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb”

  • AshleyR

    i was SOO happy to see Braveheart on here. William Wallace was one brave man. That is a movie that doesnt get much credit. THANK YOU!!!!

  • coconut

    What about bruce lee vs chuck norris in way of the dragon?

  • I more concerned with the fact that you didn’t include Anakin vs. Obi-wan, but put Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker especially as number 1. It isn’t that good while Anakin vs. Obi-wan is epic and awesome. Also you could have included Darth Maul vs. Obi-wan/Qui- Gon Jinn. Although Phantom Menace sucked, it was the first REAL Jedi fight.

  • applesaucebitch

    terrible list. if you were only going to include one comic book fight it should be spider-man vs. octavius on the train or hulk vs. abomination – the only real comic book-esque fight in all of the films.

    and NO JACKIE CHAN???

  • Beach

    Two words rocky balboa

  • nuriko

    only 10?

  • Nuit93

    List fails without the final scene from “Rob Roy”.

  • dr3dknot

    xmen was a nasty peice of garbage so that means nothing about it was good especially the fight scenes

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Man, I avoided watching The Princess Bride for too long. Chick flick my @ss…

  • natapillar

    @dr3dknot (146): u sense make no… ???

  • Gosot

    Ok, probably there’s gonna be “10 More One on One Battles in Film”… I just feel it. -q

  • trfan

    I love the playful romantic sword fight between Catherine Zeta Jones and Antonio Banderas in “The Mask of Zorro”. Not only does CZJ hold her own in a swordfight, the sexuality of the scene is awesome. :)

  • Rolo Tomasi

    I love the concept for this list. I just wish the author would have put a little more thought into it.

    I would have found a place for:

    Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris (Way of the Dragon)

    Mel Gibson vs Blaster (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome)

    Daniel Larusso vs Johnny (Karate Kid)

    Clint Eastwood vs Ramon ( A fistful of Dollars)

  • gracelessness

    this list is laughable, man!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @AshleyR (139): That is a movie that is sooo over rated. Everyone loves it and it is extremely sub par.

  • El the erf

    See nothing beyond the battle b/w Huo Yuanjia and Master Chin in Jet li’s Fearless

  • FiredogJoe

    Bruce Leroy vs Sho’nuff in the Last Dragon

    Philo Beddoe vs Jack Wilson in Any Which Way You Can

  • uninsane

    I like the list but there are a few really good ones missing

    Anything from the three Musketeers or the four Musketeers (1974 version)

    The final fight scene in the Phantom (1996)

    The directors cut of the 1980 superman, superman vs general zod scene

    And the end fight scene In “the one” where Jet Li fights a duplicate of himself

  • timmy the dying boy

    Peter Griffin vs. the chicken!

    Oh, wait, not a movie, sorry.

  • whydoesitmatter

    Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris in Enter the Dragon

  • strwrz

    naruto vs sasuke although not a fight frm a movie but its one of the greatest anime fights ever

  • strwrz

    or garra vs rock lee

  • Jacynta

    Showdown in Little Tokyo, there were so many epic one on one fights in that movie. With Brandon Lee and Dolph Lundgrun it was rad to the power of sick!
    Brandon Lee fighting one guy and he starts reading him his rights.
    “You have the right to remain silent,
    You have the right to an attorny,
    You have the right to DIE”
    I have never laughed so damn hard as when he uttered those words lol.

  • Andy

    @Charly (135)

    I don’t see how you can trash someone’s list as being “pure pop garbage” and then offer up a list of suggestions that are all movies of the same mainstream-ness and pop garbage-ness.

  • mark

    First Blood?

  • porkido

    1.What El the erf says above: If you’re about to spoil the end of a movie, WARN US FIRST!

    2. This list is automatically invalidated by inclusion of ‘Robin Hood’…you realize Kevin Costner was in that, right?

  • porkido

    Plus, Bruce Lee vs. Claw Dude in ‘Enter’?

  • Inuk

    no Enter The Dragon, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragen and SCARFACE, no gun fight, this is Bulls”/$%.

  • lo

    jfrater- again, you and your lovely site editorial board (okay, i don’t think you have one right now, but i’m giving the benefit of the doubt), where the hell are y’all?

    please don’t let this site degrade into another “oddee” -which i have discovered has a founder/editor from the netherlands, so the whole venture is english-second-language (or later than second for poly-linguals, as she may be), which your site is not. so….

    right, back on topic!

    at the time of filming, the princess bride scene mentioned in the list was the longest movie sword fight put on released film, ever, and both actors did all their own fighting shots. (no idea if the cary elwes “strong man” shot was a stunt guy, guessing it was..). so yeah, that is way worthy of the list. -oh the things we learn in film commentaries! (and film-as-literature college courses….)

    and jamie, the site is suffering without your touch, just sayin’….

  • archangel

    cute list =]

  • How about Dutch Vs. Predator ?? :) That would definitely be on my list.

    visit me online!

  • That Guy From Pennsylvania

    Popeye Vs. Bluto!

  • YoungAnabaptistRadical

    @Charls (126): I cannot believe I forgot Dumbledore vs. Voldy!

  • no

    Very, very bad list. In every way. Seems you just picked random cool fight scenes you remember from the top of your head. And all the typos… Movie’s?

  • Kuban8r

    I appreciate all the feedback everyone. @Moonbeam: thank you for your comments, however don’t feel bad that I am apologizing for my grammar. To be honest, I never thought the list would be published so I didn’t put enough effort into the grammar in the first place – a mistake I have learned from.

    For those of you that don’t believe I have seen enough movies: you may be right, but I have seen quite a few and believe me there are more fights that I would have liked to include but I let my personal opinion get the best of me. There are just so many to choose from, and one on one battles (in my opinion) are one of the key elements in any good movie. I just tried to offer a wide variety from different types of film.

    My second list will include a whole bunch more that have been mentioned above and some that haven’t. Hopefully my sequel will be better recieved but if not, no worries – I will just come up with a different topic to write about.

    And last of all, I haven’t really felt the need to defend myself in my comments as I’m sure many of you are much more educated in film that I am, but I fail to see how you can rip me apart for choosing XMEN, yet suggest I should have included Alien Vs. Predator or Spiderman 2. I mean, did you really find the Doc Oc Vs. Spidey fight that amazing? Half of you could have replicated that fight on a computer. I’d prefer to see a fight that actually comes with a good storyline and not one that was created 99% with CGI.

    Just my opinion – but please feel free to post as much criticism as you want. I will make use of it.


  • Gus

    Will you include Bruce Lee in the next list?

  • Kuban8r

    If Listverse decides to publish it, we will see. :)

  • rabcarr

    What about Jaws V The 3 Guys in the boat hunting it.

  • Chris

    What about Mal vs. the Operative in “Serenity?”

  • ouiareborg

    I swear, sometimes I can hear the list-maker saying, “DUDE!”, while writing it. Not even close.

  • Yogipogi

    i could think of..
    – Capt Ahab vs Whale
    – Itchy vs SCratchy
    – Coyote vs Road-runner
    – Optimus Prime vs Megatron
    – Tom vs Gerry
    and maybe.. Ben vs Gerry.. to name a few

  • natapillar

    what about the fights in Hero? they were great

  • natapillar
  • Kuban8r

    @Ouiareborg (number 175): hardly conclusive as I was in a meeting yesterday where I heard a 52 year old executive say “dude”. thanks for your very constructive and intelligent comment though.

  • Matthew I

    So many more to comment on…

    The biggest one left out was (and I stress I’m no star wars fan) was Yoda v. Count Dooku.. It was the first time I ever saw a cinena cheer… I mean 350 nerds stood up and clapped. Unparalleled. Far better than vader v skywaler, sorry . good list though…

    rocky v. drago
    fight scene in ‘the one’… i mean who better than jet li than jet li…
    so many more…

    good list overall though

  • Matthew I

    Oh yeah.. perhaps the best EVER was Optimus Prime v. Megatron & co in the forsest in Tranformers 2… fucking awesome… much MUCH better than half of the list aforementioned.

  • macph

    wow this list is getting controversial lol

    why isn’t the fight with stephen chow and beast in kung fu hustle not on this list? =D

  • Film_Fan

    A very interesting list, but I noticed that all of the movies you cited are relatively contemporary. There are many, many more to include if you go back a few decades earlier.

    Also, not all famous one-on-one film battles are male-on-male. One of the screen's best, from 1954, involved Joan Crawford*** locking horns with Mercedes McCambridge in "Johnny Guitar." Repressed lesbianism was never better; you have to see it to believe it.

    Another famous roll around and shoot em' dead battle–this time male on female–involved Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones shooting each other to death in the 1946 classic "Duel in the Sun," dubbed "Lust in the Dust" by reviewers at the time.

    Again, this barely scratches the surface.


    ***(Note: I don't include Bette Davis kicking the shi# out of Joan Crawford in 1962's "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" since their battle was pretty one-sided.)

    • Omar Bongo

      The actual “Lust in the Dust” (starring Devine and Tab Hunter) had a couple of pretty good fights in it also.

  • Peanutch

    #1 – Conner Mcleod vs. the Kurgan

  • Kuban8r

    I just counted and if we include everyones “how could this not be on the list” we would be up to 64 movies! :)

  • The fighting in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon wasn’t bad either.

  • Z0mgZ0rs

    @robert (3):
    what he said

  • Gus


    How can this NOT be one of the best fights ever… Gives me shivers just watching it!!

  • psychosurfer

    It was painful to see so much Asian talent overlooked. Before martial arts incursion, all Hollywood fight scenes were clumsy idiotic saloon brawls.

  • Laura

    What an awful list, obviously made by someone who has only been watching movies made since the 80’s. No Zorro? (And no, not the recent re-makes.) No Prisoner of Zenda? (Ah, dueling with furniture; where did you learn that style? On the playing field of Eton!) And for Robin Hood to list that terrible Kevin Costner version?? And, er, the Braveheart scene is a DEATH scene, not a FIGHT scene.

    Worst. List. Ever.

  • Bleh

    Oh my, where is Jackie Chan vs Benny “The Jet” Urquidez in Meals on Wheels?

    This scene is regarded as one of the best ever. EVER.

  • saber25

    I have actually seen the fight scenes in nos. 7, 6, 5, 3 (maybe the best or stupidest), 2 (nice scene when they hold up their butts in front of the English, hehe), and 1 (the best!) I haven’t visited this site for a year (one week). Anyway, new lists and a merry, happy new year to all!

  • Ba5tarD

    No Bruce Lee Vs. Chuck Norris fight?! What can be cooler that this?!

  • Kent

    I’m bias because I’m NOT a Kevin Costner fan, but in terms of actual one to one medieval combat, my absolute preference is Sean Connery (Robin Hood) vs. Robert Shaw (Sheriff of Nottingham) in “Robin and Marian” (1976).

  • Mike

    How could you forget “Any Which Way You Can”(1980)& the huge fight scene between Philo Beddoe(Clint Eastwood)& Jack Wilson(William “Big Bill” Smith)? And in “IT’s A Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad,World'(1963)the hilarious gas station fight between Lennie Pike(Jonathan Winters)& Ray(Arnold Stang)& Irwin(Marvin Kaplan).Okay,so that’s actually a two-on-one fight.

  • Fest

    Obviously this list is mistitled. Should be top 10 list of most overrated 1-on-1 fights….

  • Shadow Lord

    How about King Kong vs. Godzilla? :P

  • Mindblasting!

    How about any of the fights from the Rocky Movies?
    Rocky IV?
    Rocky III?
    Rocky II?
    During the fight with Dolph everyone in the audience was cheering.

  • Sleeve of Wizard

    Jason Bourne vs. anybody would be an acceptable addition to this fine list. Cheers.

  • duckyjem

    Yay for number 8, love that film. i love the conversation between the man in black n fezzik the giant. when there talkin about masks. :)

  • BuzzDJT

    Just add ‘What I think are’ to the title of the list and I’m fine with it being up here but come on…

    I’m with 189[Laura] on this one. Worst researched list ever it should be titled ‘top ten film fights I’ve seen (and I’ve been living under a rock with only ten films to watch)’. The only fight deserving of a place is ‘the princess bride’ (And if you want a battle of wits thrown in, that has an actual battle of wits not just some scot who didn’t know when to say die). This just proves everyone can be right once in a while

    We have 200 odd other comments on this one so i’ll just focus on what annoyed me in being conspicuously missing…

    No Commando or other Arnie fight.No Starwars 1-3, the lightsaber fights are all that are good about that trilogy. No Kickboxer or other VanDamme fight. No District 13 or Highlander or Eastern Martial Arts or other film outside of american cinema film, No Once upon at time in the west, No Quiet Man or McClintock (or other John Wayne Fight) Or anything before 1983. No Equilibrium, Batman, Highlander, or…

    Actually I’m going to stop now I’ld go on all night, I’m off to the pub to discuss this with like minded individuals, We’ll get back to you on the result.

  • saber25

    In the robin-hood and the sherrif of nottingham fight scene in where samuel jackson gets stabbed by the witch?

  • nicoleredz3

    Enjoed this list! Great job.

  • PantWood

    It’s an OK list. I can’t believe you didn’t put any Rocky fight. Another great fight was Arnold vs Predator. Also the fight between Jean Claude Van Damme and Bolo Yeung in Blood Sport. You realy ought to have the top 10 best Jackie Chan fights too or Hong Kong martial arts fights.

  • samfishers

    How about the count of monte cristo…

    c’mon guys.. this is an epic scene.. I mean the old count of monte cristo, black and white, in the years 1934 or something like that..

  • Al87

    Has anyone seen equilibrium? Awesome movie. uses guns but the fighting throughout is amazing

  • pithlitt

    I’ve always liked the climactic fight between Rick Deckard and Roy Batty in Blade Runner. I think it was the slow intensity of it.

  • rushtosrini

    bad list
    1) Achilles v/s Hector from Troy
    2) Bruce Lee V/s Chuck Norris

  • Wilfredo

    What about Obi-wan vs Anakin Skywalker? SW Ep 3?

  • Vash

    ON this list should be the fight between Eowyn and The Nazgul in the Lord of the Rings.

  • KickAss

    Hmm no list would be complete without

    1) Nero Vs Smith (The Matrix, not the rubbish sequels that followed)

    2) IP Man Vs the Northerner

    3) DUKU Vs YODA

    4) Equlibrium –
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  • Disciple

    #3 FTW!!

  • Derp

    The fights in the old star wars parts were really really bad. The ones in the new films however, may the films themselves be bad as hell, are damn good.
    There are alot more very good fights in film history that I'm missing. You could make at least 3 more lists like this.

  • Robbie

    Liam Neeson vs. Tim Roth in "Rob Roy" was very good.

  • @$$

    one word : terminator. in terminator 2&3 its machine vs. machine

  • Cesc

    faltou oldboy

  • Jermaine

    Does anybody know anything about film on this site?

  • Corbo

    To me, only #4 is worth remembering, although #10 to #8 were definitely enjoyable.

  • lord

    sorry man but
    1.bruce lee vs. chuck norris
    is something what should be on this list and on 1. place
    2. Schwarzenegger vs predator
    3. Under Siege Seagal Vs.Tommy Lee Jones

  • knockstock

    What! Where’s Jason Bourne v Desh? Easily top 3.

  • anton


  • SuperFreud

    Nice list. My favorite one on one battles are the fight between Kurgan and Ramirez in “Highlander”, Ash vs. Evil Ash in “Army of Darkness”, and the great scene when Gordie holds a pistol and stares down Ace at the end of “Stand By Me”


    That backflip the Man in Black did in #8…I could try a hundred times and still not pull one off that perfectly.

  • Adam

    too many martial arts missing to mention, short list-Bloodsport (many classic one on one fights), Kickboxer movies, and Bruce Lee’s. Also, Friday with Ice Cube vs Deebo??? Wheres that??


    I would have added the climactic battle in “Lone Wolf McQuade”.

    Other than that, good choices.

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  • Akhm

    why there is no achilles vs hector of the movie troy