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Top 10 Game Trailers That Would Pass As Movies

ianz09 . . . Comments

The video game industry is worth billions of dollars. Consoles and games are constantly evolving. Graphics and gameplay are usually the two features gamers care about most. But lately, the element of storytelling in games has become more prominent. Gamers have begun to care more and more about the back stories and plots involved. Video games have always had plots, but the plot was just an excuse to move the game along, usually nothing more than that. Now, however, games are increasingly becoming outlets to tell stories, many of which rival the (mostly unoriginal) Hollywood blockbusters being churned out nowadays. Here are ten trailers for modern video games that could easily pass as previews playing before a summer blockbuster.


Grand Theft Auto 4

The controversial series from Rockstar Games has always had pretty good character development, but this one takes the cake. Players control Niko Bellic, a war veteran from an unnamed Eastern European country, who comes to America to pursue the riches and dreams promised by his cousin, but instead he gets caught up in the city’s vast criminal underground.


Splinter Cell: Conviction

The series of stealth games have always been popular. In the latest installment, players control the usual protagonist, Sam Fisher, this time hunting down those who killed his daughter.


Assassin’s Creed II

In this stealth/action platformer, players control Ezio Auditore da Firenze, an assassin in Renaissance Venice.


Resistance: Fall of Man

Set in England in 1951, the game highlights an alternate history. World War 2 never happened, as an alien invasion and subsequent plague wiped out most of Europe. The Chimera sweep across Asia and Europe, killing those who resist and transforming those captured into monstrous drones to augment their forces. In 1951, American soldiers land in England, the last unconquered country in Europe.


Halo 3

The incredibly popular series caps off it’s main trilogy, and does so in style. The armored soldier Master Chief fights to end the war between humans and the alien Covenant once and for all.



[Graphic Content] Andrew Ryan invests his money in creating an underwater city called Rapture. Rapture resides in international waters, and is not confined by petty laws, religions, or capitalism. Only great thinkers, scientists, and artists are allowed to live there. Due to the ethical freedom, genetic science gets an unchecked boost, resulting in powerful and crazy junkies, evil little girls, and nearly invincible monster bodyguards.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

In 2016, the world is in pieces. Russia has been taken over by the Ultranationalist party, a hostile government. An American soldier is embedded into a Russian extremist’s party. He uses the undercover American to frame a severe terrorist attack on America, and an invasion and war soon follow.


Halo 3: ODST

The only live-action trailer on the list goes to Halo 3: ODST. This is an extension on Halo 3, but it is it’s own game. This time, you play as a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, the most elite soldiers in the human military. They are the first in, and the last out of the fight. The game is a refreshing new take on the old and familiar Halo formula.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The action adventure game is part Indiana Jones, part Gears of War, part Modern Warfare 2, and all kick ass. The game won several Game of the Year awards, and was renowned for it’s in-depth story and great voice acting.


Gears of War

Gears of War tells the story of a war-torn, Earth-like planet that is in a near-constant state of war. After being ravaged by the 70-year long Pendulum Wars (fought over an invaluable resource called Imulsion), humans finally reached peace only to be attacked by underground monsters called The Locust Horde. Their motivation for attack is still a mystery, but the weary humans still fight. This is one of the best uses of Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World that I have ever seen.

  • zekjevets

    the lack of warcraft III, diablo II, god of war, or even world of warcraft is a depressing sign. this list is badly in need of a rewrite.

    • Sean

      Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself

      • BLizzard games eh…

        I don’t see anything wrong with this list
        so make another list then

  • Sinbad

    uhhhmmm… final fantasy? they LOOK like movies. god, the latest one even plays like a movie

    • punk

      I think they went for more american games here but yeah the final fantasy games look good

  • jadedamrit

    cool list…COD really though takes the cake… amazing playing experience

  • Give it some welly

    I will never play videogames again. I once lost an entire year, playing Oblivion :-(

    • Chevs

      That game is so big, I'm hardly surprised! So many different story lines and missions, and the fact that you can enter a different dimension with just as many storylines just blows the mind!

  • Anti Emo

    I hope this list is dedicated to all the (fill in the blanks)centric list submitter. How you feel now huh? Reading something that you dont care and dont understand? HUH!????

  • wickedangel211

    @Give it some welly [2]: Heh, Oblivion still has me in it’s grasp, and I think it’s gonna get worse, that game is so fun!

    Great list ianz09!

  • pat

    This list is okay, but I definitely think that either oblivion or fallout 3 deserve a spot on here.

  • Pajdo

    Nice list, still I’m a bit surprised not to see the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer:

  • Jael

    While these games would make great movies, we all know Hollywood is going to screw them up. Look at Street Fighter, Morta Kombat, and any Uwe Boll film. I think the only half-decent video game movie I’ve seen was Silent Hill, but even that fell flat in the third act.

  • danny

    METAL GEAR SOLID 1 2 3 and 4!????!?!!?!?!

  • shaunermaria

    What about heavyrain?

  • zagga20

    i know it says game trailers, but i was sure Heavy Rain was going to be #1. damn :(

  • shaunermaria

    Heavyrain did have a game trail i think |:

  • RocketTube

    Lack of Metal Gear Solid is sort of astounding.

  • Lala

    wow. super. the games surely have changed a lot since i used to play them… loved the tears for fear cover on gears of war. makes sense. good list.

  • Anti Emo

    @zekjevets [13]: You just said so because you wanna see your favorite game up there.

    Anyways metal gear should be up there considering the game’s cutscene itself is worthy to be called a movie.

  • Give it some welly

    @wickedangel211 [4]:

    Sometimes I would just go for a stroll in the woods, for the scenery. I’m not proud of myself….

  • Sega

    Mass Effect? Silent Hill?? MAX PAYNE??? Metal Gear Solid might aswell be a movie. without it this list just isn’t legit!

  • danny

    i know lists are written on the individuals opinions of the publisher BUT to not have MGS on this list is crazy and sir i am offended!.

    good day

  • Anti Emo

    Notice the lack of comments by listverse regular commentators. They must probably be thinking this list is boring. Well same goes to the boring list of 80’s movies, boring top ten players of boring sports, and boring emo actor that didn’t get their boring awards that they deserve. How you feel now! Reading a list that you think is not worth your comments.

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    No Fallout 3! for shame.

  • bluesman87

    @Anti Emo [19]: @Anti Emo [3]: Who lit the string on your tampon today ? Settle down you sound like an emo .

  • Sega

    @Give it some welly [16]: Oblivion is the best game Ever! the scenery is beautiful! no game on the list comes close to it. But I keep hearing Morrowind is better somehow.. I might get an xbox just for Morrowind.

  • Mike

    sigh. this list demonstrates the cancer of gaming today: HYPE.

    Good trailers are all very well and good but the media around gaming masturbates over them and inflates expectations of the games when in fact the games more often than not don’t deliver as anything special.

    GTA IV: Decent
    Splinter Cell: Criminally short.
    Asscreed 2: meh.
    Resistance: dunno.
    Halo 3: average.
    Bioshock: Original/decent.
    MW2: gay
    ODST: average
    Uncharted 2: Meh.
    GOW: Moronic.

    Not as bad as Peter Molyneux who hypes the shit out of his games.

  • Anti Emo

    @bluesman87 [22]: Literally except it was a freak accident. I was lighting up candles to celebrate a friends birthday. I slipped on some newspapers and the fire lit my tampon’s string. What a coincidence. How did you know?

    @Give it some welly [16]: Why do you say so? The developers did a great job with the music and the scenery. The combination will definitely lure anyone into doing the same thing.

  • capt


  • Edg

    Saw this yesterday and it would have been perfect for this list.

  • bluesman87

    @Anti Emo [25]: if that was real that would be so insane .My heart wants me to beleive you but my brain says to me “shut up you have no comeback to that.”

  • forsythia

    Red Dead Redemption is has a pretty great trailor. I wish I knew how to put the video up, but here’s the link!

    Also, this is just cover art but I’d wanna see Bioshock 2 if it were a movie!!

  • forsythia

    Oh..and good list!

    Sorry for the typos in my last post, it’s 6am :(

  • Anti Emo

    @Mike [24]: I smell empty headed snob.

  • Akashtorturedmind

    Good list. I expected to see MGS here but i agree with most choices. By the way there are many more game trailers that could qualify for this list, so it must have been hard to select only 10. So obviously not everyone will see their favourites on the list.

  • EvilFrostop

    What about the Fallout 3? i think that could easily be a movie,the trailer pretty much makes it look like it.

  • CommanderCoward

    I know! Let’s give Uwe Boll this job, to make all these games into movies! Then we all know from G4 that he’ll screw it up AGAIN!!!!

  • ianz09

    Hey guys, just to clarify, the theme of the list is trailers that are cinematic enough that they could pass as movie trailers, except they are for games. Since that would make an absolutely horrible title, and there isn’t really any other title that could convey this, I understand the confusion. It is not necessarily “Games that should be movies”, although many of these could be. I realize the list title doesn’t exactly get that across, so sorry.

    Also, I don’t see many of the (mostly older) regulars being interested in this list, but hopefully they make an appearance :)

    @Akashtorturedmind [32]: Thank you.

  • danny

    wheres CRAB BAAAAAAAAATLE???????????

  • Mike

    @Anti Emo [31]:

    What?! Why?

  • bluesman87

    This list pisses me off, not because of the quality or content , but because i havent played video games in like 2 years , and then i did win an X-bow but swopped it for a really shitty guitar amp .only played 2 of these games – but i dig the Megadeth gears of war song better than “mad world “.

  • redhatGizmo

    U Left God of war How silly Is this smells like xboxy list to me mista that game’s story worth a 100 blockbuster movies ..!!


    Showing my age—HUH??? “anti emo” should make his/her list, probably no one would understand it.

  • nicoleredz3

    Uhhh? God of War?! I told myself, that there would be no way it could be left off from this list… Oh well, the egg’s on my face… GOW would make an awesome movie, IMHO!

    Excellent list, ianz09.

  • Give it some welly

    I think I am officially the oldest commenter today, hahaha :-)

  • Give it some welly

    @Anti Emo [25]:

    That’s true, it was relaxing, just fidddling about. I may have gone to a real forest instead, though :-)

  • Ghidoran

    Ugh, Gears of War with Mad World is so overrated, if the song actually fit the mood it would have been decent, it just seemms overstretched :/

    Actual good usage of the song.

  • samir

    damn.. now I want to buy these games..

  • Ture

    It’s quite obvious that the list on this site, are not written by any one with any knowledge into what they are writing, There are many other games with better trailers than this. These lists are based on opinion only and thus should NEVER be taken as a “canon” list.

  • oouchan

    @Anti Emo [19]: That’s because I just woke up. :)

    I can smell another list in the works! There has to be a part 2 as there are several more that could make the list some of which are mentioned above.

    My personal favorite is Assassin’s Creed (the original). It’s a much better play (for me) then the 2nd one. Better graphics in most parts, too.
    Cool list, ianz09.

  • Julius

    Wow…I think it’s a bad sign that I have played all of these games…For some I would have chosen different trailers (i.E. CoD:MW2) but overall a very good list, although it could have been expanded to top 15/20. Another possible inclusion: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Hell, that game even plays like its a movie…

    @ianz09 [35]: “Here are ten trailers for modern video games that could easily pass as previews playing before a summer blockbuster.” I don’t understand why there even is any confusion, your introduction explains the concept well..

  • Maximuz04

    I got to #6, then realized this was building up to something. I was waiting for metal gear (any of them)… 5 nothing, 4 still nothing… its surely #1 i thought. How could it not… then I see it was snubbed. Now I dont even feel like seeing the rest of the list

  • timmar68

    lol I remember when Pac Man came out. Such a frenzy! If we wanted to play a game with better graphics than the ones for home games we had to go to an arcade. The gaming industry told us that the graphics for home games will never be the same caliber as the arcade games. HA!

  • Give it some welly

    @Ture [46]:

    Thanks for the warning, I was on the virge of taking it as a “canon” list

  • ritz

    @RocketTube [12]: You are absolutely right.

  • kabeer

    W00t! I’m partial to Gears, I still play the Gears 2 every day so its nice to see it at the top.

    Add the Mass Effect trailer as a bonus though… it was awesome. Better than the game IMO

  • Nauplius

    @Sega [23]: But I keep hearing Morrowind is better somehow

    Oblivion is head and shoulders above Morrowind in the graphics department. But for story and game play I give the edge to Morrowind.

  • Scratch

    I’ve played three of these.

    What’s worse: a video game based on a movie or a movie based on a video game?

  • Sluiq

    @Mike [24]:

    It’s debateable but certainly leaning towards an irrelevant criticism.

    Not so much because I disagree with your point but the fact that most Hollywood films are pretty much the same way. Some movies even go so far as being interesting because and only due to the trailers.

    Then again I’m biased because I judge movies based on plot but maybe because I have poor taste in them, I often feel some of Ed Wood’s movies have more plot than your average Award Winning Blockbuster so in the case of games, I really lean towards game plots devolving but plot presentations improving not because storytelling becomes more prominent but because the graphical power and mass consumption of videogames have evolved.

    Sorry if it seems I’m rambling.

    I’m caught in conflicting emotions with this post.

    On one hand, I’m certainly not one of Listverse’s regular poster but I was affected by Anti Emo’s post especially since I did submit a videogame related list so I felt guilty in not posting and I’m kinda glad you pretty much wrote a post I wanted to type as a reply but at the same time, yours is kind of the only reply I can address in this list so far so…meh. I just typed this in anyway.

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    @forsythia [29]: red dead revolver was a very good game i just hope redemption is as good or even better

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    @ianz09 [35]: if this doesnt pass for a great trailer for a film than i dont know what will

  • Julius

    @Scratch [55]: It’s equally bad I suppose. So far, I haven’t seen a good game-to-video adaptation (Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Max Payne were all fun, lots of gore and all, but in terms of acting etc. they were terrible) or a good video-to-game adaptation…most games based on films are terrible the only ones I quite liked were games based on the extended universe of a movie (i.E. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic). I think it just doesn’t really work….

    btw I want that Halo Movie they promised us!!!!

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    @Julius [59]: i didnt mind the spiderman game adaptions

  • bluesman87

    @Scratch [55]: movie based on video game , hands down .But when i was little i loved the Mortal Kombat movie . Watched it everyday for like a year …

  • nicoleredz3

    @Scratch [55]: A video game based on a movie! Bleah…

    Sorry, @bluesman87 [61]: Lol!

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    street fighter 2 was my game when i was a kid loved the hundred foot kick from the girly character

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    street fighter 2 had a manga thing about it back then as when u won levels u got an image of some sexy manga the more u won the more the clothes came off

  • Julius

    @Ninja_Wallaby [60]: they were alright I suppose…but here are some that weren’t: Avatar;virtually every LotR game (except Battle for Middleearth); Transformers; the incredibles; Wall-E…I could go on, but I think you get my point…

    Also: the worst game-to-video adaption of all time (if not one of the worst movies of all time): Super Mario Bros.

  • Sluiq

    @Julius [59]:

    While it’s strange to connect Vin Diesel with good acting, the 1st Chronicles of Riddick game is more “Enter the Matrix” rather than an expanded universe.

    Similarly, it’s not…quite…evidence to the contrary but Lego Star Wars = Star Wars movies?

    Another mediocre example: Power Rangers: The Movie (The Movie) is equally mediocre (rather than horrible) as Power Rangers: The Movie (The Game) and because both plots are non-sensical, it’s not as plot differing as the Spider-Man movies/games.

  • Teddy Salad

    What about Shenmue? What about any Final Fantasy trailer? What about any Metal Gear Solid trailer?

    This list just smacks of casual gamer.

  • nicoleredz3

    I was extremely disappointed when I saw the Hitman movie, after playing two Hitman games… Jason Stratham would’ve played a better Tobias Reiper, in my mind.

    What’s interesting about having played a video game and hearing that they wanna do a movie about it, is the wait to get to see if they choose noobs to play the characters. Case in point: Tomb Raider. I think Angelina Jolie is totally overrated as an actress, and would’ve watched the T.R. movies if only they chose a better actress. The games were kickass, though.

    A Chrono Trigger/ Chrono Cross (Nintendo DS & Playstation) OR Golden Sun (Nintendo DS) movie would be interesting, I think. :-)

  • Teddy Salad

    @Anti Emo [31]:

    If that were the case he’d love Peter Molyneux. He has some sense though.

  • GTT

    @bluesman87 [22]: As a woman, I think I should be offended by your comment… I´ll get there, just give me a sec so i can stop laughing… :lol:

    Well, I dont really have all that much to add, I´ve never even heard of most of these (it´s not like I´m old… is 29 old?) Only games I´ve ever played are Mario, Final Fantasy and the Sims…

    Maybe I am old….?

  • bluesman87

    @nicoleredz3 [62]: Matrix path of neo , lord of the rings , spider man , harry potter , these are old ass PS2 games but they were pretty entertaining ( ok my forte insnt video games like the rest of the people above ) . Street Fighter was crap, not as bad as mario bros tho ;-). hehe . Present your case lol!

  • nicoleredz3

    @Sluiq [66]: I almost freaked out when I saw your inclusion of Power Rangers in your comment!

    Yes, mediocre and Power Rangers go hand in hand… And horrible!

    Agreed, Vin Diesel sucks as an actor!

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    @Julius [65]: agreed some games shouldnt be made

  • Sluiq

    @Teddy Salad [67]:

    Well in fairness Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within did fail and Final Fantasy: Advent Children basically removed any semblance of logical storytelling by the time it was shown.

    Shenmue was made into a painful …”in-game” cinematic movie and it just didn’t click. It’s easy to tolerate most of the stuff because you get to interact with it but if Shenmue Incomplete was shown into a movie, it won’t be because of better storytelling but because of re-popularizing the mystique of old HK films.

    …and Metal Gear… has lots of plot holes. Then again, I’m not sure why I’m replying in this path.

    I could just as say their trailers would be overrated if they were movies compared to the picks in the list but then it can be said for any person’s picks including mine and the list maker.

    I guess the bit about casual gamer just irked me. You too listed casual gamer choices but have the audacity to accuse someone else of being a casual gamer.

  • nicoleredz3

    @bluesman87 [71]: Dude! You win! :lol: Agreed! ;-)

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    final fantasy has some of the best trailers tho just plain awesome

  • Scratch


    Movies based on Video Games: 1
    Video Games based on Movies: 1
    They Equally Suck: 1

    There was a Double Dragon Movie back in the day. I remember that one sucking.

    @bluesman87 [61]:
    I used to like that movie too. My friend even had the soundtrack.

  • bluesman87

    @nicoleredz3 [68]: sorry didnt see this

  • Julius

    @Teddy Salad [67]: dude, Shenmue was developed for the Dreamcast, that alone should disqualify it from any list with “top” in front…

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    there was a mario bros movie too it sucked big time

  • Mike

    @Scratch [77]:

    Does Goldeneye 64 count for nothing?

  • nicoleredz3

    @Julius [65]: Just saw your comment… I was so ashamed to say (in fear of letting ppl know I saw it, Lol!) that the Mario movie was the worst adaptation, ever!

  • Ninja_Wallaby

    golden eye on the 64 was the only good game wit mario 3d coming in at 2nd

  • Sluiq

    @Scratch [77]:

    Actually Double Dragon sucked a long time ago…somewhat.

    Even the movie was debateable by then (then again I’m one of the few who *cough* “liked” the Super Mario Bros. movie) but Double Dragon by the time of the movies had already a Cartoon Mad Max adaptation, Teamed up with the Battle Toads and Bimmy Lee.

    When you get to that point, it’s not about the transition of videogame to movies anymore. It’s really just a problem with the series going downhill overall. (or uphill in my case as I didn’t care for the game but the Mad Max cartoon got me back and horror of horrors, I will often try to watch every episode just to see who will become the next Green Ranger of the show)

  • Sluiq

    @Julius [79]:

    Not really. FF7 was made on the PS but it’s CGI is still more iconic than any next gen FF despite the graphics upgrade.

    There’s also some of those Shenmue 3 trailers floating about.

  • Tom Wang

    @Ninja_Wallaby [76]: FF’s are the worst on people with OCD. We just have to complete every little thing…

    I don’t know if I want to spend another 100+ hours on a FF game. XII took 60 BEFORE optional questing. Yiazmat cost 10 hours I will never get back. Think I’ll stop will I’m ahead. If I start XIII I’ll never graduate!!

  • Scratch

    @Mike [81]:

    Good call, that one was fun.

    @Sluiq [84]:

    Yeah, in retrospect I never really enjoyed the double dragon games. I liked Battle Toads though.

    Now if they can just come up with a movie for Pong.

  • danny

    @56 ….zz

    o an this list lost all credibility when i got to the bottom and seen no metal gear solid

  • Sluiq

    @Scratch [87]:

    Not quite… but be careful of what you wish for:

  • nicoleredz3

    @Ninja_Wallaby [76]: O_o That trailer gave me goosebumps… Awesome!

  • Anti Emo

    @bluesman87 [28]: Awww come onnnn I thought that up for an hour… Any tips for great comebacks?

  • Anti Emo

    @Sluiq [89]: Are you a gamer? If you are impressed than it is normal as that reaction is expected from a gamer but if you are a non gamer than you have proven that games can be like a movie.

  • Sluiq

    @Anti Emo [92]:


    That link was just a joke on how Hollywood could ruin a movie about Pong.

    I didn’t really get the gamer/non-gamer reference.

  • MJC

    Assassin’s Creed would be a great movie look what Ubisoft did here!

  • Anti Emo

    @Sluiq [93]: Crap i reply the wrong person sorry.

    @nicoleredz3 [90]: Are you a gamer? If you are impressed than it is normal as that reaction is expected from a gamer but if you are a non gamer than you have proven that games can be like a movie.

  • Mel Elyssa

    The trailer for Dead Space always creeps me out


  • Teddy Salad

    @Sluiq [74]:

    I was not commenting on what games made great movies or would make great movies but rather as what the list was about, game trailer that look like they could be a movie trailer.

    “Here are ten trailers for modern video games that could easily pass as previews playing before a summer blockbuster.”

    So I’m not sure why you would pick apart the games I listed based on the existing movies or the possible success of movies that don’t exist.

    My suggestions were only based on the quality of the trailers that those games produced as was the topic of the list/

  • nicoleredz3

    @Anti Emo [95]: :-) I am a gaming freak! Can’t get enough! Whooo!

    Why? Aren’t you?..

    Ok, that qualifies me to be a super nerd. :lol:

  • nicoleredz3

    Games adapted into movies don’t really tickle my fancy, just the trailers of the games, themselves. Nothing more to it…

  • Sluiq

    @Teddy Salad [97]:

    “So I’m not sure why you would pick apart the games I listed based on the existing movies or the possible success of movies that don’t exist.”

    It’s a much more concrete way of picking apart your picks just because the movies based on those games were also pretty much based on eye candy rather than storytelling which coincidentally is what often makes an awesome trailer.

    I mostly focused on the FF aspect of that section though.

    Notice how I sort of defended your pick for Shenmue later on.

    Like I said, it was mostly the “casual gamer” comment that caused me to reply but it was mostly to show the flaw of trailers that could be movies.

    It’s a bit confusing because in order to pick apart anyone’s pick for a trailer that can be a movie, one must deal with each poster’s subjective taste for what could make a movie vs. what couldn’t or what would result into a poor movie and then after factoring that, arguing what could serve as good tantalizing previews of said good movies.

    That’s why, again, I emphasized how it was your casual gamer comment that led to my reply.

    Still even with that comment I would have to still pick apart the flaws in your picks which is what led me to opting for the existing FF movies.

    Both Spirits Within and FF: AC were trailer-wise great trailers that would pass of as movies but both were also movies who’s storytelling substance that could pass of as trailers and hence the trailers could be said as misleading or uninformative or focusing on too much action.

    By using that it’s much easier to focus on the subjective aspects of storytelling for movie trailers without really going in-depth and asking each other what we both subjectively consider as good movie trailers and then drawing a fine line between that.

    With that factor in mind, it’s much easier for me to subjectively state that your choices are neither hardcore/cult gamer picks nor that those picks would far surpass the picks already in the list even if they are games known for their graphics. Then again, it’s something I could say to anyone’s picks. I just said it to you because, again, your particular way of defending your picks irked me.

  • Scratch

    @Sluiq [89]:

    Ha, yeah, you’re right. I’ll abstain from giving these great movie ideas to any potential Hollywood producers that might be lurking.

  • oouchan

    @nicoleredz3 [98]: If you are a super nerd…I’m an uber nerd. I have 10 game systems, from Atari to the Wii. :)

  • Julius

    @MJC [94]: Yeah that really does look like a movie trailer :-) Assassins Creed 2 is pissing me off to no end though. It requires a constant internet connection or you can’t play and if your internet connection is as prone to fucking up every once in a while as mine is this can be really irritating.

    I just remembered 2 more ridiculously awesome trailers:
    Starcraft II:
    Star Wars: The Old Republic:
    For me, Starcraft II is a must-buy and I might even buy The old republic if the game is half as good as the trailer!

  • danny

    again @100 zz shh your as boring as the top 10 bla bla composer lists

  • nicoleredz3

    @oouchan [102]: Holy crap! *faints* *THUD*


  • oouchan

    @nicoleredz3 [105]: Just to make you faint again…’s the full list:

    Super Nintendo
    Nintendo DS
    Sega Dreamcast

    I like games and some games play better on other systems. I prefer RPG more than other types. :D

  • Maggot

    @ianz09 [35]: I don’t see many of the (mostly older) regulars being interested in this list, but hopefully they make an appearance

    I watched the trailer for “Pong” several hundred times and I still couldn’t figure out what the plot was supposed to be. Piece of shit…the graphics were kind of weak too btw. Glad to see you didn’t include it on the list. I don’t recommend it.

  • nicoleredz3

    All I’ve got these days is my PSP with GTA – Vice City Stories and God of War games… And my Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and Nintendo DS emulators…

  • alex

    the left 4 dead opening videos? part 2’s was really well done and intense, i wonder why they were left off the list

  • nicoleredz3

    @oouchan [106]: *Gasps* O_o

    Wooow… Awesome!

    Hey, Role Playing Games, rule!

  • Julius

    @oouchan [106]: Why on earth would you still have a gamecube though? :-) I have 3x Xbox 360; a PS3; a Xbox and a Gameboy Colour^^..

  • nicoleredz3

    @oouchan [106]: Ok, I’m throwing this at you and anyone else, especially Super Mario bashers:

    Have you ever played Super Mario RPG for Super Nintendo? *(whispering) It was very cool* :-)

  • oouchan

    @Julius [111]: Because the kid likes to play Harvest Moon (the worst game ever!!!!) and I can’t stand listening to that chirping they use as their speech. So it’s in her room and I get the Wii for my stuff. :)

  • lumplawson

    I am horrified that everyone is saying the Super Mario Bros. movie was bad. That was quite possibly the best video game to movie adaption ever. John Leguizamo, Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper’s horrible acting and lizard/dinosaur things with tiny heads. It was amazing.

    Nice list BTW

  • oouchan

    @nicoleredz3 [112]: One of my favorites! I like the spin on the Power Rangers towards the end. They are hard to fight along with Smithy! My friend and I play a lot of RPG…favorites are Champions of Norrath and Baulder’s Gate II.

    @MJC [94]: I did see that before. It would be awesome if they did a whole movie set starting with the original then it going through the ages. Those would be some movies I would love to see!

  • nicoleredz3

    @lumplawson [114]: John Leguizamo was the only reason I watched that movie… So cute… Lol! Yoshi was scary!

    That movie could’ve been done better, than that. Much, MUCH better…

  • Julius

    @oouchan [113]: Fair enough. But that brings us to the next question, why would your kid want to play harvest moon?;-) Kidding, to each their own :-)

    @danny [104]: No one is forcing you to read other people’s comments! Besides, I would much rather read a comment as long and structured as Sluiqs usually are than a comment that only says “wheres CRAB BAAAAAAAAATLE???????????”

  • RockGOD


  • bunbunbunbun

    I vote that Left 4 Dead 2 would make a fantastic movie. Well, I guess it’s supposed to be a “movie” of sorts, but to be honest I never really got that part of the game. I just like killing zombies. I’ve been playing that game almost every night this week now that finals are done :P

  • Arsnl

    @GTT [70]: 29 wow. Im 21 and i feel like an ol’timer:-(. Just a few days ago they brought a new thingy at a library i go to and that scans your books directly. No need of human intervention and i was like “All pray to the new god”, and doing dances around it and singing hymns of glory.
    Maybe im just an average guy but i see technology going past me with the speed of light (or nerd)

  • undaunted warrior 1

    @ianz09 [35} As one of the older regulars I will put in an appearance – Well done enjoyed the list.


  • nathaaan90

    Crysis would make a good movie i think.
    Totally agree with Bioshock too… nice list

  • nathaaan90

    Crysis would make a good movie i think, and i thought Metal Gear would be here somewhere..
    Totally agree with Bioshock though… nice list

  • A.H.

    Bioshock is being made into a movie…

  • Eric

    Good list but I was a little disappointed in the lack of Metal Gear, Final Fantasy or Heavy Rain trailers. Those are all amazing trailers.

  • deeeziner

    @ianz09 [35]:

    “Also, I don’t see many of the (mostly older) regulars being interested in this list, but hopefully they make an appearance :)”

    “Mostly older” is apt, ianz… fortunately my daughter’s boyfriend keeps me caught up on the latest in gaming. Let me tell you there’s nothing better than to have a night of sitting and watching some teen’s “mad skillz” get down on video bad guys. *rolls eyes*

    On the other hand, I don’t have to worry about an unexpected grandchild popping up if the kids are happy in my living room. *two thumbs up*

  • Seanithan

    You’re really shorting Metal Gear Solid if you don’t include them in the list. Probably the most complex storylines in a videogame thus far.

    This is the latest in the series.


  • rroot

    God of War III, WTF.

  • shaymm09

    Have to agree with most on here…Metal Gear should have been on the list. Other than that though, great list.

  • Edg


  • Arsnl

    @deeeziner [126]: yes deeez you have found the solution to teenage sex … video games. If all those other teen age mothers would have had acces to video games. Alas having a video game is a privilege only possible for the few.

  • gabi319

    @Maggot [107]: I watched the trailer for “Pong” several hundred times and I still couldn’t figure out what the plot was supposed to be.
    Wow, Maggot. I thought you’d be someone who could understand one of the Video Game World’s more complex, more-original-than-a-Hollywood-blockbuster stories. It’s about a newcomer seeking fame and riches in the criminal underground as he stealthily hunts down a Renaissance assassin in Alternate Universe England circa 1952 as humans go to war against aliens in an underwater city owned by an American soldier embedded within a Russian extremist party known as the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers who kick ass in a war-torn Earth-like planet.

    Riveting stuff, Maggot. It truly is.

  • bishopwhitet

    Good list, but the most glaring ommision of all IMHO:


    Check out the other trailers for Mafia II as well. The original game was one of the best stories I’ve ever seen in a game, and it looks like they have the same team on board for the sequel.

    This game is the reason I bought a PS3, now if they’d just quit delaying the dang thing!!!

  • Chris Wright

    I love that song on the Gears of War one. It’s actually a cover Gary Jules did. The original is by Tears for Fears and would totally change the feel of the trailer:

  • ganstawitnogun

    they are making a halo movie, a gears of war movie, and a bioshock movie. u need to do more research needed buddy.

  • GTT

    @Arsnl [120]:

    You feel old at 21?!?

    Oh hell, I think I´ll go check myself into a nursing home… I think I just crapped my pants… Is there a crying emoticon I can use?

    @gabi319 [132]: I´ve had to read that 3 times and I´m still not sure what the hell it´s supposed to be about…

  • Maggot

    @GTT [136]: I think I just crapped my pants

    Well so much for my fantasy of you being a hot blond 29 yr old and us living happily ever after together in my mom’s basement playing Pong on my new high-def tv. And gabi had just explained the plot to me too, so there was that added bonus. I was just starting to think that my life could not get any more awesome.

  • ianz09

    Sheesh, I’m gone for 8 hours and 100+ comments accumulated since my last peek.

    Well geezers, I’ve eaten my words. Senility hasn’t corrupted your knowledge of video games yet!

    @Julius [48]: Well, most people tend to incorporate a thought process similar to the one I shall outline here: “I read the title, therefore I know everything about this list I need to know.! Fuck you introduction you are useless. I will now read the titles of all the list items, then skip the videos and short paragraphs that were included NOT for my convenience. I will now bitch in the comments about things clarified in the intro or paragraphs that I would know if I spent more than 30 seconds skimming it.”

    The list wasn’t about video game movies. With the exception a few kind of entertaining ones, video game movies suck dick. And so do movie video games. When a story is chosen to be portrayed in a video game, it was MADE to be portrayed in a game, not as a movie. And vice versa.

    @gabi319 [132]: That would either suck ass or kick ass. Either way I think my head would explode from the shear weight of all that crap vying for my attention at once. Kind of like trying to pour 5 gallons of water into a 3 gallon bucket, except bloodier and more explodey.

  • ianz09

    @Maggot [137]: Would it help if I bought you a cheeseburger?

  • Maggot

    @ianz09 [139]: Well since McDonalds has recently banned Happy Meals, I’m kind of screwed there too. But thanks for caring.

  • gabi319

    @GTT [136]: I think I just crapped my pants
    Did or did not. I doubt that “think” really applies to that kind of statement. If I were in that situation, I’d be decisive and 100% sure if it happened.

  • Bucketheadrocks

    I love video games! I spend hours on them everyday! I Love This List!! My favorite was Assassin’s creed 2

  • Kid from Vault 101

    assassins creed 2 to me seems the most movie like. but im not shure about bioshock, its storyline is way too ficticious to actually pass a pitch in.(but the game itself is awesome.

  • Maggot

    @gabi319 [141]: Have a Klondike Bar and get back to us.

  • ianz09

    @Maggot [140]: Your welcome buddy. We’ll get you a Hot Wheel and some chicken fingers, ok?

  • mrsmarvel

    We found the MGS game to be annoying because of all the cut scenes interrupting the game play. It’s by a guy who wanted to be a movie director, I’m sure.

  • Paco

    I’m suprised that metal gear solid didn’t make the list

  • Rascalian

    Bioshock does not feature “evil little girls”. Little Sister, as they are known in Rapture, are not evil at all. Myabe you should play the games you put in a list about games. and if you did play it then maybe you should pay attention a little bit better next time.

  • Julius

    @Paco [147]: wow, 148 comments and 18 of them are bitching about Metal gear solid…. get over it….

  • This is a sweet list. I may just be a “casual gamer” as someone up there ^ said, but I agree with most of these. I do think Metal Gear Solid should be up there, but I’m glad Halo got two spots. It’s such a cool, well made game.

    The image of the whitehouse destroyed is so striking. The fact that it’s on American soil is what made Modern Warfare 2 so impressive for me.

  • Andrew

    How is Mass Effect/ Mass Effect 2 not here??!? Seriously, I’d’ve thought it was a hollywood trailer if I hadn’t been following it as a game before its release.

  • habibi

    “Rapture resides in international waters, and is not confined by petty laws, religions, or capitalism”

    Ummm…. rapture is pretty much a capitalist dystopia, man.

  • Old School

    @Teddy Salad [67]:

    Shenmu was an original xbox ported from sega dreamcast, I think that is the best game I have ever played on x-box

    Rainbow 6 the original on Nintendo 64 was pretty dam good too.

    Tenchu shadow assassins on PSP is the game of the year imho

    Being a gamer there is nothing more satisfying than finishing a game, most are too short and focus on online game play rather than 1st person.

    Tom Clancy games are good tactical war games covering secret agents, spies, tactical response, search and destroy, recon, terrorist cells etc.. Ideal for lounge room espionage.

    Many star wars games have let me down there was a good empire strikes back on 64 back in the day

    and the game that got a lot of people into gaming was Golden Eye..

    Street fighter 2 was the best arcade fighter for ages, although the port was average.

    Grand theft series has always been value for money and Call of Duties are great WW2 games and the weopons are usually flawlessly accurate..

    There aint nothin like going to another world for the week end or a distant galaxy or gunning down nazi’s or playin a simulated dog fight or being ripped apart by a mutant

    And it keeps getting better

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Only game worth playing is tekken. And only if you are fucked up.

  • xlr8r

    Wtf no Warcraft? I feel cheated.

  • Marvinator

    i thought gears of war 3 had a real movie like trailer

  • Ruth

    None of these compare to a movie. Their scenes are more about what traditional movies can’t (without a big budget) and not about human emotion.

    These would fail as movies big time.

  • GTT

    @Maggot [137]: :lol:

    I am slowly (but definitively) backing away from a Pong and basement filled future…

    @gabi319 [141]: Well, I checked and it’s all good… I think I’ll carry around some Depends in the future, guard against that old-lady-at-29 thing…

  • sexysmell

    A list of the most over-hyped titles since starwars. But that wouldn’t have anything to do with the choices right? naw couldn’t be.

  • SteveC

    Two Steps from Hell+Mass Effect 2 launch trailer…come on. It should’ve been on this list. The game itself plays like a movie.

  • khatzeye

    @EvilFrostop [33]: OMG! I completly agree! Thought I was the only fallout 3 fan here for a sec. That shoulda totally been on this list. Still great job tho :)

  • Stefan

    GEARS OF WAR SHIT YEAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hate halo

  • Stefan

    oh but after reading comments, im cut that assassins creed didnt make it. that truly is a remarkable game

  • I like that lists are regularly reaching high into the 100s again.

  • b_ott14

    @Mike [24]: so you are calling halo 3 average and ODST decent? ODST has an absolute SHIT campaign and it didnt expand on any aspect of multi-player with its stupid wanna-be GOW horde mode. Halo 2 is the absolute best of the series, then Halo: CE, then Halo 3, then ODST.

    and calling COD: ModWar 2 gay? i think you are confusing modern warfare 2 with world at war. WaW was complete shit as well, Treyarch was just trying to ride on the coat tails of IW’s success with modern warfare.

    quit being a snob (although i am being one right now with this comment :-)

  • b_ott14

    oh and i think that some of the “Halo: Believe” live action trailers should have made the cut, you know the ones about the monument to John and the battle of new mombasa and everything? (at least i think it was new mombasa)

    and i also agree about the metal gear series, the FF series, and Mass Effect

  • Mike

    @b_ott14 [165]:

    I said they were both average.
    The first Halo was the best.

  • b_ott14

    @Mike [167]: first halo was good but number 2 was still the best. and the only thing that saved halo 3 was its better multi-player, the campaign just got ridiculous as it went on i think.

    and calling COD gay is just being ignorant, the numbers of its sales and ratings dont lie so its obviously not “gay” ha

  • Dadalchimist

    Damn, these trailers are waaay better than any actual movie trailers I’ve ever seen!

  • gabi319

    @GTT [158]: that old-lady-at-29 thing…
    At least you’re simply old. To some of my students I am practically fossilized. I had my birthday back in March and it fell on the day I teach art to my 3-5 year old classes. They were so excited that it was my birthday that I was inundated with hugs and serenaded with birthday songs. Then one of the little ankle-biters jumped up in front of me and asks “Miss [my name], how old are you? Are you SEVEN?!?!” Nope. I am significantly older than their idea of old.

  • JFK

    For some reason I want to watch Donnie Darko now…

  • Dez

    Trailers do their jobs well. They make it look more interesting and entertaining then it should.

  • Mabel

    Halo 3: ODST I’ve never played, but it has a TERRIFIC soundtrack. Game music has come a long way since the midi stuff in the 80s. The music in some of these games is as good as big-budget film scores.

    (I’m a soundtrack maven, if you couldn’t tell.)

  • Mike

    @b_ott14 [168]:
    I’m not pretending to speak on any greater level than opinion.
    1stly, I’d call the first Halo the greatest because at the time, it was an astounding game, and those which followed haven’t really pushed the halo name much further.
    I also don’t tend to judge a game on it’s multiplayer unless it is solely multiplayer. I play for story and immersion.

    In MW2, the only level that I had any particular fun in was the airport level. Otherwise the gameplay felt incredibly “rail-shooter”. The story has left no great impression on me.

  • ralphelel

    no final fantasy? seriously, they have amazing cinematography. every scene looks like a painting :)

  • b_ott14

    @Mike [175]: well maybe you shouldnt be looking into FPS games, like COD, that are more than likely geared towards the multi-player audience and maybe play more platformer type games that have a more in depth story driven plot.

  • bob

    I think that according to the list of the 10 games Uncharted should be number one instead of Gears of War 2 because it seems like a good action movie (kinda reminds me of Indiana Jones). Gears of War 2 was a good trailer but it in no way seemed like a movie trailer.

  • I love this list! :D Bioshock and Assassin’s Creed 2 are two of my favorite games. Their stories are amazing. I don’t have to say anything about MW2. Uncharted is another fun one. And Splinter Cell is cool, but come on, give me a new Rainbow Six please. :P

  • Savanti Romero

    I can’t help but notice that “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” launch trailer is missing. It had a very theatrical feel to it, and the fact that it featured the score “Riddle of Steel, Riders of Doom” from Conan was icing on the cake.

  • sexysmell

    @b_ott14 [168]:

    so by your logic lady gaga isn’t terrible because she sells a lot of records? That makes total sense.

  • Mike

    @b_ott14 [176]:

    What for? Shooters are generally fun in their own right, so long as the combat isn’t to rail-shooter as I mentioned before (it’s why I could never get into medal of honour). And a good multiplayer is important, but it shouldn’t be as important as singleplayer. I despise playing shooters online so I go to LANs every week or so.

    It’s not like FPSs aren’t capable of creating a halfdecent game like Half-Life or something but where I’m concerned Halo2/3/ODST were average, MW2 was gay and GOW was just stupid.

  • raiden

    why not metal gear solid

  • Rorschachinstein

    Agree with number 1. Gears of War trailer felt like a chilling block Buster with Gary Jules.

    I could argue the rest though.

  • andrestm

    I don’t quite understand the criteria for this list, especially since it uses the word “Top” to describe itself.

    Videogames is such a wide topic it would be imposible to make a “Top” list of movie-like trailers. It’s a nice compilation, but there are definitely more worthy instances out there.

  • Beast Of Gevaudan

    Heavy Rain and Alan Wake would be worthy inclusions imo.

  • leonardome

    What a disgusting pandemonium. If an alien would watch us thru that lens he’d wipe us all off this planet.

  • slik-ro

    NO METAL GEAR SOLID!!!! Are you kidding me?

  • Lifeschool

    Do they even make games for kids anymore?

  • Kilroy

    What about Team Fortress 2’s Meet the Team videos? Those are fantastic, especially Meet the Spy.

  • Iakhovas

    I wish Hollywood and the game industry would just steer clear of each other. 95% of the adaptations are pieces of shit. You need a follow up list of games that would make great movies based on the STORYLINE. I’ve seen too many game trailers that look great only to have suckhole gameplay. Torment for #1 if you do the follow-up list, or I’ll have to hunt you down and kill you Agent 47 style.

  • witchfinder

    Where is Metal Gear?

  • Muffin

    What, no "Dragon Age: Origins"?

  • I like watching game trailers. I guess that's cause I like machinima. :)

  • wolvie1108

    mass effect everyone?

  • psychosurfer

    This list seems just random,

    For the past 15 years Blizzard entertainment has been the king of cinematics, I can´t believe that you didn´t include a single Diablo, Warcraft or Starcraft trailer here.

    For the modern times two words: Heavy Rain

  • joo

    I have been into gaming for the past 20 years and I find this list probably the stupidest list I ever read. Clearly whoever wrote this list has no idea about games. Do some more research before you start writing a top 10 about best game trailers. How could you even think about forgetting mass effect and mass effect 2 in this list.

  • joe

    where the hell is darksiders?

  • <G3X0> MACHINE

    Love how retards refer to rpg games :) THERE IS NO SOLID STORY IN A REAL RPG.

    OnT; Prey.

  • Chris

    How can Heavy Rain not be on here?

  • I really enjoyed this list! :)

  • 1# is hands down easily the best. I remember watching it on tv and thinking just wow this aint like no other game advert

  • was gunna say the MGS2 trailer but then found it was actually a intro the one i was thinking of
    still would like to see a intro list! or cut scene

  • bluesman87

    @ General Tits Von Chodehoffen 147 – Dude tekken is my game .A couple of mates some beers , a bong and a bag of weed . days could pass like this…

  • hater

    And that was why it was boring, all movies,less action, and only a few of them were even good.

  • Isamu

    What about the new Halo Reach trailer, the one that shows the birth of a spartan III

  • Adam

    This should definitely include Star Wars: The Old Republic. Did you see the "Deceived" trailer for that? It's truly breathtaking!

  • nathaaan90

    I just realised that for a 'trailer' to pass as a 'movie' wouldn't it need to be significantly longer than about a minute? What a strange list…

  • ilgattopunx

    gta iv has the worst character development i’ve ever seen…

  • Joeeeeel

    How could Metal Gear be left off the list? That almost IS a movie!

  • Crockaman

    Where the hell is Metal Gear Solid. This list is nothing without it.


  • Rascal

    Great list! I got one you should know of, Fallout 3's.

  • Krinks

    OMG, the greatest game trailer ever created was not on here … the E3 trailer for "Star Wars: Old Republic." Those guys should've made a movie like that rather than the game. That rrailer alone was better than the first 3 prequel movies … COMBINED

  • good list :D, found a sad gears of war music video, here

  • phosmonaut

    uuuuuum the original metal gear solid trailer from i think 1997. with the japanese dialouge. to this day the best trailer i've seen for a game.

  • ddd

    No Metal gear solid ? LOL!!!! No final fantasy ? No Killzone 1 ? etc etc….this list really sucks to be honest,there are far better game openings.

  • shadowstrike

    no warcraft? no prince of persia? wtf!

  • Gamer

    How could you possibly leave out Metal Gear Solid…ALL editions??

  • ababyfurseal

    Dragon Age Origins trailer is the defenition of epic, unfortunately the game was very boring :(

  • Chimichurro

    Not sure if Shadow of the Colossus had a trailer, but I would pay a lot to see a good movie out of it. Also, a little bit too many war games for my taste.

  • Pauline

    Seriously? No Mass Effect 2 or 3?!

  • Frauleinhope

    Really not a single Mass Effect?!

  • thats gears ad is amazing!

  • Halo reach deliver hope extened directors cut on full screen feels like a moive and you just want to cry

  • Jack

    I’m shocked Dead Island didn’t get a mention

  • darkknight9761

    OK, these were all very good, I can’t deny that. But graphics and animation wise, where the heck was ‘Batman – Arkham City’? Good list though, just maybe you should’ve included Arkham also, the graphics alone were awesome.

  • Conrad

    I like this list, but it lacks notable omissions like Assassin’s Creed Revelations or Fallout 3

  • Jack

    Killzone 3 justice trailer would beat all of these

  • Jack

    Killzone 3 looks like a movie

  • Gogo

    Basically anything from Blur or Digic

  • siv95

    When I first saw the ODST trailer I thought I was actually watching the trailer for the long awaited Halo live action movie

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  • greenpwoer444

    I thought the DC Universe Online would make a great movie, based on the trailer.

  • axlerod

    wheres the love for “Deliver Hope” probably the best trailer of all time

  • Shinobu

    who ever posted this has limited knowledge of games and is a complete moron…

  • TheSaintofGoodandEvil

    Come on!!! Max Payne 3 plays like a movie!!!!!!