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10 People Who Sold Their Soul To The Devil

There is always someone looking for the easy way of obtaining more pleasure, wealth or power. I always find it fascinating the lengths some will try just to achieve what they desire most. This list looks at 10 who are believed to have turned to the ultimate evil to obtain their desire.


Pope Sylvester II
(born c. 945- died 5-12-1003)


Pope Sylvester II was one of the most learned men of his time. Well versed in mathematics, astronomy, and mechanics; he is credited with inventing the hydraulic organ, pendulum clock, and introducing Arabic numerals to Western Europe. He also wrote books on mathematics, natural science, music, theology and philosophy. Pope Sylvester II was the first French Pope and certainly the most significant in the 10th century. Upon his death, rumors began to fly that his great intelligence – and, consequently his inventive genius – was the result of a pact with the devil. This was most likely due to his regular contact with great scientific minds in the Arab world and his brave attempts to root out simony in the Church.


Nicolo Paganini
(born 10-27-1782 – died 5-27-1840)

Paganini Nicolo 03

Nicolo Paganini is one of the greatest violin virtuosos to have ever lived. He learned to play the mandolin at 5 and was composing by 7. He started playing publicly at 12 but by 16 he had a breakdown and disappeared into alcoholism. He sobered up and by 22 was the first music superstar. Paganini was capable of playing three octaves across four strings in a hand span, a feat that is nearly impossible even by today’s standards. He composed 24 Caprices at 23 and for years no other violinist was capable of playing much of his music. His playing of tender passages is said to have brought audiences to tears. One of his famous pieces was called Le Streghe which translates to Witches’ Dance. Audiences believed Paganini made a pact with the devil to perform supernatural displays of technique. Some patrons even claimed to see the devil helping him during his performances. It is because he was denied the Last Rites in the Church and his widely rumored association with the devil, that his body was denied a Catholic burial in Genoa. It took four years, and an appeal to the Pope, before the body was allowed to be transported to Genoa, but was still not buried. His remains were finally put to rest in 1876 in a cemetery in Parma.


Gilles de Rais
(born 1404- died 1440)


Gilles de Rais was considered intelligent, courageous and very attractive with a bluish black beard. Born to one of the most distinguished families in Brittany, he came into his own when his father died in Gilles’ 20th year. He found himself with untold wealth and power which eventually led to his downfall. Gilles got an attack of “keeping up with the Joneses” which ultimately led to the loss of much of his wealth. In desperation he began to experiment with the occult under the direction of a man named Francesco Prelati, who promised that Gilles could help him regain his squandered fortune by sacrificing children to a demon called “Baron.” Over the course of his killing spree, Gilles raped, tortured, and murdered between 80 and 200 children. He was tried, found guilty, and executed by hanging and burning.


General Jonathan Moulton
(born 7-21-1726- died 9-18-1787)


Jonathan Moulton started as an apprentice to a cabinet maker but in 1745 he left and started his career in the New England Army. He fought in the King George War and the French and Indian War. He married in 1749 and sired 11 children. He became one of the wealthiest men in New Hampshire and this led to later tales of his deal with the devil. In 1769 the mansion he built in a poor Puritan town burned to the ground. Popular belief at the time was that Moulton had a pact with the devil wherein he would fill Moulton’s boots to the brim with gold once a month in return for his soul. It was said that Moulton thought up a clever ploy and placed his boots – with the soles cut off – over a large hole in the ground. The devil, wondering why it was taking so much gold to fill the boots discovered the trick and exacted revenge. It is believed that when Moulton died his body disappeared out of the coffin and was replaced by a box of coins stamped with an image of the devil. Moulton’s coffin was buried with no grave marker and its location is unknown.


Father Urbain Grandier
(born c. 1590- died 8-16-1634)


Father Urbain Granadier was a French Catholic priest who was burned at the stake after being convicted of witchcraft. He served as priest in the church of Sainte Croix in Loudun, in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Poitiers. Ignoring his vow of priestly celibacy, he is known to have had sexual relationships with a number of women and to have acquired a reputation as a philanderer. In 1632, a group of nuns from the local Ursuline convent accused him of having bewitched them, sending the demon Asmodai, among others, to commit evil and impudent acts with them. At his trial, the judges, after torturing the priest, introduced documents purportedly signed by Grandier and several demons as evidence that he had made a diabolical pact. They were written backwards in Latin and even included the signature of Satan himself. The text of the pact read as follows (the original can be seen above – click for a larger view):

We, the influential Lucifer, the young Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Elimi,
and Astaroth, together with others, have today accepted the covenant pact
of Urbain Grandier, who is ours. And him do we promise
the love of women, the flower of virgins, the respect of monarchs, honors, lusts and powers.
He will go whoring three days long; the carousal will be dear to him. He offers us once
in the year a seal of blood, under the feet he will trample the holy things of the church and
he will ask us many questions; with this pact he will live twenty years happy
on the earth of men, and will later join us to sin against God.
Bound in hell, in the council of demons.
Lucifer Beelzebub Satan
Astaroth Leviathan Elimi
The seals placed the Devil, the master, and the demons, princes of the lord.
Baalberith, writer.


Giuseppe Tartini
(born 4-8-1692- died 2-26-1770)

Tartini was an Italian composer and violinist. He was one of the most instrumental musical composers having written over 400 works. Unlike most of his contemporaries he wrote no church music or operas, he focused most of his work on violin concerti and sonatas. His most infamous piece is called the Devil’s Trill Sonata. The story behind “Devil’s Trill” starts with a dream. Tartini allegedly told the French astronomer Jérôme Lalande that he dreamed that The Devil appeared to him and asked to be his servant. At the end of their lessons Tartini handed the devil his violin to test his skill—the devil immediately began to play with such virtuosity that Tartini felt his breath taken away. When the composer awoke he immediately jotted down the sonata, desperately trying to recapture what he had heard in the dream. Despite the sonata being successful with his audiences, Tartini lamented that the piece was still far from what he had heard in his dream. What he had written was, in his own words: “so inferior to what I had heard, that if I could have subsisted on other means, I would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever.” You can listen to part IV of the piece above – the most difficult section, played by Itzhak Perlman. If you prefer a more techno version of the piece, you can hear Vanessa Mae playing it here.


Cornelius Agrippa
(born 9-14-1486- died 2-18-1535)

Agrippa C8 Cr

Cornelius Agrippa was the most influential writer of renaissance esoterica. He studied law and medicine but never obtained a degree. He was considered a magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer and alchemist. He was a leader in feminist rights and often defended women accused of witchcraft. He wrote 3 books on the occult that are still in use today. In 1535 he was labeled a heretic and sentenced to death. He escaped and on his way home fell ill and died. After Agrippa’s death, rumors circulated about his having summoned demons. In the most famous of these, Agrippa, upon his deathbed, released a black dog which had been his familiar. This black dog resurfaced in various legends about Faustus, and in Goethe’s version became the “schwarze Pudel” Mephistopheles.


Robert Johnson
(born 5-8-1911- died 9-16-1938)

Robert Johnson1

Robert Johnson was a great American Blues musician. Ranked 5th out of 100 on Rolling Stones list as the greatest guitarists of all time. The legend goes that he wanted to be great at guitar and was instructed to head to a crossroads. There he met the devil who tuned his guitar, giving him mastery over the instrument. Johnson did little to dispel the rumors, even encouraging them by alluding to the fact that he had, indeed, made a deal with the prince of darkness. He produced 6 records before his death at age 27. Johnson’s death is controversial as the most common claim is he was caught flirting with a married women and she offered him some whiskey which was believed to be poisoned by her husband. He was buried in an unmarked grave, the location of which is still under debate.


Johann Georg Faust
(born c. 1480- died c. 1540)

Idealporträt Joannes Faustus

Dr. Johann Georg Faust was an itinerant alchemist, astrologer and magician of the German Renaissance. His life became the nucleus of the popular tale of Doctor Faust from ca. the 1580s, notably culminating in Marlowe’s The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (1604) and Goethe’s Faust (1808). Legend has it that Faust wanted a life of pleasure and having been involved with the occult learned how to summon the devil. Having done so he made a deal with him for his soul in return for 24 years of service from Satan. Unfortunately, after 16 years he regretted his deal and wanted to withdraw it. The consequences of this attempt to withdraw the deal are well known to any who have read the various fictional tales of Faust’s life: the devil brutally murdered him.


St. Theophilus of Adana
(died c. 538)

Michael Pacher 004

Saint Theophilus the Penitent, or Theophilus of Adana (died ca. 538), was a cleric in the sixth century Church who is said to have made a deal with the devil to gain an ecclesiastical position. His story is significant as it is the oldest story of a pact with the Devil. Theophilus was the archdeacon of Adana, Cilicia, which is part of modern Turkey. He was unanimously elected to be a bishop, but turned the position down out of humility. Another man was elected in his stead. When the new bishop unjustly deprived Theophilus of his position as archdeacon, Theophilus regretted his humility and sought out a wizard to help him contact Satan. In exchange for his aid, Satan demanded that Theophilus renounce Christ and the Virgin Mary in a contract signed with his own blood. Theophilus complied, and the devil gave him the position as bishop.

Years later, fearful for his soul, Theophilus repented and prayed to the Virgin for forgiveness. After forty days of fasting, the Virgin appeared to him and verbally chastised him. Theophilus begged forgiveness and Mary promised to intercede with God. He then fasted a further thirty days, at which time Mary appeared to him again, and granted him Absolution. However, Satan was unwilling to relinquish his hold over Theophilus, and it was a further three days before Theophilus awoke to find the damning contract on his chest. He then took the contract to the legitimate bishop and confessed all that he had done. The bishop burned the document, and Theophilus expired, out of sheer joy to be free from the burden of his contract. [Source]

  • @#$%!!

    Bluesman Robert Johnson is the most famous case and should be #1 as Johnson is the most legendary, mythical hero figure of Rock N Roll.

    • If I were going to change any part of the order (which I could have done but didn't) – it would have been to put Gilles de Rais in position 1.

      • Yo man what happened to the smilies? Won't they show up? Your posts seem incomplete without them :)

      • MChris

        Couldn't agree more. Read up on the guy awhile ago and Gilles de Rais was just pure evil. Really liking the new comment format too.

      • RemyD

        Hey jfrater, have you done a list of exorcisms yet? I really think you should do one.

    • Woyzeck

      Don't be ridiculous, @#$%!!.

    • couldnt agree more!

    • WStanton

      Its Tommy that sold his soul. Robert was just a cultural icon. Also, BLUES, not Rock n Roll.

  • Dilvish

    What, no Abdul al Hazred? How so!? :-)

  • theBOMB

    hmmm. the devil’s in detail.

  • Mike

    What lovely bedtime stories.

    • That's what listverse is for :)

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  • Geronimo1618

    Yeah heh heh great list..sold their soul..indeed..people will believe in anything ;)

    • Ain't that a fact. Scientology: case in point.

      • The Mynah Bird

        Or religion in general….

      • wazlfrack

        before saying this i want to make it clear that i do not believe in scientology, but how is it that far of a stretch from a bearded man who lives in the sky that can grant wishes?

        • Difference is that there is both written and verbal historical documentation

  • hehe I have used a few already :) They aren't auto-converted into emoticons now though. There is a plugin for the commenting system that does it but it seemed to be broken when I tried it. I will try it again once there is a new update. In the meantime, we have to go old school on the smilies :)

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  • wind-up bird

    bluesman87: who wouldn’t sell their soul to the devil for such mouth-watering incentives….if only the devil would make a fair bargain.

  • Sega

    how does someone sell their soul anyway? How?! Can someone tell me what i need to do in order to summon him!

    • Technically – one doesn't. The soul is immaterial and can't be sold or transferred :)

    • Mason

      You just have to beeeeeeeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!!!!!

  • I believe Robert Johnson is on the crossroads episode of supernatural where the brothers go their to make a deal with the devil.You see Robert Johnson making the deal at the crossroads,playing the guitar and then later in his life getting killed by the devils hell hounds.

    • DC1

      Haha yes! It's a really good episode :)

  • theBOMB

    i tried to sell my soul to satan but i’m kind’a dyslexic and i mistakenly sold it to santa.

    • Dawn-Gale

      Thanks, I needed a good chuckle!

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        • frightened inmate #2

          Hmm interested I must be dyslexic because I have only just realised that Santa is an anagram of Satan. Its not much of an anagram you just got to move one letter, freaky. Hey maybe you sold it to the right person after all

  • Homer Simpson, but it was later found that his soul was already the legal possession of Marge Simpson, so wasn't his to sell.

  • Reggae

    This list is utterly retarded. As is anyone who believes that the devil is real.

  • Sega

    Sammy Davis Jr. joined the church of satan. He should be on this list just for that.

  • Arsnl

    Technically one could sell Casper to the devil (if slavery were still permitted).
    @bluesman87 [22]: i bet the socks werent even a pair.

  • Is it just me or does the devil's ass in #1 look like a face?

    • Glowbug

      It kinda does! Creepy, but still cool.

      • carpet

        So satan really does talk s***


    I’d say all those souls who voted for Obama should be number one. Talking bout selling your soul to the devil. All the rest of us have to pay the price.

    • Not an idiot

      That may be the dumbest comment I have ever read…lol fail sir!

      • random

        LOL I agree.

    • ReasoningDoubt

      as opposed to those who voted for G Dubyah?

    • Bran

      That’s how he gets his plentiful supply of elven slave labor…

  • Clark88

    So Gilles is really the only "bad" person on this list?

  • Richard

    This is the worst list I have read on this forum.
    Selling your soul to the devil…?

  • C&J

    yeah I remember Homer Simpson sold his soul for a donut,Bart Simpson also sold his soul to Milhouse.

    • Dang! You beat me to it. :)

  • Interesting list. I got some chuckles out of this one. …. However, I believe it has to do with envy of a person's popularity or talent that causes people to say such things against others.

  • bluesman87

    @Richard [27]: wow trash ? what is so trashy about this list ? Im waiting….

  • Ummm… Snoop Dogg?! Interesting list, though…

  • The Truth

    Ummm, Selling soul to Devil = Bullshit.

  • flgh

    Any concrete evidence that these 10 really did "their soul to the devil"?

  • Richard

    Its trash because there is no way you can prove that any of these guys sold their souls to the devil.The whole list is based on hearsay and rumours.
    Besides i do not believe in the devil.

    • One doesn't need to believe in something for it to be true. You can truly not believe that fire burns, but stick your hand in the fire and you will get burnt. Truth is not subjective.

      • Bran

        And one can truly believe in unicorns, and no matter how hard they believe it will never be true. You are right about truth not being subjective…the problem, of course, is when you believe that primitive mythological bullshit is truth, or that you were actually making a good point, when in reality you were a dumbass.

  • GTT

    Fun list jfrater!

    I loved how they actually had a signed letter for Father Urbain Grandier… and why is there a face in the butt of the devil for #1?

    • G-man

      maybe because he added a face on his head to talk to people… or maybe nobody liked to see his cheeks. XD

  • bluesman87

    @Richard [35]: Well Duh!!! Of course they didnt really sell their souls to the devil. The writer/s of the list arent trying to convince anyone of that , it dosent sound like they are trying to make a case for it at all . Cmon , they are just presenting the stories as they are . I guess they didnt actually beleive they had to go out of their way to explain to rational thinking induviduals that stories of people selling their souls to the devil are most likely not true .jeez i cant beleive someone had to explain this to you .

  • All of those beautiful comments, gone forever. Forever.

    "I got more soul than a sock with a hole." – MF Doom.

    Hey! Why isn't each entry followed by a notice that neither souls nor devils have been scientifically proven to exist? I'm preposterously enraged right about now.

    • Souls have been scientifically proven to exist by the scholastics using reason :)

      You can see here:

      • Scientifically or logically? I would say logically. :)

        Aquinas was a genius. It'll take me a while to digest his argument.

        • Let's not forget that logic is science. It wasn't until the 18th century that people decided to ignore reason and follow empiricism only – when the two are better working hand in hand. Some things can't be proven by empiricism but can definitely be proven by reason :)

          • I definitely agree that empiricism should not stand alone. The rather flimsy argumentation of some extreme atheists should be proof enough of that. I believe that it would do the world a a lot of good if more scientists were more familiar with philosophy.

            I still don't think that the former definition of science should be adopted now. :)

  • VintageObsessive

    Robert Johnson was parodied on "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Does anyone else remember that? When George Clooney and his gang happened upon him at the crossroads with his guitar, he informed them that he had sold his soul to the devil in order to play better. Then he recorded "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrows" with them. Lol, that was a great movie. :) :)

    • Tarachowski

      That was what I thought of when i saw his entry too :)

  • Ah, Goethe's Faust….The horror of every german high school student….I've read it again and now I quite enjoy it…
    "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."…sry, I just had to quote The Usual Suspects here :-)

  • Tarachowski

    @Richard: I don't believe in the devil either, but this is an awesome list. It's more about the myth than actually suggesting it is factual. So glad Faust made the cut – Marlowe's Faustus rocks. Also lol'd at the devil arseface in no.1 :) A list about famous witches (not that anyone here believes in witches, Richard) would also be really interesting – if I ever get the time I will have a look see what info there is.

  • Number 3: Robert Johnson- Typo:

    "…caught flirting with a married women…"

  • Ldux

    I dreamt that I was sitting In the devil's company, he made a solemn promise fee fi fo fun for me

  • Richard

    @37,bluesman 87.
    The title of this list is “10 people who sold their souls to the devil.”
    Could someone please explain to me what this means in simple English.
    Now, if the title of the list had been, “MYTHS about 10 people who sold their souls to the devil.”I certainly would not be so stupid as to complain about the list because I would have known it was meant to be a joke.

    • You are being pedantic. We also have a list about Men who were Really Women. Should that have been labelled "Men who were really me" or "men who dressed up as women"? No – because those titles are boring. Occasionally we use poetic license. It makes a list more interesting. So stop being a sourpuss.

  • What about Jimmy Page? He lives in Crowley's old mansion

  • Lifeschool


    I think ‘Selling the soul to the devil’ may be another way of saying ‘giving their power away’ to some kind of third party – rather than take personal responsibility for it. Incredibly, we all do this. We could teach our children but instead we may choose to buy education. We could govern our own neighbourhood but instead we give our money to the government, who give it to all kinds of ‘crime busting’ agencies – in Our name. Political representatives even vote in Our name – even if we didn’t vote for THEM. Everything from marriage guidance counselling, posting a letter, getting your car fixed, to ordering a pizza may involve signing something – bonding the process with your Own signature – and making an agreement whereby some third party agent goes off and does whatever they like – in Our name.

    The ‘devil’ is most often just a symbol for ‘Temptation’ – and getting something the quick and easy way is also sometimes described as the Devils Path. Temptation isn’t always a ‘bad’ thing – it could be a lifestyle choice – but in the days before disposable income and junk consumerism, it was seen as a drain on the already tormented souls of Men, and something to write about and draw as a huge salivating monster. The typical devils horns (or single horn in the centre of the forehead) was a direct phallic symbol design to represent sexual promiscuity – and we still use ‘The Horn’ to describe sexual arousal today. The cloven hoof imagery may also refer to a passage in the Bible (Leviticus) which describes some animals with cloven hooves as ‘unclean’.

    In folklore, the devil was often depicted as a ‘Trickster’ or ‘A Rogue’ or a petty ‘Tyrant’ rather than an all-out master of evil (Baal, Satan) and ‘Appears in many forms’. This could seem to suggest there are many ‘devils’ rather than just the one. The devil(s) are also sometimes shown leaning over, or on, the shoulders of individuals; perhaps ready to whisper into the ear or otherwise manipulate – and this would seem to go along with the temptation symbolism theory.

    Stepping into Theology, some believe there could be many dimensions or energy worlds running parallel to our own, containing non physical ‘beings’. Heaven and Hell are similar parallel worlds in the Bible. Asgard, Jotunheim and ‘Hel’ appear among nine parallel worlds in Norse mythology. The Buddhists have six ‘Realms’ within thirty-one plaines of existence – including, once again, a realm known as ‘Hell’. Some of the names given to the denizens of these ‘under’ worlds have been known as Entities, Parasites, Demons, Reptilians, even Vampires – all of which describing some kind of disincarnate immaterial presence capable of drawing the life (or will) of a host victim through some kind of manipulation – either externally or from within the host themselves – sometimes known as Infestation or Possession. Although often ridiculed today, Possession was a huge concept in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Caribbean and African culture.

    Even today, there are still widespread cases of people claiming to have heard ‘the devil’ telling them what to do. Some drug users, alcoholics, schizophrenics, and the clinically depressed have claimed a voice inside their head is urging them on – which appears to go against their inner (better) judgement, and who claim ‘I don’t known what’s gotten into me?!’. Spirit Energy? But the wrong kind of ‘spirit’ and the wrong kind of ‘energy’ perhaps. This theory has lead some of the most outspoken thinkers to claim that huge numbers of people are still being tormented in this way – and in most cases even without the host being aware of it.

    Whether you consider energy has a polarity or not, or whether you consider there are non physical realms (which have polarity) or not, the subject of the ‘devil(s)’ is perhaps as old as humanity itself.

    • I just read your first word, 'hi', and quit reading the rest of your comment.

      • At least he had something to say. As opposed to you.

        • Bran

          He had more to say than you, and he wasn’t a rambling dipshit.

    • psychosurfer

      Interesting, in Mexico "to get the horns" means that your couple is being unfaithful to you.
      Regarding your first paragraph, that is why I only sold my soul to Rock n´roll!!!

      • There is a similar thing in France I think – where the horn symbol means a person is a cuckold.

  • Tartini's Devil's Trill is my favorite piece of classical music, so I am glad to see it mentioned on this list.

  • what about Bart Simpson? Aye caramba !

  • A Very cool list- original topic – Tried to sell my soul once but all the devil offered for it was half a pack of chewing gum , and some socks .

  • GTT

    @Richard [45]:

    Step 1: turn on brain
    Step 2: remove stick from ass

  • gasparschott

    Apparently, the photo of Paganini is a fake:

  • Fun list I enjoyed reading it

    Thanks JF.

  • Where is dethklok? And why does the devil have a face on his ass in number 1?

  • someonenice

    never do such a thing or u regret eternally

  • joe

    Does #3 remind anyone of that scene from "Oh Brother Where Art Tho" where they pick up the "black fellow"?

  • frcrc

    #5: It's not "Guiseppe Tartini" but "Giuseppe Tartini".

    Cool list by the way.

    • Thanks for pointing that out – I have corrected it.

  • greengitters

    Great list. Terribly interesting.

    I've always thought that if one were to do the devil's bidding, that one would in fact be treated quite well when they got to hell. Why would the devil punish someone for joining his side? It just doesn't make sense.

    I'll tell you what it is. God's censorship laws and cult of personality has not yet allowed the devil to release his own, first person side of the story. "10 Reasons Why You Should Join the Dark Side" published by HarperCollins. Something like that.

    I mean, some the devil's most obvious "instances of influence" seem pretty great! Sex, drugs and rock n' roll are all his, aren't they? And all rampant in hell, I would assume.

    Perhaps a Sandals resort in Hell would be nice. Give us a chance to visit, stay for a few days, and really get to know the place. And in the morning, they could leave both a mint and a contract for your soul on the pillow, and you could pick which one you wanted. Seems fair to me.

    Just my opinion.

    • The only problem I see is how do you enjoy the sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll when you are in a pit of fire being eaten from the inside out by worms? :)

      • According to the bible. Satan's probably sitting there, reading all the poor reviews of hell, thinking, "What the Hell (pun)? We've got a nice little place down here, fun, exciting, and the bible has given us a terrible, slanderous review. It's not like that at all! The hippies sit AROUND the pit of fire singing camp songs, and pest control has largely taken care of the worms!"

        But when he tries to post on Travelocity, he's blocked by Heaven's powerful adware programs.


    • Illuminated

      Good point, except Satan is- a liar. The first lie was “you will not die (cease to exist). So….guess what? Hell is a hole in the ground. You will not exist. No fun, no sorrow, nothing. Hades is “a pit” or “grave.” Enjoy!

      • greengitters

        Wow, weird, I wrote this so long ago, I’d forgotten all about it.

        But, my point still stands. Who told you that Satan is a liar? Oh right, God’s propaganda machine.

        (Just so you know, I’m not a Satanist, and I don’t believe in Satan. Of course, I don’t believe in God, either).

      • simon

        are u a member of the illuminity, please i wish to speak to u. call me +231880726269 or mail me [email protected], i wish to become a member

  • Lala

    I agree with wind-up bird. I'm game if the devil has some good deals.

  • Handrejka

    This is an interesting legend from my part of the world. It's all bunkum of course but it is entertaining bunkum

  • I was a bit wary when I saw the title of this list, but I'm glad I had no need to be. Great list michgirl and Jfrater. Even for people who don't believe in the Devil, these are great stories.

    As for # 6, who knew the devil had a proper first, middle and last name?

  • timothyjames

    Does anyone know why there is such a strong association between string instruments (fiddles, guitars, violins etc) and the Devil? I feel like there's probably an interesting legend in there, but I don't know it.

    • I don't know the answer but if you come up with it I would be curious to know as well.

    • fbastage

      I suspect it has to do with the amount of emotion/passion elicited from the instrument. This grates the demure sensibilities of much of the Church’d establishment.

      By convention (and possibly psychological study) string players are more fussy, moody, etc., as well as introverted, making them great targets for this kind of accusation.

    • Legend777

      In heaven,in his holy form he produced the gospel for the host of heaven and god

  • For those who are interested, we are currently at 115 thousand comments imported – so we are nearly half way there!

  • ThatGuy

    What about Obama and Pelosi?

    • Rookerbill

      …. and Bush and Cheney

      • Franklin Roosevelt

        Your mom and your dad?

  • Okay I think you win :)

  • Franklin Roosevelt

    I'm sorry. that was not very nice of me.

  • How do you find enough time to write this blog ?!?

  • Hey! Just wanted to say I love what you did with the comments!
    This whole Devil thing is pretty cool, signing something and getting ultimate powers beyond belief but it could just be in there heads. They could have just gotten good because they thought they did. Happens to me alot. The Placebo effect to be exact. Having a dream about the devil could just be in your mind, a sort of subconsious way of making something good but not being able to get it. Just because your good beyond belief dosen't mean your riding high with satan, it just means you can clasp something easier than others. And the devil giving back a soul? That's like telling death to bring someone back to life!! Oh well… You kick asterisk* Jamie F

    • Sluiq

      I'm far from even a novice expert on Placebos but I don't think Placebos work that way.

      Also technically you could say that of any deity not just the evil ones. Remember how exorcism gives the exorcist powers to be the devil by trying to extinguish the devil out of others.

      A Placebo would have to have a physical item. An amulet, maybe a ritual… many of the lists here are more obsessions. It's a technical difference but I think there's a major one.

      A serial killer for example who follows the voice of the devil would probably not possess a Placebo compared to a satanic cultist who dabbles in the occult but the former might be more dangerous just because they are indoctrinated not in a replenishing item but in their own flawed logic and rationale and thus are able to manipulate a greater power by having the devil focus and magnify their distraught thoughts vs. one who merely believes he's gained some power. i.e. Someone who focuses their task on toughening their skin thinking there's some supernatural element in it vs. one who goes out there and treats the world pragmatically to the point of being able to pull off a Xanatos Gambit.

      Also the death thing is not really uncommon. There's tons of near death experience, sleep paralysis hallucinations and PTSD around to convince the brain of that being logical.

  • Gabe

    Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? didn’t parody Robert Johnson. The character in that movie was based on Tommy Johnson, who was the real origin of the crossroads legend, later attributed to Robert Johnson.

  • Tarachowski

    @Richard: Dude, it's just common sense. I also like that a few of the entries were blamed for selling their soul just for being good at stuff. I might use that argument next time someone beats me at Scrabble…

  • diogenes

    The face on the devil's ass might have to do with kissing it's anus.
    Osculum Infame, it's called.
    Butt, it is a witches delight. Kissing the devil's 'other mouth', that is.
    So did/does it apply to those that formed a pact with the devil? I don't think so, butt it may be a reference to it. Butt, I don't really know.

  • Thanks Jamie for fine tuning my list. You could have changed the order of the list as it was in randomized order so as not to lump all the musicians together. I like organized chaos. For all the Homer mentions I was watching that episode of the Simpsons when the list idea came to me. :)

    I like the old school smilies.

    • You are welcome – thanks for sending it in. I enjoyed working on it.

  • Alyssa

    St. Theophilus of Adana probably died from not eating! duh!

  • corrimba

    Cool list. 1st?

  • It would appear that listverse isn't afraid of putting things that will put a nerve in someone and I love it! Listverse is a place of facts and opinions (facts being the lists and opinion being comments) It will stir up a fight no matter what list you put. But don't be a jack***. Learn your facts first. Don't run into a fight without any proof or evidence. And Please look at things both ways before ranting on about religion or whatever. This website is meant for the people and nobody likes a ignorant a hole yelling he's right on every situation. If you have an opinion about the list and feel the need to comment it, look at it both ways, read replies, and please don't say anything that will insult others beliefs. That's basically it. May we all find the truth and what we're looking for by opening ourselves to the possibilities of what life gives us and such and such.

  • theholymoment

    This is an awesome post, I hadn’t heard of half these figures! Thanks!

  • prinsesa morgana

    Here in the Philippines one of its richest families (the Gokongweis) which owns one of the biggest conglomerates in our country is rumored to have made a pact with the devil. Supposedly the patriarch asked the devil for wealth, the consequence however is that they would have a snake for a child!

    This rumor spread like wildfire in the early ’90s. Some versions of the story even said that this snake/child of theirs lives in one of their shopping malls and would observe women from the dressing rooms and from there select those that it would like to either eat or marry!

    Crazy story, but I totally believed this when I was little!

    • deeeziner

      I bet you stuck VERY close to your Mom or other adult as you shopped in the mall as a child. What a great way to keep the children close.

  • fith

    I think aleister crowley made a deal with the devil. in other views, he is the devil

  • vaami

    Lame ass people that have to bitch over the title and if the devil is real.
    Who really give a flying rats ass?
    This was an awesome list. Thanks!

  • wind-up bird

    yeah. awesome list. original topic.
    i cant believe ppl wud actually take the authenticity of it so seriously.
    if you like debates, why not take part in one at your school or college and hopefully win.

  • I will when full functionality exists. The change in comment numbers is because the system is still importing the quarter of a million previous comments. This takes time – longer than I expected in fact. I will post a site update when the import is done.

  • lifeschool may have posted using the old interface – as yet I have not found out whether there is a limit on the number of lines.

    • gotcha……..and sorry bout that — i wasnt aware i asked the same question already —

      good call on the old interface — ,i didnt think of that
      i guess we'll just see if this is a problem that will just sweep itself away, or if there is something i (or we) need to doin

  • Gilles de Rais was a war hero. He even fought alongside St Joan of Arc.

  • jj

    ..and Lady Gaga? Hahaha. Lovely list!

    • reyyy

      haha! I love lady gaga. :)

  • deeeziner

    I can think of very few people who would put up much of a fight while their "instrument" is being tugged…..

  • thetaxcollector

    Those Of You who dont believe in the devil and are acting all mordern and intellectual are fooling yourselves.indeed,you epitomise ‘shallowness’.Do you really believe that evrything that happens on this earth can be explained by common sense or science.Science helps to debunk mysteries but that is based on the assumption that mysteries exist.Scientists have not unravelled 1 quarter of World mysteries…Are you saying that those renowned occultists that belong 2 ancient orders are thriving on superstition? This is indeed the denial and escapism of the 21st century in play.Anybody who has read anything but Vogue Magazine understands and accepts such phenomenon.U cant hide forever.You are jus a bunch of inexperienced people who have seen nothing.You deny the existence of God and devil jus to help you shake-off the grip of your parents and sunday thats what a call psychological problems.VISIT YOUR SHRINK!

  • I was at the location of old Los Angeles Zoo once, well after the new zoo was open. Many of the caves that had been fashioned for some of the animals were still there, and rumors were around that there were satanic cults using the caves and areas for their own purposes.
    I did come across one area where there were the remains of fires, and painted on one large rock was the legend "Hail Satin!"
    A group of home ec.majors gone mad?

  • Mick Fleetwood

    Gabe (#84) is right. Tommy Johnson had the same legend as Robert Johnson.

    also Peetie Wheatstraw

    I guess there arent many hardcore blues fans here :(

  • John

    BONUS: JFrater. He tried to sell his soul for a popular website but when he told the devil it was to provide endless trivia and tidbits of odd knowledge that would glue people to their screens for days in a mindless haze he said, "Keep it, I'll set you up with my servers". and then Listverse was born.

  • periwinkleskies

    Nice list! It's been a while since I was able to leave a comment.

  • Mel

    I concur the Tommy Johnson sold his soul consensus. He was actually known for telling people that he did sell his soul and he was around 10 yrs or so before Robert Johnson.

  • How about Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes?

  • milady slimshady

    Pretty scary! after reading this, i felt that the devil might come to me in a dream for a contract too. Lucky Theophilus! saved from the fire of hell!

  • Will Trame

    The poster who mentioned Jimmy Page has a strong point. Page has reputedly been obsessed with the occult and I believe that Robert Plant once blamed the numerous Led Zeppelin tragedies (i.e, the singer’s near fatal car crash in Rhodes in 1975; John Bonham’s death) on the guitarist’s fascination with the black arts.

    Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) also displayed a keen interest in the occult as well. He reputedly held seances during down times in Purple’s recording sessions.

  • Don chucky

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm quite interestin stories,i guess someday the whole world gonna read my life stories too like this people,cos one thing is sure for every living soul,that all gonna die one day weather you do good or evil,i always pray to have such power to wealth and authority like this in my life…………….

  • Alex

    Selling your soul is rediculous, Jesus is the way to go and he loves EVERYONEE<#

  • jennifer

    IN Robert Johnson's picture there's a face in the background!!!!

    • Julia

      I see it too!. That is creepy!!! Maybe it is Lord Satan?

  • biblthmp

    You guys forgot John Lennon of the Beetles, right before he made the statement of the Beetles being more famous than Jesus.

  • JosieR

    this was cool, and john lennon didnt sell his soul, just because he made a comment about jesus, im reffering to a comment i saw about him. kinda not cool. damn christians or catholics or whatever the hell it is

  • Name

    This is why I hate most Catholics… beware of musicians and famous people out on television

  • Nikki

    I sold my soul and I immediately saw results. I already have been able to finance a new car and been awarded contracts I have not been able to get in years. It reaaly works. Your life changes and you do get everything you wanted.

  • Jessica Sampson

    Enter your comment here. All yall peoples who sold your souls to the devil, thanks for the ownership! I will use it

  • Mamagamer

    You did not include Bob Dylan who admits that he made a deal with the chief commander of both in this world and the world we can’t see.

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  • C&J

    You Know what I find annoying? people with bad grammer.

  • Catscratch

    Their are many others who have been rumored to have committed such an act
    Like Elvis , John Lennon ,,,Ozzy ,,,and more recently Satan Handy

    Difference between Satan Handy and the others is with this guy its not a rumor ,,,He Publicly displays a Contract that He Claims is signed in blood
    And seems very proud of it

  • cassie

    Led Zeppelin too.. I know some people said Jimmy Page but it is rumored that they all did besides John Paul Jones and that is why he was “normal”. Robert Plant’s son died really young, John Bohnam had an untimely death, and Jimmy Page.. Well, he was just crazy. But it’s all bologne to me.. Although it is strange how Led Zeppelin is so good…

  • cassie

    “Sega”, you want to sell your soul? Go down to the crossroads!
    And jeez “krazy”, calm down, not everyone believes in god, remember? That is why it is called a “belief” not a “fact”. Can’t be proven.

  • klarissa


  • Lexx

    ..Go on YouTube n type ‘the wicked music industry’ and you will see a clearer well proven picture to what’s really going on. For those who don’t believe it just remember that Satan and his followers are actually relying on people to disregard the facts cos as you continue to turn a blind eye to knowledge they continue to to build this new world order agenda in through background its all part of the same evil plot. Why do you think they continue to test the initial reaction of the public by pulling random stunts like ‘sadam hussein was captured overnight, murdered n floated out to sea’ with not a single shred of evidence down to this very day but we just gotta believe and/or accept it? This thing is really happening nd if you search for the truth you will definitely find it cos its everywhere – from the modern world internet right down to the back in the day mcdonalds restaurant. The bible says ‘what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?’ The devil also took Jesus to a high mountain and said ‘all the kingdoms of the world i wick give to you if you view down and do an act of worship to me.’ Jesus sed no but the devil has since been offering the same deal to humans since the bible also says that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. This is what selling your soul is really about. It is real and its actually happening right under your nose n you better believe that. Enjoy watching all the maybe 15 parts of ‘the wicked music industry’ – Peace baby!!

  • charles

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  • The G

    There are plenty of modern artists who have done the same thing.

  • shay troy lee bull

    how can i really sell my soul for money power fame i really want to sell my soul and its not a joke

  • Ezza

    Everyone should know, the devil can only do what GOD allows him to do. The power one gives him by speaking of him and letting him rule over you is your own. Remember that the tongue is powerful as well. Rely and depend on GOD and demons have no power at all., as said “Only what GOD allows!”

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    Is the black guitarist from Oh Brother Where Art Thou? based on Robert Johnson?

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  • “Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!” [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, p. 321, 19th Degree of Grand Pontiff; Red Emphasis added]

  • iesha

    arnt theese people sinning?? arnt you dissappointed in our world? its a slap in gods face that people are being gifted with music or acting or anythinng eles and the worship the devil. also none as lucifer. we need to show him he has no power whats so ever!!! and we to wake up and noo that hes nothing but a lier! a copycat and a theife!!! im 100% with god! and i hate what the worlds gotten into!

  • Freddie B. Creepedout

    Johnson, dead at 27, like so many young and upcoming musicians. Makes you wonder if all of them had dealings with the dark one.

    Johnson’s picture above is so creepy. Tell me you don’t see a demonic face in the background.