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Yet Another 10 Artistic Uses of Ordinary Things

mjdolorico . . . Comments

Art satisfies the soul. It makes us appreciate things we normally take for granted. Feast your eyes and soul on these ten amazing artworks, made from otherwise ordinary objects, proof of how art can make us see the world differently. Feel free to add your own in the comments.




Sunshine Plata of Manila, Philippines, creates whimsical paintings with a difference: instead of oil or acrylic paint, she uses coffee as her medium. Inspired by an exhibit of 19th-century artworks done in coffee, Plata creates entrancing sepia images of fairies and religious figures from the aromatic beverage. Her paintings proved to be so unique and beautiful, that on her first solo exhibit of caffeine art (entitled ‘L.S.D. (look, smell, discover) Trip by Caffeine’), only seven of the thirty-two works exhibited were left unsold.


Chicken Wire

Fp 955441

Ivan Lovett of Queensland, Australia, creates remarkably lifelike busts of famous icons such as Salvador Dali, Bob Dylan and John Lennon, from ordinary chicken wire. Each one of the highly-detailed pieces takes around three weeks to finish.


Rice Crops


Every year since 1994, the small village of Inakadate, located in the Minamitsugaru District in Aomori, Japan, creates astonishing images in their rice fields to draw tourism to the place. The pictures are made using two types of rice plants: the purple or yellow-leafed “kodaimai” rice and the green-leafed tsugaru-roman rice. The giant pictures are visible until September, when the crops are harvested.



Typewriter Sculptures

Jeremy Mayer sculpts anthropomorphic figures out of vintage typewriter parts. The metal creations were made without the aid of welding or adhesives. Some of his life-sized works contains parts from roughly 40 typewriters and could take a thousand hours to create.


A4 Paper


Peter Callesen creates incredible cut-out sculptures of skeletons and buildings out of single sheets of A4 paper. Callesen remarked on his unusual medium: “I find the A4 sheet of paper interesting to work with, because it is probably the most common and consumed media and format for carrying information today, and in that sense it is something very loaded. This means that we rarely notice the actual materiality of the A4 paper. By removing all the information and starting from scratch using the blank white 80gsm A4 paper as a base for my creations, I feel that I have found a material which we all are able to relate to, and at the same time is non-loaded and neutral and therefore easier to fill with different meanings. The thin white paper also gives the paper sculptures a fragility which underlines the tragic and romantic theme of the works.”




New York artist Jason Hackenwerth uses thousands of colorful balloons to create amazing installations that resembles alien creatures. As many as 3,000 individual balloons go into each piece, and each piece can take up to 25 hours to finish.



Coloured Smoke Art  11

Using a special camera with a fast shutter speed, Graham Jeffrey captures amazingly beautiful pictures of smoke. Using incense sticks as the smoke source, Jeffrey preserves images of the ephemeral subject, adding color and manipulating the smoke to make enchanting shapes and forms.




Nick Veasey of Kent, England, turns the mundane into the magnificent by X-raying ordinary objects, and turning the photographic results into art. While working as a photographer/designer for a television company, he was tasked to X-ray a truck full of soda cans to find a can containing a prize-winning ring pull. After three days without a winner, he X-rayed his sneaker out of boredom. Fascinated by the result, he was duly inspired, and after three months of exploring and experimenting with the medium, Veasey has perfected his unusual art. Using an abandoned radar station as his studio, Veasey creates ghastly yet stunning X-ray images of various animals, a DJ holding a microphone, a man riding a bike, a tractor, and even a bus loaded with people. But Veasey’s most ambitious X-ray project as of yet is a 20,000 square-feet X-ray of a hangar containing an entire Boeing 777 jet, making it the largest object ever X-rayed.




Australian Peter Terren likes playing with electricity. He does what he calls the ‘Holy Art of Electrickery,’ which is basically creating spectacular art made of pure electricity. Using an electric transformer called a Tesla coil (that he built himself ) that shoots out bolts of electricity (called plasma), Terren photographs these electric discharges, using long exposures to capture impressive images of electric ‘sculptures’ that danced through the air. Terren sometimes even incorporates himself into his photographs, like in his rendition of the famous sculpture ‘The Thinker’. Despite the unreal nature of the images, Terren insists that there is no Photoshopping involved in the production of his pictures, and only slight alterations were made to them post-production.



Food Scenes 08

Carl Warner gets the top spot on this list for his brilliantly realistic photographs of landscapes, which are created entirely from food. Warner, a London-based photographer, uses various food items like vegetables, fruits and bread, to create amazingly detailed dioramas, and photographs them for posterity. The dioramas, nicknamed ‘foodscapes’ , were made atop an eight feet by four-feet table, with the assistance of model-makers, and the scenes depicted ranged from a broccoli forest to a smoked-salmon sea in sunset. Warner photographs each scene multiple times, then he edits the images on a computer to produce the striking images. Seven more of Warner’s scenes can be seen here.

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  • Sjoerd

    The electricity looks amazing!

  • bluesman87

    nice list . Who's no.9 supposed to be? not dylan i hope .

    • oliveralbq

      yeah, dylan, unfortunately.
      the grace jones piece looks weirder to me than dylans — i actually had to read the caption below the 3 photos.

      a note: his animals are more interesting — there's a koala (which is ok) — a baby gorilla (silly looking) — a bird with its arms up – eagle-stork-goose-thing — my bird knowledge is lacking — but if booradley happens to read this, she can tell us — (and thus tell us if its accurate or not) an owl — the horse head from the godfather -etc. and yeah, i know birds dont have arms.

      i would've used an animal sculpture to show lovatt's talent — cause theyre all fair. his people sculptures *imho* aren't as good by a long shot. —– there's one that looks like side-show bob, another that would be unrecognisable if he didnt have j.lennon's signature glasses on, then there is this other one that looks like dame edna's & liberace's love child is sitting in a space capsule about to hit 3gs
      actually — you know what?
      you can check it yourself
      i may be off base, but the animals are interesting, while the people look like they were created under the influence of blotter acid.

  • Kimani

    This is A Great List.
    I'm always thankful for people like these who work hard to create art which other people may have thought of but were too lazy to see it through.

  • lalabhaiya

    nice list… i was amazed by the x-ray image. and the electricity picture looks amazing… all the entries are amazing… nicely done.

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    quality of the lists on this site have been dwindling of late.

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            since we are on the subject of SA food – what was that fast food they kept eating in District 9 ?

          • blueman, you are usually such a funny, right on target guy, that I feel no compunction to deliver you a rant, long or otherwise.
            I'm sorry if I touched a nerve, but as you well know, nothing was directed at you and the whole fridge thing is part of pretty common US comedy routines. It goes way back before "Animal House".
            Anyway, just a bit of background on the thing.

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    The coffee art is absolutely breathtaking.

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      I found it a tad bit too stimulating.

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        it'll balance out.

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  • Number 1 looks tasty!! :D

  • El the erf

    Re no. 4 I'd rather talk about smoke paintings rather than art forms created out of smoke (in that case add cigarette smoke hoops too!)
    Anyway here it is!

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        @arsnl: "Ps how can you screw up architecture exams? "

        he copied notes from these guys:

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          Some of those pics arent mistakes. Sometimes people make some changes to a building and the dont sort out all the details.
          For example on my old campus university here is a section of a building that has doors that are attached to the exterior wall. It seems stupid but in fact if you take a look at this pic you will see (where the red part ends) there is a scaffolding/exterior staircase and when they removed that they left the doors. Dont know why.

        • ha ha ha!
          the atm machine and the escalators are the weirdest.
          I have been in a bathroom very similar to the one with the shower over the toilet, and there was a straight forward explanation for *that* one (the room didn't have a ceiling, either).
          All are funny, though, thanks for the link!

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            ive seen a couple my self……
            now, arsnl pointed out that they arent *all* mistakes, but it doesnt matter if its a mistake or not, if you 'see' that escalator, its hard not to laugh. i saw a very similiar one, that didnt quite go to the ceiling, but close. i have a friend with a telefone pole in her driveway, and there is a building in biloxi, ms that has one of those balconies with no doorway or window access. i have passed it 375 times, and always always makes me doubletake.

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  • For some reason, I can't post links to other websites on the comments…

    To see more of the works by the artists on this list, please go to this link…

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      Nice list. Good job, some of this stuff is beautiful. The paper cutouts are awesome.

      Try posting your links a couple at a time – I'm pretty sure if you put a bunch in the filters figure you're a spammer. Stoopid bots. I've approved your original comment/links so just remember for next time.

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  • trinityenigma

    I think all of these are wonderful- I wish I had the imagination and the patience to do stuff like this.

    I am a little concerned about the x-rays through. I know that there is little chance of damage by x-rays but obviously there is still a chance. The people x-rayed, I assume, have consented, but it says he x-rays animals as well- what about the harm to them?

    • Check out Nick's website from the link that I provided in the comments, where there's an outline describing his process in creating his Xrays, which I assure you is pretty safe.

      • trinityenigma

        Interesting to read the website and thanks for the link, but from what I can tell after reading it, it's only safe from the outside- those being x-rayed are still in as much danger as they ever were.

        • The danger from getting one x-ray is infinitesimal….do you get your teeth x-rayed at the dentist's office? Do you you have a broken bone x-rayed? Do you have chest x-rays done at regular intervals for full diagnostic work-ups?
          It's simply no more dangerous than that.

          • trinityenigma

            Nope, I have never had an x-ray as I have never needed one.

            If you read my earlier post you would know that I do say the chance of danger is very small, however there is obviously some danger or people would not bother to hide behind lead walls when others are having x-rays taken.

            My point was about animals who are obviously unable to consent to having x-rays taken like humans. A small animal having their entire body x-rayed has to be different to a human having a small portion of their body x-rayed.

          • I might be wrong, but I think the animals that are Xrayed for Nick Veasey's photos are already dead when they're Xrayed, like for the bat picture.

          • trinityenigma

            Thanks- that answered my query and made me feel better! Good job!

  • mcange

    There is a famous german musician, Udo Lindenberg, who paints with liqueur.
    You can see a bottle of Blue Curasau in the pic.

    • oliveralbq

      while that is fascinating, and the link is interesting, and appreciated, i would rather drink the liqueur, and make art with peach pits or corks or something.

      blue curaçao isnt even that good, but its beats the shit outta eating corks.

    • kaymayer

      From the looks of it he might want to stick to music…

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    No 9 reminds me of yes man where the lady is trying to make cakes of famous people and nobody can recognize them :/

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    thats not an interesting list but thats just my oppinion though

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          if you are ever wondering, in the near future, why you piss so many people off, it is because of this particular line of reasoning, right here.

          -(a) —you "don't read it if its not interesting its simple".
          -(b) —you log comments on every list, every day (for example — the last 11 days)
          -(c) —in that time frame, you have said one positive thing about one list.
          -(therefore) — 91% of the time when we see your name, we know (91% certain anyway) that we are about to read the day's stupidest, nonsensical, scummist trash-can asshat retardo b.s. we're going to see until we see your name again.

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            Bravo! Way to sum it up so succinctly.

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          How do you know it's not interesting if you do not read it. I have read lists on here that I thought would be boring, but were in fact fascinating.

        • TEX

          brock – here is a site you can change to and comment to your hearts desire:

          I think this has many of the attributes you would desire, and commenter’s there are probably more copasetic with you mental age.

        • If you haven't read the list, how do you know it isn't interesting?
          It's impossible to know whether something has a value to you or not without checking it out. You can't possibly tell from the title alone whether or not something will be of interest…no, no…wait! I'm wrong…If I see "brock" at the head of a comment, I know, for sure, that the comment will be of no interest, that it will be inane, stupid, moronic and dull.
          So, I guess it does work in *some* instances.

  • Arsnl

    The smoke one reminded me of this site
    It has pictures of water droplets falling. Im pretty sure someone also did videos.
    The Xray seems the fastest art form to get a cancer.
    “I feel that I have found a material which we all are able to relate to”. It bugs me when people say great sentences but with little meaning behind them.

    • Wow. These are amazing. Tnx 4 the link!

    • Fabulous images!
      I know many of these already, but many more are new to me. How wonderful!
      Merci beaucoup.

  • Blah.

    great list :)

  • oouchan

    The electricity and smoke were just stunning. Both are very beautiful. I like to look at art but I haven't found any that I would hang on my walls….those 2 I would.
    Nice list.

    As a side note, the balloon one reminded me of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. RAmen. :)

    • oliveralbq

      balloons are the kiddie version.
      the meat-eyeballs creep out the young ones.

      if the elders scare them all off at a young age, then where will the next generation of pastafarians come from?

  • killborten


  • bucketheadrocks

    I made a house out of macaroni once? The quality wasn't half bad. It was originally supposed to be the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, but you can see where I messed up.

  • Spuat

    I love this list! The smoke is great, and I'd love to be in the food one (especially if there was chocolate :) ).

  • kills cows

    good for u buckethead

  • Cubone


  • good job there. Here is natural art which is not just that but Signs that never seize to amaze. See the 2nd document from the top here and check the others too.

    Its amazing how ignorant the world is because with just Google Earth software if you rotate the world map and place north at the bottom you can see that the world map we now use is a lie of imperialism. You will notice that the ice at the south pole has melted more then the one at the north pole, and Europe is very cold yet its said to be on top, South America is shaped like a sea horse, Africa is shaped like hutia which is the animal that is the opposite of the one that australia looks like which is a lemming. The shapes just make a lot of sense rather then the ones that are on the upside down map we know.

    • say what?

      • oliveralbq

        i think he's just letting us know that his local insane asylum has acquired internet access.

        • I hope that's all it is… I do, I do.
          Imagine him walking free amongst us.
          I'd hope he'd wear a sign, pinned to his back,
          "hic iacet lepus. abest" (Here is the problem. He is absent)

  • Giuls

    Number 3 reminds me of Philip J. Fry…

  • lerker

    Maybe because everything that spills out of your head into these comments just begs people to let you know what a tool you are.

  • bassbait

    Question: How many people use typewriters anymore?

    I would like to bring up my hypothesis – Typewriters = NOT ordinary (anymore).

    • Another question: How many people HAVE typewriters anymore?

      At my house we actually *have* two or three typewriters or various vintage, but we both use computers exclusively. Husband has 2 PCs, one he uses and one is devoted to the weather station atop our house, which is connected to USGS. All of the local news outlets use our weather feed, and we have both gotten into the habit of checking the weather several times a day.
      I have 2 Macs.
      I doubt I could even type on a typewriter any longer.

      • Vera Lynn

        That is so very cool! Awesome. Did his surgery go well?

        • The exploratory went well.
          The major surgery, the rebuilding of his esophagus, is scheduled for Sept. 10.

    • oliveralbq

      i have one.
      well, a sculpture of a typewriter anyway, made out of abacuses, protractors, and slide rulers
      abacii? abacussss?. abacussys..? …… usses?
      abacus-od-es?.. … o.cto..pu……octo…

      meh, nevermind.

  • Chineapplepunk

    Oooooh! Art!

    The Broccolli art makes me MEGA hungry! Mmmmmm!

  • TEX

    I liked the list, but the descriptions were a little lacking.
    10 – coffee as watercolors, that’s easy enough to grasp
    9 – chicken wire hair? I don’t buy it – “remarkably lifelike busts”, Roy Orbison I presume (wire sculptures are old hat)
    8 – without further details I might as well yell fake – yellow and green rice, what’s the black accenting? This is done in perspective from a certain viewpoint, from the side it would probably be unrecognizable – had to use real time video equipment – etc, etc. etc. Seppuku please.
    7 – “made without the aid of welding or adhesives” – oh, now I understand
    6 – digested – first sentence: it’s paper,(that’s it) – the rest is loaded-non-loaded BS from the scissorman

    • oliveralbq

      9 – did i misunderstand your comment, or are you thinking that wire sculpture of bob dylan is orbison?
      i mean — dont get me wrong, it doesnt look like either of them so i very much can relate to thinking it was a different person.
      in fact, i had to pull up his webpage and see it labled before i believed it. i had posted that link earlier, and it has a few other works by him (some of which aren't as ambiguous as #9)..i am *fairly* sure this is the right link:….
      and if that one isnt correct, then this one is.….

      • TEX

        Roy Orbison – facetious – me? Yes, but I did look at the site – I see there would be some difficulty with detail.
        My other thought was – man I bet his fingers hurt – I have never dealt with chicken wire that I didn’t get bloody punctured fingers.

        • Oh, man! "…bloody punctured fingers"
          As you may recall, my mum was Australian. Once, when I was about eight or nine, I cut my finger on a nail, quite badly, and ran into the house for some motherly comfort, yelling "Mummy, mummy, look at my bloody finger!"
          She hit me so hard across the face, I was seeing stars for a week!

          • TEX

            seg – that did cross my mind as I was typing it !

  • TEX

    5 – interesting balloons – but can he make a giraffe? Can he!!! amateur
    4 – nobody ever heard of polarization filters? Photographers have been using them decades.
    3 – quite interesting actually. Can’t wait for x-ray movies to come out like a Aniston-Pitt-Jolie x-ray sex threesome thingie.
    2 – Tesla photography – how about Tesla music
    1 – actually I think these are great – something Zen about temporary art, like sand drawings and sculpture, sidewalk chalk, ice, etc. here today…

  • Woyzeck

    I take it it's just me who's sick of these lists? You've made your fucking point! You can make pretty pictures out of anything. Considering this is the – what – third or fourth list on the subject? It seems you can make a list out of anything too, no matter how inane.

    • deeeziner

      Oh what a drab and melancholy world you must live in….

    • vonhohenzollern

      Yes, I agree. I am fine with making a follow up list, but four lists on the same subject is just a little too much.

  • deeeziner

    The smoke artist's work reminds me of a downloadable applet called "Grappa". The software designer has a few different versions, and the result is a mouse controlled drawing toy that sweeps the screen with swirling, looping freeflowing wisps of color.

    I used to keep the applet on my desktop for a few stress free minutes of play, or to share with my kids, but it does use a lot of RAM and so I've had to ignore it's siren call to my inner artist…….

    • Woyzeck

      In reply to your other comment (which was deleted because I included the word "FUCKING" in mine), my world is by no means drab. I guess I just have higher standards than you.

      • deeeziner

        You know Woyzeck I wasn't really attacking you,. I was just pointing out that there's always a little room in the world for another creative artist.

        • Woyzeck

          I didn't say there wasn't. I don't see anything creative in spewing out another list of this kind, however. We could make meaningless lists on this subject until the sun burns out, but the law of diminishing returns states that if it was mildly interesting to begin with, then by the time you reach your fourth list on the subject attention is going to be dwindling, if not flatlining.

    • Arsnl

      Hey deeez.. Not very active lately. Hope you're well

      • deeeziner

        Doing fine…computer is a little under the weather. Literally. My house gets too hot to let the cpu do it's thing.

  • iHole

    These lists have fallen so far from what they used to be. I’m waiting for the inevitable “cool doormats I found at the discount store” to come up eventually.

    • kaymayer

      If you have a good idea for a list that is better than the ones being presented, why don't you do your own submission.

  • Interesting list.
    Some of the media were surprising an surprisingly effective…the coffe art, for example, the rice crop art (although it is less art (a solo enterprise) than a community commercial effort) and the typewriter sculptures (simply amazing!).
    The x-ray art harkens back to Man Ray, and touches on dozens of photographers and scientists ever since who have found the medium to have artistic qualities far removed from the emergency room.
    We have had far more interesting and intricate paper cutting art on the list before, this one did nothing for me, but perhaps it was just the sample provided and other pieces would have put the "Wow" quality into them.
    Smoke? Balloons? Really? Do I even have to go there?
    The chickenwire has been adequately covered by oliveralbq.
    The food art! That is actually quite well done.
    I have worked with any number of Food Stylists, and they are all artists with food…they are just rarely called upon to do anything as marvelous as what the artist did here.

    I am a photographer, myself. I do strange things with my images. They are edgy, they push the envelope of what is expected of photographs. Nothing is straight-forward, nothing is "here is a snap of my last vacation"…and they are presented, and hung, in a fairly untypical manner.
    So I think like an artist, but that doesn't mean my opinion has any more value or validity than anyone else's.
    I'm merely mentioning it in case anyone wants to go check out my website.

    • Arsnl

      Ive noticed that most of your recent pics relate to floral motifs and a lot of color manipulation. Did/do you do other scenes? And seeing you pics i dont see you as a photographer but as a manipulateur (i cant find a peoper english word) of images. Damn i sound fancy. Where is my camembert?
      Ps: i am very attracted to photographs showing industrial sites. Everything thats grandious, mass produced, decaying. Comming from an ex socialist country i had a lot of material. Huge decrepit factories, no longer working. But being a high school student i didnt have many opportunities to go and visit and really exploit that.
      Now in france, im really without the material that really inspires me.

  • kaymayer

    I am in no way at a place where I can criticize artwork, as I have never been one for art, however I can appreciate fine pieces. I always wondered what goes on in the minds of some of these artists, and I think that was part of my problem, I just never 'got it'. I got into the show "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" and looking threw this list I couldn't help but wonder what kind of episode it would be if this was their challenge. These pieces are great, I agree the chicken wire doesn't resemble Bob Dylan, however I couldn't damn near come close to even making a spider out of pipe cleaner. So I say kudo's. A wonderful list as always.

    • oliveralbq

      i made a snake out of a pipe cleaner.

      of course, the fact that they came out of the package already shaped like worms did help

  • undaunted warrior 1

    A steady hand and lots of patience to do stuff like this

  • freckledsmile99

    Love this list! Coolio

  • Lifeschool

    I really like this list, excellent! I'll never get tired of these. Art for art's sake? Perhaps, but look at those results.

    • But who is this Art you speak of, and why should we do anything for his sake?

  • Top Kill

    Why cant there be a last comment. I wud love to be the last to comment.

    • Maggot

      Close, but no cigar.

      Whoops, wrong list…

      • There is always a last comment, but sometimes it happens a year later. There isn't a stopping point. A cut-off.

        • Jay

          You're right, segues. Sometimes a year later is the best time to comment, after all the smoke has died down.

      • oliveralbq

        maggot —
        its the right list
        i mean……good suggestion :)

        "another 10 artistic uses of ordinary things that used to be on fire"

        i like the idea. *in no particular order*
        cigars? check.
        cig butts, roaches, sticks?
        the roof the roof the roof is on fire. — spent charcoal. — thích qu?ng ??c
        — this laptop
        — chicago, ill — dresden (saxony, deutchland) —-and baked alaska —
        (note: there are 11, b/c i think roaches or cig butts were on a prior list).

        write this up, and send it to jamie.
        and hurry, or else i'll light a fire under your ass and you'll have a bonus.

  • Ya know, pasta will form its own glue if you lick it until it gets sort of…well…gluey…then the pieces will stick together without the aid of Elmers. It does take longer, though.

  • Jay

    There CAN be a last comment. This is it. You can all go home now.

    • Maggot

      There CAN be a last comment. This is it.

      That was it? I beg to differ.

      • Arsnl

        Damn you Maggot. That was supposed to be the last comment. We could all have turned off our computer, go out and have fun. Now we’re all stuck again.

      • oliveralbq

        not anymore, arsnl…..

        **quick, jamie – dangorironhide – oouchan – someone
        lock the comments……..

  • Jay

    A lot of people seem to love art but say they couldn't create any. Here's an easy way to get started.

    Take a rose bush and cut off all but two stalks. Put up a piece of wire fencing immediately behind them. As the two stalks grow, use plastic ties, the kind that come with trash bags, to wire the stalks loosely to the fencing in the shape of a heart. When the roses are in full bloom, the effect is magnificent. I've done this and it's beautiful.

    • Not where I live.
      Roses are deer chow.

  • nuriko

    amazing! :)

  • cofee + art = @[email protected]

  • Jayson

    Wow..really amusing,..especially the coffee art,..nice one,.

  • bangedyourmom

    stupidest thing ever, burn it and bury it

  • @vonhohenzollern [82]:

    haha — the nesting feature is off — i forgot the comment sections used to look like this……

    vonhohenzollern — there are a few lists that are 4 or 3 lists long, which is fine, if the subjects have the diversity to keep it from seeming redundant. some of these are starting to run together, although, i think they are still fascinating. and mjd did do good.

  • i love that nothing is out of the realm of art

  • I'm so proud to say that sunshine, the coffee painter is my friend. I LOOOOOOOOVE her art works so much. Two thumbs up! :)

  • Some very cool images from very creative artists!

  • joshi

    O.K everyone, I am now working on a new list "top ten artistic uses of faeces". And yes, these examples of art are my creations.

  • Aurora

    When we were young, in the early 50’s, and Mom took us to the shoe store, there was a machine…a flouroscope? and we would put on the shoes and then stand in the machine so they could see the way our foot bones were moulded. I was so thrilled to be able to watch my toe bones as I wiggled them…

  • Very Artistic pics, I select No.9 Chicken Wire



  • bluesman87

    @ segues OK . no sweat now that you stroked my ego Im cool :-) . I have no idea what animal house is . …….animal farm on the other hand…..

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