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10 WTF Images of Famous People

IlanS . . . Comments

Due to the rather unfortunate incident on today’s list, I thought I would publish this fun list of pictures sent in recently by IlanS – it is a humorous distraction from other worries on the weekend. Enjoy the pictures – I certainly did when Ilan sent them. If you know of others be sure to share links to them in the comments for the benefit of everyone else here.


Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola


Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg


Che Guevara

Che Guevara


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley


Stanley Kubrick

Stars 14


Audrey Hepburn & Anthony Perkins

Stars 71


Sean Connery

Sean Connery


John, Yoko, and Andy Warhol

John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson


Hitchcock and his Kids

Alfred Hitchcock And Kids

The source for all of these humorous images can be found here.

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  • billy

    i'm the third to comment!!!!

    • bleumoonselene

      Go you?

  • Katy

    Good list, thought the Einstein tongue out one would maybe be in there, although I suppose that one is a little obvious.

    • Sander

      Agree. I would make that number one. Yes, it is overused, but very iconic.

      • tanman

        maybe it should have been a bonus?

  • fraterhater

    Most of these made me laugh but the only one that made me say 'what the fuck' was #8 because it looks perfectly normal, hes just drinking, or is it a grenade or something that I cant identify?

    I also hate abbreviations like wtf.

    • Anthony

      hes drinking mate Argentinian tea like drink

    • oliveralbq

      we may be over thinking this, boss.

      it is a picture of che guevara *not* murdering someone—

      that's at least worth a 'what the hell'?

      • People get a terrible idea about Che.
        He wasn't more evil than any american president.

        • oliveralbq

          all right gabriel…..i'll bite

          @Gabriel: "People get a terrible idea about Che"
          ——-why do people think this, and why are they wrong?

          @Gabriel: "He wasn't more evil than any american president. "
          ——-huh? how so?

    • homersoddity

      Why the Face?

  • Anonymous

    I think #5 wins my wtf award of the day.

  • Jay

    Usually, I'm one of the more judicious people on this site, but at this point I just have to say:


    • Natalie

      haha, love it

      • jim


  • Teddy

    Kubrick has one of the best senses of humor I've ever seen; the guy's a genius. And what the heck is Che doing??

  • Jay

    Don't dis the WTC. When those buildings came down, it was one of the most horrible- oh, wtF. Hmmm. Maybe these abbreviations ARE a bad idea…

    • Natalie

      yeah, i liked the sophistication you brought to the comments :P

      • Jay

        When you have WTF in the title of the list, it's a little late for sophistication, though. I just hope the basic point came through, that too many of these abbreviations are really a bad idea.

  • Fanny

    Hitchcock only had one daughter, Pat. Don't know who the kids in the photograph are.

  • oliveralbq

    am i the only one who thinks che guevara is smoking something? it looks like a pipe my friend had in albuquerque, which he smoked peyote — or hash — or something.

    my 'what the fuck' about this picture is his appearance.
    see — im not old enough to remember all the political crap he did, so i had no face to put with the name — and the limited # of pix showed him in dark light or from weird angles.
    therefore — i simply pictured him to look like indigo montoya —–
    well, mandy pantankin — seen evita a bunch.

    this picture makes me realise how spot on the casting of benicio del toro for 'el che' would be. they could be brothers.

    • Jay

      oliver, On the"20 Famous Quotes by Atheists" list there's a picture of Mark Twain you gotta love. He's usually pictured in old age, but this must be one of the very first daguerrotypes as he's relatively young and clean-shaven.

      • oliveralbq

        indeed — loved that shot.

        and i'm extremely impressed that twain allowed col.sanders to wear that badass bow-tie on all those kfc chicken buckets.

        • Jay

          Hard to believe there was a time when straight guys wore those.

          • oliveralbq

            hard to believe there was a time when gay guys wore those.

            it looks like there is a baby weasel on his neck.

          • Jay

            Or a talking mongoose? (Gef?)

          • oliveralbq

            yes, the isle of man poltergeisst.

            carol ann is in the tv.
            and the clown in the corner will kill you

          • Jay

            oliver, your ESP was working. You wrote that before the new list on Halloween Videos went up, didn't you? The one with all the clowns? The deadly clowns?

          • oliveralbq

            yep — by about 5 hours.
            but seeing as how the creepy clowns rule the world (clandestine style) anyway, this shouldnt come as a surprise. i just woke em up.

    • nocturnesthesia

      Agree– This pic shows Che just to look like a young punk.

      Also, the one of John, Yoko, and Warhol is extraordinarily disturbing.

    • Ghadeer

      Yeah, that's definitely just tea that he's drinking…not smoking…

  • Jimmey Pauley

    Great finds.

    What "unfortunate incident" is IIan S referring to?

    • Jay

      Had a spot of bother on the Bizarre Accidents list. JFrater was sent to Coventry. We figured out he didn't do it and he promised never to do it again so Bob's Your Uncle.

  • fraterhater

    So is # 8 a what the fuck because he looks like any other person? Well he wasn't born as a high contrast image as some might imagine.

    I'm not sure he's smoking something,the hand posture is right but the shape and straw of the aperatus is a bit unlikeley.

    • oliveralbq

      there is a head shoppe here (it used to be herb imports) — down on n.rampart oor esplainade — somewhere near one of the the st. louis cemeteries. they have a blown glass pipe that looks almost exactly like the one in the picture of che.

      of course they also have a hooka that is a sculpture of an octopus, so just because they have one, doesnt mean it's "normal"

      • ricepaddy312

        It's a traditional mate cup. Most Argentines have them, they come with the straws. If you are well off, the straw can be silver and the cup decorated with silver. Mate is a form of tea(there is an accent on the e but I don't have an accent on my keyboard) in leaf form and the leaves are put directly into the cup. The straw has a bulb at the end with holes in it so the leaves stay in the cup. The boiling water is poured directly into the mate cup and drunk with the straw.

        • oliveralbq

          good reply — thanks

  • oouchan

    bwahahahaha! I have to say the Kubrick and Hitchcock pictures had me rolling! Great list. :)

  • Anthony

    Che is drinking Mate, south american i think mainly argentinian tea like drink

  • rane

    Wow go Sean Connery!

  • ashleysweet

    haha!!! its the penis from a clockwork orange. that just made my day! he looks like a creeper hahahaha!!

    • bucketheadrocks

      Gotta love Kubrick and his gigantic penises.

      • oliveralbq

        i didnt know kubrick had diphallia

  • RockChick

    nice pictures, am the only one who thinks that Anthony Perkins was pretty good looking?

    • Jay

      He's dreamy. Have him scrubbed and brought to my tent.

    • Jille

      You most certainly are NOT the only one. He is drop dead sexy. Makes Psycho rather bittersweet.

  • The jolly tree

    The Stanley Kubrick one is where he's stood next to a prop from "A Clockwork Orange".

  • mom424

    Well I'll be damned; wouldn't have thought it possible – someone made Sean Connery look gay. That's a giant wtf in my opinion.

  • dalinean

    Loved the list.
    photo's only and presented as photo's should be with only a title
    well done!

    • oliveralbq

      @dalineaan: "photo's only and presented as photo's should be with only a title "

      —i tend to agree.
      however, in this case, a sentence would help to make readers appriciate the image. sometimes.
      some are good stand alone images. #9 #7 #6 #4 for example.

      —#5—why is audrey hepburn holding bambi's sister?
      —#8—what is che doing? (mentioned sevedrsl times here)
      —#1—who were the kids in the hitchcock pic? — he didnt have that many kiddies
      —#10—was this copola's reaction when he realised putting sophia in the godfather sequel was a super stupid move.?

      most of these can probably be hunted down, but you have to have a little more time than many have, to do that.
      it's certianly not a bad list as it is, i'd be a littl happier if i knew the answers to the above ^^^ questions.

  • Limemime

    This is blatant plagiarism. Somebody copy and pasted these pictures! ;)

    • Jay

      Yeah, the guy who took the Mark Twain picture should sue!

  • It look like Che is drinking a "Hug"! They used to be 5 cents and nothing but sugar water and food coloring. :)

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    This is very funny, especially Sean Connery.

  • Trevor

    This should have been your WTF for Sean Connery.

    • oliveralbq


      you win the "link of the week"
      fruit, cheese, yougurt, and wine platter

    • Brilliant – and scary!

    • Geronimo1618

      Lol…look at Mr James Bond the lame hound..hyuk hyuk

    • GTT

      Oh Sean, say it aint so! WTF is right… and quite an understatement!

    • inismor

      Oh come on! I loved Zardoz… and Seanny was actually acting back there.

  • Geronimo1618

    Eurgh! That is Sean Connery? Yechhh…and I always thought Che was a muscular hunk..

  • Sylkozakur

    Che is drinking mate’ which is very popular in Argentina.

  • oliveralbq

    in the photo of kubrick, the giant weenie is obvious. great photo.

    but what do we know about the painting on the wall behind him?
    it's pretty damn interesting, itself.

    • sallly352

      It's a set from "A Clockwork Orange."

  • astraya

    Picture 3: Andy looks as though he's enjoying it. John doesn't look convinced.

    • Gav

      he has his hand on Yoko's tit while John Fucking Lennon has his hand on his crotch- It's like a mini love-in.

      Hmm… maybe it was Warhol who broke up the Beatles….

  • What was the incident you mention in the introduction?

  • hermy304

    I think the Stanley Kubrick picture was taken on the set of A Clockwork Orange(I think its because of the huge cock next to him).

  • eclipse794

    A picture is worth a 1000 words right? lol I wonder what was going through some of their minds at the time. I admit iv had my WTF pics at some point. Cool list

  • bleumoonselene

    Got to love Hitchcock.

  • Qungollungo

    Jackos pic doesnt bring the wtf effect on me — its more like, aww, so he did like to entertain the children :p

  • uaa

    Hitchcock had only one kid. FAIL

    • Magnumto

      I wonder if he could have had any grandchildren from his one kid?

  • br0ck

    only 5 of them are famous

    • Jay

      They're about all famous to me. I never thought I'd say this to anyone, but maybe you need to watch more television. Which five are you considering famous and which ones are you relegating to the scrap heap of anonymity?

  • Mime

    lol at gringos not knowing what Che is drinking. It's called Mate people, it's just a herbal tea.

  • fasterthanu

    I never knew Hitchcock had kids, nice list.

  • Chineapplepunk

    I thought he Che had brain freeze! ;)

  • Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    :? Strange…

  • Top Kill

    Great list

  • bassbait

    For some bizarre reason, I expected Kubrick to be on the list, and I don't know why. Still, I don't think that picture is that odd. I mean, it's part of the set for ACO, so it would at least make sense. It's bizarre, but it's not out of place.

  • thisguy

    #6 :I

  • Princess711

    I really like the Elvis one actually! I’ve been fascinated with him recently, and find that picture quite amusing! :) RIP KING!!

    • Anon

      What is so WTF-ish about the Elvis picture? I think I'm not noticing something.

  • ArjayM

    Michael Jackson's face is hilarious…

    • oliveralbq

      the silly disguise isn't too shabby either.

      • ArjayM

        Yeah, you're right… lol

      • ArjayM

        and of course, he's too obvious. lol

  • snickersman

    These were awesome pictures. Audrey Hepburn is a beautiful woman.

  • Ellen

    #6 is Stanley Kubrick on the set of A Clockwork Orange. Kubrick is the author of the book.

    • callie19

      cough*Anthony Burgess*cough….

      • bucslim

        LOL *snort, snort* hee-haw!

    • qieh

      Yeah…Kubrick directed the film adaptation. Burgess wrote the book.

  • GagaMonstette

    love the list

  • Boogie

    Audrey Hepburn was so unbelievably freaking hot…wow….damn….wow….

  • martluplao

    pera pera ksi ang nagiging labanan na sa ngaun para lang kumita isinasacrifice nila credibilidad at reputasyon abs consentedor sa publicty gawain nila yan masamang impluwensiya sa mga tagapanood lalo na yang dalawang artistang yun. magbago na kayo! tapos sasabihin niyo n nman tao lang nagkakamali huwag nyo na ulitin at dare ko sa inyo ipagsusulit niyo rin sa pangalawang buhay huwag niyo ng gawin gimik mga buhay at negosyo nyo! ang mahirap pa ang totoong born again hindi nakikiaayon sa mga baluktot na publiciting yun in fairness kun sino man kayo. kaya nga born again binago na po kayo! alam u po di katanggap tanggap ang pakikiaayon sa isyung yan kung sino man po kayong born again christian kuno! ang galing talaga ng kaaway e-counterfeit ang truth. siya nawa wag ng maulit mga style niyong yan. salamat p

    • Jay

      Down the hall and to the left.

  • wittywife

    What's so odd about the Sean Connery picture? He was very attractive back in the day!

  • Jay

    I had the same problem with the Creepy Videos list that came after this one.

  • Another wtf pic that diddn't make it was when John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze were dressed in drag!

    • Jay

      Yes, that was a good photo. And a fun movie, too.

    • iheartlv

      Also not really a WTF picture since that's from a movie where they all played drag queens.

  • samanthaf63

    Sean Connery was a Mr. Universe, and personally, I think that pic shows why. Although I do believe he aged like fine wine and became even more amazing later on.

    Fun pic of John, Yoko and Andy. Somehow, seems like typical Lennon – the man had a wicked sense of humor.

  • JC

    Oliveralbq, so you live in N.O also? small world

    • oliveralbq

      near enough.
      i have one job in the french qtr. — another in biloxi

      live? a place in slidell, a place in gulfport, ms.
      both places, i live with a couple girls who live there full time, i'm in and out

      they all like having a guy around now and then, and they both prorate rent.

      im mainly in biloxi/gulfport, but my girlfriend is in slidell, so there quite a bit.

      o guess your answer is:
      —yeah, sorta….you?

  • JC

    to Ellen (#84) Anthony Burgess is the author of CLOCKWORK..Kubrick was just the director

  • Gab

    Che's drinking mate, y'all. That picture is actually not very WTF at all. Quite normal I must say. It's just tea. Very good list though.

  • Dana

    For us in Argentina drink mate is part of the every day life. in the morning of evening, before dinner, with friends, alone, with family is a ritual, is part of being argentino/a…so is not a WTF picture, You know, Che was argentinian after all…Good list though…

    • probably the WTF is that che is drinking mate in cuba :O (?) hahaha nahhh but for real, mate is very normal in argentina

  • tallullah


  • jothi


  • Noire

    #6 is on the set of A Clockwork Orange.

  • meh

    The number 6 picture is the room from A Clockwork Orange where the main character murders a woman before being taken to jail.

  • jackdaniels63

    2,3,5 and10 are the only WTFers. Especially 3. Group of freaks

  • Bryce

    The Sean Connery one isn’t too “WTF” since he was a body builder and model in his early life.

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  • Mollu

    I think Audrey Hepburn is holding her pet deer Ip. Mel gave it to her, Ip was in Green Mansions.

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  • Danie

    How about a bald Britney Spears beating the shit out of a car?…. anyone?

  • sniper

    wow…numbers eight down were…well wtf dude lol

  • Arthur

    Yeah, #8 is just some kind of energy traditional drink, it tastes like super strong coffee, I tried it when I was in Peru.

  • zahirul

    Greetings I stumbled on your blog by mistake when i was searching Live search for this concern, I need to tell you your website is quite useful I also seriously like the design, it is great!

  • mm

    WTF! is John Lennon a gay?