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Top 10 Film Industry Disasters of 2010

Matt Mueller . . . Comments

I don’t wanna brag, but 2010 was a pretty great year for me. I avoided the Freshman 15, lived to see another birthday, and escaped any potential viewings of Uwe Boll films (I’ve only seen one, and I plan to keep it that way…for now). But, unfortunately, not everyone can have an amazing life like me (if I keep saying it, maybe it’ll sound more convincing). No, 2010 was actually filled with actors, directors and other film-related concepts that totally ruined themselves. As always, there is room for a comeback for all of these people, but in some cases, 2010 may be the last legitimate year of their Hollywood careers. And I’m here to celebrate those complete failures, because capitalizing on another’s misfortune is a crucial part of the movie business. Just ask that Victoria’s Secret model who is apparently going to be ‘acting’ in Transformers 3. So here are the winners of the Julian Assange Award for Worst 2010.


Paul Bettany


Many of you may not remember this actor, but there was a time when he was basically THE guy. With roles in A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander and The DaVinci Code, the man was pretty much everywhere (fun fact: he is also the voice of Robert Downey Jr.’s computer sidekick in the Iron Man series). Then…2010. He began the year with Legion, a hilarious religion-based action thriller that featured a profane grandma climbing up walls and a zombie spider ice cream truck driver. Not quite on the same level as A Beautiful Mind, but whatever; everyone makes mistakes. But then he ended the year with The Tourist, one of the most irritating movies of the entire year. Bettany bookended 2010 with two horrible films that almost made my bottom five of the entire year. It’s not like 2011 looks any better either, as he re-teamed with his Legion director for another religion based action thriller. But this time, it has VAMPIRES! Count me out…


Megan Fox

Megan-Fox 4

I’ll be the first to say it: her performance in Jonah Hex is not that bad. Considering the almost incoherent direction and the laughable runtime, she is one of the movie’s lesser problems. That being said, 2010 basically proved that her star has died. Her act was that she was a sexy lady, but even a role as a prostitute couldn’t bring in audiences. Plus, in the ultimate insult, she was replaced in Transformers 3 with the aforementioned Victoria’s Secret model. And not even one of the famous ones that married Tom Brady. Her IMDB page doesn’t suggest that she has much else in the works, so it’s looks like it’s going to be WWE movies and sleazy magazine covers from now on, Megan Fox. So much for being the next Angelina Jolie.


Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Yeah, I suppose when your career goes to shambles for a second time, this time involving a recorded phone message that more or less portrays you as a raving lunatic who hates women, you’re guaranteed a spot on this list. Remember when he was believable in a movie called What Women Want? Yeah, that’s done. The only reason he’s not higher is because his lone movie, Edge of Darkness, wasn’t half bad, and he has The Beaver coming out this year, which despite its really strange premise, is supposed to be a great script. Things are looking up, Mel…but then they’ll probably go back down. Not trying to be pessimistic or anything, but I’m pretty good at recognizing patterns.


Jennifer Aniston


Question: Will Jennifer Aniston ever do a good movie? First, there was The Bounty Hunter, proof that having the director of Hitch is no longer something you want to advertise (he was behind the atrocious Fool’s Gold as well). Then, there was The Switch, which I revert you to my previous entry about the Worst Premise of 2010. She seems completely content with starring in bland and generic romantic comedies that contain neither romance nor comedy. And really, bland and generic are the nicest things you can say about most of her movies. Her next upcoming movie is (get this) a romantic comedy featuring Adam Sandler called Just Go With It. You may recognize it from its awful commercials and really stupid premise. Well, at least she’s consistent…


CBS Films

Cbs Films Rip

I know that most new movie studios need to take a while to get their bearings and get some flops out of the way. It’s not like you can start with an Avatar or The Dark Knight; you gotta get some The Back-Up Plans and Extraordinary Measures out of the way first. But they have yet to get anything resembling a hit on any level. All three of their released films (the two previously mentioned plus Faster) combined don’t even equal up to one Black Swan in terms of box office, and only The Back-Up Plan made back it’s budget (by $2 million so don’t get excited). Plus, their Twilight-knockoff, Beastly, got pushed to 2011, which can only mean the best of things.


Kristen Bell


Every year, there’s normally about fifteen movies starring actors and actresses who can’t carry a film. They normally were associated with some sort of popular television show or a side character in a hit movie, and therefore, studio execs thought they could star in their own project. And usually, they are wrong. This year, however, Buena Vista made the same bad decision with the same actress: Kristen Bell. In the beginning of the year, they released When in Rome with almost no fanfare and, therefore, no box office results. To be honest, I’m shocked that I even remember that this came out. To add insult to injury, Bell also starred in You Again, which also flopped, despite its more aggressive advertising campaign that turned away from Bell and focused on her co-star, Betty White. Sorry, that’s not adding insult to injury; that’s adding death to insult.


The Cast of The Hangover


The Hangover was one of the biggest hits of 2009; I think everyone is aware of that by now. One of the truly surprising aspects, though, of the film’s success was the fact that the movie was powered almost completely by relatively no-name actors. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms were not particularly well known comedians at the time, and considering how their 2010s went, they probably still aren’t now. Cooper starred in The A-Team, which largely underperformed (sad because it was one of the few good summer action movies), and the long-delayed Case 39 (he was also in Valentine’s Day, which did well but that was mainly due to the fact that almost every single person in Hollywood got at least one line in it). Galifianakis appeared in several projects, most notably Due Date, which no where near captured the magic of The Hangover, and Dinner for Schmucks, the most annoying movie of the year. Helms, surprisingly, was not in a feature film, but considering how his co-stars fared, that seems like a pretty smart decision.


Disney Franchise (Non)Starters

5177344871 Ff66Fc39Ff

At the beginning of the year, Disney appeared to have two big action movie franchises in the works. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time seemed set to become the most successful video game movie ever in terms of both box office grosses and critical response, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice seemed like a fun Pirates of the Caribbean-esque action comedy that could be the start of another Nicolas Cage film series. However, in both films’ cases, the response was a combination of the words ‘boo’ and ‘hiss’. Prince of Persia tanked, not even breaking $100 million dollars with a $200 million budget and earning a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes (if you’re wondering, I gave it *1/2 based on one word: boring). The Sorcerer’s Apprentice fared even worse, earning only $63 million, a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a place in history as Inception’s footnote. If Disney didn’t feel desperate to get Pirates 4 going before this summer started, they sure did after these two flops.



Avatar Jamescameron

It’s not very often that you get to see the rise and fall of a particular fad or technology within a single year. Though 3D is technically still being used prominently, it has nowhere near the same amount of regard as it did when Avatar was raking in the dough for about two months straight. Nowadays, 3D is looked at as a waste of money; even good 3D movies, such as Step Up 3D and Despicable Me struggled to get people to spend the extra money for the glasses. It even seems now as though movies are trying to hide or separate themselves from their 3D gimmicks. In many cases, the ‘3D’ in the title was removed, or its use is thrown in at the end of the trailer (watch the trailer for Sucker Punch, and tell me if you think that the creators want you to know it’s in 3D). Well-respected names in the film world, such as Roger Ebert and Christopher Nolan, have also come out against the technology. There’s a good chance that the technology is too expensive to disappear completely from the world of film (or entertainment in general, for that matter), but I wouldn’t be surprised if in the upcoming year or two, we see fewer 3D movies and far less fanfare for them (except for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, because that is going to be the Citizen Kane of our generation).


M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan

I never like to assume things, but I want to say that everyone this year had an experience like the one that follows:

You went to see a movie at your local theater. You bought the ticket, popcorn, Skittles, blah blah and finally made it to the auditorium and sat down. The annoying pre-show commercials finally ceased to make way for the slightly less annoying pre-show trailers. One trailer was for a movie about five people trapped in an elevator with the devil. It looked pretty intense and relatively interesting until the words ‘from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan’ appeared on screen. What then followed was several snickers and chuckles from the audience, as well as multiple audible groans.

Did that happen to everyone? Because that happened to me about 45 times this year, and each time, it reminded how much stock in M. Night has plummeted. I know, technically, The Last Airbender was a box office success, but let’s face it: the man’s career is just about over. No one wants to see his movies anymore, mainly because they are atrocious. The Last Airbender was one of the worst movies I saw in all of 2010, and it easily got the worst feedback for any motion picture on the year from both critics and fans alike. Critics thought it was a dark and muddled mess (which it was), and fans thought that it completely ignored its revered source material (which it did).

After the comedic disaster that was The Happening, this was the perfect movie for the one-time great writer/director to get his mojo back. The film was basically made for him anyways; all he had to do was look at the cartoon, see what it did, and replicate it with digital effects and real people. Nope; he couldn’t even do that. The man has lost touch with everything: his audience, his critics, his actors and his writing. I still think that Signs is one of the better films to come out of the past decade, so there still is hope for M. Night. A person doesn’t lose writing skills like that overnight. However, is there anybody left out there who wants to give him another chance? And can you blame them if they didn’t?

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      Have you even heard the stuff he’s said lately? He’s not “the man” nor was he ever. He’s just an ass.

      • just walk away , you can put a stop to all this ,just walk away and he will spare your life…….just walk away .

      • geneva porter

        I’m wondering if he’s schizophrenic. Sometimes it gets triggered later in life. If not, yeah, he’s an ass.

    • Mingy

      This one should be called, “Worst film decisions of 2010”. Btw Ed helms was best known as a news correspondent for comedy centrals Jon Stewarts show then The Office. Zack galifanakis was in Out Cold. Last airbender actually followed along with the cartoons but apparently no one can comprehend that if M Night really did follow it to the teeth, then the movie would of been 6 hours long. So I don’t think you actually watched the show or the movie. 3D is a gimmick actually a 50 year old gimmick. I see it dying like HD DVD players (remember those?)

    • WilfredfromAus

      It was Mad Max, not Road Warrior – end of story.

  • Schiesl

    how could you call these disasers? bradley cooper is not a disaster, sorry if he didn’t release a top 5 movie this year, very few people can. Based on your list, you should include like, brad pitt who was in 0 movies this year, or sex and the city 2 which was terrible. These arnt disasters, a disaster would be like brandon lee getting shot in the crow and dying or something. I LOVE THIS SITE, but this may be one of the worst lists i have ever seen on it…

    • This list was very difficult to title. It is merely a list of things/people who had the worst/most disappointing times in the year of 2010. Hopefully this clear that up.

      • Try to talk to Jamie about changing the title, then. The way it’s not is a bit misleading. ;)

        Though I could see what you were actually going for and I agree with everything.

        • I meant “the way it is now”, sorry about the typo.

      • Schiesl

        the list should have been called 10 movie career failures of 2010 or something like that then. I agree that 3d is a disaster above all disasters, but ed helms is still in the office so still successful (planned on like 3 or 4 movies next year), Zack Galifinakis is becoming one of the biggest comedy stars in 2010, and Bradley cooper made A-Team (an underated film for 2011) so none of them are anywhere close to disasters. I just wish the list had more of a sound basis for what it was talking about, or right about other things. That was all i’m saying.

        • evilsquirrel01

          Agree. That’s a better title.

    • rane

      Agree. And the list just seems too opinionated to me.

      • Auburn Tiger

        This list is only seems opinionated if you have a taste for bad movies.

        I’m only joking, but I think it’s pretty on the mark.

      • facehair

        I, for one, prefer an opinionated list about something I like compared to “Top 10 Fabric Patterns of Colonial Indonesia” or whatever. Good list. M. Night is a good call…though, I must confess, Devil was honestly not a bad movie.

        • Ica

          there’s a list of fabric patterns? zounds! gotta check out that one! c ya. LOL

    • Phil

      I am sure plenty of people knew who both Bradley Cooper (Wet Hot American Summer, Wedding Crashers) and Ed Helms (The Office) are. And as for the The Hangover being powered by “no-name actors”, there is Heather Graham, Jeffrey Tambor, Mike Epps, and even Mike Tyson. And they are making a Hangover II, so calling the cast of The Hangover a disaster, and the overall evaluation of the movie, seem all together off the mark.

      • k1w1taxi

        I didn’t see anything that called the Hangover itself a disaster, just everything the three leads did.

        And having three leads none of whom is known in Hollywood terms constitutes powering by no names in most peoples books.



  • 63jax

    a long time since i enjoy reading a list like this, very good!

  • Great list, Ang….Matt ;) Nice to see someone who knows film writing about these things.

    • Katie

      This guy doesn’t know what the heck he’s saying. This list is pure opinion. I could write a better list than this. Honestly.

      • Ryan

        Then why don’t you do it?

      • E. A. Kawakubo

        And is there a problem with a list being based purely off of opinion?

  • Amrendra

    Very nice list. Good list on movies. Funny too.

  • ianz09

    Eh, this reads too much like one of those corny celebrity blogs filled with bad puns and awful alliteration. I half expected an A-F grading scale critique of red carpet fashion. Not a fan of this one

    • Spuddy

      I’m with you completely on this. This list is one I thought would be right up my street, but I even found the way it was written to be annoying and pedantic.
      It reads to me as if the stirrer fully believes that they could do a better job than any of these people.
      I’m not a fan of Aniston, but how you can say she had a disasterous year is beyond me, she does what she does and always will do. Its ok for male actors to just do romantic comedies, but her??

    • Ant-LOX

      I agree, this list is straight from a gossip blog.

  • Amrendra

    M Night Shyamalan should be burnt with fire, blown with the wind, drowned in the water, hit with rock and dirt and finally thrown in the space for making the last airbender…yuuukkkk

    • weidermeijer

      I agree. WHO THE HELL keeps giving him money to make bad movies? … especially in this economy when money is tight.

      ‘The Sixth Sense’… that’s it. Nothing else.

      Good Night Shyamalamadingdong.

      • CJ

        hahahaha Signs was good too but it ends there. Lady in the Water sucked too.

        • nocturnesthesia

          I thought The Village was fucking excellent, The Happening was pretty good, Signs was just barely passable. I never saw any other M. Night films but from what I’ve heard I’m not missing much. He is in a slump right now, mostly caused by the huge disaster he made of that anime film, but I think he can get his career back on track if he focuses on directing and leaves the writing for more capable artists.

      • Anon

        Apparently you’ve never seen Unbreakable.

    • Adalia Glenys

      That film was unwatchable. It’s like a 90-minute preview for a travelogue.

  • Skagaser

    Awe, I liked Dinner for Shmucks

    • weidermeijer

      That is why they are called guilty pleasures.

      Things you like, but you SHOULD be embarrassed to tell anyone else that you liked it.

  • br0ck

    how is 3d a disaster?watching step up 3d was just awesome

    • I know you’re being a troll, but Matt really liked Step Up 3D,too.

  • mordechaimordechai

    ” Things are looking up, Mel…but then they’ll probably go back down”

    Well, What is this? A profecy?

    So you know what is like to be Mel Gibson.

    I think you really don’t.

    Then again who cares how he carries his life? I don’t i just enjoy his movies, by large amounts.

  • Bah! Total trash crap list. Any opinionated self-appointed film critic can talk about such stuff. And the reviews of The Last Airbender were mostly rants of the cartoon series fanboys. To say that his career is literally over is really far-fetched. Also, Matt seems to have conveniently ignored successful 3D movies released in 2010 like How to Train Your dragon, Toy Story 3 or MegaMind.

    Waiting for tomorrow’s list. This has its rightful place in the garbage can.

    • I agree. Besides, isn’t Devil supposed to be the first movie in a trilogy Shyamalan is making?

      • Geronimo1618

        Yeah it is…and The Last Airbender also hehehehhe

  • Claizen

    I think only two names should be on here, Megan Fox and M. Night Shyamalan.

    The Last Air Bender wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was just incredibly boring. I got over the inconsistencies comparing it to the TV show. Still, I can’t get bad taste of The Happening out of my mouth.

    Megan Fox, no one talks about her anymore. Also I don’t think anyone should compare her to Angelina Jolie, because IMO Megan Fox carries some porn-star trashiness about her.

    • Claizen

      Actually, just one name, Megan Fox.

    • br0ck

      she is still hot

    • weidermeijer

      I would love her to have a meeting with her agent and accountant…

      Well, Ms. Fox, there seems to be only one way out of your financial troubles… porn.

      Bow-chica-bow-bow… oh yeah…

      AND dump your weenie, loser hubby AND don’t get pregnant! Guys will love you more when they think there is a chance.

      • weidermeijer

        I would love her to have a meeting with her agent and accountant…

        Well, Ms. Fox, there seems to be only one way out of your financial troubles… p 0 r n.

        Bow-chica-bow-bow… oh yeah…

        AND dump your weenie, loser hubby AND don’t get pregnant! Guys will love you more when they think there is a chance.

  • Okay, so Shyamalan has become a laughing stock in Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean he can’t make a turnaround. Devil was not a bad movie and could actually be seen as a comeback albeit a small one. If he continues to work small he may find himself at near the top again.

    • Simplifried

      I agree that Shymalan’s talents would be better aimed small and that Devil, while not great, wasn’t an utter fail. I believe in “comebacks” and believe that they can often be the drive behind the greatest achievements.

  • “Dinner for Schmucks, the most annoying movie of the year” – I don’t get it. I just don’t get why everyone hates this film so much. It was a decent adaptation of the French original, and it was done well enough. It was acted well and it was directed as well as I could expect. I mean, it was hardly an amazing comedy, but I’d see it over most of the comedies that came out this year.

    • It was a terrible adaptation of the french original! At least, I thought so. I mean, Dinner for Schmucks was fine, in my opinion, but the french one was so much funnier (I mean that in the least snooty way possible).

  • HJRO

    Uwe Boll, allowed to make and release BloodRayne 3 should really be the top disaster
    Seriously why do investors give him money, none of his films really make a return, they don’t even get close to the budget, and add to the fact that they are all terrible

  • Robert

    Signs is the WORST movie I have ever seen. That is all. Thank you.

    • Geronimo1618

      You haven’t watched many movies then. Try watching some Uwe Boll stuff.

  • Cody

    Look, I know that listverse doesn’t exactly have the highest standards for their writers, but this is absolutely idiotic.

    1. Ed Helms is one of the stars on a somewhat successful television show that you may have heard of called ‘The Office’. I’ve heard people enjoy the show, apparently its slightly popular.

    2. Mel Gibson, while having another terrible year, is still extremely marketable. A quick check on Wikipedia will inform you that he is marketable to the tune of 2.5 billion dollars. Crazy as shit or not, Mel Gibson can still draw audiences, and will most likely continue to draw audiences, if not for pure curiosities sake.

    3. Do you know what an industry disaster is? You are fully aware that 3D is currently being marketed towards Home Theatre use, right? It in itself is a multi-billion dollar industry. And seriously, Step-Up 3D was good? Now I KNOW this list is a joke.

    4. Your writing is extremely pretentious. ‘Aforementioned’? Really?? And you still didn’t google her name to put in the article? Wow.

    This list had some extremely valid points, but most were lost to the underlying retardation plaguing this article.


    • DrEvo82


    • Max

      I enjoy your use of sarcasm in your points. Truly shows how idiotic this writer is. Great points, this Matt guy should honestly read this.

    • I have a 3D tv. :)

    • alban

      1.Zach Galifianakis was very successful in 2010

      cant say nothing about || It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)||

      just good words for Zach Galifianakis.

      • Cody

        How is this pertinent to what I said? I was only defending Ed Helms, I have no vested interest in how well Zach Galifianakis has done.

        Also, I was making a broad spectrum critique of what the author had said.

        Double also, your post made no god damn sense. Smarten up.


  • chrom3d

    I’ve got something to say something to the author of this list.. Breath man, there’s too much hatred in you..let the hatred go out and breath in the positive aura.. hahaha!! I like the list, the author sounded like a movie critic with rabies ready to pounce on those cute little chipmunks hahaha..

  • Mike Alley

    What a queen.

  • pinkelastik

    I really enjoyed this list. Keep it up! (And maybe try writing for Cracked if you can bring yourself to throw in a couple of dick jokes!)

    • Julius

      Unfortunately this is exactly what this list felt like. If I wanna read opinionated pop-culture bullshit I’ll go to cracked. (and for the record, I do like a lot of opinionated pop-culture bullshit ;-D)

      But this isn’t cracked and it’s not supposed to be. It’s Listverse, I come here to learn and discuss things, not to make fun of nutjobs like Mel Gibson.

  • Randomizer

    I hate sci-fi and suspense thriller genres so i dont even bother to check them out. Shyamalan is already dead to me for all I care.

  • jeffthemaori

    3D has it’s good points. It was hilarious to watch a theater full of people duck when they thought that they were going to get hit in the face by a dildo fired from a bazooka in Jackass 3D (and yes I also ducked), and that “man-made mud eruption” was awesome in 3D. Plus I found that the glasses do a reasonable job at shading my eyes from the sun while driving.

  • dubmatrix

    Why does everyone need to bring up Nolan in one of these list? Seriously, his films are pretensious and not that original. In fact he’s only made two original films. Inception was a huge let down. And he also tested it in 3D and has said he plans on using it. Fanboy alert…

    • Hello there, attention whore. You very well know that dissing Nolan brings a barrage of counter-attacks. Good luck with your attention seeking theatrics.

      • dubmatrix

        Nice logic there. So i’m an attention whore cause I have an opinion on a filmaker. So in that theory anyone who criticizes Nolan on the internet is an ateention grabber? I.could care less about the counter attacks. I was merely stating my opinion. You’re obviously a Nolan fanboy.

  • M night should just stick to Bollywood

    • He hasn’t made any Bollywood movies. Try to expand your info base.

      • yeah haha dumb ass he hasnt made any bollywood movies buuuuurn !

        i think he should just stick with acting in those harold and kumar movies. …:-P

        • timmar68

          LMBO! You always make me laugh out loud so much my family has to ask me what’s so damn funny!

    • Ammy

      People like you are the reason the word “Dumbass” has been invented for!!!

      • Ammy

        @puritshanon….”the word dumbass” is used for you my dear friend. M Night has nothing to do with bollywood

  • keyshock

    Beastly is a modern adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, not a rip-off of Twilight.

  • six

    what list?

  • Great list. I support all the 10 items.

  • tripsyman

    I disagree with all of the list – except 3D which I agree has priced itself out the market.

    Mel Gibson – Aniston and Megan Fox are far from finished IMO and Paul Bettany and Miss bell are just starting on their careers.

    The list is far to opinionated for me and says more about the writers personal likes and dislikes than it does about the subjects itself.

  • oouchan

    I agree with all of these….except number one….partially. I don’t like the Last Airbender and refuse to see The Happening. I loved Unbreakable. I thought that was one of his best ones.
    The rest of the people, concepts and companies in the list are forgettable….and hopefully they stay that way. (except Disney-they are ok)

    Cool list.

    • mom424

      I agree. Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies period. Both Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson were better than expected. And not what I expected either.

      • oouchan

        My best friend had me come over and see it after she and her hubby did. The last few minutes of the movie they just watched my reaction to it. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open…and they were laughing. It was truly one of his best.

        • Topa

          Unbreakable was probably one of the best superhero movies ever. I loved it.

    • claizen

      You need to watch the Happening! Maybe so we can appreciate his other movies lol

  • I’m not sure how Megan Fox’ acting career going down in flames is supposed to be a “disaster” – for anyone but her, I mean.

  • mom424

    Entertaining list. I was amused.

    Of course I don’t agree with every point – Paul Bettany is awesome. He was great as Geoff Chaucer in that movie no-one but me likes, great in Master and Commander too. Didn’t see the lame (I’m assuming) tennis movie, but I read that he even did a great job in that one…can’t imagine that he’d suck even in a bad movie. I think Mel will be all right too; his ex-wife and other friends are rallying to his defense.

    Megan Fox is the perfect example of what happens when you publicly trash-talk your boss. She deserves bottom of the heap.

    Also – 3D would be great if it weren’t for the damn glasses. Who needs more accessories to lose?

    • Julius

      Care to elaborate on Megan Fox trashtalking her boss? Not that I doubt you, I’m just not well-informed in happenings of the boulevardscene?

    • seashell66

      I LOVE that movie no one likes but you, and so do my kids, they can quote most of it! All hail, A Knight’s Tale!!! ;-P We love movies no one else like, and we don’t care, we enjoy being “different” I guess!

  • Julius

    3D is far from dead, it will go on for a while, what will die down though are movies that are converted to 3d post-filming (Avatar, Clash of the Titans, most movies that claim are 3d) because it messes with the quality of fhe original film, i.e. that’s why avatar was such a dark blurry mess, if you convert post filming it darkens the scenes down. Real 3d and films actually shot in 3d will grow at least imo.

    If you want to see a very freak new technology for 3d check this out:

    • On his blog, Matt was writing about the same thing. That’s why he said Step Up 3D was so neat; it was actually shot in 3D, rather than converted after filming.

    • Simplifried

      Julius, this was a great “share”. Thank you.

  • Bk

    based on some opinions on this, this poster has little to no credibilty…sorry but bradley cooper a no name?

    • Julius
      Here are his credentials.

      • Name

        I don’t think that’s the same person.

      • Cody

        Wow, you seriously think that this University/College Freshman is THAT Matt Mueller?

        How about you read the article entirely first, and stop being a retard.

  • Armadillotron

    Me, personally, I think poor Mel Gibson`s carreer has gone down the toilet, ever since he was caught drunk, and said, “F***ing Jews.. Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world..” OH DEAR. And with the Jewish domination of Hollywood, they don`t want him in movies anymore. There even saying that Braveheart, is ANTI-JEWISH. Crazy.

  • witcharachne

    Jamie, are things going so badly for Listverse that it has to resort to opinionated bullshit like this? Some dude doesn’t like a few stars so he proclaims them Hollywood Disasters. Wow.

    A list of things Br0ck can touch from his seat would be more interesting than this crap.

  • tru

    the hangover cast on this list is dumb

    • BinkyBunnies

      I agree

  • BinkyBunnies

    Ed Helms is a main cast member of The Office. He is no failure.

  • Carlos

    This list is awful.

  • cambered

    Hmmm… hard to take you seriously as a film buff when you say that Signs is one of the better films of the decade. That film was absolute drivel. The only decent film that M Night has released is The Sixth Sense, which was a cracker. Unbreakable wasn’t bad either, but since then it has been a very public downward spiral.

    As for Megan Fox, she used to be hot but she over-indulged in surgery. She did not need to do this to herself, but her insecurity/vanity won out. She now looks like a caricature of Megan Fox, and that is quite sad.

  • timmar68

    I never did understand Jennifer Aniston’s appeal.

  • frank

    you lost all credibility in all your lists by saying A team was good.

    • Julius

      I pity you fool…

    • fknairii

      I loved A-Team.

      Bradley Cooper with his shirt off for brief periods in the movie?
      Best movie ever.

    • fknairii

      I loved A-Team.

      Bradley Cooper with his shirt off for brief periods in the movie?

      Best movie ever.

  • facehair

    The thing about the Last Airbender is simply that Shamalanianmandn has no concept of character development. All of his hits involve characters that are stoic-serious or intense-serious. The Last Airbender, technically, was a pretty flick with a decent story but Shamladindahoopy writes every character as himself – monotone and boring. If he possessed some humility and realized that he doesn’t need to handle every aspect of production, he could resume his status as a credible film-maker.

    • Topa

      I disagree on some level (it wasn’t pretty and it didn’t have a decent story), but I love this comment just because of “Shamladindahoopy.”

  • Sam

    You should probably think about adding 250 million dollars to prince of persias total gross as well.

  • cindy

    I’m sorry but I didn’t like this list at all. Especially about the Hangover stars…
    Ed Helms actually has a movie coming out soon with a starring role as well as hangover 2. He also plays Andy in the office… How was that a disaster?? Zack’s movie Due date was really good and it did well.

  • Danielle

    Will someone PLEASE stop these idiots that are making lists about their own opinions?! No one wants to read what YOUR opinions are about the year in film…opinions that are so far off that you need a map to get back to the truth.

    ‘The Cast of The Hangover”? Are you kidding?

    How about you never make a list again, Matt, unless it has some actual fact in it?

  • Mrsbenlinus

    I enjoyed this list….if it gets people debating, it’s a successful list. Write more, maybe one about TV…

  • Randall

    SIGNS! You thought SIGNS was “one of the best pictures of the last decade?” SIGNS?! I agreed with almost everything on this list until I reached that last, unbelievably retarded statement.

    When I saw “Signs” I found myself shocked, when the ending came, as to how incredibly stupid a movie I had just wasted a couple of hours of my life on. It promised on so many levels and failed to deliver on ANY of them. It ended up being based on an idiotic, cliched premise, and was neither frightening nor interesting. It was a monumentally dumb movie having absolutely nothing going for it. Nothing.

    M. Night is not “great” nor is he possessed of particularly good writing skills. He is clearly a one trick pony who had ONE good idea in his entire career–“The Sixth Sense”—and even his vaunted stylishness has turned out to be hollow and dull.

    • mom424

      I”m sorry but Unbreakable was very good. Much better than Signs. At least as good (I preferred it) as “I see dead people” too.

  • Bryan J

    Good list,
    Some of these people did need to be called out. 3D allowed Avatar to make so much more money and your right the glasses are not worth it. Good call with Jennifer Aniston, but the problem is my wife will still watch anything that she makes because of Friends.

  • I’m sorry but these are not film industry disasters, these are unfortunate movies perhaps, bad behavior on the part of “stars”, whatever, but disasters in the film industry are things such as the helicopter crash onstage during filming of Twilight Zone, or the car stunt which went awry during filming of a movie I was working on and hit a camera assistant, causing lasting brain damage, or many, many I could name.

    Calling these disasters is a disservice to all those who work in Hollywood and have met with actual disaster on set.

    Get your priorities straight.

    • undaunted warrior 1

      Welcome back – I kinda missed your comments for a while

    • Haley

      You’re so right. This list just shows the authors hatred towards certain people and films. It does not reflect any disasters at all.

    • Geronimo1618

      I completely agree with you. The author thinks that he’s so smart by sneering and dissing at people just because he didn’t like their work. If he doesn’t like so and so movie then he should yakkity-yak on his personal blog…I wonder how such a list got through the editors.
      Total trash stuff, this.

  • Nic

    You went to the movies over 45 times last year? Jesus. It’s a waste of money. I used to go if there was a big summer action movie that I wanted to see on a huge screen with surround sound, but since I can have that same experience at home… Why bother?
    Also, 3D is dead? You do know that its basically spawned a new medium in 3D TV’s right? Right now 3D movies are gimicky because none of them were filmed with 3D cameras so the effect looks cheap.

  • sorry but

    Dinner for Schmucks was funny as hell

  • Ryan

    adam sandler? just a suggestion for a future list… he kinda sucks now

  • john

    this list was pretty dumb, almost every entry was based entirely on personal opinion, swing and a miss i suppose…

  • freckledsmile99

    Loved this list. Completely agree with you.

    • Alex

      You’re an idiot.

  • Gremlinmiller

    This is about the worst list I have seen in ages. Disasters in Hollywood 2010 brought up memories of that Harry Potter extra that was damn near killed. This is a list of minor dissapointments at best. This list sucks.

  • Ariel

    Sorry, but this is so painfully opinionated and bias that I can’t bring myself to read it. Or take it seriously.
    I feel like I’m reading the new year’s OK magazine.

    Top 10 Lists Which Shouldn’t Have Been Posted on Listverse in 2011.
    Coming January, 2012.

    • Allison

      So true. This was a pathetic excuse of a list.

  • Swapie

    Frater. Your standards are slipping.

  • salazar

    I agree on #1.

    I’m a BIG FAN of avatar the last airbender and TLA was just plain stupid…waste of money!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scratch

    Unfortunate title, it had me thinking of deaths, fires, mishaps with stuntmen, and big-budget flops – not Entertainment Tonight-type gossip.

    Not a bad list, I disagree with some of the opinions but it is well-written.

  • Im sorry, when was M Night Sham ever considered a good director? In The Village? signs was OK, unbreakable sucked…

  • Madison

    Completely and utterly the most pathetic list I have ever seen on this website. Pretty much the entire list was made up of opinions of the author, and very little fact. I’m sorry that you’re not a fan of some movies, but that does not give you proof that these actors have failed. Movie preferences vary from person to person, so don’t go around assuming that just because you didn’t not enjoy it, nobody else did. You’re stupid,. Flat out.

  • Loli

    Skyline was fucking terrible, I expected to see it in the list, but thank god it was 3D

    But great list though :D

  • FaerchFan

    I’m sorry, but M. Night is an AMAZING director!!

  • suggs

    even signs was shit…. he just doesn’t have the knack of gripping viewers.. the only reason why ur thinking that signs was good was because it was a first/ something different

  • JDK

    This is definitely in the “pathetic” pile of lists on this site.

    Every single item on this list should not even remotely belong there. For brevity’s sake , I’ll only criticize three.

    Let’s take Megan Fox just as an example. Did she ever have a “star” to begin with? She was basically in two movies about car-robots. What a star! Sandwiched in were a zombie and comic book movie no one gave a shit about. What a star! Not being cast, regardless if she was fired, in the sequel to one of the worst movies of 2009? Quite the disaster indeed. In fact, if this year was considered a complete disaster for her, then how in the hell did Ellen Page (who has actually been listed as a “rising star” in publications) survive that period from Juno (2007) to Inception (2010)?

    Disney had a rough year, huh? Yeah, how did Disney survive even with the help of Alice in Wonderland, Secretariat, Tangled, Tron: Legacy and the biggest flop of the summer Toy Story 3?

    Where in the hell do you get the idea that 3-D is dead? This is where the credibility of the writer takes a tremendous hit. For claiming to go to the movies as much as he does, he doesn’t seem to realize that just about every third film released in this day and age is in “3-D”. Unbelievable.

  • 123456789

    Devil is a nice movie.
    This should be entitled “Matt’s bad movie experience this 2010”

  • RS

    A completely subjective article.

    If I wanted a movie review I would have gone to IMDB.

  • R.S.

    Yes, many people seem to also agree that this wasn’t a list that should have been published. Mediocre at best. Moderators must have taken the day off.

  • Daniel

    Absolutely awful list, far avid of any logic or real reasoning; the author has no experience what it is to be in the film industry, no qualifications to give an “expert” opinion like a film critic would.

    Listverse is a website with reasoning and logic in the lists – it shouldn’t be like which is for a more stupid, more younger audience. Lists like these are absolutely dreadful.

    Please, remove.

  • dontcare

    You are so negative. You seem like someone who didn’t make it in Hollywood so now you just want to make fun of every one who did.

  • After reading your post three questions resurface in my mind ….

    1) how does Ms. Aniston continue to land costarring roles in splashily promoted, studio financed movies considering she has had one flop after another? (okay, she was in one box office hit, “Marley and Me” but that was basically because of all the dog lovers who paid to see the movie.)

    2) and speaking of dogs, how does M. Night continue to get financing for megabuck disasters like “The Last Airbender” after artistic and financial flops like “The Happening”, “Lady in the Water”, “The Village” and “Unbreakable”

    3) Sure, Avatar in 3D was probably cool but enough already with the funny glasses. Good to see some major players (like Christopher Nolan, for example) refuse to get on the bandwagon. (Okay, that wasn’t a question but you get the point.)

  • Your list is too opinionated, self-absorbed in the beginning paragraph, and focuses completely on the wrong content in terms of film disasters as most of these are solely about people.

    M. Night fits because Last Airbender was a huge disaster, but an example of one case you missed under the heading of “FILM INDUSTRY DISASTERS” is The Nutcracker 3D. Nevermind the 3D–look at the film entirely and then you’ll definitely know what a film disaster is.

  • Mike

    this list is not a good one. like someone else said, it’s opinionated. More like a rant instead of a decent top ten list.

  • SilentBlob

    Boo! Awful list. Pretentious, yet uneducated. 3D had a HUGE year, accounting for over 60% of some films final grosses (just look at what it did to Green Hornet’s bottom line, not to mention Jackass) . 3DTv is about to blow up in a major way (the 3D home market grew by leaps and bounds this year). Dissing the Hangover cast?! You may not have liked it, but Due Date made a ton of money. And, Ed Helms has all kinds of huge projects in the works. There are so many holes in your logic here, it’s ridiculous.

  • gotta agree with M Night. His films are just awful now. I do the exact same thing…i see his name attached to a project and I just ignore it after that. Megan Fox? We all saw that coming. Jennifer Aniston? So many bad films, you almost feel bad for her. Her film The Good Girl was a step in the right direction, but after that, she seems to have given up on creative things. Kristen Bell is likable enough, but she seems to be following in Aniston’s footsteps.

  • MrRocketSkates

    Megan Fox is sssooo hot!
    Even though this list focuses on her weak spot – her acting – I’ve just summed up the very first thing that every male who has read this list manages to comprehend.

  • Opie Ate It

    Office Space was a great movie with Jennifer Aniston in it. It is a classic!

  • Garrett

    Megan Fox bowed out of Transformers 3, she was not forcefully replaced. Mel Gibson was indeed a raving lunatic on those recordings….he was also being blackmailed by the woman he was talking to, which might make me a little irritable.

  • Brooke

    I never really had a problem with M. Night’s movies. I actually have liked all of them.

  • Kent Perrodin

    “Signs” one of the best films of the past decade? What decade? I never wanted my money back SO BADLY three-quarters of the way through a movie as much as I did trapped in this travesty. I made a sincere vow to never watch another Shyamalan movie after Signs, and I haven’t. Shockingly bad…well you get the idea. Rest of the list is on, but for that one sentance.

  • Lucas

    Jude Law is actually the voice of Iron Man’s computer, not Paul Bettany.

  • theghost131387

    how can you say zach galifinakis is not a well known comedian ?
    well known movie star maybe not
    but comedian he is already a legend
    i love you lists but shewwww do a little more research before defaming what he has done is the comedy world or reword your sentencing

  • Simplifried

    It is almost disturbingly pleasing to write that I applaud your list, with wholehearted enthusiasm. These are bold comments, and would accurately reflect my own views for the most part. It doesn’t surprise me to find passionate (to the extreme of crude) responses to the contrary. It will always be the voices of those who disagree when one steps boldly into the field of opinion. Could I have written a comment that carried a tone of disgruntlement and stretched it to the point of insult? Yes, of course. There are always one or two nits to pick. If I were to do a complete bi-polar flip, (which is the way of magnetic opposites as they know no other states) I would have done so for the back-handed compliment about Betty White. In the comedic thespian world, she is a high priestess and has personally salvaged entire movies featuring A-Listers. Still, I prefer to close with an echo of bravo for boldly stirring the bee’s nest of cultural flagpole sitters.

    • Geronimo1618

      Wow, do you really think that people are going to take your pretentious vocab-laced post seriously. Maybe there is a subtlety which I missed.

      • Simplifried

        Geronimo1618 – If you missed any subtlety than it is in the language that you regard as pretentious. It was intended as a tongue-in-cheek comment in response to the pseudo seriousness of some of the replies and the author’s tone in his post. (e.g. “but I wouldn’t be surprised if in the upcoming year or two, we see fewer 3D movies and far less fanfare for them (except for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, because that is going to be the Citizen Kane of our generation).”

    • fknairii

      No one is saying the list is a bad one, per say.

      People can’t take to it because it does not exactly suit Listverse’s typical standards. It does not follow the norm.

      I’m all for breaking the status quo, don’t get me wrong. But this is a place for logic, not arbitrary slander.

  • MrPing

    This list is quite presumptuous and biased…

  • hatethislist

    this list is just so bad.

  • jpv

    True story: “Lady in the Water” was the only film I’ve ever walked out of; I made it about 45 minutes.

  • elbobbo

    You clearly missed the miscarriage of a movie that was NutCracker 3D, this movie is sooooo bad it’s actually laughable. They added Tim Rice reject lyrics (literally) to the music of the Nutcracker, Nathan Lane plays Albert Einstein who brings the Nutcracker to his niece as a Christmas gift, nevermind that Jews don’t celebrate Christmas that’s not important, the Rat King is a weird version of Adolf Hitler with an Oedipal complex while his rats dress like Nazis and stoke ovens with toys, which we are shown are sentient in several scenes, Elle Fanning, a 10 year old, spends most of the movie with one side of her dress sliding down her shoulder and does a dance in a semi sheer night shirt, it would “cute” for a second but becomes slightly uncomfortable pretty quickly. It cost over $90 million to make and did not crack a million at the box offce world wide.

  • Dewey

    This list seems like it would be more at home on Cracked than Listverse.

  • Nick

    I clickt on this list thinkn it was about some interestin article on disasters, instead it was some arrogant guy obviously prone to hyperbole telling us what he thought of Jennifer Anistons career decisions.

  • NotForsaken

    Awesome list! I totally agree with #2 and #1. Your experience at the movie theatre was actually dead on, and made me realize he’s done for good. Shame, he made some good movies :P

  • Maison

    This is one of the worst list I have ever seen on Listverse. Scratch that. The worst. The author is bias, which usually I would deal with. But the blatant author intervention and injection of not only opinion but also rather inconsequential personal facts and stories made it a painful experience. The writing was on the level of a suffering high school student, despite attempts to disguise this with shock and awe word choice. Also, due to the poor understanding of Beastly and it’s premise (which, if you read any synopsis, reveals it to be shockingly different from Twilight), I question the amount of research the author did beyond IMBD and
    All in all, my friend, i suggest you take more comp classes before you congratulate yourself.

  • Amanda

    First off, Bradley Cooper is most definitely a well known actor.
    Secondly, Zach Galifianakis has his own hilarious TV show and has gained an insane amount of fandom.
    And lastly, Ed Helms is on The Office, no need for motion picture comedy.

  • I think this is a bad title for the list. It’s somewhat misleading.

  • NoAppeal

    This list is awful. Full stop.

  • 1nkd Revy

    Great list! M. Knight is mos def losing his touch. My fave movie of his is still and will always be 6th Sense. Sad, he has potential but it just tanked on him. :P

  • somebody

    This list is alright but it’s a bit to snobbish for me to be honest. These people are all millionaires and have all had successes in their lives. None of them have failed except for maybe Megan Fox because she could never act and has ever achieved much on her own merit. This list just sounds like it was written by a snobbish movie critic who hasn’t ever actually tried to create anything themselves. To say that the cast of The Hangover have failed is a bit ridiculous. A Dinner for Schmucks was hilarious and quite clever and Zack Galifianakis did things in that that most actors can’t do. He is being recognized as one of the best comedians in the world at the moment by many people. Bradley Cooper has not failed either, there is more to acting than making box office successes and while the A-Team was complete shit he has done other movies. M Night Shyamalan may have made some terrible movies and has for a while now, but his crowning achievement is and always will be the brilliant “The Sixth Sense” which is a movie that most directors and producers could never equal.

  • James

    Shame about Kristen Bell not doing so well, she’s my favorite actress.

    Probably good that 3D didn’t do well. Also the cast of the hangover haven’t really done badly, they just could be doing better

  • ggcolumn

    “The Back-Up Plan made back it’s budget”

    “It’s” should be “its” as the punctuation insists that the possessive of “it” goes sans apostrophe. Did you graduate from high school, author?

    I agree with most of your list, but your ignorance of SIMPLE grammar apalls me; worse still, that listverse would allow such an error to fall through their cracks is criminal: I will NEVER again search listverse again for an interesting compiling, knowing now the sub-standard qualifications of its authors.

    • Simplifried

      “I will NEVER again search listverse again [sic]. Tsk tsk, redundancy

      “for an interesting compiling” [sic] Tsk tsk again. Be advised that “compiling” is a present progressive tense, not a noun. I’m sure you meant to write the word “compilation”.

      People in glass houses…

  • Tyrone Bastard

    It is beyond me how M. Night can still get funding for his horrible films. I thought The Village was bad until he coughed up The Happening. Save The Sixth Sense, he has never made a single film that is worth seeing.

  • I’ll add this to my reddit account, very good post.

  • william

    I agree. this list needs a better title. like top 10 film industry letdowns, but then again we didn’t have high expectations for some of these people.

  • anon1011

    one-sided, subjective list.

  • Not a terribly great year for movies but it’s time to look forward now instead of back.

  • Znyrk

    Most movie lists on Listverse I enjoy but seriously, here you are talking out of your ass. Paul Bettany, Mel Gibson and the cast of Hangover? Really?

    You make some good points, obvious I might add, like Shyamalan. I think you need to redefine your take on movies and judgement. Many actors have what is more correctly “Misfortunate” years in the case were they are really talented.

    I can’t remember the last time I had so different views on a list here and with the danger of sounding full of myself, I have pretty good knowledge when it comes to movies.

  • Hans

    I seriously lmao-ed when I saw the description for #1, about being excited for “The Devil” until seeing the name being attached to it. This literally happened to me when I first saw the trailer. I thought it was a cool concept for a horror, but completely lost interest when I saw M Night’s name at the end of it. Kudos for speaking my, and perhaps our, mind, listcreator.

  • Egon

    1) Shyamalan has neve directed anything good. 6th sense can be nice only the 1st time you see it (but I got the twist halfway through the movie). But it still never becomes a real movie: it’s just an idea stretched too long. Unbreakable was meh. Signs is really really stupid and even if both actors and atmosphere do work, the story is laughable nevertheless. I won’t go on: Shyamalan received a lot of undeserved praise. Luckily, all this has ended.

    2) Megan Fox: I like her more than ever. Maybe she made the wrong decisions, but she’ll always be better than a lot of other actresses like Scarlett Johannson or even Nicole Kidman, that think about themselves as the greatest actresses on earth.

    • Beast Of Gevaudan

      I agree with most of what you’re saying but is seeing dead people any less laughable? These are meant to be “out there” stories, they’re based on the paranormal after all.

      Having said that, I thought the so called “brilliant” ending in The Sixth Sense was laughable, but everyone seems to think it’s great for the simple fact that they didn’t see it coming. Having a twist is great only if it makes sense and joins the dots when you think back on the events in the film. The Sixth Sense failed miserably in that regard.

  • tiamy

    According to IMDB, Paul Bettany is the actor in mind for The King’s Speech until he turned it down and Colin Firth was approached. He would have another Oscar-winning movie under his belt if he accepted the role.

    Anyway, Colin Firth turned out to be the right choice to play King George VI.

  • Adam

    Uh, Ed Helms was famous as shit before he did the Hangover seeing as he was a major correspondant on The Daily Show and is a m ain character on The Office, and Zach Galifanakis was always well known for his stand up and online stuff. Like, are you fucking serious? I only come here everyonce in awhile now cos htis site is so full of ignorant retards posting wrong shit about stupid subjects. DERR IN CAPATILISM IS GOOD COS WERE ALL HEALTHY COS WE CAN PAY FOR HEALTHCARE, DERRR ALIEN ANT FARM ARE TRUE METAL DERRR, NOBODY EVER KNEW ABOUT ED HELMS AND GALIFANAKIS BEFORE THE HANGOVER.

    My god…

  • mrsmarvel

    Put 3D in the #1 position. I hate that crap. It didn’t work when you had to wear the stupid red/blue glasses and it doesn’t work now with the gray glasses. When 3D can be viewed without glasses it will be a success. Until then, leave it.

  • Aram
  • Noahga

    The lack of any reference to facebook really makes this list terrible.

  • Beast Of Gevaudan

    Haha. Brilliant list! I totally agree with every entry.

    And I totally agree with your comments on M. Night Shyamalan. I also didn’t like his most successful film The Sixth Sense. I thought it was rather boring and I was one of those who thought the ending was ridiculous and exposed a lot of holes in the film. I won’t go into detail in case there’s someone living under a rock somewhere who hasn’t seen the film.

    Just to add, Matthew McConaughy wouldn’t be out of place on a list like this, but that would have to take into account every year he’s been in the industry since A Time To Kill. His career is the male equivalent of Jennifer Aniston’s.

  • ArghZombie

    Ugh, Signs was awwweeeeeeful!

  • Kate

    This was a terrific list, I enjoyed every entry on it~

    In Signs, the aliens who managed to create and utilize interplanetary spacecrafts, FAILED to do the homework (or simply take a look at the planet) and see that their Kryptonite, water, covers over two thirds of the planet. NICE.

    I will never go see any movie of his again; he loves to waste the audience’s time. With The Village, as soon as I found that the monsters and scary-ass shit in the forest was fake, I was completely reminded of how he likes to do a 180 where the climax of the movie should be, and almost literally say, “But LOOK! It’s NOT what you thought! And that makes it super interesting/clever, right?”

    UGH, M. Night! My family just calls him M. Night Shamalamadingdong….

  • M. Knight Shamalama-Ding-Dong

  • look2thestars

    Interesting list, it made me laugh a few times.
    When in Rome was actually a pretty good movie, my friends and I got a guy to watch it with us and he said it was pretty good for a chick flick. My friends and I still have insde jokes about that movie lol. “Juan, what’s my time?”

    I was so happy when I saw that M. Night Shyamalan was number one. Being an asian Avatar the Last Airbender nerd, I was furious when finding out that the characters weren’t racially correct. I am a 100% sure that a 12 year old kid that has watched the show could have directed and casted the correct people for Avatar the Last Airbender way better than M. Night Shyamalan did.

  • abrar ahmad

    do u know about forex..?

  • Z T

    Kinda harsh on Ed Helms. If you wouldn’t call him a complete success neither him nor Zach can be considered industry DISASTERS

  • stopper333

    ok so im new here. well not new ive been reading the lists on this website for months now but i never really created an account and therefore never bothered to comment on any since i thought an account was required. it wasnt until i read this list that i felt the NEED to create an account and comment. why is that? because this is the worst list ever! it it based on pure personal opinion. i would go down the line and individually point out the wrongs done here but i see its already been done. im sorry i love listverse but whoever wrote this should not write any more lists for this site. please and thank you. i just wish my first comment couldve been in this list but it was on the most recent list but i had to get this off my chest.

  • Trevor

    I wish there was a dislike button for this article. How does it feel to talk out your ass?

  • Alina

    Why does everybody hate Extraordinary Measures? It’s a beautiful true story.

  • Mechanical

    Bradley Cooper is a comedian?

  • Denise

    Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. The only movie I have paid to see Jennifer in was Marley and Me. Only because the main character was a dog.

  • Mel Gibson

    SIGNS!??! you liked that movie? Signs is the most mediocre piece of ambiguous crap I’ve ever seen. It was so bad all attempts at serious acting in it can be viewed as dry comedy. And the scene where the priest is rocking the little boy(sure its his son, but the imagery is still there) saying” here comes the air, here it comes” is disturbing on a number of levels. And an alien that can’t stand water? Ever heard of atmosphere? The morning humidity would have killed it. Ridiculous

  • zeek rewards

    Its like you learn my mind! You seem to grasp so much approximately this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I believe that you can do with a few p.c. to force the message home a bit, however instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.