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10 Covert Military Operations

Daithi13 . . . Comments

In recent history there have been some amazing secret military and intelligence operations undertaken. This list looks at 10 of the most interesting or important. Be sure to use the comments to mention others that may not be included here.


Operation Paperclip


After the defeat of the Nazis during World War II, there was a scramble by all the major powers (U.S., U.K. and Russia) to capture the leading Nazi scientists and intelligence agents. The US operation was named operation paperclip. Many Nazi scientists were captured as a result – the most famous of whom were Wenher Von Braun and Arthur Rudolph, who helped the U.S. develop rockets for space exploration and, ultimately, the moon landing. The most famous of the intelligence agents recruited was Reinhard Gehlen, who was used to set up a spy ring against the Soviet Union (known as the Gehlen Organization). He also helped train the Israeli Special Forces Mossad.


Operation MKULTRA

 Ceo Wp-Content Uploads 2009 12 Cia Mk-Ultra-Mkultra-Lsd

Inspired by North Korea’s brainwashing program, the CIA began experiments on mind control. While including hypnosis and I.Q. tests, the most notorious part of this project involved giving LSD, and other drugs, to American subjects. In one reported case, a subject was given LSD continuously for 77 days. Scottish scientist Donal Ewen Cameron was also involved, in attempting to remove schizophrenia by erasing all memories and reprogramming the individual. His experiments included putting subjects into drug-induced comas for weeks at a time, while playing tapes of noise or simple repetitive statements.


Operation Anthropoid


This was the code name for the plan to assassinate Nazi Reinhard Heydrich, in 1942. Many called Heydrich The Hangman of Prague, due to his part in the planning of the killing of millions of Jews through “The Final Solution”. Two soldiers from the Czechoslovakian Army based in Britain were assigned, Josef Gabcik and Jan Kubis. On May 27, 1942, during, Heydrich’s daily commute, Gabčík and Kubiš waited at a tram stop. As Heydrich’s open-topped car neared the pair, Gabčík stepped in front of the vehicle, trying to open fire, but his gun jammed. Heydrich ordered his driver to stop the car. When Heydrich stood up to try to shoot Gabčík, Kubiš threw a grenade at the vehicle, and its fragments ripped through the car’s embedding shrapnel into Heydrich’s body. Heydrich, got out of the car, returned fire and tried to chase Gabčík, but collapsed. The assassins were initially convinced that the attack had failed. But after surgery, and several days in hospital, Heydrich died from infections from the wounds.


Operation Pluto

War3024 Bayofpigs

Better known as the Bay of Pigs invasion, although conceived by the Eisenhower administration, it came to define the early days of the J.F.K. presidency. The plans involved an invasion of southern Cuba by CIA trained Cuban rebels, with the help of American air support. The planners had imagined that the invasion would spark a popular uprising against Castro, which never happened, due to underestimated support for him. A promised American air strike also never occurred. This is the CIA’s first major public setback, causing President Kennedy to fire CIA Director of the time, Allen Dulles. Interestingly, Operation Pluto was also the name used for a WWII attempt to build a major oil pipeline in the sea between France and England.


Operation Wrath of God


After the Terrorist group Black September kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympics in 1972, the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad decided to seek revenge under Operation Wrath of God. During this time, covert Israeli assassination units killed dozens of suspected conspirators across Europe. The string of assassinations spurred retaliations and criticism of Israeli. The film Munich outlined these events.


Operation Payback

5Th November Operation Payback

While maybe not, strictly, a covert operation in the traditional sense, I felt the need to include it because of how recent it was and the news it generated. It was a series of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, by a group calling itself “Anonymous”, against many of the websites which withdrew their support for Wikileaks after the leaking of the Iraq War logs and cable leaks, in 2010. Those websites attacked include Visa, PayPal and MasterCard, among others.


Operation Eiche

Ddsuiw 137 1

After the allied invasion of Sicily and the collapse of the Italian government, Mussolini was arrested by King Victor Emmanuel of Italy, and imprisoned. Mussolini was imprisoned at the Campo Imperatore Hotel in the ski resort in Italy’s Gran Sasso. Otto Skorzeny was personally selected by Hitler to carry out the mission, and intercepted a coded message by the Italians to discovered Mussolini’s whereabouts. Skorzeny joined the Luftwaffe paratroopers when they crashed gliders into nearby mountains, before overwhelming the Italians without a shot being fired. Mussolini received a hero’s welcome at Hotel Imperial in Austria.


Operation Entebbe

D388-046 Wa

Carried out by the Israeli Defense Forces, this was a rescue of 248 people from an Air France plane at Entebbe Airport, in Uganda. The Plane had been hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), while going from Athens to Paris. On July 4th, 1976, a raid took place at night by 100 elite Israeli commandos, after landing near the airport in three Hercules transport planes. The operation took only 35 minutes, the commandos caught the hijackers by surprise and killed all seven, as well as 20 Ugandan soldiers. Three hostages were killed as well as one Israeli commando, all other hostages were taken to Israel.


Operation Neptune Spear/Geronimo


The attack on Osama Bin Laden’s safe house in Bilal town, Abbottbad, Pakistan, occurred at 1:00 a.m. when the walls were breached by around 20 Navy SEALS using explosives. An airborne unit of the US special operations command, known as the Night Stalkers, provided two modified Black Hawk Helicopters and two Chinooks as backups. The SEALS split into two groups, one group taking to the main house. This group found Bin Laden on the third floor, unarmed, and shot him twice, one hit the left side of his head, another hit his chest. After the raid, U.S. forces took bin Laden’s body to Afghanistan for identification, then buried it at sea within 24 hours of his death. There is currently some backlash as a result of the non involvement of the Pakistani intelligence (ISI) during the operation.


Operation Valkyrie


While not successful in its end goal (assassinating Adolf Hitler) it is the most famous (helped by the Tom Cruise film). The Attempt was made by Claus Von Stauffenberg and other anti-Nazi Germans. With the Normandy invasion many believed the end of the Nazi regime was forthcoming, and the plot was the culmination of the efforts of several groups in the German resistance to overthrow the Nazi regime. It was decided Claus would deliver the bomb, as he had close access to Hitler. The attempt was called off twice, because the conspirators wanted to kill other high ranking Nazi officials, also. Eventually, on the 20th July 1944, Colonel von Stauffenberg entered a conference room, moved up close to Hitler and placed the briefcase containing the bomb on the floor beside the German leader. A few minutes later, he left the room with the excuse of taking a phone call. It was later learned that after von Stauffenberg had placed the bomb and left the room, Colonel Heinz Brandt had found the briefcase in his way and moved it to the other side of a heavy table leg away from Hitler. When the bomb exploded, Hitler escaped with an injured hand and damaged eardrums.

  • Joni

    While I don’t agree with the justification of why Anon should be included on a list of military operations, it was a good read!

    • I found th Anon add quite interesting, but you’re right it wasn’t a good fit in the list, could have been a bonus or a notable mention

      • sqorpo

        How is “Anonymous” a military anything? Quite the contrary.. By definition I guess you could say “Anonymous” is covert, but very poor choice for otherwise good list…

        • Anon

          (Note: “Anonymous” in this reply refers to the organization. If I refer to individuality I use “Anon” instead. This isn’t the usual form)

          Having been part of Anonymous since 2007, I can only agree: Anonymous is NOTHING like the military. Anonymous has no organization, not leaders, no commanders and least of all: No plans.
          As I’ve noticed Anonymous can only be considered organized in the sense that it can be broken down into 3 groups: Informers, Hackers and Shoopers. Oh, and that Anonymous has some pretty loose agreement to what they stand for, but again it is rather vague at best. But the WikiLeaks case can be described as “Net Neutrality” – the Internet should be a free place with no interference from Governments.

          In any case it starts with the Informers who either through luck or coincidence finds issues that is relevant to Anonymous, usually just small time stuff: Raiding someone who has done something stupid on the Internet. Here is a tip: As long as you keep modest and don’t post anything negative about Anonymous, they won’t affect you (in the sense that I’m confident posting this. Anonymous can easily make my life a living hell, but do they have interest in doing so?)

          The Informers then post it on many of the Anonymous websites (such as 4chan), the better the Informer, the better he is at convincing fellow Anons to join the cause.

          The Hackers are the actual foot-soldiers, the back-bone of Anonymous. I have no idea how they can do most of what they do, but an example is the DDoS attacks. They use software to repeatedly revisit the same pages multiple amount of times, forcing the server to overload the amount of requests and shut itself down. In the mean time The Hacker can do whatever he want to do as long. I don’t know how much actual “Hacking” is involved, but I guess it depends.

          The Shoopers are the least important of all groups, but they are the ones noticed the most. I consider myself part of that group. The Shoopers make the Photoshops, the memes and the anything. Every bit of Propaganda that makes people aware of the cause just a tiny bit. Imagen a picture with a cryptic caption? You are gonna Google it and *blam* you are aware of the issue.

          But back to my point: Anonymous has no similarity to military, but it is impressing how a group of people – just average Joes – can go and take down some of the biggest websites on The Internet. And for that it deserves mention. But as a point on the list? Strictly speaking Anonymous doesn’t deserve it’s spot, but should be mentioned – like a “Bonus” point.

          A replacement I’d suggest is “Operation Dynamo” – The whole faking the D-Day thing, but there is way too much WW2 stuff on the list to begin with. Maybe mention the “Black Hand” and how it started WW1? Or maybe “The Zimmerman Telegram” in which Germany tried to convince Mexico to join the Central Powers in a war against the US during WW1? Or there is the story of how the Entente kept the Tank a secret until it was used in 1916?

          There you go, at least 3 points from WW1.

          • Canuovea

            I like the WW1 points.

            Did you know there is a theory that suggests that WW1 was caused by sexual frustration. Fascinating stuff.

            Anyway, I also agree Anonymous seemed to be a bit of an… odd choice. Bonus material, though.

            But, I find it odd that an “organization”, and I use the term loosely, that claims net neutrality as one of its main focuses turns around and decides that they are the Internet police. I think the informers are, almost, scary. I mean, they decide who has done something stupid on the Internet? According to whom? Themselves? Yikes. The only check on their authority is that they have to win support, but that isn’t exactly difficult sometimes. This seems rather hypocritical and dangerous to me, aren’t they doing something similar to the governments they want out of the Internet?

            Oh well, I might have the wrong impression I suppose.

          • p1t1o

            I appreciate your explanation.

            I can’t say I agree with the concept of this “anonymous” – especially since you mention that they wouldn’t take kindly to criticism, which pretty much contradicts any idea of “neutrality”.

            But thanks for some clarity.

            For what its worth, I don’t see anonymous as any coherent anything really, and more of an inevitability – the nature of the internet makes it easy for a certain type of person to find a like minded community, and for them to find themselves with a perception of power and purpose. It is almost inevitable, hence the loose, non-interrelated and vague nature of anonymous.

            IMHO anyway.

            Either way, not the list for them, good suggestions for replacements though.

  • Awesome list. Enough information to spark interest and further research, but not too much to become tedious to read. I wouldn’t have included Operation Payback, not because it wasn’t covert, but because it wasn’t military. Definitely an interesting way to attack though. I feel like I read about DoS attacks on LV not too long ago…

    As for number 1, if you’re going to use a bomb to kill Hitler, make sure it’s strong enough to break through some table legs first. I imagine he was mildly inconvenienced by that firecracker they tried to use.

    • Woyzeck

      So that’s a blast big enough to go through an oak conference table from a bomb small enough to fit into a briefcase? Alrighty then.

  • good list, very interesting . But jesus keeping a dude tripping on government laboratory grade LSD for 77 days in a lab setting is kindve sick . That dude must have had psychological damage , 7 days sure fine (easy especially if in a relaxed environment) im sure many private people have done worse- but over 2 months ? I feel sorry for the dude , they couldve ( and maybe did) fry his brain .I’ve Heard of other MK ultra lab rats killing themselves before now i see why.

    • Well, yeah. If you are going to wipe a guy’s memory clean, 2 months straight tripping is the way to do it, I would imagine.

      • i dont think your memory would be wiper , more like warped .

    • p1t1o

      They also sometimes kinda forgot to tell the subjects that they were being experimented on…

  • Justin Timberlake

    11 weeks on lsd, I can’t decide rather i’d suffer or just have a nice long trip

  • what about the covert war on laos ? i think it killed thousands of innocent people, pretty much worse because theyre innocent.

  • stopper333

    As much as i would love to believe in #2 (capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden) i highly doubt the goverment even gave out the true events of that day. Oh yeah, let’s kill these dude and throw his body in the sea ASAP even though we’ve been looking for him for 10 years.. psssht

    • Bob

      And what do you suggest happened, mr paranoid idiot? No country would take his body for fear of it becoming a pilgrimage sight for extremists, which is very understandable and more than plausible. Also muslim rules say that one must be burried in 24 hours after his death, and not following those rules would have caused tremendous criticism from the muslim world, so they made the right choice. And what exactly did you expect them to do with the body? Parade it through the streets?

      • LordCalvert

        i would have liked to see his body ground up and fed to hogs. that way he could spend eternity as pig $h!+

    • Bob

      Also, Al-Queda acknowledged his death.

      • Angelo

        Oh please. He is far too valuable to kill, especially if unarmed. He’s probably in a CIA prison somewhere being interrogated. I hope they have plenty of water available.

        • Woyzeck

          In what respect, pray, was Osama Bin Laden ‘valuable’?

          • p1t1o

            Well I imagine he knew a fair bit about Al-Quaeda??

            I actually hadn’t considered the possibility that they actually took him prisoner until now, I always thought the debate was whether or not it was him at all, its possible i suppose. I still reckon they did kill him like they said though.

          • Woyzeck

            We already know a lot about Al Qaeda. Bin Laden wouldn’t have had particularly much to tell us that we didn’t already have from other sources. If we’d taken him alive then the entire network would have gone into overdrive; at least dead they have no hope of him ever returning or being rescued.

          • fendabenda

            Lol there seems to be nobody who can spell al-Qa’ida… “Al-Quaeda”, “Al Qaeda”, “Al-Queda”, what else? It’s really ?????????, or Al-Qaida/Al-Qa’ida in Western letters. FYI. Not that I care, I just like to complain if words are spelled incorrectly.

    • Clockwork

      It’s only been confirmed by various groups.

    • Ben

      fail. it isnt like obama would go out and say “Hey guys we’re gonna go get osama because he’s hiding at a complex in pakistan” why the hell do you think he would do that? Of course it seemed sudden because you didnt know about it till after he died. but it was probably months and years in the making. and it’s muslim law to be buried in the sea after death. take your stupidity elsewhere please

      • It’s Muslim law to be buried at sea after death? Everywhere I read, I hear the complete opposite. That it’s a violation of the law.

  • Armin Tamzarian

    How about the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann by the Israeli’s? That, plus the subsequent showtrial, is one of the most famous covert operations.

    And, now we’re on the subject of WWII, the Nazi’s had some quite influential covert operations not mentioned here too: The Gleiwitz Incident, which gave them a casus belli to invade Poland, and the Venlo Incident, which they used to justify the invasion of the Netherlands and to smear the UK.

    Also, it’s strange to mention Otto Skorzeny, and not mention Operation Greif, in which he and some German commando’s wore American and English uniforms to attack the Allies behind the frontlines during the Battle of the Bulge. It was a significant psychological blow for the Allies.

  • Will Trame

    Definitely an interesting read. I figure I’ll have to delve further into number nine as I see that there were no dates identified. It reminds me of the Frank Olsen case. The suicide mentioned in the newspaper clipping further reinforces that notion.

  • druglord

    A great read and as the comments have already shown more than enough fodder for a couple more lists of this type

  • WDW

    A good list but a surprising omission for me is Operation Nimrod – the storming of the Iranian Embassy by the SAS.

    It was bolder than the Navy Seals’ recent operation and was equally effective against greater numbers and more substantial resistance.

    The Navy Seals’ recent operation was high profile and daring too but I suspect that it’s high place on this list is due to the fact that it’s still fresh in the mind.

    • Weegmc

      The recent SEAL operation was so impressive because of the deep infiltration into a top or at least high up there military power. Getting in undetected and then getting out without being intercepted was perhaps the most amazing part.

  • hangmanriot


    • p1t1o


  • theGman

    What about the raid on St Nazaire. Operation Chariot. Epic

  • incitatus

    It is interesting to see how a nazi helped training the mosad. Will you are right about Frank one day is all over the news the next day noone knows who Frank was, really disturbing really.

  • kame

    ah. Osama again. The man has been dead for almost half a decade. But again history would mention his death year to be 2011 because might is right. Infact much of the world history is corrupted itself.

    • Seth


    • CrackedPepper86

      You poor bastard. I do not envy you.

    • Canuovea

      There is very little reason to not believe that the US has recently killed Osama Bin Laden.

      Al Queda admitted he was dead. If he was not dead then they would provide evidence otherwise to damage Obama’s credibility.

      The US has released recent videos made by or for Osama found in the compound. As such, he was likely quite alive at the time of the raid. They also found his journal.

      Some of his wives were in the compound and are now in the hands of Pakistani authorities, kinda hard to deny that.

  • chrom3d

    nice list but there are a ton of acti0n packed and significant military operation that happened that it’s just not satisfying to just pick 10 from them..

  • eumesmopo

    Now THAT one is a really cool AND relevant list! Thank you Daithi13.

  • joey

    Wow another racist list that acts like Africa don’t exist. Where be Operation: Apartheid and Mission: Colonize Shoot and Kill?

    • policies officially and publicly adopted decades ago by an ignorant, draconian and in-compassionate(?) government, nothing covert about it and by no means were they limited only to the military . The entire public sector was involved . It was a immoral and shameful scar on the face of South Africa .now you learned something but , you are a Dumb ass . No conspiracy involved , USA had a similar thing except RSA was way more stubborn, backward and aggressive about it . Any way that doesn’t change the fact that RSA is the most successful country on the African continent . Im sure people are sick of hearing about it (me especially) but do you think there is any chance that any other country in Africa would have been and could be chosen to host the SWC , no way ? No way , not even in 25 years will another country in Africa be able to . If we just relaxed our labour laws and get rid of corruption , we could rise swiftly to a significant world power , we have all the ingredients . It is just the CURRENT incarnation of the ANC that is not able to handle (morally and/or capability) the rise to prominence we should all be enjoying .

      if you rearrange the letters in “African National Congress” and add just a few more letters, it spells: “Shut the f u c k up you free-loading, progress-blocking, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, violent and hypocritical racists, and deal with the fact that you are wrecking the country with your corruption and nepotism and lack of accountability and that you couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery never mind something as simple as a municipality.”

      Now isn’t that interesting?

      The really sad thing is the majority of people suffering from the ANC’s incompetent government are black .

      • too much – sheesh , this is what happens to a man who has lost DSTV and is forced to only watch SABC for a week on the run up to an election .

    • p1t1o

      Yeah. We aaaall hate Africa. And Black people? We hate them too. Because we’re racist.

      Why are we racist? Because we missed them off a list.

      Grow up.

      • ParusMajor

        I hate all people, regardless of their skin colour or religion or anything. I hate each and every one of you!

        Thank you, I just had to get that off my chest.

        • CrackedPepper86

          Yes, that makes you better than a racist.

    • Wow. You’re actually playing the racist card on this one? If Africa WAS included, I bet you’d still say it’s racist for being IN the list.

  • joe mama

    I love how they use the term “buried at sea” instead of “randomly tossed in the ocean”.

    • CrackedPepper86

      Oh, I didn’t realize you were there. Why don’t you tell us what really happened? In fact, you should call all the news outlets in your area. This is a huge story!

      • Canuovea

        Well apparently it was a traditional Islamic burial at sea. Well as traditional as they could make it.

        If the USA had been the Romans they would have caught him and crucified him and left his body to rot. They would have then done the same to any “pilgrims” coming to the site of the crucifixion. So at least the USA has behaved relatively respectfully.

      • Lurker

        How else do you bury someone at sea? The only way I can think of is dumping their body.

  • oouchan

    Although the entry for Anonymous doesn’t really fit in, I like it’s inclusion. And even though the Valkyrie mission didn’t work, it was quite elaborate for its time. I liked the other entries as well. Glad that the Osama one isn’t at number one.

    Interesting list.

  • p1t1o

    Oh Christ, don’t give those anonymous douchebags boners by including thenm in a “military” list please…

  • mom424

    Decent offering this morning – most of these were covered in our high school history class – I must have actually been paying attention…

    Even the MKULTRA experiments – those experiments were done by Dr. Cameron at McGill University here in Canada. Despite what it might say in the list these experiments were torture experiments; trying to find a way to break people consistently. And boy did they break some people; I remember law suits still being settled in the 70’s and early 80’s. People entirely destroyed – one woman in a sensory deprivation tank and drugged for weeks. And the bastard Cameron? He was rewarded by being elected chair of both the American and Canadian Psychiatric Associations. Those horrible two stage psychological torture scenarios at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib? You can thank Dr. Cameron. So much for the Hippocratic oath.

  • Seth

    Operation Plumbat by Mossad in 68, The first successful theft of Uranium.

  • Zeke

    Air America/Paru Program; even though the CIA covert operations has ended a handful of desperate people still wait for liberation because of their involvement.

    • Zeke

      Btw, above video is not for the faint of heart.

  • Lifeschool

    Not a bad list – knew most of these aready. MKUltra is still going on today under different names – it’s still all about mind control. Also, I believe they killed Bin Laden shortly after 9/11 – even the Prez said he thought he was dead. If this story was real, they’d have given his body a tickertape parade!, certainly not dumped it at sea. Even hitlers body was brought back for a post-mortem. But this would only be strange if it acually happened – which is didn’t. JMHO

    • p1t1o

      Though I havn’t seen any pictures of Hitler’s corpse either.

      I think even the Americans can figure out that parading a dead body around like a prize *might* just kick up a *tad* of a shi_storm.

      • Lifeschool

        You could always google it, I did. Ok, so it wasn’t post-mortemed at I thought, but there are plenty of images both before and after the fire they burned him in.

        • p1t1o

          Heh, you were right about the photos, hadn’t seen those before.

          Interestingly, what I found stated that it was the Soviets who had possession of his remains.

          • Canuovea

            Indeed, the Soviets did have possession of Hitler’s remains. But Stalin had this thing about pretending they didn’t know Hitler was dead, same with those who came after him. It was labeled (by whom I’m not sure) “Operation Myth”, the idea was to keep Hitler alive as a scare tactic.

            In fact, when Willy Brandt kept up with his Ostropolitik in Germany the Soviets dug up Hitler’s remains and completely destroyed them. That way fear of Germany was supposed to be kept alive.

            One man makes a potent symbol sometimes.

        • Woyzeck

          Actually, there are no known photographs of Hitler dead. The images that appear when you googled this were of an unknown German who the Russians claimed to be Hitler. The idea that his body had been found was propagated for several days until the body was discovered not to be Hitler’s, and that a considerable amount of messing around with the body had been done. Until today, I never knew that these pictures were floating about on the internet posing as the real deal; I guess it just goes to show you can fool some of the people all the time. I would’ve taken them at their word myself if I hadn’t got prior knowledge of the subject.

    • TurnipOfDeath

      “Even hitlers body was brought back for a post-mortem.”

      Are you just trolling or are you serious?

    • moros

      Put your tin-foil hat back on and let the grown-ups talk.

      • Lifeschool

        Yeah yeah, I’ve learned to take insults for sharing my personal views on here – I doesn’t matter what I think, It’s not up to me to change anybodys minds. BTW, I am probably older than you, if that should make any difference.

    • mom424

      You actually think Bush and his cronies wouldn’t have dragged that fact out at the last election if it were true? No way they would have kept that under wraps – they would relinquish power to keep a secret? No way.

    • p1t1o

      And why would they even cover it up? To justify the “war on terror”? They can still justify it now.

      To be honest, true or false, who cares? It doesn’t really affect much in the grand scheme of things, share prices were largely unaffected, the effect on global terrorism is yet to become apparent, sure, Barrack might get a few votes out of it I suppose. Even those people who are upset about the whole thing havn’t really been causing that much of a fuss.

      • Lifeschool

        Who cares? – indeed! If he’s dead he’s dead – show me the evidence! (oh sorry, there is no evidence) – but I believe he’s dead – so that’s the end of it.

        • p1t1o

          There is sort-of evidence, he’s even harder to find now…

    • Connor

      Hitler was not brought back for a Post-Mortem. Remember when we killed Uday and Qusay Hussein? Nobody wanted to believe this and demanded the Government released photographs. Well they did, and It created a huge backlash because of the graphic and brutal nature. I can understand why Obama’s administration did not want to release photographs.

  • Armadillotron

    Can someone tell me, why the HELL would America want to help Nazis? The FILTH of society? Killed 6, million Jews? Soviet POW`S, the handicapped, “Communists,” Poles, Yugoslavs, carried out human experiments, etc? And oh yeah, Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler`s Master Spy and BND Leader. OF COURSE he`s going to train the Mossad! Sheesh..

    • p1t1o

      Because they were some of the finest minds around.
      Because they were leading weapons research.
      Because otherwise the Russians would have snapped them up first.

      As far as I know, these people weren’t exactly given a choice on their “rescue” either. Other than “Come with us or the Russians will get you and you’ll probably end up in a gulag.”

      Also, controversial idea I know, but not *every* Nazi was evil, and not *every* German in the ’40s was a Nazi.

      • Armadillotron

        Well, yes, you could argue, that if it weren`t for the Nazis, America wouldn`t have landed on the Moon.. But America claim to be “A Champion of Human Rights.” And we`d just fought a war against them, and Nazis had massacred American Soldiers. And if THOUSANDS of Nazis went and worked for the CIA, what was the point of the Nuremberg Trials then? And Reinhard Gehlen “sold himself,” he wasn`t give a chance to work for us or you`ll end up in a Soviet Gulag. Incredibly, they accepted. “Because Communists are worse.”

        • p1t1o

          Well I can’t really be arsed with a moral debate over it, I’m sure there were some shady dealings – what’s new?

          Just that there *were* some compelling reasons to import Nazi scientists and other officials, especially with the cold war brewing.

          • Armadillotron

            Hmm yes, shady dealings, you have a point.. Why is it, is that there only “War-Criminals,” if “The West,” (I still don`t know what that is) say they are. and while I agree that Nazis are evil, what about other scum? Why is it the Nazis were evil incarnate, yet the Soviets killed FAR more people EVER did. Why is it you have “Nazi-Hunters,” but never “Communist-Hunters?” The Nazis said they were-“following orders,” William Calley and his friends in My lai say they were “following orders.” What`s the difference? It`s not WHY you kill, it`s WHO you kill. If 6, million Buddhist Monks, had been killed we wouldn`t hear about it everyday of the week.

          • p1t1o

            Well the universe is not a fair place, and humans are not built to be fair.

          • Armadillotron

            yeah. I mean, even TODAY, a so-called “Nazi,” “Ivan the Terrible,” who ran a death camp at Sobiwotsit is being tried. WHAT`S THE POINT of giving a 91 year old a trial? If Nazis that are still alive are being tried, then why don`t we try the Jewish terrorists who killed British Soldiers and hanged them from trees?

          • Canuovea


          • p1t1o

            You’re quite angry hey?

            Do you want people tried or not?

            Personally I’m fine with a 91year old being tried, I doubt he will have too bad a time in prison as it goes.

            As for whoever those “Jewish terrorists” are, you cant catch em all.

  • moros

    I stopped reading after you included operation payback.

    Anon is a cancer.

  • karl

    im surprised the SAS operation on the embassey in 1980 wasn’t included. Maybe as it was covered by the media in real time? Still an interesting raid.

  • kame

    The US Government must think that people all around the globe are just as docile as the Americans and would accept anything coming from their end. But that aint the case. I mean how can someone believe that the government that hanged sadam on Arafat day of the holy pilgramage would care a goddamn bit about giving a proper islamic burial to one of the most wanted men in history of USA. And it is another lie that no country was ready to accept his dead body, no matter how much evil he might have been he was a muslim and many people would have readily accepted his body. But sadly some people are just to afraid to look beyond barrier.

  • kame

    The US Government must think that people all around the globe are just as docile as their own people and would accept anything coming from their end. But that aint the case. I mean how can someone believe that the government that hanged sadam on Arafat day of the holy pilgramage would care a goddamn bit about giving a proper islamic burial to one of the most wanted men in history of USA. And it is another lie that no country was ready to accept his dead body, no matter how much evil he might have been he was a muslim and many people would have readily accepted his body. But sadly some people are just to afraid to look beyond barrier.

    • p1t1o

      What are you even talking about? I dont even…

    • SavingPrivateFoz

      You do realize that the US government had nothing to do with the hanging of Saddam right? He was hung by Iraqis after being tried in an Iraqi government court. Get your facts straight before spurting out nonsense.

      • Jay

        If only you looked a bit deeper, you’d see that the court case was fraught with corruption (American corruption). The US government had a lot to do with the hanging. Guess less, read more.

        • p1t1o

          Problem with corruption is that its very hard to verify and very easy to assume.

          Don’t you think its possible that a fair few people would like to believe that there was US corruption in the trial and that they would seize upon anything as “proof”?

          I’m not saying that there *wasn’t* international meddling, but in this sort of thing you can hardly ever be in a position to say “duhhh, do some research, obviusly it was A, B and C etc.”

  • p1t1o

    My suggestion for list entry:

    MI6 operations during the Falklands War to deny Argentina further access to exocet missiles.

  • kame

    i was trying to show the other side of the coin or prehaps the only side.

    • Woyzeck

      You showed us the stupid side of the coin. Please, put the coin back in your pocket and don’t take it out again until you’ve educated yourself a little.

      • bigski

        hahaha…good one woyzeck.

  • freckledsmile99

    What a great read! The guy who was on LSD for 77 days – anyone know what happened to him? I mean, holy moly – LSD for 77 days?!?!?

  • freckledsmile99

    Also, in regards to Paper Clip – kind of – did anyone see the documentary Paper Clips? It is about a Tennessee middle school who try (and succeed) in gathering 6 million paper clips to represent the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. A great film.

    • Woyzeck

      If only the victims of the Holocaust knew that sixty years later their lives would be commemorated by a fucking paper clip, maybe they would know that they weren’t dying in vain.

  • Gibdreamer

    I can’t wait until the Iraqi special and get George W Bush for he crimes committed against innocent Iraqi people.

    It’s ok for your Government to LIE to you without any consequences ,but if you lie to the government you go to PRISON .Does anyone else smell HYPOCRISY.

    • Armadillotron

      Come on, everyone knows that Dubya wasn`t responsible for the Iraq War. It was Dick Cheney. He was “the power behind the throne.” You`re telling me, someone as retarded as George Bush could be president and give orders? Yeah sure.

      • Canuovea

        I know people don’t have a lot of love for Dubya, but I wouldn’t call him a retard. I’ve been working on a list based on American deeds, both good and bad, and one of the good ones was done by Bush.

        That being said, there was definitely some groupthink going on with the decision makers of the Bush Presidency.

        • Armadillotron

          Yeah well, everyone has seen the way George W Bush spoke. You`re telling me this is the talk of a normal human being? You LITERALLY could write a book about Bushisms. And take waterboarding. “The lawyers said it was legal.” Sheesh.. ANYONE who thinks waterboarding is acceptable is either a total dunce, or a scumbag.

        • Maggot

          I’ve been working on a list based on American deeds, both good and bad

          Oh goody! Another steaming pile of 400+ dick-waving America-bashing and America-defending comments, coming right up! I can hardly wait.

          • p1t1o

            I know right, woopee…

          • mom424

            flag waving Maggot, it’s flag waving.

          • fendabenda

            I thought it was pole dancing… oh, wait… that must have been another site… :/

          • Canuovea

            Maggot, I suppose I shouldn’t bother then?

            If I do decide to make a list it will be up to Jamie to choose if or when it should be posted.

            Secondly, I detest the nature of such pointless yelling and screaming. If I do anything in regards to the USA it would be an attempt to motivate critical thinking on a subject. I figure if it can be done on the Internet then perhaps there is hope for humanity after all.

  • Juan Camacho

    Remember the ‘Operation Jaque’ made by the Colombian Army. 3 US citizens, Ingrid Betancourt and 12 hostages was recued by the FARC

  • I love this site. Another great site for weird facts, humor and conspiracy theroies/paranomral/UFO info is

  • p1t1o

    Was just reading about Entebbe, #3, badass!

  • Woyzeck

    Say what you like about giving someone LSD for two straight months, that person would have one fluidy spine.

  • R.S.

    You forgot Operation Ajax – The U.S. and British 1953 coup of the democratic leader of Iran causing the Iranian revolution and current state of tension between Iran and the West. Congratulations, U.S. and Britain! You brought it upon yourselves lolol

  • jum1801

    “Operation Payback”? Why would you include something so clearly anomalous to your own classification, and ruin what otherwise was a fairly serious list? Is it an adolescent fantasy about the web geeks becoming the cool Vendetta dudes who brought the eeeevil corporate giants to their, uh, to their knees? OK, not really their knees, since it didn’t really stop anything and was not much more than a frat-boy prank, so it brought them to their, uh… I got it! It gave them a wedgie! That’s it! That’ll show those corporate assholes not to mess with the cool V for Vendetta dudes!! Anarchy is waaaay cool!

    How utterly childish.

    • This guy

      This 1000

    • Woyzeck

      This, ladies and gentlemen, is someone who is upset about something which doesn’t actually exist. Please, dude, do some fucking research. DDoS are not 4chan, Chanology, V for Vendetta games. Nor does Anonymous refer to the people to whom you refer. Of course, it must be difficult when you see someone else connecting the two not to be able to figure it out yourself; regardless, if I was you I’d unbunch my panties long enough to do so.

      • p1t1o

        Are you saying that ananymous *aren’t* web geeks in vendetta masks?

        Because research or no, that is what they are percieved as.

        (Also: “do some research” ranks among some of the most obnoxious things one can say in a post IMHO)

        • Woyzeck

          It may be obnoxious, but it’s a legitimate request. Your ‘perception’ of the people behind Operation Payback and similar attacks is ignorant, and ignorance is something Woyzeck can’t abide.

    • sqorpo

      There is over 9000 reasons why you don’t get it

  • This guy

    So Anonymous trumps the Israeli reaction to Munich…sounds about right.

    And a failed attempt for the win…

    I still will frequent this site, but dammit when some ignorant shit like this comes up, it makes me wonder.

    But I’ll still be back. Just not a well-thought out list.

  • Ethan Jacoby

    yep entebbee was audacious , I think the shin bet do better work than the mossad, mossad is a workhorse while shin bet is a fine stallion ready to gallop down the evilist of nations. Iran ya hear the hooves . ……

  • frostlover


  • Operation Valkyrie figured in an episode of Red Dwarf. I didn’t know it was in a Tom Cruise movie because, well, it’s a Tom Cruise movie. I nominate him for a test subject in Operation MKULTRA.

  • Canadianguy

    What the list doesn’t mentions is that Project MKULTRA often illegally experimented on its subjects (it rarely sought consent). It resulted in many deaths. Some of it’s subjects, Americans but also Canadian, were psychiatric patients (and in those days, people, particularly young women, would end up being hospitalized for no other reason than the fact that their families disapproved of the way they chose to lead their lives…in other words, the only thing they suffered from was domineering parents).

  • Name

    The wikileaks geeks won over the bay of pigs? yeesh.


    Here ‘s what’s really going on RIGHT NOW don’t take my word for it take Mr .Mark Klein word

    Wake up People

  • Anna

    Wow, there, are a lot, of unnecessary, commas, in this list.

  • Jester of the Apocalypse

    How about the Tet offensive, particularly the commandos that took the US Embassy in Saigon?

  • Freddie

    Good relevant list.
    OBL should’ve been captured, tried and then executed if found guilty. Same as Saddam. They shot an old sick unarmed man. Love the way Americans can disregard their own values and laws when its convenient.

  • yishai4121

    I don’t think the SEAL Team raid quite lived up to the list. I can name several other operations that were total badas*ery where soldiers gave their lives and won victory by a hairs’ thread.

  • billydouglas

    Operation Neptune Spear/Geronimo could have been simpler and was bungled nontheless so I don’t think it should have been at #2. There are much more sophisticated covert missions being carried out right now by a number of groups but you don’t know about them and I cant tell you about them as it would mean certain death for both of us. 8(

  • ‘Operation Northwoods’ Anyone? Also: Operation(s) ‘Imalgo Virgo’ ‘Jackal Cave’ and ‘Tripod’ are Noteworthy as well … BTW: Usama Bin Laden, (aka; Tim Osman) Died in December, 2001. Take Care & May God Bless/Help US All …

  • Cristopher Muenchow

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