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10 More Great British Comedy Series

opticalmess . . . Comments

Seeing as the first list caused a stir regarding people’s favorites, and ones I admittedly overlooked. This list will be mainly based upon what people have said are “Glaring Omissions” and some more favorites I completely forgot about, until reading through some comments. For these reasons alone, here are another ten British comedy series.


Absolutely Fabulous

A show I did not really enjoy during its run on the BBC, but have now come to somewhat respect. The show follows Eddy and Patsy who are rude, vulgar and immature. Eddy also has a daughter, Saffron, who appears to be the most mature out of the three. One moment that I found hilarious was when Eddy and Patsy were driving to the supermarket, and cut off a woman. The woman, clearly irritated, pips her horn, hilarity ensues when the pair exit their car and start abusing the poor woman. The show has gathered quite a following, and is now a great example of British humor.



Extras is a television series following the life of Andy Millman and his desire to become an actor. The closest he has come to achieving his dream is becoming a film extra. The show not only boasts a roster of celebrities including; Ben Stiller, Ross Kemp, Robert De Niro, Kate Winslet and Samuel L. Jackson, but my favorite guest star is Les Dennis, who has a revelation about his life during a pantomime version of Aladdin, which he starred in alongside Andy. I recommend this program to those who have seen The Office and thoroughly enjoy it, and for those who didn’t like The Office you will probably still enjoy this fantastic piece of comedy, the guest stars always make the show and never hold back on the laughs.



I am quite ashamed at myself for not even considering Porridge for my first list. It completely slipped my mind until someone posted in the comments about it. Porridge tells the story of Norman Stanley Fletcher, a “Habitual Criminal” who is sent to the prison HMP Slade. Ronnie Barker, who plays Norman Stanley Fletcher, is superb in his portrayal, this raises no questions, but I think Richard Beckinsale’s portrayal of Lennie Godber is brilliant. My favorite scene has to be the missing pineapple chunks, it cracks me up every time.



Spaced Bbc Tv Show Image Simon Pegg And Cast

Simon Pegg has an act for writing genuine comedy. Not as funny as the film he wrote, Shaun of the dead, but still a very funny situation comedy. Tim Bisley and Daisy Steiner are two very different people with aspiring dreams. Tim’s dream is to become a comic book artist and Daisy’s is to become a writer. The two agree terms to rent a flat together pretending to be a couple. Only two series of the show were made which is bitterly disappointing, there is so much unique comedy in these two series, though. An absolutely outstanding moment for me is when Tim (After playing Resident Evil for too long) sees the whole world as a zombie apocalypse. This scene inspired Shaun of the dead.


Black Books

Black Books

Black Books is a book store in London run by Bernard Black; a pessimistic, drunken, chain smoker who doesn’t have a heart, just a piece of flint. Manny is his slow, yet kind hearted assistant in the book shop. Often being bullied mercilessly by Bernard. The show was praised for its situation comedy and has won two BAFTAs for best situation comedy. The stand out episode for me is when Manny leaves Bernard, to work in Goliath Books. Simon Pegg has me in stitches as his portrayal of an uptight boss, especially when he puts the cigarette out on his hand. Possibly the funniest line in British comedy is when Bernard states “I feel like I’ve been beaten up underwater”


Steptoe and Son

I use to watch Steptoe with my dad on Gold every night, but I haven’t seen it for some time now, which I know is a shame. Steptoe is a vile, disgusting, cold hearted man. His son, Harold, wants to leave his father and move up in the world of business, instead of selling junk (Or antiques) My favorite episode, and one that has really stuck with me, is “The Bath” in which Steptoe decides to have a bath, doesn’t sound like much but it’s bloody funny.


League of Gentlemen

An absolutely bizarre program, but albeit one of the funniest. Jeremy Dyson, Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith are, in my opinion, much like the lads behind Monty Python, the ability to complete throw the viewer off guard, and the variety of characters. The first time I saw Mr. Chinnery, not only was I completely shocked that he blew a turtle apart, I was in hysterics when asking the elderly lady “Was he very old?” My favorite character has to be Papa Lazarou though, to think this creature was based on a real person is not only frightening but brilliant, even though he only appeared in two episodes, a Christmas special and a film, he was brilliant and worthy of being on any comedy list.



Technically a panel show, but it is so ingenious it deserves its place on this list, and this position. Stephen Fry hosts this delightfully witty panel show, with Alan Davis as the permanent contestant, along with three guest contestants. I adore this program, and try to watch it every night, not only because it is very funny but it’s nice to learn something unexpected. My favorite episode has to be “Death” It can be found on the internet quite easily.
Also, contrary to what people think, Stephen Fry’s knowledge isn’t just what is on the cards.


Father Ted


Following three priests who live in a parish on Craggy Island; Father Ted, Father Dougal and Father Jack, and their housekeeper Mrs. Doyle. The show is now a cult classic and two islands have even had a game of football to decide who can be the rightful owner to the name of Craggy Island. My favorite episode is “Entertaining Father Stone” the painting of Father Ted is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. A close second would have to “A song for Europe” which if you’ve seen, you’ll know Father Ted and Father Dougal’s writing sessions are magic to watch.


I’m Alan Partridge

I’m a newcomer to this show and only started watching it after it was mentioned on the first list, what have I been missing? I’m already addicted to the loathsome, yet lovable radio presenter. Picking an episode as a favorite is extremely difficult, seeing as each episode has segments of genius, so I think I’ll end this list in the great words of Alan himself. “Back of the net”

  • Mythomaniac

    Na ill stick with criminal minds and greys anatomy

    • guest

      This is because you have no sense of humor. How very very sad.

      • NiMur90

        I think he was joking….scratch that, I hope he was joking

  • Schnorb

    a good list but i can’t believe you missed out “Fawlty Towers” which for me is the best british comedy off all time, and what about “The Young Ones” ?

    • jhhwild

      What about “Are You Being Served?” I remember watching that show and finding it hilarious when I was younger and it wasn’t on either list.

    • jhhwild

      I did not mean to post my previous comment as a reply.

      • To point out the obvious

        Fawlty towers is on the previous list – but what about Dad’s Army?

        • rio de janitor

          +another cambridge circus piece – the goodies. ‘Gender Education’ just cracks me up.

  • Bianca

    Two lists and still no mention of “The Young Ones” That show was soooo funny. Their duet with Cliff Richard (Living Doll) is hilarious

  • josh

    you should do a list of funniest shows from around the world so u could include Flight of the Conchords and the Australasia Wilfred

  • Bianca

    Little Britain should be one there aswell. Those guys are brilliant
    “Computer says no” :p

    • Jaimee

      Anybody? No? Dust.

  • Repsca

    Father Ted was Irish not British – Bit of a difference

    • Glenn

      Common mistake, Father Ted was made by Hat Trick productions for Channel 4. It’s a British show. Too many great episodes to list, but the writing session for a song for Europe as the lister pointed out is classic.”Just play the f***ing note.”

      R.I.P Dermot Morgan

      • LNR

        But it was written by Graham Lineham and Arthur Matthews who are both Irish. And Black Books was written by Dylan Moran and Graham Lineham both of whom are Irish too, it’s like saying if the Beatles had an Irish producer that makes them an Irish band, give us some credit!

        • Glenn

          He also wrote the IT crowd, does that make it Irish I wonder?

          • LNR

            Linehan* sorry. Well I understand where you’re coming from, and yes, the production was British, but concept and script are Irish so doesn’t that make it Irish at all?

          • Glenn

            I’m Irish myself and I know where you are coming from, makes you think in a new light, I.e does location, production, actors, writers etc althogether make a show British or another Nationality. Hmmm this is worth some thought :)

          • LNR

            I suppose by definition they are collaborative pieces of work, but I still do think that it would be untrue to say they are British series’ considering the foundation and idea of the shows along with the scripting is Irish, but maybe that’s just my pride getting in the way hah! It would probably be altogether just as untrue to state that they are Irish series’… maybe… hah

      • MrDeadly

        Irish actors, mostly Irish writers. Everything about Father Ted is Irish except for the producers, not complaining it is on the list though, because it is the funniest sit-com ever made.

  • Bill Carson

    I’m glad you put Extras and Spaced on said list

  • br0ck


    • ParusMajor

      Yes, you are.

      • Conor

        I concur

    • afwfaf

      You might find suicide interesting.

  • Bobert

    I love Absolutely Fabulous and Black Books. I also love the Vicar of Dibley… was that on the other list?

  • So many memories…. Fletch in Porridge while reading a loving letter from Warren’s wife to Warren (who was illiterate & didn’t understand what they wife was trying to say). “Well to put it another way – which you obviously did”. Father Ted’s housekeeper “Father, if you’d ever woken up with your husband standing over you with his ‘lad’ in his hand wanting you to degrade yourself, well you’d know the meaning of hell”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – British humour, when it hits its’ mark is the best in the world. Thanks for the enjoyable list.

  • Darthnixa

    More medieval lists please

  • loapaja

    Vicar of Dibley is excellent!

    Also brilliant is ‘Teachers’ and ‘My Family’.

  • eddiehitler

    bottom deserves a mention

    • venusbloo

      Edward Elizabeth Hitler-any relation?
      Bottom is the best of the modern British comedy shows-just fantastic. Filthy, Rich and Catflap was superb too, both far superior to The Young Ones.
      Porridge, Dads Army, Are You Being Served?, Steptoe and Son, Rising Damp and Only Fools and Horses imo are the best of the vintage shows.
      Black Adder, Little Britain and Red Dwarf are great too.

  • CiwiSka


    • venusbloo

      Father Ted was made by Hat Trick Productions-a British company.

      • TheDankMan

        All Irish actors, Irish writers, director, Irish setting, basically Irish everything. Being produced by a British company does not make it British.

  • Arsnl

    How can you write 2 lists in a row and not mention Are You Being Served? I think i hate you.With a deep, red, burning passion that could light a thousands skies.

    Also im not a big fan of it. But i dont get how you could miss The Benny Hill Show.

    • cambered

      Wholeheartedly, unstintingly and unswervingly concur with your call on Are You Being Served?

      + The Young Ones

      + George and Mildred

      + Dad’s Army

      + Some Mother Do ‘Ave ‘Em

  • Dagatal

    I just really, really don’t get British humor. Only one of those clips made me laugh and the other three/four just didn’t do it for me. I think one of them wasn’t that funny because it’s not only dealing with british humor, but it’s also dealing with british humor from the 70s.

    Otherwise, good list.

    • Yeah, British humour tends to be a hell of a lot more funny than American!

      This is coming from a New Zealander by the way.

      • fendabenda


        This is coming from a Swede living in Finland. “Swede” as in “from Sweden”, not that I’m a vegetable. Athough I’ve been called that as well. :(

        • ParusMajor

          Are you certain that you’re not a vegetable? You surely look like it…

          • fendabenda

            FU and your mother! :-D

  • sirGingerBeard

    …i’m British and haven’t even seen some of these. Surprised you still haven’t listed Bottom and Young Ones. Also, Lee Nelson’s well good show is, actually well good.

    OMG, the one staring me right in the face- the Ali G Show. How could you have missed this pinnacle of comedy?

    • Arsnl

      YES. The Ali G show. 2 years ago that show got me through one of the most boring summers of my life. Damn. Completely forgot about it.

    • Glen Gray

      Ali G… The pinnacle of comedy… You must be one of those teenagers I’ve been hearing so much about

  • blackadder is the best!

    How could you forget blackadder!?!?!?!?
    that beats im alan partridge by a long shot!

    • Arsnl

      Here’s a wacky idea. Why dont you read the intro. And click on those green letters. See what you get? Its a crazy thought i know. Only for the most extreme of us. The ones who like to push the limits. But try it man. See what you get. ;)

  • Will Trame

    Again, Benny Hill’s show rates as a glaring notable omission. I used to enjoy his program back during the late 70s/early 80s as it provided a much needed relief from the eleven o’clock news. Still, not a bad list.

    You ought to do a list about notable British dramas. “The Prisoner” stands out in this category as it was that rare program that made the audience think about life and contemporary existence. BTW, it’s my all time favorite show

  • Ros

    First series if I’m Alan partridge is sublime, however the second is so unfunny as to be embarrassing. Father Ted is my all time favourite comedy show

    • cashbak

      I think the 2nd series has a few mis-steps, but at it’s best is even funnier than series 1

      • Agreed. The second series disappointed on first viewing, but proved its worth with subsequent views. A very funny series.

  • antonlavey

    God, the devil. and bob. It was brilliant and funny while it lasted.

  • What the hell?

    Peep Show?

    • Chuck

      Same here. Mitchell and Webb deserve some nod for that show. Hilarious!

  • Chineapplepunk

    Porridge deserved a way higher spot than Alan Partridge. The only thing Steve coogan has done to leave a lasting impression on my mind is ‘do’ Courtney Love…

  • ellen

    fr ted is irish not britrish

    • NedNoodle

      I don’t think the lister was confusing Ireland with Britain. The show is actually British. Rte turned their nose up at it so Hat Trick Productions produced the show for channel 4 which unfortunetly makes it British. Sorry!

  • Nate

    Spaced, Black Books and QI are all amazing.

  • Evan

    Good list besides number 2…Father Ted is IRISH.

  • tihsparc

    Haven’t seen any of these but i would love to! The first list was awesome too.


  • Ness2k

    WOW… A other bad list!!! Can you guys stop doing the same list over and over. Thank you!

    • guest

      It’s probably for the same reason that you can’t stop being a twit.

      • Ness2k

        Your callling me a twit? Your the one who watch this crap for TV. You can’t not tell me this is funny! You should try to get a gf or a bf if you can stop watching bad tv… Bitch!

    • Write an interesting list yourself! Or suggest one!

      • Ness2k

        Okay! How about this one. dumbass people who put Js in front of there bad names. Do you think that’s cool? Really? God damn…

        • afwfaf

          Why don’t you quit masturbating into your own mouth and get an education. Have you ever been published anywhere but a comment section of someone else’s work? No? These people get paid to write. U just troll meaning into your life.

  • Christel

    At least you got QI right, what about Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, you’ve forgotten all the classics this is a seriously disappointing list

    • opticalmess

      Maybe you should read the first list?

    • cambered

      In the introduction preamble is a link to the first list of Brit comedy, hence the title of this list including the operative word, “more”.

      Click on this link and you will change your tune… except for Red Dwarf, which hasn’t made either list, nor has the seminal The Young Ones.

  • cambered

    Aww man, I simply can not believe that after 20 great British comedy series, The Young Ones still has not cracked a mention. Unbelievable.

    That said, very pleased to see The League Of Gentlemen up there. Comic genius, and although Papa Lazarou is chaotic brilliance personified, nothing could ever touch Edward & Tubbs (“this is a local store, for local people”)… nor my favourite, the immaculate Pauline and her pens… “Good morning job seekers!”


  • ciremelf

    Still No Benny Hill? Benny was my first taste of British comedy as a child, even before i had discovered Monty Python. the shame….

  • ash

    What about Men Behaving Badly?

  • oouchan

    Love Ab Fab and Father Ted! Glad those were included. I did not like the American version of Ab Fab. It wasn’t funny at all.

    Good list!

    • Bobert

      I didn’t know there was an American version of Ab Fab.

      • Le tel

        Yeah, it didn’t work because they remooved the booze, drugs, ciggies, bad language etc to make it politically correct….basically, humourless, like most Yank dribble.

  • Scientist #2

    Where’s The Office???

    • cambered

      Well, seeing as you asked, it is #1 on the previous list… the very same list that is linked in the introduction; the very same list without the word “more” in it’s title.

  • Jackie


    • sture


  • James

    Best show missed out from this list too. Red Dwarf.

    • cambered

      Smeg heads.

  • qarstala

    No Red Dwarf once again?

    Red Dwarf is what made me fall in love with British humor.

    • I know! I’m very sad that Red Dwarf is STILL not on the list.

      One of my favorite shows.

      • Red Dwarf series II – VI was brilliant. Is it true that Bill Clinton was a fan?

  • Johan

    I loved watching “Father Ted”. A shame Mr.Morgan died.
    There’s another show similar to “Father Ted”, I don’t remember the name of it, it’s a female priest, also British, not nearly as funny though…

    • Karina

      That’s probably The Vicar of Dibley you’re thinking of, with Dawn French playing a Church of England vicar. Great show :-)

  • Daithí

    Father Ted is half Irish, with the exteriors being shot in Ireland and it broadcasted on RTÉ at the same time as Channel 4.

  • schmool

    “do you know what he was doing before when you weren’t here and couldn’t possibly have seen it? he was, he was sucking on his pants….and laughing!”….. that’s a lie isn’t it

  • Darren

    Some id expect to see.
    The Day Today
    The Thick of It
    Big Train

    • Yossarian

      Your suggestions are indicative of impeccably good taste, good sir!

      • Indeed. The first three choices especially. Brass Eye is one of the most painful things to watch – in terms of laughs generated and embarrassment experienced.

  • Alex

    Peep show!

  • Momotsuki

    Still waiting for a mention of The Mighty Boosh :)

    • joe13

      Ok, I’ll mention it. The adventures of Howard Moon and Vince Noir are even greater for me because evidently The Mighty Boosh is some kind of secret.

    • Melissa

      Yep, Mighty Boosh is definitely one of my favorite BBC shows!!!

  • SwampRob

    I have to admit, I’ve not heard of most of these shows. Except for AbFab, none of them are available on television where I live in Canada. I’m looking forward to checking them out.

    I will say, though, that I have recently discovered QI through the internet and I think it’s brilliant. I heartily recommend it.

  • kong

    What about Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister?

    • Ilana


      Thank you! I keep reading the comments and no one has mentioned them, LOVE those shows!

  • JCforPresident

    Although not technically a comedy, Top Gear is way funnier then all these shows!

    • SirDigbyChickenCaeser

      totally agree! Top Gear is hilarious…and it has cars!! btw the list is also missing Coupling, and That Mitchell and Webb Look

  • jOSH


    • Lindianer

      Say what?!

  • fendabenda

    Great list, I love British comedy. But you missed “Bottom” and “Keeping Up Appearances”! :D

  • Emily

    I’m stoked you got Spaced and Ab Fab on this list.

  • MBoughton

    Bottom, The Mighty Boosh, Coupling, The IT Crowd, The Inbetweeners, The Young Ones, Peep Show, Men Behaving Badly, just a few of the shows missed in this list.

    • abielectric

      There’s a previous one with some of them on it.

  • Plod

    Mrs. Browns Boys dont no if it is Irish Or British but it is hilarious!!!!

  • khadija

    How about IT Crowd its a really funny show

  • Shmoopy

    what about the it crowd? computer geeks, c’mon!

  • major harris

    no black adder? how did you miss this gem of of a show. rowan atkinson at his funniest. better than mr. bean, which is also not on this list as well.

  • therush

    Where is Saxondale?

  • abielectric

    Seriously do people not even read the titles anymore? 10 MORE comedy’s so stop putting suggestions that have already been listed.

    • Maggot

      Ahh yes, such is the scourge of EVERY follow-up list: the ensuing Parade of Idiots.

      • fendabenda

        “The Ensuing Parade of Idiots” will be the name of my next band… thank you, Maggot! :-D

  • Matt C

    Porridge: the young lad (Lenny Godper) in the scene is played by Richard Beckinsale.
    He was the father of Kate Beckinsale, and he died of a heart attack at the age of 32.

    Porridge is a great series, full of wonderful one-liners.
    Watch as much as you can on Youtube.

  • Bec

    Still no “The Young Ones”?:( Or “Filthy Rich and Catflap”? “Bottom”? I think “That Mitchell and Webb Look” is awesome too.

  • elleoh

    Enter your comment here.

  • elleoh

    I’m not british so I don’t really know how popular it was, but I used to randomly watch the show Smack the Pony. Was anyone else into that show

    • fendabenda

      I watched it now and then on SVT (Swedish Television). It was funny occasionally, but not my favourite. Not bad, though. :)

  • Lifeschool

    Above average list – some excellent choices, some not.

    My top 10 notable mentions:

    Open all hours

    Till death us do part


    Red Dwarf

    It ain’t half hot mum

    The Kenny Everett show

    Spitting Image

    Drop the dead donkey

    Phoenix Nights

    One foot in the grave

  • Hater

    Worst written list ever. No one cares what your favorite episodes are. “One moment that I found hilarious was when Eddy and Patsy were driving to the supermarket, and cut off a woman.” Really? Doesn’t anyone filter these things?

    • NedNoodle

      The comments posted here might suggest otherwise!

  • austin

    Where’s the IT crowd?

  • Angus

    What about “Shameless”? Eight seasons on Channel 4, a couple of BAFTA awards. Showtime in the States has picked up the thread for an American version starring William Macy. Brilliant stuff!

    • le tel

      Oh dear, an American rip off of a classic brit comedy, I’ll be interested to see how it goes, total political correctness, no drugs, no drinking, no bad language erm, this is not going to be good!

      • bigski

        its definitely not p.c….and its one of my favorite shows.very funny !

  • timefillmyeyes

    QI! I love trivia and that show feeds my addiction. :)

  • Confused

    What do you mean by saying Papa Lazarous only appeared in 2 episodes?

  • Pedro

    I’m sure papa lazaru is in more than two episodes. “You’re my wife now!”.

    I feel you should have broken this topic into eras, easier to justify decisions.

    Mighty Boosh should be included.

  • Archie

    Where is ‘Green Wing’ or ‘Campus’??

  • Rui

    And THE OFFICE? Omg.

  • Eve Spillane

    Father Ted is not British :O It’s Irish :D

  • Kavya

    Good list but I thoroughly thoroughly recommend the reader watches some “The Thick of It” by Ianucci – the same writer of I’m Alan Patridge. Political satire at its best.

  • Kayla


  • tv

    I love keeping up Appearances and Are you being served. It is shown here in America on weekdays on PBS.

  • cashbak

    @ elleoh, it was okay…sally phillips who played sophie in series 1 of Alan Partridge was in it

  • cashbak

    by the way – after alan partridge my 2nd favourite british comedy ever is Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace… it’s a work of genius

  • Noah

    Bet he was inspired by Logo recently picking up Ab Fab. Happy to see it on air again!!! And a fantastic list.

  • Patricia

    Blackadder!!?????!!!!????!!????!!!???? Red Dwarf???!!!!???

    • Patricia

      ok Blackadder is on the other list, but no Red Dwarf??!!

  • Guest

    “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister” should have made one of these lists.

    • fendabenda

      The humour in those shows is probably way too high-brow for the American readers of Listverse… :)

      • Xordanemoce

        I find that offensive, being from Southern California. You are giving Americans too little credit. I love British comedy! As do most of my friends. I think you may be referring to the south, lol!

  • Eicg

    Father Ted is IRISH! Not British!

  • Pöpö

    Oh dear, Black Books? I’ve just watched it on dvd and it’s horrible. Bad acting and not funny. Blah. Tamsin Greig is quite alright though, but she’s better in Green Wing.

    I love Absolutely Fabulous and Spaced!

  • Huntan Peck

    “Simon Pegg has an act for writing genuine comedy.”
    Don’t you mean “”Simon Pegg has a KNACK for writing genuine comedy.”? The word is knack, as in “a special skill, talent, or aptitude.” If that is what you mean, then I certainly agree. I’m not generally a grammar Nazi, but I find that kind of sloppy writing very irksome.

  • soreheid

    notable ommisions for me
    the boosh
    the thick of it
    chewing the fat
    the new statesman
    brass eye
    crapston villas

  • ComedyNerd

    Spaced was written by Simon Pegg AND Jessica Stevenson (now Hynes).

  • Gerry O’Connor

    Why did you include Fr. Ted in a list of great British Classics? This is an Irish series, written by Irishmen, starring Irish actors and filmed in Ireland. This reminds me of a newspaper article from Chicago which stated that “Dublin was a typical British city.” It never ceases to amaze me that people still fail to recognise that the Rep. of Ireland is a state recognised in it’s own right.

    • NedNoodle

      I don’t think the lister was confusing Ireland with Britain. The show is actually English. Rte turned their nose up at it so Hat Trick Productions produced the show for channel 4 which unfortunetly makes it English. Sorry!

  • Annekazam

    Green Wing!!! And if we’re chucking in panel shows, Mock The Week.

  • Ryan

    I love Bottom and Facejacker.
    Rik Mayall is a light entertainment firestorm who revolutionized the decrepit tv in the Thatcher era.

  • Before I read the list, I was hoping to see EXTRAS. And you know, the David Bowie clip is probably the best choice. I still know the lyrics and the tune, years later. Thanks also for the reminder of BLACK BOOKS.

  • jess

    i love this list :) I am constantly telling people to watch black books, spaced, absolutely fabulous, Qi, father ted and extras and I am so very happy that league of gentlemen is up in this list it is one of the strangest yet funniest and warped shows I have ever seen.

    If you like any of those you will get a kick out of psychoville it’s from the guys that did league of gentlemen plus it has dawn french from vicar of dibley staring in it, this show is brilliant.

    Also peep show is another one to have a look at as well.

  • byron_k7

    The Mighty Voosh, anyone? I love that show…

  • nadine


    • opticalmess

      Father Ted was produced by Hat Trick productions, which is British.

  • James___UK

    I would have replaced #3 with Never Mind the Buzzcocks or Have I Got News for you, but it’s a good show still.

    Also, glad to see some favourites up here, and also a couple of my dads favourites too

  • Father Ted was not British, it was Irish! And have you not seen ‘A Christmassy Ted’? Best episode ever!

  • DobbyJunior

    Two list of comedy shows and not even a whisper of RED DWARF?! Which just happens to be the best comedy to come out a Britain EVER! In my opinion at least! :(

  • DobbyJunior

    Where’s RED DWARF?! :(

  • Dave Gerard

    why was Norman Stanley Fletcher in Porridge went to Jail for it was

    mentioned actually did?

    • Xordanemoce

      Say what?

  • meagan

    Allo Allo??? only my favorite show ever!!!

    • fendabenda

      Good moaning! Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once: I loved that show as well! Lieutenant Gruber etc haha… :)

  • whereisricky

    why is the ricky gervais show not on here

  • Xordanemoce

    Oh, Absolutely Fabulous is my favorite. In our hay-day my friend was Eddie and I was Pats. Great list! I know there are many more hilarious shows that belong on the list. I’m sure it was hard just picking 10.

  • Christine

    You made me so happy to see Black Books on your list! I’m not usually a fan of British comedy, but I absolutely love that show. It is currently available on both Hulu and Netflix.

  • Rick

    Great list! Don’t forget others like Red Dwarf, Waiting for God, Monty Python, Acorn Antiques, The old guys, the IT Crowd, Ripping Yarns, Rising Damp, Butterflies, One Foot in the Grave, Dinnerladies, Open all Hours, Some Mothers Do ‘ave ’em, Dear John…so many more. Great to watch on youtube!!

  • EatatJoes

    I have been a fan of Steve Coogan ever since I watched Alan Partridge for the first time. I don’t even remember why I saw it. But that series and then his follow up, Saxondale, are two of the funniest shows ever broadcast.

  • honkster7

    Where is tv’s original racist Alf Garnett in , Till Death Us Do Part , the yanks even
    copied it ; All In The Family . It’s politically incorrect but deserves a mention .

    The Young Ones , Bottom , Red Dwarf , Some Mothers Do Have Em ,
    Yes Minister , Yes Prime Minister , Drop The Dead Donkey , One Foot In The
    Grave , Keeping Up Appearances , Only Fools And Horses , Shameless , The New Statesman .

  • Blair Ivey


  • Max

    Father Ted.

    • our jo

      *like* I wish we still had thumbs-up here :(

  • Eevee

    I love most of these, but WHERE IS GREEN WING?!?!

  • Conor

    The father ted and Black books thing is a difficult one. They are both written by irish writers, for father ted the writers pitched the idea and script and hatrick Picked it up and produced it – I think the uk and ireland are so close it can be difficult to distinguish and claim what is what – is the mini a british car if produced by a german company, is guinness irish when its produced by diagio a global company. Is father ted an irish show when its written by, written about, starring and filimed in ireland by irish, would an irish company have produced it had hatrick not? who knows?
    It kind of reminds me of when Seamus Heany was asked to be British poet Laureat, he turned it down with a poem to Queen Elizebeth II :

    “Be advised my passport’s green.
    No glass of ours was ever raised
    to toast the Queen.”

  • Name

    Na ill stick with criminal minds and greys anatomy.

    Add in desperate housewives or sex in the city and you got yourself mind numbing, braindead trinity.

  • yo85

    Im Irish and I will happily say that Father Ted and Black books are british because they were produced by british production team, and broadcast on Channel 4.

    Irish TV is absolutely terrible and would not have given graham linehan and arthur mattherws a second glance. The humour is very very Irish especially in Fr. Ted but as an Irish man I thank the british institutions that gave us those shows. RTE is an absolute joke.

  • Spengler

    The IT crowd is one of the best comedies I have ever seen. It’s much, much better than Black Books that, past season 1, drags hearthless into boredom.
    The IT crowd goes the opposite: each season is better than the previous!

  • Rick

    It is amazing to see how many copied American sitcoms there are after watching some of these old shows. Friends seems to be a spin off of Coupling. Steptoe and Son = Sanford and Son. There was even an American version of Red Dwarf that was awful! Something about being about to watch these older Brittish shows over and over really says how good they really are.

  • Sun

    I love British sitcoms! I feel so blessed that we have BBC entertainment in Denmark :D I grew up with “Keeping up appearances” and “Fawlty Towers” and even though it’s not a comedy series “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” never fails to make me laugh!

    • Our Jo

      Whos Line Is It Anyway was sometimes very funny! How on earth people can be so random without a script is beyond me :D

  • More greetings from Great Britain, chums. I repeat my recommendations from the first list for Brit comedy fans to try – Dinnerladies & Phoenix Nights. Also, if you like League of Gentleman do try Psychoville by some of the same peeps.

    Btw no-one here thinks Stephen Fry just reads from cards, he’s renowned for his intelligence. Out of interest you might like to know he became famous in the show ‘A little bit of Fry & Laurie’ with his friend from University Hugh Laurie (House).

    I second the recommendation to try Shameless. Guilty pleasure..

    • fendabenda

      Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie were also together in the serial “Jeeves and Wooster”, which was based on the classic comic novels by P.G.Wodehouse. Hugh Laurie played an upper-class rich dude Bertie Wooster who wasn’t really very bright, Stephen Fry was his man-servant Jeeves who always got him out of trouble. Very funny show. :)

  • drunkendavetheworst

    What about brasseye and the day today? Or were they on the other list?

  • Plod

    Also their is apparently a British version of Family Guy airing soon!

  • Plod

    Also how come no-ones mentioned RUSSELL HOWARDS GOOD NEWS!!!!!

  • Our Jo

    I bought the Steptoe and Son DVD’s for my son to watch… I thought a bit of 70s humour would brighten a rainy day. He loves them! He loves hearing the odd swear and watching an old man behaving like a slack teen :D

    Im glad The Young Ones wasn’t included in your list, although it was a turning point in teenage humour back in the early 80’s, personally I don’t think it’s stood the test of time.

    Awesome list, thank you :)

  • stephen and hugh

    that’s all

  • jer-bear

    Ugh british comedy is HORRIBLE! Give me some simple fart jokes any day!

  • mircea
  • Stevecarel

    Nearly all of these are english, wtf…….

  • 67Shelby05

    What about The Mighty Boosh or The IT Crowd?

  • dwarfer

    you missed red dwarf again

  • Erin

    Green Wing is absolutely one of my favorite British television shows. It deserves a place on this list or the previous one. Otherwise, great list. I’m especially fond of Spaced and Black Books (although the latter could do without the laugh track, as that was always irritating).

  • seiken

    no peep show or pheonix nights?!?

  • smegheaded

    How difficult is it to check the last list before you go off on one about shows not on this one. The link is very clearly given at the top of the list, how people can be so lazy and stupid online is beyond me. Information is just a click away and still people manage to make idiots of themselves.

    Red Dwarf is without a doubt one of the 20 best British comedies ever. Shame on you!

  • Rachel

    I am a fan of Doc Martin– gotta love a surgeon who’s afraid of blood who has no bedside manner and doesn’t mind saying what he thinks to his patients about their lack of intelligence. And Monarch of the Glen which is actually Scottish, it follows a scotch family who run a large estate and are trying to save the land from bankruptcy.

  • Landy

    what about ‘Chewin’ the fat’

  • Vaami

    I love Absolutely Fabulous!!! I mean, enough for it to bring tears to my eyes…… I want to BE Patsy one day!!!! I AM Patsy!!!!

  • Jim

    Still no Red Dwarf?

  • OddJobb

    I think a few notable omissions are:
    1. Mind Your Language (hilarious, but not that politically correct).
    2. Benny Hill,
    3. Doctor In the House, and
    4. Yes, Minister (which was better than Yes, Prime Minister).

  • Hannah

    ‘Simon Pegg has an act for writing genuine comedy.’ I think you suffer from the same problem as I have in the past, in that you have heard a term used but have never seen it written down.

    I think what you mean is: ‘Simon Pegg has a knack for writing genuine comedy’


  • Patty O’Heater

    Extras? Bollocks! The words Gervaise and funny do not compute. Peurile crap as was The Office

  • Name

    Enter your comment here.

  • orestis

    hey where is the monty pythons and black adder?

  • Nick

    Bo selecta!
    Great skit show, and the Michael Jackson character who appeared in many skits was the main inspiration for the south park version of MJ.

  • Nick

    Bo selecta!

  • Blobby

    For fans of Alan partridge the tv series might not have heard the Alan partridge radio series which in my opinion is far funnier than anything he has done on tv. Most of it is available on YouTube for people that want to hear it.

  • blahblah

    fuck that, im british and i say green wing.

  • mdepiere

    I really am missing a whole lot:
    – Blackadder!!!
    – young ones
    – Bottom
    – Fawlty towers
    – Little Britain

  • Check out Mid morning matters on YouTube for more Alan Partridge. There are about 12 of tehm at rougly 10 minutes each. Superb. :)

  • John

    Father Ted isn’t a British Comedy Series, its an Irish one so should be taken off the list

  • saikat

    coupling was awsum too ……. frst 3 seasons though……

  • bonemarrow

    Simon Pegg isn’t in Black Books, it’s Dylan Moran.

  • Jenosaur

    Enter your comment here.

    • Jenosaur

      whoops. Simon Pegg was in the episode of Black Books that the entry refers to. He is an uptight boss of a rival bookstore, and he puts a cigarette out in his hand.

  • Imog

    Black Books is possibly my favourite thing to have ever appeared on television, I’m so pleased it got included in this list. I also love QI and Father Ted. I haven’t seen Spaced but maybe I should try it, it sounds good and has some great actors.

  • Patty O’Heater

    Extras? Anything with the godawful Gervaise in it cannot be called a comedy by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Isolde

    Yeah Mighty Boosh definitely deserves a mention on there! Along with the Peep Show, and the IT crowd.. and Monty Python!

  • Isolde

    And black Books should be top of the list! :D

  • It’s a me.

    You missed Are You Being Served? As well as Mister Bean, Black Adder, Faulty Towers, One Foot In The Grave and Keeping Up Appearances.

  • Kerry

    Where the hell is Red Dwarf. One of the most underrated yet funniest comedies the BBC ever shown? Can’t believe its not on either list!!

  • s

    Where’s red dwarf, black adder, Outnumbered?

  • Amy331

    what about the benny hill show? :<

  • sophiejane

    what about fawlty towers!

  • Eric

    I spent a semester in Ireland and I got to say I watched nearly all these shows and I got to say they are some of the best British shows. I would had made an horonable mention for panals shows ‘8 Out Of 9 Cats’ and ‘Mock The Week’.

  • kittenmommy

    What?? No “Are You Being Served?”?? What a travesty!!

  • fpletfnj


  • Fred

    You know,I’ve already heard and seen most of these, and I just don’t think they’re funny. But, to each their own. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, thank God.

  • fz


  • TessaNessa

    Gavin & Stacey? Vicar of Dibley?

  • Shane

    Father Ted is an Irish Show

  • dan

    The Mighty Boosh deserves to be somewhere on either of these lists. It’s brilliant.

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  • Gitch28

    How Not To Live Your Life & Red Dwarf are my No.1 & 2