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Top 11 Spinal Tap Moments

Anyone who has ever seen the movie Spinal Tap (which I hope is all of you) remembers fondly all those great quotes of stupidity and ignorance. You know, the ones where the speaker is trying to make a profound point but doesn’t know what he is really saying. Well, here’s a collection of the top 11, get it?

11. Airport Security


10. Love Pump


9. Bread


8. Big Bottom – Performance


7. The Album Cover


6. Rock and Roll Creation – Performance


5. Stonehenge


4. Album Reviews


3. Band History


2. Guitars


1. Black Album


Bonus: Lost Backstage


If this has whet your appetite and you want more, buy the DVD at AmazonContributor: Jason Hirschhorn

  • Dr Goodtimes: I love that quote too :)

    • Andreas

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  • eric

    “Listen…the sustain AAAAAAAA”
    “These go to eleven…”

    unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity yet to see the whole movie, but the quotes listed above are just classic.

    great list ;)

  • eric: they are – and I haven’t seen it either – I will now though :)

  • aplspud

    Ahh, such a great, great mocku-rockumentary.

  • Dr. Goodtimes

    “I am not managing it with you or any other woman, especially one who dresses like an Australian’s nightmare!”

    One of the best quotes ever.

  • NestorV

    Where was the “Getting lost backstage”?
    I though that was real funny.
    All in all, great movie.
    “These go to 11”

  • Never really had an interest in seeing it


    I still crack up on the cold sores running rampid!!


    “He turned into a green dab”

  • This is hands down the funniest movie I’ve seen in my life :) . So many memorable quotes:
    “You can’t really dust for vomit.” or “It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.”

    Great list, but I agree with NestorV, it should have the scene where they get lost backstage

  • Shane S.

    We had a Spinal Tap drinking game in college. You had to drink every time Nigel stuck out his tongue, everytime there was a cameo (Billy Crystal, Dana Carvey, etc.) and at every crotch shot. There were a few more, but it was many many beers ago!

  • Aah, I need to see this movie! Haha, then I can appreciate this list.

  • Samsung

    God I’ve been wanting to see this movie for years, this list makes me want to see it even more

  • Great film! Other commenters are right though; them getting lost backstage was actually my favorite scene in the movie (right next to the volume being 11:)

    Here is the youtube link for them getting lost backstage…


  • Daniel: Thanks – I have added it as a bonus :)

  • Samsung

    Jfrater: have you ever considered a top 10 comedy list? – you’ve got lists of horrors, sci-fi and just about every genre except comedy

  • samsung: I have – but I am terrified of the reaction because there are so many different types of humor that I think it will be the list that will offend the most :)

  • jfrater: Have you thought of eventually doing different types of comedy lists? I.E. Silly Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Gross-out Comedy, Sports Comedy, etc… That way, the people with different types of humor (me being one of them) will remain content. Besides, nothing could be more controversial than your first “Best Gangster” list :)

  • DanielS: I think that would be the safest way to go. And you are probably right about the gangster videos

  • Borg

    The movie reviews clip, specifically the shit sandwich line and the reactions from the band is probably my favorite scene in the movie. Shame on those of you have not yet seen this film! Go out and watch it right now! And then watch Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show right after.

    • How can you omit A Mighty Wind, featuring Spinal Tap unplugged, so to speak?? My husband years ago was at a guitar/folk show of some type and they (Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer) played Blood on the Tracks and a few others. Also be sure to check out Unwigged and Unplugged, which showcases some of the best Spinal Tap songs with back stories and a weird modern dance interpretation of one of their songs by Harry's wife.

      I only saw ST about 10 years ago for the first time and I instantly went back to bitch school.

  • sar

    Jamie shame on you! I can’t believe you haven’t seen the whole movie! You must. Every word is perfectly placed, and you quickly forget that the musicians are actors. Hope you see it soon. Best Wishes!

  • sar: I agree – I will definitely get a copy ASAP to watch – I do have it on my list of “to see” films from a while back – so I am close :)

  • Sean the pyro

    The musicians are actors AND musicians. They played and sang everything.

  • dgr

    Trapped in the onstage cocoon

    “I’m jealous of us”

    Jazz odyssey

  • Punjar

    The scene with the bread should be #1. Definately my favorite scene. Also, Nigels solo with the violin should be on here.

  • Slammerworm

    Good lord, when Nigel Tufnel makes that horrendous noise scraping the violin against the guitar strings, and then tunes the violin…

  • Me

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Elvis Presley grave scene. Being a musician myself, I always love the spontaneous three part harmony of “Heartbreak Hotel.” And they, of course, didn’t forget the obligatory finger in the ear to block out the other disharmonious two parts…
    One of the best movies… EVER.

  • Eoin

    Number 1 is a strange choice, never would have thought to put it there. I’d move it down 7 or 8 spots.

  • Lilith Hel

    spinal tap are ‘treading in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry’! lets not forget the deaths of the drummers’: a bizarre gardening accident left best unsolved; spontaneous human combustion, and my favorite: choking to death on someone else’s vomit!

    has anyone else noticed that a commercial has been airing that uses their song ‘gimme some money’?

  • Ha! Top 11!

  • Hood

    These lists of yours that have the videos no longer available, they are quite useless.

  • Silver

    My boyfriend is in a band and he tells me all the time that I’m am, under no circumstance, to play the tamborine for his band nor will I ever schedule shows. Hmm now I wonder where he got this from. Great movie.

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    not one single video is still functioning.

  • Norman

    This list should be removed as its just eleven, unplayable videos.

  • BKDrummer7

    #7 still works, but that’s it…

  • frederic

    I can’t believe you didn’t put ‘This goes up to eleven’ at number one…

  • rouxlas

    only 1 link work :(

  • simmonz

    I love the film but only one of the clips han’t been removed………

  • Will Trame

    I too loved the film. This was a very unique list. It reminded me of “Frank Zappa’s Five Favorite Rock Critics” that appeared in the Book of Rock Lists, which I picked up back in 1984.

  • Rhye

    my favorite part is during the end credits.
    “i think i’d work in a chappeau shop”
    “do you think you’d be happy doing that?”
    “… well what are the hours?”

  • Stevie Blimp

    only one of these clips still works

    • our jo

      yeah, what a shame it was a hilarious movie :(

  • Corwin

    How much more black could it get? And the answer is… None….

  • HomerCatMusic

    Priceless, completely priceless.

    Discover Music with Homer Cat

  • Aw such a shame, all but 1 of the clips are no longer available. Might be time to retire this list…

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