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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Batman

Joshua Knode . . . Comments

Batman is one of America’s most beloved superheroes, and comic book’s first anti-heroes. Over the years he’s been in movies, video games and television and has gone through many changes. While virtually everyone knows something about Batman, there’s a lot that many don’t know. Here’s a list of some things you probably never heard about the Caped Crusader.


Batman the gunslinger

It took a little time for Bob Kane to refine the Batman character. Nowadays, Batman not only refuses to use guns, but hates them completely. This is logical, considering a gun killed his parents, and ever since he has stalwartly refused to use firearms in his crime fighting. However, in early issues Batman was something of a costumed Sherlock Homes, doing more detective work than fighting, but still carrying a six-gun at his side on his night patrols. Bob Kane soon changed this,  saying that Batman wearing a gun didn’t “Feel Right”.


The Seduction of the Innocent


In 1954, Dr. Frederic Wertham a German-American Psychiatrist published the infamous “Seduction of the Innocent” A book that claimed comic books, with their violent imagery, were contributing to juvenile delinquency. Most of the book focused on crime and horror comics, but superhero comics were targeted in a few instances. One notorious account claimed that Batman and Robin were a depiction of a gay couple. Of course, this is ridiculous, but many think this claim is what inspired writers to make Batman (or more accurately, Bruce Wayne) a shameless womanizer to help chase off the rumor.


Hugh Hefner


If there’s anything that Hugh Hefner is passionate about, aside from lovely ladies, it’s comic books. Hefner admits that, aside from publishing, one of his early projects was cartooning. Much later in life, he still liked to throw comic-book themed parties. In 1965, at the Chicago Playboy club, the Hef decided to have a Batman themed party that celebrated the campiness of the comic. He had actors dressed as Batman and Robin at the party, using the goofy “Golly gee whiz” lines from the comic, and the old Batman movie serials were screened. Little did Hef know, Yale Udoff , an ABC executive was attending. When he saw the crowd’s positive reaction to the goofy Batman and Robin, he immediately ran to a pay phone and called ABC with an idea for a new Batman TV show. So was born the campy but lovable 1960’s Batman series.


The Real Names

Tumblr Lphdjh4Erz1R0Cjlto1 500

Everybody knows batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne. Robin is, of course, Dick Grayson. But there were other Robins, namely Jason Todd, Tim Drake and briefly, Stephanie Brown. The main villains are fairly well know: Catwoman is Selena Kyle, the Penguin’s name is Oswald Cobblepot, and The Riddler is Edward Nigma (E-Nigma . . .get it?) Two-Face’s name was Harvey Dent (that one’s obvious thanks to the recent movie), and Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred’s full name is “Alfred Pennyworth”. The name of the thug who originally murdered Batman’s parents was Joe Chill. More mysterious is the real name of The Joker, who for many years was a character without a real origin, and his real identity (if he could be said to have one) was never revealed. Only recently The Joker got an origin story, and thereby a real name: Jack Napier – named after Alan Napier who played Alfred in the Batman TV series.


Batman’s first Movie

Andy Warhol 2-746556

What was Batman’s first movie, ever? Well, casual fans will point out Tim Burton’s 1990 “Batman” but more savvy fans will no doubt point out that Adam West starred in a Batman movie in 1966 that was theatrically released. In truth, they’re both wrong. The first time Batman that was ever depicted in a movie that had any kind of release was “Batman, Dracula” in 1964, directed and produced by none other than Andy Warhol. Few people have seen it, and all prints are thought to be long gone, but what we do know is that the detective was played by longtime Warhol collaborator, Gregory Battcock, and it was completely unauthorized by DC Comics. Some surviving footage appeared in a later Warhol film “Jack Smith and the destruction of Atlantis”


The “Real” Batman

Screen Shot 2011-08-22 At 12.30.37

The story of Batman is one that’s easy to identify with. Any one of us who is angered by crime and the strong preying on the weak would love to do like good ol’ Bruce, put on a costume and clean up the streets. Oddly enough, in the town of Jackson, Michigan, one guy did exactly that. While his identity has never been revealed (like any good superhero, I suppose) “Captain Jackson” one day got fed up with street crime in his neighborhood, and decided to don a cape and cowl and patrol the streets to help out local law enforcement. While it seems a little crazy, the crime rate has dropped sharply since Captain Jackson took to the streets. He works closely with local law enforcement, and never confronts criminals directly, opting instead to report anything suspicious to the proper authorities, as well as fighting crime via a number of community service projects and awareness programs. Fight the good fight, Captain Jackson!


Where the Heck is Gotham?


Originally, Batman took place is New York city, like many comic books of the time. Later, the writers decided to have it take place in a fictional city with a fictional history, so they could give the comic its own world. A writer opened a New York phone book randomly, saw “Gotham Jewlers” and so the name was born. The location of Gotham city has always been a bit hazy, sometimes it was depicted on the East Coast, and a few times it was located in the Midwest, near Superman’s hometown of Metropolis. However, popular canon now states that Gotham is located on the East Coast, specifically in the state of New Jersey. This has never been specifically stated in the comic, but in a few cases readers have spotted “Gotham City, New Jersey” on license plates, and once on a character’s driver’s licence.


Who Drew this!?


In Tim Burton’s 1989 film “Batman” there is a scene where a savvy Gotham City reporter is being ribbed by his co-workers about his obsession with Batman, thought by most to be an urban legend. At one point he’s handed a sketch of a silly-looking anthropomorphic bat in a tuxedo, with the words “Have you seen this man?”, much to the reporter’s chagrin. Next time you watch the movie, pause for a second and check the signature, this sketch was drawn by none other than Batman creator Bob Kane. I’m sure that one would fetch a bit on E-bay.


My Life in Tights


In 1991, Batman co-star Burt Ward, who played Robin alongside Adam West’s Batman, wrote a smutty tell-all book called “Burt Ward: My life in tights.” The book has been universally panned as poorly written, poorly published and full of outrageous lies. Burt Ward depicts himself as a genius super-athlete and an infamous lady’s man, and recounts endless sexual escapades of himself and Adam West. He claims there were always women on the set of the show, ready to rip off their clothing and do the deed with the dynamic duo. He depicts himself as a world-class lover and Adam West as totally unable to satisfy a woman in numerous near-pornographic passages. Adam West later revealed he read the book and took no offense, believing that no one could possibly believe half of it, saying that “Burt probably just needed the money”. Later Burt Ward admitted he was goaded by the publishers to make the book “More Interesting” and ‘fessed up to fabricating most of it. Shame on you, Boy Wonder.


The Longest-running Batman


Over the years man big names in Hollywood have played Batman, but who’s played him the longest? That title goes to Kevin Conroy, who voiced the animated batman in Seven cartoon series, six video games and five animated movies – in total spanning 12 years. Many have named him as “The Voice of Batman” without question, and he brought some originality to the role with his unique take on the character. While in the comic it’s said Batman disguises everything about him when he dons the cape and cowl, before Conroy’s portrayal most people played Batman and Bruce Wayne as very similar. Conroy had the idea of noticeably altering the tone of his voice when he goes from crime fighter to millionaire playboy.

  • A different, but enjoyable list. I loved the Batman comics as a kid and was amazed at their ability to ad-lib when punching out the baddies.

    • I was never such a fan of the comics but was a huge fan of the old TV series which I saw in re-run as a kid. It was so tacky but so awesome :)

      • lol i was also a victim

      • listverselovesbatman

        the Joker origin story can be read in “the Killing Joke” graphic novel, and while your at it read the “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth” grapdic novel, the inspiration for the recent video games

      • What, you didn’t want to be Robin the Boy Wonder? (forget about living with some dude) What kid didn’t want that life?

    • Chet P.I.

      Belongs on IGN or Kotaku, if you ask me. Still, nice narrative and I learned something from numbers 7 and 4.

      The Dark Knight places Gotham in Chicago, however. I like that. Let Spidey have New York. ~C.

      • Joshua_the_samurai

        “The Dark Knight” still took place in Gotham, it was just very noticeably filmed in Chicago

        • Sgt. York

          Yup. That was a genius subtle joke on Nolan’s Part. Second Movie, featuring Two Face, filemd in the Second City.

        • Wow I had no idea it was filmed there – thanks for that bit of trivia :)

  • kevin Singh

    Interesting! never know about the movie in 1964

  • Seymour Butts

    Batman is my favorite comic book character and enjoy reading trivia about the character and the portrayal. I find it interesting that Batman originally used a six shooter.

    And the recent portrayal of Batman as a Sherlock Holmes character in the video games is great.

    • Ni99a

      Yo DC comics sucks. MARVEL for the win!!

      • Chet P.i.

        Extremely dismissive fanboy trolling. ~C.

    • listverselovesbatman

      batman was always a detective, its not recent, his first appeirance was in the “detective” comics #27, its only because of the stupid Warhol influenced Camp it changed, but thankfully been restored

      • Listverselovesyournickname :)

  • Roman

    Maybe I’m just a really big fan, but I knew most of this and thought it was common knowledge. That and you completely forgot the 1943 film.

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      The 1943 “movie” is actually several episodes of the movie serial edited together. I was thinking about including it but movie serials were far from feature films

      • Slappy

        I was also thnking about the early serial and, while I’m not sure they should always be considered with movies, it’s msleading to say they were “far” from feature films. Some of them equal or surpass in length the aveage feature film of the time, many of them used fairly well-known actors and many of these serials have been edited together and shown as regular movies on late-night television. I honestly don’t remember enough about any Batman serial to know if it seems even remotely eligible for that treatment, but if they can do it with Superman…S

  • Seymour Butts

    Also relating to the new movie in production, Bane, one of the movie villains, is actually very intelligent and one of Batman’s most formidable enemies, despite his portrayal in both Batman & Robin and Batman: The Animated Series. Bane actually broke Batman’s back in one story putting Bruce Wayne out of commission.

  • Swapie

    Batman is a wuss. Superman kicks his ass.

    • arkzist

      what? seriously…. batman is one of the few beings who has been able to take out supes, superman gave batman a kryptonite ring just in case

      dont get me wrong i do love supes… but there is a reason when i have to say, batman is not allowed in who would win discussions

      • selunesmom

        ‘Tower of Babel”. Batman won the award that year for best Hero and best villain. He’s got a plan to take down every member of the Justice League – including himself.

    • Jerome

      Kind of eay to kick butt when your bullet proof, shoot lasers out your eyes, oh and you can fly. Batman has wit, endurance, and gadgets. He isn’t a goody goody, and he doesn’t become worthless from a green rock.

      • Aokigahara

        Nerds… “supes” lol!

        • inconspicuousdetective

          i was thinkin the same thing…

          • Alex Miller

            I believe calling Sups “Big Blue” would be the true level of nerdhood. Which I did, so I win the internet.

            And Batman beat Big Blue’s buttocks in a fight. Bats aka The Caped Crusader, has kryptonite so he can take down Kal El.

          • Alex Miller


      • Jerome

        Not worried about being a nerd, I’ve done two tours in Iraq, married a beautiful woman, oh yeah and my kids awesome. So what exactly is it that my nerdy life is missing douche bag?

        • gav

          A secret identity, an underground lair and the status of ninja? Hell, you’ve done more by 6am than most folks have done their entire lives. We could use more geeky nerds like you.

  • Heitham

    What a ”strange” list.

    Kudos to thinking about this, the research must have been excrusiating.

    Listverse, you never seize to amaze me.

    • Kg ht

      No no ….power ranger will do…

    • Samara

      If this site is giving you seizures, then you should probably stop coming here!

  • cyphon

    You completely forgot the most recent Robin, Damian Wayne.

  • ironjade

    Batman was played in the movies by Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery in the 1940s, long before any of the others.

  • The first two entries had me thinking that this would be kind of a boring list since they seemed like pretty well-known facts, but then it really took off. I’ve always been a casual fan of the comics, but even so, I hadn’t heard of a lot of these. Very cool list, Joshua.

  • Patrick

    Lol. Just … lol.

  • kame

    batman comics is way better than superman but still fades in comparison with the japanese mangas.

    • karl

      mmmm nothing can touch the immense power and awesomeness of japanese mangas…off to read some now

  • I Have No Account

    If Gotham is in New Jersey then he should stop wasting his time with the Joker and start focusing all his efforts on ending the menace that is Snooki.

    • omg lemonade

      lol nicely done

    • I had to look that up! For those who don’t know, Snooki “is a Chilean-American reality television personality who appeared on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore starting in 2009.”

  • Will Trame

    Interesting list as there were a few tidbits that I haven’t heard of. From what I have read, Ty Hardin and Lyle Waggoner were both considered for the Batman role before Adam West landed the part. Actually, the campy TV series saved the comic book as it was on the verge of cancellation due to low sales in late 1965.

    I’ll admit I loved the 1989 movie as it definitely moved away from the style of the series and into a more of a film noir vein. However, each successive sequel was progressively worse.

    • I think Adam West will always be the true Batman as far as I am concerned. I haven’t liked any of the other ones except Christian Bale’s.

      • I saw Adam West as portrayed on Family Guy before I ever saw him in the Batman movies. I can’t take him seriously. Although at least he didn’t have nipples on his suit.

        • bigski

          he was in the t.v series not in to many movies…

          • what

            Hey you should read the list before you comment on it, seeing as how the list mentions Adam West being the first one to portray Batman in a movie. You look dumb man, real dumb

      • bigski

        i agree….and hes good on family guy too.

  • SupermanIsAPussy

    actually the reason he doesn’t have a gun is because batman was incredibly similar to a hero called the shadow, and one called the black bat, both of which came slightly before batman, and carried guns. So Batman didn’t have a gun to make him that bit more different.

  • Big Batman fan. I knew most of these, except for Ward’s hyperbole and the ‘first’ movie (I still say it’s the serial but WHATEVER).

  • Doctor Icetea

    Good List. You’re wrong about the Joker though. Jack Napier is not his real name, it’s just one of the aliases he uses. His real real name is unknown, and I doubt this’ll ever change.

    • Crumbed Jutzes

      Thank you! I was wondering about that. I always hated that the Burton Batman movie gave him a name. It’s much better not knowing who the hell he really is (it was one of the best things about The Killing Joke – that and it was fucking brutal).

    • Slappy

      In one story he used the name Joe Kerr. Anyone remember when the Joker origin was first presented? Joshua seems to think it was later on, but I think I remember an earlier version…

  • James___UK

    Very good list! I knew about 10 because I’m a little into comics, but it was very cool to read about all this other stuff I didn’t know about

  • DocHolliday

    Kevin Conroy’s tenure as Batman is actually closer to 20 years. Batman the Animated series premiered on FOX in 1992, and one of the more recent things he’s played Batman in is the upcoming game Batman: Arkham City.

    When ever I read a Batman comic, Conroy’s voice is the one I always hear

    • David


      When I watch the movies and hear Clooney or Keaton or Bale, I just cannot “hear” Batman.

  • itswinston

    I was never into Batman :/

  • oouchan

    I truly liked this list. Always was a Batman fan. Read the comics, watched the shows and cartoons. Yup…I\’m a nerd. :)

    I didn\’t know about the 1st movie. That was kinda neat to know.

    Cool list.

    • I found that item especially interesting too. What is disappointing though is that I couldn’t find a decent clip from it – just a few cutups someone made using some footage.

  • Hercules321

    Batman was just another superhero for me till Christopher Nolan made those movies. Dark Knight has got to be one of the best movies ever made, and certainly the best superhero movie ever!

    I hope the next one will be just as good.. Can’t wait!

  • Risch

    OOooooohhh… I love my Batman!! This was ‘n very nice list. Thank you.

  • poppypower

    Cool list, only really watched the movies and the the tv show so didn’t know any of these tasty titbits – cheers Josh :)

  • FlameHorse

    Wanna know how I got these scars?

    • Yes. please tell us

    • Chineapplepunk

      Yeah!! We’re never given a straight answer!!

  • Tim

    The Batman will forever be remembered as a true hero. Loved the list.

  • g3nov3s3

    A pretty boring list…

    Here are a few more interesting facts about Batman/Bruce Wayne:

    1) when he was nine he won the local Gotham Spelling Bee contest.

    2) his costume belt is made from the leather of a rare breed of ethiopian sheep.

    3) he is known among the limousine drivers from Gotham for giving lousy tips.

    4) he was involved in a prostitution scandal while he was on a bussiness trip in London

    5) he kept a secret the fact that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    6) an article from the Gotham Gazette claimed that his father was a homosexual and drug user.

    • aflamevirus


    • Enter your comment here.

    • A guy named g3nov3s3 wrote his own list thinking he could win an Ipad if Jfrater read it. lol

      • I can at least verify that yes, indeed, I did read it… Otherwise I have little else to add :)

        • g3nov3s3

          I will make another list for the contest. I didn’t add my real email at this one.

  • sev

    Wow I would like to read that book “Robin” wrote.

  • Great list! I never know batman use guns.. Batman with a machinegun is cool!

    • Slappy

      In one issue during the war, when all the comic book heroes were urging people to “Buy Bonds,” the cover shows Batman laughing while he fires a stationary machine gun.

  • acg

    Great list!

    Also, unknown fact #11: I AM BATMAN!

  • krypto092108

    Batman with a gun… Yeah, he did in the early days, on Earth 2. Still did, in many of the Earth 2 Stories in through the seventies…

    How come Ace The Bathound wasn’t mentioned?


    If he did have guns, now, think of how much easier the crime fighting would be…

    • The Claw

      Meh! I like my gunless Battie. He’s high tech, the only gun he needs is the one bewteen his legs ;)

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      Yeah, I wanted to include ace, bit krypto is much cooler

  • Interesting list..with the revival of interest in comics thanks to the recent movies, won’t be surprised to see more lists like this

  • TheSwamper

    Interesting list. I knew most of these but I’m a comic book nerd. As others have pointed out, there were Batman (and Superman) movies in the 40’s. I’m old enough to remember seeing a few of the serials in the movie theatres.

    Batman and Marvel’s Iron Man were always amongst my favorite superheroes in that they seemed slightly more believable than the others, as they had no actual powers of their own.

  • Bernard Marx

    For some reason I’ve always imagined Gotham being in the midwest, near Chicago.

    • Chet P.I.

      You’re right. The Nolan films (most obviously Dark Knight) place Gotham as Chicago. City landmarks and license plates of Illinois are prevalent. ~C.

  • Armadillotron

    Why doesn`t Batman kill the Joker?

    • dio

      one doesn’t exist without the other

  • Alex

    liked it a lot, interesting list for comic fans like me :)

  • stung4ever

    I thought a fitting note in the final entry should be that the voice of the Joker is none other than Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

  • Batman first appeared in the 1943 serial, “Batman”, and again in the 1949 serial, “Batman and Robin”. Yes, technically they aren’t feature films, but they were longer and of better quality than many feature films of the time. And they have both been released in full-length format on DVD.

  • Arnór

    I knew 7 of these. Nice list though. I would love to see the Warhol film.

    • Me too – it appears that it is not around anymore though – just a few bits of footage. A great shame really.

      • Arnor

        Yes. I tried to find it on youtube. The only thing I found were very random clips that had nothing to do with Batman. I know Warhol was weird but if that was his take on The Caped Crusader I had know idea just how weird.

  • Mimi

    My father has a hilarious Batman-related story; as a kid, he was crazy about the TV series. Dad also happened to have childhood somnambulism. One day, my grandma heard him sleepwalking and went to watch over him. She saw him run to a window, jump onto the sill (it was a large window), and shout “I AM BATMAN!!!” Needless to say, poor grandma screamed and pulled Dad off the windowsill (who woke up very confused and slightly amused).

    The sleepwalking seems to be hereditary; my mother once followed me around the house while I rambled about having to remember how to play that one “ocarina song” in order to get out of a “dungeon level”. (It seems nerd-ness is also genetic too…)

  • ColumbaHVC

    I really like this list; my first comic superhero was Spiderman but now I’m a huge fan of the caped crusader.

    This list was not only interesting but also really fun to read , possibly because comics are something I have a big interest in, thanks for writing it.

  • Enter your comment here.

  • GreenTerror

    My hometown finally made a list, Jackson, MI. Sadly, Captain Jacksons’ identity was uncovered after being busted drinking and driving.

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      Wow, that’s a hell of a downer, still the guy’s done some good! This is why batman abstains from alcohol

  • You’ve got to respect the Bat. He’s just a regular mortal with no superpowers but still does his job.

  • Moonrunner22000

    Very good list, except for number 6. The first Batman movie was a serial called “The Batman” from 1943. After that came “Batman And Robin” in 1946.

  • Joshua the Samurai

    I really should have specified “Feature Film” since that’s what was intended, :P “The Batman” and “Batman and Robin” were good, but a “Movie Serial” is very different form an actual feature film, though I will submit they qualify as “Movies” per se, but not in the context to which I was refering. Movie serials were really just pre-tv tvshows, not “Films”

  • Regards the Joker, Jack Napier, a “jacknape” is a mischievous, impudent child, so a “jacknapier” might be someone who acts in that manner?

    It also refers to an ape or monkey (cf. Shakespeare), so maybe he’s the 800-pound gorilla?

  • bigski

    i like batman and i like this list….

  • Charly

    Cant wait for the TDKR!!!

  • Charly

    What the…

  • yo

    so Warhol made a batman film huh… why doesn’t anyone make a list of the top ten pretentious filmmakers?

  • OmegaMan

    DC and Marvel were not making any “serious” money when they were publishing comics because it was not considered a “great” art. The only thing I think that has come good out of the heavy commercialization of Hollywood is that DC and Marvel are reaping the benefits of their not much unappreciated hard work done in the early decades of 20th century.

    And I always think that DC villains are a bit lagging behind Marvel villains, except of course the Joker. Too bad Heath Ledger did not live to see the reception of his character. :(

    RIP Heath.

    • OmegaMan

      *appreciated. Lol, changed the meaning entirely.

  • elbobbo

    Nice list, being a Bat dork I knew most this but still found it enjoyable.
    Jack Napier is only one of the Joker’s possible names, his origins have been tweaked and played with numerous times, in fact in one issue he says that sometimes he remembers it one way sometimes he remembers it another and that if he has to have a history he prefer it be multiple choice.

  • nathan

    Did you know that Mark Hamill ( the guy who played as Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars saga ) voices the Joker in many Batman animated TV shows and films.

  • QuaggaLord

    I’m actually a resident of Jackson, Michigan, and I feel like I should clarify that Captain Jackson is actually a rather unsettling figure. I’m also not sure of the effect he actually has on the crime rate here either, since I’ve never heard of any of the police around here taking him seriously…

  • Matt

    Another little tid bit about the animated batman series: they animated on black paper as opposed to starting on white paper. This lent the show it Gothic touch and the deco design filled in the rest-

  • Batman

    I’m Batman!

  • Slappy

    Out of curiousity I just watched some of the 1943 Batman serial. And it is… not very good. In fact, it’s horrible. There’s just a lot of really stupid special effects, you can see the wires for God’s sake. Batman and Robin are knocked unconscious and wake up fully alert in less than 30 seconds. This falls into that category of stuff that’s so bad it’s great fun to watch. I don’t know if anyone’s ever tried to make this into a regular feature film, but if so they probably shouldn’t have bothered. I’d say Joshua was right not to count this as a first feature film, either way.

    I did run across an early film version of the Joker’s origin on YouTube. Of course it was in black-and-white so it didn’t have the impact of later portrayals of the Joker’s transformation. It’s echoed somewhat in Nicholson’s portrayal of the change and I suspect he saw this if he researched his role thoroughly.

    Incidentally, neither of the early serials uses a known Baatman antagonist. According to one thing I read, the movie company got permission to use Batman and Robin but not the villains. I don’t understand that…

  • diogenes

    Enjoyed the read.
    -Just thought I would toss in ‘Rat Pfink A Boo Boo’ from 1965 as an oddity addition. The TV show inspired this carefree juvenile shenanigan. God love it!
    Ray Dennis Steckler was making a movie and at some point thought, wouldn’t it be great if our lead characters went in a closet and came out as Batman and Robin?

    Steckler, “The film was called Rat Pfink ‘AND’ Boo Boo, but the guy who did the titles misspelled it and I couldn’t afford to have them redone, so I left it.”

    here’s a great youtuber comp by ‘atomicdancer’-

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      Lol I remember that movie, it was one of those film oddities that I can’t get enough of.

      Rat fink: remember our one weakness, BooBoo
      BooBoo: what’s that?
      Rat Fink: . . . Bullets

  • Yusuf

    Awesome list. Hypes me up for the new Batman movie.

  • moopersoup

    Interesting list. I liked both it and its subject matter.

  • Lifeschool

    Super list Josh, always was a huge fan of Batman from those 60’s shows. Really L.O.V.E the first Tim Burton movie – and is ranked among my 10 ten fav films of all time. Yet I find all the other batman movies (especially the Christian Bale stuff) to be way too OTT for me. Everything is way too OTT these days. For me, the first Batman (1989) encapsulates all the best parts, and with a decent Bat Mobile, but without the silly morgan freeman plot lines and awful lack of charisma.

  • Rob

    How come the voice of Joker in the cartoons isn’t here? People need to know that Luke Skywalker has a bit of dark side in him, too.

  • Ryan

    Does doing the voice really count as playing Batman? Surely the animator has an equal credit, by that logic.

  • hi Joshua,

    the first Batman movies were serial films in the 40’s. Are you not counting those as theatrical releases?

  • thousif

    hey why u dont mention about heath ledger he is the real joker ever

  • eduardo jaramillo

    But in all seriousness, a well written, interesting list, while I’m not the most avid batman fan, it still had some very cool material, and held my attention throughout.

  • mo

    It’s a great list, but some of your facts are wrong. First, the Joker’s name was actually revealed in the comic books along time ago. Second, the first Batman was actually released in ’66, not ’64.

    • Green Lantrin

      The Joker’s name was revealed??? Well, don’t keep me in suspenders! What was it?

  • troller

    troll troll

    • joker

      joke joke

  • Dan

    I know this has been posted about already, but I think that the movie serials should count as the first true “movie” version of Batman as they were originally viewed in theaters.

  • Hugeackman

    ahem, first batman film theatrically released?

  • SutureSelf

    “…Batman not only refuses to use guns, but hates them completely. This is logical, considering a gun killed his parents…”

    No, it is not logical. First of all, a gun didn’t kill his parents, a criminal did. Second, there is no logical calculus that would that would lead from a criminal using a gun to kill someone to that person’s son hating guns. For example, Ronald Reagan, who was nearly assassinated by a gun-wielding maniac, continued to be pro-gun in the shooting’s aftermath.

  • Parad0xfool

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  • Crzystarr13

    I just want to way for the record that Michael Keaton was the best batman ever. thank you

  • Pittsburgh

    No offense to anybody but I find it rather lame that people make such a big deal that superman basically gave himself to batman. It wasn’t some blockbuster battle where batman used his wits an skill in combat to beat an opponent. Basically its the equivalent of a mass murderer who’s wearing bullet proof armor is killing people and only one gun can penetrate said armor so the killer hands me the gun an says shoot me big whoop

  • Batguy

    In addition to the movie serial issue, you cite the first Burton film as having been released in 1990. It was released on 6/23/89.

    Another fact: Batman’s first non-comic appearance outside of those serials was as a guest on the Superman radio show.

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