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Top 10 Underrated Disney Songs

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Between theme-park rides, movies, shorts and everything else, there are endless Disney songs. However, it seems that the ones agreed upon as the top ten are always the same songs. Well, here’s ten songs that you may have forgotten through the years, but deserve just as much credit as “Circle of Life” or “When You Wish Upon a Star.”


The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind
The Great Mouse Detective

For anyone who hasn’t seen The Great Mouse Detective, it really is worth seeing, particularly for the performance of Vincent Price as Ratigan. The movie is a clever spoof on the stories of Sherlock Holmes, but is often forgotten among all the Disney classics. The whole “not a rat” thing in this song is hilarious, and I mean really – it’s Vincent Price, need I say more?


Beauty and the Beast

It seems like everyone and their mother sings on this one – apparently people watching is the number one hobby in this French town. That being said, this is one great song. It really lightens the tone from the dark prelude and gets you in the mood for the movie. The melody is one of Disney’s best, and the song also sets up the story line very nicely. People always remember “Be Our Guest” and the title song, while this song is regrettably thrown by the wayside.


Never Smile at a Crocodile
Peter Pan

This may be the least known song on the least, because it wasn’t really even in Peter Pan. An instrumental version was played when the crocodile appeared, but the lyrics were left out. They were probably excluded because it would have slowed down the story line, which is understandable. I just wish there was some way they could have included it; it’s such a fun little song.


Once Upon a Dream
Sleeping Beauty

What’s cool about this one is that this piece of music was used in the ballet for Sleeping Beauty, and Disney songwriters added the lyrics. Many times when lyrics are added to a song that has been only instrumental for a long time, it sounds awkward and forced, but this works. The melody remains gorgeous, and the lyrics fit the already dream-like feel of the song perfectly.


The Dwarfs’ Yodel Song (The Silly Song)
Snow White

Ah, Disney’s first full-length movie. Three of the songs from Snow White have been immortalized in the Disney song book: “Heigh Ho,” “Whistle While You Work,” and “Someday My Prince Will Come.” For whatever reason, this silly little yodeling number has been forgotten. It is incredibly catchy (more so than the songs just named), and it is one of the most fun moments in any Disney movie.


I Wanna Be Like You
The Jungle Book

I’m not sure if underrated is even the right word for this song, because it is very well-known. However, many seem to know it for the assumption that it is racist, instead of for its merit as a song. First of all, anyone who sees this as racist is reading way too far into it and not understanding it in the context of the movie. Anyway, the whole Dixieland feel to the song is great, and the part where Baloo (Phil Harris) and King Louie (Louis Prima) are making things up is hilarious, as well as very catchy.


By The Beautiful Sea
Various shorts/Sing-Alongs

Before the comments roll in, yes, I am aware that this song was not written for a Disney movie. It was around before Disney ever made movies, but would anybody know this song today if it weren’t for Disney? Honestly, I’m not sure how many people know it to begin with, but they should. This was featured in two Disney sing-alongs, at least one CD/cassette tape and was parodied in a certain Eddie Murphy Disney film that most of us would like to forget. It’s got such a pleasant tune, especially that chorus, that you just have to sing along with it.


The Phony King of England
Robin Hood

Yes, there are two Disney songs that feature both Phil Harris and a Dixieland breakdown. This one comes from, possibly Disney’s most underrated movie, “Robin Hood” and man is it a good one. Just listen to these lyrics and try not to laugh, and if you don’t laugh from the lyrics, you will from watching the video. Walt Disney was sadly gone by the time this movie was made, but he would have been proud.


Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor’s Life For Me)

Some of the songs on this list are Disney songs I have liked since I was very young; others I have grown to like. This one falls into both categories in a way. I have always thought this was a great song, because I’ve always loved a catchy tune, but now that I’m older, I laugh at the subtle shots this song takes at actors. This mocks their lavish lifestyles in the same way Joe Walsh would do 40 years later with “Life’s Been Good” – this song was way ahead of its time. Anyway, one with the most underrated Disney songs ever.


Step in Time
Mary Poppins

This has got to be the most forgotten Disney song of all time. There are a lot of songs in “Mary Poppins” and somehow the other ones are always brought to mind first: “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” “Let’s Go Fly a Kite,” “Feed the Birds,” “Chim Chim Chiree,” the list goes on. Regardless of Dick Van Dyke’s fake accent, this is probably the best part of the whole movie. I really like to think that early 20th century chimney sweeps danced from roof to roof and just started parading through houses with their all-too-catchy musical numbers. The best part of this song has to be when Mrs. Banks comes in with her “Votes for Women” sash and the chimney sweeps incorporate it into their song. It is one of Disney’s great mysteries as to why this is not rated among their best songs.

  • Amanda

    This is great

    • Sgt. York

      I find your comment underrated.

      • Amanda


      • Amanda


        • Sgt. York

          That’s BETTER!

    • formerly known as Dangsthurt

      This list is very, very, very lame!!


      • Woodchuck Chuck

        Is this all you post on lists?

        • Sgt. York

          Yes, because he’s far too busy attention-whoring over at youtube. “Thumbs up if Listverse brought you here! Man I am so awesome!”

  • Name2

    The above comment is vastly underrated and should get more credit.

  • jfreaker

    underrated it is!

  • Cory

    Danny DeVito singing ‘One Last Hope’ in Hercules, classic

  • Lisa Marie

    I absolutely forgot how I love Disney movies… brings back memories on how special they were! There is this guy who put all this music together and with awesome results!

    • QueenWeiner

      Ugh… I love his remixes so much!! Makes you feel like your a kid again and why you liked Disney in the first place :).

      Which reminds me, wasn’t The Brave Little Toaster made by Disney? Because if so all of the songs that were in that movie need to be in this list.

  • Lisa Marie

    I might as well post the other one that my dear 8-year old sister loves, and a replica of the Up hose was sold for $400,000 this week:

    • Arsnl

      I just hope Pixar won’t fall in the sequel trap. They are cool cuz they don’t make tons of sequels. TS2 was good and 3 was okayish but cars 2 had nothing memorable. They take chances with new ideas and i hope that wont change.

  • Sylko

    Those are all great songs. 9, “Belle” is my favorite on this list. I love all of the songs from that movie (“Gaston” is funny).

    I think the Aladdin songs dong get a lot of attention. I love “Prince Ali” & “one Step”. Also like “beautiful briny sea” from bed knobs & broomsticks.

    I’ve always loved “step in time” & “by the sea”. Loved this list.

  • Geko

    Why underrated? Who underrated them? Not me, that’s who!

  • Maggot

    I don’t know if this would be considered “underrated”, but I always dug the acid trip that was Heffalumps and Woozles. Truly representative of the late ‘60s psychedelic era, which was when the film came out.


    • Maggot

      Damn man, my attempt to embed the clip seems to have failed miserably for some reason. Probably has something to do with me being an idiot. Here’s a better link:

  • colbz

    i love this list!! one of the most fun lists ive seen in a while!! : )

  • Mira Bel

    Wow… Seriously?

  • Name

    Great Mouse Detective most underrated Disney Movie PERIOD!

    • Liz

      Agreed! And while Ratigan’s song is great, I always liked the song the showgirl mouse sings too. :-)

  • Sgt. York

    The best and most underappreciated song from Robin Hood, in my opinion. Roger Miller’s performance as Alan Adale is still a masterpiece…plus he sang the song that eventually became the hamster dance. So there’s that.

    • dan rose

      this is the brilliant

  • Sgt. York

    Also, I never understood the “racism” aspect of “I Wanna Be Like You”. It’s an Orangutan who wants to be a man, or at least wield man’s greatest weapon. Besides, it’s Louis Freakin Prima!

  • Will Trame

    This list brought back a lot of memories. No mention of The Lion King? Well, perhaps that flick and it soundtrack were not what could be considered “underrated”. Good list, but then I love musical trivia.

  • Arsnl

    Aw Disney, you and your merry songs and your racist hijinks. I love you.

  • oouchan

    hehehe! I have most of these on my iPod. :)
    I love Disney and try to go every year to CA. Can’t get enough. I love all of the choices.
    I can see a need for a follow up list or two.

    Great list.

  • JMdP

    Honestly, Never Smile at a Crocodile is the song I know best on this list. Is that just me? Still, great list!

    • sophienz

      I just turned 22, and Never Smile at a Crocodile on on my kids’ songs tape, along with Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight?) and I’m Gonna Knock on your Door. Maybe my parents were just awesome.

  • Johan

    How can “The Silly Song” be considered underrated? It’s one of the most known songs from Disney and no doubt the most known song from “Snow White”. Anyway, my vote goes for “Pink Elephants on Parade” from “Dumbo”. It’s peanut licking good. And as always, look out for pink elephants on parade!

    *Ps, I’m still wondering, where’s Jamie?

    • Breanna

      I actually always liked “Baby Mine” from Dumbo. I sing it as a lullaby for kids I babysit!

  • AhhhhhDisney

    I LOVED ‘Once Upon a Dream’ when i was younger…. still do :P and i love ‘Belle’ too

    • Breanna

      I always thought it was really famous, but it may have just been because I personally had it memorized lol.

  • Gertrude

    This is a nicely written and constructed list

  • Melly

    Thank you~ A great list in introducing lesser known great songs. Well done

  • mom424

    Nice offering for a Saturday morning. Wouldn’t necessarily agree on these all being underrated; I Wanna Be Like You and Belle’s tune are well thought of – but really, who cares? Any excuse at all for a montage of Disney tunes is OK by me. Put me in happy mode for the balance of the day. Well at least until one of my joyous progeny pulls some ****head move. 9_9

  • Some of these brought back some real memories! Thanks, fun list :)

  • Movie_Music_Rocks

    I’ve looked at a few youtube postings of “I Wanna Be Like You,” and have been amused by some of the comments that state that the way the song was presented was racist because the singer, Louis Prima, was black and was portrayed as an ape and bla, bla, bla….

    The posters were obviously too young to have seen Louis Prima perform on TV, etc. –he died in 1978–and didn’t realize was that he was NOT African American, or black, but of Sicilian heritage. (Maybe they got Louis Prima confused with Louis Armstrong?)

    Louis Prima was enormously popular in the 1950s, and had a number of hit records. His wife, Keely Smith, was also a noted singer, and always performed with a “blank face,” as indicated in this video:

  • Metalwrath

    Not wanting to be an a-ss, but I’m always disappointed when I go on Listverse and see the new list is some Disney or music feature.

    Sure I like Disney, but I don’t care for these sorts of lists.

  • ssdf23

    Yep, same here. I didn’t realize it wasn’t in the movie…cause how else would I know it?

  • it

    I think that you meant to name this list :top 10 worst Disney songs” because these ones just suck balls. When I first heard that song with Belle, I felt like my ears were being raped. I would listen to Rebecca Black or Bieber before her, even though I hate their music.

  • When I first saw this, I thought it would be modern Disney songs, like Selena Gomez or something, and I was like “Oh Gods no!” but then I saw they were movie songs and I said”Whew.”

  • I’m glad this wasn’t modern “Disney songs,” like Selena Gomez. All of those are awful.

    • My first comment went through? It told me “sorry, it looks like you already said that.” I apologize for the double comment.

  • Heidi

    I absolutely love Step in Time and I Wanna Be Like You. Well done!

  • Thewildone91

    All of the songs from Pocahontas are underrated, in my opinion. Maybe not Colors of the Wind.. But the rest. Like, the war drums song..definitely. Pocahontas is never included in any Disney Princess pictures, or toys, or anything. It REALLY irritates me. She was a princess.. just in a different way. Anyway, that’s just my opinion =)

  • Lizzie

    For #9, it sometimes gets stuck in my head at random times. Also, if you haven’t seen “Bonjour, Girl!” on YouTube, CHECK IT OUT!! For #3, one of my faves (not counting that awesome whistling tune the rooster does)!

  • Nico

    Does nobody proof read the lists any more? Far too many spelling errors, misplaced words and grammatical mistakes have been popping up recently. It’s lazy and disrespectful to the reader. It only takes five minutes to re-read and check for mistakes. Spell check doesn’t cut the mustard – it needs to be done by a human.

    Having said that, there was only one error in this that I noticed, which is better than a lot of lists recently.

    • Ben

      Why it bring it up here then? Just for an excuse to moan?

  • msantana

    “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” from Song of the South…
    Great list there are so many really good Disney songs.

  • Great list — I remember so many of these from my childhood. And I’ll try to slip this bit of trivia past the censors. The tune for #3 comes from an old English song, “The [email protected][email protected] King of England”.

  • berni

    once upon a dream is one of my favourite songs ever, made my day :)

  • Music-storian

    I think “Dixieland” is the wrong word to describe that jazz song from the Jungle Book. “Dixieland” evokes bluegrass or country music, and while New Orleans is technically the south, Jazz isn’t the most prominent music to come of the region.

  • Nicolelodeon

    “I Wanna Be Like You” is not underrated at all, it’s actually one of the most iconic Disney songs. Otherwise, this list is okay.

  • matt

    The fact you put step in time as one has made my day! jolly holiday is also a lot of fun

  • Rhomboid


  • martine

    Perhaps the reason Step in Time is the least popular song from Mary Poppins is because it’s not so much a “song” as a dance number. There is hardly any actual singing in it… and what singing there is very repetitive and not particularly catchy. If you took away the picture it would not be that interesting to listen to.

    It might be one the best scenes in the movie, but in terms of good songs it’s among the weakest. Sister Suffragette and Jolly Holiday are both somewhat underrated and better songs.

    • Film_Fan

      I agree completely. “Step in Time” is really a dance number, and, in fact, ranks with the best of those produced during the golden age of musicals.

      A better choice from Mary Poppins would have been the hauntingly beautiful “Feed the Birds,” which, though not forgotten, never became a hit.

      Another option would have been the more upbeat, and possibly more obscure, “Let’s Go Fly a Kite.”

      • P5ychoRaz

        “in front of a tavern, flat on his face
        a booze hound named Barney is pleading his case…
        Buy me a beer, two bucks a glass
        please won’t you help me, I’m freezing my ass”…

  • Frank

    Holy crap, I’ve had ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ stuck in my head for about two weeks. It should be number one, I reckon.

  • MickeyFreak

    love this list!!! Disney is awesome!!

  • gigi

    Nothing in the World from Return of Jafar was always good. Loved seeing the addition of Phony King of England.

  • gigi

    Also, Jafar’s chaotic reprise of Prince Ali in the first movie. :-D

  • Marty Moose

    Geesh, enough with Disney lists already. I feel like I’m hanginf out with my dufus cousin and her husband who visit Disney World twice a your despite not having any kids.

  • Jon

    Opinion based.

    And in my opinion, the songs on this list are all stupid.

  • neem

    The one song from Poppins that always pops up in my mind is the tuppence song.

  • todyint

    Only problem is that ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ isn’t based on Sherlock Holmes; it’s based on ‘Basil of Baker Street’ which is even mentioned in this song.

    • Hilah

      because Basil of Baker Street is the name of the mouse in the story, since it is an adaption of the book. But the character in the book and the movie is based on Sherlock Holmes. So, transverse property: IF Basil from the books is based on Sherlock Holmes and IF Basil from the movie is based on Basil from the book, THEN Basil from the movie is based on Sherlock Holmes.

  • crybaby

    i like i can’t wait to be king from the lion king. usually people think of circle of life or can you feel the love tonight or even hakuna matata when thinking of that movie. i also LOVE ariel’s part of that wor ld from the little mermaid. i usually to have cd of disney songs but i lost it! ;_;

  • Jamie

    Always been a big fan of The Little Mermaid’s “Les Poissons.”

    Isn’t “By the Sea” (which we totally had on VHS) an old song, like from the Twenties?

  • Breanna

    “Step In Time” is forgotten because it is a contender for the most annoying song ever written. However, I enjoyed the rest of the list! I actually also LOVE “He’s a Tramp” from Lady and the Tramp, “Portabello Road” from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and “Love” from Robin Hood, though it seems that I’m the only one. :p Oh! And my favourite song from Beauty and the Beast is “Gaston” — it’s hilariously clever if you listen to the words.

  • Mabel

    Nah, the best song in Beauty and the Beast is “Gaston.”



    • Dk

      “Now that I’m grown I eat 5 dozen eggs, and I’m roughly the size of a BARGE”
      Big fan of the Gaston song! But Belle is great too, I think those are my two favorites of the whole movie.

  • Hilah

    I love I wanna be like you, but it is pretty racist.

  • Matthewsmith

    Very Amazing and Mind Blowing list of song.

  • ribenaberry

    Robin Hood is my family’s favourite Disney movie – we’re pretty much word perfect on the whole thing, and Phoney King is without doubt the best song in it. A pox on the phoney King of England!

  • P5ychoRaz

    Disney’s Sing-A-Long Songs videos aregreat for these (esp #3 – I didn’t even realize they didn’t have it in the movie)

  • TrivialSteve

    I would add “Whale of a Tale” from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid”.

  • hannah

    i won’t say i’m in love from hercules is a personal favourite, seems to be one of those songs that’s ALWAYS stuck in my head as well. absolutely love the music in the princess and the frog as well, because it’s recent the songs have a lot more to them but it’s still obviously classic disney.

  • Audrey

    Of course the Sherman brothers are on here…is there any song, popular or lesser known by them that wasn’t amazing???

  • Dani

    Why the hell does Hellfire always, ALWAYS get shafted in these lists? It is the single most brilliant Disney song ever created.

  • Destiny

    I like I’m Still Here in Treasure Planet

  • LizzieT

    “Busa” from the Lion King (a.k.a. When Simba is running across the desert to return to Pride Rock). An amazing song that brings so much feeling to the moment. My phone won’t let me paste the youtube link. Sorry.

  • SwampRob

    I like most of these choices, but I hate the song Beauty and the Beast. Blech

  • Stan

    I love to Laugh in Mary Poppins is hugely underrated. So underrated it isn’t even in this list :P

  • I love Once Upon a Dream! <3

  • Emmy121085

    I’ve always loved that song everybody wants to be a cat from the Aristocats

  • Kelly

    Spot On!!!

  • Chuk

    Wow. I just read through almost 100 comments of either one of these two things:
    1- Saying that this was a great list, loved all of the songs here, MORE DISNEY LISTS!!
    2- Griping about their hatred of Disney songs. “most annoying, was just a dance number, blah blah blah DISNEY SUCKS!!!”

    So, I guess I’m trying to say, which type are you?

  • brian

    Disney is for kids and immature adults

  • A

    You forgot Not in Nottingham from Robin Hood. Its a wonderfully placed number and actually adds some poignancy to an otherwise light hearted film. Classic old school Disney.

  • Eve

    Kind of upset no songs from The hunchback of Notre Dame were included! Granted I’m swedish so maybe they weren’t as forgettable in swedish; but I do think the hunchback is the best Disney movie ever made, and to not include at least one song from its soundtrack bums me out…

  • Matt

    Once Upon A Dream was like mine and my friends childhood! I surprised to see it’s being called underrated!

  • Sean

    The Bells of Notre dame from the very beginning of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is EASILY the most UNDERRATED DISNEY SONG EVER MADE!

    Listen for yourself.

  • medicamentos marinos

    You recognize thus significantly in relation to this topic, produced me personally believe it from numerous various angles. Its like women and men aren’t fascinated unless it’s something to accomplish with Girl gaga! Your personal stuffs excellent. Always take care of it up!

  • Tim

    My nominations for this list:
    Candle on the Water, from Pete’s Dragon – nominated for an Oscar, but lost to You Light Up My Life.
    Not in Nottingham, from Robin Hood (one of the saddest and most hummmable songs ever written)
    Les Poissons, from The Little Mermaid. Dark, dark humor.

  • A

    #9 is one of my favorite Disney songs! Can’t believe people forget about it!