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10 Individuals Surprisingly Identified As The Antichrist

by David Tormsen
fact checked by Jamie Frater

There are some who have been frequently accused of being the Antichrist, such as Barack Obama, Emperor Nero, and pretty much every pope there ever was. For those who believe that the end times are just around the corner, it is easy to see signs of the False Prophet in political and religious figures whom one doesn’t particularly like. However, not all of the supposed Antichrist candidates are ones you’d expect.

10 Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito is the Antichrist in “Steal My Girl”

This loopy theory comes from William Tapley, who calls himself the “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” and the “Co-Prophet Of These End Times.” In 2014, he decided that the One Direction song “Steal My Girl” was not only a secret message from the Illuminati about the future of the planet, but also specifically the future of the Catholic Church. In the video, Danny DeVito plays a director who meets up with the band to shoot a video in the desert. According to Tapley, DeVito is clearly meant to represent the Antichrist.

Danny DeVito’s name supposedly refers to the lost Israelite tribe of Dan, where the Antichrist is meant to come from. DeVito arrives in a Cadillac El Dorado with three sixes in its number plate. (They’re not consecutive, though.) He’s also shorter, apparently a reference to the Antichrist being known as “little horn.” The video begins in a desert and ends with rain, which is apparently the Illuminati’s roundabout way of saying that the Antichrist and the False Prophet will bring rain to a parched Earth. The five band members represent the Catholic Church, and two men carrying a red couch in the background are meant to be a symbol for War, the second horseman of the apocalypse, thus being a prediction of war in the Middle East.

Tapley goes into quite a lot of detail in the eschatological symbolism that he sees in the video, including sumo wrestlers representing the beheading of Christians, a chimpanzee representing Darwinism and Satan himself, and much more. Many of his subscribers offer their own interpretations, including one theory that the timing of the refrain “nah nah nah nah nah nah” was a clear indication it represented 666.

9 Misha Collins

Meet with Castiel/Misha | Supernatural | TNT

Misha Collins played an angel on the long-running TV show Supernatural but ended up the subject of online rumors that the Westboro Baptist Church had accused him of being the Antichrist. The rumor actually first surfaced from a question by a Yahoo! Answers user, who questioned the logo for a charity that Collins works with called Random Acts, which supposedly represents the Devil with a red font and crooked halo image appropriate for a fallen angel. The question also mentions the fact that Collins interned in the White House as suggestive that he plans on expanding his fan base to be large enough to run for president in the future.

The best answer chosen by the user claimed to be a representative of the Westboro Baptist Church who partially confirmed the group did at least suspect Collins of being the Prince of Lies, but it’s just as likely that the poster was simply trolling. Collins cleared up all confusion at the Emerald City Comicon in 2013, admitting his status as Antichrist and expressing his relief at being able to finally out himself.

8 Juan Carlos I Of Spain

Juan Carlos I of Spain

One popular candidate for the Antichrist is Juan Carlos I of Spain. In 1994, Charles R. Taylor argued that Juan Carlos was the Antichrist King based on a number of assertions: Daniel 7:23–25 is interpreted as saying that the 11th kingdom to join the revived Roman Empire will be the “prince who will come,” and Spain was the 11th nation to join the European Union. Daniel 9:27 says the Antichrist will “confirm a treaty with many for one week,” which is interpreted to mean seven years and linked to multilateral talks betweem Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestinian representatives at the 1991 Madrid Conference.

Numerological analyses of Juan Carlos’s name in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Russian are said to equal 666, and some claim that he is the descendant of the famous Merovingian bloodline of conspiracy lore. He also owns a yacht called the Dragon, seen as a reference to Satan in the book of Revelation.

The closing ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics was perceived as particularly damning evidence:

[The closing ceremony] was an exercise in demonic/pagan symbolism which ended with the mating of a Black Serpent and the Greek goddess of love and fertility, the multi-breasted Artemis who then gave birth to the “Great Dragon,” the head of which rose 75 feet above the top of the stadium. The alleged theme of the pageant was the birth of the world in fire and it was represented by 250 happy devils . . . who began the “festival of fire.” Giant wooden structures, including 2 caped figures of Satan and grinning goats’ heads, were set ablaze and constantly moved through the cavorting devils. A group of devils, one dressed in the robes of a king, danced frenziedly around a fiery maypole . . . Weird tones, underlaid with constant jungle drumming, were sporadically joined by eerie wails, long sighs and howling. Occult symbols were everywhere. Well represented was the Baphomet (goat’s head of witchcraft), the pentagram or “devils star,” the maypole, which is an ancient pagan phallic symbol, and demonic faces, well endowed with horns. As expected, television network commentators were “awed” by the spectacle. At times the audience joined the celebration, swaying to the demonic music with arms outstretched to heaven.

The Hope of Israel Ministry claimed in the 1990s that modern Spain might be populated by the descendants of Esau, who tried to kill Jacob in the Bible, as well as the inhabitants of Edom, south of biblical Israel, who fought against them and are also linked with Babylon and (of course) the Rothschilds. They believe that the Antichrist will probably be Jewish and that Juan Carlos and most European royalty are secretly Jewish. They also held his ties to the Catholic Church and the Franco military regime as suspicious indications of ambitions for world dominance. This theory is obviously less popular now that the king has abdicated, following a sharp decrease in popularity due to the national economic struggles and a variety of scandals.

7 Javier Solana


Another Spanish contender for being the Antichrist is Javier Solana, who was Foreign Minister for the Felipe Gonzalez governments from 1992–95, secretary general of NATO from 1995–99, and was appointed in 1999 as secretary general of the Council of the EU, first high representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), and secretary general of the Western European Union. It was these last roles that sparked suspicion among the Antichrist-watchers.

According to amateur prophet Michael J. Mickey, Solana fit with the biblical description of the Antichrist as being a well-spoken intellectual skilled in economic, military, and diplomatic matters who will be seen as a peacemaker at first but later revealed as an arrogant despiser of Christians and Jews. Mickey claimed that Solana’s impressive resume resembled the prophecies of the Antichrist, and his close ties with the government of Ariel Sharon showed that he had the skills to manipulate, and ultimately hoodwink, the Jewish people in preparation for the end times.

Many link all of this with Assembly Recommendation 666 of the Western European Union, which appointed a high representative to exert emergency powers to bolster European military muscle. The European Parliament is also said to have 679 seats, with only seat number 666 left unallocated. All of these elements are clear to those who see the European Union as the successor to the Roman Empire, which will usher in the end times.

Others dismissed these notions on the basis of scripture, as Revelation 13:18 explicitly states that 666 is meant to be the number of a man, not a law. Given that Solana has retired without the prophecy coming to pass, this argument seems persuasive in retrospect.

6 Bill Gates

Hall Of Tortured Souls (Easter Egg) Excel 95

This old piece of conspiracy theory email lore is based on the occult significance of Bill Gates’s name in ASCII code. “BILL GATES III” converted into ASCII creates a series of numbers that equal 666, as do “WINDOWS 95” and “MS-DOS 6.11.” Another piece of evidence is an Easter egg found in copies of Excel 95, where pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift while clicking the tech support button in the About Microsoft Excel window would open up a Doom-like hallway marked as “THE HALL OF TORTURED SOULS.” This is considered as proof of a nefarious hidden code which Gates could use to take over the world.

One account gives a dark warning:

More than 80% of the world’s computers run on Windows and DOS, including those at the Pentagon!, REMEMBER THE PENTAGON????? If all his products have some kind of small program embedded (like this Hall of Tortured Souls) that can give him control, setting off nuclear arsenals, creating havoc in security systems, financial systems all over the world, etc . . . All from his headquarters isn’t a far off reality! Just using Internet Explorer may just allow him to map out what you have on your computer bit by bit each time you log on.

These emails were pretty easy to dismiss as a hoax. There are two forms of ASCII, decimal code and a hexadecimal equivalent. The figures given for “BILL GATES” check out in decimal ASCII if the letters are capitalized, but the theory states that the characters in III come out as “1” respectively, which isn’t the case. Therefore, “BILL GATES III” doesn’t equal 666. As for the HALL OF TORTURED SOULS, it was merely a goofy Easter egg programmed into Excel 95 by the real lost souls—Microsoft’s programmers.

5 Prince William

Expert Peter Kling: Prince William is the Antichrist future king of one world government

The duke of Cambridge is an odd choice for an Antichrist figure, but conspiracy theorist Peter Kling believes that Prince William will be crowned king of the world as part of a hidden Illuminati and United Nations plot for world domination. One key piece of evidence is an official Buckingham Palace photograph of William holding a lamb raising its cloven hoof. The lamb represents Christ, while the cloven hoof represents Baphomet, making it an obvious sign to Kling that William is the Antichrist.

Kling believes that the Antichrist is not a religious figure, but an “exopolitical” one, and he’s associated with a conspiracy of interdimensional gray and draconian invaders from Orion. According to Kling, “The logical choice for King of a One World Government would be Prince William son of the goddess Diana. He is under the control of the House of Rothschild and a direct descendant of King David and King Solomon as was Jesus.” He claims that the House of Windsor is secretly controlled by the Zionists, who are in turn controlled by the aliens.

Others with slightly more traditional views of the Antichrist are also open to Prince William being a candidate. Dr. Joyce Pugh has argued that Prince William was actually cloned from the DNA of Jesus Christ, which was recovered from the Shroud of Turin. As a clone, William apparently has no soul and is therefore easily possessed by demons. Diana was killed as a sacrifice to usher in the Antichrist, and the veracity of the Shroud will eventually be proven and used as proof that William is the returned Messiah. She believes that a faux alien attack will then be staged to encourage a scared population into accepting Prince William as a global leader.

4 The Beast Computer

The Beast
Some believe that the Antichrist may be a machine rather than a man. One rumor states that when the European Common Market was established in the 1970s, a three-story supercomputer was built in Brussels. The supercomputer was designed to be self-programming and reliant on a system of invisible, unique bar codes placed on people’s foreheads or hands, with three sets of three numbers each. Through an invisible system of infrared scanners, the Beast would control all world trade. The concept appears to have originated in the work of Christian fantasy author Joe Musser, who used it in a novel and a screenplay and soon noticed it being retold as fact. This may have been exacerbated by an ad campaign for a film called The Rapture, which attempted to garner attention through mock newspaper articles that mentioned the Beast without making it clear that they were fictional.

Newer versions of the theory have updated the details to match modern realities and conspiracy trends. The Beast is now said to be located in the supposed underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico, or alternatively at an NSA data center in Bluffdale, Utah, or perhaps beneath Denver International Airport. It’s believed to be a biological human brain combined with “3-D computer chips,” and it’s powerful enough to control the US government at all levels and run complex simulations of human society based on data from government spying networks. It is said to be run by a cabal of transhumanists and has either developed its own spiritual consciousness or has become a vessel for Lucifer (or aliens).

3 Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Photo via Wikimedia

Matthew Avery Sutton’s article “Was FDR the Antichrist? The Birth of Fundamentalist Antiliberalism in a Global Age” explored the influence of Protestant premillennialism on US politics in the first half of the 20th century. For many fundamentalist Christians in the 1920s and 1930s, there were ample signs that the end times were upon them. The fall of the Ottoman Empire, the rise of Bolshevism in Russia and fascism in Italy, and the beginning of the return of Jews to the Holy Land seemed to reflect biblical prophecies of Revelation. According to Sutton, “Premillennialism served as the filter through which the faithful understood American politics.”

At the same time, FDR’s non-traditional policies—opposing Prohibition, recognizing the Soviet Union, support for the World Court, and statist economic solutions to the Depression—seemed to indicate that he was either the Antichrist himself or someone working in the Antichrist’s favor. Opposing Roosevelt was to oppose the Antichrist’s New World Order, and many saw opposing the New Deal as a vital part of that divine struggle. They saw the growth of strong centralized governments and cooperation between nations as paving the way for an ostensibly benevolent world leader who would then be revealed as the Antichrist.

2 Superman

Man of Steel – Official Trailer 3 [HD]

In the lead-up to the release of Man of Steel, Warner Bros. made the dubious decision of trying to use the film’s messianic comparison with Jesus to sell it to Christian audiences through the faith-based marketing firm Grace Hill Media. They organized special screenings for pastors and edited trailers to be used in churches along with Man of Steel–themed sermon notes. This backfired on them rather spectacularly when pastors who were shown advance screenings of the film left theaters with warnings that Man of Steel‘s message was explicitly anti-Christian.

Reverend Thomas Reese complained that the film declared that, “Superpowers, not love, conquers [sic] evil. Bash the bad guy, don’t turn cheek.” They criticized the commodification of Christianity and the depiction of the Messiah as being one of violence and vengeance who spares little thought for casualties among the innocent. Pastor Michael Parnell gave a particularly vehement review, saying, “Don’t sit there and tell me I can compare this character to Jesus. Harry Potter is a better messianic figure than this Superman is.”

In the aftermath, conspiracy theorists leaped onto the bandwagon, pointing fingers at the fact that the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were Jewish. According to some, any parallels with Jesus were engineered by Satan and the Illuminati occult masters of Hollywood to convince Americans to accept the idea of an alien god-man with absolute power. Even Superman’s Kryptonian name has a hidden significance, with “Kal-El” seen as a portmanteau of the Hebrew “El,” meaning “God,” and the Germanic name “Karl,” believed by some to mean “man,” making Superman a “Man-god” explicitly designed to distract people away from Jesus Christ.

1 Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Photo via Wikimedia

This seemingly contradictory theory is promoted by the messianic Jewish cult called the Sabbath Covenant, which claims that the book of Revelation indicates that the Beast will rise from the ocean marked with his name, namely the Greek letters chi, xi, and sigma. This corresponds, in their view, with an ancient Christogram used to symbolize Jesus. This symbol was changed to the number 666, which doesn’t mean anything at all. They believe that John saw the symbol of Jesus, who was a false messiah set up by a Babylonian sub-worshiping cult that took over the Catholic Church.

The Jesus symbol stands as the opposite of the “Mark of YHVH,” which is the true symbol of God. It is also believed to indicate the false Trinity doctrine, which is why the “Mark of the Beast,” or “X,” is marked on Christian foreheads with the prayer, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” The prophecy in Revelation about those who don’t receive the Mark of the Beast not being able to buy or sell doesn’t refer to some bio-chip, but rather the historical difficulty for non-Christians to pursue business in the lands of the Catholic Church.

With some linguistic gymnastics, the theory even breaks down the name “Jesus” as being derived from the Greek ge (Earth) and Latin sus (pig). Therefore, Jesus means “abominable pig (beast) of the Earth.” They hold that the true Messiah is named Yahusha. Jesus abolished the Law of the Old Testament, while Yahusha transposed it to the Kingdom of YHWH. Jesus was born on the holy day of the pagan sun god, was sacrificed to Ishtar (Easter), and Christian holy days are based on Babylonian festivals. Yahusha, they claim, is the true messiah of YHWH.

David Tormsen once dated the Antichrist. Email him at [email protected].

fact checked by Jamie Frater