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Top 10 Hand Crafted Games And Decorations

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Jamie Frater

There’s nothing like the handmade to add a touch of warmth to your home. The following amazing pieces of decor- some of them playable- are all crafted by dedicated artisans, many of them to order with customizable features.

10Basswood Tree Slice Checkers


This beautiful checkerboard is engraved on an actual slice of a tree, which is about as rustic as the centuries-old, beloved game gets. The light and dark pieces add an amazing natural complement, and each set is made to order, taking about 3-4 days.

Of course, the size and coloration of the board and pieces will vary slightly. Manufacturer Rustic Road deals in other handmade games as well, such as tic-tac-toe and lawn Jenga.

9Industrial Steampunk Edison Lamp

Arkansas seller AmazingUSAsales specializes in items like this one- an incredibly unique-looking steampunk-style lamp made from reclaimed wood, iron and brass. Completed and ready to ship, this one-of-a-kind piece takes up to a 100 watt bulb of either a modern or vintage type.

The lamp stands about 15 inches high, making it perfect for a bedside table, desk or bar top (our recommended use). The reclaimed wood base has irregularities, but has been stained and coated for durability.

8Handmade Cribbage Boards

Manufacturer Rainshadow Connections has a wide variety of handcrafted wood accessories, but specializes in these lovely old-fashioned cribbage boards, which come in a variety of sizes and styles from travel sets to full-size.

Prices vary depending upon the size, finish and material used. Every piece undergoes an extensive finishing process to produce a rich, lustrous finish, and full-size boards even come with a pack of classic Bicycle playing cards.

7Game Console Decor


If you love classic gaming, Woody 6 Switch wants to help you broadcast it with a huge variety of accents built from recycled classic consoles and controllers. From the functional to the purely aesthetic, these singularly unique pieces are just looking for a game room to call home.

There are many styles of lamps, like the one pictured above made from a Super Nintendo console and controllers. But you’ll also want to check out the other available accessories, like this NES cell phone charging dock, and this amazing display featuring a controller from each Playstation console, from the PS1 to the PS4.

6Wooden Carved Chess Set

If chess is your thing, feast your eyes on this gorgeous, completely hand-crafted set of chess pieces. Each piece is carved individually, and the entire set is crafted to order (meaning it will take 6-10 days to complete).

The pieces are about 3-4.5 inches high, and are carved with fine detail. And if you need the perfect board to use them with, we’ve got your covered there, too.

5Hand Tooled Leather Chessboard

Chessboards don’t get more attractive than this. This hand-tooled leather board is custom made to order, and manufacturer Sweetfield Leather will even customize the color palette to match the color of your pieces.

Alternating tooled and smooth squares, along with an intricately tooled border, give this board an amazing rustic look. Being custom made, it will take 4-5 days for the artisan to create before shipping.

4Beeswax 7 Hour Candles in Handmade Box

This truly unique natural candle set (ten to a box) is made from pure beeswax- longer burning and with a pleasant scent of honey, of course. They measure about seven inches and burn for about seven hours, and are a nice fit for traditional-style candle holders.

While they can be ordered a few at a time, the set of ten comes in a handmade box with silver hinges and latches.

3Vinyl Wall Clocks


These unique art deco wall clocks are handmade from vinyl records and even have pendulums. Each runs one one AA battery, and of course each label’s color and design is unique.

These come in tons of different styles for pretty much any interest, from music to sports and art. Our favorites are a New York cityscape, a DJ-themed piece (appropriate), and a “clockwork” collage of gears and cogs (also appropriate).

2iPad Stand with Apple Keyboard Holder

This custom-made wooden casing can convert your iPad into a desktop computer or, if you have a need for such a thing, a point of sale station. For that purpose, the manufacturer will include custom features such as support for various types of credit card readers.

Solid red oak construction, customizability, a space for an Apple keyboard, and it also doubles as a docking station for practically any mobile device. Routed pockets provide access to all of the iPad’s buttons, and the adjustable tray can accommodate a number of typing positions- plus they’re extremely cool looking, and we actually want one. Note that the manufacturer requests 11-15 days to craft before shipping.

1Custom Made Music Box

And finally, we’re sure many of you can call to mind someone for whom this will be a brilliant gift- a completely custom-made music box, down to the color, engraving and even song selection. A variety of lid designs are available, and we’re thinking that this could be- depending on how creative you get with your choice of song- either a fine holiday gift for Grandma, or a sarcastic yet heartfelt gift for the right type of friend.

Many of these artisans have a variety of works available, and of course there are thousands more plying their wares- you can even search by region. Support your local artists, and add a personal touch to your home!

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Listverse Writers

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