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10 Grim Facts And Conspiracies Surrounding The Death Of Max Spiers

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Jamie Frater

When the death of little-known conspiracy theorist Max Spiers began to make mainstream news broadcasts in 2016, he suddenly became one of the most talked-about people in his field. On July 16, he mysteriously died lying on a couch in Warsaw.

His death is shrouded in mystery, as are the events that appear to have taken place in the hours and days following his demise. Somewhere between the denials and the extreme, outrageous theories lies the truth as to what happened to the 39-year-old father of two. Until that truth surfaces, however, here are ten strange facts and conspiracies within conspiracies that make up one of the most interesting, if grim, accounts of recent times.

10 Computer And SIM Card Wiped Clean After Death

When Spiers’s laptop computer was returned to his mother, Vanessa, several days following her son’s death, she discovered that every single file and folder had been deleted. What was essentially her son’s work for the better part of a decade had simply disappeared. The same was true for his mobile phone, which although intact and in working order, had the SIM card removed.

This ultimately led Vanessa to speculate in the BBC documentary Fractured: The Death of Max Spiers that there was information on those devices that “someone doesn’t want anybody to see.” While by themselves, these facts are not proof of any kind of wrongdoing, they’re certainly a red flag to conspiracy theorists and researchers and are precisely the kind of incidents that fan the flames of such theories.

9 Spiers Believed He Was Part Of Project Mannequin

Max Spiers had many bizarre claims and strange theories, one of which was that he was part of Project Mannequin, a top secret operation that works out of the United Kingdom but is ultimately run by the NSA.

The project is said to target and kidnap people beginning at a very young age. Over time, by the use of trauma-based mind control, they break their minds and preprogram them to be unknowing assassins. Top secret remote viewing missions are also claimed to take place from the grounds of a secret base.

The base is said to be underneath the small town of Peasemore, in Berkshire. The base, although it officially doesn’t exist, is known in military groups as “AL/499 Base,” at least according to those who subscribe to the claims.

8 Subjected To Astral Attacks?

Max Spiers

Photo credit: True Free Thinker

When he spoke at a seminar in Warsaw in April 2016, Spiers made mention of being subject to astral attacks by people who wished to prevent him from traveling to the Polish capital and giving his speech.

While giving what would prove to be his final interview in Poland in July 2016, Spiers claimed he was being attacked as he spoke to the presenter. He claimed that his face “felt like it was on fire” and that there was a “crushing” feeling around his throat. Those who are skeptical of his claims believe it wasn’t an astral attack that was responsible for Spiers’s strange behavior during that final interview. Rather, Spiers was clearly under the influence of drugs.

Many other conspiracy theorists have spoken of such attacks, and even Aleister Crowley was said to dabble in such antics. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people reject the reality of such notions.

7 Rapid Decomposition

Spiers’s body arrived back in the United Kingdom six days after his death in Poland. The coffin was completely sealed during this final journey. When his family arrived to meet it, they were informed by authorities that the decomposition was so advanced that it was not a good idea for any of them view the body. Max’s sister declined their warning and later stated that his face had grown so dark that she could not recognize him as Max.

Although the process of decomposition begins immediately upon death, for it to reach this stage in six days is remarkably fast. The description given of Spiers’s state of decay would be more in line with him having been dead for nearly three weeks. Whether the rapid decomposition is connected in any way to how Spiers died is open to debate.

Incidentally, the official autopsy results came back inconclusive.

6 Strange Ritual Performed After Death?

Hours after Max died, Spiers’s mother spoke on the phone to Monika Duval, the last person to see her son alive. Vanessa claimed that she could clearly hear some kind of strange ritual being performed in the background. She got the impression that Max’s body was still in the house while this was happening. She claimed in the documentary Fractured that she could make out certain words such as “salt” and “milk” and that there “was definitely something going on.”

Some believe that this was an attempt to harness Spiers’s life energy in the immediate hours after his death, while others believe it was part of a satanic ritual to complete the preplanned nature of his death. It would appear that until Duval discloses what exactly was happening, and when and if that information is made available to the world’s media by Polish investigators, theories will continue to swirl. As for who the “other people” that Vanessa claims to have heard during the aforementioned phone call were, that also would appear to be Duval’s secret to divulge.

5 Personality Disorders And Addiction

Max Spiers 2

Photo credit: We Are Change

In addition to his claims of super soldiers and trained assassins, Spiers was known to have battled various addictions—checking into rehab facilities several times—as well as to have suffered from extreme anxiety and depression.

It also came to light in Fractured that a mystery woman, known only as “Madelaine” in e-mail transcripts that surfaced, stated that Spiers suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had personality disorders. Not only did this point to the fact that Spiers was mentally unwell, at least in the run-up to his death, but to the fact that the people he was with also knew this. Whether their efforts to help him were genuine or suspicious is something that is still being investigated by Polish authorities at the time of this writing.

These pieces of information may, more so than any other, lead toward the correct and accurate explanation as to why Spiers met such an unfortunate end. However, those who subscribe to his theories state that his addictions were merely a coping mechanism for the mind control programming he had endured.

4 Red Mark On Forehead

While speaking to the BBC, it came to light that Spiers’s mother had a picture of her son that was taken in the morgue. Although the picture was not shown in their documentary, it was described in detail. According to India Rakusen, a red mark was present on Spiers’s forehead, like a burn mark around the size of a fingerprint.

It was mentioned that when the emergency and medical notes were studied, there was no mention at all of such a mark or wound being present. This would suggest that this mark occurred after Spiers had been declared dead and may have been part of the ritual that Vanessa believes she heard in the background of the previously mentioned phone call.

3 Vomited Strange, Dark Liquid Before Death

While attending to Spiers in the immediate hours before his death, it was noted by the doctor who tried to revive Max on-scene that he vomited “dark brown liquid.” When Spiers’s mother spoke to Monika Duval following his death, she was told that he had “vomited two liters of black fluid.”

As you might expect, theories as to what this substance might have been range from the probable to the outrageous. Some believe the dark fluid to be the result of poisoning, either intentional or accidental, which would also explain the intense fever Max suffered in his final 24 hours. Vanessa theorized that he was poisoned slowly over many days, which would explain the decline in his health in the days immediately leading up to his death.

Others believe that whatever it was that Max was investigating, he made certain people uncomfortable enough to take tragic and final action. The apparent lack of information from the Polish authorities plays into their hands in terms of backing up their claims. One of the most extreme theories is that the black vomit was the result of a satanic spell or ritual, which the satanic elite alien overlords carried out.

2 Alleged Investigations Into High-Ranking Child Abuse Ring

One of the main theories that has repeatedly cropped up on social media in the months following Spiers’s death is that he was investigating a satanic child abuse ring that involved some very high-ranking politicians and celebrities. Spiers certainly isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, conspiracy theorist to make such statements or, if indeed the claims of him doing so were true, to investigate them.

There appears to be no evidence at all to back up these claims, other than the opinions and hearsay of other conspiracy theorists. However, the fact that Spiers’s computer and SIM card were wiped and removed, respectively, allows such theories to cover much ground, which indeed they have.

Some sites even attempted to connect Spiers’s investigations and death to the bizarre “Pizzagate” conspiracy that gathered pace in the run-up to the 2016 US election and still continues to circulate around news feeds today. Again, there is no definitive proof that this was the case, just rumors bounced from one conspiracy site to another.

1 Accusations Of Not Being Credible By Conspiracy Community

Max Spiers 3

Photo credit: Doubtful News

While many embraced Spiers as an authentic whistle-blower, putting his very life on the line to pass on information to the world, others, even some in his own field, were less convinced and did not regard him as credible. Adam Borowski told the BBC that Spiers merely “collects the research of other people and then presents it as his own.”

Many of Spiers’s theories and ideas did echo other authors such as David Icke or whistle-blowers such as Corey Goode. Whether that makes his claims authentic or not is very much open to debate. What is for certain though, even after his death, is that Spiers remains a person who manages to cause a divide of sorts, even within his own field.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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