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10 Food Channels On Youtube That You’ll Love

by Gregory Myers
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Anyone can upload pretty much anything on Youtube, and as such it is so massive and unwieldy that it can be hard to sift through all of the mostly pointless or absurd content to find the few true gems. As such, we have gone through Youtube and found some of the best cooking and food channels for your viewing pleasure. From the international, to the historical, from comedy, to prison cooking, and everything in between, we will guide you through some of the best channels on the site.

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10 Grandpa Kitchen

Grandpa’s An Emotional and heart touching final journey | grandpa kitchen

Why you’ll love it: The Channel Grandpa Kitchen Feeds Indian Orphans, And Cooks In The Open Air

Grandpa Kitchen is a more recent addition to Youtube, only joining in late 2017, but they have already amassed almost 200 videos, and they have over 5 million subscribers. Based in a village in Telangana, India, the channel is run by a father and son who are local to the area. The channel always starts off with gentle, caring music, showing you the orphans they are going to feed. It then cuts to the elder of the two, Narayana Reddy, who is 73 years old, and introduces himself as “your grandpa” and gives a light, loving and friendly chuckle. He explains what he will be preparing today, and then him and his son Shrikant Reddy, who manages his Youtube channel, set to work.

Out in the open air, using giant pots, they make meals of every kind imaginable. From traditional Indian recipes like butter chicken, to international favorites like cheeseburgers and lasagna, grandpa Reddy cooks it all in a huge pot, enough to feed a whole village of orphans. And, when it comes to the international recipes, they add spices to give it an Indian sensibility, such as coriander powder, cumin, red chili sauce, ginger garlic paste, black pepper and others. His recipe variations are fascinating, and the video is done mostly without music, which has given it some qualities that people compare to ASMR videos. At the end, the payoff is about as good as it gets, as you see him literally handing the food to orphaned children, and watching as they eat it with a satisfied and happy expression on their faces. Grandpa doesn’t really ask directly for donations, instead, he just asks you to like, subscribe, and share, so that he can use more of his own money to feed hungry people.[1]

9 Townsend

Potted Beef In The 18th Century

Why you’ll love it: The Channel Townsends Experiments With 18th Century (And Sometimes Older) Recipes

Townsends is a Youtube channel that was founded by John Townsend, a man originally known mostly for the brick and mortar store he runs with his dad in Pierceton Indiana, that had for years sold gear for historical reenactors who were looking to interpret history from roughly around American colonial times. However, the Youtube channel is what has really given him fame, and blown up his business into something huge. His channel started out mostly featuring 18th century recipes, and has been incredibly authentic from the start. They use historically accurate methods and try to follow the recipes from old cookbooks as much as is possible; although sometimes the instructions are unclear and they have to experiment or make guesses.

As his channel has grown, he has also made it even more about life in the 18th century in general. He has shown all sorts of survival tips, and other methods of how things were done back in the day, and interviewed various historical reenactors in character, in order to teach people more about the time period. One of his most controversial, but successful interviews was with a black woman who interprets the life of an enslaved woman from the 18th century. Her interpretation of the time period was uncomfortable for some, but it was extremely accurate, and both portrayed the enslaved people of the time in a positive light, while highlighting at the same time, in frank terms, how difficult and awful things were for them.[2]

8 Kitchen Nightmares

The WORST Steaks On Kitchen Nightmares

Why you’ll love it: Kitchen Nightmares Has A Channel To Give You Your Fix Of Angry Gordon Ramsay

The vast majority of you are already familiar with the two hit shows, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, which was set in the United Kingdom, and Kitchen Nightmares, a similar but more bombastic show that was set in the United States of America, both starring known food expert and rage queen Gordon Ramsay. However, while some people don’t enjoy the rollercoaster of the entire show, most people enjoy angry people shouting at others about making bad food. If you are one of these people, you will likely immensely enjoy the Kitchen Nightmares Youtube channel.

It has all of the best clips and moments of Gordon Ramsay berating bad chefs and going off about disgusting food, and an incredible amount of excellent compilations. If you are the type to watch Kitchen Nightmares just for the part where he bashes food they understand you completely. Most of the compilations are overwhelming negative in nature, and filled to the brim with Ramsay going off on incompetent chefs and or restaurant owners for one reason or another. For some people this may be a bit too much negativity to stomach, but if just find it hilarious to watch Ramsay lose his temper, or spit out disgusting food over and over, you will find almost endless amusement on this channel.[3]

7 Great Depression Cooking

Great Depression Cooking – Poorman’s Feast

Why you’ll love it: Great Depression Cooking Gives You An Authentic Look At Food From That Era In America

The Youtube Channel Great Depression Cooking is no longer posting new videos, but that is because the series star, unfortunately, is dead. The channel’s star was Clara Cannucciari, who wrote the cooking book “Great Depression Cooking With Clara” and has had some of her individual videos viewed by millions of people. She was born in 1915, but sadly passed away in 2013, at the tender age of 98 years old. Several years before she died, her grandson Christopher started filming her recipes and commentary for posterity, and uploaded them to Youtube, in order to bring her knowledge to the world.

Clara calmly told stories from the era explaining just how poor people really were, and what they used to make hearty recipes back then, in order to feed as many people as possible with so little. She was never that interested in being filmed, but she turned out to be really good on camera, and she maintained a down home authenticity by always filming in her own kitchen with all of her own old tools, which she had managed with for a very long time. While it may be depressing to some, watching her channel can be good not just for historical purposes. The world economy is in a somewhat unstable state right now, so knowing how to make cheap, healthy meals that can feed a lot of people may be very important knowledge again very soon. If nothing else, we all could have individual times of want, so we could all use knowledge of this kind.[4]

6 Rasta Kitch

Beet, Carrot & Soursop Juice! (Rasta Style)

Why you’ll love it: Rasta Kitchen Gives You An Authentic Look At Ital Cooking Straight From Jamaica

Rasta Kitchen is a rare gem on Youtube that was started roughly four years ago. The show takes place in Jamaica, in a riverside cottage owned by a Rasta named Mokko who lives there with his entire family. The cottage had been on the World’s Together Travel Network and caught the attention of a few aspiring filmmakers from Canada who contacted Mokko. Since then, with a small film crew, a young man named Matthew has worked with Mokko to produce videos of his cooking to showcase on Youtube. They even hope, with enough attention, to one day turn Rasta Kitchen into a feature length show on network television.

Some of the videos from Rasta Kitchen have garnered millions of views, likely because of Mokko’s laid back style and the way he talks to Matthew and the camera crew as if they are just friends over for lunch. He slowly, but surely, makes his way through authentic Ital recipes, giving detailed commentary throughout on his entire process, and the meals are always clearly delicious and healthy. The laid back style of the channel, instead of the faster, cut pacing of many cooking channels today, is a welcome change, and makes you feel like you are right there with him in Jamaica, listening to him dispense cooking advice in person, in his own, charismatic manner.[5]

5 Kali Muscle

LASAGNA (4,000 CALORIES) – Kali Muscle

Why you’ll love it: Kali Muscle Will Show You How To Make Prison Food, And Bulk On A Budget

Now known as Kali Muscle, he was once simply known as Chuck Kirkendall. He grew up in Oakland and in his early college years was struggling financially and often surrounded by violence. As a young man he made a huge mistake and committed armed robbery to try to make ends meet. He was caught and went to prison for eleven years. He decided he would make something of himself, and spent the next eleven years bulking up as a bodybuilder, so that he could be something when he got out.

After getting out of prison, he managed to star in a handful of commercials due to his physique, which helped him get a little bit of a start. Now, he has a Youtube channel where he gives kids tips on how to lift weights as a positive outlift, and how to bulk up on a budget. He has become a motivational speaker and a husband, convinced it is his mission to help as many kids as possible avoid the time in jail he went through. He shows fascinating recipes that he used in prison to bulk up, as well as healthier foods he eats now for bodybuilding, many of which can still be done on a budget. All of his recipes have a very charismatic delivery and it draws you in as you feel like he is speaking directly to you, as your friend, showing you his favorite tips and giving you advice. His passion to show off everything he has learned in life, after all he went through, is infectious.[6]

4 You Suck At Cooking

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese – You Suck at Cooking (episode 96)

Why you’ll love it: The Channel You Suck At Cooking Gives A Comedic, But Delicious Take On Cooking

If you haven’t heard of the channel “You Suck At Cooking” and you enjoy sarcastic, satirical humor, then you don’t know what you have been missing. Hosted by a mysterious person somewhere in Canada, the channel showcases healthy, homemade recipes, with an extremely comedic bent, utilizing a lot of slightly insulting jokes, and various puns or other effects. While the channel is extremely comedic and played for laughs, he uses fresh ingredients, and if you already know a decent amount about cooking, you can actually glean some pretty useful ideas and recipes from it.

However, most people just watch it because of a charismatic comedian who has put together entire skits around fake girlfriends, a sentient robot that he built as a kid, an entire storyline about sentient eggs involving murder, and so many other hilarious gags. On top of that, he will sometimes end videos with his own original songs, backed by guitar, with funny lyrics relevant to the situation at hand. It may sound personally insulting, but You Suck At Cooking is really just meant to amuse you, and maybe educate you just a little bit about healthy, and affordable cooking along the way.[7]

3 First We Feast

Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Why you’ll love it: First We Feast Doesn’t Do Much Cooking, But Hot Ones Is Must See TV

The Youtube Channel First We Feast is an offshoot of a food blog started back in 2014, which still has a website to this day. The channel features shows such as the Burger Shop, and the Curry Shop, where they talk about food making guides, occasionally showcase recipes, but mostly eat and review a lot of interesting and delicious food. However, by far the show they are most known for is Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans.

This show has celebrities sit down and have an interview with the host, while the host and the interviewee eat progressively hotter wings, and become progressively more miserable. The interviews usually range from about 20-30 minutes long, but they are well worth the length. Many A list celebrities and musicians have been on the show, and something about the experience seems to break down people’s vulnerabilities in such a way that they give really human answers, and not the scripted sounding stuff you are used to hearing in TV interviews. The host and his team also do a really good job on research to ask a lot of interesting questions they might not hear elsewhere, and it can also just be fun to watch rich people suffer eating insanely hot wings.[8]

2 ReportOfTheWeek

Taco Bell Totally BLEW IT with the Double Chalupa

Why you’ll love it: ReportOfTheWeek Reviews Fast Food In A Suit And Tie — It Doesn’t Get Much More Unique

The ReportOTheWeek is a Youtube channel that has been running since 2011, and started out mostly with food reviews. The host, at the start, was a kid of only 13 who got people’s attention because he would review greasy fast food while wearing a suit and tie. He also does drink reviews, and has his own radio style show where he interacts with listeners in a more intimate way than he can do on Youtube.

While his real name is John Jurasek, his is affectionately known as Reviewbrah by his fans, and has gained great notoriety since his appearance on an episode of the hit Comedy Central Show Tosh. Despite the setback of temporary demonetization of food review videos, he kept going strong with patreon contributions, and has never really stopped giving regular, and quality content over the years. He somehow never makes a mess on his suits, and his sophisticated bearing gives a strange vibe to the videos that draws people in. Also, while people may find it strange to review fast food so seriously, he believes that as fast food is what people eat most, it makes sense to review it in all seriousness, as it has the most relevance to the average person’s life.[9]

1 TheWolfePit

Uh Oh…Dollar Tree Sells GROUND BEEF!! – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit

Why you’ll love it: TheWolfePit Will Test The Strangest Dollar Store Foods For You, The People

The WolfePit is hosted by a middle aged dad from Texas, known as Larry, who uses his channel to cook a lot of down home, delicious Texas comfort food and his recipes are good quality, if not always the most lean options. However, it is his reviews of the most insane, processed food products, that he is probably best known for.

His favorite place to shop is the Dollar Tree, but he will try strange foods from around the world, or almost anything processed (especially if it is sold at a discount). From whole chicken in a can, to steaks from the Dollar Tree, he will prepare it according to the package instructions, and dutifully give it a try for you, the people. His soothing delivery, as he reads the nutritional content and explains anything strange in the ingredients list, manages to draw people in, in an almost hypnotic way. He also makes a lot of dad jokes, and other silly puns, but in such a way that you don’t really groan, but just enjoy it as part of the overall charm.[10]

fact checked by Jamie Frater