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10 Best Inventions For Dog Owners

by Alison Gestalt
fact checked by Rachel Jones

You do spoil your dog, and it’s only right as they are a part of your family. While many inventions aim to make dogs self-sufficient while they are at home alone, no technological marvel bests spending time with them or frolicking together in the outdoors.

While you might second guess these unique pet products, hang on. If you think about it, even the inventor of the flea collar must have been fed up with pesky flea scratches. So they created a way to rid their pets of fleas and prevent them from coming back. Pet parents everywhere were skeptical that a collar could solve their four-legged friend’s flea problem, but now they’re practically a necessity. Let’s walk through the ten best inventions for dog owners—wait, did you say walk?

10 PetPeek Fence Window

Review: PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Let’s face it. Your dog loves to have a better look at the other side of the fence. It’s the equivalent of a canine accomplishment. This is a neat invention for dog owners who wish there was something they can do to stop fence scratching, digging, or putting heads through chinks and holes.

The PetPeek fence window offers a safer, more generous, and aesthetic window than a simple hole in the fence. These clear glass half domes beat flat windows as your dog can put their head through, turn it around, and observe without putting themselves or others at risk.

It could be that your furry friend wants to see you off when you go or to keep an eye on every stranger passing outside the fence. The PetPeek fence window makes a concave dome that sticks out of the fence and helps curb incessant barking as they’re not too alarmed by what’s happening on the other side.

9 Kurgo Car Zip Line Harness

Auto Zip Line Dog Car Harness by Kurgo

If your puppy is especially feisty, they might hop onto the front passenger seat or even wiggling onto your lap as you drive. Other than placing your furry pal in a seat belt harness, which they hate, the better option remains the Kurgo Car Zip Line Harness.

Your four-legged friend loves to ride in the car with you, but keeping still for safety isn’t easy. They want to stick their head out of one back window and then skip to the one on the other side before coming to stand in the center console to be next to you.

This just-in-time invention will keep your dog in the back seat but lets them slip back and forth between the rear windows. Your pet is kept secure, and they have access to all the wind they desire on their face while you drive safely.

8 Frostybowlz Chilled Water Bowl

Frosty Bowlz: Pets & Animal Care TV Commercial

Everyone hates drinking warm water, your dog included. A chilled drink makes all the difference. That’s why this low tech invention is so popular with pet parents who are tired of placing ice that melts in their dogs drinking bowls, particularly when summer comes around.

The chilled water bowl by FrostyBowlz keeps the water cooler for longer using an insert that freezes the bowl itself. This invention can chill water in the bowl for more than 14 hours, even in the hottest temperatures, and it works outdoors and indoors.

The dishwasher safe bowl is made from 28 oz heavy-gauge steel and has a non-skid surface. The FrostyBowlz uses FrostyCore innovative freezable gel that’s reusable for over 1000 times. You can also use the chilled bowl to keep dog food fresh all day, minimizing the risk of bacteria, and it has a moat tray around the edge to keep ants away.

7 SafetyFirst Universal Car Window Travel Vent

SafetyFirst Doggy Vent

Now here’s something that dog owners desperately need when traveling with their pets, especially if you have to leave them in the car. The SafetyFirst Universal Car Window Travel Vent lets you crack down the car window further, and you don’t have to worry that your dog will jump out or strangers will reach in trying to play with them at the parking lot.

This is a collapsible grill that fits between the top and bottom of a half-open car window, allowing your dog more fresh air and preventing unwanted petting hands. You don’t have to rig contraptions that keep falling off or which won’t deter egress or entry, while the SafetyFirst Car Window Travel Vent costs less than $15

6 Playdate

Playtime can be tiresome for dog owners, but luckily dogs can have great fun all on their own with a little incentive. Playdate combines a Remote Operation Vehicle or ROV with a camera and packages in a pretty but sturdy plastic ball.

A mobile app lets you operate the robotic plaything from remote locations; you control functions like drive, smile, play, and repeat. Made from non-toxic polycarbonate, this top-selling, chew-resistant ball charges through a wireless docking platform.

Playdate is also a two-way audio device, with visuals provided by the wide-angle camera module, designed not to roll around with the outer ball. You can connect to this intelligent toy from anywhere using the android and iOS compatible apps, bringing you close to your pet when you’re not home.

5 LESYPET Leash with Umbrella

LESYPET Dog Umbrella with Leash Pet Adjustable Umbrella for Small Dogs

It’s not as though dogs mind getting rained on all that much, but you’ll have to dry them when you get back from a walk. The LESYPET Umbrella with Leash is for a small-sized dog or puppy. It attaches to the leash over your pet to keep them dry in the rain.

If rain ruins your dog walking, and you’re not looking forward to toweling them when you get back, this invention is worth a try. A see-through hood lets your pup navigate the puddles to keep their feet from getting wet.

4 iFetch

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher – Product Demo

If there ever was an invention that dogs celebrated, it’s the automated ‘fetch’ robot that gave respite to tired human arms. iFetch is an automatic ball launcher that interacts with the dog, launching balls gently at three set distances, and there’s a mini version, a Frenzy, as well as the Too for fast-paced to large dogs.

Dogs never get tired of playing fetch, and you’ll see just how much this toy keeps your puppy bouncing around. With the touch of a button, iFetch balls start rolling, launched at up to 30 feet, and continue as soon as your dog brings it back to the funnel-shaped mouth.

This interactive toy launches a branded ball once your dog brings back one and returns it into its large container. The iFetch is also handy, a purely mechanical robotic toy that doesn’t use sensors or fancy apps to control.

3 Furbo High-Tech Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

Furbo lets you toss your dog treats from afar

If you’re out for the night, you should have a way to check in on your dog, maybe with a live-streaming device that has night vision? Yeah, that’s the stuff. For your dog, it’s even better when the Furbo High-Tech Treat-Tossing Dog Camera tosses them a treat, just to let them know you’re thinking about them.

A free iOS and android app connect seamlessly with this device, giving you access to a pet spy that shoots treats at your delighted canine. You reward your dog as you heap visual and verbal praises on them, all from a distance, and you’ll get push notifications when they’re barking.

Remind your dog from any location that you love them, switching on the camera that captures their furry grin, even in the dark.

2 Inubox

Inubox: The First Fully Automated Dog Toilet

Dog owners need a solution when they aren’t around to take their pets out to go to the bathroom themselves. Even if you don’t have access to a backyard, your dog can easily use the Inubox self-cleaning dog waste management system.

This invention uses a hydrophobic tray and a weight sensor pad that activates waste clearing as soon as your dog steps off the litter box. When your four-legged friend makes a business visit, the Inubox dispenses a treat as a reward—a thank you note for absentee potty training.

But what will keep your treat-loving hound from coming back for more treats from the poop machine? The inventor of Inubox thought of that too. It can sense when they’ve actually done their business, prompting them to stop depositing smelly treats in any other part of the house.

1 Haptic Feedback Harness

Best Dog Harness in 2019 – Top 5 Dog Harness Review

Haptic feedback harnesses for seeing-eye dogs have jumped off the ol’ drawing board. A blind dog owner himself, Sean Marlin, lead author of the research paper on the experimental harness, tested the leash system, which contains an electrocardiogram and plethysmograph.

The dog’s heart rate and respiration are monitored, and the output is processed by an aptly named Beaglebone Black microcomputer at the harnesses’ base. Blind dog owners can now rely on their guide dogs’ cues with vibratory monitors at both sides of the leash handle.

You can also select the audio option via a Bluetooth headset too. This feature is being tested to remotely monitor the well-being of search and rescue dogs in dangerous situations.

fact checked by Rachel Jones