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10 Bizarre Body Modifications People Actually Do

by Steve Etherwood
fact checked by Rachel Jones

About half of the adults in the United States have tattoos, while 20% more have considered getting one. The average body-inking price is currently at 100 U.S. dollars, but the cost can be higher depending on several factors. While the general community somewhat accepts these body modifications, some people have gone a notch higher to modify their bodies to extreme levels. They are bizarre, to say the least.

While devotees think their body tattoos, skin implants, and piercings are beautiful or spiritually and emotionally uplifting, medical experts believe these extreme body mods are dangerous and sometimes symbolize mental illnesses. Either way, our role here is to provide you with what we think are the 10 most bizarre modifications people have ever actually done. On a lighter note, the information here enlightens you where the bar of “bizarre mods” is currently set.

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10 Start Early: Meet the Extreme Body Mod Who Started Aged 11

I Started My Extreme Body Mod Aged 11 | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

We have heard of stories of soccer players or athletes who discovered their talents when they were very young. Well, it turns out that even in the body mod industry—if that’s a profession, too—you can start early. Meet Chiara. She has a passion for body modification. As it stands, she has six subcutaneous implants, 12 scarifications, two brandings, tattooed eyes, and over 20 piercings.

Like most children, she started with her earlobes when she was 11, but she went straight into stretching them out of size rather than the typical small-entry piercings. After three years, the urge to modify her body further took over, going to new extremes every time she pierced herself. Chiara’s modifications are not motivated by money or fame; they are a personal need.

Her mother is very supportive. She sees her daughter’s escapades as an interest that anybody would have. However, she is afraid that her daughter may contract infections due to regular piercings and other mods. All in all, Chiara made her choices. She seems to be having a healthy relationship with her mother and everyone around her.

9 One for the Records

Most Body Modifications – Guinness World Records

According to the official Guinness World Records, Rolf Buchholz from Germany holds the record for the most body modifications in the men’s category. Here is a twist: of Rolf’s 481 piercings, 278 of them are on his genitals. We get it; we have the same questions too. To some more “public” space now, two of Rolf’s 35 implants are subdermal “horns” while five are magnetic implants, each placed in the fingertips of his right hand.

Tongue splitting seems to be a popular choice among body mods, and Rolf is not different. Genital splitting is not counted in this record, though. Either way, it remains a record.

8 Another One for the Records, with a Twist

Lawyer Transforms Herself Into The Vampire Woman | Maria Jose Cristerna

Maria Jose Cristerna, famously known as “The Vampire Woman” or “the Jaguar Woman,” as she prefers, goes down as one of the official females with the most body modifications. The lawyer and a mother of four—yes, you read that right—has over 49 body modifications. They include a range of transdermal implants located on her chest, arms, and forehead. She also has several piercings on her eyebrows, tongue, earlobes, nose, and lips.

Apart from growing up in the rugged streets of Mexico and her parents divorcing, Maria was in an abusive marriage before she quit and decided to “liberate” herself. Rather than use the legal channel, which she knows a thing or two about, she focused more on body modification. She still holds the record for the woman with the most tattoos and body modifications to date.

7 The Black Alien Project

The Black Alien Project | Man Transforms Himself Into Alien

How far can you go to achieve the look you always wanted? As far as projects go, there are no limits for one Anthony Loffredo, aka the Black Alien Project. Since he was a child, his dream has been to look like aliens and nothing like humans. He was fascinated with mutation and human body transformations. After starting as a bodybuilder, he noticed he could achieve more, prompting his body modification quest.

He woke up one day, quit his job, packed his bags, and left for Australia. From splitting his tongue, piercing his chin, and tattooing his eyeballs black, Anthony was ready to push the boundaries and become an “alien,” a black one for that matter.

From being serious to full-blown insanity, Anthony surgically removed his ears and nose because, you know, aliens don’t have those. He later did away with his top lip, which led to his current speaking troubles, but he didn’t care. Do aliens speak? You aren’t sure? Okay, we leave it at that.

6 Alright, Couple Up

Body Mod Married Couple Are Still In Love ❤️️ – Guinness World Records

Next in line are individuals who thought, “Now that I have modified my body, I might as well find another bizarre person” to do this thing called life with.” Gabriella Peralta from Argentina and Victor Hugo Peralta from Uruguay have been married for over 13 years. Their international love (in all accounts) is still going strong.

The two hold an official record recognized by the Guinness World Records for having 88 modifications, even though they have now increased them to over 98 (at the time of writing). Gabriella narrates that the implants in her hands are her favorite, although she likes her scars equally as much. For Victor, his colored tattooed eyes and split tongue are his favorite. Their relationship is one for the record books, literally.

5 The Most Modified Woman in the World

Extreme Body Art and Body Modification | The Most Modified Transsexual Woman in The World

With eight hones in her forehead, removed ears, shaped nose, most of her teeth done away with, split tongue, tattooed eyeballs, branding on her chest, and scarifications, Tiamat Dragon Lady had to make this list. Before her body modification, the Dragon Lady was a banker and the vice president of one of the largest banks in the United States.

She left her corporate job because she found out about her positive HIV status, and there was no way she was going to “die looking like a human.” According to her, humans are awesome, but they are the most destructive, hateful creatures, killing each other for no good reason. They cannot be compared to other more faithful creatures. Through body mod, she has found her happiness.

4 Red Skull Venezuela

Red Skull Venezuela

Remember Captain America’s nemesis Red Skull? One Henry Rodriguez is pushing boundaries through body modifications to look like the superhero’s foe. It is the project of his life and the future of his face. The extreme nature of his transformation has made him famous beyond the borders of his motherland, Venezuela.

A proud Venezuelan with two Guinness World Records, Rodriguez considers himself a human being who brings character to life representing his country beyond borders. However, like many body mods, life hasn’t been the same since he started his Red Skull journey. A simple task like going to the grocery store to get some items brings him a lot of attention, with some people staring at him outright.

Not to be bothered, though; Henry is a firm believer that every day is a new one. Everyone gets to choose their style—his being body modification. However, unlike most body mods, he is still proud to be associated with “normal humans.” He says there is nothing he can’t do, and if that doesn’t make him human, what does?

3 Piercings Galore: Elaine Davidson

“I have 9,800 piercings”

Elaine Davidson holds the record for being the most pierced lady in the world. She got her first piercing in 1997 and has since accumulated more than 9,500 of them as of 2014. According to her, people should do things because they want to do it—it should come from their heart. She derives pleasure from her piercings; her world record gives her pleasure.

Asked what she thinks about other people’s opinions on her appearance, she said that it doesn’t bother her what anyone has to say. She believes that she is good as long as she doesn’t hurt anybody. All her piercings are on her face and tongue, with some stretching to her throat.

2 Juggle Chainsaws Here, Swallow Swords There. Or Just Ride on a Unicycle

Most Tattooed Man! Lucky Diamond Rich – Guinness World Records

Lucky Diamond Rich is one man who has been lucky to live life the way he knows best. Apart from juggling chainsaws, swallowing swords, and riding on a unicycle, he is one person who decided to take body modifications to the next level. Born in New Zealand, Lucky holds the record for being the most tattooed man.

His whole body is covered in tattoos, which he spent over 1,000 hours in tattoo shops worldwide to get. His body modification journey started when he was 16, and by the time he was 28, he was a full-blown superstar in the field. Being a tattooist himself, Lucky would walk into any tattoo shop and show a part of his body where he wanted to be tattooed. A habit that went on until his whole body was covered in ink.

He understands that everyone is different with specific interests. Because of that, he has never had self-esteem issues.

10 Ladies and Gentlemen, the Lizard Man

The Lizardman : Erik Sprague [HD]

Of all the people with bizarre body modifications discussed here, Eric Sprague, also known as the Lizard Man, has to be the most freakish of all. Not only has he modified his body to look like a lizard, but he can also perform breathtaking stunts using these modified parts, such as the ears.

For instance, he can tie a chair to his earlobes using chains then swing it around as his more or less sympathetic crowd watches in disbelief and amusement. He has also drilled nails into his nose and played with fire (literally) in some of his shows.

He attributes most of his success to friends and family who have always been supportive. The whole journey has been a process, and he admits that he didn’t transform overnight into what he currently is. His body is mesmerizing. His stunts? Well, they’re something else.

fact checked by Rachel Jones