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Christmas Competition 2007

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Alex Hanton

Christmas is getting closer by the day, so to celebrate the holidays and to help me fill my daily quota of articles during the break (so I can have a holiday too!) I am launching our Christmas 2007 Competition.

How it works


As I mentioned on an earlier administrative article, I need lists for the Christmas period as I will be on holiday for a month. In order to inspire people to write these lists, I have created this competition. There will be a prize for first, second, and third place. The winner will be the person who contributes the list that I feature on the front page of the site on Christmas Day (December 25, 2007). The second place getter will have their list featured on the front page on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2007), and the third place getter will have their list featured on the front page the day before Christmas Eve (December 23, 2007).

The Prizes

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The winner of the competition will receive a brand new silver 4GB Apple iPod Nano with video. This prize is valued at $149 US. You can read more about the iPod Nano here. The iPod nano features video, coverflow, an enhanced interface, and a sleek design.


The second prize winner will receive a 1GB Apple iPod shuffle in any of the available colors – a value of $79 US.


And the third place winner will receive an iTunes Music card to the value of $25 US (or equivalent if you are not in the US).

The Rules

Rules Graphic

List Format: In order to enter, you must write a list of at least 10 items. You must include one image for each item, and an overall description of your list for the opening paragraph. You can send the list as a zip, or as individual items. If you write your list in Microsoft Word, or similar applications, please do not embed the images in the document – simply include them with your email. Your list should contain at least one paragraph per item – but more is allowed.

List Topics: The topic of your list can be anything you like. I will accept lists relating to Christmas, but I would like a good variety of many topics so we don’t have a month of Christmas lists in December. The winning lists may not have anything to do with Christmas – they will be the best of the lists I receive regardless of topic.

Important Dates: No lists will be accepted on or after the 15th of December, 2007. I reserve the right to publish any or all of the submitted lists from the 16th of December. All published lists will be marked as part of the competition. This means that if your submission does not win, it might appear on the site as early as the 16th.

Copyright and Payments: All lists submitted become the property of the List Universe and no payments will be made for them outside of the prizes listed here. If you wish to submit a list for publication under the current $20 payment scheme, you can still do so but your lists will not be included in the competition. Once the competition is over, all lists will be included in the general pool of lists for publication at any further date.

Registered Users: You must be a registered user of the List Universe to enter. You can register for free here

You can submit as many lists as you like.

Submit your list


Please submit all lists that you want to enter in this competition to [email protected].

Please include your mailing address (for delivery of prizes) and use a valid email address as it will be needed to contact you. Please include your full name, and your registered user name on The List Universe.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

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fact checked by Alex Hanton
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