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Top 10 Booze Hound Gifts

by Dan231
fact checked by dickensgirl

Following yesterday’s list on Christmas shopping ideas, here is a list for that hard to buy for drinker. You know these people and you might even be one yourself: people that can throw back a few – or a lot! What do you get for these hard to buy for types? Well, here are a few ideas for you.

10. The Drink and Drive game $79


Take a small remote controlled car, a few obstacle cones, a shot glass and your favorite libation, what do you get? Lot’s of fun, that’s what! The object is to fill the shot glass with booze, place it on top of the car – there is a tray there to help steady it, setup your course and drive it without spilling. If you spill – you drink, if not – your opponents drink. This new gadget from Edwin is sure to please the drinker that just loves to get behind the wheel after pounding a few back.

Buy it here

9. The Gamerator $3,100 eBay auction


Picture it now: a 24″ flat screen, 187 arcade games and … cold beer! All without getting up! Who has a place for this in their home you ask? … who doesn’t have a place for this in their home is what I say! Sign me up for 2 at least.

Buy it here

8. Bedside Booze Drip £14.99


One quote comes to mind after seeing this product: “Just hook it to my veins!” Barney after winning a lifetime supply of Duff beer. — Enough said. [Edit from JFrater: if anyone was wondering what to get me for Christmas….]

Buy it here

7. The Bevy $14.95


Who doesn’t own a set of keys? Who doesn’t own an iPod? [Edit from JFrater: hopefully the person who wins the Christmas Competition – entries close tomorrow!] Who doesn’t drink beer? While these are insightful questions, the issue here is how do I get one of these babies? It’s a cover for your iPod shuffle, it’s a key ring, it’s an ear phone cord manager AND it’s a bottle opener. The only drawback is that in order to use it as a bottle opener, you have to remove your iPod. OK, that’s a big drawback, but still a pretty nifty gift idea. Ok, these next two items are from the same company: Brew innovations, LLC., and, boy, are they great ideas!

Buy it here

6. 3 Port Stainless Steel Octopus Tap with Bronco Pump $88.94


I know what you are thinking…What’s with the .94 cents? I don’t know either, but it’s got me so worked up that I’m waiting for a reply from Brew Innovations in response to my scathing letter. (Possibly a bit harsh, now that I stop to actually think about it.)

Anyway, this party pleaser is a keg tap designed to pour not just the standard one beer at a time, but 4 beers at a time! They state that this will increase beer flow up to 300%. Perfect for those of us that need to get thru that keg faster in order to crack open the next one!

Buy it here

5. The Beerbelly Retail Box $34.99


This idea of the century will make your favorite drinker happier than $1 pitcher night at the local bowling alley. It’s a portable, insulated ‘hydration system’. It hides under your shirt and can be filled with your favorite hooch or other beverage. Perfect for sneaking booze into your favorite concert, movie or children’s school activity.

Buy it here

4. The Winerack from Thrillist no price listed yet


To even up the score a bit, here is the ladies beerbelly version. Why? Why not, not all booze hounds are men! Ladies, turn your A cups into double-D’s for your drinking pleasure! Or your D’s to whatever comes next, I guess. I just can’t see how this is a bad choice of gift. This is the fun for the whole family gift!

Buy it here

3. The Beer Launching Fridge


As seen on the Late Show with David Letterman! I’m sure if you contacted John Cornwell, he’d sell you one, but as far as I know, these are not available in the stores…yet. Not much else to tell you, the name and picture pretty much tells the whole story. It’s a fridge that launches beer at you when you need another one. Perfect for the lazy booze hound in your life.

Read about it here

2. Beer Holster $17.99-24.99


Now the cowboy drinker can breathe a sigh of relief when they open this next gift from you. Now they can be cool and holster that beer at their next outlaw get together. After that 5th beer, when things are starting to get nice and crazy, you can whip out your best Clint Eastwood impression and be able to pull off that perfect beer gun trick.

Buy it here

1. Beer Belt $19.99


If the beer holster wasn’t brilliant enough, here’s the beer belt. Perfect for the drinker who loves to pound back beer after beer so fast that the beer never has a chance to get warm. Let’s face it, you know you want to be this guy at the next neighborhood block party!

Buy it here

Contributor: Dan231

fact checked by dickensgirl