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Top 10 Most Returned Gifts

StewWriter . . . Comments

It’s the Day After Christmas, When All Through Your House,
Those Brown Monkey Socks and That Way-Too Big Blouse,
Need to Go Back to the Store Right Away,
So No One Will See You Dressed That-A-Way!
I Mean Who in Their Right Mind Would Give Such a Thing
As a Bright-Orange Tie or a Plastic Mood Ring,
So it’s Off to the Store You Head With a Dash
Wondering Aloud Why You Didn’t Get Cash.

10. Duplicate Toys


When you have a big family like mine, it is a wonder this little mishap doesn’t happen all the time. Yes, there are lists a-plenty throughout the preceding months, however -probably similarly to your family- my parents and grandparents and steps- and -in laws like to go out on limbed tangents and get whatever they so desire. This can, and has, resulted in gift duplications that only serve to lead to irritated children who, loudly, announce, “Hey, we already got this toy the other day!” I sure hope you kept the receipt.

9. Housewares


What ever gave you the idea that I have any intention, ever, of making pressed sandwiches? Yes, I have been the ever-proud recipient of one of these useless machines that I have used precisely this many times: 0. Unfortunately, I couldn’t return it since it was purchased from a store in another state. I still have it. Also, while we’re at it, unless it is specifically asked for, bathroom accessories are not cool gifts, since no one that I have ever seen, shy of eighty-year olds, have their washrooms decked out in lavender. No good.

8. Movies


Wow, how did you know I wanted my very own copy of Mega Force? Oh, thanks, now I can watch Ed as often as I want! Unless you are on an intimate-knowledge basis with your to-be gift recipient, getting a movie for him or her is a hit-or-miss prospect and, chances are, one of the two parties is going away thoroughly disappointed. Keep that Deluxe-Edition of Weekend at Bernie’s Two for your own collection.

7. Video Games

Name Drop

You are treading into some seriously shark-infested waters here, pal. Now, assume for a moment that your child has taken the time to not only sketch out a perfect mock-up of the video game’s cover in his Christmas list, but also has drawn you a map to the various locales at which said game can be purchased, maybe it’s a good idea for you to follow it. He or she obviously wants this particular game enough to have politely begged you for it since Halloween, so wrapping up a copy of Sim Paint Dry is going to be the first rung on the rapidly-building ladder of disappointment that is your parenthood.

6. Music


Yet another vacation into the badlands on this one, sir or madam. Just because you are not a fan of Modern Punk or Emo doesn’t necessarily mean that your sullen teen isn’t. Believe me, I understand, Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco! are, by far, more annoying than a cat in a wood chipper, but your son or daughter is infatuated with them. If you’re already nursing the head wound from the projectile that was a Billy Joel hits collection, I suggest a return trip to the mall.

5. Shoes


Sometimes your favorite aunt, or step-mother, goes a little bonkers and decides to pick you up a fine new pair of kicks for Christmas. Oh, but aren’t their intentions just the sweetest? You can count on one finger the number of times you’ve worn Zips. But, to the fashion-blind that are your relatives, these particular shoes are what are ‘in’ and ‘hip’. But after opening then, all your kid wants to do is kick hr in the hip. Glad that receipt is taped to the box, Nana.

4. Spouse-Inappropriate Gifts


So you’ve been married for 10 years? Congratulations! You went right out and got your spouse a toaster for Christmas, huh? Nice. Don’t be surprised if you find divorce papers in your stocking.

3. Clothing


Do you see those tattered rags all in black that your kid ‘wears’ to school? Have you even noticed, shy of just in passing, that your daughter is wearing leggings and denim mini-skirts with a Green Day T-shirt? Hmm… well, maybe that’s your problem. If you are going to get your children clothes for Christmas, I’d suggest rifling through their rooms and copying exactly what you see there. Or, better yet, gift certificates to Hot Topic.

2. Age-Inappropriate Toys


Do you, as I do, have that loony Grandmother, somewhere deep in her eighties, who believes that her great-grandchildren are forever 2, even when some of them are 6? Yeah, I thought so. Well, unfortunately, there is really not much to be done about it since the chances she even remembers your name, let alone where the receipts are, are pretty slim. Luckily, many stores will grant you with credit and you can then return that 18-month age-appropriate toy for something more fitting for your twelve-year old.

1. Something You Just Plain Didn’t Want

Gallsalve 14Oz

More often than not, you are just going to get a whole bunch of crap that you will never, in a million years, look at twice again, not to mention even use. There is just no room in your life for an Ant Farm, a year-supply of various Salves, or a creepy wooden Jesus clock. Find that receipt but quick and get yourself something nice.

Contributor: StewWriter

  • Mystern

    Ravyn: It's amazing how differing genders view bathstuffs. My wife loves to get crap like that. So does my homosexual father (yes, he actually is gay), and most of my female friends. I would prefer to not get them though. While I prefer practical gifts, they have to be multi use items. Get me some socks, or cuff links, or a nice professional tie or something of the sort. But don't get me soap that smells like vanilla and brown sugar.

    Here's a cool story I stumbled across on about a pair of pants that passed between two brothers for 35 years

    • de

      My sister sneaked an ugly plastic cup out of the trash that I had ceremoniously thrown away after mom died. I had always tried to get mom to throw it away. Anyway, she sent it to me for Christmas that year from NY. I went to visit her 6 months later & sneaked it into a cabinet. Nine months later, I got it sent to me from New Mexico. I kept it 3 months and sent it to her through a friend in Australia. She came to visit and sneaked it into my cabinet. I waited 6 months and had it sent from Poland when some friends visited. She’s had it since then and says she can’t top that. Gifts like that can be fun.

      • de

        An update: I just asked my sister if she still had the ugly cup. She said she used it as a coffin for a friend’s parakeet in hopes that some archaeologist of the future might some day go insane trying to figure out the meaning behind it.

  • good list, but its not specific enough, its just a list of everything anyone usually gets for christmas

  • dvhann

    jesse: i agree, i like the list but it just seems too general.

  • Emily

    man, panic at the disco and fallout boy are really annoying. :)
    and I don’t think you have to be the parents of teenagers to feel that way, i’m only 23!

  • Where’s the fruitcake?!

  • rotationbias

    Unwanted gifts are what Ebay is for. Turn them into cash and get something you really want.

  • Angelina

    My mom got me a star one year for X-mas. Yes, honest to God, a star from some celestial/space/solar organization who were “selling” stars. I had the certificate of authenticity and everything. So do I call NASA for a refund or what?!

  • torn and frayed

    See,this is exactly why I don’t do the whole gift giving thing. Much better to get nothing than all that disappointment.

  • Cute list. This year my kids got 3 copies of Chutes and Ladders and 2 copies of Candy Land. Not to mention the fact that they already have those games in their collection.

    I kinda have to disagree with #9 add-on. Bathroom stuffs are awesome to get. I got a couple of them this year and I love them. Specially since now the prewrapped gift sets come with extra things like hairbrushes, candles and massage rollers. Such a wonderful thing. I have all different kinds of scents now that I can choose to with my mood vanilla or lavander or cherry blossom since I don’t like the name brand stuff like Curve or Channel or that crap.

    Oh and most of the time when I get housewares, the people who get them for me seem to read my mind. Like this year my fiance and I have been talking about getting a deep fryer and now we have one. We also needed a new vacuum since ours was well onto its last leg. Got that too. I didn’t get anything this year that I didn’t need/want. (I even got my Harry Potter 5 movie that I was going to get on my next check.)

    My kids are extremely happy with what they got (including the clothes) this year. I don’t have to return anything. The douplicate games are going to be given to some kids in the family I know don’t have them and the givers know and agree with my doing that.

  • dan231

    Duplicate toys can be lots of fun. My brother-in law lives in a different state and we got one of his kids a Nerf dart gun and his sister (not my wife) who lives in a 3rd state got him the same Nerf gun. Rather than be bummed out from a dup gift, he now has two guns so he can play with a friend.

  • evan

    only have to return two things this year…
    a book, two people bought me the same one
    and a dvd, they got me the full screen version instead of the widescreen, i cant stand pan and scan! ;)

  • PeteFloyd


  • PeteFloyd

    Torn and Frayed = emo

  • Specter

    OMG! I can’t believe someone but me has heard of Mega Force.

  • Mikerodz

    Angelina: I like that, a star. You made my day.

    Anybody wanted to trade my new collection of John Wayne’s old movie? I just received it a day ago sealed in a very nice can container.

  • Jenna

    That is a picture of Klaxons, correct?

  • 20Fan20

    I always wondered why people gace “practical” gifts like a toaster to a spouse. My wife and I have always had a cool rule against that. We can get the practical stuff anytime. During Christmas you have to think of something the other would have fun with!

    Then again we did give one of those Fred Holy Mary in the Toast deals as a gag to her brother. Yep he loved it. I guess our standards of practical are not universally defined!

  • Budz

    4. Miss Destiny – December 26th, 2007 at 12:15 pm

    Where’s the fruitcake?!

    Agreed .. I was sure expecting that at number 1.

  • Hehe, great list. Although 1 is just way too broad. I think it should have been fruitcake, too.

    Mystern: Socks? Really? That’s an acceptable gift? Wow…if I had known that my shopping would have been SO much easier. Not even being sarcastic. Stuff like that is okay to get for guys?

  • Andie_Girl9

    Am I the only one 19 year old who received a $20 gift certificate to Toys-R-Us?

    -Andrea Carlena Beauman

  • Jenna: Yep… good call! ;-)

  • MaS

    Yeah so last year I got a giftbag from an aunt that had a yellow shirt in it and popcorn? What? I hate the color yellow, and I hate popcorn! I dont know if she knew that and was trying to be funny, or if she was serious. Worst gift ever though!

  • killerAngels

    when i was a kid my aunt adopted the practice of buying me clothes a few weeks after christmas. unfortunately, for me at least, they were always too small, but i would have to squeeze into them for when she came over for dinner. needless to say, they were always swiftly returned, or donated to the local goodwill.

    overall i enjoyed this list, along with the countless other on this site.

  • Hmm…I got a bracelet with a cross on it and a little charm that said “Beleive” which was sort of inappropriate considering I’m agnostic/don’t believe in God, per se. I think my grandparents meant well, anyway.

  • Goonlurker

    Image # 7 Video Games from

  • wowzer

    I agree that, while this list is quite entertaining, it is much too broad. And I noticed something while reading this: I’ve gotten something from almost every category. But they rock. Duplicate toys = two rubik’s cubes Housewares = ginsu knife set, movie = the original “Alien,” game = guitar hero III, music = The Who and The Doors, clothing = yummy sushi hoodie + rolling stones shirt, kids thing = Don’t Break the Ice (best kid game EVER) and something I didn’t *think* I wanted = computerized rubik’s cube(It’s awesome, but wtf). I made out like a frigging bandit this year! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah/Kwanzaa, Joyous Saturnalia, Festive Festivus and happy New Year, everyone!

  • Mary

    Toys ? Us also have electronics including dvds and cds, so a gift certificate is still useful if you don’t want toys. I would get some action figures because I am cool.


    now i just ask people what store(s) they like, and get them a gift card. that ensures that they get what they want.
    on the other hand, if someone names one thing they reeeeeaaaaalllyy want, i’ll get them that, but otherwise, they just name the store, and they shall get $20 to spend on w/e they want there. it works. i don’t usually like getting money because i always end up spending it on food at the mall or something stupid like that.

    the only gift i’m returning this year are some shoes that don’t fit because when i tried them on in the store, i tried them on with socks on, so without socks they don’t fit right. oh well.

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  • Drogo

    My uncle’s wife passed on a tradition to my family. You put the receipt in a sealed envelope in the bottom of the box. If you like the item you throw the envelope out, if you don’t like it you have the receipt to take to the store. Of course we always looked to see how much they paid (haha). We stopped exchanging gifts with my aunt and uncle partially because my aunt was sending junk that she got for free. My last Christmas present from them included a container of toothpicks.

    My grandmother insisted on buying me clothes that were big enough for me to “grow into.” I stopped growing at age 19, I finally convinced her of that when I was about 24 :)

  • Levi

    It seems as though every year, I recieve brand new… fingernail clipper. Yup yup… It’s strange considering I now have nearly a dozen, and they all still work fine. My nails have never been particularly long, nor am I an unkept person. I don’t get it. Mabye I smell funny.

  • Jackie

    I was so disappointed this year when I bought my best friend a book that I knew she would love and turned out she already had it. I’m glad I kept the receipt!

  • Rocky

    Last year I got a Dora the Explorer PJ set and a glittery fake tattoo gun. I’m 23! I have three of my own real tattoos. I don’t need glittery fake ones! And as for Dora the Explorer, the only thing I know about her is to stay away from her lead based GHB laced toys.

  • Mystern

    Kelsi: I love to get socks because my wife is always throwing out my socks with holes. While I don’t mind this practice I find myself in continual need of new ones. Plus there’s the joy of putting on a brand new pair of socks. I love it. If I had enough money I’d purchase an entire lifetime supply of brand new socks so I could wear a new pair every day. But keep in mind that if you want to give socks as a gift, make sure the person needs socks. Also take a look at the kind of socks they regularly wear. I hate it when someone gets me really uncomfortable socks.

  • the best way to give gifts is to ask what people want and go get that for them, or get them a gift card or something. i just took my son to walmart and let him pick out what he wanted this year, i am not plahying the “stand in line for an hour to return a gift you spent an hour in line to buy” this year

  • Yarr

    I got so much loot!

    The best was a set of Superman pj’s my fiance got me for a laugh, but they’re comfortable and warm and awesome! I’m wearing them right now, in fact…

  • cnorman

    I’ve got enough body spray to last a lifetime

  • Good list, but a bit too general. And isn’t number one a bit of a cop out? You could probably have a list of top ten returned movies, top ten returned clothes, top ten returned video games….

  • kittym

    I received fourteen DVD’s this year for Christmas, and to me that is HEAVEN. I suppose I’m a weird one, but anyone who knows me knows I’ll never say “no” to a movie! My poor brother, on the other hand, received a pair of blue fluffy slippers from our batty old great-aunt. The bad part? They had googly eyes. The worst part? He’s twenty-three.

  • amanda

    I actually got only housewears for christmas this year! I got a Kitchenaid stand mixer, a food processor, a fondue pot, and a set of bamboo cutting boards. Not to mention all the cookbooks! I love to cook, so I am estatic about all my kitchen stuff. My hubby didn’t get me kitchen stuff though. He got me a big bottle of purfume, which I love!

  • Misnthrope

    Most of the time we just tell each other what we want and we either get it or money. This year i got cash, a PS3, a game that I asked for, and money.

  • jbjr

    one year i got kitchen towels

  • Barnacle

    When you are younger, socks and jocks and towels are the absolute pits when it comes to receiving gifts.
    But as you get older, you get to the age where you are going, i really could use some basic necessities.
    And then all you get is chocolates. I got three boxes this year.

  • Becca

    I have to agree with the clothes thing…I was lucky this year and got my usual style of clothes, but my sister, who is nineteen and dresses punkish/gothish, got a pair of pyjamas that were neon yellow and covered in pink and green flowers. I found this hilarious mainly because she left her normal PJs at her dorm so she had to wear those to her friends’ houses for sleepovers:)

  • Ustasa90

    lolz emos r gay
    nice list though
    id like to add board games to it
    bc i got some gay ass board game for christmas(deal or no deal)
    like cmon…im 17…not 9

  • buster hymen

    hey, I like fruitcake!! I pretty much agree with this list. some things are a matter of taste, and it’s not worth the gamble.

  • Hannah

    I agree with the list being too general, but it brought out some funny stories of lame gifts!
    This year my worst gift was an awkward, cropped sweater with sleeves so tight they cut off my circulation (and I’m small!) The giver of the gift decided that I wouldn’t like a “cute pea coat” and exchanged it two days before Christmas for the strange sweater I will never wear. The worst part is that the tags were removed so I can’t return it! ARGH!

  • jason c

    another one: bags of dog shit

  • Lady Helena

    Panic! at the disco!!
    i love them they are not anoying
    fall out boy
    we love them oh my goth i seen them live my feet was full of pain but any way how dare you bug thee boy’s of emo!!!?!!?!?!

  • tanya

    that is stupid. That list covers almost anything you could ever get as a present…great thinking joker.

    Hmmmm…what gets returned most? I know! Things people DON’T WANT?!?!?! why the hell else would they return them?
    And what do you get for a present besides toys, music, movies, clothes (incl. shoes) housewares…and yeah, duplicate toys. Ass.

  • YourMom

    Does someone have a sandy vigina today? *cough*Tanya*cough*

    I return almost none of my gifts.
    Mostly because I want to be able to say:

    Some Dude: How many things did you get?

    Even if the stuff is shitty.

  • MadMonkey

    Wow, I have that grandmother too!! She sent me birthday cards with bunnies and balloons until the day she saw me driving my own car.

    Nearly put her in the asylum, LOL

  • Che

    Returning gifts is a criminal lack of savoir-vivre.
    It’s also illegal, where I come from.

    Great list though.

  • Che

    /puts his christ-on-the-cross fridge magnet away in a drawer, to collect dust.
    What a waste of plastic.

  • Geo

    You know the best present that you can give/recive? Money! At least that way you can rest assured that the person who you gave it to can put it to good use, and buy something that they might actually want!

  • Rachel of Cyberia

    Apparently, I’m the most difficult person to buy for, since I got $200 worth of bookstore gift cards for my birthday in late Nov and Xmas.
    Yeah, I like to read, but I like used bookstores and the library better than new books.

  • Andy

    My mum usually has great taste in buying me gifts, especially elegant notebooks and lovely cashmere pullovers. Alas, this year she managed to buy me a polo shirt which was the WORST shade of green ever. If an avocado and a lime had a radioactive baby it would probably be this ugly colour. It made me look like a braindead boy-racer on his way to Ibiza – I but the bullet however and told her the truth.

  • Denzell

    Did anyone forget candles?

  • ixora05`

    LOL hey sometimes candles are useful. There was a really bad blackout back home once and it lasted for quite a few hours. We ran through nearly all the regular white candles in the house and ended up lighting the humongous scented one someone gave my mom for Christmas.
    (and I find this really amusing–I just came from one of the Scientology lists with reasons why it makes no sense, and there is a Scientology ad right at the top of this page. Delightfully ironic.)

  • yup, it was the top 10 evils of scientology and the top 10 problems with scientology. I must say I

  • Polly Odyssey

    You forgot something that I know the pain of: Toothbrushes. That’s ALL my grandma ever gets me for Christmas or my Birthday; then again, she sometimes mixes it up and gives me underwear or socks.

  • Sarah At The Disco

    “Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco! are by far more annoying than a cat in a wood chipper, but your son or daughter is infatuated with them”

    Haha it’s funny cause its true. Panic At The Disco is my favoritest band on EARTH!! [[hence my name]]
    Of course I’d have to disagree, they sound AMAZING and a cat in a woodchipper is by far worse…But i still love this list, and even if there being somewhat made fun of, im appy you metion panic and fall out boy on here :]

  • Krissyy

    You guys think your presents are bad??
    This recent christmas, my darling grandmother got me 2 boxes of Pads and Tampons.
    she got me 2 packs of tidy whiteys,
    I have to say, IT WAS SO EMBARRASING.

  • 116880

    my grandma always gets me Rescue Heroes, and I’m 15. If she doesnt get that, its usually clothing that is too small for me. Luckily, my Mom and Aunt always ask me what I want, and since theyre still in the age group to understand exactly what it is, I can be pretty sure it is what I asked for when I open the package on the 25th

  • Vera Lynn

    Candles! I always get candles. They sit until I throw them away. It’s such a nothing gift.

    Best presents I ever got were things I mentioned in passing and the person/people tucked it away in their minds and got it for me.

  • rushfan

    Can I have your unwanted candles? :)

  • Momopuff

    OH YES. I totally know about the age-inappropriate gifts. I’m fourteen and this Christmas I got a Polly Pocket. -______- I ended up donating it.

  • Lizzie

    My mother purchased shoe polish for my birthday because I asked if she had any shoe polish a week beforehand.

  • Stormrider

    Reading over these comments I’m amused at the stuff that the younger ones here are saying. But do any of you still get age innapropriate gifts that are…for adults instead of infants?

    I used have an aunt…she gave out some fucked up stuff, one extreme to the other: my dad told me about how she gave him and my uncle purses for christmas one year when they were like nine. Girls purses. “TA KEEP YER PENCILS AND SHIT IN AT SKEWL!” she told them. (My grandmother made them write her a thank you letter for them too!) For me it was a tie between the waay to big Civil War sweater (you can’t make this up), A shaving kit when I was 5 or so, or the giant bottle of Johnny Walker whiskey when I was 13! Didn’t complain about that one, but I had to hide it away so my parents (or jealous cousins) wouldn’t snatch it from me!

    Oh and she was an RJR employee so she would give pretty much everyone cigarettes!

  • juleigh

    Stormrider-I laughed soooo hard at your post I almost peed my pants and would have had the need for the typical gifts I received from my grandma-spanky pants unders. Sometimes they were plain, sometimes they had little flowers. Once in awhile she’d break tradition and get me a turtleneck and one year for my b-day she got me a lacy white slip-should I mention I hated dresses and really had no need for a lacy white slip?
    Suffice it to say, for my eighth grade graduation she gave a beautiful gold necklace. And I ended up losing it. I was broken hearted.
    Barnacle-your post was very amusing, very eloquent, and very true! I love the line about getting 3 boxes of chocolates.

  • SoberHungry

    ive been giving my mom salad dressing since i was 6. when i first started earning money. now i get mom salad dressing. and some kitchen gadget. i need to find some good salad dressing this year…. lol

  • Clarke

    I totally disagree with this list. Now this list is based off of the assumption that all parents and relatives are the equivalent of modern cavemen *cough* cavepeople when it comes to inteligence, but they aren’t, I honestly have never received something from my immediate family that I have not liked. Sorry. Can’t get everyone.

  • Nick Palla

    Personally, i will admit i am a youngin’ at 15, but i think this list is stereotyping my age group, I mean, i own 3 shirts that are black, and each one of them is an undershirt, so quit with the whole “Kids just want black ripped up clothing” ’cause truly, only a small percentage does.

  • Steph

    Oh, god. I had a big problem with clothes and my Great Aunt. Ever since I was 8, she got my sister and I (who was 12) matching sweaters. Me, being the Greay Actor that I am, said thanks. In the following years, I begged her for some of her retirement money.

  • lalala

    k i have a sister and she loves fal out boi and so does her boy friend!! any way her friends told her he is spending alot of money on her so she bought him there new album and we bought her that for her as well but then she goes and spends $50 on a wallet!!!!! SHE MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!!! boyfriends should be on the most annoying list cuz sisters like her spend ssssooooo much money on them and i betcha she gets jacks crap

  • stan5121

    Salad Dressing: Your older now make from scratch her favorite local restaurant salad dressing. I like to make Applebee’s Oriental salad dressing

  • stan5121

    Oriental Dressing
    3 tablespoons honey
    1 1/2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
    1/4 cup mayonnaise
    1 teaspoon Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard
    1/8 teaspoon sesame oil

  • Squiz

    the only present i ever returned was the year my parents asked me what i wanted for christmas, i told them a neil young cd and they gave me a neil diamond cd instead. “it’s the same name, how different can they be” to quote my father.
    i have a deep and burning dislike for neil diamond music. and told them as much.
    i think they also got me a shirt that said looking for one-night stand.
    glad to know they think i’m trashy.

  • writergal

    One year (way back when) my mum was going through a laura ashley/biggie best phase so the whole blinking house was decorated to look like little house on the prairie… My dad thought he’d be cool and buy her something “artistic”. We still split our sides laughing every Xmas when we rib him about the Laura Ashley fabric-covered Goose that had frilly bonnet, bib etc. the Goose mysteriously and quietly disappeared…. WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? (My dad, not the goose!) LOL

  • trfan

    NEVER give clothes to children for Christmas or birthdays. Trust me, I’ve been a clothes gift-hater from childhood. Unless they REALLY want that dress or T-shirt they adored when you last dragged them to the mall or forced them to look through a sales paper/catalogue, they’ll just toss the box aside for the next toy. Save the clothes for the other 363-4 days a year.

  • trfan

    Actually, here’s an idea: give the clothes to the parents. Trust me, folks, I’m not lying about the hatred of clothes gifts and shopping. My mom would drag me to the mall after school and keep me there for two hours shopping for clothes. It’s no fun. Period. Especially when your mom’s a comparison shopper and you’re a “if I like it, I buy it” kind of person. I’m still that way as a 30-year-old woman.

    Don’t worry, though, I do love my mom anyway.

  • deviantmiss

    socks?? hankys??? and trfan yes NEVER clothes

  • Hoppip

    Agree with duplicate toys. Once I got 4 jigsaw puzzles. Different ones, but still.

    I also got a Barbie doll from a friend once… when I was 10 or 11. Plus, did she really think I was into Barbie at all? I’ve never been into stuff like that.

  • CatChick1964

    OMGosh … did someone interview my family for this list, or what?
    Some past nightmares —
    My grandmother always, ALWAYS, gave me and my cousin identical sweaters for Christmas.
    When I was ten, my mom and dad gave me a hair dryer for Christmas. The kind you stick you head in after it’s rolled. I never used it. My mom and grandma used it all the time.
    When I was twelve, I got a pair of roller skates. Keep in mind that we lived in the country, on a gravel road, about an hour and a half from the nearest skating rink.
    When I was sixteen, I got a pair of platform shoes. I was so excited. Until I saw the size. Size 10. I wore an 8 1/2.
    Four years ago, my sister got me a plain white turtleneck shirt. It was too big.
    Last year, my sister got me and my husband matching football jerseys of our favorite team… both were 4x.
    Can’t wait to see what we get this year. :o

  • DaniCalifornia

    Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco! are by far more annoying than a cat in a wood chipper

    I am not usually one for nasty comments
    but are you kidding me?!

    It’s not that you called them crap. To each is own.
    But it’s Fall Out Boy. And it’s Panic at The Disco, previously Panic! at The Disco.

    not Fallout boy. Or Panic at the disco! or whatever you think.

    I am thoroughly disappointed. This site has been known for their extensive research. If you’re going to insult someone, do it right, you idjits.

    Fails on you.

  • DaniCalifornia

    Oh, but, I actually enjoyed the list.

    That just stuck out. Haha

  • Silver

    Last year my mom bought me a DVD player, and my sister a portable DVD player. I don’t have a TV, but tons of DVDs. My sister on the other hand has a TV. I thought it was just a mix up but my mom said it wasn’t and my sister refused to trade. So now I have a DVD player and still can’t watch my collection of DVDs!

  • kay

    My dad gets boxers from my Aunt every year without fail…
    His mom gives him sock every year without fail, wait I think she gave him a towel once…but she always adds in a batch of homemade fudge…yum!

  • Nova

    This past Christmas I received 2 economy-sized packs of toilet paper. One from my dad, one from my uncle. This wasn't planned. One of my brothers got a PS3 and one got an XBOX… I kept my mouth shut, I always have… Gotta love being the oldest sibling.

    My grandmother does the same thing with the "buying me ugly clothes 3 sizes too big" so I will grow into them. I stopped growing over 10 years ago, and are those maternity pants?? I weigh 140 pounds!

    • @nova: "This past Christmas I received 2 economy-sized packs of toilet paper. One from my dad, one from my uncle."

      you should t.p. your brother's house for not getting you a 3rd pack

  • kelly

    come on, number 2 is like so super mean.

  • thekingof7

    I think you sound like a selfish little prick, you act like you are entitled to the getting of these gifts, if someone is nice enough to take time out of their way in order to get you something they thought you might like, usually that's the real gift.

  • aletr

    It's pointless to buy someone gifts, just because you are supossed to. If you you know someone needs something or would like something, buy it. If not, dont buy it. As simple as that

  • NoName

    my grandparents (from myfather side of family) only stoped givim me kid stuff whem they died (I was almost 20) but in the other hand my other grandparents gave me toys till i was 11 and them they started to give me cash :)

  • Andrea256

    My favorite wrong Christmas present story goes like this. I'm not really fond of surprise gifts from my mother or my grandmother, because they tend to be really far off base, so we have a solid system. I tell my dad what I want, he tells my mother, and she tells my grandmother. That way I get exactly what I want and all I have to do act surprised when I open the box. A couple years ago after moving out on my own for the first time, I was all about kitchen appliances and asked my dad to pass on a request for a Pizza Pizzazz. I didn't have to pretend to be surprised when I opened the box to find a Bedazzler (you know, those little plastic 'machine' things that still beads and rhinestones to stuff). I guess our system wasn't as foolproof as we thought, I couldn't look my dad in the eye the rest of the night or we would both bust out laughing!

  • Sean

    good list but today the major retailers will not take back any open movie or game. I work as operation manager for best buy and I’ll say movies and games would be the least of our returns

  • Bat’cha

    My mom is the best.

    When my big brother moved out, he left behind some of his clothes in his old room soon to become mine. When I raided the box he kept them in under the bed, I found couple of the most awesome hideous boxers (the other pair had glow-in-the-dark aliens on them and the second ones were sateen Tigger boxers!) and snatched them for pyjama pants. (For the record, I’m a girl myself.) Next Christmas Mother Dearest gave me plain black guy briefs “since you keep wearing your brother’s underwear” :–D

    And last year my parents got the most unattractive picture of me printed in size a4 and gave it to me as a present. Gee, thanks!

  • Ibiza

    The nightclubs of Ibiza are the best. Who has not heard of Privilege? Probably the best club in the world.

  • chullos

    Hey, if you are looking for a nice and original gift you must visit. they offer a unique gifts for home and living like luxurious alpaca sweaters, alpaca scarves and shawls, chullos, Peru crafts, decorative candles, Peruvian Jewelry, leather bags and more.

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  • alexia

    i got a faded yellow shirt it was from goodwill… how do i know it was from goodwill the price tag was still on the shirt $2.99…thanks grandma… pisses me off that she is so cheap! she is wealthy…oh man if you try to buy her something cheap all hell breaks loose…..what’s the point of trying to return that??? LOL

  • MyBrea123

    stupid list. EVERYTHING that gets returned is “something you just plain didn’t want” . and what is up with the pictures? and the references to pop culture? the standards should be higher for these ‘journalists’…

  • Mr. black

    dont you people have anything better to do with your time?

  • Bailey

    I stopped reading as soon as I read the hate on Panic! At the Disco… >:(

  • AntiAko

    Is there anything safe to give anymore? Seems like the only things not in the list are cars, houses, airplanes and cash… hahahaha.

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  • J

    I don’t think i’ve had a Christmas that i’ve had to return a present because it is a duplicate or because i hate it. My relatives and parents have been pretty good on keeping tabs on my interests. But nowadays, i don’t really know exactly what the h*** I want anymore so my parents just get me some cash so i can spend it on something i like. Btw, #8, I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO return that movie.

  • jawad


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