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Top 10 Bizarre Piercing Images

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Body piercing is something of a modern fad amongst youngsters (and some oldsters). It involves inserting metal objects in to places in the body that really don’t need to have metal objects in them. Some people have become so fascinated by this practice that they have “extreme” piercings. This is a list of the top 10. These images are all safe for work – though I can not be held responsible for your dry-cleaning bill if you are viewing this after eating.


Bizarre 361 7


Body Piercing 12


Ftp675 Piercing Inav






Piercing 11Sept


Piercing Happy







Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • TH3W1R3D: skin? is there any left behind the metal?!

    • jee 1

      is it only me to whom #9 looks like an OBAMA double….?

      • mejizz

        na i saw the obama double too haha

  • Joni

    So what happens when they have to go through a metal detector at the airport?

  • alexlwe

    Joni: they have to take them off one by one..

  • Or you could just have a high powered electromagnet which takes them all off in one go :)

  • albert0


  • TH3W1R3D

    #4 destroyed her skin.

    • oliveralbq

      yeah — like 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9 were up for parts in an oil of olay commercial.

  • Nice to see your Watermarking your images now Jamie. :)

  • steve


  • Juggz: I decided it was time – it helps to protect against ebaums thefts and hotlinking :)

  • Scar..

    Yikes, I doubt any of them can get in a plain!

    • Angela

      a Plane!

  • Number four looks like my community diversity officer.

  • Jess

    How do these people sleep at night? Especially number 7…ouch. :|

    • Jaymic

      I’m pretty sure number seven was setting a world record. He put a peircing in himself for everyone that died on 9/11

  • Spence425

    i don’t get it…i don’t get it at all.

  • John

    I would soooo not want to be #3. Though the other ones are really bad too. Why do people do that to themselves???

  • King of the Horizon

    no 2 doesnt look too extreme altho he seems to be a type of klingon(check out the weird forehead)

    • Angela

      People are doing that now, having random shapes/designs put under their skin! YUCK!

  • goof_ball

    #3 is cool
    #7 is unique
    The rest are TOO MUCH!

  • >HCC

    I like 3…I think it looks cool ^^

    I like alot of peircings but they’ve actually obscured thier faces with this shit!
    I wouldn’t call them pretty people tbh, but whatever floats your boat =]

  • Fili
  • Sue

    i guess i just don’t get it.
    i just got my lip peirced because i figured it might make a cute counter balance in my face, and it works, but i have no real urge to keep going farther.
    besides that, it hurts like a son of a bitch!

  • Daniel

    Personally, I don’t get it. What do they see in it? It’s ugly and it ruins your appearance. I can’t imagine anyone would find it attractive (or even not nauseating).

    Anyone here want to explain it to me?

  • Deegan

    You think they have enough money to fly?

  • malena992

    i can’t even begin to understand how you ranked them. they all go to number one to me :D

  • malena992: with my eyes closed :)

    Deegan: hahahah!

  • DiscHuker

    they probably don’t have enough money because they spent it all on these piercings. i feel like they all need a hug.

  • Vicky

    The ribbons are kind of pretty, but it’s not the kind of thing I would want to make permanent.

    • asodfhji

      Permanent? they can take those off any time they want! if someone helps… :p

      • MJB

        Actually, since corset piercings are surface piercings, they're not intended to be permanent. Like, no more than a week. Surface piercings are notoriously prone to infection, improper healing, and it's even possible for the piercings to stray from the intended area after a while.

  • #3 doesn’t seem to fit with the rest. Flesh corsets (which is what they’re called) are usually temporary, and heal much more cleanly than the rest of the ones up there. I mean, sheesh! to the rest.

  • Ruairi

    are 6 and 9 the same person?

  • “Mommy and daddy didn’t love me.”

  • Jess

    Ruairi: I think they are! Jfrater, you made a mistake :O

  • NoPunyNerd

    DiscHucker: “they all need a hug” … good one! but they just look so … I dunno … unapproachable?

  • Cat Skyfire

    I think 6 and 9 are the same person.

  • Alicia

    Surgical steel isn’t magnetic, duh.

  • Alicia

    ..And he’s not a Klingon, I believe those are implants. xD

  • glaukopis

    6 & 9 are the same guy

  • @glaukopis – they are!! -le gasp-!!!

    There’s been a mistake!!

  • copperdragon

    and that’s just from the waist up!!!

    Jfrater, you should include a more “extensive” list on the NSFW area.

  • Mom424

    I read about a guy getting all those rows of rings (#7), went into shock and damn near died….
    To do the corsetting thing, ya must be quite the endorphin junkie…
    I’m thinkin’ #7 is some cultural thing,,,
    are the rest circus performers? (i was gonna say freaks but thought better of it)

  • Mom424

    i mean 8,,,,lol

  • Vicky: They’re not permanent, surface piercings grow out pretty rapidly. It sucks because they’re so expensive to get done, especially that many, but they’re not really permanent and if they’re done well shouldn’t scar either.


    If 6 and 9 are the same, he has a lot more added as 6 than as 9.

    • oliveralbq

      ive seen these picturess somewhere before…… like…after this list was published, but still a couple years back.

      obviously its the same dude — as you can tell by looking at the ones on his head, one in relation to the next, etc
      if im not mistaken, i think these were taken around a year apart. actually less than a year.

  • amoondoo

    number 7 was on tv once…after they put all those in, they took them out for infection reasons or soemthing…..pointless really.

  • riledupone

    It would be a lot less painful to just hold up a sign saying, “hey! Look at me!” Same result.

  • nick

    sexy lol.

  • JettaKeiran

    Three isn’t really that odd. I’ve seen it plenty of times in person. However the rest of them disgust me and I will admit to corset piercing being a shock to someone who isn’t used to it.

  • One ring to rule them all…plus another four or six dozen.

  • Bacon

    I think there should be a before and after type thing where they take the piercings out.

    On second thought, no, I don’t want to see that.

  • I saw the first one and thought, “My God, that’s the first image? How can it get any worse than that?”

    But it got worse. Still very fascinating! Dare I ask if a bizarre tattoo list is coming soon?

  • Miss Destiny: you mean like Top 20 worst tattoos? :) [NSFW]

  • jrjb

    I’m flabbergasted! #4 she almost looks like burn victim.Not cool. The WWE should take a look at some of these 8 and 10.

    Miss Destiny: There is a tatoo list on this site cause they were just as nuts as this people.

  • 20Fan20

    So what is with all the really bad make up? At least #3 can be covered with a shirt after you sober up some!

  • corinthian0430

    i fink i’m gonna throw my cookies now….

  • 20Fan20: I wondered that too – it is really weird.

    • oliveralbq

      @20fan20: ""So what is with all the really bad make up? ""
      @jfrater: '"20Fan20: I wondered that too – it is really weird."

      more power to the both of you. i cant seem to get past the 189 holes in their faces to even make any judgment on any make-up

  • Can anyone say ouch?? I wonder if these people honestly believe they look “fashionable”?

  • alicia

    it is incredible:S

  • Mick

    is it just me or do pics 6 and 9 look like the same person¿

  • Ian

    #4 lives quite close to me in Edinburgh – I often pass her in the street. She did hold the world record for most piercings for a while, I’m not sure if she still does.

  • delioglan

    6 and 9 is the same i guess.

    i really cant understand why these people to this to themselves, it looks like they only make their life harder with those metals.

  • i have my lip pierced twice & bridge, and most people i talk to think thats enough! hahahaha

  • Diogenes

    Now if they all had bizarre mustaches to boot, then i would open my hands and have a dance with the Apocalypse.

  • Conni

    Well, as for me, my ears and nose are all I have pierced and that works just fine. They are really special peolpe =).

  • chris

    Anyone who pierces anything besides simple nose and ear piercings is either incredibly dumb, or they just can’t feel pain. I know that you would have to pay me a large sum of money to do half of what these people are doing.

  • sue


  • Ikkin

    Four and Five are the same lady right. Or am I just imagining things.

    I love peircings. They can be quite beautiful if not over the top and done correctly. I have my nose, left side of my lip and just got a labret done. I also used to have my eyebrow done but that grew out and left a nice scar. I’m also stretching my ears :D and people think all that’s weird. I should show them this.

  • fishing4monkeys


    I don’t think 4 and 5 are the same but 6 and 9 are the same guy.

  • aahhh

    check it if you want to see similar piercings and other modifications

  • Ikkin


    I dunno there’s some very similar piercings and jewelry there. And also her mouth, nose and eyes are very much the same. :S

  • melloyello

    I think 3 looks really neat. Very creative. But then again…I am afraid of needles and therefore have 0 piercings so…

  • Kristin

    I have a few body piercings, but nothinf that bad, i want to know what these people would like if the took all those out. Their faces must be extra heavy.

    And not to sound really weird or anything but i kinda like the corset piercings. I would never get one but they look kinda cool, but i heard the people that get them are not allowed to keep them in for a long period of time. they have to take them out almost right after they get it done. To me thats not worth the pain.

  • Rick B

    Ok here we go again, more freaks. Now are the normal people supposed to ignore this and each of these freaks should be hired into high paying public jobs? I’ll bet there is one person who would say yes. So I will say, would you let your son or daughter go out with somebody like this? And after he/she has had an affect on your daughter, would you gladly drive her to get her body pierced?

  • Diane

    Im pretty sure 6 and 9 are the same guy.

  • MzFly

    Maybe it’s me but, does anyone else think #9 looks a lot like Barack Obama?? lol!

  • SpookyMulder

    #7 was going for the world record for most piercings in one sitting. I believe he beat the record with 1,016 piercings.

  • szirmaic

    Is it just me, or are #6 and #9 the same person?

  • batesman

    not only are #6 and #9 the same person, but so are #4 and #5.

  • Diogenes

    Rick B- Hopefully we stear our children away from going into extreme overload such as existing in these examples.

    aw man! what’s the story behind number 8?

    those arnt twins right? thats the same guy, no?

  • Alycia

    The number 3 ones are awesome!!

  • SpookyMulder

    Wow Rick B. Apparently you will bash anyone that is different than you. Wait I think I know of more people like you….oh yeah. They are called nazis.

  • Satori

    #6 and #9 are the same guy.

  • cryndigo

    Those all look very painful.

  • thefatbasturd

    I know someone who did #3 because she “Saw it on the internet and wanted to do it because it was original.” I pointed out to her that it wasn’t exactly original if she was copying someone else, but the logic was lost on her. Gotta love it. “I’m showing my individuality by conforming to a trend!”

  • Jorgegrl

    I wanted a corset piercing for a long time. They are only temporary though.

    this one really gets my goat.

    CAUTION (its kinda graphic. guys. I am warning you. seriously)

  • Jorgegrl

    Actually. Go to they have some crazy pics. The ones on this list were tame.

  • JwJwBean

    It took me a bit to figure out what exactly I was looking at. I knew what it was. I just didn’t see the type of piercing. How is that even possible? Can he still pee? LOL

  • jorgegrl: Have you seen the BME Pain Olympics? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit thinking about it. 2girls1cup is Sesame Street compared to that.

  • the hound

    i want to see 2 of these people making out so they get stuck.

  • Thelonious

    Some people!!!!!

  • manduh

    hmm. I’m pretty sure the first 3 images are from bme….they get a little pissy about that kinda thing….

  • devilishgrin66

    kristen – i think corset piercings are gorgeous on girls.

    jwjwbean – he might have to take it out, theres actually a piece of jewelry for the prince albert piercing that is called a ‘prince’s wand’ , it has a removable piece that you actually piss through.

    Rick B – Are they asking for higher paying jobs? Many of the extremely heavily modified people (katzen, lizardman, enigma) often do circus/freakshow type performances and use their modification to their advantage. I would let my kids have any kind of modification they wanted.

    I myself have 8 tattoos and 6 piercings (i took the 7th out because it was a single piercing on one side, i have ocd and need to have things symmetrical). I have ‘snakebites’, 2 piercings in the lower lip, one on each side, my nipples pierced and earlobe piercings that are stretched to 1/2 inch (about the size of a chapstick tube). My only visible tattoo is on my wrist, but I am planning many many more. I will admit that some things are quite extensive but I believe that people should be happy and allowed to do what they want with their bodies.

    #3 and 7 are play piercings, #3 can be permanent but it is very rare and usually are only kept in from a few hours to a month. #7 is one of those types of play piercing that is often taken out as soon as it is completed.

  • devilishgrin66

    Oh and to add to above, I am only 20 and have gotten all of those on my own since I turned 18…at a cost of about 4 to 5 thousand dollars of my own money. I work and go to school and pay for it all on my own. I plan on going into piercing and opening a tattoo shop.

    However I would like to throw in a picture of something I hope to have one day that will probably elicit a much more extreme reaction from you guys than anything up above, even though it is in a very simple place that is seen all the time.

    I will warn you now that it is not for the faint of heart.

  • JwJwBean

    That made my eyes water. It looks very pretty. I could never do it. I am not against others having these things done. I personally can not do it. I have my ears double pierced, but that is due to me tearing my earring out when I was really young and it never healed so I had to get a second hole to be able to wear earrings. I rarely wear them tho because my ears became itchy and red. I would be afraid of tattoo ink. I worry I would be allergic. I love to look at people that have them tho.

  • devilishgrin66

    i sat myself down and watched the video of the procedure, it was hard to do but i got through it lol. i reallyyy want it though because i think its a testament to how far body modification has come.

  • JwJwBean

    I am surprised everyday by who I find out has some sort of body modification. Not to the extreme of this list, but some sort of small something. Scarification is the one I have a really hard time with. I don’t understand the thinking behind that one. If someone wants to do it so be it, but I try to figure out their psyche on it.

  • JwJwBean

    I watched the video and it doesn’t seem all that bad. I don’t know what kind of recovery there is.

  • devilishgrin66

    recovery isnt hard. they create a space in the conjunctiva and so the eye retains its sphere shape, you just put drops in your eye 3 times a day for a week and then its healed. it apparently feels ‘like you have an eyelash stuck in your eye’

  • dean

    shit! imagine wat ur face would look like if u took all of em off.. *shudder*

    • Sarah

      OMG they would look like holey cheese xD
      now that i think about that….*shudder*

  • Draco

    For Goodness sake!!! They are destroying the METALS!!! hehe.

  • devilishgrin66

    dean – it would basically just look like a bunch of small holes (fistulas). when you get pierced, its the same as if you got shot. your body has an open wound. the natural instinct of the body would be to close around it. however, because with a piercing you have a piece of metal in the way, the body heals around the metal and creates a new opening. i have my ears stretched like the guy in #7, so if i were to take out the earrings they would close up a little bit but never all the way.

  • chris

    these piercings are really awsome

  • Paul

    9 and 6 are the same person

  • Gr

    7 and 3 look pretty cool actually, but god i would NEVER do that

  • Akira

    # 9 is Barack Obama

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  • Cat

    I don’t understand why they do this to themself.. It must huurt a little, ouch

  • xlucyemogirlx

    i get it when you get piercings it releases endorphins (like when you cut yourself) and you can get addicted to it. so far i have 3 lip peircings, 7 ear peircings, 1 naval peircing and 6 corset peircings! And actualy i find it kind of addictive.

  • devilishgrin66

    haha if you want i’ll send in my pictures of my split tongue, microdermal piercings or the flesh hook suspension pictures i have.

  • guess who

    im al 4 piercings but wow this is ****in crazy

  • Taranis

    The second picture, (the younger dude) actually doesn’t look that bad, but his bridge piercing is lob-sided, which is a pain in the butt to fix. I like 4 and 5 how they have the dragon bridge piercing on their noses (having a row of barbells that go down your nose to look like a chinese dragon’s nose) I’d like to get that but my nose is big enough, I don’t need it to dominate my face. haha

  • Taija

    Oh, wow. That’s all I can say.

  • emily

    i thought it was funny to look at but i bet it hurt in real life so that is what i think

  • miss-erica-court

    pretty sure 6 and 9 are the same guy…

  • otay

    put them thru an MRI and lets see what happens!! :D

  • JewelZ

    You know they would have to stink. Piecings stink even though you clean them everyday. Yuck, piecings are cool but that is way overboard. You could hear them coming like my dog with his chain collar, jingle jingle baby!

  • Mark

    ew… Still, any genital piercing (OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!) picture out-weirds anything on here.

  • star2559

    oh my god #3.

  • Chloe

    OK #7 he took them all out straight after doing that he was setting a new world record for the amount of peircings in one sitting i believe :)

  • Mom424

    Chloe; Yes, and he went into shock and damn near died.

  • Denzell

    O my Goodness… How do they ever sleep with those many piercings?

  • Denzell

    BTW, I don’t have any piercings. I’m not much of a piercings dude anyway, but MAN, these are WAY COOL!

  • grungefreak10

    Tattoos and piercings are fun to look at, but I never felt the need to get any myself. It hurts to put them on, if you change your mind, it hurts even more to get rid of it, and it makes it easier for the cops to identify you.

  • LittleMissy

    jfrater – thank you for an amazing site!! I stumbled here and remained for a couple hours :)

    DevilishGrin66 – the ocular implant I actually really liked; how innovative!!!

    To all – I’m a 27 year old woman that looks like every other sheeple on the outside. LOL but when I was 17, I got a tongue ring, then graduated to eyebrow (2), nipple (2), navel, daith, and industrial piercings, which I admit are pretty tame comparatively speaking.

    Due to employment challenges, I have since removed all but my first and second hole ear piercings, but now I’m on to ink, which is my true love!! They are all tasteful, and you can’t see them unless I want you to.

    And you would never guess it by looking at me. So judge not.

  • Brittany Tantrum!! xXxemo_babexXx

    wow.. the onli one i LOVE is #3
    its sooo sexxed
    if my mom wasnt a bitch .. i would totally get that lol
    lol its superdiee duperdiee awshummness =] newaiiz .. the other ones are just F****** up lol

  • Joebecca

    i’m sorry but that is just effing stupid if you ask me

  • Vera Lynn

    Oh my. Not pretty. It’s too extreme. I wonder what they do for a living. I couldn’t look like that and hold my job. Someone said circus performers. IDK. Sleeping is another concern. Stay away from people who fish (casting lines). :)

  • ZachyAddiction

    They may be to some of you extreme but they are cool. I LOVE piercings, and as most people will tell you, they get addictive. So far i have 7, only 3 of them are ears, 3 are my lower lip and last is a nose ring. This small list will be growing alot as i get the money. Those surface piercings would be annoying, about 70% of people reject surface piercings and only have them for about 3 weeks usually… i am getting some done but hope they last as it is not cheap, £25 per one, it all adds up remember! sleeping is really not hard with piercings, I’d be more curious about eating with some of those people!! it is hard enough with 3 bars in your lip let alone a dozen on and in your mouth! But remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  • autumnaprilamber

    #6 and #9 are the same guy, did anyone else notice that?

  • sdfwef

    te vet!!!

  • freakedout!

    I love piercings but these are…wow.
    I have my munroe pierced and nose and ears…oooh…ouch.
    I’m only 14.
    And the penis one was nasty.
    But I would love to get the shapes in the eye.

  • gf

    I gotta get et theses guys with a my jumper cables and my 24 volt diesel truck generator

  • Sasha

    they probably don’t have enough money because they spent it all on these piercings. i feel like they all need a hug. It`s wanderful… :D

  • Mr.Graves

    I like seeing all the people who don’t have piercings and know nothig about the culture make snap judgements like ‘I need attention’ and ‘Mommy didn’t coddle me enough’ but it is so cliche that they don’t realize that the people they are accusing aren’t generic, it is they themselves, with their standard and ‘heard it all before, repeated so many times’ labels that just make them look ignorant.

    Obviously the people in these pictures are extreme examples; but don’t be so stupid you think you are smart enough to understand what they are thinkimg. Their motives range from rejectihng society complteye, to addiction to body modification, to esteem within a subculture.

    All things I`m sure you will happily judge and smugly remind yourself you know exactly why they are so weak for doing what they are doing, but if actions wereso solidly based in deficiency, then any professional would be able to discount them…

    Funny though, how there are a million ignorany hicks claiming to know the secrets of cultures they aren`t part of, but you can`t show me even a half dozen psychiatrists making claims that body modification is a sign of internal disturbance…

    I guess I must be seeking attention for the many tattoos I have that are completely covere by my clothing and based in my spiritual beliefs, or perhaps because I have both my ears, my lower lip, and my nape (the back of my neck from my lower scalp to my shoulders) peirced three times… three of the most painful experiences I have had… all of them meaningful, spiritual rites of passages.

    But I`m sure I just want peoples attention. Stupid hicks.

  • Mr.Graves keyboard i s broken right now so my typ ing will come out poorly. ignore it.

  • bob

    oh dear god.
    maybe they all fancy magpies? or porcupines?
    what a catch.

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  • Jeremy

    How ironic to talk as if pricings are a fad that will dye out the earliest known human remains ever found have had body jewelry and tattoos
    Shoes a written languages and killing your fellow man with out a good reason
    are a fad in comparison
    in the 21st century jewelry is made of
    surgical stainless steel which is not magnetic
    to my own personal annoyance

    Not only this but a plastic first developed to be used to cover pacemakers is fairly often used as the internal part of the jewelry on things with bars
    on this whole subject of your kids having then done
    As if your children would be able to afford to get this kind of work done
    Not only this but the chances are your kids would get bored of feeding a fish every morning let alone cleaning a open wound on there face
    Things done on the ears are easy to look after but other parts of the face will always need attention when I had the top of my nose done I had to wash it 3 times a day for 13 months
    It still needs 5 mins here and there every other day
    not to mention not being able to get soapy water on it or any kind of cosmetic
    i mean can you imagine your child having that kind of dedication to anything that has no real reward
    Not only that but the chances are they will grow up to be just as shallow and fearing of rejection and non-uniformity as there parents
    A little bit of rebellion here and here maybe the odd belly button ring or ear Piercing
    But you have no need to worry you have already shaped there minds to your own imperfections and flaws

  • Amber F

    Ok, Rick B, I kind of find that offensive. Yes, I would let my (future) kids go out with someone like that if that’s what they’re into, yes, I would gladly drive them to a piercing shop and get them a piercing, and yes, they deserve equal rights to any job. I personally don’t like “normal” people because they won’t deal with anything slightly different.

    I comletely agree with you, Jeremy. Thank you.

    Actually I have a navel piercing that I really like, I might get another one. The only thing that I didn’t like was the pain but it doesn’t last that long. I think piercings and tattoos are beautiful, I really like the corset piercing even though I wouldn’t get one because they can’t be permanent.

  • cindy

    That’s hot!

  • Jeremy

    see there anouther reason to get a a body mod
    while you are busy watching tv and hating your self for being so shallow and empty

    Cindy and amber are buying me a drink

  • DoYogaFeelGreat

    Circus freaks, anyone? anyone?

  • Jeremy

    yes well done mr do yoga they do make a living out of how they look very good of you to point it out
    also shows you don’t understand the underlying values of yoga and the belief system behind it
    what a shame for you
    to Amber F

    corset piercings have the problem that the ring turns rubbish it to the wound
    every time it moves
    this is the main reason that they can’t be permanent
    that and having problems sleeping on them for the first few weeks and needing some on to clean them for you
    on cleaning
    the worlds most pierced woman baths in saline with a bubble motor and they clean them selfs
    which i think is ingenuous

    but anyway there is a way to make a corset piercings possible
    and that is if instead of getting rings put in your back that can move you would have a implant with a ring attached to that
    a bit like what the psycho cyborg here has on the top of his head
    only all you would have is a tiny plate and a noggin with a hole in that you attach the rings to when you want
    its not as pretty as having the ring coming out your back but it would work
    and you could have it a year later with out that many problems
    though it would be both costly and painful
    and should only be done by a really really good studio

  • chelsea and skye

    this is discusting u mingers lol i had my ears peirced the other day and that hurt so why de so pathetic 2 av that many done u crazy peoples sico sico sico sico sico sico sico sico sico sic o sico all my days i would have to be mad 2 av that dun u losers.
    ur weird people surley that must must hurt especialy 4 the people with them all down their backs i feel well sorry 4 ya.u wouldent be able 2 sit properly 4 6 weeks.

  • JwJwBean

    chelsea and skye: Huh? Between the misspelled words and the chat speak I am not even sure of what you were trying to say. Now, where did I leave my red marking pen?

  • komuk

    very good
    i’m proud with you

  • jenny

    im sorry chelsea and skye her invisible friand Skye
    I speak 3 languages including BC Babylonia how ever like most i
    have no idea what you are trying to say
    which must be most distressing to you that even a person such as my self who only started speaking English recently
    can speak and write it more clearly than your self
    and i understand that it must be hard growing up mentally handicapped with retardation
    and i would have thought that with all the rejection and disgust that you receive from your peers caused by your lack of bladder control and constant dribbling that
    its whats different about each one of us that makes us human
    and to Jeremy i totally agree with you thanks for posting
    and i would certainly buy you a drink

  • I think I can the English language disintegrating…

  • Oops, I lost a word from my sentence already. Evidence!

    “I think I can see the English language disintegrating…”

  • jeremy

    once if sorted my ears net week end
    im going fro branding next !
    when i was like 13 i banged a car fag thing in to the center of my hand it really hurt but for 12 months i had a beautiful pattern then the layers of skin faded it out
    not sure what im going for but i look forward to it

  • jeremy

    jenny your a nice girl and really quite hot but i cannot trust you not to put random things in my bum when im sleeping like last time so i will have to turn down your offer thanks for the offer

  • jack

    sounds hot got any photos ?

  • all shall perish, thus is time.

    just reminded me of why i never liked piercings.. fugly.

    tatoos are (or can be) magnificent, but piercings..? meh.

  • Ceech

    OH BOY!!! DEFF COUNT ME IN, but the peircings i think went over board =P wayyyy

  • Vera Lynn

    chelsea and skye (139) I understood perfectly. Av is “have” dun is “done” like that. You completely eliminated punctuatin breaks, but I knew where to pause. And I happen to REALLY agree with you :)

  • Amber F

    Haha thanks for the info Jeremy

    I think I would rather have the temporary corset piercings on a very special occasion. I’m not sure I would go quite far enough to spend a bunch of money on implants lol

    Thanks though!

  • jus me

    i jus want to say that everyone should be able to do what they like to their own bodies as its their own responsibility and no one elses.

    some of these peircings are extreme for example people with dozens all over their faces wich is quite scary lool i dont no why they have so many done ?

    im 16 i have my tongue … 3 in my ears … my nose (which has been took out now ) my belly and soon to be my lip done. i love them !!! but i think thats the right number for me :D

  • mickey

    to the people who wrote the first 3 comments, **assuming all of the rings in each picture are made of surgical steel** surgical steel rings aren’t magnetic (trust me i tried), they don’t make the metal detectors go off either (been to plenty of concerts with metal detectors at the door) possible reasons could be, it has something to do with the type of of metal used (not all metal is magnetic), or the finish coating they use could be just thick enough to make the differance, or it’s just not a high enough percentage of the metal for magnets and detecors to pick up.

  • SarahJ

    joni they wont set it offf i have a few and went through one annd was fine

  • bob

    your all sick twisted people!!! i have my cock done mind

  • cassie

    wow are serious do they not feal pain i think i would rather die then stick a million holes in my face or arms or whatever ok and bob has his cock done thats sexy not

  • Brenna

    these pple are fucked up!

  • Desters

    HeY there i dont believe in all those peircings it does make u allitle less aproachable and everyone stares how would you enjoy the human like thing that we are made to do and how do you sleep???? How long do those all hurt?? does any of these people feel pain or have any sence????

  • cassie

    wow this just keeps getting better evrey time i look nottt!

  • Sky

    Wow.. I cannot imagine in my wildest nightmares why would anyone want to do that. Apart from looking completely absurd, it serves no purpose what’s so ever.

  • Valerie

    Is it just me or does 9 look like Barack Obama?

  • Ash

    The corset ones are pretty

    I want loads more piercings
    Obviously not this many
    But still
    Freedom of choice rules hahah

  • Ellz696

    3 is sooo cool
    7.. cooooool

    but al the rest…ewww! lol

  • Amber F

    desters, I think people will understand you better if you don’t try to say 10 different things at once.

  • Amber F

    wow cassie not all people think like you do because all ten of these people are STILL ALIVE. Some people don’t give a shit what they look like and I respect that.

  • XxXtwilightloverXxX

    okay the person i like has really really big gages thats okay she also has snakebites thats still okay she has her nose pierced right in the middle she has her eyebrow pierced and tattoos all up her arm and i like all of this stuff but these pictures are disgusting and i call her smexi duckling

  • XxXifreakenhatetwilightXxX

    well XxXtwilightloverXxX ur stupiid i like a boy named cody who has those things but twilight is stupid

  • XxXifreakenhatetwilightXxX

    but i call him ugly duckling

  • teehee12345xxx

    teehee shut up guys i mean seriously twilight is an okay book so suck it

  • Dan

    Why, if you suggest that body piercing is “something of a modern fad amongst youngsters”, have you shown a bunch of pictures of much older people, and in some cases, tribalistic piercings? And why watermark them, when you stole them in the first place?

  • Bubba Joe Johnson

    Wasn’t that Barack Obama in one of those pictures?

  • Freemont

    Number six is the same person as number 9. You owe us another bizarre body piercing.

  • Knightmace

    Number 7 is crazy!

  • Duckyjem

    9 n 6 are the same person
    good list
    i like piercings
    i have 10 did have 11 but my surface piercing rejected

  • Land

    you know, i thought having 13 or so piercings was reasonable and pretty cool for awhile, when i was a teenager. now i just have one, if these people are trying to look like freaks then they have succeeded. i think this should be listed as a psychological disorder. two of my Ex GF just kept getting more and more piercings just because they could. it was then i thought that having a billion piercings is not beneficial nor attractive. I’ve seen it happen because the people wanted to be accepted by other people who are heavily pierced, i don’t know if this sociological impact was intentional or not, but it’s very common among every type of group. and when you combine obsession with self inflicted wounds it can get bad when there’s undesired results. (i.e. Permanent disfigurement, infection, death) I’ll give it to some people that they know what they are doing and can live with the consequences, but it also influences a lot of youth who don’t know the long term consequences of mangling your own tissue.

    Just my two cents

  • Cj

    Hmmm do you think if they took out the piercing then drunk water it would be like one of those carry on films when the guy comes out of an Iron maiden and drinks water then hundreds of little leaks spring from their body?
    I’d like to imagine it would.

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  • Brownie.

    me in 20 years :L:L:L

  • Phyrbyrd

    #10: ‘Hi, my name’s Richard and I work in a bank…’

  • Lithium_600mg

    I’ve known a few women with the corset piercing like #3 and out of all the pictures, from what I understand, her’s probably hurt the least, by far.

  • aimee

    3 the only one that i like the rest are all bare wrong they ruined there faces and bodys. but i think 3 is pretty and some boi’s would like it

  • Rakine

    HOly Hell!! No. 9 looks like Obama!!!

  • Dudette

    Omg There All Freaks Someone Lock Them Up Sumwer

  • Dudette

    I Think The Girls In Number 3 Are After Attention And Just Dont Have A Lot Of Fun In There Lives

  • ayla

    second last one sort of looks like Obama…

  • little d

    those people are so stupied

  • Parker

    my really close friend Paige has corset piercings on both her sides. tied up with ribons. they aactually are kinda cool. i would never get one but she is one unique individual

  • emu

    i like the back piercing’s but the face one’s are a bit OTT you dont really need to go that far with face piercing it just dont look good and the person with the all up his back and all up his arm are way OTT

  • messymissy

    disgusting sia

  • Whatsername

    No. 2!!!!:(
    How did that HAPPEN?????????

  • Amber F

    Land– Sounds like you used to be chill and laid back, what happened? I mean usually people do research before they get piercings.

    Dudette– When someone gets a slightly different piercing, it automatically means that they want tons of attention now, doesn’t it? Corset piercings can’t be permanent, your body rejects them after a while. I think the piercings are cool looking, I would get one too. I’m not looking for attention, I just like the look. I have my navel done and I actually wanted the navel piercing since I was three. It’s not bad, it’s just a fashion thing.

  • MikeHunt

    No. 9 looks sorta like obama. Not a good presidential look

  • A

    Their poor mothers.

  • rents

    I guess there was nothing better on TV.

  • Anti-hero

    I have quite a few surface piercings and dermal anchors on my body but just about all are covered by clothing. To the person that said they grow out quickly, any piercing will reject if it’s not properly taken care of, surface piercings are no different, but none of mine have rejected. Just remember, it’s not your skin so why judge?

  • deems

    Well, maybe these people and others that enjoy the appearance of piercings only see a bunch of closed minded judgmental idiots here. And there appears to be many more of those, than individuals with piercings covering their entire face.

    So they have metal in their face, and what. I personally find it intriguing and unique. The only thing ‘freaky’ about any of these people, is their ridiculously high pain tolerance to be able to get that many piercings.

    Body mods are hot. It’s stupid that employees won’t hire someone because of even one piercing, its ridiculous! They hire burn victims, and those people are much more visually unappealing than someone with a bridge piercing if you ask me!

    As for the air port dealio, piercings don’t react to metal detectors (if they do then you have sketchy jewelery), and they don’t stick to magnets either. So feel free to walk up to one of these ‘freaks’ with a giant magnet, I’m sure they’ll enjoy laughing in your uneducated face!

    Anyway, it’s personal preference. This is the 21st century people, normal is nothing anymore! Get your heads outta your asses!

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    Friggin’ IDIOTS!

  • Yum Yum

    No 3 looks kinda cool, but at the same time I just get a weird itchy feeling on my back! Not something I’d ever do myself and somewhat over the top for my taste, but still, each to their own!

  • Jomy

    I feel sad for their partners :-(

  • Jomy

    And their friends… and their parents… and their relatives… and their kids… and their colleagues
    (If at all they have any of these)

  • Jomy

    okay, just for the sake of finishing 200 comments…..
    They suck

  • agam ghai


  • stupid

    there great but the last ones kinda creepy

  • stupid

    202 aaahhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Misha

    the first image looks like Ursula, the Sea Witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid hahaha

  • Ma50


  • joker

    the woman at number 4 is in the guinness world record books for most piercings on the body. she also opened a piercing shop a few years back around the corner from my house in ibrox,glasgow. crazy looking thing she is.

  • jens

    number 9 looks like obama :O

  • Kace Irvine

    Number 6 is just the same with number 9. or am i mistaken? lol

  • XoraEmmie

    cool question joni :P well..these stuff looks cool…and scary :S

  • vi6six

    Ok for the sake of arguement I have not read all of the comments but….
    An amusing incident between magneto & wolverine springs to mind.
    Oh yeah you should check out a movie called ‘strangeland’

  • Billy

    wow alot of you people are ignorant
    these people like doning it there no insane or anything
    they didn’t do it becasue its in fashion like i bet alot of you did they did it becasue they liked it
    i bet alot of you even got your ear peirced just becasue you thought that your friends would think its cool
    i have my my ears stretched to 1 inch, septum done, snake bites, both dimples, both nipples, and my v done i have had most of these peirce before it was in style and even my v getting done didn’t happen because i thought it was in style i did all of these becasue i like peirceings
    alot of people like you make me sick

  • Savannah

    I mean why would you pierce yourself like that?? All of these people make themselves liik like dufus’s by piercing themselves like thins!!!

  • stud

    is that all they have ! hardly any

  • gabby the emo duh.

    omg! thats freaky..but i like the one with the bow thingy =)

  • emo-hottie-

    i think its kool…. cuz emo…wubb waffles and presings

  • niki

    OMG!!! R they 4 real…that must hurt!!!!

  • Steph

    Aw the one in the 7th picture is hawt :L

  • Corella

    do you know how many of these pictures are available? and the fact that the same people are in almost EVERY single one…kind of an annoying list…sorry listverse…you greatly disappointed me on this…

  • Alisa J.

    These are just people, albeit their ideas of what is normal and attractive may be a bit different from many of ours, but if you open your mind you find that “normal” does not truly exist. It is a myth.

  • Michelle

    Number 2 is beautiful. They’re symetrical and looks great. Having a shitload of mis-matched anything isn’t attractive. Not all of my piercing are symetrical, but im not even close to looking like this. I have more than the average person, but not like this. I don’t mind any of them, though. All these people are just doing what they do, fuck everybody else. It’s wonderful.

  • sarah

    Has anyone noticed that number 6 and number 9 are the same guy. And he has almost the exact same piercings in both pictures…

    Wag of the finger to Listverse.

  • dane

    i know the guy in picture number two.
    his name is patrick and he is a really nice guy.

  • sha

    nuggaz is madd stupid these days

  • sparkelina

    I used to really want 3 done…still think it looks amazing. I see the woman from number 4 all the time…she lives near here…and you kinda can’t miss her!

  • Mya

    Actually peircings do not set off metal dectors at the air port. I have my nose and eyebrow and have not set off a medal dector anywhere and i dont understand how you could put corset peircings on the same list as these people. I personally think they are very beautiful but all the other people simply went over board with the facial peircings

  • Londyn

    # 9 looks like Obama

  • lddanger

    lol..i agree wit # 8 tha second ta last one doo look like obama..smh your real funny….(no offence obama)hahahahahha


    although not safe for work, the back corset image is most definately out-weirded by vaginal corset pirecings.

    i think that deserves replacement =]

    equally bizarre-and kind of gross- piercings that are missed out in favour of quantity are anal, eyelid and hymen piercings. the latter of course only having been performed only a handful of times, and only a temporary piercing

  • xYz

    It all sucks!! All these people are siiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel like killing them all especially the men!
    How dare the do this!

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  • effiee

    dit is echt belachelijk het slaat nergens op paar plekken oké máár dit is niet te volgen meer hoe douchen ze wel nee met dat kies gwn een klassike piercings zoals; piercing-,navel, neus, iets bij je mond, iets bij je wenkbrauw, bij je nagels<< die zijn mooi heb ik en ik ben pas 13!!!! zelf gedaan en ja dat was het we. maar die enge foto's gaan te ver zometeen doen de jongeren het ook echt apnormaal!!! echt ik waarschuuew jongeren ookal ben ik zelf jong maar doe het niet zow als bij de afbeelding om ergens te horen of om stoer te zijn en als uitdaging DOE ER NIET AAN MEE LAAT ZE MAAR GWN PRATEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

  • NlGHTgirl

    “Mommy and daddy didn’t love me.”
    that is actually very sad. Number 10 seems esp. … sad (to me). I mean the girl is smiling, so, she must be happy. I guess??? for the moment.

  • julie

    I think three is sexy. I don’t think corset piercings are that scary. >.>

  • evershine

    *puke* i feel sorry for em!

  • naty

    thatz just horible i mean i like the like some of the mbut i mean come on when they see in the mirror wat do they see -goose bumpz- o.O v.v

  • Molly

    i have always wanted No.3 (Corset Piercing)
    i think they are gorgeous, but there so expencing and they dont last long if you dont take care of them DX

  • karl

    you guys are fucked up

  • mike

    Gotta like the bored people that get piercings on their body. I hope that they realize if they are ever in need of a defibrillator the medics HAVE to rip out the piercings before they can use the paddles on them. Imagine a nipple piercing being yanked off. O U C H!



  • Autumn

    Yeah, 6 and 9 are the same person

  • Me


  • :) NONE

    this makes me want to throw up in their face. do they know what TO FAR means?

  • None

    I do not understand why people go to such bizarre extremes to decorate themselves. I felt like vomitting after looking at these freaks.

  • JPV

    I can’t believe someone compared people with body mods not getting a job with someone who’s a burn victim. That’s scary idiocy.
    It shouldn’t have to be pointed out that burn victims obviously didn’t choose their “modification” while people with piercings did. Duh.

  • Maximillion J. Gaust

    You have the same woman on three times ( 4, 5, 10 ) and the same man twice. ( 6, 9 )

    C'mon, if you're going to put effort into making this list, at least use a different muse each time.

    This list is so lackluster and disappointing. With all the various possibilities with piercings, you really only used one subject ( the face ). You barely touched upon the body ( a whopping two pictures) . You gave no info about who these people are, what they do, their given explanations for why they do it — and most have given interviews, if you do a brief search.

    I'm normally absolutely thrilled with the lists here, but I'd strongly suggest a do-over with a little more pin-ash and effort.

  • Michelle

    I Got my eye bro, tounge, snake eyes, both sides of lip, bottom of lip, my belly, and industrial but i will never takee it that far

  • CrAzY

    Yuck o.o I think 1-4 piercings are okay. But more….oh i don't know. It looks ugly.

  • Sarah

    OMG number 3 should be at the bottom
    it looks so cool and creative
    i am not sure if i would do it but it looks pretty SWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT

  • qwert

    4 5 and 10 are the same person, as are 9 and 6.

  • Micci

    okay you guys are fucking idiots.
    first: if your child is stupid enough to get influenced by this isn't that bad parenting. it isn't the fault of those who are peirced.
    secondly: yes these are over the top, but they can be beautiful.
    thirdly: you don't have to be numb to get peirced.
    fourthly: im a school teacher and i have 5 lobe peircings 1 cartilage, my nose, my naval, my nipple, double anchors in my back. i have a rib cage tattoo, chest peirce, and my shoulder blades tattoo yes i cheap them covered but those you can see don't effect my students. people need to realize that peircings and tattoos are coming of age symples now -a- days.
    fifthly: just grow up. obviously something intised you too look at this so either you like peircings or you have nothing to do with you life and like to speak on things you no nothing about.

    k, thanks.

    • Captain Carrot

      No, dipsh*t, YOU’RE the f’n idiot. A couple piercings are ok, but when you f’n go overboard you’re just compensating for the attention you feel like you never got but deserved growing up. (Incidentally, you can read my other comment below, too.)

      And yeah, it is the fault of the pierced for being so f’n weak and weak willed as to let society get to them to the point that they go this overboard. Grow the f*ck up, already and put the adult pants on.

      Yeah, I’ve got a couple of tats/piercings. But nothing overdone. You seem to be a little overdone yourself. Back anchors, really? And you’re an idiot if you have the middle of your nose pierced.

      By the way, those are NOT beautiful. If you think that’s beautiful, I’ll bet you get a stiffy over a car, silverware, or any other metal object because you sure as hell can’t tell what these morons look like since they’re too covered in sh*t to tell. You’d probably enjoy banging a washing machine or a robot if you thought that was beautiful.

      Oh, and thank God my kid doesn’t go to your school w/that attitude (as well as that spelling. Hope to God you don’t teach English). I’ll go one further and say that I feel bad for the kids that get you for a teacher.

  • Micci

    sorry about that the typing errors. when i get passionate i dont pay attention to spelling

  • Zed

    No night life for them i am guessing. Anyway not the touchy srtoky kind ; )

  • Suup

    number 9 kinnda looks like Obamas crazy twin. haha

  • Piercing

    # 7 I find to look a bit like to posterboy on this danish piercing website:

  • bebo sazz

    i would like to get one but not that much.

  • feltonz73

    creepy….i'm not going to tht extreme althou tht ribbon on her back was cute mite try tht but other than tht i will only get 11 piercings…

  • mki

    number 9 looks like barak obama

  • zephyrr

    Painful looking at them pictures. :/

  • Eddy

    you know that 6 and 9 is the same person right?

  • Captain Carrot

    F*cking overly obsessive, insecure idiots. There is NO point whatsoever for this kind of sh*t. And this is coming from a person that has a few tats/piercings.

    Moderation is a good thing. If you’re that insecure about yourself and need that much f’n attention you really need to just go find a bridge or a cliff and jump off of it, or any other method you prefer.

    People always have to go ruin good things by going way too f’n far and it pisses me off. (Oh, and don’t give me that “artistic” excuse bullsh*t either. There’s nothing artistic about obsessive insecurity. Period.)

  • La-seule-realiste

    C`est juste immonde . Moi j’aime biean les percing;; Mais alors ça sa me degoute , Je n’ai jamais comprit les gens Qui font ça srw -___- .

  • Some of these are just mental.
    I’ll stick with just my simple tragus piercing.


  • celeste parish

    these people are demon possed and they are crazy for doing that.

  • vermilionskin


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  • Hayley

    3 isnt so bad? it’s just a corset?

  • Cheyenne(:

    Owyy :o

  • ….Why? Just….why?

  • Lover

    Holy momly!


    oh AMAZING

  • bhitsy

    how do they sleep. have their bath…smh

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  • Ceara

    I already thought piercings were gross before but now…*shudders*

  • Poetry

    I do agree with all of the concepts you have presented on your post. They are very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for starters. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

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