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20 More Interesting Historical Oddities

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Following hot on the heels of the very popular 20 Historical Oddities You Probably Don’t Know, and Another 20 Historical Oddities You Don’t Know, we now present you with a third list of historical oddities. Thankfully for us, history is so full of them that we can continue this series for many years in the future!


Oddities 1 – 5

Pape Avignon Gregoire11

1. In 1752, there were only 354 days in Great Britain and its colonies. This was because Britain adopted the Gregorian Calendar in place of the Julian calendar. The lost days were September 3 – September 13 inclusive.

2. The Hundred Years’ War (a war to determine who the rightful King of France would be) was actually 116 years long. It was during this war that Saint Joan rose up in France to lead her army to victory.

3. From the year 1309 to 1377, the Roman Catholic Papacy was not based in Rome – it was based in Avignon, France. This was primarily over a dispute with the Holy Roman Empire. In 1378, Pope Gregory XI (pictured above) returned the seat of the Pope to Rome.

4. Arabic numerals (the ones used in English) were not invented by the Arabs at all – they were actually invented by Indian mathematicians. They were modified and transferred to North African Arab mathematicians and transmitted to Europe in the Middle Ages.

5. After the U.S Civil War, about 33% – 50% of all U.S. paper currency in circulation was counterfeit.


Oddities 6 – 10


6. In 1938, Time Magazine declared Adolf Hitler “Man of the Year”. In the same year he took full and absolute command over the German military, stated that he intended to crush Czechoslovakia, took greater control over Austria by threatening to invade, and expelled 12,000 Jews from Germany.

7. In 1685, playing cards were used as currency in New France (the French territories of North America) because of a coin shortage.

8. In 1892, Italy raised the minimum age for marriage for girls – to 12.

9. The first contraceptives were used in Ancient Egypt. Egyptian women would use vaginal suppositories made of acidic substances and lubricated with honey or oil. (An early form of English contraception is pictured above.)

10. The shortest war on record was fought between Zanzibar and England in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 45 minutes.


Oddities 11 – 15

1246415 6A77Ee5C27

11. The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

12. “In God We Trust” was not officially the motto of the United States of America until 1956. The Congressional Record of that year reads: “At the present time the United States has no national motto. The committee deems it most appropriate that ‘In God we trust’ be so designated as U.S. national motto.”

13. John Aubrey, the diarist, tells a story about the Earl of Oxford. When the Earl made a low obeisance to the Queen, he happened to let go a fart, at which he was so ashamed that he left the country for 7 years. At his return the Queen welcomed him and said, “My lord, I had forgot the fart”! [Source]

14. Despite the terrible nature of and damage caused by the 1666 Great Fire of London, only 8 people were killed. This is despite the fire destroying at least 13,500 houses.

15. In 74 AD, Emperor Vespasian (pictured above) had run out of money due to a civil war. In order to raise funds, he created the world’s first public pay toilets. When his son Titus criticized him for it, Vespasian pointed out that money (even earnt through urine) did not smell. This gave rise to the common saying “Pecunia non olet” – “money does not smell”.


Oddities 16 – 20


16. The Bank of America was originally called the Bank of Italy. It was created in 1904 by Amadeo Giannini to cater to immigrants from Italy. After merging in the 1920s with the “Bank of America, Los Angeles”, it officially became “Bank of America”.

17. In the First Liberian War in the 1990s, General Joshua Milton Blahyi (also known as General Butt Naked) would lead his troops naked except for shoes and a gun – he did this at the suggestion of the devil, who Blahyi claims telephoned him at age 11. He believed it would protect him from the bullets (and apparently it did – as he is still alive, though he is now a religious preacher). General Butt Naked is pictured above.

18. At the start of World War I, the US Airforce (then a component of the US army) had only 18 pilots and 5 – 12 airplanes.

19. Contrary to popular belief and legend, Daniel Boone not only did not wear a coonskin cap, he detested them. Instead, Boone wore a felt cap.

20. In 1838, General Antonio López de Santa Anna (President of Mexico) had his leg amputated after his ankle was destroyed by canon-fire. He ordered a full military burial for it.

Contributor: JFrater

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • Smurff 2

    Ive learned something today

    Thanks nice list.

  • Einar

    Number 10 is strangely amusing.
    What was the name of the war?

  • astraya

    Item 12 – So much for the separation of church and state!

  • Choosil1cious

    Lols nice list!

  • Einar: it was called the Anglo-Zanzibar war, and you can read all about it on the Top 10 Shortest Wars – it is number 1.

  • jhoyce07

    good list huh..

  • Choosil1cious

    How about the Period of the Warring States in China, lasting 254 to 255 years whereby many kingdoms fight over the rule as emperor over China, although unexpectedly Prince Zheng, who declared himself as Qin Shi Huang, took the throne and turned evil, burned books which said that the emperor should be kind, buried the scholars who read them but standardized measurement and currency all over China but still regarded as the evil emperor he is?

  • john

    What’s so odd about number 6?

    Time Magazine has always stated that their person of the year title goes to the person who “for better or for worse, …has done the most to influence the events of the year.”

  • Darren


  • ligeia

    I knew some of these, like the one about Hitler, but its always good to learn new stuff :)

  • kunle

    crazy, just crazy, General Butt Naked?

  • Kate

    #11, the tidbit about the elephant, was definately depressing :/ It makes me wonder how many animals have been killed due to human conflict.

  • hill

    If anyone is interested the Hitler ‘man of the year’ article is here:,9171,760539,00.html

  • Sugen

    I don’t understand no. 9. How does the picture show an early form of contraception? Also I wish i could know the minimum age for marriage before it was increased to 12. General Butt Naked is wearing clothes…have never heard of him…though I have heard of many others.

  • Ash

    I like General Butt Naked
    I like him very much ;)

  • Kyran Wray

    these are my favorite type of lists, general butt naked is officially my new hero

  • Kyran Wray

    actually after researching a bit more into general butt naked, i realize he is actually sick and twisted, and extremely delusional. he used to murder children and drink there blood!

  • Schmaulie

    I assume by the photo that General ‘Butt Naked’ is no longer ‘Butt Naked’, generally?

    Great list – I love these interesting history ones…

    Keep it up guy!

  • Amy

    #17 general butt naked, is this the origins of ‘to go commando’? tho #4 i don’t find so odd, I’ve always understood the correct term to be Hindu-Arabic numerals, indicating their modern form do be a result of both Indian and Arabic origins

  • boone

    Who the heck was Boone?

  • lily

    Great list loved #13 and #15 but i dont get how being naked protected general butt naked from bullets. How many times was he shot?

  • JoJoWazoo

    Must be “or for worse,” they picked President Bush twice!

  • Borka

    “Pecunia non olet” – “money does not smell”.

    Excellent,loved it!

  • Iain

    #13 – Aubrey’s story might be apocryphal because I’m sure there’s a very similar tale in the ‘1001 Arabian Nights’.

  • ronsantohof

    General Butt Naked – sounds like a name from a porn movie.

  • Iain

    The prototype for #13 – The Historic Fart of Abu Hasan – a lovely little story well worth checking out.

    May the mercy of Allah be upon him.

  • Sana

    Omg you guys should check out the article wikipedia has on general butt naked there are too many gruesome details to list and lily apparently he was “protected from bullets” because he would get drunk and high before going into battle and chop the heads off anyone who came in his way. check out the article its really cool

  • Kreachure

    History is so weird. Thanks for this cool list!

    astraya: That’s exactly what I thought right after I read #12 too!

  • Sugen

    What I have come to realise is that most westerners do not believe in black magic or anything supernatural but it is there and it works. May be you have to leave the stereotypical minds to come to terms with reality. Even science was once considered a religion. In my life I have heard of a lot of people who have been protected from bullets before. However, I wonder what a nuclear bomb would do to them.

  • LordCalvert

    aww, i would have missed my birthday in #1

  • SoCalJeff

    The first contraceptives were used in Ancient Egypt. Egyptian women would use vaginal suppositories made of acidic substances and lubricated with honey or oil. (An early form of English contraception is pictured above.)

    I’m fascinated that the prevention of pregnancy was even considered way desirable in any fashion in ancient Egypt…and I haven’t even considered the aspect of casual sex yet….

    It was most likely used in ancient egyptian whorehouses. I wonder if the contraceptives were used by women other than your normal run of the mill prostitutes, strumpets, and harlots.

  • Rick

    #12 makes me mad when all of those fundies claim stuff about how “our forefathers made this a christian nation”. FEH. That was around the same time “under god” was added to our pledge of alliegnece too.

  • STL Mo

    #20 Santa Anna apparently got a new nickname because of the amputation – “The Immortal Three-Fourths.”

  • Callie


    I thought I was the only one in the WORLD who still used the word strumpet. You just made my day!

  • DiscHuker

    it is interesting how the phrase “the separation of church and state” has come to mean exactly the opposite of what it originally meant.

  • SoCalJeff

    @ Callie

    Its fun to use the word strumpet, its just one of those words that really stands out…it has an air of respectability compared to the meaning of its name…I try to work it into my speech or writing at least once a day.

  • Sugen (14): it is a joke – in the old days parents would tell their children that new babies were delivered by Storks (the bird pictured) – so as to not go in to the “dirty” details of the sex act. The picture shows a woman using an umbrella (the contraceptive) to beat away (erm…) a stork, thereby stopping herself from having a child :)

  • SoCalJeff: “I try to work it into my speech or writing at least once a day.” – hahahah – my favorite comment of the day :)

  • Rob S.

    He got a phone call from the Devil?
    I wonder if the Devil called collect…

  • Bob

    Saint Joan? Didn’t you read Shakespeare? She was a whore and a witch. ;-)

  • Bob

    Regarding the stork: I suppose it’s appropriate that the woman’s wearing red.

  • Sugen

    thanks jfrater. I never knew

  • JayArr

    Well Bob, if she had been a Wild Witchy Whore, she could have been http://WWW.SaintJoan.FTW

  • Callie

    That strumpet. :)

  • psychosurfer

    I have two new idols, General Butt Naked for defying death and Lily for posting again after facing the rage of the hundred headed hydra yesterday!

  • psychosurfer

    Which may be worse than facing death by the way…

  • Mom424

    Good list Jamie. Some fascinating tidbits.

    I have always understood that crocodile dung pessaries were one of the favored methods of birth control in Ancient Egypt. Mind you pregnancy certainly wouldn’t be the only thing that that practice would curtail, providing you didn’t die of infection first.

    Was there not a time in history when the papacy was in question? When there were in fact 2 Romes?

  • Steve

    England != Britain != United Kingdom

    Zanzibar would not have been at war with England but with either Great Britain or the United Kingdom (depending on whether Ireland was included or not). Given the time period I imagine it would have been Great Britain.

  • Mr. Plow

    “In God we trust” is not tantamount to creating of a religious state.

    Now it’s not a great motto, and honestly, I would like to see a new motto adopted. But let’s not get too dramatic.

    The US has become a decidedly more secular nation in the 60 years or so since that motto was adopted and ‘under God’ was added to the pledge.

  • Tricia

    @LordCalvert: I would have missed my birthday too. Good thing we’re on the Julian calendar.

  • Sorry for the downtime – it is resolved now and tonight the servers will be recompiled to prevent it happening again.

  • astraya

    Bob 40: Shakespeare was not a historian. He was a dramatic playwright. He was also English, so pretty much all of his French characters are gross distortions of the historical personages.

  • kunle

    Just read the wiki article on General Butt Naked: just barbaric and satanic!

  • tookyb

    General Butt Naked is awesome! I didn’t know the devil could use the telephone!

  • Christine

    Oh, I love the picture of the English contraceptive. That’s hilarious!

  • thunderchicken

    47. Mom424 – there was a papal dispute that directly followed Pope Gregory XI ending the Avignon papacy. Before the end of the Papal Schism, there were three different men in three different parts of the world claiming to be and operating as pope.

    Yet another fascinating tidbit of historical oddity.

  • I’m always fascinated by historical tidbits. I’m fascinated by history, but the little oddities, the strangenesses, the weird by-products are like extra gifts; stocking-stuffers.
    This list has made my day, even though I knew several of the tidbits already, most of them were new! That means I get to look up all sorts of extra information, learn all sorts of new information! God, I love this!
    Thank you, Jamie.

  • Precision

    Great list – I’m really interested in little tidbits like these :)

    I loved the joke in #9, and for some reason I thought that #20 was hilarious. It just seems like such a silly thing to do…surely the people attending the funeral would have found it almost impossible to keep from laughing.

  • Jackie

    DiscHuker @35: So what did it originally mean?

  • sanasunshine

    heyy, i learned about number 20 in u.s history class today.

  • shadow

    (Places tongue securely in cheek)
    I am appalled. Only 4 entries (12,16,18,19) and possibly a related entry (6) pertain to America. Why should I bother looking at other peoples opinions and sharing my ideas when this site is so obviously biased to non-American topics?
    ( Removes tongue from cheek. Welcomes the diversity in the comments already posted and looks forward to seeing more.)

  • 58. Precision: I thought that #20 was hilarious. It just seems like such a silly thing to do…surely the people attending the funeral would have found it almost impossible to keep from laughing.
    It made me think of the funeral for Chuckles the Clown in the old Mary Tyler Moore Show, wherein Mary starts to giggle in the middle of the funeral, then collapses into full on laughs.
    I know I would find a funeral for a limb too funny to resist laughing…but then, I can have a rather bizarre sense of humor.

  • 16. The Bank of America: OK, I know this is off-topic, but the whole list is sort of off-topic (that’s it’s charm)…In San Francisco one day, I saw a Bank of America which had been fooled with overnight. Some letters had been removed, leaving the bank now announcing itself as the Bank of eric!

  • Angelina

    LOL at SoCalJeff!

    Great list! Gotta love the oddities!

  • Precision

    segue (62) – makes you wonder what was said for the eulogy doesn’t it?

    “My right leg was a good leg – honest, hard-working, always there to lend a hand (so to speak). He will be sorely missed by his diametrically opposed twin brother my right leg, and is survived by his newborn daughter Stumpette (so named as she has us convinced she is a little strumpet).”

    Overheard at the wake:

    Officer: “Did you know the departed well?”
    Private: “Actually I never met him…but my ass and him were the best of friends”

  • shadow

    45. psychosurfer

    I think lily originally posted an opinion and then the name was hi-jacked as a troll. Cyn alluded to this in one of her posts when she referenced IP addresses, but did not elaborate. If more are posted under lily, I suggest we give the poster the benefit of the the doubt, until proved otherwise.

  • astraya

    How did General Santa Anna get a leg over after that?

  • shadow

    65. Precision
    This is too much. I think you are taking SoCalJeff’s proclivity to use the word strumpet and taking it to new extremes. ( Not sure about the “…but my ass and him were the best of friends”)

  • shadow

    67. astraya
    I’m not sure he had a leg to stand on!

  • astraya

    I disgree. He quite clearly had a leg to stand on.

    Did they bury the leg ‘one foot under’?

  • shadow

    I agree, He did have ONE leg to stand on, but is it a balanced argument?

  • glaukopis

    OOOH! I knew about #20! There was an entire early episode of King of the Hill about it.

  • I’m not sure we kneed to keep up the silliness about Santa Ana’s leg, he managed to live a balanced life, toeing the line as long as he lived, keeping his arch enemy, Lucas Alaman, at arms distance.
    He did, after all, leave us a far more infamous reason to remember him: Southern California’s Santa Ana winds.

  • nuit93

    “Despite the terrible nature of and damage caused by the 1666 Great Fire of London, only 8 people were killed. This is despite the fire destroying at least 13,500 houses.”

    This may be in dispute-some records indicate that the fire was so hot in some areas that bodies were burned to ash and thus not discovered.

  • thunderchicken

    Segue (73), the punning is making my head spin. Four in a single sentence – that has to be some kind of record or something. You should join the journalistic forces and keep the public supplied with such quality puns on a regular basis. (Journalists are awfully fond of puns, you see.)

  • kinda boring but i did learn stuff

  • TrixRabbi

    Very interesting list, but as mentioned before – Time’s Person of the Year is not necessarily an honor. It’s winners have “for better or for worse” made the biggest influence in the world said year.

  • 75. thunderchicken: Segue (73), the punning is making my head spin. Four in a single sentence – that has to be some kind of record or something. You should join the journalistic forces and keep the public supplied with such quality puns on a regular basis.
    Thanks, but then I’d have to hang around with journalists, and I fear for what that might do to my morals.

  • jake ryder

    Thank you,thank you.

    knew 13 of them.


  • astraya

    And his wife’s name was “Eileen”!

    (Probably not!)

  • Lizzyxo

    LOVE the stork photo! FANTASTIC!
    Also, You can See A.P. Giannini’s Lincoln that was made for him in 1933(I think) At The Towe Auto Museum in Sacramento CA. It has a safe in the back and also has a siren on the front. It’s pretty cool.
    #20 Boone: Daniel Boone was an American Frontiersman and one of our first Folk Heros. He also happens to be my great great great great great uncle. His sister Elizabeth is my however many great grandmother…

  • thunderchicken

    (78) – Mr. Segue, you cut me to the quick . . . for I am a journalist; one of the moral dregs of society that you allude to in your post. It’s okay though, I will mend my wounded pride somehow (of course, my methods will never be as fun as beating a stork with a parasol).

  • Mortivore

    I love these kinds of lists. I always use random facts from them to break awkward silences. ^-^

  • The Anachronism

    With regards to #5 on the list, could this be that the US considered confederate currency counterfeit?

  • astraya

    And thereafter he would always put his best foot forward.

  • jahblum

    You learn something new every day!!

  • xdr

    very nice list, shows tha jFrater has brains after all. I apologize

  • Manxmark

    I’m going to change my name to General Butt Naked

  • Nicosia

    #20- Daniel Boone was an incredibly kick-ass frontiersman who explored Kentucky.

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  • MzFly

    Awesome List – I was unable to get to the site yesterday so now I have 2 new lists to read!
    About the fire of London – I only know a little about it but didn’t the original fire start very small and only spread because of the closeness of the wooden buildings and the lack of response?

  • bigski

    astraya- Dont quit now your on a roll.

  • bigski

    Very cool info here.The English birth control method cracked me up.

  • Miss Destiny

    I love these lists, they’re not too long, and they’re always very fascinating! More fact and quotes lists!

    If I could think of someone I liked enough I’d make a quote list myself. :)

  • bigski

    Happy Thanksgiving tommorow to everyone.If you dont celebrate Thanksgiving Happy Thursday.

  • Ray

    nothing new here, what a waste of time.

  • Amanda


    The world was all about casual sex and just about any sex until the Roman Catholics came along. There are many hyroglifics that show free spirited sexuality. I like the way they thought!

  • 82. thunderchicken: (78) – Mr. Segue, you cut me to the quick . . . for I am a journalist; one of the moral dregs of society that you allude to in your post.
    It’s Ms. segue, and I was pulling your drumstick.
    Back in high school, I actually worked for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, and considered a career in journalism. I ended up pulling a double-major in Uni, Art/Photography and Literature/Writing (okay, technically that’s 4 majors, I have 4 BA’s, but only 1 grad degree – in Photography).
    I just ended up liking art more than I liked journalism. I liked making things up, I liked making things beautiful.
    I did work in the film biz for years and years. Not exactly a job for either the faint of heart, or the morally pure (just kidding, but one does have to look the other way on occasion).
    Now I write for fun, and take Photographs for 1 – fun and 2 – money.

  • JiminNorfolk

    Regarding astraya’s comment (#3), I am truly incredulous that someone would find this offensive on the mistaken belief that acknowledging God or a god is the same as “establishing a religion.” Get a life.

  • tim maguire

    Nice list! I knew a few, learned a bit. But where is the phrase “money does not smell” common? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it.

  • Aoede

    To second what others have brought up, item #6 is about as odd as the OED defining its words. He was named Man of the Year /because/ of his actions; while they were despicable, they were also /extremely/ influential. Which was the point.


  • 98. JiminNorfolk: Regarding astraya’s comment (#3), I am truly incredulous that someone would find this offensive on the mistaken belief that acknowledging God or a god is the same as “establishing a religion.” Get a life.
    I am truly incredulous that someone would take astraya’s comment seriously!
    Get a sense of humor!

  • Sitcur

    Hi everyone. I am a first time poster.

    In addition to General Butt Naked there were other Generals:

    1) General No-Mother-No-Father
    2) General Peanut Butter
    3) General F**k Me Quick
    4) General Dragon Master
    5) General Housebreaker
    6) General War Boss 111
    7) General Rambo

    But yeah, the most notorious was General Butt Naked. Hard to believe he is a Preacher now!! He said that God “called” him and told him to spread his Word!

  • Sitcur

    By the way……..General Butt Naked is a name I would have expected Bart Simpson to come up with :)

  • 100. Aoede: Are you a singer or songwriter?

  • astraya

    JiminNorfolk: Who said I found it offensive? If anything, I would use the word “incongruous”.

    Segue: Thanks. Ever-reliable.

  • bigski


  • 105. astraya: Segue: Thanks. Ever-reliable.
    Just being thankful, and protective, of my friends!
    106. bigski: I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH
    Back atcha big guy!

  • pat

    The Santa Ana story gets so much better than that. When he was removed from the presidency they dug his leg up and drug it through the streets of Mexico City

  • Aspielad

    Bob (40) “a whore and a witch’ ?? – Depends on which side of the line you stood I guess. Shakespeare (or Sir Francis Bacon – just in case)himself was a pretty ordinary historian who played fairly fast and loose with the facts when it suited him – one of the original “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” writers. He got his Scottish stuff horribly wrong – MacBeth was a good king and had a rightful claim tae the throne – in fact it was Duncan’s lads who did the murderin’. Lady MacBeth was also a good woman and a dutiful wife – she was NOT a murderess or a Traitor tae the throne.
    There’s also tthe fact that – provide your NOT an Englishman, Jeanne (or Joan) was a true hero AND a Saint!

    However, Joan’s leading the French forces tae victory at Orleans (and other places) proves the old ‘saw’ that French armies only ever win provided they’re not being led by a Frenchman – – – Napoleon was Corsican (Corsiwas) and Jeanne,
    (of Corse) was a woman!!!!

    JiminNorfolk – careful lad – criticise ANY of those three and they’ll ALL gang up on you – apparently THEY are allowed tae “make humorous comments” – but not indicate it as such wi’ a ‘smiley’ or a (or whatever) and we are supposed tae know and NOT criticise – but no-one else is allowed tae dae so or they get flamed by one of those three (and the others back them up).
    Apparently this is THEIR domain and NO-ONE else is allowed an opinion – unless it agrees wi’ theirs. None of them have the guts to acknowledge that one of the others might have got it wrong – they’re like cyber street-thugs: They can do/say what they like about anything or TAE anyone – but just let someone do the same back and they ALL wade in wi’ the boots – naeb’dy’s allowed tae criticise them or take exception tae their comments – just read their posts about each other they’re so far inserted in each other that all three havtae open their mouths for the other two tae be able tae see anything.
    Then again, maybe it’s just “that time” for them all this lunar cycle!
    You watch: now they’ll all go runnin’ off tae JF tae ‘red card’ me!

  • astraya

    Aspielad: I deny most of that!

  • segue

    And so do I!

  • Anon

    Me too!

  • astraya

    Okay, so I wrote all of those.

    My main excuse is that I don’t know how to insert smiley faces!

    ‘Aspie’ as in ‘Asperger’s’?

  • abhishreshtha

    i wonder from where did you got all these intresting informations brother
    itzz jus AMAZING MANNNNNNN !!!!!!

  • Cyn


    only ones i know that work…
    so now let’s stop this..k?

  • suburbansaint

    st. joan didn’t lead her army to victory. she lead her army to win a few battles and then she was burned at the stake. she had no real barring on the end of the war.

  • 111. segue…I DID NOT WRITE THAT.

  • Cyn

    113. astraya –
    Okay, so I wrote all of those.

    segue..nope, astraya did.

  • Oh, okay. astraya can put words in my mouth.

  • astraya

    Only very rarely, I promise! AND PLEASE DON’T USE ALL CAPS AT ME!!

  • Well, before I realized it was you, astraya, I was angry. Once I knew it was you, I wasn’t, and didn’t use caps (except as required), nor will I.

  • Panic

    General Butt Naked? That one gets a chuckle…

  • Aspielad

    You have a problem with Asperger’s?

  • TripHopper

    There are a few errors here, but otherwise an entertaining list.

  • Ryan

    6 isnt really odd at all. During the time he was made man of the year, he went through huge odds to rise to power and almost single-handedly helped Germany come out of their great depression after WW1. At the time, he did more good than bad. Of course, they didnt have any idea that he was going to end up starting the halocaust.

  • bigski

    My son in law hijacked my nickname and screamed how much I love Yall.He`s a ballbreaker.But it`s true.Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.Peace out.

  • Johnny

    On #12 “In God We Trust” you’re a little off. “In God We Trust” was first added to coins in 1864 after the Civil War.

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  • tjp

    14 is almost definitely wrong. there were only 8 ‘recorded’ deaths, that is not counting the poorest inhabitants whom no one will have noticed missing

  • sbiely_24

    good stuff… the only thing is #6 is taken out of context making it seem as though Hitler was named “man of the year” because he was a great leader…


  • barfiliad

    I just can’t get over how someone can use the word “strumpet” once daily…it’s like a strange vitamin

  • T

    Great list.
    Butt Naked got a call from the devil? Damn my ex wife!
    Yes, she is a Devil and a strumpet.

  • barfiliad

    When a papal seat gets moved to its rightful location, is the Pope sitting in it the whole time? or is their a ‘temporary papal seat’ for the ride? and what about the papal throne?

  • barfiliad

    stop saying strumpet just to get attention.

  • During the summer between high school and Uni I had a part-time job (I had sever jobs, but *this one was the worst!)at a Candy Store. I was modeling in those days, 5’8″, 105 lbs, my hair long enough to sit on (and long enough to hit the hem on the shortest mini-skirts.
    The old lady who worked the store full-time called me a strumpet. The first time she called me that I didn’t know what it meant, so I looked it up.
    The next time she called me a strumpet I called her a bitter old crone.
    I got fired, but it was worth it.

  • Randall


    See, in my book, “strumpet” is a very good thing.

  • Randall, oh Randall! Why am I not surprised? ;-)

  • astraya

    I got confused while reading the last couple of posts. For a moment I thought Randall had written:

    “I was modeling in those days, 5?8?, 105 lbs, my hair long enough to sit on (and long enough to hit the hem on the shortest mini-skirts”

    and my mind was boggling.

    Then I realised that it was segue, and my mind continued to boggle, but for totally different reasons.

    Little known collective nouns:
    a fanfare of strumpets,
    a tray of tarts,
    an anthology of pros(e).

    Aspielad: On the contrary. One of my nieces was assessed with it about two years ago, and my brother-in-law soon after, so I’ve been reading about it since. My sister, having observed them, has suggested to me that I might have a mild condition as well. While I do show some signs that might be explained that way, there are enough other explanations for me.
    If “Aspielad” does refer to Asperger’s then I would like to learn more.

    Muttley: if you’re still here, I would like to learn more from you, too.

  • astraya, I apologize for boggling you unduly if it created any harm or despair!
    I do not boggle those I like on purpose.

  • Aspielad

    Time to reveal secrets – Aspielad is Muttley’s ‘cover’ personality! Though you probably guessed that!

    Yes, I am an Asperger which is why I frequently say (write) things intended to be humourous, off-the-cuff, or glib but end up pi**ing people off – even in print I don’t read the ’emotion’ well and I can’t see the purpose of those things or ‘smileys’ – they just seem superfluous.

    The world is a very confusing place for me – and for most Aspies for that matter: the main problem is that people rarely say the same thing as their ‘face’ or body and when we act on the words we get into trouble – however if we try to put the words and the picture together – they often don’t fit!

    How do Aspie’s ‘behave’ – well for a start, we can e ‘volatile’ – as people have noticed!

    We like to be near people but not neecessarily CLOSE or ‘in the centre of attention’

    We tend to be ‘isolates’ or ‘loners’

    We tend to ‘obsess’ about certain things – for me it’s dinosaurs and WW2 models and we will talk endlessly and encyclopaedically about them LONG past the time everyone else has lost interest – WE are so obsessed we can’t see that we’re boring the hell out of everyone.

    We tend to ‘start’ at sudden noises and we also tend to have VERY sensitive hearing – sounds that other people take for granted tend to cut through our heads like a laser producing an ‘over the top’ reaction sometimes

    My eldest son – a much milder Aspie than myself had an addiction to silk material when he was little so occasionally touch is heightened as well – sometimes smell is too (though I lost my sense of smell (Praise God) about 12 years ago thanks to motorcycle-accident-induced -brain-injury

    We are finicky eaters – often ordering the same things all the time – my youngest son, who is much more severe than I, for example, for years has eaten Subway Sandwiches which MUST be on wheat bread, MUST be layered with ham – then cheese – then ham again – NO salad and NOT cut in half (lately he has substituted the second layer of ham for bacon – a BIG step forward for him) When eating out I tend to have fish with side dishes – the fish may vary, but there must be chips (or fries)- essentially its one variation of “fish and chips” or another!

    We don’t take changes well – routine is a BIG part of our lives: the world is a confusing place for us and we feel safer with familiarity

    We are “different” and get bullied a lot

    We would LOVE to make friends but when we’re around people we don’t know how to mix or act in order to attract friends – we rarely get invited to “play” with others – I have NEVER been to another kids birthday party while growing up!

    As I said we take comfort in familiarity – so much so that both my Aspie sons and I will read the same books over and over again and watch the same films over and over again – beecause we LIKE them.

    We all ahve good vocabs – mine is the best – my vocab was assessed when I was about 8 as being in the top 5% of the population – for an 18-year-old!!!

    We tend to be intelligent (though some of my past remarks may belie this) My eldest boy has an assessed IQ of 126, the youngest is 128 and mine was assessed at 156. Thanks to pictures of dinosaurs I saw in an encyclopaedia when I was four, I decided I wanted to know what the ‘squiggles’ next to the pictures said aout those pictures – so I taught myself to read and write. I began school at 4-and-a-half and my first reader was a Grade Six book – the vocab assessment I mentioned was also a reading-age test and they simply couldn’t place me – their test range only covered up to 18-years-old – and I was reading above that level.

    We tend toward ‘literality’ – someone may say something like “I did NOT hear you say that!” (meaning we said the wrong thing – or committed a gaff) – and so we tend to repeat what we said only LOUDER – so they can hear it!

    The good thing about an Aspie – you will never find a more loyal, honest, caring friend than an Aspie: thoise who show us understanding and friendship receive it back in absolute loyalty and honesty – it’s the only way we know how to be: Aspies are also TERRIBLE liars because we find it hard to say something we know isn’t true. We tend to give it away immediately. It’s the one thing about myself I feel good about – I don’t lie because I suck at it – I’ve tried a few times and I just fail every time!

    In short we are often in the position of being people who are ‘outsiders’ watching a world we find it difficult (often impossible) to understand (or sometimes – cope with)

    Notable TV characters who are Aspies are Temperance Brennan from ‘Bones’ and Grissom from CSI – the original one.

    Famous Aspies include:
    Beethoven – very likely
    Mozart – almost definitely
    Isaac Newton – definitely
    Sir Francis Bacon – definitely
    The guy who invented Pokemon
    Bill Gates
    Dan Aykroyd
    and many many more

    I’m happy to discuss the condition – but not sure about contacting – don’t really want to give out a private email address on an open forum

  • Cyn

    Aspielad –
    i’d definitely recommend NOT posting your email in this comment section. if you’ve not could register at our forums and post a thread there about this and allow people to contact you there via its private message system.
    get ya a disposable email, post that here and exchange real addys w/ folks that way. (this would be my first choice for anyone trying to make contact w/ someone here) just be sure to preface your comment here w/ the disclaimer it is just a temporary addy to exchange info offsite.

  • Binge

    I serve and fear only General Butt Naked!!! *salutes*

  • hazmatt113

    35. DiscHuker – I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Denzell

    I salute General Butt Naked! You know a naked warrior wearing only shoes and a gun for a weapon looks cool!

  • Denzell, if someone ran at me wearing only shoes and a gun, I’d run screaming the other way…of course, I’m a woman, and that might color my reaction a bit, but I think *anyone* would find it sufficiently strange to:
    1 – retreat in order to
    2 – phone the men in the little white coats.

  • fydpbivsoqmsp


  • ahmet

    it’s neither arabs nor indians that came up with numerical was the phoenecians who found it.

  • Michael

    11. The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

    Aw, poor elephant. What did it do?

  • Izzy

    Fact #10: Zanzibar actually surrendered after 30 miniutes.

  • tree

    only oddities ?

  • Whaha

    Santa Anna buried his leg, yes, and the people would dig it out and play with it, as he was not at all popular at the time (selling half of the country for a ridiculous sum and wasting the government’s money in superfluous luxuries before a starving mass might have something to do with it) so he had more than one burial for his leg, actually. He was quite a character.

  • MiracleMan

    Daniel Boone is not famous for wearing a coonskin hat, Davey Crocket is, and apparently, someone conflated the two here in #19. By all acounts, Mr. Crocket, the "King of the wild frontier," wore a coonskin cap later made popular by television and marketing in the 1950's.

  • Ackmed teh idiot

    Wow, strange, yet good.

  • Americanized Ninja

    At the beginning of WWI the airplane was not thought of as a practical instrument of war. It was only used to take photos of trench layout and troop movement. The pilots soon began to take hand held guns along in case they came across an enemy aircraft, but they were pretty ineffectual. The guys in charge thought the cavalry would be an important factor until they realized what horrible things can be done with technology.

  • BreK


  • Sandeep

    8 people in the london fire! i once spoke to a well reputed historian – the truth is that hundreds were burnt alive, but only 8 were people who mattered, people with money. The rest were peasants and the like

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