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10 Useful Inventions That Went Bad

This list takes a look at some important and well intentioned inventions that eventually ended up causing catastrophe through environmental damage or loss of life. All of the inventors were honest scientists who were trying to improve the world, but unfortunately ended up doing quite the opposite. This list is in no particular order.


Zyklon B


Fritz Haber was a Nobel Prize winning Jewish scientist who created cheap nitrogen fertilizer and also made chemical weapons for the German side in World War I. It was his creation of an insecticide mainly used as a fumigant in grain stores that was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 1.2 million people. His Zyklon B became the preferred method of execution in gas chambers during the Holocaust.


Agent Orange

Picture 1-110

Arthur Galston developed a chemical that would speed the growth of soybeans and allow them to be grown in areas with a short season. Unfortunately in high concentrations it would defoliate them and it was made into a herbicide even though Galston had grave concerns about its effects on humans. It was supplied to the US government in orange striped barrels and 77 million litres of Agent Orange were sprayed on Vietnam causing 400000 deaths and disabilities with another 500000 birth defects.


Gatling Gun


Richard Jordan Gatling invented the Gatling gun after he noticed the majority of dead from the American Civil War died of illness, rather than gunshots. In 1877, he wrote: “It occurred to me that if I could invent a machine – a gun – which could by its rapidity of fire, enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred, that it would, to a large extent supersede the necessity of large armies, and consequently, exposure to battle and disease would be greatly diminished.” The Gatling gun was used most successfully to expand European colonial empires by ruthlessly mowing down native tribesmen armed with primitive weapons.




Joseph Wilbrand was a German chemist who discovered trinitrotoluene in 1863 for use as a yellow dye. It wasn’t until 1902 that the devastating power of TNT as it is better known was fully realized and it was adopted as an explosive in time for extensive use by both sides in World War I, World War II. It is still in military use today.


Leaded Petrol

Picture 2-70

Thomas Midgley discovered the CFC Freon as a safe refrigerant to replace the highly toxic refrigerants such as ammonia in common use. This resulted in extensive damage to the Ozone Layer. His other famous idea was to add tetraethyl lead to gasoline to prevent “knocking” thus causing worldwide health issues and deaths from lead poisoning. He is considered to be the man that – “had more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth’s history.”


Sarin Gas

Sarin Gas Attack Cleanup

Dr. Gerhard Schrader was a German chemist specializing in the discovery of new insecticides, hoping to make progress in the fight against hunger in the world. However, Dr. Schrader is best known for his accidental discovery of nerve agents such as sarin and tabun, and for this he is sometimes called the “father of the nerve agents”.


Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion In Star.Img Assist Custom.Jpg

Sir Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant was the first to discover heavy hydrogen nuclei could be made to react with each other . This fusion reaction is the basis of a hydrogen bomb. Ten years later, American scientist Edward Teller would press to use Oliphant’s discovery in order to build one. However, Oliphant did not foresee this – “We had no idea whatever that this would one day be applied to make hydrogen bombs. Our curiosity was just curiosity about the structure of the nucleus of the atom”.




Despite a lifelong passion for astronomy and a dream that rockets could be used to explore space, Wernher von Braun’s talents were used to produce the Nazi V2 rocket which killed 7,250 military personnel and civilians and an estimated 20,000 slave laborers during construction. Later in the US he developed a series of ICBM rockets capable of transporting multiple nuclear warheads around the globe before redeeming his reputation with the Saturn V rocket that put men on the moon


Concentration Camps

Nazi Concentration Camp5.Gif

Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts set up “refugee camps” to provide refuge for civilian families who had been forced to abandon their homes for one or other reason related to the Boer War. However, when Lord Kitchener succeeded Roberts as commander-in-chief in South Africa in 1900, the British Army introduced new tactics in an attempt to break the guerrilla campaign and the influx of civilians grew dramatically as a result. Kitchener initiated plans to- “flush out guerrillas in a series of systematic drives, organized like a sporting shoot, with success defined in a weekly ‘bag’ of killed, captured and wounded, and to sweep the country bare of everything that could give sustenance to the guerrillas, including women and children.” Of the 28,000 Boer men captured as prisoners of war, 25,630 were sent overseas. The vast majority of Boers remaining in the local camps were women and children. Over 26,000 women and children were to perish in these concentration camps.




Anton Köllisch developed 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine as a by-product of research for a drug to combat abnormal bleeding. It was largely ignored for 70 years until it became popular in the dance clubs of the early 80s. It was only when the Rave culture of the late 80s adopted Ecstasy as its drug of choice that MDMA became one of the top four illegal drugs in use killing an estimated 50 people a year in the UK alone. Its inventor died in World War I.

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  • apepper

    I’d imagined leaded petrol and CFCs would be no. 1 & Edward Teller was the archetypal stupid clever person!

    Interesting list though.

  • Annae

    Wow sad list but intresting none the less.

  • tom_bati


  • Greg

    This is a great list! i like how its mostly devoid of biasness and it really tries to defend the inventor of some of the worst inventions of the last 100 years. While showing how cruel we can be.

  • @Greg (4): I agree – this is a great first list for the contributor – it is very interesting

  • l3lazec

    Personally, I don’t see how you have Ecstasy as the number one useful invention that went bad.

  • Mark

    I know that it may sound terrible, but I laughed when I saw number 10. I just opened up a new tab with this on it thinking “this should be pretty interesting” and then I saw Zyklon B. It was a terriblet thing that Nazi’s did with it, but it was more humane than the previous way of doing it.

    Maybe Himmler did have a conscience after all.

  • Paramnesia

    I agree, this is a great list. I’m a science nerd so I find it fascinating how such products have been found for example ecstasy.

  • Chineapplepunk

    @l3lazec (6): nor me, not when the death of jews is mentioned twice… How many million more of them were killed.
    Anyway, it was a great list. A lot more informayive than recent ones. Oh and OMG, is that how the vietnamese were treated??? That’s sick.

  • Chineapplepunk


  • jajdude

    Unforeseen and unpredictable guns and rifles on the list, G.

    Whodathunk atom-splitting would reek (wreak, wreck) so much havoc yo?

  • Mark

    @Chineapplepunk (9): Just throwing it out there that the list probably isn’t ordered… Not in the least because the title is “10 Useful Inventions That Went Bad,” nothing about being the Top 10 :)

  • brandiwine

    what about Thalidomide, it was used to help women with morning sickness and cause 1,000s of birth defects

  • JJjames

    Ecstasy is not nearly as dangerous as it’s made out to be, at least not in its pure form MDMA. People often cut it with other things like caffeine, amphetamines and even cocaine to make it cheaper thus making it more dangerous. Also most people who die from it die from dehydration where they don’t have any friends with them to tell them they need to drink after dancing so much. Why is heroin not up there instead?

  • SnowKid32

    Ecstasy, according to wikipedia, is less dangerous then Marijuana. I’ll stick with the pot either way.

  • jaibee

    Interesting fact about Thomas Midgley, his reputation of bad inventions followed him to his death when a complex system of pullys and strings he invented to help him with a disability ended up strangulating him!

  • Mark

    @JJjames (14): I think that’s a bit narrow-minded. I doubt that the only effects of ecstasy is the damage – or lack of ;) – to the “congestee”.

  • JJjames

    @Mark: Yeah maybe but I’m not saying take drugs but there is no point just scaring people like governments do. If they told the truth everyone would be much better off. Whatever laws they put in people are always going to take drugs so it would be better to inform people so they take the least harmful drugs and stop wasting their money implementing the regulations over them. Also the long-term effects are not fully known but most respectable scientists who have carried out tests on this say that if there are any they will probably be largely insignificant. It’s up to the user to know what they should do if they take the drug and weigh up the risks but as long as they are not harming anyone else, (which on ecstasy it’s far more likely that they will be hugging instead of harming) it should be their own choice what they put into their bodies.

  • archangel

    i see, i see. these people would be turning in their graves!

  • Fishin

    Maybe I’m just showing my lack of knowledge in this area as it’s been years since I studied it, but wouldn’t it be Nuclear Fission, not Fusion? I always thought the Bomb was a fission reaction.

    • Norm

      Actually you are 'half right' – the hydrogen bomb is a fusion device but its triggered by a fission reaction. So its actually a fission-fusion bomb with the fission stage being relatively small (kiloton range) and the fusion stage being very large (megaton range)

  • joliver

    i love it!

  • Mark

    @JJjames (18): Yeah, I guess that’s reasonable. As long as some random on LV can’t possibly conceive how drugs could possible cause harm outside of adverse effects to the takers’ bodies then I guess governments should legalize drugs…

    You obviously think you could take drugs responsibly. You probably can, good for you. I’m sure there are people out there who could drive safely at 120km/h, maybe even 140, 150. But then there are people that can’t be trusted to hit 60 – me! – so the government imposes speed limits to protect the majority. Drivers can cause damage, so can drugs. I hate arbitrary laws more than anything else in the world, yet I can follow that logic.

  • mrpl0w

    It is funny that there is so much good that can be accomplished with science, like the small pox vaccine for example, and so much destruction that can be brought about at the same time.

    So many lives both saved and destroyed. It’s crazy how things work out sometimes.

    Outstanding list!

  • JJjames

    @MArk: Nah it’s more the fact that it doesn’t really work. For example in the Netherlands where Cannabis is legal the percentage of users is lower than in the UK where it is a class B drug

  • tripsyman

    @brandiwine (13): I totally agree with you – should have been on the list

  • Gooner

    great list…

    btw i noticed that all lists on this site always mention is the subject at hand is jewish or not which is kinda strange but being a jew myself i think it’s awesome :P

  • tripsyman

    The Large Hadron Collider at CERN could top the lot – if that were to go bad we would all be in trouble.

  • Rufus

    i was hoping to see less on explosives / war and more on something else… but whatever

    pretty nice

  • Mark

    @JJjames (24): Thank you for pointing out that widely overlooked fact. [/sarcasm]

    I think you’ll also find that there are more violent crimes per capita in the UK than in the Netherlands. OMG!!!! I just proved that drugs cause violent crime!!!!! Or maybe, just a crazy, crazy leap-of-faith of logic here, cultural differences might account for some discrepencies.

    Sorry if I like my logic de-fallaciated.

  • flgh

    No mention of DDT?

  • @Mark (22): I think I have raised this issue before – but what about the idea of legalizing all drugs but only via prescription. Then the govt has a list of users and extra tax money to build rehab centers for those who need it and want it. That makes drugs cheap – so lessens drug crimes and provides a non-judgemental place for rehabilitation.

  • @flgh (29): I think DDT would be on the opposite list – 10 inventions considered bad that are actually good. DDT is one of the most effective aids in the fight against malaria. It is wrongly stigmatized IMHO.

  • Mark

    @jfrater (30): You sure have. I think it’s preferrable to a wholesale “take what you want, why should we care” approach. But I’m not convinced, I’m obviously a rather prudent person on some issues (which, if you knew me well, would suprise you as much as it does me).

    And rehab’s never going to be non-judgemental.

  • JJjames

    @Mark: Yeah but violent crimes aren’t legal in Netherlands

  • Mark

    Also, if the government doesn’t tax the hell out of the newly legalized drugs I would be extremely surprised. I know you’re a smoker, and let’s face it, the tobacca industry is the prime example of the government wanting a cut. Tobacco – in commercially available form – is dangerous there’s no rationalizing it, there’s no “moderation” here, there are far too many studies tying it to cancer/s.

    Can you see government administered drugs turning out much differently?

  • Mark

    @jfrater (31): Funny I could say the same thing about TNT and open-cut mines ;)

    “10 More Useful Inventions That Went Bad”

    Can’t wait :D

  • Mark

    @JJjames (33): Well done failing to address anything that I brought up in my previous comment. If you’re going for the quick and disgraceful way out of this debate, you’re going it well.

  • JJjames

    @Mark: This mass-debate may be disgraceful, but it sure isn’t quick or going well

  • tmxicon

    @fishin(20): The atomic bombs that were used in World War II were fission bombs, yes. However, most countries with a modern nuclear weapons program possess two-stage thermonuclear weapons (aka hydrogen bombs). In these nuclear fission (first stage) is used to ignite and initiate the second phase. If you want to learn more about how weapons that use nuclear fusion operate look up the Teller-Ulam nuclear weapon design.

    On another note… so the gatling gun went bad by… killing more people? I’m not sure that quite qualifies for a “good invention gone bad.” Even though the inventor made terrible assumptions about how it would be implemented , its intention was always still to mow down someone.

  • Fishin

    I guess I feel that nuclear fusion hasn’t really done anything bad AS YET, whereas fission killed a hell of a lot of people. So I think fusion doesn’t really belong on the list. Yet.

  • oouchan

    Bad things happen all because of good intentions. Fits this list perfectly. That gatling gun….wow. Want to get more people then disease. What sick thinking on that one.

    Cool list, djalabajoe.

  • Mark

    @JJjames (37): How is it disgraceful? The debate is neccesary, without it, people like you wouldn’t be getting heard at all. It’d be me all the way.

    IMO slowly is the way to go. Keep an acceptable status quo until we can think of an even better way to change it, one that we can agree on. Because after all, last time we changed the status quo in finance, we created the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression.

  • JJjames

    @mark: Yeah it was a really bad joke, you’ve made good points(Y)

  • Mark

    @oouchan (40): What’s really funny looking back at it is the fact that this guy couldn’t deduce that when – not even a question of if – the enemy got these weapons, you were going to have to to match them for manpower again. It was just going to lead to proportionately equal sized armies, albeit with much bigger, deadlier weapons.

  • dsig

    concentration camps were first used by the Spanish a few years before the British copied the idea… Kitchener shouldn’t be credited with the invention

    • Guest

      the spanish ones were technically internment camps and not concentration camps, so…

  • archiealt

    Fantastic list. I do agree with the people who have already mentioned ecstasy though, how it made it on to a list like this, especially at number one, is quite strange.
    Having said that the rest is very interesting, if somewhat depressing.

  • plow22

    I really expected to see Nobel on this list he had to invent a peace award after he saw how people used dynomite.

  • Omar

    You should have added the ski mask. I mean the guy who invented it must of had the greatest of intention only to have it be made infamous for its use in crime

  • Petarded

    50 kills per day and you put ecstasy in number 1, besides things like sarin gas and concentration camps??

    • Norm

      I agree – Ecstasy just doesn't work for me as number one. Heroine is a better example, it is far deadlier, killing thousands of addicts each year. Its original use was as a painkiller/anesthetic. In fact Karl Marx's statement about "religion is the opiate of the masses" is completely misunderstood today.Today we take it to mean that he was denouncing religion as addictive and dangerous, when in fact he meant that religion is soothing and comforting to those in (emotional) pain.

      • le tel

        And as per Calvin and Hobbes, the says "he ain't seen nothing yet!"
        @Petarded, its 50 kills a year, not day. More people die in car accidents a year then that so essentially the Car is worse then ectascy as it destroys the planet and straight forward kills people :)

  • Petarded

    Sorry i meant per year.

  • Trapper439

    Given that Werner von Braun knew full well that his V2 rockets were being created using the slave labour mentioned in the very next entry after his I don’t think that he ‘redeemed his reputation’ with the Saturn V.

    The man was brilliant, but he was also an amoral scumbag of the highest order who would surely have been sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials if he hadn’t been deemed too valuable to kill. The Saturn V would have still been invented, at most a couple of years later than it was.

    Good list though.

  • Mtatazela

    2. Concentration Camps
    While 26,000 women and children were to perish in these concentration camps thousands and thousands more women, children and natives starved of exposure and hunger as the British troops burnt, looted and devestated their crops and homesteads.
    Ironicly one of the worst cases of “Useful Inventions That Went Bad” were the pass laws implemented by the British under colonial rule.
    With the idea to protect indigenous peoples from flocking to the colonial white city’s and thus loose their cultural background and leaving their families back home in destitute, The Natives’ Land Act of 1913 [1] was the first major piece of segregation legislation passed by the Union Parliament. The subsequent Native Urban Areas Act of 1923 deemed urban areas in South Africa as “white” and forced all black African men in cities and towns to carry permits called “passes” at all times . When South Africa got it’s independance in 1961 and became a Republic these laws remained a cornerstone of Apartheid until the 1990’s when it was replaced by the current policy of land restitution.

  • Yawyack

    Hey, I think you need to add that the people that died in the concentration camps in #2 died of disease. I think it needs to be added cos when people say concentration camps they automatically think of the purposeful murder that occurred during WW2.

  • Yawyack

    ah, you bet me to it

  • Yawyack

    Hang on, no you didn’t, lol. And I think the numbers of those that died of disease in these camps was about 28,000 Boers and about 14,000 black Africans. Its interesting to note, that when the British closed these camps to new entrants, it sped up the end of the war. As the mobile Boer forces were left with the impossible task of trying to look after and feed the starving populace in their areas.

  • Mtatazela

    @Yawyack (53):
    If you accept holding captured war weakened women and children dying of malnutrition and contagious diseases in tents without any infrastructure or protection during bitter cold winters in concentration camps and don’t think of it as “murder” I would hate to be at your mercy .
    The British called this their “Scorched Earth Campaign”

  • mom424

    Excellent contribution djalabajoe; interesting how we humans can find the worst possible use for everything.

    Kind of a pity about MDMA, LSD, Heroin, Weed and a host of other recreational drugs. Hysteria and misguided laws have and are preventing legitimate use and research into their properties. There is hope – the FDA has recently approved Ecstasy for human research. In the articles I’ve read it seems to be a very promising tool for Psychiatric intervention. I’ve heard similar claims for LSD.

    Jfrater: I agree with your drug policy. Laws have never prevented addicts from getting their drug of choice; just makes criminals out of addicts and provides organized crime with an obvious cash flow bonanza. Legalize it, tax it. Provide treatment for those who want it. All good.

  • Ed

    i dont know why ecstasy is number one on this list.. for instance just look at the use of alcohol and alcohol related deaths in comparison to ecstasy. i dont think it should be on this list at all let alone number one.

  • riesstu


    Precisely how is the LHC supposed to “go bad”? All particle accelerators do is replicate what nature has been doing for billions of years. Every day countless millions of high-energy collisions take place in the upper atmosphere with far more energy than the LHC can generate…and guess what? We’re still here.

    • Norm

      Its because tripsyman has been listening to the 'its going to create mini black holes and destroy the earth' nonsense. Morons – learn some basic physics…

  • CanInternet

    Well, at least Von Braun got us to the moon.

  • Well, at least Agent Orange is a cool band now…

  • Yawyack

    I would call it inept management on Kitchener’s behalf. The scorched earth policy produced more refugees than the camps could handle. There was certainly no intent to kill the Boers or Black Africans in the camps. And it wasn’t only restricted to them. Just look at the plague of Bloemfontein for the amount of British soldiers that died of contagious diseases brought about by unhygienic accomidations accelerated by malnutrition. The camps were created so the Boers that would otherwise be left on the veld would not starve as a result of the scorched-earth policy. And as far as the scorched-earth policy… its a tool that both guerrillas and those seeking to destroy them have always used.

  • CanInternet

    Extacy is number one while it only kills a meager 50 a year in the UK. And those who die die because they drink themself to death with bloody water because they are thirsty.
    Come on.

    Can´t you come up with something better????
    This list sucks, just because of the number one you presented.

  • CanInternet

    After thinking about this list, I´m very angry.
    How dare you to put a stupil pill on one.
    The fucking concentration camps of the bloody brits killed more.
    And then to think of the german ones that killed millions.
    ignorant asshole

  • CanInternet

    specially when yoy put a picture of a german concentration camk on the site while blabbering about some english camps

  • CanInternet

    I´m so pissed that I even start to make typos

  • Yawyack

    Ah, I missed the pic. Definitely a German WW2 camp.

  • steeveebee

    it is truly ridiculous to have ecstasy in the number one spot, let alone even to have it on the list. Also are the 50 deaths per year as a direct result of ecstasy, or other factors such as over consumption of water? It’s less harmful than horse riding!

  • undaunted warrior

    Informative list, but I do agree with most of the above comments regarding the ecstasy in no. 1 spot.

  • redcaboose

    I agree with others that Exstasy does not belong on this list. JFrater neatly spells out my belief on how governments should handle and legalize all drugs.

    DDT should still be used for fighting malaria, which is a world wide scourge. If it would also be used in very limited ways in agriculture it could help feed humanity. However the wholesale use of it as was done in the past should never be allowed. To read about DDT, see Rachael Carson’s book “Silent Spring”.

    Agent Orange was a very wrong way to run a war (not that there is a right or good way,)and many people in Vietnam are still paying the price. In America, many Veterans are suffering from this stuff and many have died from its use.

    Thalidomide is being used again, except with a warning that pregnant women not take it. When will we learn.

    The Gatling Gun was used exactly as it was designed, as an evil weapon that kills many.

    This is a really good list, that has elicited some very interesting comments.

  • FlashofFury

    We really do suck as a species. Only we could find a way to make anything destructive

  • redcaboose

    @CanInternet (64): You are a jerk. You condemn because you do not like one entry? You call someone names because you do not agree with him? You are rude and snotty, and you sound like a twelve year old that got onto your mommies computer. But since you feel it is ok to call people names, I will too. You are a JERK!!!

    Criticize, comment, applaud, do your on list, but do not tear down other people’s work just to be a jerk.

  • deeeziner

    Finding an entry for Zyklon-B, then seeing it posted in the least spot at 10, then finding Ecstasy as the #1?

    For Shame!!!

    Since you have made an otherwise well thought out and researched list I will say “good job” and thank you djalabajoe. Hopefully any lists in the future will perhaps have a more fitting order.

    BTW-does the order of these items reflect any personal loss?

  • LoveLife57

    Positive micheal jackson list plz

  • scarabin

    ecstasy is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

    it’s one of the few drugs on earth, who the users of which consistently say “it changed my life for the better.”

    and in the number one spot???? ridiculous.

  • maybenot

    In all of the years ecstasy has been around there has only been a handful (less than 10) deaths attributed to it directly. The lions share of the other so called deaths were due to alcohol consumption.
    Perhaps there is some other agenda to this list?
    Alcohol should certainly be up there instead no? Or perhaps as others have suggested Opium or morphine or other derivatives? How about the automobile? AK-47?

  • CreamKreator

    I agree. I have had many times that MDMA has been a benefactor in relationships due to it’s habit of removing ones ego. It isn’t completely harmless thou, excessive use IS a bad idea. I’ve taken an overdose and it’s not childsplay, i can tell you.. And too often and it does change your personality. But once a week in moderation, not a problem.

  • vertigo

    personally? I woulda put lsd rather than extacy. the negative effects are more well known (Schizophrenia, among others) and it also has that long history of being used in experiments for mind control and “super soldier” experiments. Especially, considering that most extacy related deaths are actually from dehydration, from the E-tard forgetting to drink water while dancing around like a ninny.

  • CanInternet

    @ redcaboose

    Ehm let me point out finely in your face that BOTH my grandparent (father side and mother side) did hide jews from the germans while they occupied The Netherlands.
    A offence punishable by death in those days.
    As a consequence I grew up with parents that were very affected by the war. So as a result was I.
    You don´t know shit.
    And a pill on number one is out of order.
    You moron.

  • Moonbeam

    There are numerous comments about why something is else should be at the number one spot, but the list is described by djalabajoe in this way: “This list takes a look at some important and well intentioned inventions that eventually ended up causing catastrophe through environmental damage or loss of life. All of the inventors were honest scientists who were trying to improve the world, but unfortunately ended up doing quite the opposite.” It really doesn’t seem like this list is in any particular order. Certainly not progressively worse. Nowhere does it say ‘top ten,’ or ‘least to worst’ for example. I agree with @Mark (12):

  • CanInternet


    There you´ve got a point.
    it is indeed a “scramled” list.
    Which does injustice.
    But alas.
    There it is.

  • CanInternet


  • jafool

    Number 6 is irrelevent as global warming is a natural phenomenon and not caused by humankind. The earth has gone through dozens of periods where the climate has changed radically in it’s history and we cannot do anything to stop it. Anyone heard of the ice age? Unless the mammoths were smoking “leadboros” it was a perfectly natural change of climate where nothing but the sun contributed to it. Sorry if i sound like a deranged conspiracy theorist here but maybe if the governments of the world stopped pouring, millions of dollars/pounds etc into schemes that only make people’s lives harder and convince us that it is OUR fault; and spent it on helping solve the economic depression or people desperately in need of of it the world would be a better place.

    • Norm

      While I agree with you on the whole global warming thing, I would note that the article does not refer to global warming at all, just the harmful effects of Tetra ethyl lead pollution in the atmosphere – which is greatly overstated IMO because I don't know of any documented deaths from lead poisoning caused by breathing air pollution. Asthma related deaths maybe, but the TEL had little to contribute there.

      As for global warming, I for one welcome it, man caused or not. The fact is, nobody ever bothers to think about the alternative – and that is that the cycle reverses (as it has done for the tenth time or so in the last half million years) and the glaciers advance, covering most of north America and Europe in ice sheets. I doubt that Iowans are going to be able to grow very much corn to feed the world then…. And in Europe we will have to listen to the French whine about not being able to grow grapes for their wine.

      If humans are indeed accelerating global warming, then that is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing, because its most likely the only way out of the current periodic glacial epoch the earth has been experiencing for the last 30 million years or so.

  • Maggot

    @maybenot (77): Perhaps there is some other agenda to this list?

    Perhaps you’re reading too much into it.

    Alcohol should certainly be up there instead no? Or perhaps as others have suggested Opium or morphine or other derivatives? How about the automobile? AK-47?

    The “went bad” desciptor of this list means things that were invented with some entirely different purpose in mind, but instead became used (with negative consequences) for something else. Recreational use of drugs for example doesn’t fit this definition because it is simply the misuse of something that is still none-the-less being used for its intended purpose, which was to alter ones mind (typically for the purpose of pain blocking, or for psychological therapy in the case of LSD). MDMA had an entirely different purpose (actually, it had no purpose, since it is described as a by-product), so it fits in the “went bad” category IMO. Alcohol, cars, guns? Just more examples of misuse of their intended purposes. But then what about the Gatling Gun you say? It’s intended purpose was to be a strategic implement of war, not for use in erradicating entire civilizations, so I agree that one works on this list.

  • Maggot

    I should clarify my above mention of “alcohol” was meant to refer to its use for consumption in the form of liquor, which was the context referred to in the post I was replying to.

  • Sharkey

    @Mark. Nice list. But as I recall, MDMA doesn’t really fit the bill here. It was never a “Useful” drug. Didn’t they stop using that medically because it was found that prolonged use only served to accentuate the mental issues it was supposed to alleviate?

  • jpeek345

    duh- “ecstasy” number one. List maker perrogative, lol.

    me chief listmaker

  • Swing

    The point being: chemists will kill you.

  • mom424

    @Sharkey (86): You’re mistaken.
    It is going to be a useful tool for PTSD caused by war and trauma (such as rape).

    @jafool (83): Good name. Fitting if you believe that we haven’t at least contributed to the speed of global climate change. There is a consequence to the tons of greenhouse gasses and particulates that we release into the atmosphere. Read about dimming as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

  • DiscHuker

    jamey: i don’t know if others are having the same problem, but several times lately the images on the list pages have not been loading. i just get the blank box with the red x. it isn’t every time, but more times than not. any suggestions?

  • stofjas

    Yawjack you obviously dont know shit about the boer war my friend. As some-one with family who have died in the concentration camps i can tell you that it was due to forced removals that 90% of the woman and children ended up there. Due to the upperclass attitude that the british had, they saw the boers as savages, they treated them as such. they denied them any sanitary conditions and any medical help. In Bloemfontein the officers mess decided to refloor their dance hall and sold the old planks to the concentrated boer families so that they can bury their children in something else than soap boxes, making a tidy profit in the process. The conditions in the camps were horrific and kitchener ignored pleas from the Rowntree family (the chocolate people) and nurses like Emily Hobhouse and made sure that the conditions just worsened. He stopped the war because the boer troops had nothing left to fight for with their children and women being held hostage and dying by the thousands.

    Kitchener did pay for his crimes in the end when a south African spy tracked him down and sabotaged his boat to let the bastard die.

    It took the church of england 90 years to apologise for the atrocities committed in the concentration camps. These concentration camps was the worst example of british emperialism, superior attitude from upperclass britain and showed the worst of the british character. Johhny English came, he raped, he pillaged, he stole, and he left a burnt path behind him. Its idiots like you that make the South African nation hate the british with every grain of their beings and make us enjoying humiliating you on the cricket and rugby field even more.

    Last note: Eat shit and die pommy bastard! You wouldn’t think of making light of the jewish concentration camps would you. Read a bit more history, by one of your own, Thomas Pakenham, and realise that your british nation committed more than your share of atrocities in the name of the empire, gold and diamonds. From the whirling dervishes to xhosa’s in the north you have left a path and death and destruction behind you.

  • Sharkey

    @mom424 I thought that those trials have only started recently.And I understand that they are not completed yet.

    When the compound was developed originally, it was tested for a few years then dropped. It may yet have some beneficial uses, but it’s still too early to say if it will be adopted for treatment of PTSD and similar conditions. It may still turn out the the benefits are outweighed by the (potential) side-effects.

  • redcaboose

    @CanInternet (79): That does not give you the right to be a jerk. In fact, I would think that you would be more understanding of the ideas of others. If you are going to use that as an excuse for your rudeness, then you should let people know about it first. Not that it would excuse you.

  • Mtatazela

    @Maggot (84): It boggles my mind how any one can justify the Gatling Gun as a strategic implement. The Gatling Gun was basic a predesessor of the Maxim wich both were used by Kitchener to become slaughtering machines wherever the British army took them.
    @stofjas (91): Encore!

  • iboxd


  • Mtatazela

    How about the automobile? AK-47?

    A young tank commander was wounded and motivated to create the weapon after his experiences in World WarII . Whilst recovering he decided to make a revolutionary gun that would protect the Motherland from another German invasion.(Also pure in motif?)

    The AK-47 – it stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, whilst the 47 refers to the year it was designed.

    The AK is now used everywhere from Colombia to Africa to the Middle East. The gun is the preferred weapon of many soldiers, revolutionaries and terrorists. Its distinctive outline, with its banana-shaped magazine, even appears on flags and currencies. The Kalashnikov is a now a cultural icon and a global brand – the AK-47 is to guns what McDonalds is to fast food. It is also used by more than 50 standing armies around the world.

    Even now, 60 years after its creation, the AK-47 has a fearsome reputation.

    The British, the Americans and the Israelis have all found out in recent years how devastating the Kalashnikov can be in the hands of well-trained insurgents. In Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon it is still leaving its mark.

    Since 1949 over 100 million AKs have been produced.
    It is estimated the weapon is responsible for more than a quarter of a million deaths every year. 250 000 per year!

  • alexman

    how is a gattling gun- created to be an efficient killing machine going bad when it is used as an efficient killing machine. all its ever done is fufill its original purpose therefore it is a bad machine that stayed bad. thats if you count guns as bad just because they kill.

  • mom424

    @stofjas (91): Thanks for the history lesson – I honestly didn’t know the extent of concentration camp use in the boer war.

  • jafool

    @mom424 (89): Good name. Fitting if you believe the do-gooding rubbish spouted by environmentalists. Don’t just assume I am someone who has not read up on the subject. Ever noticed how scientists who attempt to disprove the theory of man’s contribution to climate change are drowned in a torrent of nut-cases who believe everything they are told? No conclusive evidence has been put forward that proves the theory (and to be fair none has been on contrary). Man has contributed a total of 3% of current CO2 in the atmosphere which is nowhere near enough to make a difference. The earth has gone undergone many periods of rapid change, so what makes you think that mere humans can do something that only the enormously powerful sun can?

  • chubbmeister

    ehh..the fuzz about XTC being on the number 1 spot, the introtext clearly says “This list is in no particular order.”


  • hillerious

    From what I remember reading about MDMA’s original research in the late 70’s-early 80’s, it was used chiefly in couples therapy because it increases empathy. From what I understand, it was quite useful to that effect. The problem started when researchers where looking at images of the brains of long term, heavy users. The images appeared to have holes, leading to the myth that MDMA would eat holes in your brain (a myth still being passed around as often as the drug itself). It is actually false. The images were not showing holes, but areas of decreased activity which may or may not have been permanent. Truth is, light use is practically or completely harmless, and really does show promise in the treatment of certain mental illnesses. Legalizing it would remove stigma and facilitate usage in more stable, controlled environments which would alleviate the already minuscule death toll. Long story short- there is nothing “went bad” about MDMA except for it being made illegal and therefore prone to tampering by unscrupulous drug dealers. It is a potentially very useful drug.

    Also, having taken it a couple times, I can tell you it is a very pleasant experience.

  • Maggot

    @Mtatazela (94): It boggles my mind how any one can justify the Gatling Gun as a strategic implement

    It boggles my mind how you are confused by its purpose, as stated by the inventor as being: “(to) enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred, that it would, to a large extent supersede the necessity of large armies, and consequently, exposure to battle and disease would be greatly diminished” does not constitute it being an implement of strategy, or rather, giving a strategic advantage in battle. But you’re barking up the wrong tree. My point wasn’t to justify its invention. My point (and IMO the point of the list item) was – genocide does not constitute “battle strategy”, hence the invention went bad, and thus its inclusion on the list, rather than just “guns” or in general or AK-47s in particular.

  • Moonbeam

    @chubbmeister (100): I think, “This list is in no particular order,” was added on after all the fuss. But wait for it, more comments will miss it and go off about XTC being #1 anyway.

  • Emily

    I was really liking this list…until No. 1. I mean, of all the top inventions to go wrong, you had to pick ecstasy? I even love the little statistic in the last sentence, that it kills 50 people a year in the UK alone. Oh, god, I’m quivering in my seat, 50 people a year! Meanwhile, thousands of people die per day from treatable illnesses, four thousand little girls are circumcised and mutilated a day, and genocide continues to kill thousands of people in many different areas, yet I’ve got to worry about 50 people a year in the UK.

  • deeeziner

    @chubbmeister (100): Okay you are right, as are some of the other commenters here too, the Author DID say “This list is in no particular order.”

    But how could he/she NOT expect a large ruckus about list order when THIS was how the chosen entries played out.

    Begs one to wonder if all the entries were thrown into a hat and drawn out one at a time via the fickle hand of fate, and the random order stubbornly adhered to in the name of players honor.

    OR–did the Author make a conscience decision to have Ecstasy at the number one position to perhaps manipulate the comments list in some way.

    OR–Has the Author had a personal experience with the evil ecstasy that has jaded his opinion on where it stands in the food chain of evil inventions.

  • unca

    You forgot “call-waiting”

    • norm

      LOL – that one actually made me laugh!

  • deeeziner

    @Moonbeam (103): One more thought about the sentence–“This list is in no particular order.”

    If I were submitting a list for the type of perusal that ListVerse is known for, you can bet yout booty that I wouldn’t leave such a disparaging, blaring slap in the face as my #1 entry.

    It’s not easy to make a well researched list, then with the subsequent wait for publishing, and the feeling of accomplishment/pride when seeing one’s name at the top of the page as the submitter….Why, why? submit a list that has nothing other than entry order as it’s worst fault.

    And adding THAT little footnote to the opening paragragh of the list still won’t regain any respect from the readers who judge a list by it’s entry order.

    Obviously the logical comeback to my point will be “who cares what those readers think anyhow.” But lets face it, the comments often make or break a list’s reception, and subsequently reflects upon the submitter.

  • archiealt

    @STOFJAS (91);

    Although some of what you say is undoubtedly true, you lose a lot of credibility for making statements such as ‘Eat shit and die pommy bastard!’

    Of course there were many atrocities committed by the British army during the Boer War, and throughout history, but no country is ‘without sin’, as it were. To hate a whole nation with every grain of your being for what happened in a military conflict over 100 years ago shows a distinct lack of rationality.

    By all means make your views known, you clearly feel very passionately about this subject, but lets try and keep it adult shall we.

  • Diogenes

    my immediate “idiot with a brain thought” is that, if the time machine were ever invented (with the possibility of sending back human history correctors) than most likely, the invention would end up where we are today. So by this alone, have or haven’t we the immediate compacity to alter, seemingly, inevitable events? where most all of these in the list have been ‘improved upon’. So creation and the creator is at fault?
    the nature/question of “EVIL” is at hand (whatever happened to the “Your View”?)

    because it’s apparent that this awesome list shows that God is imperfect, thus God does not exist.

    haha, no, i’m just foolin.
    we are the ones to blame. all of us. All we do is ravage, kill and f*ck, create and destroy. build and wreck. ect. The history of man is the evil of an adolescent god at play…

    oh nevermind.

  • Diogenes

    p.s. why would humanity want to correct it’s shame? guilt?

  • astraya

    Good list. I, too, would question the inclusion of ecstasy, but I’ll be polite about it. Heroin – first devised and marketed as a cough suppressant, would probably fit the list better. I, too, would add the motor car to the list. It has probably caused more death/destruction/injury than ecstasy or nuclear fusion.

    From the introduction: “All of the inventors were honest scientists who were trying to improve the world”. Are there (m)any genuinely dishonest scientists who were/are trying to destroy/damage the world? (I’m not talking about morally weak scientists who are pressured into bad decisions by corporate bosses or fictional characters.)

  • Kibey

    A Gatling Gun with good intentions?
    “Gee I invented this gun to kill a few people, then it went bad and killed lots of people. Bad gun.”

  • deeeziner

    I invented this excellent casserole, but I put the leftovers in the fridge and they went “badddd”. :)

  • Diogenes

    oh wait. my own answer to at least one plausible possibility is in the order of degree. leaving out morality for hereditary compulsion.

    now I’m just being wacko jacko!

    –nevermind again. I’ll stop using this public site for my “off the noggin trite”..I keep forgetting.

  • tmxicon

    You know, the whole comment section on this list shows that a big “useful invention gone bad” is notably missing. Surely the internet would have been kept out of that hands of civilians if its creators knew people would use the forum to say things like, “Eat shit and die pommy bastard” on a daily basis.

  • Diogenes

    thats funny Kibey

  • deeeziner

    Item #7–“Joseph Wilbrand was a German chemist who discovered trinitrotoluene in 1863 for use as a yellow dye.”

    It must have been terrible watching everyone eating banana or lemon pudding in their cute little yellow clothes explode.

  • crispyfinger

    we should all remember in the right (wrong) hands anything can and will be turned into a weapon

  • callan

    ahhhh how i love mdma…

  • Anonymous London Girl

    Lists that are not in any particular order should go from 1 to 10, not 10 – 1.

  • NickRussian

    “..that MDMA became one of the top four illegal drugs in use killing an estimated 50 people a year in the UK alone.”

    Is that right? 50 people? I think my farts do more damage than that..

  • abatu

    Interesting list, thanks for putting it up

    I would go with cars in number one, theres about 3000 deaths per year in UK vs the 50 from Ecstasy

    “The total worldwide historical number of car accident fatalities is difficult to estimate. Figures around 17 million have been suggested in 1991, and would have to be significantly higher now, making car driving one of the deadliest undertakings in the history of mankind.”

  • ltburger

    You gotta feel for Wernher von Braun. All the man wanted to do was build rockets for all the right reasons, yet he was told or forced to do otherwise.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Kibey (112): Hahaha I agree.

    Very interesting list though.

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    WOW great list but I’d’ve thought nuclear fusion would be in the top two.

  • Loren

    Remember it says at the top “This list is in no particular order.” Very interesting!

  • Mark

    @I4gotmyMANTRA (125): Wow, I thought people would have figured it out by now…

  • anony

    sorry, but there’s not a damn thing wrong with chemically pure MDMA being available and sometimes ingested (think “special occasion” not “every weekend”) by humans.

    take it frequently and screw your serotonin levels to negative effect, yes. get it pure and take it rarely and no harm will be done.

  • missann

    ecstacy does not belong on this list. obviously you have some sort of bias. pure mdma does not cause deaths in itself. this has got to be one of the most ill informed, juvenille pieces of work i have ever read. you must still be in junior high.

  • thealphamonkey

    A friend of mines grandmother has a V1 rocket in her basement. didnt explode, they did tend to fail.

  • I think some of them not really become bad.. TNT, the nuke or whatever also help human being so much..

  • Anonymous

    The fact that MDMA is listed is preposterous. “Over 50 deaths a year in the U.K.” Really? You couldn’t think of ONE thing that kills more than 50 people a year in one country?

    How about Alcohol? Tobacco? The Automobile? Kerosene heaters?

    Honestly, just another buffoon making the argument for the idiotic “drug war” which destroys more lives than the drugs themselves. What a disgrace.

  • CanInternet

    @ redcaboose
    Point taken.

  • Flarpy

    It’s FISSION, not fusion, dope.

  • (He is considered to be the man that – “had more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth’s history.”)

    LOL! All I know is that every scientist mistakes was a new discoveries in the making! I could hardly believe that he was more a dangerous to atmosphere than contributing good to earth. Thanks for this posts.

  • Amycat

    How could ecstasy be put as number one, before nuclear fusion, concentration camps and agent orange? Thats ridiculous. Fail. So outstandingly incorrect.

  • Mark

    @Anonymous (132): I think the emphasis of the list was on the possible “goodness”, utility or importance before they turned bad.

    @Flarpy (134): …Wow…

    @Amycat (136): How could people possibly still think that this list is in any sort of order. *That* is ridiculous. Fail. And seeing as this is obviously an objective list, incorrectm outstandingly so.

  • muzli

    I thought TV would be on this list


  • teddybaird

    Im suprised religion isnt on this list, i mean afterall SOMEONE else must have thought of it.

  • sudel mann

    den gesudle ist scheiße und verursaucht hodenkreps

  • Moonbeam

    @Mark (127): It’s just too funny that imediatly after I post this: “‘This list is in no particular order,’…[b]ut wait for it, more comments will miss it and go off about XTC being #1 anyway,” this post pops up: @Emily (104): One would think people would at least skim through the previous comments before posting.

  • Bob

    Newsflash, geniuses: STOP DISCOVERING SHIT!

  • Petie

    The Large Hadron Collider at CERN could top the lot – if that were to go bad we would all be in trouble.

    Actually, if CERN went bad, absolutely nothing would happen. If CERN exceeds expectations, then we’re all in trouble. Don’t fret though, you’ll never see it coming. You’ll never even know.

    One minute, you’ll be sitting there watching Shark Week or something, then the next micro-second you’ll be outside the Pearly Gates asking yourself what just happened.

  • BlondieUK

    Sorry JFrater but regarding 1..

    Ecstacy kills 50 people a year in the UK
    Paracetamol kills 2000 people a year in the UK
    Alcohol kills 36,000 people a year in the UK

    Tobacco kills more people in 1 year than all illegal drugs in the last 100 years combined.

    Therefore I would say cigarettes are a far better candidate for “useful inventions gone bad”.

    • norm

      In what way was the cigarette a useful invention? Aside from the health issues it causes, it seems to me to be a really useless invention.

  • joebecca

    I dont see how Ecstacy was ever a “useful” invention, but it sure did go bad!

  • What about good ole baby batter? You know, knuckle butter? Man juice? Cream of Mushroom soup?

  • I like beans

  • pathetic

    50 deaths a year in the uk
    thats way more dangerous than anything else from the list

  • Yawyack


    “i can tell you that it was due to forced removals that 90% of the woman and children ended up there”

    I do not dispute this. I thought I had referred to that earlier when I was talking about the scorched earth policy. If I wasn’t clear enough, I am sorry. Yes they were forced removals without any doubt. Their farms were burnt and the residents were collected as part of the ”bag” of Kitchener’s columns, I believe.

    “The conditions in the camps were horrific and kitchener ignored pleas from the Rowntree family (the chocolate people) and nurses like Emily Hobhouse and made sure that the conditions just worsened. He stopped the war because the boer troops had nothing left to fight for with their children and women being held hostage and dying by the thousands.”

    The conditions were horrific. And Kitchener was quite simply an uncompassionate arse, who only cared about ending the war as quickly as possible. But forgive me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the conditions a lot better and the death toll considerably lower by the end days of the war?

    “Johhny English came, he raped, he pillaged, he stole, and he left a burnt path behind him.”

    I agree it was a completely unjustified war, brought about by a few men’s ideology. The loses of lives, the damage to the infrastructure, and the damage to Boer society is very regrettable. And it makes me sad that because of these actions over a 100 years ago, there is now a long-lasting division between our two nations.

    “You wouldn’t think of making light of the jewish concentration camps would you. Read a bit more history, by one of your own, Thomas Pakenham, and realise that your british nation committed more than your share of atrocities in the name of the empire, gold and diamonds. From the whirling dervishes to xhosa’s in the north you have left a path and death and destruction behind you.”

    Again I don’t dispute this. In fact you will notice, in my post, that I stated a higher number of dead to that which was in the list. I certainly didn’t mean to make light of the camps. If that is your perception of my posts, then I apologise to you. And Pakenham is one of my sources ;-)

    The only thing I disputed was the intent to kill off the Boers and Black Africans in these camps. I believe the high numbers of deaths were down to ill-equipped camps, lack of planning, inept commander and camp officers. If you have a source that states some instances of an intention to keep the camps unsanitary then I would welcome you posting them, so that me and others may learn.

    I would like to end this (long) post with that I have a genuine admiration for the resistance and the manner in which the Boer’s defended their homelands. The Boers had many British admirers come the end of the war such as Buller, Rawlinson, Churchill, etc. And what is often forgot is the amount of foreign nationals that also served and died in the war. I think it is respectful to remember the Canadians, Australians, Americans, Germans, Indians, Dutch, New Zealanders, Scandinavians, etc.

  • mtv421

    who even invented this stuff

  • Interesting list. Obviously, quite a few people here seem to have missed the point that this was a list (in no specific order) of things that were INTENTIONALLY used for a purpose for which they were not designed. Things like alcohol and automobiles do result in many more deaths, but rarely is the harm intentional. Granted, ecstasy isn’t generally used to intentionally hurt others, but the cost of regulating and prosecuting the sale of illegal narcotics is harmful – just from a financial standpoint rather than a health standpoint. Its origins are interesting, but I agree that it probably doesn’t belong on this list.

    How ironic that it was a Jew who (inadvertently) created the gas that resulted in the deaths of so many Jews during the Holocaust.

    Despite all the unnecessary debate here, the one constant is that if there’s a way to f*ck something up, we humans will figure out how to do it.

  • Jay Poe

    How was the gatling gun a useful invention that went bad? It was made to kill people and it did it’s job.

  • Cazzazz

    I realise that this list is in no particular order, however it seems particularly divisive to me to put ecstasy at the ‘top of the list’ as it were. Given the statistics available at the click of a button concerning drugs related deaths and the format of most of the lists on here (aka – top tens in ascending order) this list might have retained more credibility had it been differently laid out.

    Plus, having just come back from a 4 day rave I’m gonna have to completely disagree with you, but that’s just me!

    Otherwise a very interesting list.

  • nana

    what about the thirteenth amendment? You know, the one that freed the blacks. Look how that worked out.

  • Sarah Marge

    Were you trying to insult yourself when you put ecstasy as the number one useful invention that went bad?

    After reading through an otherwise intelligent and informative list, I was preparing myself for something a little more deadly than the raver kid’s candy.

    With a little wordly knowledge, it’s all too clear that there are many, many inventions that have caused billions of living beings massive suffering and death. And mdma is your first choice? Nice job.

  • Sarah Marge

    And as a side note, I do realize that these are not in any particular order, but obviously the number one item is going to stand out the most and any fool would make the entry for number one at least half suitable.

  • calm incense

    “No particular order” means “no particular order”. Period.

  • Stoneburner

    The concentration camp long pre-dates the Boer War in the form of American Indian reservations in North America, though there was never any “good intention gone bad,” as the goal was always to get indigenous peoples out of the way so immigrants could exploit the natural resources natives would have to give up. The English began trying to get Indians to live in communities separated from Europeans soon after establishing settlements in the 1600s, and that philosophy was followed consistently through American history. Thomas Jefferson, primary author of the American Declaration of Independence, believed that Indians needed to either completely assimilate to American culture or live completely separate from the U.S.; that belief was one reason for Jefferson’s eagerness to purchase the Louisiana Territory, as he felt it could be a place to move the eastern Indians as white Americans moved closer to the Mississippi River. Also, while the British policy during the Boer War undoubtedly unfluenced the Nazis, Adolph Hitler was supposed to have been a great admirer of American Indian policy in the form of reservations.
    I enjoyed this list, but I think “concentration camp” may have been a bit too amorphous of a concept to fully be described and fit in as a good idea gone bad.

  • tzopilotl

    …from reading this lethal list, i’d say the invention that went bad was mankind, the manager who can’t quite manage love, war, prosperity, or poverty, not to mention religion(there must be a better god somewhere, never mind
    why we need one, let’s find him so we can be absolved of
    responsibility, it’s his fault, the scapegoat, it couldn’t
    be us, we’re angels who have come to earth looking for
    the fun our heavenly father and mother wouldn’t allow).
    maybe it’s the monkey in us that wants to shine all the
    time, our fascination with mirrors, hollywood, and that
    industrys rapture with itself. catch johnny depp/tepetl/
    mountain on david letterman saying he never watches his own movies and it may give you a clue as to what side of
    the looking glass you are on, alice.

  • chunkylover04

    the club, the knife, the gun…who created all of these? Some were originally rocks…but…who used them to ill effects…

  • Mark

    @Moonbeam (142): Wonders will never cease :D

  • tzopilotl

    …i knew agent orange, a light coronel who went to war
    college, had cleared access to every hotspot in ‘nam,
    got himself a good dose of orange, thence our name for
    him, it was sad, no kids, great wife, he’d come in and
    talk about the power billions and billions of our tax
    dollars have bought and wrought, finally he got himself
    a beemer and hit the wall with it, warrior to the last,
    and victim of our inhuman capacity to research and develop
    crap even more horrible than you got on the list, and why,
    because we don’t trust god-given language and rely on
    fear itself, armageddon on our mind, a boogie to
    apocalypso rock with our sweetheart, boney moronic,
    yeah, we die for her because we don’t dare to live.

  • michaelfury
  • Interesting, sad and scary list.

  • Emperor Ming

    Great lovely post. We may quibble about the rankings but hey

  • Mertel

    So many German chemicists…but no mention of Aspirin.

    Wait….doesn’t Aspirin _help_? Yes, yes.
    But when it entered the market, a sister product, named with a rather similar approach, was pushed as it was percieved to be the better product.

    Oh well, it also cost a life or two in the meantime:

    The history part states that it was actually invented by an Englishman, and only later ‘independently re-invented at what is nowadays Bayer. Makers of Aspirin – and Zyklon B.

    By the way: Jamie, is there a way to post unordered lists like these without the actual ordering? (i.e. the numbers).

    While I understand the the indignation of someone skimming over such a list and seeing the holocaust at #2 and #10 and a rather harmless pill at #1 and _missing- the ‘this is not in order’ disclaimer – I would rather try to avoid such unwelcome things, if possible.

  • Clarkeeee

    On Numero uno, 50 people die a year in the UK alone from taking mdma based drugs? What kind of lame statistic is that? Compare and contrast the 100,000 a year in the UK that die from the government sponsored drug that is tobacco and 50,000 a year that die from alcohol related illnesses. There are approx 500,000 deaths in the UK every year so that means that 20% of the ENTIRE population die from smoking related deaths, 10% of the ENITRE poplulation die of Alcohol related deaths, compared to 0.0001% of mdma related deaths despite the fact that there are 100’s of 1000’s of ecstacy tablets consumed every weekend. I don’t advocate the taking of illegal substances but having mdma as number 1 is a complete nonsense. I bet there’s been more deaths in the past week from TNT than there has been mdma deaths in total.

  • erusaem

    Shouldn’t cars be on that list as well?

  • kope187

    I just heard the other day that there was no hole in the ozone and the measures that we took to fix the hole that was supposedly there is now causing climate change instead of the first BS theory known as Global warming. So the freon guy is in the clear now hahaha

  • How is someone who not only eagerly developed chemical weapons for Germany but actually assisted in their use in WWI whitewashed as an “honest scientists trying to improve the world”? Fritz Haber was an avid proponent of chemical warfare. While he certainly did not want to see his fellow Jews poisoned, he would have had absolutely no qualms about Zyklon B being used as poison gas by Germany if the Nazis hadn’t been anti-Semites. The guy was no angel.

  • tzopilotl

    …oh, aspirin comes from the willow(bark), great tree/
    treow(OE)/teotl(N)= deo, withes, cuauitl(N)=tree, the
    aztecs used it for their big drums, and it is a waterdrum,
    aueuetl(N)=ue=big=ueue=old, big old water tree, the -wid/
    -uid of druid=-uitl=cuauitl(N)kaede(Jap)=maple, =cedar,
    =keadar(basque)=column of smoke=ke(basque)=smoke, also,
    quemar(sp)=burn, and the infamous, al qaeda(arab)=campfire. witches switches, but witch from, ueca-itta(N)=
    see far/ueca.

  • AlejoHausner

    Fritz Haber developed a method for “fixing” nitrogen. This meant he could get the nitrogen out the atmosphere and turn it into ammonia. Although ammonia can be used to make fertilizer, what’s more important is that it can be used to make explosives. Haber’s process was vital to the survival of Germany, whose access to nitrates for making explosives was very limited due to the wartime blockade.

  • Nathan

    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
    — Albert Einstein

  • hello_em

    Great list but ecstasy worse than concentration camps and agent orange??

    Granted, I’ve never tried agent orange but I’ll wager a couple of cheeky es are probably more fun…

  • jknitt

    I’d like to see a list of useful “ideas” that went bad. Something like unions and equal opportunity and hate crime laws.

  • tzopilotl

    …it’s the singer, not the song.

  • Mabel

    Ha! Great picture on the TNT one. :)

  • Coyote

    Ecstasy isn’t an invention that went bad. It’s a chemical that, because some people used it for recreation, fell afoul of what are proving to be ridiculous “anti-drug” policies.

    MDMA, used therapeutically, is one of the few ways to treat phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and in the case of PTSD, a person can find permanent relief in as little as one session (I know, because I’m one of those people).

    It was also used to good effect in marriage counseling, grief counseling, and for hospice patients attempting to come to terms with their approaching death.

    And, to boot, as a strictly recreation drug, it is extremely safe – you are more likely to come to harm from using (or misusing) aspirin.

    It drives me crazy when I meet or counsel people, who have painful and debilitating conditions that are easily treatable, and they cannot get that treatment because some nitwit has decided that a chemical is evil because heaven forbid, someone might get high off of it.

    I think it would be better to replace MDMA in your list with Thalidomide, or Fen-Fen, or Amphetamine-based diet pills, or any of a host of “medicines” that actually cause a great deal of harm.

  • moshmonster

    @Mark (7): Ah, my favorite commentor. I see your point, but why was it funny?
    I’m not sure about Himmler having a conscience- it’s probably just the fact that Zyklon B was more efficient and economical. Nazis were big on that.

  • Mark

    @moshmonster (180): It was funny to me because I laugh a lot, it’s what I do. I find humour almost everywhere.

    I read somewhere that Himmler went to one of the camps and observed the procedures. After the Jews had been shot and his face liberally spattered with blood, he was violently ill. That’s when he decided that the SS needed another way to dispose of the said minority. They initially used specially made caravans that they would drive out into the woods and funnel the CO from the exhaust into. However, I’m guessing that this Zyklon B stuff was (literally) better than sex to them, so they made the “showers”.

    Don’t ask me where, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read something along those lines somewhere.

  • moshmonster

    @Mark (181): A-ha. Not to mention that Zyklon B allegedly does interesting things to one’s nervous and motor system, such as making one jump about, gesticulate wildly, and generally make one lose control of, ahem, oneself. Better than sex, you say? Indeed.

  • Maggot

    @erusaem (169): (and others) Shouldn’t cars be on that list as well?

    Yes many deaths have been caused by the use of the automobile. However, these primarily occur while it is being used for its intended purpose. If you think the invention “went bad” because of this, then I challenge you to forever forgo the use of any automobile including public transportation. I’m betting this aint going to happen. Know why? Because it is still a good invention and effectively serves the purpose for which it was invented. It did not “go bad”. Do you guys not see the difference in scenarios of this vs the other items listed?

  • tzopilotl

    …back to aspirin, the caribou eats willow, and
    tlachichinoaxiuitl(N)= t/lachin(letra)= lichen in
    the winter, hmmm, karabos(gk)=stag beetle=
    k/gara(m)bu/llo(letra)= garambullo(N)=cactus that gives
    purple grapes, slang for a clickbeetle/karabos(gk),
    a shit roller, which the egyptians deified as the,
    escarabajo(sp)= (es)c/karab/ajo(letra)= karabos(gk)=
    scarab(E), the rising sun, the parthenogenic(self-creating)sun. willow leaves and mushrooms the caraboo
    (alkonquin amerindian)=caribou eats in summer. why
    the stag beetle, because it has antlers like a karaboo,
    say, and shares the word, karabos(gk), as its root.
    let’s go back to nauatl for the final root, hmmm,
    kara, no(r)in (N), so, kala/cala, hmmm, jicara=gourd
    in huichol/aztec=xicalli(N), calabazo(sp)=gourd=
    calabash(amerindian)=gourd for pipe/water, xi-=2
    and calli=house/chamber, so, 2 chambers, water gourds
    usually are 2 bulbous pulpits, can’t find it in the
    ordinary order in remí simeon, maybe it’s a reversal,
    scarab looks like a head, antlers are on caraboo/
    scarab’s head, so it’s the word, head=quaxicalli(N)= quaitl(N)=head xicalli(N)=gourd,
    the x(N)=sh, so, quashicalli,
    hey, when (s)quash=squash(alkonquin amerind).
    i’m glad i don’t have a car, this was more fun,
    in fact, a gas, and free from the brain pump,
    may contaminate the site some, and irritate
    other drivers, but ultimately it smoothes the
    road to knowledge.

  • samfishers

    wait… didn’t Alfred Nobel discovered dynamite…. or maybe TNT and dynamite are two different explosives.??

    I am unsure

  • Jesse James

    Just to clarify, adding lead to gasoline and the invention of freon were brainchildren of one Charles Kettering. He holds the original patent of both while he was heading up general motors labratories first in Dayton, Ohio, and later in Michigan.

  • namelessG

    its disturbingly ironic that fritz haber was jewish…really disturbing.

  • BrittBrew

    That was very interesting bout X . haha

  • Vater

    I’ve been all morning long reading your info, each link is reaaaaaaaaaalllly interesting! Great documentation!
    Anybody knows where could i read more about XTC, LSD and all those studied drugs?


  • tzopilotl

    …a personal testimony i heard this morning, xtc sucks,
    as for lsd, there used to be such a thing as designer
    acid, with monogram on each tab, ask chrome yellow’s
    aldous huxley, it was developed by the german’s to combat
    schizophrenia, and the half-german english group around
    the huxtable were high in its praises(pun), but abuse,
    there’s always a bus(pun)can cause lesions in the brain,
    no data on that but those were the rough early days, also
    of concern is that lucy in the sky distorts the chemical
    process in the eye that converts light to image in the brain, once i heard that i decided to let mother nature handle my vision instead of my sweaty palm, probably the
    most harm lucy can do is ruin your stomach. john dawson
    of the nrps and panama red, great musician and toper,
    just died of stomach cancer, not only did he know the spider/tocatl/toca/ d/d(r)oca, like his pal jerry, he
    built the bridge/droghad(gael). so easy does it. the best
    material on this subject are the people who have used
    it, if they’re still around. one of alice’s problems
    in wonderland was she went alone, well, she followed
    the white rabbit, but take a guide, and if you find
    yourself getting fascinated with window relections
    and how they begin to flip out, back off from the sill,
    art linkletter lost his daughter that way.

  • Sasquatchs cousin Beelz

    namelessG- That’s was I was thinking as I was reading it as well.

    Greg- I agree.

    I have an amount of sympathy for these scientists.
    Nevertheless Good list.

  • Lordy

    The gatling gun sounds like it fulfilled its intended purpose.

  • tzopilotl

    …i think the toy industry should abandon all pretense
    and manufacture glocks and automatic weapons for children,
    columbine seems to have been an indicator or trend shift
    in the attitude of the young to their peer group and elders, they obviously want control of their lives in
    ways more serious than previous polls indicate. as a
    country with an out of control youth culture, it seems
    only right that youth should be served with the goal of
    putting a nine year old in the whitehouse, heavily armed
    of course with his/her cadre of mini-defenders spread
    around pennsylvania ave, capitol hill, gunfights in the
    senate on a daily basis, legislators dodging bullets on
    the way to work every day will be a commonplace and
    refreshing for democracy, incumbents who have been too
    long on the public dole, named after a famous politician of the same name, will be plowed under by the hail of juvenile lead, boring teachers will be summarily executed
    from the back or front row of class, the principal will
    have a price on his head, and recess will considerably
    reduce the school populations every day, doctors will
    have all the work they need, pensions will disappear
    as a government give-away, and the life expectancy of
    citizens will fall into line with the previous president’s
    plan to dismantle social security, the nra will replace
    catholicism and its watered-down episcopal counterpart,
    and america will once again become the land of the free
    and the brave, instead of the land of the fee and gravy.

  • kevin

    @tzopilotl (193): dam did you have fun writing all that? lol never the less good list

  • Scaredformylife

    @tzopilotl (193): learn to paragraph mate.

  • tzopilotl

    …@kevin(194), no, i didn’t have fun writing it, except
    as satire, the machinegun handgun society has gone on long
    enough, the wildwest is over, losing too many people on
    both sides for nra’s favorite toy, but, hey, it’s the gun
    that works, the one in the panst has gone south for most
    of those cowboys.
    …@scaredformylife(195), no, i’m not going to learn to
    paragraph, i’m into phrasing and letting it flow like
    fog through the briarpatch, it’s self-service prose.
    thank you for the order, however, i appreciate criticism
    and concern/con/can(N)=with -ce(r)n=ce(N)=one=c/s/zen.

  • Free Thinker

    Why is religion(s) not on the list?
    It is THE INVENTION which has caused more deaths than all of those 10 combined.

    Religion was INVENTED when the first fool met the first charlatan.

  • yo

    Ecstasy worse than concentration camps.

    How ridiculous. This list is either randomized, or stupid.

  • tzopilotl

    …wasn’t hitler catholic? isn’t the present pope hitler youth? time to give the papacy back to an italian peasant with big ears. ever read, in god’s name, corgi books?
    the inquistion of the 15th c. killed 3million more than
    the nazi one. the church supported franco, the fascist,
    and won spain to its present, abject bloodsucking of
    mexico, almost 500yrs after the conquest. colonial
    vampires never die, nor do they have the grace to fade
    away. this list is ok, it’s designed to elicit indignant
    complaints. next!

  • Rowena

    I got halfway down the comments and then felt I should defend the honour of djalabajoe – he said at the top of the list that it was in no particular order. Therefore all the people complaining about Ecstasy being at number one are complaining about a nonexistant problem – it’s not called the worst, it might be the last one the writer thought of. I’m sorry if someone has already said that.

    Incidentally, heroin was originally intended to be a painkiller – it is merely a modified version of morphine, and converts back to morphine once it is in the brain. However, it penetrates through to the brain far quicker, which is why it’s so much more addictive. The name heroin also is technically a trademark, but understandably the company that made it didn’t want to prosecute breaches, as they’d attach their name to it…
    I think it counts as an invention that went bad.

    197-Free Thinker, religion isn’t really an invention, and actually most religions preach good things. The religion hasn’t gone bad, in my opinion, it’s the interpreters of it that are the problem.

  • Tebagdebalzac

    Is it just me or does it strike anyone else as strange that the overwhelming majority of the individuals responsible for these “inventions” are either Germanic or English?

    Genius is born from many cultures and peoples, however Western Civilization has lead the pack in galvanizing and concentrating the destructive nature of science. Whenever power is the motive, the end product is always horribly destructive.

    We applaud progress but the older I get the more I think the native americans had the right idea by keeping it natural and simple.

  • tzopilotl

    …these germanic and english malfactors you talk about
    are descended from the annointed/alau/alaunt/alan/alani
    massagetae tribes on the sea of azov, deer culture people, massagetae=mazatl ceti(N)=united/settled deer, they switched to horse, cattle, and dog breeding, and,
    bred themselves, were blond blue/green-eyed successful
    neander crosses from the russian riverine heartland of neander, were monogamous but held their women in common.
    cattle thieves and the scourge of their neighbors, they
    fought on horse, delivered chariots and wardogs to the
    persians, went into europe with the vandals, france,
    portugal, germany, eventually england, finally were
    driven to the caucassus by the mongols, who knew them
    well, where they formed the christian kingdom, being
    sunworshippers, of alani, which disappeared, but a gens,
    however scattered, never does, nor its warlike ethic.
    they spread through central asia, russia, and europe
    to england just like their wardog, known as the monchina
    in cantabria, the alano in spain, the alabai/alabar(sp)/
    alaua(N)=praise, annoint in turkmenistan, the molosser
    in greece, the doge in venice, the mastiff in england.
    wherever you find breeders of animal, the ancient hunter
    connexion with neander, riders, dog lovers, cattle breeders, beef eaters, you will find this race, now hidden
    by the onrush of time, but still there, causing trouble for it’s neighbors, building empire, fighting war after
    war. yes, their get are the ones who come alive in conflict and add to the conflagration. welcome to
    valhalla, teabag. by the way, the alani/alabai were
    not wine drinkers, they used hashish, and lost a
    battle and a prince to enemies who plied them with
    wine, but their queen gave battle and defeated
    xerxes, dunked his severed head in a bag of blood
    as she said she would. so as the arabs said, when they
    first met gertrude bell, the english mountain climber
    who was lawrence of arabia’s control, “this is one of
    their women, can you imagine what the men are like?”

  • tzopilotl

    …correction, it was not xerxes, it was cyrus.

  • Benji

    Good list with the exception of first place. Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to kill another person with a peanut than with ecstasy. To go from 900,000 lives ruined or ended by Agent Orange (at 9th place) to ecstasy that kills all of 50 people annually in the UK, is a bit anticlimactic and, frankly, underwhelming.

  • yours truly

    Ecstacy? Went bad? MDMA is one of the few drugs that has an extremely low level of toxicity.

    Far more people die from alcohol related and tobacco related problems than MDMA.

    Of the 50 people that would die in the UK from those deaths, MDMA would not have been the cause…the overheating, poor hydration, and the speed the MDMA would be cut with would have far more of an impact than the MDMA.


  • SMasTeRMinDS

    lol. ecstasy is so great. people die most out of cigarettes than ecstacy.

    no1 should be nuclear bombs. that’s the invention which can kill the whole life on earth!!!

  • tzopilotl

    …violent crime is illegal in the netherlands?
    well, thank badness we have the NRA here to protect
    our rights to murder our own fellow citizens legally,
    that’s the way it seems, of course afterwards the
    courts step in and you are handed the fry or get
    your living tombstone free of charge. is there some-
    thing wrong here? my spider sense tells me we’re
    serving the law but the law isn’t serving us.
    i guess in a country whose business is business
    death is mechandise

  • tzopilotl

    …me(r)chandise, from, mecatl(N)=string=me(r)cado.
    also mecania(N)=to hang in the air(mechanic/E):

  • Matt

    I think maybe number 2 should be number 1 instead of ecstasy. I think it has up to today still probably killed more people than ecstasy.

  • tzopilotl

    …arghhhh! a free bodybag for the next person who arranges the list, don’t you get it, the list is saying
    anything that kills is number one, order doesn’t matter,
    are mosquitos on the list, if so, put on houseflies too
    especially if you have dogs or cats, well, now we’re down to fleas, put them down, and the flea soap as double threat to the bathed and the washer who steps on it in
    an unguarded moment and ends in the bathtub with a broken
    neck while his/her pet dies slowly of toxicity rather
    than being runover in the city. thank you, next bone,
    please, this one’s been gnawed to farewell.

  • rick

    MDMA was “rediscovered” in the 70’s when a few psychologists started using it as a marriage counseling drug…which worked wonderfully. It was only after the ignorant leaders of the U.S., UK and elsewhere started sticking their noses in things that this potentially helpful drug was labeled as dangerous. Although it has been known to cause deaths, the drug is not the only component involved. Mostly, it’s the stupidity of the person involved taking too much, or mixing other intoxicants. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, and you don’t take any steps to find out, you kind of deserve what you get, you know? I personally have never taken Ecstasy, but I don’t think anyone has the right to tell another person what they can and can’t do with their own body.

  • tzopilotl

    …agree there, but what do you say to a nation of sheep
    always saying bah, poorly educarded, living under bridges,
    walking the streets after free-floating through a society
    that treats them like hides and sacrificial meat for their
    war banquets, plays games with their money if they have any, and with their health if they don’t. we’re a trashy,
    schizo society whose governors say, we’ve got a ticket to
    ride and we don’t care.
    too bad people can’t get high on each other, the masa-
    gettae, a deer/cattle tribe, were monagamous but held their women in common, no need for extasy, there it was
    built in. in a dollacracy it’s often the getting of the green fodder, the ways and means, that runs counter to
    the innate humanity we all like to enjoy.
    the good news is that in 2012 the world might end if venus does not transit the face of the sun, and if it does, we will be in another sheave of years, leaving tecpatl/flint’s bi-polarity for the three of calli(N)=gallery, where we can hang picture windows and look
    west at life/ca and our women/cihua-tlampa(N)=west.

  • Ian

    And why are these bad?

  • tzopilotl

    …nothing is bad, how it’s used is bad. whew, don’t
    know if i should sign myself out as dharma after that
    profundity. i have half a century of talking before i
    think but have caught it just before it became a habit
    and am now batting .420.
    we don’t really train our thoughts do we?
    the buds are interesting in that way,
    they devote time to mental discipline, makes them hard
    to fool, appreciative of life as it offers itself, not
    as we want it offered. a quick survey of netsqualls will
    show that as ammys we’re not toilet-trained at the
    broadcast end, even the national disgrace of cheney and
    fox news proves that!

  • torpitz

    Too much rubbishing of the nazis.
    There is no absolute evidence that either zyklon B, (an insecticide) was used for anything other than fumigation of filthy inmates, or still less evidence that the so-called concentration camps were designed for anything other than housing undesirable criminal elements.

    The high jewish population in these correction facilities has always been easily explained by the simple fact that they were temporarily billeted there pending resettlement in other areas such as Madagascar – the vicious attacks by the allies prevented this plan. In many ways the unnecesary allied over reaction could be argued as being the main cause of the so called holocaust.
    If Churchill had allowed the proposed resettlement plans to proceed (instead of bombing peaceful german cities) there would have been no over crowding, no disease, and no need for fumigation of barracks with the zyklon B.

  • tzopilotl

    …nobody gets praised enough, nor contemned enough in
    this short carousel. murder runs deep in the family, the
    one family of man. holocaust on any scale makes one an apologist for life, especially when the less than desirable criminal element within one’s own government
    demanded it.

  • Blaze

    Ecstacy.. Yummy.

  • b-rie


  • tzopilotl

    …we are becoming the nazis, and altho the 6th reich will
    be non-denominational there will still be plenty of racism
    for the populace to get their dentures into. what the bushiite elite has cobbled together let no goody-goody
    tear asunder for evil has many tongues and truth only one.

  • tzopilotl

    …aurelio, my leñero, told of his son’s murder by a boy
    closely related to his wife’s side of the family, his
    worn face drained by a life on half-eating, he’d get fat
    on a jail diet, and that the relation was so close in the
    family, at that aurelio screwed up his face into mine and
    said, we’re not like that as people, they weren’t going
    to report nor punish but forgive the survivor, for who
    survives without trespass?

  • Tiffany

    really.? Ecstasy as the #1? 50 people a year in the uk… Stupidity kills more people then that a year.

  • tzopilotl

    …parting shots: william gaddis, american writer, left
    these words for his audience: the major problem in the world today is not ignorance, it’s stupidity(from the
    nauatl word, tompoxtli(N)=(tom)fool/thumb(E)/to(r)pid/
    (s)tu(m)pid/(s)tumped(E). simply, we don’t hit the target,
    and the targets we have chosen are not worthy of us.

  • saurabh

    The Article was useful.

  • Alex

    Kinda chilling once you think about it.

  • tzopilotl

    …can we blame the persona who created matter itself and
    the substandard and morally bankrupt creature who traffics in the leavings of genesis?. oh, ignore my
    aurelio post, it’s part of something i am compiling,
    and the phrasing hit me as i was online, then thought, well, here’s an example of an invention that went bad,
    i.e., man.

  • samray!

    ur also forgetting asbestos

  • tzopilotl

    …yes, i had a schoolmate whose father was selling asbestos out of chicago, all the rage, of course the
    makers had run no tests for noxiousness, cough, cough,
    only seeing the dollar sign; however, it paid the bills
    for boarding school, and the son later became head of
    the foreign branch of an investment firm, dabbled as backer of a broadway play, and associated with a german
    princess or such. out of bad comes good, out of good comes
    bad(the way of the world).
    my suggestion, if washington is going to overgovern
    in a bad way, why not balance out
    the scale by forming a science committee that reviews new
    products(an industrial FDA: both deal in toxic effects)
    and weighs their impact on humans and environment. if they
    have one already, hey, it’s not working!

  • tuponia

    I am not an avid drug user but i must say its ridiculous to put a recreational substance ahead of many of the items on this list. Nevertheless, the first nine, in my opinion, do deserve a place on the list.

  • butterfly

    i love ecstasy im glad it went bad….best thing to ever happen to me

  • OMG

    Ecstacy is number one??? Are you serious??? Ecstacy is one of the weakest drugs in the world, with the majority of deaths being freak accidents that have little to do with the effects of the drug and a lot to do with irresponsible users. I know all this may be taboo for you, but believe me, ecstacy is one of the most misinterpreted substances in the world. Even if it were as strong as heroin, comparing it to things like death camps is just disgusting.

  • Jordan and Jeremy

    We strongly beleive that ecstacy is NOT as bad as niggaz make it seem…im pretty sure concentration camps are worse..but is it even really considered an invention?? who knows. not us. but either way…germans were killin jews on some everyday shit and yall worried about sweaty ass rave parties in the 80s? i mean…seriously.

  • tzopilotl

    …yes, keep the holocaust(one of many and not the latest)
    uppermost in your mind, let it be your counter-god, fix
    yourself in time like a model-T ford, mold your life to its incredible ugliness, and be ugly yourself to those
    who ignore its over-arching importance as war cry for
    another holocaust on your cousins. hating makes no sense,
    but it’s easier to do than you think.

  • sxe90

    This is an awful list for the #1 alone. The preceding 9 are all pretty good and then the #1 is…ecstasy? As in the drug which plays a disputable role in a relatively small number of deaths every year? And what about the positive effects that many people get from using it? Horse-riding would’ve made a better #1, jeez…

  • matt

    it is sad that we are still spreading the false that CFCs is a cause of ozone depletion. it has never been proven, only in theory and consciences. theory and consciences is not fact! one big problem with there idea of this is that CFCs is much heavier than air, so its not possible to reach the ionosphere. they clamed the wind carries it up there… but it cant carry chlorine which is lighter than CFCs, chlorine is the reason why they say CFCs is destroying the ozone!…

  • GHB

    You are wayyy wrong about the original useof Ecstasy..

  • JonathanN

    The description of this list says “well-intentioned” inventions. I don’t see how the Gatling gun, created specifically for murder of soldiers is a well-intentioned invention. I also don’t see how the idea of concentration camps is well-intentioned if the first use of it led to the deaths of 26,000.
    Sorry if this was states before. I didn’t read all of the comments.
    Otherwise, pretty intriguing and well-written list.

  • Will

    After Reading the "Estimated 50 deaths a year" from Extacy I wonder how much more of this list's figure are simply made up? Extacy has barely killed 50 people from it's first uses in mass market since 1996. To put this no.1 ahead of the main tool of Destruction to the Jewish people is an absolute joke… are you a government NARC agent??? Seems like BS propoganda to me

  • Forgot the CERN thing that's gonna kill us all.

    Also, government.

  • guardthedew

    fascinating list.

  • Bart

    nr 10 is so ironic

  • Bobby

  • Zach

    So, concentration camps were a useful invention?

  • alex james d

    very intresting

  • Name

    MDMA can be used in therapy to treat a number of disorders because of how open it makes people in talking about their problems. Studies show that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder could be cured by 4 or 5 sessions with a therapist and some pure MDMA.