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10 Recently Extinct Animals

Mankind has the honor of quite possibly being the most destructive force to ever hit mother nature. This list looks at some of the more recent, probably lesser known extinctions that humans have lent a helping hand to. Whether by over hunting or over population, driving a species to extinction is nothing to be proud of and it’s certainly not slowing down.



Picture 1-112

Commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger, the Thylacine was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. Virtually wiped out in the wild due to constant hunting (they were thought to be a threat to sheep and other small farm animals) and the encroachment of humans on their already limited habitat the Thylacine was finally recognized as being in danger of becoming extinct in 1936, too little, too late as that same year the last Thylacine, named Benjamin, died on 7 September as the result of neglect — locked out of its sheltered sleeping quarters and exposed to freezing temperatures at night in Hobart Zoo, Tasmania. 60 years on there are still claims of sightings but all are yet to be confirmed.



Quagga Photo

The Quagga was a southern subspecies of the Plains Zebra. It differed from other zebras mainly in having stripes on the head, neck, and front portion of its body only, and having brownish, rather than white, on its upper parts. The last free Quaggas may have been caught in 1870. The last captive Quagga, a mare, died on 12 August 1883 in Amsterdam Zoo, where she had lived since 9 May 1867. It was not realized that this Quagga mare was the very last of her kind. Because of the confusion caused by the indiscriminate use of the term “Quagga” for any zebra, the true Quagga was hunted to extinction without this being realized until many years later. The Quagga became extinct because it was ruthlessly hunted down for meat and leather by South African farmers, also they were seen by the settlers as competitors, like other wild grass eating animals, for their livestock, mainly sheep and goats.


Passenger Pigeon


The story of the Passenger Pigeon is one of the most tragic extinction stories in modern times. As recently as around 200 years ago they weren’t anywhere near extinction. In fact, they were actually the most common bird in North America, and some reports counted single flocks numbering in the billions. Pigeon meat was commercialized and recognized as cheap food, especially for slaves and the poor, which led to a hunting campaign on a massive scale. Furthermore, due to the large size of their flocks, the birds were seen as a threat to farmers. The last Passenger Pigeon, named Martha, died alone at the Cincinnati Zoo at about 1:00 pm on September 1, 1914.


Golden Toad

Img 18

The first record of the Golden Toad was by herpetologist Jay Savage in 1966. The toad, recognized by its brilliant golden orange color, was native to the tropical cloud forests which surround Monteverde, Costa Rica. None have been seen since 1989. It last bred in normal numbers in 1987, and its breeding sites were well known. In 1987, due to erratic weather, the pools dried up before the larva had matured. Out of potential 30,000 toads, only 29 had survived. In 1988, only eight males and two females could be located. In 1989, a single male was found, this was the last record of the species. Extensive searches since this time have failed to produce any more records of the golden toad.


Caribbean Monk Seal


The Caribbean Monk Seal was the only known seal which was native to the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It is also the only species of seal to go extinct directly due to human causes. The Caribbean monk seal was the first New World mammal to be discovered by Columbus and his company on the coast of Santo Domingo in 1494. It appears in the account of Columbus’ second voyage to America. Columbus promptly ordered his crew to kill eight of the animals, which he called “sea-wolves”, for food, paving the way for exploitation of the species by European immigrants who came in his wake. Since then, the once abundant seals have been hunted for their oil and slaughtered by fishermen, who regarded the animals as competitors. It was officially declared extinct just last year, on June 6th, 2008, although the last recorded account of the species was made at Serranilla Bank between Honduras and Jamaica in 1952. Like other true seals, the Caribbean Monk Seal was sluggish on land. This, along with its lack of fear for man, unaggressive and curious behavior, as well as human hunting, and early habitat exclusion by humans throughout their range may have dramatically speed up their decline and likely contributed to its demise.


Pyrenean Ibex


The Pyrenean Ibex has one of the more interesting stories among extinct animals, since it was the first species to ever be brought back into existence via cloning, only to go extinct again just seven minutes after being born due to lung failure. The Pyrenean Ibex was native to the Pyrenees, a mountain range in Andorra, France and Spain. The Pyrenean ibex was still abundant in the fourteenth century (Day 1981). The Pyrenean ibex’s population declined due to a “slow but continuous persecution” and disappeared from the French Pyrenees and the eastern Cantabrian mountain range by the mid-nineteenth century. Its situation has been critical since the beginning of the 20th century, when it was estimated that the Pyrenean population in Spain numbered only about 100 individuals. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the population never rose above 40 individuals. In 1981, the population was reported to be 30. At the end of the 1980’s the population size was estimated at 6-14 individuals. The last naturally born Pyrenean Ibex, named Celia, died on January 6th, 2000, after being found dead under a fallen tree at the age of 13. That animal’s only companion had died just a year earlier due to old age.


Bubal Hartebeest


Although it once roamed throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East, the deep-rooted mythology (once domesticated by the ancient Egyptians as a food source and for sacrificial purposes) which surrounded the animal was not enough to save it from European hunters who began hunting them for recreation and meat. People who resided in Morocco shot these animals for fun, and for hunting, which wiped large herds of them out. Many Hartebeests were captured and were kept alive (e.g. in the London Zoo from 1883 to 1907), but they eventually died out. The last Bubal Hartebeest was probably a female which died in the Paris Zoo in 1923.


Javan Tiger

Javan Tiger

Javan Tigers were a subspecies of tigers which were limited to the Indonesian island of Java. In the early 19th century Javan tigers were so common, that in some areas they were considered nothing more than pests. As the human population increased, large parts of the island were cultivated, leading to a severe reduction of their natural habitat. Wherever man moved in, the Javan tigers were ruthlessly hunted down or poisoned. Natives carried much of the hunting out, a surprising thing since they considered the tiger a reincarnation of their dead relatives. The last specimen to have been seen was sighted in 1972, although there is evidence from track counts that the animal had lingered into the 1980’s. The last track counts to yield evidence of the tigers was held in 1979, when just three tigers were identified. The leading cause of their extinction was agricultural encroachment and habitat loss, which continues to be a serious concern in Java.


Tecopa Pupfish


The Tecopa Pupfish was native in the Mojave Desert, in Inyo County, California, United States of America. This fish subspecies was originally found only in the outflows of North and South Tecopa Hot Springs. It was first described by Robert Rush Miller in 1948. Its decline began in the early 1940s when the northern and the southern spring which were about 10 yards apart were made into canals and bathhouses were build. The popularity of Tecopa Hot Springs in the 1950s and 1960s led to the building of hotels and trailer parks in that area. By 1981 the Tecopa Pupfish was officially delisted by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and it became the first animal which was officially declared extinct according to the provisions of the Endangered Species Act of 1973.


Baiji River Dolphin


The Baiji population declined drastically in recent decades as China industrialized and made heavy use of the river for fishing, transportation, and hydroelectricity. As China developed economically, pressure on the river dolphin grew significantly. Industrial and residential waste flowed into the Yangtze. The riverbed was dredged and reinforced with concrete in many locations. Ship traffic multiplied, boats grew in size, and fishermen employed wider and more lethal nets. Noise pollution caused the nearly blind animal to collide with propellers. In the 1970s and 1980s, an estimated half of Baiji deaths were attributed to entanglement in fishing gear. Only a few hundred were left by 1970. Then the number dropped down to 400 by the 1980s and then to 13 in 1997 when a full-fledged search was conducted. The dolphin was declared functionally extinct after an expedition late in 2006 failed to record a single individual after an extensive search of the animal’s entire range.

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  • Bjart

    It's true that species get destroyed by us, but every kind would have died anyway, later in history. Just like we're about to vanish because of the swine flue

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      I hate humans, I hope we’re wiped out. We have done nothing but destroy.

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        you all are stupid we dont need to worry about the animals they have survid this long they don’t need our help we should be worrying about lowing up iraq and saving our own ass.

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          You’re a dumb ass.

        • dolphinsrock

          Actually thats wat soldiers are for and fyi without animals are ecosyem would collapse and you or i wouldnt be writing this and if you dont care about endangered animals or extinct why did you even look this up? I’ m 12 and i know this!!!!!!! Ugh

        • Evan

          So your saying we should focus on a war, that we went in to in order to obtain oil and money, rather than attempting to sustain our ecosystem, so that our grandchildren will get to actually see a tiger, elephant, bird, fish, whale, or one of many other thousands of endangered species? Ya, people like you dont deserve to be on this planet.

      • Isabella Mia Poscente


        please email me….. im desperate

      • Jake

        Its not like were the only species to ever lead to the extinction of another species…

        • Jaetonasian

          Well, we are the only one capable of preventing it.

          • Figglewiggle24

            That’s probably the most intelligent comment on this page.

    • ilovemypitbulls

      You’re so stupid, humans as a whole should be ashamed of this! We kill beautiful animals because we simply view them as “pests” and all you have to say is they would have died anyway? you’re a terrible person.

  • Josh P

    Humans are next

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      I sure hope so.

    • Beke

      not in till we wipe everything else out, I believe orangutans will be one of the next, maybe after blue fin tuna, within two years any way :(

    • Name

      U shouldnt say that.i am sadden by the fact that more and more animals go extinct every year, but dont say your own kind! Thats just stupid. If you were smarter you would take action instead wishing hell upon the whole human race. And remember God is in control.

      • Brotron

        Please don’t bring “god” in to this. Not everyone believes in fairy tales.

        • Soarel

          I respect your opinion, but please don’t be rude.

  • calm incense

    Ugh, such a shame. I don't know what it is, but I have a particular disturbance at the thought of knowing that an entire species is completely gone and will never walk the earth ever again. It just strikes me as tragic and indicative of the "fading away" nature of life.

    Photographs of animals that are now extinct definitely have some power over me. Just imagine how incredible it would be to see a photograph of a dinosaur. Such a shame that we'll never see what they really looked like, nor the giant land mammals that followed them.

    meka613: Go to hell.

    • beke

      we still have the tuatara (just) that is technically a dinosaur

    • Eric

      Does it strike you that NATIVE AMERICAN’s are also almost extinct!

  • Arsenal

    Is would be nice to have an aproximate statistic species extinct due to natural causes and species extinct cuz of human action. Well extinction is a fact of life. I hope we will learn not to repeat our actions but between and animal and a human being id prefer to protect humans. Freeman dyson made me see global warming and all of humanity's actions in a different light.

    • Over 99% of documented species which have *ever* existed are now extinct. Almost all, of course, due to mass extinction events such as the ones which eradicated the dinosaurs (not counting those which became birds). Tis 99% figure does not include those species which have existed but have not been documented.

      This is not to say that man has not contributed to the extinction of species, of course we have, but I thought you deserved an answer to your query.

      Those species we have had a hand in taking to extinction is sadder, however, since we ought to know better.

    • Savethewhales

      Thats horrible! People think they’re better than animals, and kill them without thinking what they’re doing. How anyone can think destructive humans are better than animals is beyond me.

  • alexman

    its sad they've gone but hopefully cloning will start bringing some back. billions of species have died throughout history so we have to keep that in mind.

    i hope so much those scientists get permission to clone that mamoth with the dna they pieced together.

    lets keep the rest of what we've got alive

    • some guy

      Nah, I don’t think we should clone the woolly mammoth. I think if we ever do clone an extinct animal, it should be one that us humans wiped out ourselves. If an animal dies out and it’s not at the fault of our species, we shouldn’t bring it back.

      • Figglewiggle24

        Well said. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see woolly mammoth’s and smildon’s for real as much as the next person, but human’s were most likely not aware of what they were doing, at least on a global scale. Anything that became extinct within the last 1000 years is safe to say that human’s had a hand in their demise. Or better yet, maybe try these techniques with endangered animals alive today, like tiger’s and rhino’s.

  • Eric

    nothing to fear humans would soon be extinct

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    All those animals were stupid and dumb anyway!

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  • apepper

    Very sad list; as Gerald Durrell said, “We can imagine another Mozart or Einstein being born, but when a species goes it can’t be replaced.”

  • Hughman Lover

    There are many more new species we discover every year then there are species that go extinct. Stop feeling sorry for dead animals that weren't smart enough to adapt and survive and start feel more compassion for living people.

    • R

      Are you fucking stupid? You think they had a choice, you think they knew what was happening to them? You’re a fucking idiot.

      • Arthur Killings

        It’s very sad that animals go extinct because of our greed and our need of land and food and hunting animals for fun. These animals didn’t have a choice. Humans know what they are doning is worng yet we killed off many animals anyway. Humans are like a cancer on this planet.

        • kerk

          i cant baleve thay kiled that animal

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            There may be a thought or idea in that tangle of unrelated letters but I can’t, for the life of me, find it.

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  • meka613

    I dont like this list so sad!!!

  • Kat

    I found this list to be educational, well-put together, and interesting, but it just doesn’t seem to belong with the lists that have been published recently. This kind of just felt like a guilt trip. I realize I’m a complete jerk for being starving after reading this list……

  • meka613

    o NO Never that KAT!!!!
    You should not feel that way!

  • quicksilver enigma

    a bitter effect of mankind’s lack of empathy

  • moshmonster

    Very cool… and very sad.

  • deezer

    great list. very interesting. but also very sad that these animals are disappearing… my son is 15 and i wonder what animals will no longer exist when he’s in his 50’s… thanks for this and all the other great lists. keep em coming.

  • tripsyman

    Sad that these beautiful animals have gone. Even sadder is they will not be the last!

    • alemayehu anza

      your saying are good and teachable

      • alemayehu anza

        “I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.
        “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”
        ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
        “When nobody around you seems to measure up, it’s time to check your yardstick.”
        “By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the most bitter.”
        “Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship”
        ”“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.”
        ~We have a collection of some nice Break Up Quotes and sayings.

        • GDB

          I like that one about broken glass. IT WAS ON POINT

  • astraya

    All as dead as the dodo.

  • FlashofFury

    It really is a shame that we will continue to add to this list. Maybe in 30 years there will be another 10 recently extinct animals list and we’ll go “oh snap! I remember these; they used to be so common back in our day but now we’ll never see them again”

  • meka613


  • BiggieRoxXx

    I’ve been a long time Listverse reader and fan for over a year and this is the first time I’ve commented idk why lol. This list makes me feel kinda like KAT, we’ve been destroying the animals’ natural habitat for our own purposes without really looking too deeply into the consequences that lie beyond our decisions. And it’s still going on today. Have we not learned?!

  • LMXV

    This kind of thing needs to be on the news networks. Breaking News, only 30 of this species is left on planet Earth. Maybe there will be a surge in, well something ecologically positive for once.

  • InfearNO

    I haven’t heard of most of these, no wonder most people think there’s no problem. When you see it in black and white though you realise there is a problem, we’re dicks!

  • InfearNO

    meka613, Calm’s right go to hell you first posting, caps typing prick.

  • deeeziner

    I do not know if there are more than 1 species of Pup fish, but there is an ongoing conservation project at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona, devoted to these fish.

    I’ve seen the Pupfish there, little tiny guys, look like just another minnow to me, but anyways…

  • matt

    that picture of the dolphin may have killed me a little on the inside.

  • deeeziner

    @LMXV (19): “This kind of thing needs to be on the news networks.”

    I recently saw a special regarding the Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle–Of which there are only 4 left in the world. 3 in captivity and 1 in the wild, with small hope of reproduction.

    Just did a Google on the turtle to see how they are doing now and the most recent story I could come across is dated Aug/08. The story provided no real update to the TV show I watched. Are the turtles extinct now?

    There are stories like this on the news, and nature channels, all the time. Unfortunately by the time the news of an animal’s endangerment has reached mainstream media, it is often too late to do a lot to help.

  • Skrillah

    Gr8 Gr8 Gr8 List!!!!!! but u missed one.. LTTE Tigers?

  • Lifeschool

    Hi. I felt sad after reading this list, and I suspect that was the motivation behind writing it. As I’ve said before, I don’t appreciate how things have turned out. It’s all very well bemoaning it – but at the same time, Human lust for land and resources (as human populations continue to expand) usually wins over the natural eccology.

    Take the gharial – a native North Indian Chrocodile. The animal is now critically endangered (200 adults) mainly because of the waste which gets dumped in rivers by the ton, and also because their traditional breeding grounds are being taken over by people. There is no solution to this issue, except of course to rear them in captivity and release them – which is an endless, thankless job; which the founder of the Gharial Conservation Alliance (Mr. Rom Whitaker) has almost single-handedly undertaken singe 1973. (source). This case is one of thousands – all in need of help.

    Deforestation is also right up their with land encroachment and pollution. Why rip out and destroy the lungs of the planet? It’s very simple. Just like smokers – we won’t begin to really care until the planet starts wheezing, and then it’s just too late. Because of this, it isn’t surprising that a number of primates (including the Gorilla (yes!), Lion Tamarin and may species of Lemur), and many types of wolf, tiger, fox, bat, frog, 12 types of shrew, and 3 types of Opossum, as well as the birds and insects which live in the forest, are endangered as a result. Overfishing has also called an end to the sawfish, and yes even the once abundant Bluefin Tuna.

    The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) maintains a red list of OVER 41 THOUSAND species facing extinction, of which more than 3 THOUSAND are critical.

    A top 300 species can be found here.

  • jj

    @LMXV (19): The national news is too busy covering really important news stories like Michael Jackson…

  • Lifeschool

    sorry for the typos and spelling ‘chroc’ and ‘their’ etc.

  • Katie

    You know how they cull seals when populations start to get a little high? Yeah, I thought 6 billion+ was a lot of members for a species too.

  • Lifeschool

    @alexman (30): I’m personally not so sure cloning would be viable. I’m no expert in biology, but wouldn’t cloning the same DNA over and over mean a lack of bio-sustainable genes on the gene pool?

    Besides, imagine if we cloned a human – call him Robert. Then we altered the DNA to produce a famale called Roberta. What kind of offspring would Robert and Roberta make? Would it even survive?

    It reminds me of the BBC sci-fi show Red Dwarf and Rimmer World. [shudder]

  • Katie

    Also, alexman: Cloning doesn’t fix everything, some species are supposed to go extinct due to natural causes. I don’t think we should clone because its an easy way out. Where’s the shame in making something extinct if we can just haul it back to life again? We need to learn to NOT bugger up animals existence in the first place.

  • Lifeschool

    Ok, just to lighten the mood a little bit before the big comments start – here’s the funny piece on cloning I mentioned.

    Ok, I’m not going to play all day, I’ll check back on this evening…

  • rubyserpent

    If there’s any remaining of those species, I hope they’re well out of human’s eye and live a undisrupted life

  • Mystical

    There are just so many people these days who mercilessly plow down the natural habitat and kill the animals nowadays.

    Also, I think another factor might contribute to a species becoming extinct–humans introducing another species in an area that didn’t have them before.

  • Chineapplepunk

    I blame money for this!

  • oouchan

    So sad what humans do to animals and even to themselves. Most extinctions come from us “pushing” out an animal for our own gain. Land, resources. Population control will fix this.

    My favorite description of us humans comes from the movie “Matrix”.

    Agent Smith: “I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.”

    So true…

  • Mo

    Hello? Anyone here ever heard of Darwin? Sounds like survival of the fittest at work. Sad to see these creatures disappearing but that’s nature’s order.

    • tyler

      hello? many of these extinctions were the result of humans activity. that is not natural selection.

      Agent Smith: “I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.”

  • mom424

    @meka613 (5): Please read our commenting faq here.

  • frushka

    Thanks, steph00, for this thoughtful list. The little golden frog made me sad. I live by a beautiful stream that flows into the Connecticut River, and there are tons of frogs. They’re so sweet, and many of them are deformed. It’s disturbing.

    @calm incense (14):
    Interesting, your hostility towards @meka613 (16), especially with a screenname like “Calm Incense.”

  • tripsyman

    @Katie (30): “We need to learn to NOT bugger up animals existence in the first place.”

    I 100% agree with you.

  • Barky

    I see this list, and I don’t feel particularly bothered for these animals.

  • mom424

    @Mo (36): Natural order? Maybe back in the day when we were hunter-gatherers driving those buffalo over the cliff (very wasteful btw, our native brothers did NOT use every part of the beast; tons upon tons of wasted meat), even later when we actually believed these creatures to be in direct competition with us. But now? Now that we know better it’s just greed. There are ways to develop and grow without being so toxic to nature.. we choose not to because it’s too expensive. Shame that.

  • Bigwig Rabbit

    That opening statement has got to be one of the most near-sighted that I’ve read recently. Don’t you think a comet the size of Mt. Everest (like the one that wiped out an entire phylum 65 million years ago) is a bit harder on dear Gaia? How about tsunamis and explosive volcanoes and drought and wildfire and flood and disease? Dear Gaia is harder on herself than we are on her.

    Also reports about humans affecting animal populations must now be taken with large grains of rocksalt because of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) Owl Bore tells us it’s us. But the global temperature anomaly has been dropping since 2002. The PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) is negative and the AMO (Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation) is turning negative. However,in order to get funding for climate research, one’s results must report that AGW is real. GISS (Goddard Institute of Space Science, a NASA subsidiary) consistently fudges their climate numbers.

    My point is that though humans do cause destruction of nature, the amount and extent is way over exaggerated by eco-leftists wishing to tax us into the stone age.

  • mom424

    @frushka (38): The yay I’m first comment and a silly follow-up by meka were deleted – thus calm insence’s comment seems a little off the wall. My apologies to him/her.

  • Rufus

    im just speechless

  • mom424

    @Bigwig Rabbit (42): None of these extinctions are attributed to climate change. Even the current amphibian problems aren’t caused by that directly – but by increased UV. Habitat loss, over-hunting, and in the case of the dolphin – pollution. Hmmm, got an axe to grind?

  • Tonio

    very sad list! but people need to be aware of the impact mankind has on nature :(

  • rushfan

    This discussion brought to mind a 20/20 expose I saw recently in which John Stossel raised an intriguing idea for saving wild endangered animals.

  • rushfan
  • Ducky23

    #4 Bubal Hartebeest
    “Many Hartebeests were captured and were kept alive (e.g. in the London Zoo from 1883 to 1907), but they eventually died out. The last Bubal Hartebeest was probably a female which died in the Paris Zoo in 1923.”

    According to the above statement the last known Bubal Hartebeest died in 1923. So what is in the picture? That is certainly not a picture from the early 20s? Please correct me if I’m wrong :) Or is it a close, still living, relative?

    Also this list bears a very striking resemblance to this list:

  • Hiamn

    Rushfan: What an interesting concept! Very persuasive actually………

  • Bigwig Rabbit

    MOM424: Didn’t say they were. My point was that you can’t trust the reports as to who is actually at fault.

  • Nobkin

    Extremely depressing list. My biological nerdiness and the environmentalist inside me are very satisfied and impressed by this list.

  • robertss87

    Though informative and important, a list such as this will never have any impact on the continued human dominance and destruction of the natural world. Humanity exists simply to continue existing, serving no purpose on Earth except to exploit. Darwin’s theory cannot even be applied in this case, because humans exist outside of his theories. We ensure the continued life of many humans who are simply not the “fittest” which makes us anomalies that cannot be handled by the natural order of the world.

    To suggest that humanity as a whole could realise the damage being done and effectively stop or reverse the situation assumes a self-sacrificing attitude in all people. The sad fact of the matter is that humanity considers itself the most valuable presence on Earth, and will do nothing but improve its own situation regardless of the impact.

    The great number of animals that have gone extinct since the dominance of humanity cannot be natural, because we have destroyed the concept of “food chain” or “balance”.

  • Handrejka

    Interesting list. I’d not heard of the golden toad though I was familiar with the others. I always think the circumstances of the Ibex’s death were sad.

  • Handrejka

    I think a list on Lazarus species would make a great companion piece to this list. I’d give it a go at writing one but zoology is not my strong point.

  • Wenchtits

    We may have killed a few, but a few animals and plants go extinct everyday that we don’t even know about, and more so due to natural process. This has always happened with man interfering or not. Over 99% of life on this planet has already been extinct over the billions of years it has existed.

    I really don’t understand how people get so “depressed” over this stuff. There’s a lot worse things going on, and it’s not a “crises” people like to pretend it is.

    And I’m not even going to start on the endangered species act.

  • Nicosia

    John Stossel raises some very good points. Thanks, Rushie for putting that up :)

  • hinkle von dinkle

    i can’t believe the river dolphin went, such a shame

  • squid

    Lists like these make me so ashamed to admit that I’m a human.

  • Freemont Wood

    I find it hard to believe that “some reports counted single flocks numbering in the billions.” You probably couldn’t count to a billion in a single lifetime. It would be impossible for a flock of pigeons to grow to that size- there wouldn’t be enough food in a single place to feed them all, so most flock member would starve to death. Also, their collective droppings would form mountains.

    @Hughman Lover: It’s pretty hard to “adapt” to withstand bullets. Sure, animals go extinct all the time, but all the animals on this list (except for the golden toad) died as a direct result of idiots killing them.

  • DA

    Really sad. It won’t be long before our only animal companions are cockroaches.

  • packedourthings

    The Thylacine looks like an incredible animal. What a sad list, but incredibly interesting and informative. Afterward I looked up a few of the animals on YouTube, and it is just so strange to think that there are no more left. I’ve heard lots of things about the bee population disappearing, and various reasons why, can you imagine if there were no more?
    It makes you think — what are we doing and what can we do? The video that rushfan (48) posted was really interesting to me, I felt like it was absolutely persuasive, and is making me question a lot of things.

  • geturptested

    Breaking news: CNN just reported that the swine flu have reached a global epidemic and expect millions to die world wide.

  • Mr. Plow

    It’s a shame that some animals will go extinct due to humanity. As humans, I think we all value life and most of us are a little taken back at seeing animals suffer needlessly.

    That being said, for those of you depressed or ashamed of the fact that you were born a human are taking it a bit far.

    Humanity has always altered nature to survive. Plowed land, planted seeds, and tended crops for food. Hunted to provide meat, fur for clothes, and bones for tools. Cut down trees to build and use as paper (which we used to create the written word, recorded history, and great works of art.)

    It is simply in our nature. It does not matter if you believe we were created by a god or evolved a massive brain and an inquisitive mind…the result is the same. Humans use the environment to not only survive but thrive.

    To call humanity a virus is simply maudlin…and an extremly childish way to look at this list.

    What are we to do? Start killing ourselves? (sounds like something a teenager would say) Halt all scientific research? (and deny the human need to create) Or enact population control? (facist)

    I would agree with a person like Rand that asking our species to sacrifice itself to the wildlife of this planet is fundamentally an anti-human position.

    I think the question is, as a sentient species that knows the kind of destruction it can bring…how can we move forward and continue to create AND do it in a way where we are not NEEDLESSLY causing other life to suffer? Or worse, poisioning the very ecosystem we need to survive?

  • dm21865

    99% of all species that have existed are extinct. Without extinction, the human race very likely wouldn’t exist. The notion that mankind is possibly the most destruction force ever is ludicrous (think ice ages, meteors, plagues, droughts, etc.). Be sad and weepy if you want, but extinction is the norm on this planet and always has been.

    • Beke

      you clearly have not done your research, we have the option of all living together and surviving, animals and all, like we did for hundreds of thousands of years.
      It has only been in the last 10thousand years since we invented weapons (and more recently overpopulation has taken its toll) that we have destroyed 99% (your statistic) of all species.
      It may seem "norm" to you, but it is not necessary, and at the rate we are going we will destroy the earth in less then 50 years, I don't know how old you are but that is possibly in your life time

  • pestomama

    How sad. I, for one, will weep when the last Mountain Gorilla is gone. That will definitely be the fault of human encroachment. Poaching, war, and wanton killing.

  • alleeee

    dinosaurs are also extinct! ^_^

    • Beke

      recent studies have shown that's because like us they used the earth in till it had no more to give, so wiped themselves out. they were just to big and took to much to survive. but unlike the dinosaurs we can think and need to think now before its to late

  • MadMonkey

    So how about blaming Nature for extinctions since we’re all part of it?

    I can’t see how any of these animals dying out has changed our way of life. If anything, since humans are so horrible, I’d say it’s a good thing they’re not around to be killed by us any more.

    • Beke

      not these animals in particular but by us wiping out many specious and environments it has effected us, maybe you have heard of global starvation? sure we can feed our self's in developed country's at the present by abusing third world country's but how we are feeding our self's is not sustainable, we are all leading ourselves to doom, not just the animals.

  • MadMonkey

    Oh, and as for humans being the most destructive force to ever hit nature… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • JohnM

    The thylacine is not extinct. I have always been fascinated by them. I watched a show on the history channel about cryptozoology and it was amazing. There have been several eye wittness accounts of seeing a wild thylacine in Tazmania. There was one in praticular about a husband and wife who saw two adult thylacines and a baby cross the road. How could 2 people hallucinate or miss-see the same thing?

    I am deffinately a believer of the thylacine still being alive.

  • Lifeschool

    @rushfan (48): Great video rushy. I knew about the rhino farms already, and yes they have worked. Such a system may also help wolves and foxes for their pelts. But, I can’t see this working for frogs, bats and gorillas. The woman in the video does raise a good point when she highlights that raising animals in captivity is not going to help those in the wild – whose natural habitat has made way for a housing project or a cattle ranch.

    Eccology is a difficult subject at best. There are no easy answers. To some it may be ‘So what – who cares?’ – and I can see their point. Who really cares so long as they themselves survive? I can also appreciate those who wish they COULD do something more. But who can change the world when pitted against the ideas of multinational corporations? – to whom the rain forest is worth nothing until it is cleared. Where can you ranch cattle? Where can you dump waste? Where can you put people? I personally believe that many governments are seeing a human cull as a real option to downsize the global human impact. Perhaps I’m wrong?

    Perhaps if Yellowstone goes off, it ain’t gonna matter? Perhaps if they fire a missle at the moon, it will ravage the Earth/oceans mercilessly. Perhaps a comet will end us like it did the dinosaurs. Or perhaps the governments will breed us all as human slaves? But what if none of that happens…

    Surprisingly, we are the only animal who can choose.

  • Meg

    “do it in a way where we are not NEEDLESSLY causing other life to suffer? Or worse, poisoning the very ecosystem we need to survive?”

  • 23redleader

    hmmm…good list, but in reading, i feel like it was written from an activists point of view. i will say that some of these animals were pushed to extinction by human actions, but it makes it seem like all of the animals were killed for nothing.(not saying that it didn’t happen) Like in the case of the Quagga; it said that it was hunted for meat and leather. i dont see this as ruthless at all. i fully support the hunting of any animal if it is for a viable purpose. They are on the earth for us to use. Killing for sport is unnessary, but if i take an animals life to feed my family, i will thank the lord for what has been provided to me and be on my way.

    • Beke

      I disagree, tho I agree that hunting to feed and cloth is what we all should do, hunting something to extinction is not, if we need them to eat then we will need them in the future to eat as well, so hunt something that is a pest rather then endangered.

  • Lisa

    I love thylacines. I hope one turns up, though I know it isn’t likely.

    I heard cloning the quagga is very easy, since they’re related so closely to zebras.

    • Beke

      that may be true but cloning is a new science that is far from perfected, the animals that have been cloned have been extremely sick and in pain and die very quickly, so just out right cruel. we are a long way off from bringing certain animals back from extinction, before we master cloning we are likely to wipe out one third of all plant and animal species that are left. including the zebra

  • Lisa

    Yes, extinction is a normal and natural part of evolution, but that’s different from species dying out because of humans.

  • Maximuz04

    I was getting ticked off that my favorite one wasnt here, only to see it at #1, the Baiji River Dolphin

  • Rick

    This kind of extinction is not natural. It’s merely humans being selfish and ignorant.

    It’s quite disgusting that we have the technology to send people to space and cure diseases yet we can’t keep animals alive


  • undaunted warrior

    Sad but informative list, to me the dolphin one stood out.

    The number of them being caught and wounded in the long liner fishing nets, from illegal fishing boats is frightening.

    • Beke

      you sound like a Greenpeace member, are you?
      its just that you quoted one of there main campaigns with the fishing industry

  • alex

    yep…natural selection at its finest…

  • Geng1s

    Hey Can Someone do a list of nearly extinct animals so that maybe we do something about it before it to late. Ya know those with less then 100 or something, i.e Kakapo only 125 left.

    • Beke

      I tought there were a lot less kakapo then that.
      there are so many animals becoming extinct everyday that it is impossible to list them as they disappear, a great organization that is having a lot of great success (but obviously could always do with more) is Greenpeace, there are also many small national organizations that are having moderate success as well.
      If you want to do more you can volunteer at your local captive breeding facility, preferably one that is involved internationally.
      feel free to follow me on twitter @Save_Our_Earth_

  • Steve

    It’s tragic.

    So many delicious animals we will never taste again. I could weep…

  • red

    y’know, this list looks really familiar; Kind of like this one that was created back in April. Ok so your list is one animal short, but c’mon.

  • Fili
  • Shadow Lord

    Good that they are extinct. Now they don’t have to face the cruelty of humans anymore.

    The irony is that when a species of animal is alive, we exploit it, and kill it. But when it ultimately goes extinct, we feel bad.

    Think about the chicken. It is the most abused creature in the world. I hope it goes extinct someday and saved from further abuse.

  • ExTerminator

    Unseen species doesn’t need to be extinct after all. Think of it this way, they just sort of took a vacation away from the human eyes. But one day, we will report sightings and will start re-breeding these species. Take for example, bigfoot, Lochness Monster, chupakabra…we thought they were extinct but there have been sightings lately…so don’t feel so sad!!!We’ll see them again..

    • Beke

      tho there may be a few cases of "extinct" species coming back, the millions of species we have lost are not coming back, we have destroyed there food, home and entire eco systems and we are still going, even if they did magically come back there is nowhere for them to exist so they wouldn't last.
      Its great your optimistic, but we need to focus on preserving whats left!

  • nfrillman

    Good list, but a couple questions.

    1. It says that the Bubal Hartebeest (4) went extinct in 1923, so what animal is in that picture? That picture obviously isn’t from the 20’s.

    2. This sentence doesn’t make any sense, “Only a few hundred were left by 1970. Then the number dropped down to 400 by the 1980s and then to 13 in 1997 when a full-fledged search was conducted.” So in 1970 there were a few hundred, which I assume to mean 300 or so, but then they drop to 400 in 1980? Confusing.

    • Beke

      I guess "a few" just mean different amounts to different people but I agree

  • Shifty

    Animals becoming extinct wouldn’t be as tragic if new species were evolving at the same rate as extinction.

  • Hatsuk

    @rushfan (48): Thanks for posting the video – its an interesting idea. I can’t add anything to what lifeschool (74) has said – except it would be sad if that is the only way we could protect some of these animals.

    I sort of like seeing them in the wild.

  • Lamb of God

    right on @87..

  • segues

    Extinctions caused, or helped along, by man is one of the saddest things I can think about.
    When the last creature of it’s kind breathes it’s last, there is an ending so complete, so permanent, that all of life is affected is some way. One day, the wrong last thing will die, and all life on earth will be destined to die shortly.
    What is this magic bit of life upon which we all depend?
    Algae. Ocean algae. The smallest of the small. The food of both the krill and the Blue Whale. And in a round about way, us, and every living thing on this planet.

    • Beke

      I agree, when one species becomes extinct, it doesn't end there, it wipes out the whole food chain and ecosystem with it, now that we are targeting the ocean, well, with out the ocean we are all screwed.

  • Nelson1011

    @Fili (86):
    I agree exact words were lifted off of that list

  • Egghui

    @ Shadow Lord (87): That kind of makes sense, in a sick, twisted way :(

    Reading this list makes me feel sad.

  • iknownothing

    Nature will fight back, nuf sed

  • Kyle Hendrick

    poor things… next thing we know, nature will extinct human race.

  • PoorMe

    I think we should prepared to see lot of these lists because many species of frogs are under going extinction due to some unknown reason. Many species i.e. bengal tigers, one horned rhino(asiatic rhino)are being poached to extinction. Vultures are disappearing as a result of side effect of diclofinacmedication on livestock. Human will be extinct because they are foolish enough to burn carbon and produce greenhouse and destroy natural ecosystem with their evil desire. Glaciers are melting and weather pattern has changed. Be prepared to add Homo Sapiens to the list.

  • Karl

    @Josh P (6): Yeah. I agree. If we don’t protect the other species of animals out there that are still with us, the tables will be turned on us humans.

  • Jason

    Regarding #4, I dont know if anyone mentioned this already, but it says the Bubal Hartebeest went extinct in 1923 but there is a color photo. Is that a cousin of the species in the picture?

  • gatineau

    I’m pretty sure there was something about the river dolphin on Planet Earth with my fav, David Attenborough.

  • forcryingoutloud

    Alright let me explain something really quickly for you people who don’t think climate change is an issue. The ice caps are receding. The poles are getting warmer, so of course there is a lowering of the temperate of the planet briefly, that along with solar minimum is why we have been spared so far. But just like a glass of water after the ice in it melts, the planet will warm right back up to a nice warm temperature. What will happen then is the ocean currents will be affected which affects weather patterns like we have already seen in Africa becoming more arid, leading to human starvation and higher incidence of allergies amongst young children on the east coast. Stop being idiots. Ice is melting everywhere, weather patterns are going crazy there is an obvious impact on the environment regardless of what is causing it.

    On animal extinction, the reason this is important is that when animals go extinct they leave a void that needs to be filled. If it’s not filled then the ecology of the area is disturbed leading to things like red tide, invasive species, lack of food for humans etc. Is your attention span so short that you forget the fear about the mass bee deaths a few years back. Our entire civilization would collapse without bees, due to the lack of a sufficient bug to fill the pollinating void left. Humanities short sightedness leaves us out of the natural selection darwin was talking about. We weed out any genetic abnormalities. Women marry for money or love, not for breeding stock so shut the hell up about human’s driving species extinct being part of nature you bumbling idiots. I for one hope you all get shot in the damned face so I can laugh over your grave calling it natural selection. If you can’t realize that environmental issues can be good for business then you’re a fool. Taxes suck sure, but the US has low tax rates comparatively so quit crying we just gave a bail out to conservative bankers who made a bad bet…you know the people you claim to be like…so your policies are wrong. Idiots.

    Nice list it’s good to put things into perspective every now and then. If you were offended by my comments then you’re probably a heartless bastard who deserves to die.

  • meka613

    I understand mom24 but I was attacked for no reason….I simply was implying that by me being 1st to comment was exciting for me…I read this site all the time and just to have the opportunity to share my thoughts I was excited….Im sorry….

  • archangel

    sad sad sad list! i wish humanity would be more conscious of nature.

  • Gus

    Aw c’mon…. this is just dumb, so what if stupid fish is gone? so what if no beast tigers are dead? Lesson ppl mankind isn’t responsible for extinction I got news for ya it’s called EVOLUTION!!!! Damn 25 species are extinct EVERYDAY, no matter what humans do on the planet they will be gone, simply cause they FAILED!

    Oh no…but we, mighty humans can’t let that happen, we are to proud and self assured, we must save the animals! We must save the earth! No, we must NOT! we are a plague as a species, humans come to an habitat and suck it all it has, then move to another area and do same, THAT’S US we are a bad bad race and we will only survive once this accepted, the future my friends is that we will turn this lil pretty blue ball into a dead rock and then we’ll move to another place to do the same, and that’s it, we’ll go on using the universe as we will and that’s fine folks, as long as we are alive, I really really don’t give a rat ass for no animals, furthermore I think we would set with only two of them, cows,dogs and maybe chiken, everything else just has no purpose to mankind, therefore they are disposable, meaning, if we need their habitat they must go.

  • sof

    Good going, humanity. Poor animals. :(

  • sof

    Gus: Bloody brilliant, let’s kill everything that isn’t of immediate use to us, starting with pseudo-autistic dorks on the internet who don’t understand that there is more to life than pretending that you’re too clever to bother with silly human emotion. Premature extinction disrupts ecosystems, which DOES affect humans. If we killed off every animal other than dogs, cows and chickens, the world-wide ecosystem would collapse, and WE would go extinct. Man-made extinction occurs on such a shot-term scale that ecosystems don’t have time to adapt to the changes, whereas evolutionary usually occurs in tandem with an already-changing ecosystem. I know you think that you’re being brilliant and logical, but you’re just coming across as an idiot.

    Also, they have this thing, it’s called “empathy”. It’s really neat, helps you to not be a dick. Try it some time.

  • sof

    evolutionary extinction *

  • ouiareborg

    Gus, you’re a moron. Mammals, are a species that has always adapted to it’s invironment. The way that humans are, is the same way that another group, that attacks and destroys it’s environment: A Virus. This is another reason we need to focus more on space travel. The way we’re going, there won’t be enough food or room for the earth’s population in a hundred years.

  • Mr. Plow

    @forcryingoutloud (102): Holy strawmen Batman!!!!

    “I for one hope you all get shot in the damned face so I can laugh over your grave calling it natural selection.” This is one of the most idiotic things I have read on LV in a long time.

    “Taxes suck sure, but the US has low tax rates comparatively so quit crying we just gave a bail out to conservative bankers who made a bad bet…you know the people you claim to be like…so your policies are wrong.” WTF?!! Where on the list were taxes ever brought up? On your next post, try and take a deep breath and focus on the topic (despite your OBVIOUSLY extensive understanding of finance.) Plus…syntax syntax syntax.

    “If you were offended by my comments then you’re probably a heartless bastard who deserves to die.” You sound like an overly emotional teenager. Settle down there my 15 year old friend…we don’t want you to hurt yourself.

    You post is a perfect example of the kind of ‘help’ endangered animals DO NOT need…childish and overly emotional. Telling people they deserve to die is just plain stupid. Get a grip kid.

  • Meg

    It’s very sad to think that the last of #10 died because of neglect.

  • jussayin

    and yet we can’t get rid of roaches, mosquitoes, or rats….

    or people who can callously shrug their shoulders like “oh well, so we pollute, and kill, that’s just being human, yuck yuck”

    I can see common sense went extinct a long time ago.

  • Man this is said stuff, one day we as humans will be on the list. Just don’t know who will write the article.

  • lrigD

    Good list. It’s pretty sad that we basically kill every animal of a species, then get sad over the fact that there are no animals of said species left. Stupid…

    On a side note, “Amsterdam Zoo” does not exist. It’s called Artis =)

  • Katie

    I love reading the comments on a list a couple days after its been posted. Watching the drama unfurl is almost as entertaining as reading the list itself!

  • These animals are monsters created by viral scientists. Extinct animals are killed by viruses living in humans. The viruses don’t have blood of their own and eat those that have blood thinking that that can make them be like those that have blood.

    The monstrous viurses are those that live in humans. Not ony they eat and drink human blood, they as well try to annihilate our species. Now they clone not only our species, but all animals that have blood.

  • erikasoup

    i wonder when will HUman be extinct…

  • erikasoup







  • cbt45

    I love how when a list is published on this site that focuses on a controversial subject, the diehard activist comes out in the hearts of commentators.

    For this list it’s the environmentalists and ecologists, for the misconceptions about Islam list it was anti-Islam supporters, so on and so forth.

    All in all an informative list though. Some parts seemed heavily biased (“ruthlessly hunted down for meat and leather?” hmm….) but otherwise its pretty good. For the record, personally I don’t feel affected at all by those animals being extinct, but I appreciate the research you did on them.

  • gr81disp

    I like how the list says that Tazmanian Tigers “were THOUGHT [emphasis mine] to be a threat to sheep and other small farm animals.” OF COURSE THEY WERE A THREAT! THEY WERE CARNIVORES, THEY ATE OTHER ANIMALS!

    That is just trying to illicit more (and false) sympathy for a case that deserves sympathy already.

    Although I really have no sympathy for the Pupfish or the passenger pigeon (as these have roles filled by other animals also) I cannot begin to tell you how bad it is for apex predators and prey (like the Javan Tiger, the Baji dolphin, the Quagga and the Hartebeest) to go extinct. That changes the entire ecosystem.

    Now, two of the animals on here are pretty much just losers at life. Namely the Golden Toad and the Pyrenean Ibex. These species couldn’t survive cuz they would not breed. Not our fault or problem. A slow persecution means the animal should EASILY be able to outbreed us killing it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be slow. Hell, white-tailed deer are persecuted more here in America and look how numerous they are!

    Pandas are following in their footsteps and slowly going extinct even though we are actively trying to keep them alive. What are you supposed to do when an animal won’t have sex? But when the panda dies, humans will of course be to blame.

    The only one I have a REAL problem with is the Baji river dolphin. This article only mentions pollution, as if human advancement just killed the dolphin off all by itself. Now, the link between environmental extremism and socialism/communism is well known, which is possible why did doesn’t mention a touchy little subject. The subject this article DOESN’T mention is the great role that communism played in the dolphin’s extinction.

    See, when the commies took over in China and started “The Great Leap Forward,” they decided to tell everybody that it was their DUTY to hunt the baji dolphin. Why? The dolphin was traditionally the symbol for prosperity in China, but communism CAN’T abide by tradition. Why, tradition is what created the difference between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat!! You must kill off tradition and let communism be the only symbol of future prosperity!!! YAY COMMUNISM!!!

    Now this article ONLY mentions industrialization (i.e. the thing that has led to a better life for millions and millions of chinese) and not communism (i.e. the thing that has KILLED millions and millions of chinese and continues oppressing them to this day). Why? Draw your own conclusions.

  • MikeB

    For the sake of those who can’t see the true implications of this list, could someone please detail the impact that the loss of these species will have on the future of the planet. Please give a brief summary about how human lives will be lost, economies will be destroyed, the future of human civilization will be threatened, forward scientific progress will cease, or how the quality of life for humans (or other animals) will be diminished (overly-sensitive tweens crying while watching ‘Animal Planet’ don’t count).

    In fact, as an example, showing how the world will be changed by the loss of the Tecopa Pupfish would be a good start. Please use verifiable data to show how many lives lost, banks closed, etc.

  • Maggot

    @MikeB (121): Please give a brief summary about how human lives will be lost, economies will be destroyed, the future of human civilization will be threatened, forward scientific progress will cease, or how the quality of life for humans (or other animals) will be diminished… showing how the world will be changed by the loss of the Tecopa Pupfish would be a good start.

    For starters, read sof’s post 107. IMO the intent of the list is to get us thinking about the bigger picture, not to bemoan the loss of any particular seemingly insignificant species listed here. Take your blinders off. The point is – where does our unabated pillaging of the environment stop?

  • steph00

    This is my very first list and I am quite new to this site, about 2 weeks or so. To all those copying links of similar lists into the comments, quietly accusing me of copying them, could it be that we all got our information from the same source? I used Wiki, the ICUN website and a couple of other bits and pieces that came up when I googled the animals name. Oh and I’m not a activist, I’m just truly saddened by the whole affair!

  • hav

    @85 & 86, I agree with you 2. This list is almost word for word from the other website.

  • nocluestu

    “The last Passenger Pigeon, named Martha, died alone at the Cincinnati Zoo at about 1:00 pm on September 1, 1914.”

    This sounds like it should be the last line in an epic novel detailing this lonely pigeon’s long and dramatic life..which could then be made into a movie called “Fly Home, Martha” starring Barbara Streisand

  • aikawaii

    This is so sad..when will humanity learn?

  • thefashionside

    It’s not actually sad. For all we know they could of evolved.

  • joerayw

    Thylacine is something I’ve never heard of before. I guess I’ll never see one now either, they look really cool.

  • I feel very sad for the river dolphins.

  • korushi

    D: Didn’t know Tasmanian Tigers were extinct..
    Used to be my favorite animal..

  • susan_badger

    Most Douglas Adams fans don’t realize that he wrote a book in 1990 with Mark Carwardine called “Last Chance to See”. The book chronicles his travels to learn about several endangered species. One chapter tells of his visit to China in 1988 to learn about the baiji dolphin.

    Adams reports in his book that while local fishermen always knew of the dolphin, science didn’t ‘discover’ it until 1914. It had always been a rather small species but noise pollution and changes in river traffic had rapidly decimated their numbers. However, no one realized just how dire their predicament was until 1984. Fairly quickly the Tongling Bajiji Conservation Committee was established. They worked to build a semi-nauture reserve by blocking off a channel in a bend of the Yangtze. To pay for the construction, a dolphin hospital, holding pools and a fish farm to feed the dolphins, funding came from the central and local governments. Also, the committee got into PR and began entering into licensing agreements to increase revenue and publicity. They had Baiji Beer, the Baiji Hotel, Baiji shoes, Baiji cola, Baiji computerized weighing scales, Baiji toilet paper, Baiji phosphorus fertiliser and Baiji Bentonite.

    In 1988 there were only 200 of the dolphins left.

  • daniellelea

    The swine flu? REALLY???

    Read the news please…more people die from the “normal” flu every year than every case of swine flu.

    *rolls eyes*

  • Cici

    This list is aweful. We as people should be able to stop the extinction of animals. Withh all the supposeable technology we have and we still cant stop. The wrost part about this whole list is with most of these we caused the extinction. Is it really that hard to stop killing animals that are almost extinct. Is it really?

  • missolstice

    i just dont understand why people get so interested in protecting animals when there are only a few left when they should always try to protect them.

    this is so sad

  • nuriko


  • Peter Breen

    It seems to me it would be a good idea to keep a database of DNA for all endangered specis in case further developments in DNA and cloning allow for the resuragence of these animals, we could be able to repopulate the Earth with these specis, wouldn’t that be something.

  • tuan tanah

    I never all of these animals before…

    What a loss to us human, now we never have a chance to see these animals again!


  • aikawaii

    ^Agree with you…Now that would be something positive..for science to focus on…

  • Moonbeam

    @erikasoup (118): On your keyboard to the left, third key up from the bottom, is a key marked, “Caps Lock.” When it’s pressed you ussually get a small indicator light to go on. That’s on your right at the top under the letter “A.” if you could go ahead and press it again you can write words in lower case. Give it a try!

    (I know, I know I’m going straight to hell – so sorry!)

  • Freshies

    Education is the only thing that will prevent these horrible things from happening. As long as there are uninformed people in the world and there is a profit to be made, animals will continue becoming extinct.

  • MzFly

    Wow – interesting list. terrible scenarios that these creatures suffered. Extinction can be a completely normal/natural thing but in too many of these cases, their deaths were aided and a direct result of human interaction and destruction.

  • Jay Poe

    I have been reading about extinct of animals a few months ago and it’s amazing how many species go extinct everyday. We are currently living in a mass extinction started about 10,000 years ago that is currently on-going.

    This can also be the greatest extinction in history.

  • yamatosoul

    I think this is a very educational list. But why is there a modern day color photo of a “Bubal Hartebeest” if it died out in 1923? Is it a photo of a similar animal?

  • The_Patient

    Damn us humanoids!

  • JustSayin’

    Freshies (#140), you are so correct regarding the necessity of education. Not only is it important to make people aware of potential species extinctions, but perhaps more fundamentally, we need to start a massive educational campaign regarding evolutionary theory (and I use that word–theory–to describe scientific fact, NOT as an attempt to discredit Darwin, as some mouth-breathing creationist would). It’s obvious from a disturbingly large number of comments on this list that there are some people who have only the vaguest idea of what the mind-blowingly intricuate, complex process of evolution entails. Their cavalier misuse of terms such as “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection” only serves to underscore their complete bafflement as to what these phrases actually mean in practice. (For more intrepid, educable souls, the earlier works of Richard Dawkins and/or Stephen Jay Gould would be a great starting place.)

    For the sake of argument, I will concede that there may be some validity in a few of the comments, wherein the poster has stated something akin to, “So what if a particular kind of fish dies out? There are tens of thousands (or more) other species to take its place in the food chain.” While that may be true in and of itself, the real issue presents itself in the sheer number of extinctions. Yes, the disappearance of a single species may not (seemingly) have much of an impact on its environment, but it’s the aggregate, the total number, that may make a profound difference. (However, we should acknowledge here that even subtle changes can often have tremendous consequences, usually of the unintended variety. Look at how humanity’s introduction of the cane toad has decimated specific animal populations in Australia’s outback, thus throwing the entire ecosystem out of whack.)

    I suppose what surprises me the most from these knee-jerk responses is that while I’m certain that many of the naysayers have children, they seem to have not the least bit of concern for the world that their descendants will inhabit. Even if one is of the fundamentalist Christian mindset and therefore believes that God will one day destroy the earth and create a new one in its wake, isn’t there something in that big ol’ book about being responsible stewards in the meantime? (And for anyone who may later point out that no one has as yet explicity made such a claim of “God-as-reanimator” in these comments, let me assure you that while it may be unspoken, it’s that very mindset that has prompted at least a few of the comments thus far.)

    My hat’s off to you, forcryingoutloud (#103). It would appear that we’re fighting an uphill battle with the forces of willful ignorance.

  • JustSayin’

    * forcryingoutloud’s comment was #102, not #103; my error

  • glossberry

    Im glad glossberry is still around and not gone like the rest of these guys on the list

  • ya_boy_six

    Wish I could have the chance to se a tasmanian tiger 1 day.

  • tony ok

    Yup, good list but I dont know if anybody else has commented that your idea that humans might be the most destructive force ever to plague nature is a bit over top. 250 million years ago something happened that killed off 90 percent of all plant and animal species on the planet. No people involved for sure. It made way for the rise of the dinosaurs i guess. People will never rid the world of life, maybe just of ourselves.

  • Gerri

    Save the savage-like adverbs for savage-like peoples.

    “ was –ruthlessly– hunted down for meat and leather by South African farmers”

    “..the Javan tigers were –ruthlessly– hunted down or poisoned. Natives carried much of the hunting out..”


    Wouldn’t these seem just as –ruthless– to you?

    “..was not enough to save it from European hunters who began hunting them for recreation and meat.”

    “The Pyrenean ibex’s population declined due to a “slow but continuous persecution” and disappeared from the French Pyrenees..”

    “..paving the way for exploitation of the species by European immigrants who came in his wake.”

    steph00, while the overall intention may seem noble, your perception affects your words, however subtle it may be.

  • steph00

    @tony ok (149):

    I think a couple of people are misunderstanding the opening comment. I believe we are the most destructive force, all other things that people have stated on this list that have battered Mother Nature are all NATURAL DISASTERS…Nature VS. Nature. You can’t blame an earthquake, or make an asteroid accountable for its actions but you can sure as hell blame humans when they are too ignorant to realise the damage we are doing to our ONLY planet and its other inhabitants.

    As for the photo of the Bubal Hartebeest, the photos are selected by Jamie and his crew so you will have to ask him about it :)

  • Eire

    If anyone thinks for one second that humans are any match for mother nature you are wrong. We are only guests on this planet. If and most likely when, we overstay our welcome and become burdens we will be removed. We are no different from any other animal on this planet.

  • Black-Yami-Cat

    Y’know, the museum where I used to work has one of only 7 Quagga skeletons in the world. One of it’s legs is missing (back left, I think), it vanished during WW2. Go visit it if you’re in London – The Grant Museum

  • Moonbeam

    @MELCHOIR (150): As I said before: “On your keyboard to the left, third key up from the bottom, is a key marked, “Caps Lock.” When it’s pressed you ussually get a small indicator light to go on. That’s on your right at the top under the letter “A.” If you could go ahead and press it again you can write words in lower case. Give it a try!

    (I know, I know I’m going straight to hell – so sorry!)”

  • gdwendyml

    A very sad list indeed, Comes with a load of guilt, doesn’t it? I sure am feeling that way right now.
    point is, I would love to do something, and gathered from all of your comments I believe a lot of you would too.
    But, what can we do? and how? my heart seriously aches for these animals, but I don’t know where to start to help any of them.
    I suspect this comment will not generate a lot of ideas and solutions, maybe because there simply aren’t any. that makes me even sadder.
    How is it that we as a species can have so much power over destruction, but are helpless when it comes to rebuilding anything….

  • Moonbeam

    Disregard this comment; @Moonbeam (154): Apparently the original comment #150 was removed.

  • Mishele

    Ah, the world would be better off if humans became extinct. Unfortunately we are too species-egotistical to let that happen, we’d destroy the world first.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if this were a test for sentience, and only groups that had mastered themselves (instead of everything around them) could pass and join a larger community of responsible beings in the universe? and those that didn’t pass would forever be shunned and believe themselves alone. We’d deserve it.

  • sazzle

    why are humans such selfish jerks? sad list :(

  • Icalasari

    sazzle: Because we are a species of animal

    All animals have their behaviors rooted somewhat in greed. All emotions and actions can be traced back to either greed or fear. Heck, even love is rooted in greed if you think about it, as it gives the person a good feeling. Animals will be “selfless” and sacrifice themselves, not because it is selfless, but because it helps to preserve their species

  • hilah

    The other species of Pupfish are currently the only animals to have ever won a supreme court case and are the reason for the end of development around aramgosa valley. a lot of the locals resent the pupfish for this reason.

  • zuh.

    glad to see people taking a list like this seriously as opposed to the jerks that would normally be leaving comments like ‘boring list! more boobs!’

  • GTT

    @oouchan (35):

    I really like that quote too… Made me think about our nature as a species. We exploit our environment without a care as to the effects we have on our “host”. In any case, it explains why Nature is always trying to kill us with new and improved organisms… Personally I think it´s only a matter of time before the next big, deadly pandemic comes around and decimates the human population. Very scary…

  • liberdade-de-expressao

    Sad list indeed.

  • 7raul7

    Well, this had to happen. If it wasn’t for us, some other factors or forces would have pushed them (or others) towards extinction. So this self-blaming is hypocrisy.

  • Cantthinkofone

    Well this is saddening but only the best will survive. If we don’t kill ourselves and do find away out of the mess we created then maybe we can preserve some of the DNA and recreate the species.

  • Italtopcop

    The best thing that could happen to this earth is that mankind not procreate for twenty years or so. Clear out the pollution, disease,and infringement on the habitats of so many other living creatures. Mankind is brilliant and stupid at the same time. Such a shame,

  • Belico

    It saddens me so much to think that we will never be able to know how great this animals tasted

  • tomplankton

    Unfortunately for most wildlife on this fantastic planet,corporate greed and poor developing countries will see the end to a lot of species.Perhaps in the future the only way any wildlife will be seen is by some fantastic time device that recreates history,but by that stage humankind if not extinct ourselves,will be bored with this planet and will have moved on,but without us here,perhaps life will evolve again.To see comments like,”I see this list, and I don’t feel particularly bothered for these animals.”,shows complete ignorance and apathy,to the one and only world we,at the moment have.

  • rafi

    This photos and videos excellent

  • bigfatmeanie

    Don’t worry. Once most of use are gone (fine, I’ll be first) Nature will flourish again.

  • bigfatmeanie

    sorry, ^us

  • Meat

    It is worth noting that 99% of every animal that ever lived died before humans even existed. It is also noteworthy that other animals (though not one species alone) have wiped out far more species than humans, particularly their own. There are species of walrus who are endangered because the old rape the young (male and female) and suffocate them in the process. It is also worth noting hundreds on new species are born every decade. It’s not to late, we just need to smarten up a little.

  • ianz09

    hey, jw, but if the hartebeest went extinct in 1923, why does the picture look very modern? unless that isnt the same animal?

  • Chloe..x

    Sooooooooooo soooooooooo SAD :( I wish i could of helped them but i’m only 12 :'( :'( :'( :'(

  • mo

    really good list about a really sad subject
    save the animals!

  • Mike

    Depressing list, but one that everyone should read.

  • Miki

    This is really sad..

  • chrissy

    I swear I saw an animal that looked JUST like a Quagga!!
    I was so freakin’ pumped but I knew it couldn’t of really been anything big since it was owned by someone and I guess news would of got it by now.

  • ummmmmmmmmm

    listen the dolphin isn’t extinct check on Wikipedia

  • sheetal

    i like that lbex……….

  • Chicken

    its a shame realy :'( it makes you feel that everyone should help all animals to survive :) nature will find a way to recover from it all. i agree humans are next to get there backside kicked by nature.

  • nate

    i really glad that these animals are gone especially the javan tiger that ate myoldest son. now these animals will not interfere with my gardening.

  • asian infant stealer

    I’m selling Dominick’s coupons. Anyone interested in buying

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    how much?

  • asian infant stealer

    11 yen a piece

  • Gracie

    it is amazing how many animals have gone exstinct but found not to its just a rare type of animal and i hope these animals are one of those cases. sorry if i spelt some stuff wong im just 11. :D

  • Gracie

    for ummmmmmmmmm this type of dollphine is.

  • Jacob

    Luv the part about humans being the most distructive force causing extinction. Now, explain again how humans caused the miriad of pre-historic animals to be extinct. Seems nature is pretty efficient at causing extinction. That is really something to think about. Why would nature work that way, naturally? Eight years old and I know this is horse pucky!!!

  • louell rhyle

    sad to nate that all of these species had gonr to the br5ink of extinction due to our own negligence and greed..

    may God pardon us for these great shortcomings of ours..

  • louell rhyle

    sad to note that all of these species had gone to the brink of extinction due to our own negligence and greed..

    may God pardon us for these great shortcomings of ours..

  • @louell rhyle (190): “Here, Louell, is a present I made specially for you. I want you to keep it safe, to watch over it, to make sure it has everything it requires. Remember, I made it for YOU.”

    “Uh, it died.”

  • Patty

    i thought the river dolphin was still alive… well according to a recently made documentary it was alive.

    it really puzzles me

  • @Patty (192): There are some species of river dolphin still in existence, perhaps you are confusing one species with all species?
    I think I saw the same docu as you, or at least one like it, and they did, indeed, show a healthy population of river dolphins somewhere…I just can’t remember where!

  • labaria

    I am from Guyana, South America, and it is safe to say that at this time that 75% of it’s jungle is still pristine. There is cause for alarm because the corrupt government is allowing multinational companies to exploit the natural resources e.g. logging, gold mining, without paying attention to the environment. There had been instances of cyanide being leached into the rivers by a Canadian gold mining company, Omai, that killed fishes for miles: The rivers are also used for cooking bathing etc by riverine dwelling folks. I have traveled extensively in the interior of this beautiful country and I have seen animals in abundance that are deemed threatened in other parts of South America e.g. giant otters, harpy eagles, jaguars etc.

  • ???

    hi how is life

  • Dale

    It is sad to see some of the people posting comments such as, “These animals were dumb anyways,” and “Humans will be extinct one day.”

    Does it matter if humans vanished tomm.? These creatures are gone forever. Just think about the next generation. I have worked as a biologist for years. My primary focus in my work has dealt with felines. It sickens me to know that it is very possible that all tiger populations both captive and wild could vanish in the next 20 years. Even if we manage to keep them in captivity the genetic diversity could be lost as well as the natural teachings of survival they learn. I want to quote something I had once read in a publication on tiger conservation that can carry a great deal of meaning in all this;

    “This situation makes me ashamed to be considered human.”

  • I feel so sad: (

  • steph

    i cant believe us humans could do this . id nver have thought that some people would think that since we HAVE the power to destroy these magnificent animals does not mean we have to .i mean really they where on this planet before we were

  • steph

    your absolutely right ‘bigfatmeanie’

  • steph

    your absolutely right ‘bigfatmeanie’……thanks for those kind words you have displayed

  • steph

    sorry for that repeat

  • I have no pity for the people who blithely go on about the heartless business of the extinction of animals for fun and profit.
    On the other hand, I have little respect for the bedazzled women who set themselves up outside of fashionable department stores, carrying signs to the effect that they won’t shop there because the store sells furs. All the while, the women are wearing leather shoes, carrying leather bags, and some even wear leather coats!
    It makes me laugh. I guess leather is okay because there are a lot of cows, we don’t think of them as beautiful, and we eat them. It has always seemed to me that there ought to be one standard…you’re for killing animals or you’re not.
    It’s sort of like the death penalty/abortion argument. I have a difficult time understanding why the life of a proven degenerate is more worthy of life than an unborn fetus (and I’m not even sure where I stand on the issue).

  • labaria

    @segues: I am an animal lover but I am also a realist. We, humans, being the dominant animals on the planet are expected to be “dominant”. Although I am an animal lover, I still enjoy eating meat but I also think that animals should be treated humanely. Take for example the Asians and other Third World countries populations, they will eat anything that is edible because if you are starving, you would not be thinking about anything else but survival.

  • @labaria (203): I am a realist also, I was merely pointing out the difference in treatment between animals we think of as “cute” or “beautiful” and those we think of as “ugly” or “neutral”.
    That same distinction can be, I am sorry to say, extrapolated to humans. People who are experienced by their peers as beautiful are treated with more respect, given more money, better jobs, etc.
    Beauty is a catalyst to a better life (or it can be, people tend to screw it up a lot).

  • labaria

    @segues:The trait of discriminating is not unique to humans. In the animal kingdom it is natural to discriminate when choosing a mate so that any offspring from that union would have the best chance of survival.

  • @labaria (205): No kidding?

  • sjflsdj

    Who cares? Those animals, individually, had very short lifespans. And they would’ve gone extinct anyway.
    Everything on Earth will probably go extinct soon.

  • DontBeADick(Cheney)

    I don’t get how the Bubal Hartebeest has been extinct since the 20’s yet a color photo that looks straight out of a 80’s documentry is shown as the bubal hartebeest

  • @DontBeADick(Cheney) (208): color photography has been around since the late 1800’s (but only as an experiment). It quickly became a fully functional feature for professional photographers, and those weekend photo snappers who could afford the film. By 1915 the color film and color prints were amazing. You can even see some color prints from decades earlier, but those were from glass plate negatives, very fragile and rare.
    Yes, I am a professional photographer.

  • InB4Desu

    It was a nice list but I hated your opener. Mankind isn’t nearly the most destructive force to hit mother nature. Hell, we’re not even close. Life itself (the very phenomena known as “life”) has nearly been wiped out more than once.

  • twenty26six

    i really felt sad when i read this list, they are beautiful creature yet they were neglected,

  • Sup?

    @segues (209): You may be a photographer, but you’re also a bore! You should sell that little speech to parents as a night-time story to their kids…

    Now….anybody know what Bubal Hartebeest tastes like? It looks yummy

  • Sunny

    I WANNA CRY!!! This list is soooo sad especially for animal lovers. I am one and this list is making me want to cry like a baby who wants milk.

  • @Sup? (212): I don’t believe I was addressing you.

  • Sup?

    @segues (@214): How could you of been when that was my first comment? But I do believe now you have addressed me….am I correct?

  • @Sup? (215): No, Sup, I was addressing @DontBeADick(Cheney) (208): on the subject of color photography. You butted in at 212 with” @segues (209): You may be a photographer, but you’re also a bore! You should sell that little speech to parents as a night-time story to their kids”…which is when I retorted with my [email protected]? (212): “I don’t believe I was addressing you”, because I wasn’t.
    My response was completely to DontBeADick(Cheney).
    Now, the only reason I am going into such detail, is so that you will understand why some people will ignore you when you come in and immediately insult them.

  • Sup?

    @segues (216): And such detail it was…..I had to set my alarm several times while reading that, as not to drift into a possible coma. I am sorry if I offended you from my very first comment, It was only intended as advice toward you to maybe make a little cash from some of your very yawn worthy drizzle. My apologies again segues(216).



  • Shahid

    Its Very Sad…
    All These only bcoz of humans.

  • labaria

    The next article should be about recently extinct people. The Tasmanian Aborigines were exterminated by European invaders who shot them from horseback. The last full-blooded Aborigine, Truganini, died on May 8th 1876.

  • Sunny

    I wish humans had a mind to understand that the world is not only theirs butit also belongs to other living things. Humans kill not only for meat but also for fun!!! Dodo bird could have been here in the world right now but humans killed them and they are all dead. They couldnt protect themselves so they died

  • Retrosoul

    I worked at a nesting site for the north american tree swallow this summer for a research prodject and a group of punk kids came and destroyed about one fourth of the nests in their area. i was devastated at the complete disregard for the beautiful songbird.

  • steve

    i am completly gutted anytime i here tht any animal is extinct because tht means i will never get the chance to see it in my life lets just hope we cn try and prevent as many animals going extinct as possible and i will do so throughout my life

  • wow

    I dont want to go extinct!!!!!!!!!:-{

  • zee

    Universe is full of mysteries either flora or fauna. We are the people to protect or to destroy the fauna. Otherwise we will lead to extinction.

  • Oink

    What is with Europeans and Chinese killing off everything?
    Not trying to be an ass, but every time I read about an extinct animal, it always seemed to involved over hunting and sports killing by Europeans.

  • Stacy

    the video about the tigers made me sad, they are one of the most beautiful animals in the world, i can’t believe they will extinct

  • santhosh gurunath

    pls take care of amimals

  • nameera

    i know this may sound weird but im 10 and i already wanna help save the world to do that i must change but i cant be a vegitarian no1 my mom no2 ill miss chicken but i will try to help any animal i can

  • just a guy

    damn europians

  • the last passenger pigeon was las seen in mexico in 1999 carrying a note in his right leg with writings from india.

  • MyOpinion

    How could the Bubal Hartebeest have become extint in the early 1900’s when there is a modern image of it? Also i’m sure that the Baiji river dolphin still exists but is endangered.

  • Jenna

    I fervently hope that baiji dolphins are still out there somewhere, if not in the Yangtze River then at least somewhere else for now. I hope if they are ever found again that they can be introduced into the aquarium with breeding plans. (Obviously for more immediate rescue of these animals, as the large-scale pollution and habitat destruction impacting their survival would have to be stopped for long-term renewal).

    Too frustrating that the monk seal, dodo bird and javan tiger were killed by these groups of people. I think they were selfish and ignorant for not thinking or caring at all about the survival of these animals, or how future generations would like to have seen them.

    There also seems to be a surplus amount of domestic cats in the world. I wish the same could still be said for the large cats that are now extinct or endangered. It’s good that cat owners care about their cats, but replenishing their cat’s food bowl doesn`t do much for the cats that are out there being poached and threatened in the wild.

  • emma

    I am ashamed to be human:(

  • bob

    sad animals

  • Its sad that so many animals are disapearing so fast. Lets hope we all don't go the way of the Dodo…

  • JesiRiv

    Darwin speaks of natural selection. Species that nature selected them to be extinct. These animals that are presented here where NOT part of natural selction, there death where caused by humans. Unfortunetly this patern of behaviour will not change. Until men are forced to confront the same tragic end humanity will continue to destroy our natural resourse and with that all the species of the world. It is tragic.

  • Dr.S. Rashid

    We humans are the cause of 82.7% extinctions of animals, its not everyone's fault, I am a smart indivual who agrees with each and everyone of you about poor beautiful creatures suffering, come on what have they ever done to us! Without them, we would not exist, I have studied well, and found out not only is poaching and habitat loss a threat to animals but also introduced species that has caused most island mammals and reptiles to become critically endangered. I own a grey congo Parrot from Central Africa and researched on him. Thank you you kind hearted people who agree with me, but lets just say everyone has their own opinions.

  • ayush

    Very bad

  • joe

    W.T.F you guys are [email protected]@#$%

  • neesha

    This sadness me so greatly. These beautiful&unique creatures will never roam this earth again. & who is the blame? Our own species. They could have taught us so more much, about evolution, being educated on their kind, mating habits, etc. Now they’re just forms of entertainment. I am truly touched&disappointed by this. Thanks a lot Columbus….effin Europeans

  • so sad

    All of this animals are so cool, I hate the fact that some species will be gone forever. I can't believe we will never get to see any of these beautiful animals.

  • jack

    99% of all species that ever were are now extinct. It's called evolution you self hating morons

  • Hai!

    sad very sad

  • jeronkek

    yaeh.I agree. If we don't protect the other species of animals out there that are still with us, the tables will be turned on us humans

  • loveshaft

    i am pissed about the javan tiger. well of course about the rest. but really pissed about the tiger. oh hell, im mad about it alll

  • Ackmed teh idiot

    So sad! I like animals a lot!

  • luqman91

    this is the saddest list. ever!

  • kdvnknds

    that was very educational and kinda gay

  • mr. hanky

    this blows

  • mr. hanky

    this study made me feel like smoking an ounce of grass

  • Jay

    There is a common belief that sharks don't suffer illnesses the way humans do. If we knew their secret, we could perhaps make the world much healthier for humans. If any species needs to be protected, it's the various types of sharks that are endangered (and several are).

    There is something paradoxical in that, but if I had to choose between losing the beautiful snow leopard and losing the shark, it's good-bye snow leopard.

  • mr. hanky

    nick, blow me

  • mr. hanky

    nick, you are fucking whore

  • Too bad, I can't see them anymore! :((

  • princessss

    sooooooooooooooooooooo sad

  • chansky

    It's all good us feeling sad over the extinction of these beautiful animals,but the fact is we are all guilty of the destruction of our planet.We all buy the crap that the corporations produce by exploiting the habitats of these creatures.So unless you want to be responsable for such things stop supporting these evil people who only care about profit and not the survival of our beautiful earth and all the gifts that mother nature has given us.So next time you buy a chocolate bar or cheese burger think about what has died for you to have such things.

  • Beke

    this is sad but not surprising, we humans are the worst creation ever! I once heard a statistic that we lose 3 species of animals a day, I hope so much that it is an exaggeration but I fear not.
    we have got to do everything we can to preserve the few remaining species we have, a great organization that is having a lot of great success (but obviously could always do with more) is Greenpeace, there are also many small national organizations that are having moderate success as well.
    If you want to do more you can volunteer at your local captive breeding facility, preferably one that is involved internationally.
    feel free to follow me on twitter @Save_Our_Earth_

  • Tyler

    Its horrible to know what humans are capable of.

  • Adrian

    NATURE CAN PRODUCE A MANS NEED BUT NOT ITS GREED…a quote from Indian wildlife conservation..Lets make a difference

  • Anna

    This is so depressing. :/

  • baconisgood

    poor animals if there was color, i would like it more

  • jvgvsbys


  • XaVior………

    I hope that we humans learn from the things and mistakes we see around us. I hope it’s not to late, we should change for the better. There are still endangered species who needs our help and dying because of human race, but are we just gonna stand and wait until more and more will die, why don’t we help them, there are lots of species that has been totally wiped out here on earth. I think this is enough for us humans to wake in this very tragic nightmare. If we continue to destroy all these endangered species, I hope that, It’s the next for us humans to dig our coffin ………………………….. I’m really very sad for this animals, I felt sorry for this ……………somehow we can help in our own unique way….^_^ Help Our planet to be “A Planet of Life”.

    • R

      Me too. I really think we should be next on the line of ‘critically endangered’.

    • sumi sarkar

      truly said ,we must do something for these helpless animals….

  • XaVior………

    Thank you so much to those who agree with me……………thank you to those who want to save our planet Earth and all it’s living creatures. Be an inspiration to others……………..

  • kevinzgibson


  • richard b

    Who cares, ill cry when cats cease to exist.

  • john

    i like poop

  • Adam

    A few things.

    One, there are thousands of different species of toads and fish and such. Even if hundreds go extinct, as they do and have, there’s still no lack of pretty things to look at. Which is mostly the only reason people like animals, simply because of aesthetics and anthropomorphism. Wild animals, I mean. Cats and dogs are groovy.

    Two, humans are sentient. Sentient mammals. No other creature on Earth is. There seems to be a ton of delusion regarding the intelligence of animals. They are not self aware, they are not creative, intelligent, or sapient. They live to eat, sleep, and reproduce. That is all.

    Three, why do so many people poo poo on the achievements of humanity? To come from rags, spears, and caves, to the technological marvels of today, in an incredibly short period of time (relative to the age of the Earth), is simply amazing. If there’s any so called “purpose” to humanity, it’s to live and evolve. Socially, creatively, and technologically.

    Thanks for reading good folks. Just think about it.

  • jackie

    Awww i feel so bad 4 thouse animals :(

  • hel

    Baiji river dolphin is still alive. its the Yangtze river dolphin thats extinct

    • River

      Baiji is another name for the Yangtze river dolphin, it’s extinct alright.

      On another note, I was very aware of almost all of these which is slightly disheartening. Then again, quoting my book of out-dated herpetology, “extinction is the law, survival is the exception”.

  • MerissaSeth


  • amit asari

    persnally….! wen i think ,like some people ,i got that it will not affect me or my life…..but somewhere i feel ,now also i am not able to see all the animal.but some are their which i never see untill i want.i want they exist. ,our smallest help to community (awarness)……! bcs so many waiting to came in this list we will ! if we want(for …….) i hope this list will creat awaresrs may it will as drop in a sea .(this is my one drop) let’s create sea!

  • amit asari

    truely ….. as i think
    this will not affect me & to every human but for mankind .now also i am not able to see all anim… it make me sad that that some are their whom i never see untill i want ….NEVER FOR EVER .so many animal are near to be NEVER FOR EVER

  • Liz

    This is so sad…… & most of these were killed for “fun”.

  • mike

    Humans are anyway a bugger up of evolution. We are going to wipe ourselves out, no need for plagues and all that.

  • sumi sarkar

    this iz a kind of slap in humans face… i dnt knw wot did these animals hav done 2 us…… jst 4 sake of our enjoyment we r killng them..
    shame on us….

  • nams

    its human beings ! we r the bad ones here ! u cannot blame the animals .. we r greedy and selfish ! we destroy nature and we kill r ownn kind tooo… we need to do something to save the rest of the animals or soon nothing at all incl us will be left !

  • naren

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  • Christian

    We are arrogant, change is impossible, we will destroy everything in our path from forest to Zebras, soon there will be nothing but ourselves to fight, we already proved that we kill over religion, territory, and even simple soccer games. We are soon going to hunt ourselves to live in a mode of survival of the fittest. You see stories of global catastrophes that put humans at the edge of extinction. No one sees this happening because we are arrogant.

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  • I know mankind has, sadly, had a hand in the extinction of species, however the fact remains that 99.9% of all species that have **ever** existed are now extinct. Obviously, most extinctions have had no help from humans but have been the result of natural events.

    It is incredible, and incredibly sad, that mankind has contributed to the loss of *any* species, but I believe that through education the propensity for human destruction of species can change.

  • Heythere

    Oh Gawd, reading some of you people going on like “OH NOEZ!!!! HUMINZ SHULD B NEXT WE IS SO TERIBEL” are morons. Every time I see someone post such messages, I just want to facepalm.

    Yes, it is tragic to see some species leave us, particularly by human doings, however what many of you morons are missing out on is the fact that we aren’t the only species that has contributed to other species extinction.

    I do agree that we should be more careful, but some of the people commenting fall way too easy for the hate-your-own-entire-species bs.

  • Stella

    Instead of everyone feeling “sad” boohooo… Why don’t you go donate 10 or more dollars to an organizations that protect animals agains poachers, and other greedy bastards. Google “saving elephants” and such. To those that are not willing to spare a buck, just shows your true greedy nature.

  • Stella

    Instead of everyone feeling “sad” boohoo…why don’t you go and donate 10 or more dollars, to an organization agains poachers, and other gritty bastards. Google “saving elephans” and such. If you are not willing to lift a finger or spare a buck…just shows your true greedy and ignorant nature. I’m poor but I managed to donate $100 over the year.

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    us humans have no reasone to kill any of these animal and i cant belive i am related to any of these NASTY human beings that have no reason to kill animal that lives on these earth.

  • Roxy

    One of my faveret animals is a dolphin and us people are so crule

  • chris

    id doesn’t matter if they die later in history we have to start saving them other wize there might as wel be no animals at all how would u feel about that

  • IncognitoFootprint

    You do all realize that calling each other dumbasses doesn’t really do that much? Yes, we’re to blame for this. No, we couldn’t have prevented it %100 percent. Yes, an animal species does become extinct every 10 seconds.

    No, there is no frigging reason to go suicidal on the human race.

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  • Judy

    To clone an animal ( or anything) is ridiculous.It may or may not have the same characteristics of the animal its Dna was used from. And why bring something back just cause you can? To watch it die all over again? Seems cruel to me. Either way, it won’t be the animal that died and/or died out.The ‘original’ is gone for good. But ,Yea! Glad you can make copies of anything.Wouldn’t it have been prudent to protect the species to begin with? Then ‘copies’ would not be needed. Besides, mankind has yet to learn that life is important to every little thing only this planet.And in the end we will destoy ourselves for our own greed. So what animals are left will rule the world.Everything gets its chance to survive. Humans are unfortunately the most agressive species on the planet that does not care about life. Just look at the news. Its a pity that humans killed animal species to the point of extinction. but then ….we are constantly aiming for our own extinction as well.

  • mehmood yaqoob

    oh no we must stop people from doing such things n save endangered and others as well

  • TT

    RANGO TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carly

    stupid hunters i wanna kill them see how they feel

  • kashifhaider


  • cody

    its sad to know that we will never see these animals again…. People need to go some balls and not let this shit happen to these wonderful creatures that were here before us!

  • McKenna Daly

    This… Is really depressing. The pigeon is extinct?! America, I think it’s time for a change. We’ve needed one for a long time.

    • segues

      The pigeon is extinct?!

      The Passenger Pigeon is extinct, not the Rock Pigeon (also called Rock Dove). The Rock Pigeon is the bird commonly referred to as “the pigeon”…you know, those birds all over the cities, dropping their calling cards on public statues, bus benches, automobiles, and etc. Look out your window, you’ll see them.

  • Opal

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  • Tehniat

    As you see that many animals have been extinct and some will be its mean human will also extinct soon.

  • JJ


  • JJ

    By the way for every animal extinct I want to KILL EVERY HUMAN ON EARTH EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hp

    “Mankind has the honor of quite possibly being the most destructive force to ever hit mother nature” What about the extinction the dinosaurs…

  • hp

    “Mankind has the honor of quite possibly being the most destructive force to ever hit mother nature” What about the extinction of the dinosaurs, we certainly didn’t cause that…

  • christopher torres

    like i care for these silly creatures

    • p.R


  • hessakh

    According to IUCN’s red list the Baiji River Dolphin is not yet extinct, but it is critically endangered. There’s still hope for this species to survive.

  • tito hamasakanuta


  • byhisstripes

    We’re idiots. We deserve punishment and we expect exemption because..? We’re murderers! Thieves! We’ll pollute the world, destroy it’s inhabitants, and abuse our own! Things like this put into perspective that forgiveness is a luxury hard earned by another and freely given, why?, for loves sake. We don’t deserve a nanogram of the grace given us, yet we’re told to enjoy it. It’s amazing how good we have it, and yet how bad at the same time. What to make of that… i don’t know.

  • Jennifer

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    everything is made of nature so be conserved them

  • chicalooba

    poooor animals!
    i feel bad for them!
    we are baaaaad and evil humans!

  • maria

    It is so unfair that humans kill other animals like that

  • Filipino ako.

    This is so sad :(
    “They would have died anyways”
    “Worry about Iraq and save our ass.”
    ^ Wow! A typical selfish idiot would say these.

    They would have died anyways? Dude they breed, they have sex like humans. It’s not like *POOF* all of them are extinct. It takes a reason for that to happen, and to be honest, we are a big part of it. So face it, don’t be a wuss and say those crap.

    Save our own ass? Why? What are you gonna do about the war in Iraq? Are you gonna go there and kill all of them so you can save your ass? Take of your shell and live for real. Don’t put yourself in to shame and say these kind of stuff, I’m 15 years old and I can say this infront of your face, you are a very selfish crap head. Think about what you’re saying and be sure you can stand up for it fool.

    Many of us think that these animals are pests, they don’t even realize how helpful they can be, EVEN MAGGOTS helps us. Stop acting like the lowest kind of form and start facing the truth.

  • Mani Yadav

    really dreadfulll

  • hussein

    i felt sorry for the passenger pigeon

  • Future Human

    I think it’s about time we as a species evolve. The planet needs to rid itself of a couple billion humans, starting with people who are unable to differentiate between the correct use of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. We need to trim the fat, people. I can’t stand it anymore.

  • beck

    stop huntinng now its bad hahaha lol

  • Torin

    Mark Twain: “Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.”

    • As many commenters have already pointed out, that is simply not true. I’d post a list of animals who are mercilessly, and unnecessarily, cruel to their victims before killing and (sometimes) consuming them but, again, many previous commenters have already done so.

  • nishi


  • riya

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  • nikhil

    In other age when we were cave men we would just kill for survive
    now we kill for fun

  • Sanjana

    guYzz AnimalS are An imPortAnt paRt of ForeSt and OuR EnviroNmeNt…..So SavE TheM…!!

  • Lizzy P.

    Humans need to stop getting rid of all the animals and start saving them! I’m sick of hearing about so many species going extinct because humans find them a pest. SAVE THE ANIMALS!!!!

  • Duncan MacKenzie

    I read a lot of what people have said. This is one of those ethical kind of things. What is right? Save our selves… Or save them. In the natural world, natural selection separates the weak from the strong. Now as humans, we too are a part of this natural selection. What we are doing is what so many things have done before. We are too successful at living. So we will use everything up, and then die out for the next generation of life to proceed.

    Then there is my opinion. I think that although we are just another creation of the natural world, the thing that separates us from all of these animals is that we no longer have natural selection. When someone gets sick, we fix them. We have all these laws preventing murder and many things you see in the natural world. Now I’m not saying I agree with murder at all, but it is what happens in the wild. We prevent natural selection, only weakening our species effectively, and allowing people with the greediness and power seeking to live. I think that we have taken too many steps away from what is natural, and now this is no longer nature driving us to be great, but rather ourselves striving to destroy.

    Tell me. How many of you have a cell phone or an I-pod. Now tell me if those tigers had one. Now tell me what resources were used to make that contraption you so desperately need. What habitats declined? What species took the blow?

    I may be just another 18year hypocrite as I myself have a cell phone. Why? Because as sad as it is, all of you, all of the world is too far into wanting to improve their country and protect themselves from one another that I would just be throwing myself at a concrete wall. I can’t make a difference on my own people. You can’t. This can’t. We need to stop countries. Ownership of land. Everything and anything that we waste this ‘money’ on.

    Humanity is only what we make it. And I will make mine not like there’s.

  • Hoodlum

    “Mankind has the honor of quite possibly being the most destructive force to ever hit mother natur”

    Lol. Animals and species been dying long before mankind existed and will die long after mankind extinct. In fact, people don’t have much to do with it at all. Well … George Carlin explained it right – check out his “The planet is fine” speech.

    • Hoodlum

      One more thing. If there’s a specie that die in our time – means that it just ain’t build for our time and it can’t adapt. So it should die.

      And saving species is just another selfish try to interrupt the nature. You want save some species so YOU can feel good in our cute lil world. Smh.

  • Je Reymart

    Those animals above are not totally gone. Some of the people saw them, but no one can confirm. In other term, they are hiding from humans to protect themselves. Who knows that the time would come, they will show themselves again after the human extinction. As we all know that we suffer any calamities which wiped out some people lives and properties. And some of the countries are having conflict, and are provoking. which may lead to war.

  • ivan

    Yeah! I agree with you. However, there are extinct animals before that are now confirmed as still existing. Some people say that those extinct animals are now rediscovered animals. Please see this blog and you will see some extinct animals before that are now confirmed to be existing.

  • beth

    some people really need to read up before commenting. Poaching, Hunting, destroying habitat are all causes for animal extinction- caused by humans.
    yes, natural selection does kill off specific animals, but humans give natural selection a big push. some of these animals could still be alive today, if humans did not exploit them like we have. If you read up properly on any of these extinct/critically endangered animals, most of them are on these lists because of humans. evolution and natural selection occurs over periods of time, and only occur if the animal seriously can’t inhabit the world with cause. these animals were made extinct in a few decades if not less. how can you call hunting for food, fur, pleasure ect natural selection?
    some idiotic uneducated posts on here.
    some animals fail to breed because they are constantly in the view of humans, some animals like the panda for instance do not belong in zoo’s or parks where humans are prodding and poking for success. Animals survive in their natural habitat, if natural selection takes them out, then fair enough. however we destroy habitat and force animals to live in cramped forests where food and territory is competitive. humans are the main cause of extinction, and the proof is a massive paper trail that is very accessible…so go read.



  • Olivia

    Fact: 150 to 20o species go extinct each day.

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    very informative and interesting.

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