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Top 12 Most Controversial Games

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We’re all familiar with controversy over movies, television and books, but interactive media can have a similarly profound effect on people. Games have always been influential, and the darker side of the spectrum is something I’ve tried to explore in creating this list. In part, this list counts down from the controversial, yet popular, to the controversial and extremely unpopular. I have left out traditionally controversial games (with the acceptance of number 12) such a Grand Theft Auto, because these are simply widely regarded as some of the best games ever made, and only controversial because of their use of violence, sex and occasionally racism. There are plenty of games out there that have been made with a sole purpose of inciting racism, or exploiting crimes and sexism, murder, and rape. Note: This list contains content that may be disturbing.



Manhunt3 Wideweb  470X364,0

Manhunt is a third-person stealth horror game, released in 2003. A sequel, Manhunt 2, was released four years later. Since 2003, the games have stirred incredible amounts of controversy, as well as gaining large success for the creators, Rockstar. The games center around your character being forced to kill numerous different people (called “hunters”), over several different levels (or “scenes”); with the gruesomeness of your kills affecting your ‘rating’ at the end of the scene. Each kill is shown during a short cut scene, in which your character murders the victim with the weapon selected. These weapons include hammers, knives, carrier bags, crow bars, chainsaws, guns, cheese wire and others. The kills can vary in their grittiness, which is down to player to choose as he approaches the victim.

The game’s apparent glamorization of violence gives it the feel of a snuff film, with the glorification of vigilantism and voyeurism. The game was linked to the 2004 murder, in Britain, of Stefan Pakeerah, who was killed by his best friend in a method similar to those in the game (with a claw hammer). The killer, Warren LeBlanc, had been found to be an obsessive player of the game, which his mother admitted in court after he had pleaded guilty. After this case, it was taken off the shelves in UK stores such as GAME and Dixons, as well as being banned in several countries. Despite its controversies, it is still a successful franchise.


Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Left Behind Osu

Left Behind: Eternal Forces is a real-time strategy game, released in 2006 for Windows. It is based on the ‘Left Behind’ series of Christian novels and features the ‘Tribulation Force’ – a Christian group whom the player fights for in New York, as they combat Global Warming and a world government run by an Anti Christ. The game can be likened to other strategy games such as Age of Empires, or Command and Conquer. However, in Left Behind, the Christian mass fight various enemies using their faith as you try to convert everyone in order to be saved. Conversion is encouraged first; however lethal force is authorized when necessary. This provided the basis for the negative reception the game got, with it being accused of inciting a “convert or kill” message. It was branded as a “violent Christian video game” that promoted “Religious bigotry, intolerance and warfare”. The Anti Defamation League – a Jewish organization defended the makers of the game by stating “Conversion to Christianity in the game is not depicted as forcible in nature, and violence is not rewarded.”


Beat ‘em and Eat ‘em

268360953 4355952Da8

This game was released in 1982 on the Atari 2600 by a company called Mystique; the same company who also released number 9 on this list in the same year. The company later went out of business during the video game crash of 1983. The idea of the game is to control 2 nude women, who move back and forth across the bottom of a building, catching semen from a man on top of the building constantly masturbating. Catching semen gives you points and you gain an extra life for every 69 points you get. Another, gender-reversed version of the game was released later, called “Philly Flasher”. In this game, you play 2 nude men who move across a building catching breast milk from a witch (you read that right). Upon catching all the milk, the men masturbate and ejaculate. Although it was unbelievably risqué as well as becoming rated as one of the worst games of all time, it became infamous.


Custer’s Revenge


Among the three sex games that were released by Mystique on the Atari 2600, Custer’s Revenge is perhaps the most notorious. It was the center of an $11 million dollar lawsuit, as well as numerous protests from Native American groups, woman’s rights activists, and critics of the video game industry in general. It is widely regarded as one of the worst games of all time, in both appearance (with the characters looking like Lego blocks), and gameplay. The idea of the game is control General Custer as he moves across the screen bearing a large erection, avoiding arrows, in order to make it to a nude Native American woman tied to a post, and then rape her.


Battle Raper

Battle Raper 02

The game Battle Raper, (as well as number 6 on this list), were made by a Japanese games company called ‘Illusion’. Illusion are famous for developing 3D ‘eroge’ games; a game genre and portmanteau of Erotic Game, (erochikku g?mu). Games in this genre feature anime-style eroticism and are usually either visual novels or romance simulators. There are numerous games released under this pretense, some are harmless such as girlfriend simulators, whilst others include voyeurism, rape and molestation. Battle Raper is, as the name suggests, a fight game (which has been likened to Tekken 2), with moves involving molestation and humiliation, as well as taking off your opponent’s health, along with the usual punches and kicks. The winner of a match can then rape the loser how he/she wants, with rape cut scenes being unlocked at the end of the game.


JKF Reloaded

Screen Shot 2010-06-10 At 2.30.46 Pm

This game was released for download in 2004 by Scottish company ‘Traffic Games’, the release date coinciding with the 41st anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, in 1963. The game puts you in the position of Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, as he attempts to assassinate Kennedy. The playability of the game comes from a points system, where you must try and accurately recreate the actual bullet path of the assassination, and the events described in the Warren Commission report. It has been argued that JFK Reloaded isn’t so much a game, as a historical simulation. Either way, the company ran a competition in 2005 to see who could get the highest score and get closest to a 100% accurate simulation of JFK’s death. A man from France won $10,000 with a score of 782 out of 1000. A spokesman for Edward Kennedy, John Kennedy’s brother, has been quoted as calling the game, “…despicable. Why would someone make this game? This should have never been allowed on the market.”




RapeLay is another Japanese 3D ‘Eroge’ video game, released for PC in 2006. It follows the story of a man who stalks and rapes a mother and two daughters, with the player, of course, helping him do this. The game is a sexual simulator with mouse clicks and scrolls allowing clothing to be removed and molestation to occur. Many different game modes are available, ranging from stalking the girls and watching wind blow up their skirts, to having full sexual intercourse with all three females at once. The game even features an “internal ejaculation” counter which can result in pregnancy, or ‘game over’. Obviously the game received a negative reaction from every critic that reviewed it with some even claiming to be “horrified” at the game content, and saying that games like RapeLay are the reason tighter laws must be applied to control game content. On the other hand, some people defending the game have argued that rape is considered a less-serious crime than murder, and that the majority of games out now feature the murder of numerous people in order to finish the game.


Super Columbine Massacre RPG!


The idea behind ‘SCMRPG!’ was to, in part, parody video games and their supposed role in the 1999 Columbine shootings, as well as represent a critique on how media sensationalized the shootings. The opinions of this game differ greatly. Some believe it to be a sordid trivialization of an unjust crime and the impact it had on numerous victims. Others find the game’s cartoon graphics and side plot into the shooter’s perdition in hell, original and worthy of praise. Either way, the game puts the player in control of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in a 16-bit recreated high school. The majority of the game is carried out with an overhead view of your character as you move around, collecting weapons and experiencing flashbacks of the shooter’s lives including things that may have inspired them to carry out the shooting. “Battles” are fought with various people around the school, in a way similar to early Pokemon battles on the Game Boy games, with digital photos of the actual high school and sound clips in the background. In these battles, weapons can be chosen and used to take the “enemies” health.

It was created by Danny Ledonne in 2005, during which 10,000 downloads were made (in the first year). The game didn’t gain much media attention until 2006, after which downloads increased dramatically with 30,000 in the first half of May, 2006. By March, 2007, the game had been downloaded over 400,000 times. Most of the media coverage, as expected, was negative and was seen as a game that ‘glamorized murder’ and was an ‘example of a game that worships terrorism’. The small amount of positive feedback that the game got was due to the acceptance of Ledonne’s message. A survivor of the shootings even said, “It probably sounds a bit odd for someone like me to say, but I appreciate the fact at least to some degree that something like this was made”.


Baby Shaker

Screen Shot 2010-06-10 At 2.32.55 Pm

‘Baby Shaker’ was an iPhone application that had to be seen to be believed. As with most iPhone apps, the phone can be shaken and moved to control the action on screen. In this primitive “game” however, you were presented with a cartoon picture of a baby and had to shake the iPhone to stop them crying. When you had shaken them enough, red crosses appeared over their eyes, signifying the fact they had died. The game caused huge upset with the public and two parents, whose babies were victims of being shaken, protested outside an Apple store and subsequently, the application has been taken off the iPhone store as of 2009.


Muslim Massacre

Muslim Massacre

Full title: Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide. This game was made by a forum member under the name of “Sigvatr” in 2008. It is a top-down shoot ‘em up video game with the protagonist being an American hero parachuted into the Middle East with the aim of killing as many Muslims as possible. There are numerous weapons including pistols, a shotgun, a machine gun, grenades and rocket launchers, with some enemies being civilians (which you must also kill) and some being suicide bombers than can do damage to you. Each stage lasts around a minute with bosses being Osama Bin Laden, Mohammed and Allah. Game companies tried to ignore the controversial nature and branded it “boring and tedious”, while many Muslim groups branded it “unacceptable, tasteless, and deeply offensive” claiming it encourages young people to kill Muslims. Two days after a September 11th anniversary, the game was taken down and an apology issued, due to large amounts of negative comments. However, the apology was found to be fake and the game is still in circulation. An article in the LA times printed a comment by ‘anon’ stating, “If it were a game showing Muslims killing Israelis, the whole world would have sought revenge”.


Ethnic Cleansing

Screen Shot 2010-06-10 At 2.34.00 Pm

The premise of this game is to control either a skin-headed white supremacist or a member of the KKK, moving through the ghetto, shooting and killing any black and Latino people you find. You then descend into the subway and kill Jewish people, before finding a Jewish Control Center, and killing the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon. I found out about this game by watching a Louis Theroux documentary on white supremacists, and being shocked by this game being the only game a mother allowed her two young daughters to play and them both claiming to enjoy it. The game was released in 2002 by an underground record label specializing in Neo-Nazi and white supremacist music, called Resistance Records. The game has been protested over, and the game engine that was used to create it, Genesis3D, has even been encouraged to change their licensing to prohibit the creation of racist games. The game’s description is as follows: “The Race War has begun. Your skin is your uniform in this battle for the survival of your kind. The White Race depends on you to secure its existence. Your peoples enemies surround you in a sea of decay and filth that they have brought to your once clean and White nation. Not one of their numbers shall be spared….”


KZ Manager


Numerous versions of KZ manager have been made since 1990 on the Commodore 64, Amiga, MS DOS and on Windows. The game is a text-based, resource management game which simulates the construction and running of a Nazi Concentration Camp. Many other management sims are hugely successful, such as the Sim City series, but instead of resources like water, electricity and food to manage, KZ Manager has the player manage the prisoners (Jews, Gypsies or Turks – your choice), poison gas and money, as well as monitoring public opinion and the camp productivity. Money can be made by forcing the prisoners to work, with public opinion being raised with regular killing of these prisoners. More prisoners can be bought, with the corpses of those you have killed being put on a garbage pile. Most versions of KZ Manager are in German, which is strange considering the modern day German regulations against the uses of Nazi symbols and practices. KZ Manager is freeware, and the latest Windows version, called “KZ Manager Millennium” is available through the internet.

  • 10 – disgusting. Who thought that up?

    • Someone with a little too much time.

    • Anon

      Really? THAT's the one that disgusts you?

    • …manhunt is the one that disgusts you? honestly, a video game is a video game. It goes to an extent of course. The muslim game and the holocaust one is a bit too much, but I don't see anything wrong with manhunt. What game doesn't show killing in it? They took a step farther, so what? I was OBSESSED with this game. Probably more than the dumb ass who killed his best friend…. yet my best friend is healthy as a horse right now, unharmed by me. Blame it on the parents man, seriously. I've been playing violent video games all my life and I know the difference between fake and real.

      • Samara

        #10 isn’t manhunt, guy, it’s the spunk swollowing one.

  • Maria

    What’s with all the discriminating games?? “Ethnic Clensing”? What is that, the Holocaust?? I can see why they’re all controversial. Besides that, nice list.

  • crazedfishuk

    Postal too-that's pretty outrageous! Otherwise, yeah, agree with all of them. ET as well but that's only because it was so bad it made my brain bleed.

  • Noicky

    "some people defending the game have argued that rape is considered a less-serious crime than murder, and that the majority of games out now feature the murder of numerous people in order to finish the game."

    Come to think of it, this has a point.

    • Does that make it ok? While it is generally accepted by many that killing someone is wrong, victims of rape are still affected by stigma, with opinion still divided as to whether a woman can "invite" rape, and convictions are still very low, with many cases not being reported. Most women still want anonymity when in court due to the stigma which surrounds a rape victim. It could be argued that games which make you the rapist can have the same kind of detrimental affect as those which make you the murderer (take the British "Manhunt" murder) – the only real difference is that blame is rarely placed on a corpse, whereas the rape victim will be similarly judged as to how drunk she was, or how provocatively she was dressed. Why would anyone want to play someone stalking and raping women? While many games involving murder attempt to have a plot which goes some way to explaining it (i.e. revenge on the bad guy who murdered the protagonists' family – not acceptable, but an explanation nonetheless) – what can ever be the justification for rape?

      • Sluiq

        This will obviously be down voted because of the stance of this post, but yes, actually.

        It does make it ok.

        Not because a pro-rape gaming society should be supported but because of the annecdotal effects of rape games compared to murder games judging by primarily Japan.

        See such links for example:

        "In sum, the concern that countries allowing pornography would show increased sex crime rates due to modeling or that adolescents in particular would be negatively vulnerable to and receptive to such models or the society would be otherwise adversely effected has not been vindicated. It is certainly clear from our data and analysis that a massive increase in available pornography in Japan has been correlated with a dramatic decrease in sexual crimes and most so among youngsters as perpetrators or victims. We have mentioned some possible influential factors."

        • Sluiq

          As a non-expert, I can't obviously provide any compelling evidence for this and even an expert would not be respected because of the nature of this… "controversy". However it still needs to be stated regardless.

          In can be said that the higher quality rape games is able to encapsulate and fix the stigma of rape victims while the violent games, by virtue of what "violence" and "murder" entails as they become more entertaining "can't"

          it is easiest to understand this from the perspective of a simulation.

          A rape simulation game "is" entertaining the more developed a victim is because it increases the…tsk…interactivity… of the process.

          This serves two important necessities. For the person who is fulfilling his sexual needs, it serves as a release. For a person who is "curious" it serves as a philosophical challenge. Obviously the above 2 games are poor barometer of this phenomenon because even in the otaku scene, the mentioned games are viewed as low quality high graphics popcorn entertainment games. The type you would equate with free sexual porn where the "gamers" of such games don't play it because it's rape as much as it's quick porn entertainment.

          • Sluiq

            However for the more character developped higher quality visual novels, it's much easier to see why this would have a different effect on humanity.

            Contrast this with the higher quality murder games where the aim for fantasy and reality is still… death. Is still the desensitization of a gun being easier and worse, more "necessary in a gameplay sense" to trigger.

            I just want to clarify that I'm not saying FPS games have a worse effect on humanity than rape games. It's not about promoting one or the other.

            It's about it's effects on those who might be affected and morphed extremely by such games. The oftne dubbed "insane" people and thus FPS gamers hopefully should not mis-interpret this as an attack on their favored genre of games.

            Violence games IF it affects a murderer, desensitizes him from "murder". If it's a realistic simulation, murder games value realistic damage over realistic consequences and even if there's a realistic consequences, it's molded in the…"quality"…of an rpg or open world sandbox where… you (the player) still know killing is necessary if not rewarding.

          • Sluiq

            In it's fantastic form, it's even worse. It rewards the trigger happy.

            In rape games, omitting low quality or high graphics whoring games like the above, it's more of an "artistic" challenge.

            Even the above games are artistic challenges. Battle raper shows a possible consequence of all those pretty fighting game girls that look like porn stars losing a match to someone in an open cruel environment.

            RapeLay challenges the concept of how far a man would go out to get revenge even if he's in the wrong. It challenges the philosophical mindset of…what if your revenge still makes you evil or a jerk?

            Contrast this with murder games which shows the revenge protagonist as still being "justified".

            That's where rape games and in fact, not necessarily rape games but sex games or games that push the boundary of cause and effect, justify it's more "repress releasing" effect on a person compared to a violent game.

          • Sluiq

            That said, don't get me wrong. Those above games are still low quality done for commodity and a desensitized audience looking to be shocked by an interactive form of tittilation.

            They may ask the philosophical question by virtue of their "concept" but they don't scratch it.

            However, the concept at least assumes it over that of more developed FPS games or other "need to kill" games and that's why like it or not, the probable effects of rape games…trumps murder games. it's just that the concept of sex especially controversial sex is much more…evil…to "game"-rize than murder games. Not to mention murder games are much easier to program for and stimulate without character development and still be viewed as high quality or at least "best seller" quality.

          • Sluiq

            Then there's the issue of fantasy. See, games often tow the line between fantasy and reality. Even realistic games are fantastic in order to be "fun" or "balanced".

            In the realm of rape games, rape…isn't rape. Rape begins as non-consent. Non-consent gets stretched into slavery…involuntary BDSM…virtual pet interaction… all that before it settles into…rape and even there, in order to settle into rape, it has to improve not the mechanism primarily but the "pain" of the victim.

            A simple contrast for this is that in order for RapeLay to be a better raping simulation, it adds tears to what is basically a copy paste 3d act of consentual sex with rape foreplay.

            Tears mentally speaking sends a different message from… how bullets realistically affect that person you just shot.

          • Sluiq

            It's not really that huge of a mind influencer but I'm merely pointing out these "small" concrete details so that hopefully it's much easier to judge murder games and rape games equally. Because let's face it, if you basically replaced your entire post against muder, the same question still pops out.

            Why would anyone enjoy killing?

            Only it's much easier to push aside because of media and hero justification as portrayed not only by media but by our heroic mythologies.

            However those same heroic romantic mythologies of someone killing to save many others is by that same token what makes violence desensitizing: Even if it asks the violence maker whether what they're doing was right or wrong, bottomline is it's sending the message that the gun or sword or explosives "needs" to be thrown. Albeit it's the same outcome in rape games but because rape games ask you first to buy into the perspective of both the victim and the rapist, it destroys the concept of needs but rather asks the concept of "want"

          • Sluiq

            What I mean by this is that, sure you're still going to rape a person (although many higher quality games try to give a player an opt out and even rewards not raping a girl in order to end up with them) but then it begs the question "why are you playing this" and as the events unfold, it breaks through your morality by asking, if you didn't want a rape game, why are you playing one?

            A murder game doesn't ask that and even if the higher quality ones do, they don't demand that. They don't insist "don't play this game if you don't want this outcome". Instead they demand "that you play this game and if you want to get rewarded or go further or have fun, kill. Then we'll add some consequences for your character or some justification but still…kill equals some reward!"

          • Sluiq

            That said, in my opinion, it's not that rape games are all perfect. From a social influencing factor, rape games probably increases minor sex crimes like the interest in sharking. It just reduces more dreadful sex crimes like rape or rape in the context of violence rape which a fantasy game clearly shows it's much more profitable or much more rewarding to "enslave" rather than "rape then destroy".

            Meanwhile violent games simply "desensitizes" if it influences a person to do crime at all. This is made worse by the fact that often the closest thing to preventing a murder is a person's conscience but such games say, conscience smonscience. Think later, kill first. Get reward…or talk first, failed to do that, forced to kill. Don't worry, that's a failure but that's not a justification against killing so go ahead.

        • Kshitiz

          what the **** was ****?I couldn’t ********** half of it!!!

        • BodAlmighty

          Not to make light of the subject but ‘Analysis’ doesn’t need to be blanked out as it’s actually a word that dear little children can look at (As if they don’t know what ‘****graphy’ is after looking at this list…) But I’ll say ‘ANAL’ anyhow because rape and racism and religious bigotry have already been taken…

          • BodAlmighty

            And by ‘ANAL’ do we mean ‘Bottom Intercourse ysis’…, which goes to my point of censorship that you can have a list full of depravitous subject matter but not say ‘analysis’?! Come on!

    • Ricky

      I still think it's deplorable that society has yet to take rape as seriously as murder. From my point of view, in our modern world rape is far more serious and has much more lasting consequences than murder.
      I could see justification in a person's motivation to murder someone else.
      I will never see the justification behind a rape.

      • Liz

        So you would rather your wife or daughter be murdered than raped?

        Both are obviously horrendous, but I know many people who have survived rape and have turned out to be semi normal individuals. Murder….. that's just the worst thing that could ever happen to someone I loved.

        • Stuart

          Semi-normal? Wtf? You’ve destroyed your argument right there.

      • Murder is forever…

        • Anon


      • Drugs

        Well..rape is usually for sexual stimulation and gratification as said by the couple known serial killers who raped their victims. Sex is so powerful it can actually take over your mind and you don’t think how it affects the other person you rape. Still, there are the few that rape people to hurt them the same way that they would kill someone and torture them. Murder is of course the worst thing anyone could do. Yes, rape is a problem as you will have to live forever remembering it so it does have a lasting psychological effect but nothing can be worse than murder.

    • If you murder someone you may make their afterlife a tortured hell, if you rape someone you may make their current life a living hell. Therefore, to me, they are both as bad.

    • _-DAN-_

      Yes but, you are more likely to commit rape in real life than murder. I'm not saying the game will make you but, it could have a small influence.

    • leithold

      say that again when one of your family members get raped

    • the mick

      no worries, Noicky… let me know how you would feel if your mother/sister/daughter got raped…

    • hippohippo

      Ask someone who has been raped what they were thinking when it happened. The answer is that they were wishing they would just die.

      • Zooey

        Hippohippo, While getting raped certainly isn’t a fun thing (Victim here, so don’t rant please) I honestly was not wishing to die. I knew that shit happens, and after a bat to the head and life in jail for the guy (Who lived close. Not the brightest idea when his voice is recognizable) I was pretty fine. I guess I’m just not as affected, I’m pretty sure there are others who are quite fine.

    • um1928

      Talking about rape, there is also one online flash game where YOU have to defend yourself to save your @ss from rape. It’s called “Fesses Chasseur” (F*ggots hunter, from french).,Fesses+Chasseurs.htm

      Otherwise, I played no game from the list. It does not sound very controversial from the descriptions, and anyway, controversial videogames sounds like a contradiction to itself.

  • As stupid as some games are, frankly it pisses me off that they get attacked when books and movies aren't barely at all.

    The Controversy around Mass Effect is the prime example of this. There was a lot of offended people running their mouths because it had a potential pseudo-lesbian scene in it (potential because you'd only see it under specific circumstances). People immediately forgot that games have rating and presumed kids would get their hands on the game and that it would be somehow worse that the shit they already see on tv. I saw the scene, you barely saw skin let alone sex, FFS.

    Why is it the game creators' fault that parents can't parent and read the ratings?

    I don't get why these games get controversy, they're just stupid more than anything. So, I don't know. Is there a real reason that people shouldn't make their insensitive, racist, sexist, violent games? Isn't it a form of expression people have a right to? (Remembering that people have a right to be stupid too).

    • crazedfishuk

      Well, I can understand your point about ME but in the case of this list you have to admit these games are kinda designed to court controversy. These aren't big budget games designed for the hardcore player (not counting Manhunt but, luckily I finished Manhunt and haven't killed anyone with a chainsaw. Yet) so their goal seems to be to make money off controversy and this way they fit nicely into the list. The author isn't saying 'Ban them!' just pointed out the fact that they are controversial.

      • Mike K.

        No I know that the author isn't saying ban them, but the nature of the controversies are that these games even exist, which is where my point comes in. It just angers me that people get outraged that there is a lot of violence or sex in games – forgetting in a swift sweep that there is a rating system for games and games aren't for children, some are obviously but as a whole they aren't. These controversies should really exist.

    • Anna

      Just because they have the right to create it ( and I fully agree they should have this right) does not negate the fact that on some level it is morally repugnant. And on the opposite side the opposition has the right to speak openly about their distaste. If one has the freedom to make the other should equally have the freedom to b—— about it.

      • Mike K.

        No I see your point. Games designed to bask in the horror of torture or rape is some pretty fucked up stuff and we all can pretty much agree that it's not worth approaching to play… but. This particular matter is like the "bedroom" one in which we say as a social rule "consenting adults can do in the privacy of their bedrooms with one another what ever they like."

        I would discourage people from getting rapelay but it's their living room and they can play it if they like. And they do have a right to play it. I don't think it's fair that we would take away peoples option to play the game because we like to think "it's morally repugnant." That just ain't just.

    • Regarding your first point about books and movies- the difference is that the games are purely there for fun, some books and movies (admittedly not all of them) at least attempt to have so educational/polictical/social point to make. Also a lot of movies and books (again not all of them) show some justice or punishment for the crimes.

      Movies are generally also stricter when it comes to age ratings I think a lot of shops don't care about the age of people buying them but when it comes to films they are a bit stricter.

      Books are often thought to be controversial when they are given to young people to read. There is often uproar regarding books that are deemed inappropriate when placed on school reading lists and the like.

      • This is true. When there's controversy around books and movies, people put a lot more thought into their criticisms. The railing arguments that come against gaming are inane at the best of times.

        • Guacamole

          "I don't think it's fair that we would take away peoples option to play the game because we like to think "it's morally repugnant." That just ain't just. "

          But you have to draw the line at some point. Surely you don't think it should be allowed for people to play a 'rape a baby' game. There are just some things that shouldn't be made available.

          • Unfortunately I do have to think it should be allowed – fortunately no retailer would dear approach such a title as would instantly mean the death of that particular retailer. I haven't spent a great deal of time hunting down obscene games but I just know that something worse has been made available on the internet for sickos to play. But if we say no to that then it becomes a slippery slope of bannings that threaten the whole darker side of the industry.

          • David

            Yes exactly! Let them play it if they want since it doesn’t really harm anyone (i believe) and then let them take the personal consequences if their friends ever see it! But the moment you start banning things, you immediately run into the big clumsy blunt instrument that is legality, which certainly cant legislate on the matter of taste (though rather ludicrously it keeps trying to). You might then end up with a situation where 'serious art' (games or otherwise) is unable to tackle dark or unpleasant issues because of stupid restrictions. And better a few things exist that make your gorge rise (YOU dont have to look at them) than any kind of restriction on art discussing certain subjects. Graphic novels have already suffered damage due to that syndrome . . .

      • David

        You know, i'm not sure that i believe your first point. After all, how exactly do you define 'just for fun' and 'not just for fun'? Games are a very different art form but i see no reason why they should inherently be considered as something less significant than other art forms. A lot of it is just entertainment at its simplest of course but the potential is there for much more. It is the same with 'comics' – for years considered an inferior and childish art form, now it is very apparent what amazing and powerful visions can be created – things every bit as powerful and complex as a novel. Animation likewise. So why not games?

    • Zezia Zarack

      I would agree but it is the fact that you control things in the game and that it s by your will hat you do these things. but yeah I don't really believe in censorship at all.

  • bluesman87

    Im pretty liberal but any game that shows sexual vioence towards women should not be allowed . Seriously those game developers should be punished . Jesus what kindve sick fuck would actually enjoy playing that . Its just a game but cmon rape ?Violence makes games cool – but rape is just going waaaaaaay too far….

    • In Japan there is very easy access for anyone to get pornographic material of that kind and many people do get pleasure from it so it may seem counter-intuitive to see that Japan has very low rates of sex crime comparatively. That's not a coincidence.

      • bluesman87

        my country has the highest rate of rape i the world – with 25% of males admitting to rape – if easy acces was made to this shit it would be worse . you dont know what u talking about..,..

        • And yet rules and regulations around pornographic material in Japan a absurdly lax to the point of almost being non-existent ALL THE WHILE crime of sexual nature being very proportionately low for a developed country. The correlation isn't my opinion, it's the main theory behind why the Japanese have so little sex crime.

          "But what do the data say? Over the years, many scientists have investigated the link between pornography (considered legal under the First Amendment in the United States unless judged “obscene”) and sex crimes and attitudes towards women. And in every region investigated, researchers have found that as pornography has increased in availability, sex crimes have either decreased or not increased."

          Perhaps your country needs more porn, dude.

        • Mike K.

          Also from that article:

          "Despite the widespread and increasing availability of sexually explicit materials, according to national FBI Department of Justice statistics, the incidence of rape declined markedly from 1975 to 1995. This was particularly seen in the age categories 20–24 and 25–34, the people most likely to use the Internet."

          • nothing to do with porn – jeez i cant beleive your argument ( we have the internet like everyone else). it about nforcement of the law . If slimebags who play rape games could get away with actual rape what would happen then ? ?

            You are defending rape video games . I dont really need to make an argument especially because i like good old fashion violent games they're cool . But rape isnt . Come up with all the justifications you like -if you seek these games out and play them you are scum in my arrogant and close minded opinion……

          • Mike K.

            You're missing the point and I'm not defending rape games – I find them vehemently detestable. But it's not my privilege to say they shouldn't exist. AND regardless of my opinion on games about sex crime, the data shows that pornographic material has no negative affect on the rates of sex crime.

          • its not my privilage to ban them either , but it is my opnion . Regardless of whether statistically they dont increase actual rape . It desensitizes people to rape . Violent games can do the same but so can the news . I think sometimes freedom of expression and speech goes too far . Instinct tells me its wrong and instinct makes me have neagtive feelings towars those who play them .Its kindve like common decency is forgotten in the name of "politically correct freedoms"

          • goodw0lf

            I would argue that it doesn't desensitise us. There are porn sites you can go to where they "act" rape. It's very popular and not surprising since we have an evolutionary drive to father multiple children to multiple women – respect of women is a relatively recent social invention. But people are well aware of the difference between fantasy and reality (unless they're psychologically/neurologically damaged) and will not want to want to rape anyone or let it happen. It's a restraint and a moral most of us have innately.

            Same thing with violence, it's really one thing to see it on tv but it's just a whole nother thing than in real life. Generally all we get desensitised to is violence ON tv, not in reality since we're almost never exposed to that.

          • Lurker

            Don't feed the trolls…

          • Samara

            Lurker brings up an excellent point — anyone who disagrees with your opinion on the internet is a troll.
            Amen, moron.

  • "The game was linked to the 2004 murder, in Britain, of Stefan Pakeerah, who was killed by his best friend in a method similar to those in the game (with a claw hammer). The killer, Warren LeBlanc, had been found to be an obsessive player of the game, which his mother admitted in court after he had pleaded guilty."

    This is exactly what fucks me off. A person who would kill anyone let alone their friend is not someone who should be exposed to violent materials. It's not the makers' fault that crazy people for whom the line between fantasy and reality is blurred was influenced by the game. Where's the responsibility here?!

    • the last people they try to blame are the parents, the dumb asses who let their kids play video games too long and don't monitor them. I'm surprised they're shocked when they do stuff like this, cause they should've saw it coming

  • Momotsuki

    Gonna go download me some battle raper now ;D

    • thats cool karma can fuck you for your desires just as easy as it can for your actions dude………..

  • Kimani

    I think the point that murder is a more serious crime than rape is legitimate. in many games you just run around murdering people but one with rape is considered wrong.

    • The difference is that whether we like it or not, the killing of another human being is often found to be justified – the killing of a terrorist, defeating an enemy in battle, execution of criminals (in some countries). There have been many storylines where murder is seen to have become an acceptable outcome in the eyes of many – take the plot of "Gladiator" for example, or even the eventual death of Voldemort. Name one time when rape is justified. Just one.

      • Kimani

        I wasn't saying that rape can be justified, i was pointing out an anomaly in logic. lets not forget that we are talking about simulations here, not real life.

        • There is no anomaly in logic, the only anomaly is think that rape is less bad because the victim lives. And also as nathaaan90 notes, very, very few games involve you "just run[ning] around murdering people" with no backstory which aims to elucidate on the motivation.
          As I've mentioned in another post, would this "harmless simulation" be ok in your view if the protagonist was stalking and raping children?

          • Kimani

            Rape is less bad in the eyes of the law, I'm sure it is in the country you are in.

            "As I've mentioned in another post, would this "harmless simulation" be ok in your view if the protagonist was stalking and raping children?"

            it wouldn't matter, its not real.

      • Very good point. I was mulling over this paradox for quite a while and thought about the GTA series among others. I think a game such as RapeLay where you are made to rape and molest females is terrible and thinking about it, a "murder" equivalent of this, would be a game where you have to murder innocent civilians. This is where GTA came in, although nowhere in the game are you made the murder civilians, and infact doing so, isn't good for your character, it's still possible. I don't think a game where the sole objective is no murder unarmed humans who aren't a threat has been made yet but knowing some of the sick people out there it probably has.

        • *to murder unarmed humans

        • Sluiq

          It has but see, it's not a question of sickness. It could even be a question for gameplay necessity.

          Mario stumps on walking slow molasses where he could probably do more harm to them than he to them.

          Link and other RPG heroes slices and dices beasts. Monster Hunter even allows you to carve them and Pokemon allows you to chain humanoid animals into balls.

          GTA is another example where mass murder is bad gameplay wise but a civilian who gets run over with no cops once is "excusable" because it's much looser on the gameplay.

          …and no, RapeLay is not the modern equivalent of GTA. Just clarifying that from a gameplay and plot perspective.

          That doesn't mean it's horrible but rape games are more about "unsuspecting" rather than "civilian". That's because rape games often need to be what's called "organized" crime in order to be fun.

          If you make it a disorganized one, it would be just a version of GTA where you can only have sex with prostitutes to gain health except it's innocent bystanders. In that context, it's much more like Custer's Revenge and hence a bad game that people would get easily bored over. (Although Rapelay and Battle Raper are also specifically very boring and monotonous games. It's just their a level higher)

          I'm not really saying this to defend RapeLay as much as to clarify that there's no paradox. Only a lack of information from people (who honestly are justified) to have no knowledge of these games beyond the tag where as they have additional knowledge including seeing lots and lots more violence themed entertainment media that it seems like there's a gap in logic.

          • Good points, however, you misread my comment. I never said GTA was the murder equivalent to RapeLay. I said that a murder equivalent of RapeLay would be a game in which you kill unarmed civilians, and while you CAN do this is GTA, it is never suggested or encouraged – probably a good reason the game can get away with it's content in the way that it does.

          • Sluiq

            My apologies. That is actually laziness on my part rather than misreading.

            Ironically prior to coming into this site, I felt comment systems like Intense Debate and Disqus for unanimously improving upon how we converse but for this site, I felt the old conversation system was better because of the length limit and small text box to edit ones' post.

            I actually mis-typed in the middle of my reply and found I equated the two but I was getting tired of cutting out and pasting my comments that I said, F it. I'm getting my points across.

            It also probably didn't hurt that I have a low opinion of GTA so that probably influenced the laziness. (but don't get me wrong, I have a low opinion of RapeLay either but as a game and not because of it's theme)

            I hope the distinction is still clear but here's my attempt to fix my comment:

          • Sluiq

            RapeLay is not a modern equivalent of killing innocent civilians because rape games if done as a mass rape game dies in complexity and increases in monotony.

            Games like these are already monotonous as it is but part of why it may appeal to some gamers is because the lack of characters allow for character graphics to improve and more options to "play" with the victim.

            For a non-debaucherous comparison, see dating simulations done Sims style (or even Playboy Mansion although I haven't played that game) and dating sims that doesn't involve rape or even sex (ala a Tokimeki Memorial)

            Tokimeki Memorial though is a poor comparison because of it's non-3d graphics but the idea is pretty much the same. Rape games need to isolate several victims so that the actions don't seem like Sims dating options where it's talk, then cuddle, then something else.

            Albeit 3d games like RapeLay border this, they elevate this to say… "lift up skirt" "grope" "remove clothing" etc. etc. "on" a single person rather than complicate and ruin the interactivity by say…"stalk" random girl #1 and oh wait…"grope random girl #2" but now "get back to random girl #1" and then just play like a 3d custer's revenge with poorer graphics and even poorer options that make sense from the context of "non-consent fantasy".

            It's a complicated distinction because of the difference in games (especially one rape game from another rape game) but hopefully you get the idea.

    • leithold

      everybody dies. some earlier than expected. still dying is natural. rape is something anybody shouldn't have to go through in their lifetime.

      • Finnish man

        Dying in games is never natural. Do you think that killing people is natural?

        And also: You can get over rape but you can't get over death (unless afterlife exists).

        • I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess that you have never been raped, Finnish man.

          • Finnish man

            Yes I admit I have never been raped but to me, as a man, I think a rape is harder to understand, because I connect it with sex too much and thus think that nothing sexual could be bad. But if you've been raped you're still alive. It's same thing if you've been beaten, mugged or even tortured (unless you've gotten some disease or you've become pregnant). At least I would prefer getting raped (more likely by a woman) over getting killed.

          • leithold

            how about getting raped by a man? can you get over that?

            and most rape isnt about sex, its about power, its about control. so being raped isnt just about being forced to have sex, it is about humiliation, putting a person into his/her most degrading point.

            if you only see rape as something about sex you are sorely mistaken sir. that however might be a good thing because that means you dont have the tendencies rapists have.

          • Finnish man

            Actually that woman thing was a joke, since you rarely hear about woman raping a grown-up man. And I would still take the rape by a man over getting killed, even if it souns sick.

            And btw getting killed – especially at young age – is also something anybody shouldn't have to go through in their lifetime.

          • Finnish man


  • Aziez Mian

    Why do Game Developers make such evil games? It breaks my heart to die to see people die whether in real life or my LCD. I think a game should be made glorifying our excellent criminal justice system.

    • good old fashioned violence is cool , everyone dies eventually . But rape aint cool , everyone has a mother or sister or girlfriend and rape shouldnt be glorified….

      • Arsnl

        Well here you make no sense. Everybody dies? Does that mean that killing can be acceptable to a certain point? Im not trying to say rape is better than being killed but a rape victim has the chance of reconstructing its life. Ive never heard of many dead people being able to do that, or imagine trying to rebuild your life while suffering from a crippling physical handicap than can result from a violent act.
        Violence can lead to many things, and yes rape is one of them. What would rape be without violence?
        Saying violence is cool but rape is not is hypocritical for me.
        That being said: let the games begin. I was expecting a world cup list today.

        • me too , im shitting , mexico ranked 17 sa ranked 83 , we got a crazy game ahead if we dont wanna embaress ourselves ……………… screw mexico we gna win (jesus i hope so!!!!!!) hope you guys kill urg so they nice and tender for us….hehe ……

          • South Africa ranked 83. I just seen that New Zealand ranked 78. How did that happen? How did we even qualify? We(NZ) must have had the easiest path to the world cup. Anyway, go NZ All Whites and go The All Blacks!

          • you guys are 78 ? ? i thought we sucked the most by by far (cep Nkorea i think)? you should see the shit going down in town (JNB the opening town) it friggin crazy !! Since 8 am there has been the most insane vibe not 1 sec of quite , its incredible theres gna be such a party tonight win or loose .

          • I wish I was there. I guess it's taken everyone's minds off the Terrblanche thing? Going to be busy here for rugby world cup next year. Last time when All Blacks lost, fans burned their All blacks flags. If we don't win next year at home, there will be riots!

          • you gna have to work hard to take it from us lol ….its the only thing we good at haha…

      • Arsnl

        The ranking doesnt make any sense. I never pay attention to it. Diego forlan is doing great. Won the uefa cup.
        Im betting a tie maybe today sa-mex.
        We had here a campaign. If you’d buy a flat screen and if france will win the world cup you’d get your money back. :)) so people are very optimistic here :))
        i just hope brazil wont win again. Its boring.

        • we have a promotion that if mexico loose , all mexican fans and team can bring their passports to a resturant "nandos" and get free chicken while they are here. If we loose today its all right we'll see you on the rugby field lol…..

          • well also see how the opening ceremony is Mandelas grandaughter was killed last night ….so hes not coming ( shit there goes" invictis 2 "for football) . have to go get drunk and hate mexico now hahaaha…..

      • Arsnl

        Maybe its the sports fan in me but i always feel a buzz before and during a world cup.
        Really sorry to hear about mandela. That must suck.
        I dont get opening ceremonies in football. People want to see football. Not dances. I just saw a video with the opening ceremony for the us’94 cup. Diana ross missed a penalty beckham style.

    • Would you like to make one? I'll be waiting

  • huwaw

    THe eroge games are really gross and tasteless, and the people defending it are pervs. Their argument is idiotic and senseless.

    • I cannot believe the people arguing this point are getting rated down as well, with people defending the use of rape as a viable activity in a storyline just because the woman doesn't die are getting the thumbs up.

    • KAna

      Just because you dont understand people who have conflicting opinion with you it does not mean they are idiotic and senseless. You are just being biased.

      • In that case, please explain how games containing rape should be defended. I am not talking about an argument for freedom of speech etc, nobody is calling for a ban, I mean a rational argument in which a game in which the protagonist stalks and rapes women is worthy of defense. I honestly can't think of any, so I personally do believe that the argument is idiotic and senseless (call that bias if you will), but I welcome your contribution.

        • KAna

          Thank you to you too and you are welcome

      • Would you also hold this stance if the games involved stalking and raping children? Like with rape against a grown adult, they don't die, and the case which has been made that these games may quell sexually predatory fantasies without involving a physical outlet would still apply. There has also been the argument that it's just pixels and not real people, so this would obviously also count, although I still think these are piss-poor arguments and if it were children instead of women, a lot of the people on here wouldn't have been so quick to jump to the defense of the portrayal of rape as entertainment.

        • KAna

          So you actually felt concern for those poor little children/adult pixel being raped? Wanna give them education rights? Voting rights? Wanna go UNICEF to complain? Pose anti child labor laws on them? Send food and medical aid for their poor battered body? GEEZ!!! THEY ARE JUST GAMES!! MEANT TO BE ENJOYED AND FOR US TO ESCAPE FROM REALITY ONCE IN A WHILE!!!

          • If you feel that a good ole bit of rape is a welcome bit of escapism then whatever – I do not feel that this is a reasonable justification for using the depiction of rape for entertainment purposes, and your little tantrum merely demonstrates your inability to grasp the point of my argument.

          • daved

            get over yourself

          • dasani

            i'm sure you never got laid. freak

          • John

            But honestly, what kind of people find a video game where the object is to rape people fun? Any normal people would be disgusted by this idea.

            Although.. maybe these types of video games could be a reason to lock people away. You buy the game, your obviously SICK!!! so you either need to be locked away, or recieve serious medical help.

  • Man, these games are gross. If I ever meet the people who made these I would say WTF! I am not surprised that the rape games come from Japan. I may be wrong, but I am sure I heard that a big proportion of child porn originates from Japan (someone else may know for sure). Just imagine what games will be around in another 20 years time.

    • I find it ironic that you're promoting harmful stereotypes against the Japanese when the top three most controversial games on this list are about issues surrounding racism.

      • I am not promoting harmful stereotypes. If I was I wouldn't have encouraged people to correct me by saying I may be wrong and someone else may know for sure. If anything, I think the rape games are worse than the racism games because in some situations, though it is wrong, you can ignore racism, like if someone just calls you a name you can just walk away. With rape, whether it is threatened, attempted or actually committed, it is very horrific.

    • "I am not surprised that the rape games come from Japan"

      Not a stereotype?!!

  • christo

    I am a feminist. But I still LOOOOOVE killing hookers in Grand Theft Auto IV.

    • Anna

      Go Girl!?!?!

    • KAna

      See people? Yo christo we need more feminist like you. The women in video games are just pixels!! Why are we defending them?

      • The idea that the representation of women in video games don't count because they are "just pixels" is very naive. Just like the representation of women in other media, it all has an effect, and could also serve as a small snapshot of the society which created such characters. It's not about defending those characters per se, but instead asking why GTA haven't made a female protagonist (which I believe is true) who can progress through the game, be powerful and capable of defending herself as the main character, instead of the women in the games being predominantly girlfriends or hookers. I am a feminist, I have played and actually enjoyed most aspects of GTA, but absolutely did not "LOOOOOVE killing hookers", instead wishing they would use their obvious skill in making a fantastic game with depth and originality and applying it to the portrayal of women.

        • KAna

          Glad to hear that you are not one of those people condemning freedom of speech in video games. I do agree about your points about female protagonist in vgames. There should game where women rape men although i am convinced that the japanese have done so.No?

          • Again you utterly miss the point. As someone else on here has mentioned, the violence in GTA is not motiveless, and while you can kill civilians, this is not an integral part of the game nor is it rewarded as such (this includes rape). No, there shouldn't be games where women rape men – rape isn't fun, there has never been a reasonable, justifiable motive for it and most importantly, feminism means equality: normally raising the oppressed and subjugated up; not pulling everyone down to degradation.

  • Sid

    Played a game called 'the Punisher' once based on the comic book. In it you went around shooting everyone and then got to torture people. Some of the levels allow 'special' tortures, like if you were fighting in a garage you could use some of the drills and other tools quite effectively. I am not a violent person, even after 5 years in the Australian military, quite the opposite in fact. However people have sex fantasies, a primal instinct, why not allow people to enact violent fantasies too. Might help get it out of our systems.

    • crazedfishuk

      Yeah I played that-it kinda sucked tho…

    • Or encourage them?

    • Blaze

      Not disagreeing with you, but that game only let you kill and torture evil people.

  • Sid

    BTW read an interesting article the other day on how gamers tend to 'react' differently when having nightmares. When being chased by an evil entity, gamers tend to not be as scared and in many cases tend to pick up a dream weapon and fight the evil. I'm a big gamer and I know exactly what their talking about. Researchers hope this may some day help veterans get over PTSD.

    • Mike K.

      My brother has night terrors, so it's be great if games could help him with that.

      • try silent hill lol……….

        • Oh lawdy. I couldn't manage the freakin trailers.

    • I find that whenever I fire a weapon in my dreams, the bullets are always blanks. Also have nightmares about losing my hair and teeth. I hope they don't mean anything!

      • I hear losing your teeth means unheaval is approaching. But don't know how true it is. I had dreams that my teeth were crumbling and four times in the month before I went travelling.

        • Did anything bad happen on your travels?

          • Nothing bad, I think the dream supposedly meant that I was worrying about it, which I was its a scary thing but no nothing bad happened. I don't think dreams can predict stuff like that anyway it just tells you what your brains thinking about while your sleeping.

    • Sluiq

      I'm not a magician and I can't verify if this trick was real but it may be related to what you said:

  • Kimani

    I wasn't defending the games. i just think its warped logic.

  • Despicable. I can't think of any other word to say… But then, deep deep down we are all animals with all these instincts… Some prominent, others not so.

  • Wow, I don't think any of these games should be made but I'm even more amazed that there is a market for this sort of thing! It really disgusts me that people actually want to play them particularly the ethnic cleansing type ones.

    Also I'm seeing the point about murder being worse than rape, but I think we have really become so desensitized to death that it make rape appear more wrong. Also in most games the killers appear to be gang members or major criminals whereas from what I just read about the rape games (I'm not sure if this is true as obviously I have not played them) the character appears to be a run of the mill average joe on the street who is stalking and attacking women which makes it all the more twisted and weird. Just my two cents.

    • KAna


  • Manhunt is banned in Australia, my husband has a copy and we couldn't sell it on Ebay or Ebgames. But we were told there are people out there who will pay good money for an original copy.
    Same goes for the Hot Coffee version of San Andreas, Can't sell any where. Not that I would because it's the most entertaining game ever lol

  • Seth

    I wouldn't play any of these games except the JFK one, that one sounds interesting, but not so much as a game but as a learning tool, If they used that in schools (maybe not?) kids would because experts at the assination of JFK
    But the other ones on the list are horrible

    • psj

      or they may just become experts in patience, how to find a good snipers vantage point, how to judge wind speed/direction and based on speed/direction predict bullet drop, how to lead a traget and shoot them in the head.

      come to think of it

      i might try and download asap =)

      • Stephanie

        They can learn all of this online, on Wikipedia, in books, in movies and TV shows. Games are only one thing. I grew up playing games, some violent and some not. I learned a lot of things from these games. I know a lot about swords and guns and fighting. (I learned a lot in books, online, in school and in movies) But I also have a brain and the presence of mind not to use these in real life. If a kid plays GTA and then goes out and beats up a hooker, something is wrong with that kid, regardless of what game he was playing.

  • Oh ys forgot to say icool list, didnt know about those old school games . Your lists are good .

  • Sid

    Did anyone stop to think that maybe a game like 'Muslim Massacre' was a Joke? The designer was probably doing a Team America thing. Where American culture is involve?

    • Even if it was intended as a joke, it's a joke where the humor clearly comes at the cost of an entire belief system. It's not just disrespectful, it's harmful as it promotes the belief that Islam is a dangerous religion that should be – along with its practitioners – eradicated.

    • apostle

      I think the game promotes killing muslims more than fighting terrorism in general.

    • oliveralbq

      sid — it never occured to me that it wasnt a joke.

      lowtolerance — some people simply do not think straight.
      it has all the characteristics of somehting intended as a joke
      and failed hardcore.

      there is this very strange phenomenon that occurs shortly after the death of someone — with the number and severity of the jokes directly related to the popularity of the person (or sometimes, the event).
      somewhere online, i read this whole thing about dead people jokes
      — i was poking around after the suicide list the other day. i couldnt remember spmething about budd dwyer, so i did a simple seach…….and one hit was budd dwyer jokes. —- now if you didnt read the comments the other day, or are unfamiliar with the case, quick syopsis: pa state official, during a press conference, on live tv, whipped out a 357 and ate a bullet. —— of so when i saw 'budd dwyer jokes' i clicked to check it out —– turns out there are tons of budd dwyer jokes, almmost all in bad taste, as well as tons of michael jackson jokes — elvis jokes — jokes about the nasa challenger explosion, jokes about that mega tsunami in the indean ocean, jokes about roy horn getting mauled by the white tiger (here, death isnt even a factor)

      now i like dark humour just fine, but there is a point where people are clearly straddling the line of acceptability — (and often, leaping over the fence)

      i would feel comfortable saying that the strange cats who find great enjoyment in perpetuating some of these jokes (there were new challenger jokes — that was fucking 23 years ago) — are likely some of the same people that would sit down and enjoy playing muslim massacre, with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

      i also believe that we wouldnt be having this conversation had the world trade centre attacks failed.

  • Joanne

    Maybe you could include Mortal Kombat, the GTA series, and this online torture game:

    They've all generated controversy and media attention for their graphic violence

  • 66

    madness !!

  • EricKarthik

    I've played couple of those games before but these "eroge" are the first time i've heard off and its not surprising to see that the Japs make these.
    Whats with the Muslim Massacre ??? I think its alright if you have Osama-Bin-Laden as one of its boss, but why Muhammad and Allah ?

    • ummm because they are racist..

  • c man

    except the rape one and the other ones that demean woman

  • c man


    the eroge games are an EPIC fail though

  • xristaravas

    Come to think of it instead GTA combines all those games together! Except for that milk ejaculation that's just weird.

  • KAna

    Westerners condemning ponographic game yet has a higher sexual crime rate than the major sex game producer (Japanese). Ironic isnt it?

    • hey hey lets go sing tsa tsu , wei kimono tso -protect my mouth………lets fighting love!!! lets fighting love!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

      • KAna

        You my friend are drunk. Come back when you are sober enough.

      • I thought it was "protect my balls"?

    • It is indeed ironic, but I bet most of the people condemning it aren't the ones that add to the sexual crime rate. Although if it were that would be REALLY ironic.

    • ryydh

      Because all the African kids love playing the latest games right? And the Iraqis too. They get their PC's out and game game game all day long. RIGHT? Moron

    • Just because a few people do something, dosen't mean everyone does. This is how stereotypes begin! For example, If 5 people coming from Madeupville go to village and destroy it, does that make everyone in Madeupville sadistic murderers? What if the population of Madeupville is 20? That means 25% of people in Madeupville destroy villages? Just because "Westerners" have a higher sexual crime rate dosen't mean they promote it now does it?

      • The very promotion of it in Japan seems to be a key factor in their low sexual crime rates. The whole western attitude towards pornography and that it's somehow evil clearly is wrong and warped as much as I struggle to believe that (but the statistics say it is so and numbers don't lie).

  • Armadillotron

    Why the fuss over Manhunt? Anyone remember Splatterhouse 2? Where the character was exactly the same as the Manhunt character, except he killed monsters and zombies instead of people. And it was gory as hell. And remember Mortal Kombat? Where Kano`s "Death Move," was ripping peoples still-beating hearts out?

  • sad muso

    Very good list – I've played Manhunt, and JFK but I shall try and track down the others to see what they're like. Always interesting actually playing them yourself to see how outrageous they are.

  • Akashtorturedmind

    Great list. All of these are so disgusting!

  • JFK Reloaded?

    Whats next…..9/11 Refueled?

    • Abraham Lincoln: Revolver part 1

      • ed gein: custom tailor video playset

        • Johnny

          Ted Bundy: Female Rapefest Part I

    • We're bad

      Pearl Harbor: Snooze Alarm

    • MLK Jr: Hot Shot

    • oliveralbq

      jfk jr.: flight simulator

    • Jimi Hendrix: Revenge of the Ham Sandwich.

    • johnyy

      Tupac: Gangster Paradise

  • Mel

    The people who are disgusted by the video games depicting rape and also continue to play and praise the video games where the objective is to murder another human being are huge hypocrites.

    • I disagree – as I've mentioned before, many games do try and justify the violence, in many cases in a vigilante fashion which obviously wouldn't be accepted in reality – but then, a game where you report a crime to the police and then give a testimony would not sell many copies, methinks. The point is, games like those depicting war, where your character does kill (and does so a lot), largely do so because it is implied that they are on the side of good. The soldiers don't then break into civilians homes and rape the women and children. Other games often involve a long journey where you seek revenge due to a crime which has been committed (the first one which springs to mind is "Fable II" and the murder of the protagonists' sister). While this idea of vigilanteism is obviously not to be tolerated in real life, it is a fact that we go to war, shoot our enemies (or even hang their leaders) and in some cases execute criminals. I say again: when has rape ever been justified?

      • The fact that murder can be justified at all by some people is disturbing.

        • The fact that you cannot imagine any scenario in which murder becomes acceptable shows a lack of imagination (for example, in "Fallout III", where governmental law has become obsolete due to an almost apocalyptic catastrophe). Even in the case outlined above – in an awesome game btw – there is still no justification for rape.

    • you do have a point. actually a really good point. Because there are people (like my cousin) who sit and say games about murder are wrong But then blasting peoples brains out at the same time.

  • There is also a game about the Virginia tech massacre which you have to kill your ex girlfriend and then go through the school and kill as many people as you can.

    That should have made the list.

    • are you kidding?!

    • People are sick. What did you expect?

      • I didn't expect anything, I am bringing something to the conversation. What are you doing?

    • someone showed me a game once that was a take on beer run

      in it cults were the target — i think first you had to catch flaming dr. peppers, at branch dividian in waco, tx, until you had killed the right amount to satisfy david koresh, nbext level was the hale-bop comet's mass suicide, next waas catching kool-aid cups for jim jones, and if you fucked up, they pissed on you or beat the shit out of you….something

      at the time i thought that was pushing it a little — but now, with hindsight, im not sure its crazy enough to even make this list.

  • Catherine

    Rape occurs all too often in every country every day, so why the hell do folk want to play games or watch films or tv programmes that contain rape. And when it comes to rape being a lesser crime than murder, I personally would rather die than be a victim to rape only because I know I wouldnt be strong enough to deal with it.

    • morgan

      murder occurs more often than rape, and people still want to play games and watch shows/movies about that.

  • David Lewis

    My Game is also pretty controversial.

  • I love games of all kinds, but glad to say that none of these are not (nor will ever be) in my home. I heard of rapelay and thought that it was sick..the worst of the bunch. Almost makes GTA seem normal.
    I prefer normal hack n slash games where you kill monsters instead of people. The games in this list were just sick. However, as long as they are for adults….then that is fine. I would hope that no parent (but they do!) would buy one of these for their kids.

  • sdasdasd

    can the owner of this website pls put comments on a separate page so I don't have to load them all each time i visit a page. Good god I thought that would be ovbious.

    • Can the owner of this website pls NOT put comments on a separate page so I don't have to load each page every time I visit the site. Good god I thought that would be ovbious.

  • wow…those are some really disturbing games. I, thankfully, have never heard of any of them and sure as hell wouldnt play any of them. people are so sick…and how the hell do these get on shelves to be sold without being stopped? now thats a good question to be answered.

    • How does any game depicting anything that is heinous sold?

      • i have no idea. people just seem to like them for whatever reason. maybe it gives them a sense of power? Thats my guess.

  • There are just to many hypocrites in this world.

    • Kimani

      Yes approximately 7 billion of them.

  • CeeCeeM

    rape is a less-serious crime than murder? Ask someone who's been raped….they die a little and then have to keep living! Great list; these are really not games that should bring enjoyment to people (children or adults!)

  • crazybandit

    This list is plagued with constant incorrect use of the phrase "as well as." Get a better editor.

  • bucslim

    What I want to know is what goes through the mind of the people who come up with this shit? I've read most of the comments and as far as I'm concerned the word 'game' and 'rape' shouldn't be in the same sentence.

    Honestly, who decides they are going to make a 'game' with rape in mind? How is that entertaining in any way? As an avid Quake 2 player for many years, I accept the fact that some games are violent and I get a tickle in my lower regions when I pop a rail slug into the forehead of my opponent.

    But rape? We've made games about rape? That's fun and interesting? I think we can all agree that the creation, marketing and purchasing of that kind of video game is deranged, sick, disgusting and beyond any shred of decent humanity. I don't give a rat's hoo-haa about how many statistics you throw at me, this is some shameful shit right here. It just makes my blood boil to read how some people here are tiptoeing around a defense of this crap.

    How about we make a game about killing people who rape? Let's make a game about how people who come up with this shit and defend it are raped.

    • Thank you! I can't believe this point even has to be argued.

    • I think you nailed it. :D

    • Sluiq

      As a non-developer and ignorant of gaming programming, i obviously can't speak for those who know how to make one but to me, it's just an extension of stretching the limits of perspective and shock and fantasy fulfillment.

      For example:

      "How about we make a game about killing people who rape? Let's make a game about how people who come up with this shit and defend it are raped."

      I say why not? It's not like you're unfairly killing possibly framed people.

      It could even provide an extra perspective of rapists and rapist hunters in a more entertaining setting.

      It's that same drive that makes games the opposite way. What if you're evil instead? What if you're a rapist? How can we make this fun? How can we make this work? How can we make this sell?

      It's just a loop. It would be as if there were real life zombies and someone made a game where you play as a zombie and someone was outraged and thought of making a zombie killer game.

      It seems like the wrong process since we have zombie killing games first in this reality or this dimension but it's really just fantasy fulfillment, perspective curiosity and maybe selling to a niche.

    • "I don't give a rat's hoo-haa about how many statistics you throw at me"

      This is your problem, you ignore evidence that counters your opinion.

      Fact is that games are about fantasy fulfilment and many people have rape fetishes – even of being raped (even my boyfriend fantasised about being raped!) and fortunately for sheltered individuals like yourself these games, apart from Manhunt, aren't marketed – they have to be sought out and playing them or even seeing anything related to them is entirely opt-in.

      Otherwise there is violence in movies, books and games, do I don't get why people are so offended that people want to make pornographic games when there certainly are pornographic movies and books we do not protest about.

      • bucslim

        Yes, Good Wolf, I do have a problem. I have a serious problem about the sort of person who a) thinks that creating a 'game' where women are brutalized, humiliated, dominated and treated as a piece of trash is a good idea and, b) the sort of person who purchases such a game for 'entertainment' purposes. I also have a problem with people who seem to casually accept this, such as yourself.

        My original point being, you can cook up any sort of statistical nonsense that would appear on the surface to make the manufacturing and playing of this vile and disgusting bullshit acceptable, but in reality skirts the issue that it is depicting one of the most brutal acts a man can inflict on a woman. Well I'm not 'opting in' to that kind of logic. And I will argue that point with anyone.

        Yes, fine and dandy and fun for the whole family. Let's make a game where children get raped. Let's make a game where a man gets it from a horse – why not? That scenario was entirely 'opt in' right? After all it's 'fantasy fulfillment' – these games are created and played for the entire purpose of fulfilling our fantasies of raping someone.

        Hey Good Wolf – only a sick, demented, extra Y chromosome bastard fantasizes about rape. And you know what I fantasize about? Hanging that fucker up in my garage for a couple of weeks while I take my time with a car battery, a pair of tin snips and an acetylene torch. If you're going to let him fulfill his fantasies, you gotta let me fulfill mine. Or at least make a game out of it so I can get my ya-ya's out.

        P.S. I protest pornographic movies and books. Happy now?

        • Not remotely happy since your vitriol is entirely unjustified. Firstly, I haven't cooked up any statistics. It's a fact Japan has one of the lowest sex crime rates in the world and laxest porn laws making it incredibly easy to get. It's a fact that sex crime in America has dropped substantially since VHS porn came along.

          Pornographic or violent materials do not produce sexual perversion or violent behaviour, fact. Being that this is the case, whether or not there exists rape porn in the form of books, movies or videogames, the desire of individuals doesn't go away by getting rid of the materials. The entire point of books, movies and videogames is to do things virtually that you either should not do, would not do or could not do in real life.

          For some it's win the Grand Prix, or Football World cup.

          Others it's to defend the world from invading aliens.

          And a small proportion would like to sexually or violently harm other people.

          I would say it's better for those sick desires be realised virtually than in real life. And by trying to get that option removed from people, you do more harm than good. It may not seem intuitive, and you might find those materials offensive, but in a just world, you don't have a right to not ever be offended.

          • arielle

            You are just the worst type of person.

          • Drugs

            I’d say you need a bit rape experience. Then you will see why anything to do with rape is just wrong and impossible to have any value over it whether it’s virtual or reality.

  • I've said this before, and I'll repeat myself: There is something inherently wrong with a society (America) where it is perfectly acceptable to show drug use, alcoholism, smoking, and violence on television, but the sight of a nude body causes people to react with outrage. It is odd to me that we can turn on the nightly news and see full-color incidents of graphic violence and no one bats an eye, but let a woman in public uncover a breast to feed her child (which is the very purpose of that particular anatomical feature) and people go [email protected]$&*!

    Some days it makes me ashamed to say that I'm American.

    • Interesting point. I have absolutely nothing against perfectly natural things. My Ex used to breast feed our little one in public (discretely of course) all the time. But then I suppose you could say we brits are't too bothered about that. Rape and murder are not appreciated so highly, and the news is an over-hyped manipulative joke (in my opinion). I wonder, are people more reactionary because of the news? If the news was sweet and gentle and fair and open, would the general public be any calmer and more open with it? My guess is: junk in = junk out.

      • I agree with this completely. I don't watch the news at all now and I don't read newspapers. It is mostly artificial and what is real is hyped beyond reality.

    • I understand where you are coming from but what would you prefer to be? America isn't great but your still living in it? What has stopped you from leaving? I don't want to sound like a prick but your complaining about something you have full control over.

      • What keeps me here? Because even though it isn't a perfect system, it is still better by far than some places. Here I can speak out against my government without fear of reprisal. Here I can stand on a street corner and wax philosophical, should that be my desire. Here, I can worship as I wish to, not as is mandated by the state.

        I said that some days I was ashamed to be American, not that I didn't want to be one.

        It also has to do with money. Were I able, I would move to Japan and retire, but unless I win the lottery in the next few months, I don't see that happening anytime soon. ;)

  • Knothead

    "An article in the LA times printed a comment by ‘anon’ stating, “If it were a game showing Muslims killing Israelis, the whole world would have sought revenge”."

    Based on recent events, I'd say that they'd still find a way to blame it on the Jews.

    And Japan is really quite low on the incident of actual rape. I find it darkly humourous that people are quick to slam the Japanese for eroge while ignoring actual rape in their own country.

  • kabeer

    Depicting rape or the killing of people based on their religion or ethnicity is disgusting but "Beat it and Eat it" made me LOL. I can hear the feminists now: "OMG that's so degrading to women" My wife willingly swallows so stfu :)

    • leithold

      would she swallow semen from a guy jerking off on the roof?

    • Good Wolf

      What bearing on reality does video games have. People killing other people in real life for their religion or ethnicity or their orientation is beyond deplorable but in a free country where we have rights to think and do what we like in the pursuit of happiness (so long as it does not infringe on other peoples right) frankly people are allowed to be racist bigots, people are allowed to think white skin is superior to black or yellow or whatever the case may be – so long as it doesn't effect the rest of us.

      So how does a person playing a game where they have to kill Muslims because of their religion and/or race affect you?

  • jop

    They've had games where you kill Israelis…

  • Lola

    I really don't like number 2. That little blurb scares me that people actually believe that.

    • Why is it #2 that disturbs you? Isn't #1 enough to make you stomach churn, or as a matter of fact, shouldn't everything on this list disturb you. The world is filled with hate, the game dosen't change anything.

      • Lola

        Hmm, I guess you're right. Everything on this list is quite disturbing, I think #2 just resonates with me more personally. You're right, the game doesn't change anything, but I think it just really puts the issue in your mind, making you think about it, like when I read newspaper articles or watch movies that deal with the same sort of issues. Getting into the mind and POV of people who believe this/like doing these bad things is very confronting.

        • Perhaps… But you need to keep in mind that these people will never think differently and they will brainwash others into thinking they are right. Their beliefs will always be here no matter how much we fight it. The best we can do is just live with it… We could try to reason with them but they will still think they are right. There is probably a large amount of people who bought the game which is very disturbing but the world and those who inhabit it aren't perfect.

  • Ugh,

    just when I start having a little faith in humanity, I have to see a list that, along with some of the comments, exposes the swollen and diseased underbelly of humanity's most disgusting individuals.

    • Good list, though, Nathaan.

    • The world has some disgusting people but losing faith in humanity is a little sad. I don't like humanity either but I don't want to give up on it. Not everyone is horrible, its hard to find some people who are different but with billions of people in the world there will be dissapointment and there will be the few who make world a lot easier. I think a lot like you on the point of little faith in humanity but until I have met everyone in the world, I can't really say I have given up.

      • Yeah, but it is disheartening to see that there's even a market for these kinds of games. It seems like for every good person there's one twisted person and another apathetic person.

  • Lifeschool

    Yeah – but what great graphics! (joke)

    Hi everybody. Just my little bit. I've always though games should be fun. It it isn't fun it's not an interesting game to try to beat. I've played many games. I used to love a game called Roll or Die on the Amiga in which you play a guy in a wheelchair doing all kinds of crazy things. I don't see guys in wheelchairs around any more, but if I did I'd say 'hey, great to see you out and about – more power to you'. I certainly wouldn't take a game and put it into real life. It's just a game. Some games even give you the choice of playing fair or foul – it's up to you wether you wanna go rob a house in GTA San Andreas, or go with prostitues – it was a possibility but not something you had to do. I remember playing GTA-SA in front of my 2 year old. I'd go and spray tags, swim, work out, deliver packages, explore. I never shot anybody while he was up, or stole anything. It was just another way to play the game. The new GTA is less open, more dark and oppressive and less kid freindly, and yet you can still go and see shows and play pool rather than fight.

    I suppose it's also up to the individual what games they want to buy in the first place.

    Having said that, we come to the subject of rape and serious sex crimes. I have nothing against porn, but I draw the line at debauchery. There is a case that wielding guns in games SAVES people from wielding them in real life; it can ease tension which could otherwise build up. However, I see debauchery in games may do the opposite, and may in fact increase these feelings rather than channel them away.

    But we're back to the chicken and egg thing again. If a person has misogynistic feelings they'll likely find their own kicks – with our without these games.

    • On you GTA-SA do people tend to just randomly fight each other? I watched an aquaintance play this game and out of nowhere two people started shooting each other out of randomness! What if the 2 year old had saw the random shooting? You can't control when they fight if its random.

  • jakeryder

    So the list is "The Most Controversial Games" and all you have are video games. Then I guess you weren't alive in the 1980's during the Dungeons and Dragons panic.

    • Yes, I was, and I swore for years that if I ever ran into Rona Jaffe (author of Mazes and Monsters) on the street, I would walk up to her and spit in her face. That book caused many problems for me (as a role-player) in the early 80s. Same thing with William Dear (who was the P.I. on the real-life case that inspired the novel and the author of The Dungeon Master, a non-fiction documentary of the case) or Patricia Pulling (founder of B.A.Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons). Pulling and Jaffe have both passed away, but Dear is still on my "spit list."

      What really ticked me off about Pulling was the fact that she firmly blamed her son's suicide on D&D, completely ignoring the fact that he suffered from emotional problems and was being raised in a strictly religious household, and that he had only a few weeks prior to his death been running around in the backyard on all fours and barking (she admitted this in a lecture she gave in 1986). She also overlooked that in the month prior to his death, nineteen rabbits he had raised were inexplicably torn apart (with no evidence of canine involvement), a cat had been found disemboweled with a knife near the home, and he had been despondent at school and written "Life is a joke" on the blackboard. Pulling ascertained that he had shown no outward signs of trouble prior to the event, and alleged that the suicide was a result of a D&D curse placed upon him by the principal of the school (his Dungeon Master, or referee for the game).

      Not to mention her son being saddled with the nickname "Bink." I think I would commit suicide too.

  • marv in DC

    That means nothing since all you did was post pixels.

  • leithold

    nice list. and what the f**k is with these games. 10 and 9. what the f**k! what kind of repressed demented mindset sets out to create games like these.

  • Arsnl

    I know this isnt the main topic of this list but im amazed why people consider rape worse than murder. Why dont you ask a raped victim after 5 years if that person would have prefered to be killer after the act. I doubt the maj would say they prefer death. I am NOT looking at rape with a more forgiving eye. Im just saying if i were sent to jail id rather be raped there than be killed.
    But i do play games where murder is depicted and id never play a game where rape is part of it. Maybe a reason is the fact that the kill/murder is fast and it isnt the main focus of the game. You are not involved in the act and you dont experience the suffering of the victim. The point is not to rejoice in that suffering. But i imagine in games where rape is involved, that the act is longer and you actually have to get involved in the action. You need to see the suffering because otherwise it would be only a sex game.
    Ps: how funny is it that there was a pienaar in the rugby team and there is a sa football player also named pienaar.

    • I know a rape victim and they sometimes wish they were dead instead of having to live with this… memory. Rape is something you remember for the rest of your life and it has effects unimaginable. Until you have experienced being raped, you can't really say which is worse.

      • Arsnl

        “they sometimes wish they were dead instead of having to live with this”. Thats not quite exactly like wanting to die. I didnt say yes you’ll get over it. Im just saying you atleast have a chance to rebuilt your life. If you are killed, then its game over.
        “Until you have experienced being raped, you can’t really say which is worse.” sorry but that statement made me laugh. So i should experince being raped then being murdered then i can decide?
        Ps: again like i said, im not trying to minimize the act of being raped.
        In fact if i think of it, i can say that if we think rape is worse then we can also say to a victim well maybe you should have been killed too, it would have been so much better for you. This underestimates the capacity of people to continue, to move on. We just put a stigma on rape victims. Besides the fact of moving on and trying to cope with that event they also have to face being seen as permanent victims and fragile beings.

  • the venezuelan again

    great list.. you should make more list about games and their affects on society

  • Sluiq

    "While there are studies which show how pornographic material may contribute to a decrease in sexual crimes, there is also much research to argue the opposite – theorists and researchers such as Natasha Walter, Jean kilbourne, Andrea Dworkin, Robert Jensen and to some extent, Naomi Wolf argue that the onslaught of pornographic imagery which has become the norm in Western society has led to a continued sexualisation of women which is detrimental to equality. From women being raped to merely being ridiculously sexualised and reduced to stock characters where their main defining characteristic is their beauty and allure, women have been continually reduced to their sexual components, and some research does suggest that this leads to an increase in violent behaviour as people become not just desensitised to violence, but also because of the representation of certain people which leads to the view that they are "lesser" in some way. One study (peer reviewed in The Chronicle of Higher Education) by Meenakshi Gigi Durham says"

    See that's the problem with culture vs. research though.

    I equate it to something similar to the old Bell Curve debate on IQ Tests.

    Culturally, researchers know there's something to be studied but culture wants something to re-affirm them rather than explain to them.

    The people who may point out studies of decreased crimes may cite some studies while people who find them deplorable may cite other studies.

    The problem though is when the truth lies much closer to the middle. How do both parties listen to each other but more importantly, how do both parties open themselves up to the middle ground when in the end we each try to revolve our opinions on studies which affirms our beliefs?

    • Sluiq

      It's a complicated thing. For example, IQ tests were always easy enough to narrow down but because of cultural mass definition, The Bell Curve came as a shock and it's not that the Bell Curve was a perfect explanation and in fact, it's probably flawed enough that it isn't good enough to usurp the unanimous mass opinion of things.

      However what it does put to light is that society in general "needs" a re-clarification and therefore such things like Emotional Intelligence was attempted to replace some of the "cultural image" of IQ tests.

      In the context of pornographic games, what this means is that "more studies need to be done" but as biased opinion posters who may not even possess a vast knowledge of all the studies to compare like I do, studies often become addendums to opinion and it's for this very same reason why I hope, again, even though I'm un-educated with the full academic conclusion, you would at least accept some of my opinionated guess-work responses to this comment. (I'm not saying agree with them but at least consider if not re-educate me if you know more instead of interpreting this as a response by a "rape game defender")

      • Sluiq

        ""Prison guards at the Iraqi facility were heavy porn users, and they saw the sexual torture of the prisoners as recreational — "for sport, for laughs," as one Army captain admitted. The sexual scripts of pornography, especially violent porn, provided the template for the soldiers' treatment of the detainees."

        The flaw with this sentence in my opinion is that the "fall" has happened.

        These people were desensitized already and obviously they would then seek out things that desensitized people might approach.

        Contrast this to sex crimes decrease where it's more of a wide open, we don't know who has stopped doing it or who has been kept from doing it due to the release they've gotten from pornographic games, it's much more… correlating to achieve a desired conclusion or at least that's how this sentence goes for me.

        Obviously we both may possess our biases and opinions and our current understanding of the situation based on studies but this is something flawed not on our side but on the researchers side. Again, because the "fall" appeared to have happened and it's a post-outcome conclusion.

        • Sluiq

          "Pornography will not transform a sexually healthy man into a violent sexual abuser." But in a culture where pornography is becoming the only script we have for sex, what constitutes sexual health? Pornography is designed to generate profits; it has to stimulate its audiences in ways that constantly push the envelope, introducing new sensations and needs for arousal, some of which are sadistic, racist, or squalid."

          The researcher failed to ask though, what is designed to improve profits? What can each genre of pornography improve upon to appeal to it's sense of quality?

          When you see from that perspective, then yes pornography seemed to have degraded but it is actually pop culture which has degraded and since pornography is linked to entertainment, it also cries for more shock scenes from some.

          Nonetheless, this doesn't mean people who yearn for better written rape games are non-existant just as people still have a tendency to praise an action movie that was done in a much better quality. It's just action movies are more expected.

          On the grander whole though, it doesn't really touch whether a rape gamer is more likely to become a real life rapist.

          • Sluiq

            "But sexuality, of course, is so much more than a commercial enterprise. We need to find ways to conceptualize — and live out — sexuality that are nonpornographic, which to me means free from commercial impetus. Sexuality is, at its best, a complex, emotional, and progressive aspect of life, deeply linked with how we see ourselves and how we relate to each other. The "porning of America" takes us away from an ethical and humane understanding of the erotic physical connections that make us human."

            All I got from this post was that the person has a romantic non-biological acceptance of sex.

            It's not necessarily wrong but it's biased on trying to keep things the way they were. This unfortunately only extends to the person's opinion during his primary culture generation and ignores events prior to that.

          • We're never going to agree on one thing. Argueing about this is like argueing about which religion is right. Both of you will still think the same way you did before and nothing will have changed.
            Personally, I think that which ever one, murder or rape, the person is dead in some way.

  • Gamer

    I play video games, in part, to act out fantasies that are frowned upon in day to day life. I sometimes (as we all do) have the urge to drive down the freeway at 150 miles an hour, causing accidents and crashing into people and things. Is it better to do this in a virtual world or the real world? If I get pissed off and decide I want to go on a massacre to vent my anger, should I do this on my t.v. or at the local mall? If I am horny and twisted and want to completely dominate (rape) someone, should I do this on t.v. or in real life? Now I am not saying that I have all these urges, I find rape disgusting, but obviously other people don't. I don't like it, but I think it is better to provide a simulation and an outlet for this behavior rather than not.

    • That's an interesting point… I can see why you'd think maybe sick games provide sick people with enough "entertainment" to prevent them committing these crimes in real life, but it could go the other way and further fuel their desires. It's dangerous, and like I explained in the introduction, games can be hugely influential, hence why I think none of these should have really been made in the first place, even if some were made with a possible view to prevent violent crime.

    • Like what nathaaan90 said, if you get a taste of something and enjoyed it may drive you to commit the atrousity for further enjoyment. Have you ever learned about serial killers? They usually start off by killing animals but soon find tolerance in this and need something more to keep this rush going.

      • Gamer

        I understand what nathaaan90 and bucketheadrocks are saying. This actually has me a little divided. I can see how this can be the "gateway" that gets someone to do the action in real life.

        On the other hand I have to argue that if a video game is the tipping point that actually makes someone murder, rape or whatever…then they probably weren't that far off from doing the action anyway.

        The other part that I had fail to consider, was that those who truly commit these actions, usually aren't right in the head anyway. So the video game "tutorial" or experience may be some sort of justification. It is truly difficult to try and determine if someone would have committed the act without the game.

  • Wow I'm blown away by this list. Being someone who can't play a videogame for more than an hour or so, and never owning a game system ever, I thought I would hate this list. However, I found it very interesting. Great job!

  • materkb

    Reading the list and then the comments, I think it is a very good thing that most of you seem to spend your time in your parents' basements glued to computers and game consoles. You are not equipped to live in the real world. Frankly, I don' think the real world would deal too well with you, either. What a depressing collection of puerility, violence, prejudice and voyeurism this is, to be sure.

    • And if you took the time to get to know us, you might find that many of us are productive members of society, with full-time jobs, husbands or wives, families, and responsibilities. Video games (or role-playing games, or any other form of entertainment) is not a sign of immaturity. In fact, it has been said that the greater the mind, the greater the need for diversion.

    • @materkb

      And let me guess, you spend all your spare time building houses and feeding the hungry, caring for the disabled, and finding the cure for cancer?

    • If you have such a busy life, how did you have the time to write this?

  • Great list. I'd heard of some of these, but some interesting new ones as well.

    I don't think I'd want to download any of these (just out of interest), I'm sure you'd end up on some sort of 'watch list'!

    I bet KZ Manager is just a bog standard "Resource Management" game tarted up for weirdo neo-Nazi types. A sort of Rollercoaster Tycoon, but with gas chambers instead of rides…

  • vivian

    For some reason i think the baby shaker is the worst one.. :(
    why would anyone get that? there is no point to it and it's just sad… #10 is disgusting

    • There is an app on the iPhone in which you are a condom and you are in a women's (not going to put that) and you must stop any sperm from coming in. If you miss any it says, "You are pregnant, GAME OVER"
      I was highly disturbed by the baby shaker as well because a friend of mine had her 8 month old child killed by her boyfriend who shook and beat the baby to death because it wouldn't stop crying. Its always funny until it happens to you…

      • Arsnl

        I dont know but id blame the psychotic bf on that death. Id recommend you watch a video about baby shaking made by onion news. Its a joke. I really found that game to be more of a joke. There are gun apps. I dont see people protesting against that. I think sometimes we need to see the difference between a game and reality.

  • Holy cow. i just got into the Grand Theft Auto game series, and I have been thinking that is a little over the top occasionally. At least the sex in that game is consensual (so far). Great list, I didn't know about most of these.

  • Víctor

    Bah… people are very sensitive nowadays. Mortal Kombat was also kind of cruel and graphic… but, oh nooo, the game about the raping pixels things is worse!!

  • While I reads these lists, my stomach began to churn at the disgusting things that humanity can come up with. #1 was the most depressing one. Of course killing things and watching things suffer a little is just a normal thing that every person should deal with in video games because humans have a secret urge to just see a little carnage, but rape? Never! Do serial killers now make video games? Were most of these actually released? Does someone still play these games?! It makes me sick to know that people still think these things…

  • Some of these games are way wrong. But then again I can barely stand GTA. I guess if people like these, that's their opinion and they can play them all they like. But for me, no thanks.

  • David

    Did anyone here remember the original Bionic Commando? Where the boss at the end, was Hitler, and then his head explodes? If that were made today, the graphics would be great. Who doesn`t want to see Hitler`s head explode? And course then I didn`t know who Hitler was, but I still thought the explosion was cool. It`s on You Tube, if you want to see it.

    • Lifeschool

      Yeah, I played Bionic Commando on the C64, the Amiga and the Arcade version (the best version!) – and still give it a go now and then. Couldn't get past level 4 – you must be more nimble than me to beat it. They did try to do a rip-off sequel recently but it's not a good game, even in 3D. I did get to see the end of Wolfenstein 3D in which you beat Hitler though. But even Hitler might draw the line at some of the issues on this list. Call him what you will, but at least he was never a rapist – just a cold blooded mass murdering S.O.B. :)

      • Arsnl

        Lifeschool you always seem to find good things even in the worst of situations. I bet you’ll find something good to say even when england will be eliminated in the world cup. In ya face.

        • David

          Jesus, don`t mention the bloody football!!

          • Lifeschool

            I don't follow football (or any sports) these days, but I used to in the 80's and early 90's.

            Just came back to say I just completed Bionic Commando on MAME thanks to unlimited credits, but although I shot a few SS types I didn't see Hitlers head get blown up. Are you still talking about the classic arcade version or the new one?

      • Henry

        "Call him what you will, but at least he was never a rapist – just a cold blooded mass murdering S.O.B. :) "
        And that's so much better, apparently.

  • AlwaysVigilant

    I have been playing video games for many many years. At almost 30 i thought i saw all the rough and offensive games the industry has to offer… And now this shit. Im American so i enjoy a high level of violence in my video games. But NEVER i repeat NEVER should molestation or rape have a place in a GAME. Nor anything concentration camp or racist or any shit like that. Ive got a pretty open mind but these ALL of these are utter filth. And those that made them are filth.

    • Are they promoting the rape and racism? If you say yes. Do the games that you play that have high level of violence promote the violence? Think about your answer before saying it. If you play and purchase a game in which it involves murder, are you promoting murder? If a man or women buys and enjoys a war game that your main objective is to kill others, and a man or woman buys and enjoys a rape game in which your main objective is to rape others, which one is worse? You sound like a hipocrite in my eyes.

      • AlwaysVigilant

        oh ya im a hella hipocrite sadly.. semi insane too i spose as id WAY condone murder over rape. just sayin

  • 13racl1y

    okay im a gamer and i like playing violent games like call of duty but the games here are horrible. the people who created them must be sick. the world needed this list

    • What if a person makes a game in which a country kills many of those in your country? It promotes that the country doing the killing is right. Would you not be inraged? Dosen't "Call of Duty" do this?

  • I´m surprised about how many people seem to be shocked about this list claiming things as "I never knew about this shit", specially from a community who is supposedly well versed in media "entertainment".
    Open your eyes people, and specially check out what your kids are learning and watching because this matter has surpassed today´s parents by far.
    The key to all this matter is education since you can´t stop the access to information, drugs or guns.

    • You can teach them all you want but there will still be those who are curious and will see what these things do. I read an article about a child who managed to break through a lock and found a lighter and lit his dog on fire. Parents can't always be there. They may be subjected to things at their "trustworthy" schools. Perhaps you can brainwash your child to think that whatever you say is always right but that is how ignorance happens. A child is told that black people are bad and so they believe that. The child is in the hands of the parents but the parents may not be right at all and thus causes a continuous chain of wrong vs. right. No one is perfect so as long as life continues, children will never be safe.

  • leighbert

    Hey, I read a lot of these list but have never commented on one. I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say this.
    Look, these games are obscene. Period. I myself am an avid gamer. I have played manhunt and think of it as nothing more than another Rockstar game meant to push the envelope.
    However, I will probably never try one of the other games at all. But let’s look at this in a different light. Rape, by law, has less consequences that murder. Do I agree with the way that that is, no. Because you are right, rape has serious psychological effects whereas murder is final.
    But when it comes to these games, that is it, they are games. They are fake, just like a movie. We need to look at the real problem here and that is that stupid parents do not check labels.I have been playing games since the early nineties, but I never touched games like manhunt till I was over 18. Why? Because as a person matures, he develops a definite sense of right and wrong, but if his upbringing is corrupt, this sense is manipulated. While I have a child in my household, he will not touch these sickens me to see all these people complain that, my child played this and my child played that and then they try to take it out on the companies that make them. Get some responsibility and stop your kids from playing these yourself. It is your job, not theirs.
    But anyhoo, I just don’t like to see games with rape in them. The reason being is that morally, as said before, it can never be justified. Murder? Well, sometimes revenge just sounds better. I may be labeled for that, but let’s face it, we have all been so mad at someone before that “murder” (joking or not) has crossed the mind.

    • I understand where you are coming from. I see many children playing games that include death and destruction but can we ever be safe? There are many subliminal messages in the things we trust the most. People will find some way to get to our children somehow. So what will we do? Make things more strict? What if they still find a way to get through? Do we keep them secluded from the world so they are no longer subjected to things that may harm them?

      • Lifeschool

        I also see your point about death and destruction Bucket, but did kids not play 'army' or 'cowboy' in the 40's and 50's? But I know what you'tre saying, the stuff on offer these days is much more graphic and in-yer-face than ever, and old taboos are being crashed in the name of progress. Is it really a good thing? I'd rather see a return to innocence than have it ripped away by the age of 8. Is that the games or movies fault or is it society in general? We're back to chicken and egg – but I personally think TV and the entertainment industry (as well as nanny state ignorance) has had a lot to answer for.

  • 1gav

    I support the right of people to make and play these games as i support my right to ignore these games. Fantasy can be a healthy outlet. I’d much rather the skinheads go around killing computer-generated Jews than real ones.
    And do any of these games include the raping of males?

    Sure, these are in very poor taste, but censorship is always in poor taste.

  • 8O Wow. Just… wow.

  • Guestie

    Although they may not be as bad as these, Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat have probably gotten more press than every game on this list put together. That, to me, is controversy. I've barely heard of any of these.

  • tobis

    smells like sew fish

  • There is a popular game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in which Millions were inraged because in a part in the main story line you may become a terrorist and kill people in an airport and I wondered… The entire game is revolved around killing people from the middle east, why is it they are disturbed that they are doing the same to us? I am not defending or promoting anything but I wish people would honestly just sit back and take a look at what they do before condemning others. Perhaps the world would be a better place if we did this…

    • Emma

      You should get your facts straight before commenting…

      You do not become a middle-eastern terrorist in COD: MW2. You have to go undercover as a Russian terrorist. You get no points for killing innocents.. meaning if you choose to not kill anyone, there are no consequences. Plus, most of the fighting is between Russia and the USA.

      And your logic seems flawed to me. Most people do not want to kill innocents anywhere. However, if there are terrorist killing innocent people, they need to be stopped. There is a huge difference between a terrorist who kills completely innocent people, and a soldier that kills a terrorist.

      • johnn

        soldiers can kill completely innocent people…who dresses like a terrorists?

    • Giant Flying Robo

      " The entire game is revolved around killing people from the middle east"
      That's one level. And some (good)middle easterns help you.

      "why is it they are disturbed that they are doing the same to us?"
      The reason people were disturbed was not because it had you playing terrorists in one of "our" airports(it was a russian airport), it was because of the shameless violence of seeing helpless people gunned down by Russian war mongers, while you can hear their screams. The level's obviously for media attention, but still, that level made me leave the room while my brother was playing it.

      • Moey

        Funnily enough in the missions in Brazil, there's civilians running around in the streets getting shot, but the missions in USA is completely without civilians :P I think that rather weird.

  • Jesper

    These games do no wrong in my eyes and should not be prohibited! Whats disgusting about them is not the games, but what they represent! They represent a part of our societies and indeed humanity which we normally dare not face! I say its better to get it all out in the open for everyone to see! There is no proven relationship between videogames and real-life violence.. I firmly believe they only express what is already in our society – they dont contribute to it! At most.. they let individuals act out repressed anger or fantasies in a harmless manner. I bet most of you holly suckers out there killed pixels with pleasure in videogames like Battlefield, Medal of honor or GTA! If murder is OK.. whom are we to judge what videogames must and must not do? The people I'm really scarred of are the ones with repressed emotions they cannot went! Those are the people who kill and rape IRL! Better Neo-nazis play holocaust games if that can keep them happy and occupied! I'm still disgusted by it… but I think it should be allowed! Who knows: It might even be possible that virtual "crimes" in time could completely rid the world of real life crimes!

    • apostle

      The problem with allowing those neo-nazis and pervs access to these games would only result in them craving it more, like a drug. Ask anyone with a porn or grug addiction: once they try a little taste (and they enjoy it), they crave the real thing and may do anything in order to get it. The murder/rape rate may even increase as a result.

      • I know that I have a big grug addiction. Sorry couldn't help it.

        It may not be right with us, and I certainly hope a majority of people would find these games disgusting, however, I also feel the need to protect their right of freedom of speech. I personally, would lose respect for any company that designed, produced or marketed these games but they still have the right and should.

      • Jesper

        There simply is no evidence to support those claims! And rape and child molestation has been around for quite a while ;-).. so it appears that people with those tendencies will do it regardless! However there is massive amounts of evidence that support the opposite.. that repression is the actual cause of crimes! This is basic psychology people!

        "What does correlate highly with sex offense is a strict, repressive religious upbringing. Richard Green too has reported that both rapists and child molesters use less pornography than a control group of “normal” males."

        Read more: Porn: Good for us? – The Scientist – Magazine of the Life Sciences

      • Emma

        Or you could see it like a nicotine patch for smokers trying to quit. Exposure to something similar, but not entirely the real thing, could diminish the craving or pacify them eternally.

        Honestly, someone who has these wrong urges is ultimately going to find an outlet some way. If the only outlet available exists solely in real life, it's likely they will end up committing a heinous crime. With some other way to pacify themselves, I think it's less likely they'll commit an actual crime. Statistics support my argument.

    • Hey you! Did you ever stop to think that the continued sexualisation of women may have an impact on the way in which women are viewed in real life! I'm not talking about just situations involving rape, but all the others where women are just sexual objects! the idea that a consistent representation of women in any media doesn't have an impact on the society in which that image is perpetuated is retarded! Did you never think that the perpetuation of these images also contributes to their normalisation and acceptance! Or that the representation of women as beings not solely there for sexual gratification is a rarity! Also, I hate the overuse of exclamation marks.

      • Jesper

        Thats an argument used against porn for the last five decades or so.. so far.. women are getting more and more respect. So I honestly don't see the correlation! Actually.. it may have the exact opposite effect:

        "Now let’s look at attitudes towards women. Studies of men who had seen X-rated movies found that they were significantly more tolerant and accepting of women than those men who didn’t see those movies…"

        "What does correlate highly with sex offense is a strict, repressive religious upbringing. Richard Green too has reported that both rapists and child molesters use less pornography than a control group of “normal” males."

        Read more: Porn: Good for us? – The Scientist – Magazine of the Life Sciences

        As well.. there simply is NO proven negative real life effects of crimes in videogames! What people (myself included) need to "get over" is the fact that just because YOU are disgusted by it.. does not mean that its unhealthy for society as a whole. The article above actually indicates the opposite. Whats "retarded" is to just ban everything we don't like to see in videogames and movie and then assume that the world is a better place. Its a part of society and will therefore come into expression somehow.. the question is whether that is as videogames, moviefantasies or crimestatistics!

  • I only knew 3 of these. Anyways, great list. Quite Surpised MW2 didn't make it, but those games just seem horrid.

  • Jesper

    And those of you who argue that rape is worse than murder should seriously talk to a rape victim and ask them if they would rather have just been killed!

    There is a very, very good reason murder is punished harder than rape! We are disgusted more by rape simply because it leaves a sympathetic victim that suffers NOW.. which we can relate more to.. whereas murder is often a past anonymous suffering. As a single act.. there can both legally and morally be non worse than murder.. because most (when push comes to shove) would always prefer to live! Therefore life must be valued above all else.

    Since murder has already been a well honored tradition in videogames, books and movies for many decades.. all else should be also be allowed.

    • Gergeth

      I think your logic in your last statement is flawed there. Just because murder is condoned and expected in video games does not necessarily mean everything else should be.

    • YEAH!!! And while we're at it let's legalize murder and rape and every drug you can think of! Its everywhere in video games, so why shouldn't it be legalized?! JFK Reloaded was revolutionary! Let's go kill every President!

      You moron….

      • Jesper

        Im sorry.. I should have made my post idiot-proof.. but I didn't realize there were so dumb people as you on listverse. What I meant was of course that "all else should also be allowed [in videogames]".. not in real life you imbecile! In case you didn't notice.. we're not talking about real life here! That might be the problem with this whole discussion.. if half the people somehow think we're talking about real life.

    • "We are more disgusted by rape simply because it leaves a sympathetic victim" —actually no, many rape victims suffer a stigma, which involves the discussion as to whether the victim "invited" such and abuse. For this reason, many victims do not report their violation to the police. The idea that a fantasy has no place in reality is also incredibly biased towards the abuser in this case: In England, where I live, a rape case was thrown out of court without trial because it became known that the woman in question had fantasies about having sex with multiple men. Because this was expressed, her protestation of gang rape was completely disregarded. I say, let the trial go to court, and this be used as evidence – but it wasn't. It wasn't taken to trial, because of this. Yet many posters on here are defending simulations of rape as a means of entertainment because it is not actually real – but a woman has her fantasies used against her in court with regards to gang rape. A report on this incident can be found here

  • Actually beat em and eat em looks kind of funny

  • Wow. I have actually heard of one or two of these, but the rest have slipped right under my radar. Great list!

  • Chris

    You whitesnipped pansies. While some of these are, at best on a questionable moral ground, it still deserve to be out there. If you get deeply offended by them and want them removed, then you really dont understand one of the very basic rules of a western society. This is an extreme example of how far freedom of speech and expression go. I don't defend the acts depicted, but I defend the right to make fiction of them and the right to have an opinion, no matter how gross and unnatural it might seem to the general public.

    • As far as I am aware, nobody on here has called for a ban.

      • A lot of commenters have said these games shouldn't exist let alone be on shelves, which is tantamount to thinking they should be banned.

  • These games are certainly among the top most controversial games.

  • brobro

    Internet cliches are nasty, bro

  • Emma

    Sorry, I think that's just stupid. The majority of men, and many women in America view porn. That's just fact. It doesn't make you a violent person, and it doesn't make you look at women in a demeaning way. Fantasy is fantasy for most normal people.. and for those who can't tell where the line between the two starts and ends, there should be severe consequences.

    So punish them, but I certainly wouldn't recommend going after every person in the country. Just my two cents.

    • And like I've said in other posts, the idea of what constitutes fantasy and reality is different for men and women. I state again the fact that a woman who had fantasies of group sex was reason enough to throw a conviction of gang rape out of court – and I stress – without it ever coming to trial. While you may reject the idea that the continual sexualisation of women in the media does have an affect on the way women are viewed in reality, this case is unfortunately demonstrative of the fact that a woman's sexuality will be used against her, while a man's (whether influenced by a violent media or not) won't:

      Also, you say that many women of America view porn – is that because of the "advice" served out by such columns suggest that this will save your relationship – or some other reason? Or have you pulled this assumption out of your arse?

      • Emma

        I would never follow the advice of columns that suggested something I didn't like in order to save a relationship. I am a woman, and I happen to have many, many friends… thus no, the statistic is not BSed… believe me. Realistically, men and women are more similar sexually than you think… your attitude reminds me of some 1950s crap.

        Plus, you're generalizing women. Just because you don't like a certain thing doesn't mean it's bad. I am quite certain there are statistic that show a large amount of stable, normal women enjoy porn.

  • ShoresLady

    The real challenge is to be the masters of our own peaceful worlds where there is no market for perversions like these. Game on, every day.

  • Mindymoo

    As someone who has actually been violently sexually assaulted, knowing that there are people who would play a game where the object is to molest and rape someone just makes me want to cry for humanity. I've read about the various Atari sex games before, but "Custer's Last Stand" takes it to a new level. And I heard about "Rapelay", and how you rape a child, and your three victims actually cry during it. How is this entertaining or titillating to anybody? I don't "blame the Japanese" for such games. I blame the person who created it, and the people who are buying and playing it. Hopefully, none of this crap will show up as available for purchase on my Wii's Virtual Console!

    As for what I enjoy, I love time management games, platformers like Mario, exercise and sport games on the Wii, and other non-threatening, non-bloody, rape-free games. The bloodiest game I play is "Amateur Surgeon", and at least in that, you're actually treating and saving people, even though you're doing it with a pizza slicer.

    • Jesper

      I too am disgusted by these games. But what if those games could actually help violent people and sex-offenders to live out their fantasies in virtual space.. so that they may not do it in real life? Just because its "out there" doesn't mean that one has to play it! And the normal people who might play it by mistake or out of some morbid curiosity are more lxikely to be utterly disgusted by it! Thereby having satisfied their curiosity in a harmless fashion. It may be an offensive thought to previous victims, but most sex-offenders are simply mentally ill.. and perhaps videogames could be a form of treatment (also as a preventive measure).

  • adam

    "Hey at least they didnt get raped! right?" *whisper* *whisper* "Oh, they did? We should give them money!"

  • mmm

    If you think these are disgusting, then I guess you've never really explored "experimental cinema".

  • $uMØ

    who is the mother fuker made the game muslim massacre :@:@@:

  • arkzist

    i acttually have a copy of jfk reloaded and colombine rpg on my computer

  • Davo

    im going to buy and play all these games and be adversely affected by them, thus showing the world it is video games, not shit parenting or mental illness, that is the source of all these problems.

  • mr postman

    What about POSTAL?????!!

  • RapeLay is fun, but I prefer the IRL version.

    Where the fuck is Postal?

  • Perhaps the most telling thing about this list is not the games themselves, but the fact that they wouldn't exist were there not a market for them…

    In other words, somebody is buying them or they wouldn't be made.

    I have played (and immensely enjoyed) GTA and similar titles (such as Manhunter). I view them as exactly what they were intended; entertainment. I also enjoyed Spiderman 2, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to take to the streets of New York in red and blue spandex and try to swing between buildings.

    I would not personally enjoy a game such as Ethnic Cleansing or Rapelay, but someone might. Nor would I associate with such a person, but at the same time, better they should act out their fantasies on a bunch of helpless pixels than real people.

    • Most of these games aren't marketed, that is to say they were made because the designers wanted to and as such the games have to be sought out to be played – like any newgrounds game. So it's a bit different.

  • Vonter

    In regards to polemic games its true there's a lot of games about murdering people (shooters, beat em ups etc). But all those games are put in a context of fighting for the player's character own survival (the victim). The reason the rape games are seen wrong is because you always play as the rapist and not the victim.

    Still I think being polemic about videogames is ridiculous being the fact that:

    1.- Games are and entertaining medium, so is personal for any person to be having fun either jumping on turtles or shooting a masked soldier, zombie, monster etc.

    2.- If developers have an urge to take on adult themes or the dark side of human nature like any book or movie has taken, the context has to be well defined and have some real sense of logic.

    3.- Promote the fact there are rating systems like in movies and music. Also stay sharp that if the theme in the game is mature state that it isn't only a game, because like a movie the medium can be for entertaining or present a work of art.

  • cheerios

    the people defending/are playing those rape games are most likely those who never get any in real life and thus enjoy pleasure from playing such nonsense rape games… ew. freaks.

  • I want to know what's going through someone's head when they think "Hmm, I'll make a game about rape and tragedy."

    I mean, let's be serious. SOMEONE at some company had to come up with the idea. And then they had to say to a team of developers, "Hey, I have an idea…" and then, those developers had to agree.


  • Shocking information to know that there's raping game… :(

  • fajita

    grand theft auto?

  • sick … I bet these geeks who made this have an issue …

  • Phil

    Re the “Muslim Massacre”, the quote “an article in the LA times printed a comment by ‘anon’ stating, “If it were a game showing Muslims killing Israelis, the whole world would have sought revenge”.

    That’s an utter lie, and a manifestation of the BS persecution complex of some Muslims and/or their apologists which tends to grossly overestimate, often to the point of conspiracy theory, of how sensitive the world is to Jewish concerns, and especially Israeli ones! A simple glance at coverage of the Middle East puts the lie to that.

    In fact, the very next game listed shows the players murdering Israelis and other Jews! And bigoted Muslims have written games showing jihadis murdering Israelis

    These sorts of games are not released by game companies, but by some obsessed bigots, and played by other obsessed bigots. They could have simply depicted the illness of it, but instead the article’s author and the LA Times had to pile on some vicarious Jew bashing!

    • So everyone is a bigot but the Israeli.

      Whatever zionist bottomfeeder.

    • Giant Flying Robo

      What the hell are you even trying to say?

    • fail

      Be happy atleast they didnt kill Moses or your God, which is the same as the muslims….

  • Tommy

    Some of the games crossed the line, but Manhunt was enjoyable for the stealth and dark atmosphere that draws you in and the great voice acting. Then again, most of the world's most popular games have gobs and gobs of violence….mostly to do with war, which SHOULD not be glorified to kids.

  • A game is just a game. It is the parents responsibility whether they buy those games for their children and all their children to buy those games for themselves. If it goes against their morality, then they should eliminate it from the household – not the market.

  • Although RapeLay sounds like it was made by horny Japanese men who had a cloudy imagination. That was the only one that sounded quite creepy and gross.

  • Adam Felt

    Jack Thompson would LOVE this list.

  • Some actually do this for amusement?
    How sad.

  • Denzell

    item 12 reminds me of "Copycat Crimes" (TV show in ci crime and investigation network)

  • moi

    great list! i find that it is soooo a million times obvious that violent video games contribute to murder in real life. will the human lust for violence never stop? I don't think so. i remember when i was playing solid snake for the ps2 with my little brother who was five years old, it was a great game with snake ogling this blond woman, okay i thought, ogling is fine…but at the end, they were practically doing the nasty! really.

  • wow these games are just awful

  • IceX

    "some people defending the game have argued that rape is considered a less-serious crime than murder, and that the majority of games out now feature the murder of numerous people in order to finish the game."

    The most wrong part about this is most shooting game are actually in a war or, battling for survival, or looking for justice. And not to mention the target are mostly criminal, enemy of democracy, or just mass murderer themselves. But this exclude some open world game that dumbly wondering in the city with RPG launcher, hijacking car, killing recklessly , anything you want to do game. Rape game, on the other hand violate nudity, violence and moral value with a long shot. Differ than erotic game that have the line. It deny the "less-serious crime than murder" terms because it is for gaming. Not in real life…

    Just pointing my opinion…. Don't reply pliss

  • Lazyboredom

    "great list! i find that it is soooo a million times obvious that violent video games contribute to murder in real life. will the human lust for violence never stop? I don't think so. i remember when i was playing solid snake for the ps2 with my little brother who was five years old, it was a great game with snake ogling this blond woman, okay i thought, ogling is fine…but at the end, they were practically doing the nasty! really. "
    Honestly, the "nasty"? See, you people are the hypocrites gamers complain about so much, the solid snakes for the ps2 are all rated M for mature, and you were playing it with your five year old brother? For the ogling part why werent you being an older sibling and going "Whoa, hey this is not for children's eyes" and making your brother leave the room , and plus a rated M game, I put much emphasis on the M for mature, since you were playing it with a child that shouldn't even be playing a T game.

  • Heunceut

    LMFAO I want "Ethnic Cleansing", sounds great!

  • I remember a 1997 game called Carmageddon, it stirred up alot of controversy aswell.

  • Tyler

    No DOOM?

  • charlie

    what about the highest grosing game of all time call of duty modern warfare 2 which included the level were you acted as a terrorist

    • Giant Flying Robo

      That was only one level, and nowhere near as offensive(but almost as sick as) all the other games on this list. Plus you could skip that, in games like Rapelay and Ethnic Cleansing, the main and only objective is to commit horrible deeds.

  • Beast Of Gevaudan

    There certainly are some disturbed minds out there.

    I enjoy playing video games (mostly sports games with the occasion first person shooter) but the games on this list just go too far. What kind of sick person would play games where killing innocent people, rape and racism are the objective? And what kind of sick person would go through the trouble of making these games?

    What a crazy world we live in.

  • Marilynn

    The comments here are far more interesting than the list. :D

  • archangel

    the problem with these games is not the game itself, but the fact that someone created the game in the first place, and that it has the potential to translate into real life. That rape vs. murder argument is a powerful point though.

  • Alex

    Christians should stand firmly against violence or sex within videogames. Neither are right, and it makes no sense to condemn virtual rape while condoning virtual violence.

  • Freddy

    Its funny because there is so much hypocrisy.
    In Japan the rape rates are so low, obviously the erotic things they produce must help them cope, but they are deemed as 'disgusting.'
    And also ever since VHS and porn came out rape rates have dropped about 70%.
    YES rape is totally wrong but it's a video game. If you choose do it outside, then you are a sick person.
    Just like how if you play GTA you are NOT guaranteed to go and shoot hookers and carjack. Those options are made by people, not forced. Video games do not have a gun to their head, saying do this and do that. So why is a common sexual fantasy like rape looked at as obscene? Cause it's not the 'right' thing and people tend to think one thing always leads to another.
    But shooting heads off and blowing up limbs? That's all day.
    The world today is hurt so easily by pixels.. I'm sorry, just venting! :(

    • Josef

      You said it best mate. I had baby shaker on my ipod. My friends and I got a kick out of how fucked it is. Do I shake babies irl? No. I'm just a normal guy. A schoolteacher in fact. Seriously can't improve on this post. Kudos.

  • platypus5

    I found each and every one of those games disturbing if not downright offensive, but I must make a comment about KZ Manager.

    Not only is it about a fundamentally offensive and controversial topic, but that game is also factually inaccurate in many ways. (Not that I have played it. I could already find several issues just by reading the description.)

    First of all, if I recall correctly, Turkey was not involved in WW2, and it did not have a significant population in the camps. Second, I believe that camps were not separated by the inmates inside them: Jews, Gypsies, etc were lumped together.

    Finally and most importantly, the German public never knew about the killings. They just knew about the “work” part of the camps. The final solution itself was top secret.

  • Grrreat

    There is already Battle Raper 2 kewl =D

  • cyon1341

    The reason why rape games are worse then games that involve murder is that, in our society, killing is only wrong most of the time. There are times, such as war or in self defense, when murder is seen as justified so we are used to the notion of a good or just kill. Rape, on the other hand, is wrong all of the time. There are no circumstances that make it a just act. That being said, this doesn't mean games can't involve sex. Games, such as leisure suit Larry, which is just silly, can approach the matter, if not tastefully, then humanely. Some people really need to pull the stick out of our butts and learn not to paint everything in broad strokes.

  • custers cupcakes

    custers revenge is not a game-it is merely a mini game that only belongs on games like rapelay(why?)

  • onlyChange

    before the age of speech and sophisticated communication (given you believe in evolution)… the very act of furthering the species was essentially rape. There was never a consent. To express it in an overblown way… surely everyone remembers cartoons of the caveman wielding a club who knocks a female unconscious and drags her away. Hes dragging her away to procreate.

    this is not to say i condone rape. it is simply a damning word we have given to a previously common act. Which, now that women can speak, have expressed great disdain for the act. And having evolved into thoughtful and just people, we have made laws and started teaching our offspring that this is not how to procreate.

    Havnt you ever seen a puppy try to dry-hump something? It doesnt care if its object of desire wants to be humped. It is essentially attempting to "rape", by definition. And yet, we laugh at the puppy. When logic dictates.. that pup needs some jailtime!

  • Ackmed teh idiot

    Ugh, these games are horrifying….

  • OutOfBounds

    These games sicken me, the masturbation one is plain stupid, where as the KKK and Nazi ones are pure evil, I can’t express me hatred enough for when people discriminate, luckily we live in a time where everyone has equal rights, but were not perfect, people are still racist to this day, I just don’t understand our world, sometimes.

    Also for the JFK “game”, that’s very disturbing too, the man died, let’s not relive that, let’s remember him as he once was.

    I’m a 15 year old white male from a small town in Canada, are population is 97% white as I recall, but everyone it meet doesn’t care if your white, black, asain, a women, everyones equal, as for most places out there, everyone can be happy, I just hate it when racism is put into really, really, really stupid jokes, or “games”, fucking “games”.

    • sigh

      Muslim Massacre is fine right? because you didnt mention that…. or you forgot?

  • Jay

    I had planned to skip this topic entirely, but curiosity causes me to ask a question (which may have been answered earlier; if so, sorry for the redundancy): Are there any games where women rape men?

  • VictoriousMarch

    Muslim Massacre sounds good.

  • sebton

    I really can believe that people can get upset with number 4. Abortion leagal in most "civilized" countries. Isn't it the same stuff. You have a baby and you want him not to give you problems, and you do whatever is in your hands to kill him and make him stop crying. Is really surpring that people can defend more a computarize baby, that a baby that is real, and is in the uterus of a mother, sometimes really near to born.

  • sebton

    I really cant, sorry *abortion is leagal.

  • sebton

    I reallly can't believe that people get horrorized with the baby shaking game. In most "civilized" countries abortion is legal. Isn't it the same stuff? People who doesn't want to have any problems, they hear the baby cryin and kill him. I cannot understand why do people defend, and say that is inmoral to kill a computerized baby and not to kill a real baby who is about to be born, which is real and moves.

  • Shadowman

    I understand that every person has their own understandings of the ‘law’. And that some countries are even open to games such as rapelay or other pornographic media.

    What I don’t understand is why now? Why is murder or rape a crime when it wasn’t even considered remotely indecent not a thousand (or so) years ago.

    Moreover, you americans… How can you feel so just about a leader who crams fear and hatered down your throats, but when a child fights back he’s hated and downtroden… or killed…

    Most of you are saying ‘think about the children’… If that is to be the case, turn off the tv, border up the windows, bolt the doors shut, and maybe your child will be better off… But what will he have missed? He (I now realise you child could also be a girl) will be completely innocent to the world…

    When a man hold a gun to his face, will your child understand what that thing is, will he understand that weapon could kill him? You cannot just assume a childs innocence is the best thing for him, without the experience of killing a video game character, he cannot understand the consequences of his actions.
    It is when he chooses not to kill, that you can truely call him an adult. (And I do not mean in a video game)

    I own two of the three games listed. Both of which consist of sexual actions, but does that mean, (as an eighteen year old), that I want to stalk a girl and eventually rape her… NO! I keep my desires in the game, and that is the difference. I choose not to rape, I choose not to kill, even though I have been bullied, beaten, and ridiculed, I am a better person because I understand the difference.

    Which is my original point, innocence is useless. Shelter a child, prepare for a criminal…

    Moreover, the crime of killing in war is not the only thing ‘justified’… (going back to someone’s quote about rape being un-justifiable)

    Women are raped in war times just because they are captured by the enemy, yet this is ‘justified’ because they happen to be on the wrong side at the wrong time.
    Scandanavians have done this, knights of the dark age have done this, and (more recently) american marines have done this. And no one bats an eye lid…

    “Say let’s make a game where we kill the racist’s, lets make a game where we rape the rapists,” All good in theory, but what happens next is a game that kills racist killers, or rapes raper rapers… We will all end up in a vicious cycle that we know we can’t win.

    If you ban pornography, or even any violent game all together, you will end up with sexually frustrated, or murderous people who need to release… and the closest thing they will have is to do the act of which is not allowed. Gaming creates a fanatical world where we can escape, where murdering someone doesn’t matter, or where we are punished for our mis-deeds without overall consequence upon our consciousness.

    GTA is actually a great game because it allows us to release our frustration, and dealing with the consequences, all without harming the real world.

    So bag these games all you want, but remember. Games like these are helping the problem, even if you yourself would never touch them. That’s your choice.

    p.s. I’m not saying all of this to defend myself, I would happily face my peers and say I’m a pervert, because I am.

  • postal dude

    Why didn't you write something about postal 2 aw7, it is mother of all violence and Bloodshed.

  • My black friend would like the Ethnic Cleansing game. He likes to pretend he's the boss of the KKK.

  • 4 – Nothing but retarded.

  • LedsKemamen


  • Hedz

    This list is so so so wrong… Where’s Postal?! -.-”

  • Clartyglate


  • titTadsPady


  • bbrown

    All of the list made me think that hell had invaded earth.

  • tetVeinSSoode


  • dreddfan

    Did you know that the game mentioned in number twelve actually belonged to the victim?

    The killer lured him to his death with the promise of more video games.

  • gabrielle

    you are all arguing the rape murder scene but what abou the baby shaker to me thats the worst one.

  • RRevolutionary

    Reading these comments makes me really question society as whole.

  • stephanie

    to the creators of the games about rape: you are disgusting horrible people, how could you even think of making games about that?
    to the people who play them: why would you even play a disgusting game like that? its horrible! to virtual molest someone, even though there is no harm, is almost like the real thing, because you want to, just virtually. how could they still be in business..?

  • p1t1o

    On the subject of rape:

    Firstly: I agree, murder is a worse crime than rape and they both should be treated as such, appropriately.

    Possibly murder *might* be the *only* crime worse than rape (or other forms of physical/phsychological torture).

    My main point: IMHO it is significant that rape victims are still around to relate how bad the crime was, and we can see the psychological effect the crime has had on the victim.

    This is virtually absent in the case of murder and I think this has significant effects, affecting how rape and murder is perceived by the populace.

    Interestingly of course, there are many connections that can be made between death and sex…but that discussion could take pages.

  • Milkplaisse

    Very useful idea

  • Matt Blue

    Dudes !! Wtf is with the screenshot of Super Columbine Massacre RPG! that’s one of my favorite games, the screenshot looks mock3D and the actual game graphics are more “Final Fantasy Tactics”… is there a remake? :O !!

  • Pat

    The list needs Grand Theft Auto Series. It definitely not the worst in terms of morality when compared to The Klan and CZ but it is the most popular controversial game. Besides manhunt and Columbine, I have not heard of these other games, but everyone has heard of GTA and everyone has an opinion on it; this makes it more controversial than the others, I AM NOT SAYING IT IS THE WORST MORALLY

  • Jan Halsell

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  • bob

    wheres gta?

  • Halina Fuents

    Glad the “evil one” is back puts some life into the show I am not bothered about how many episodes James Lafferty will be in and I honestly dont know why anyone is he is returning part time yes but it still means he could be in all 13 episodes, he just has to do more work when he is on set just like we all do! Its called overtime or am I just looking at things from a “simple” perspective?

  • Rosemary Wolske

    Sorr I do not understand what you want!!

  • Randy

    number 4 should be number 1. It’s just too cruel and messed up

  • Creepy Old Sicko Perv

    The rate of sex crimes (especially in Japan) started to decrease in the 80’s, due to the hentai rape games released on their FAMICOM and IBM PCs, and even less as computers advanced and these rape games became more realistic, to where Japan had a per million rape rate that was 1/16th of that of the USA’s 32 per million.
    Now… if you would excuse me, I think I’ll go obtain Rapelay and Battle Raper and watch a bunch of pixels getting their groove on. Feel free to throw me with your usual ad hominem attacks though. Your famous feminazi battle cry is located within my user name in case you didn’t notice.

  • suzanelyk


  • Kuru

    I already have #6 im downloading number 8
    Awesome list by the way
    Oh do include the airport massacre of call of duty modern warfare 2

  • Jack

    I’m quite surprised ZOG’s Nightmare isn’t in this list.

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    I understand that KZ Manager is number 1 but rapelay no. 6?! it should have been put higher

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  • LavendR

    all these guys being so accepting of a rape video game.

    they should make video games based on Lorena Bobbitt or even better Aileen Wuornos. they wouldn’t be so accepting then…

  • Shane13

    I have 2:
    Wolfenstein, and Urban Chaos

  • fabgirl

    JFrater: The important question is not who thought it up(but I am picturing that brainstorming meeting in my head right now), but what kind of mentally ill sex addict plays it!

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