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10 Most Annoying Time-Wasters

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There are all sorts of annoying things in life – people who cut in line, aggressive drivers, people talking on cell phones in public. This list is a specific subpart of that very large category. It focuses on the top ten things that both annoy and waste your time, or, more accurately, steal time away from you. These things steal time from your life that you would ordinarily have kept and used for, presumably, more fun and productive endeavors. Sit down and try to calculate how much time you estimate you have spent dealing with these annoyances. It’s startling to consider how much of our lives are spent overcoming these annoying obstacles. In all ten of these examples, I tried to focus on those annoyances that you either cannot avoid, or which are very difficult to avoid. Though this list contains, of course, some of my own most hated time-wasting annoyances, I tried to choose those that are universally annoying and wasteful. I hope you have fun with it.


Blow-in Cards

Wiredritual Small

How much time does the average person waste picking off the floor, and throwing away, the magazine subscription cards that fall out when you open the magazine? These annoyances are meant to fall out into your lap, but this assumes the reader is sitting down when they open the magazine, and also assumes it will land in your lap, not on the floor, or be blown away by the wind or a fan. Invariably, these little cards end up not in your lap or hand, but everywhere you don’t want them – under the couch, in between the seat cushions, on the kitchen floor, blowing down the driveway as you get the mail. These cards are typically 3’x5” in size and are called “blow-in” cards, because in the magazine manufacturing process these cards are typically blown into the magazine, between the pages, one at a time. Of course, sometimes the machines accidentally blow in more than one card, so your issue of Sports Illustrated barfs nine of these cards onto the floor when you open it. Some cards are called “bind-in” cards and these are OK, they are bound into the magazine and do not fall out (typically they have perforated edges and can be torn out by the reader). It is the blow-in cards that are so annoying and waste your time when you have to chase one down the street or pick it up and throw it into the trash.

How effective are these blow-in cards for magazines? One magazine estimates that 12% of their magazine subscriptions come in as a result of blow-in cards (compared to only 10% through the paperless internet subscription services). And cost is another reason blow-in cards are not going away anytime soon. It costs the magazine, on average, about $10 to acquire a new subscriber using blow-in cards, compared to $25 or more using direct mailing.


Extension cords and water hoses

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It may be possible to go through life and never have to use an extension cord or a water hose, but for the average homeowner, these are both essential tools of the trade. And both can be incredibly frustrating to use and waste many hours of ones life. The culprit for each is kinks and snags. No matter how carefully one unwinds, and rewinds, extension cords and water hoses, no matter what anti-snag device one uses, inevitably, they become twisted, ensnared, tangled, pinched and stuck. Untangling an especially complicated tangle in an extension cord or water hose can take minutes. Sometimes, the extent of the tangle is so maddening, one throws the cord or hose down in disgust and simply walks away in defeat. All manner of hose reeling devices and extension cord wrapping devices are available – all of which promise to prevent tangles, kinks and snares and all of which inevitably fail.


Tamper Resistant Packaging

Screen Shot 2010-07-09 At 10.13.30 Am

Tamper-resistant devices or features are common on modern packages. There are also tamper-evident packaging methods, which make it noticeable that a product has been tampered with or opened. Whether they are seals, caps, wrappings, twist-off devices, hooks, anchors, twist-ties, or the dreaded hard-plastic clamshell packaging used on such things as children’s toys, all manner of tamper-resistant and tamper-evident packaging wastes hundreds of hours in an average lifetime as you pry, cut, twist, shear, punch and otherwise manipulate the packaging to get at what you want.

Tamper-resistant packaging as we now know it is a relatively new invention, which dates back to the Chicago Tylenol murders in the autumn of 1982. Seven people died after taking pain-relief capsules that had been poisoned. The Tylenol poisonings took place when Extra-Strength Tylenol medicine capsules were maliciously laced with potassium cyanide. The incident led to reforms in the packaging of over-the-counter substances, and to federal anti-tampering laws. The case remains unsolved and no suspects have been charged. However, the incident did inspire the pharmaceutical, food and consumer product industries to develop tamper-resistant packaging, such as induction seals and improved quality control methods. Moreover, product tampering was made a federal crime.

The benefits of tamper-resistant packaging are therefore substantial; they have prevented untold loss of life and bodily injury since the new packaging measures were implemented. However, there is no denying the modern tamper-resistant and tamper-evident packaging wastes many hours of the average Americans lifetimes. as one struggles to open or get through these devices.


Red Lights

Traffic Lights Mist

Red lights are a common device that have been around almost as long as the automobile, yet red lights are a huge time waster. Why? Because there are other options to control traffic flow at many intersections – namely, the traffic circle or roundabout. A roundabout is a type of circular junction in which road traffic must travel in one direction around a central island. Signs usually direct traffic entering the circle to slow down and give the right of way to drivers already in the circle. These junctions are sometimes called modern roundabouts in order to emphasize the distinction from older circular junction types, which had different design characteristics and rules of operation. Older designs, called traffic circles or rotaries, are typically larger, operate at higher speeds, and often give priority to entering traffic.

In countries where people drive on the right, the traffic flow around the central island of a roundabout is counterclockwise. In countries where people drive on the left, the traffic flow is clockwise. Statistically, roundabouts are safer for drivers and pedestrians than both traffic circles and traditional intersections. Because low speeds are required for traffic entering roundabouts they are not designed for high-speed motorways.
The first modern roundabout in the United States was constructed in Summerlin, Nevada, in 1990, and roundabouts have since become increasingly common in North America.

Under many traffic conditions, an unsignalized roundabout can operate with less delay to users than traffic signal control or all-way stop control (intersections with red lights). Unlike all-way stop intersections, a roundabout does not require a complete stop by all entering vehicles, which reduces both individual delay and delays resulting from vehicle queues. A roundabout can also operate much more efficiently than a signalized junction because drivers are able to proceed when traffic is clear without the delay incurred while waiting for the traffic signal to change.
Roundabouts can increase delays in locations where traffic would otherwise not be required to stop, and do have some disadvantages such as motorcycle safety concerns. However, modern roundabouts would save the typical driver many hours otherwise spent sitting at red lights at intersections.


Microsoft Products

Screen Shot 2010-07-09 At 10.14.45 Am

“Do you want to send this error message”? “Sorry but Windows needs to shut down”. How many times were you moving along through your PC and all of a sudden one of these annoying messages popped up on the screen and you were cut off, stopped dead in your tracks and had to wait for your PC to reboot? If you are like most PC users, it is a lot of wasted time. And most hated of all is the dreaded “blue screen of death” which would suddenly appear with no warning or error message at all – just a blank blue screen staring back at you. And, of course, how much time have you wasted redoing the content that was lost when Microsoft products decide to just shut down or lock up on you?

This is not meant to be a specific criticism of Microsoft, all computer programs, operating systems and hardware have problems, and can lock up or shut down or lose data for unexpected reasons. However – because Microsoft has the lion’s share of the PC and software market, they account for the vast majority of the time we waste because of computer software and hardware malfunctions. And, of course, they were responsible for the travesty that was Windows 98, which single-handedly wasted millions of hours of human time until Windows XP was released.




One bright spot on this depressing list is the advent of “do not call lists” which have drastically cut down on the number of telemarketing phone calls the average person receives. But the time wasted by answering the phone at 5:00 PM, in the middle of evening dinner, as some telemarketer pedaled their product can never be recovered. These calls are, perhaps, not one of the biggest time wasters (measured in sheer volume of minutes wasted) because you could always just hang up, or screen incoming telemarketing calls with an answering machine, but they were certainly one of the most annoying. And the shear intensity and volume of the annoyance led people to finally say, “enough is enough” and demand legislation, which led to the creation of the National Do Not Call Registry in 2003. How effective has this legislation been? In 2007 it was estimated that over 70% of Americans have registered their telephone number with the registry and 77% feel the registry has drastically reduced the number of telemarketing calls they receive (down from an average of 30 calls per month to only 6).

Editors Note: The same system was introduced in Canada in 2008, and has had far less success. With over 300,000 complaints received, and over $73,000 in fines levied, only $250 has been collected, as of March 1. Sadly, we Canadians are still having our time wasted by this modern day menace!


Telephone directories

500 1190069443 830509 25884962

If you like this list – press one now. If you dislike this list, press two. If you hate telephone directories press three, or stay on the line and an operator will assist you. We all have these annoying menu options branded into our brains – seldom can you call a company, or individual, and not be confronted with a menu of options and/or recorded messages you must wait through, or push through, to reach the person you want to speak with. Anyone old enough to remember the days when you called a person and either they picked up, or they didn’t (there were no answering machines) and you called a company and an actual human being picked up the phone on the first or second ring and talked to you, know just how far we have devolved over the last thirty plus years, and how much time we waste. Telephone directories may help company’s route incoming calls and improve their operating efficiency, but they are certain to annoy the caller, and waste their time. [JFrater: I hate this so much that I chose my electricity and gas company specifically because they have humans who answer the telephones.]




An especially virulent form of modern time wasting is caused by various forms of computer malware that infect and slow down your computer, or slow down your interface with the computer (or both). Of course if we simply did not use computers, this extreme time waster would not be an issue for us. However, in our modern high tech lives, not using a computer is becoming more and more difficult. It is estimated that at least 60% of all home PC’s are infected with some form of malware. Many home PC’s are so infected as to render the machines almost unusable. Unknowing and not especially tech-literate home PC users waste untold millions of hours of time on slow, unresponsive malware-infested computers, and do not even know it. It is debatable which is worse – living with things that waste your time, unbeknownst to you, or living with things that waste your time, and of which you are painfully aware. Regardless, computer malware (not to mention the time spent installing anti-malware programs and time spent running and maintaining those computer security programs) is a huge waste of your time.


Customer Support

Img Tech-Support

Very closely related to telephone directories is the modern annoyance of poor (or non-existent) customer support. You have a problem or a question, or perhaps a complaint about a product or service? You pick up the phone and call the company (or you can email them but the result is typically the same). You weave your way through the labyrinth of confusing telephone directory menu options until you finally arrive at (possibly) a human being to talk to. You think you have wasted many minutes of your life so far? The time wasting has only begun. If you are lucky, you will have called a company that “gets it” and has excellent or even good customer support, you will reach a knowledgeable, helpful, trained and friendly customer support person. But sadly, more often than not today, you reach a person who is just the opposite. In fact, many companies today deliberately use customer support people who are anything but supportive. The customer support person you reach is often overworked, burned out and doesn’t care. Whatever the reason, you are about to enter the Twilight Zone of time wasting frustration.

You all know the routine. The customer support person can’t help you, or delays helping you because “their computers are down”. Or they can’t help you so they transfer you to someone else who can, and you wait on hold for untold scores of minutes. This other support person never answers, or takes a very long time to answer, and it ends up they can’t help you either in which case they transfer you to a third person, or refer you back to the person you first spoke to. In the phone call transfer process, often times you get disconnected and the line goes dead and you need to call back and start through the labyrinth all over again. All of this wastes hours, days, weeks, months of your life.


Too Many Choices

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Have you ever gone into a grocery store to buy, say, a box of Wheat Thins and been confronted with an entire wall of different varieties of Wheat Thins? You just want regular, old-fashioned Wheat Thins. But to find them, you must search your way through a dozen or more different types of Wheat Thins in the grocery store display. Big Wheat Thins (an oxymoron George Carlin would have loved), Artisan Cheese Wheat Thins, Ranch Wheat Thins, the list goes on and on. This takes time and becomes very frustrating. In fact, recent research has shown that, when confronted with too many different choices, grocery store shoppers tend to not buy the product at all out of sheer overload and frustration. Now, take the Wheat Thin choice overload model and apply it to most every other product you want to buy in a grocery store. You end up spending half a day shopping for groceries where before it took an hour – simply because you can’t find what you are looking for, or have to ponder too many choices.

The “tyranny of choice” is not just about grocery shopping. It’s in almost every consumer choice we have to make. There used to be GM, Ford and American Motors (and a few European and Japanese car models). Now there are dozens of car manufacturers and hundreds of available models to chose from. There used to be one single provider for a utility – say one gas provider, one electricity provider, etc. Now consumers have to choose which utility they want to buy their electricity from. It used to be you worked a job and received healthcare benefits and a retirement program. Now there are many different “benefit menus”, and “plan options” to review and choose from. All of this takes time and can be very frustrating.
Do we really need such an over abundance of choice in almost every aspect of our modern lives? Multiple options to choose from may or may not be a modern benefit to life, but there is one thing too many choices always are – time wasters.




How much time have you lost in your life trying to untie a knot in a pair of shoes, or the drawstring on a swimming suit or other piece of clothing? Invent a string device that when tied is 100% guaranteed to never knot and the world will beat a path to your door.

  • The internet, obviously!

  • having to reboot after installing a program for the installation to take effect, a little related to no.6 but not quite

    • JK III

      In a similar light: restarting firefox after installing an addon. I don't know why, but his actually annoys me more than restarting the whole computer. Hope they fix this in Firefox 4.

      • Leigha

        You can choose not to restart it and it'll go into effect the next time you open it. That's what I always do.

  • Vera Lynn

    Greetings from Chicago! Im with MPW!!

    Cool list. I could add a few..

    • How fun for you two. :) Send pictures!!

    • I live in Chicago too, in Wriggleyville. Biggest time waster: Cubs games. I am usually pretty apathetic about sports teams but I hate the Cubs just because of their fans and the traffic jams their games cause.

  • unwanted

    watching a movie.
    and at the end u find it worthless to watch..:)

    • That one kills….How often I've wanted my money (or membership credit) back from netflix.

      And that's for movies I've watched from the comfort of my home. Thank heavens I didn't waste extra time in the car going out to the theater.

      • mikan

        Happened to me at "Alice In Wonderland". Its such a hyped up movie I have to see it. Same with 2012. Waste of money -.-

    • If you go to the movies and the movie is not worth sitting through to watch and you leave within the first 30 mins the theatre will give you back your money. At least that is what happened to me. But it is still a waste of time going to the movie only to have to walk out again.

  • rain

    slow people. that's a time waster. when you have to go and your companions still wanna talk to somebody else even though they're talking about nonsense things.

  • Arsnl

    I love tied knots and tangled cables. Its so challenging and fun to undo them.
    “tamper-evident packaging wastes many hours of the average Americans lifetimes”. Well see its better for the rest of us. We get out pills in plastic bags and our yougurt is put in brown paper bags.
    I dont think malware should be on this list. It was purposly invented to waste your time/annoy you. Its like saying getting shot is a huge time waster. Or having cancer.
    Roundabouts (kinda sounds like reach-arounds): Well im not a driver but how could you put a roundabout in heavily compact cities like paris, where even buses have a difficult time moving around?

    • britt.

      Paris has roundabouts one of the most famous actually, the arc de triumph has one that surrounds it. I live in Australia and roundabouts are quite common and i thought they were worldwide surprised that america doesn't have more.

      • Arsnl

        Well yeah i know. Almost 50% of roundabouts are located in france. They practically invented them but in paris (place d’etoile, bastille, nation) theyre placed where a lot of boulevards meet. Like for example at place de l’etoile (arc de triomphe) you’ve got 12 boulevards.
        But you cant build roundabouts in the middle of boulevards or on very narrow roads (thats where you lose most of your time)

    • Ricky

      Roundabouts are awful. Period.
      When I first moved to my current city, there were a few roundabouts by the local community college for the safety of the pedestrians. I can begrudgingly accept that having navigated many a street around colleges/universities/high schools that were a pain in the ass when littered with stop signs, lights and kids who have no sense of self-preservation.
      However, in the 4 years I've been here they've built at least 2 more roundabouts in places that didn't need them(one of them was put smack in the middle of a county road/highway, which meant you were doing 50 mph for about 7 miles, then all of a sudden there is a huge roundabout that makes you slow to 25, and then you have 4 more miles of 50 mph before you hit the next town(where it expectedly cuts back to 25).
      They are currently building yet another roundabout that will lead to and from the freeway in a city already plagued by poor road planning and even worse on-ramps to said freeway(they seriously expect us to get from 25 to 60 in the matter of a hundred feet or so at most of the on-ramps).
      They are definitely safer for pedestrians, but they are far more of an annoyance than a 4 way stop or a traffic signal ever could be…

  • Nick

    Reading a list of 10 Most Annoying Time-Wasters and realizing you just wasted 10 minutes of your life listening to someone bitch and moan about the most obvious things in life. That's a time-waster. You either sound like, A) An angry old man who gets into fights with clouds, B) A Jerry Seinfield/Jay Leno-type comedian (And WHAT'S the deal with those telemarketers?!), C) All of the above.

    • Ajaxkid

      Then either learn to read faster or don't read it. Gee whiz!

      • taking the time to write a serious post in response to a sarcastic post.

        • Aryn

          It's an infinite paradox of wasting time!

    • ouiareborg

      Possibly, the saddest thing, is that you're all right

      • we strive for excellence here at listverse

    • I agree. This list was so long and wordy with no actual information. Like, I still don't know anything about Malware, but I know the author hates it. JFrater keeps it short and sweet.

  • Donna

    You know what grates my cheese even more…….roundabouts WITH f-ing traffic lights! WTF?

    • Donna, you're my new best friend!! I friggin` hate those bastard things. Each one was supposed to negate the other and when combined add hours to my day. (Usually around somewhere busy like an airport).

      • Donna

        Well buddy, i'm with you, and don't get me started on when they throw in a crossing too…we have those here in Ireland, I kid you not :o(

        • deeeziner

          I hate hate roundabouts with horses….oh wait, that's a carousel. Aw… never mind.

          Oh yeah, I LOVE carousels.

          • oliveralbq

            i always thought the horseys were creepy —
            i suppose its a little like coulroaphobia
            which i dont have — it's just those damn horses—-
            well—-the merry-go-roundabouts

            the worlds only remaining two-row stationary carousel is located in meridian, mississippi — 45 miles
            from univ. of alabama, where i went to school, ……but it has creepy giraffes….and creepy ghosts,,,,,and creepy deer
            on the upside: polite tigers and a serene lion

            creepy goats—-not ghosts.
            dont listen to what said — listen to what i meant

            thank you for your time

          • I hate roundabouts with reindeer… (I used to live in Lapland…) :D :D :D

    • Heidi

      YES!!!!!!!!!! Seriously what the hell?!?! There's one right near my college campus and I drive it almost every day, sometimes multiple times and I hate it every time!

  • I hate untangling my headphone cords! I swear to you I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to untangle them last night.

    • Untangling the video game controller cables…..something my kids always leave ME to deal with. And you would think they'd get tired of the invariable loud rant that comes with my services.

  • kakbouter

    Waiting for your GF while she’s in the bathroom (or else) is a HUGE Annoying time-waster! :)

    • Yeah. If that happens and I just have to go, I'll just pee in the kitchen sink. Don't tell her that, though. :D

  • Great list but in Britain they are starting to put traffic lights on roundabouts.See where people are very impatient they are speeding through or using the wrong lanes and causing accidents.How many time ive nearly been side swipped and how many time ive been cut up.Traffic lights are ideal on roundabouts now but then its making your suggestion wrong.

    • Ricky

      I can't even begin to talk about the horribleness of drivers in my non-native city of residence. people move freely between the lanes in the roundabouts here and seldom exit properly.
      There was a study done concerning flow of traffic through the 3 initial roundabouts here(built around a community college) and it was found that traffic accidents had a dramatic increase, but that there was far less damage and less injuries due to the slower speed of the cars.
      Then they decided to build a roundabout in the middle of a county highway(look up 6902 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden Wa on google maps. That's roughly where the roundabout is… Zoom out and look at how many miles are in between Bellingham and Lynden….
      Yeah, they put a 25mph roundabout at the halfway point of 14 mile stretch of 50mph road…

      • Yes true where i live they place them in random areas for example every 5 miles up the motorway.Even on the country roads like an area by me there are 5 roundabouts in a row only 200 yards between each other its stupid.

  • Arsnl

    Ps(excuse me for the double post):”you are about to enter the Twilight Zone of time wasting frustration.” the article sounds more like its depicting a kafka book than a twilight episode.

  • N5 NRO

    Also…people who stand right in front of the product you want to buy and examine EVERYTHING on the shelves in front of them with complete disregard for the fact that they are making your shopping trip far longer than it should be.

    People who brake as they are approaching a junction when it is clear there are no cars coming to give way to.

    People who brake as they approach a green traffic light.

    The list goes on…

    • Totally.

    • with those slow shoppers, I just excuse myself, point tot he item I want in front of them, and ask them if they could hand it to me. 99% of the people actually just back away and not hand it over! LAZY!

      as far as slowing down at a green light-you obviously have't been t-boned crossing an intersection. I have. the officer explained it best to me-a green light does not mean "go". it means you shall be entitled to have the right of way yielded to you by oncoming traffic and that it is your responsibility to ensure the passage is safe prior to crossing.

  • Jaws

    Dealers of the illegal variety they run on their own time

  • The knots and extension cable one is very frustrating, or standing at a till point in a supermarket for ages and when its your turn the cashier smiles and says next till please Im on lunch back in an hour !!!

    Enjoyed the list thanks

    • knnots and extention cords dont bother me a bit

      now, when my girlfriend's little teeny tiny necklaces get a tangle or a knot that
      requires me to get eyeglass screwdrivers and toothpicks in order to get it undone ??

      yeah — i could live w/o that one.

  • c man

    and the number one most annoying time waster goes too. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .LISTVERSE

  • your mom

    this list was a waste of time.

    • your mum was a waste of time

      • ouiareborg

        But, yours wasn't

        • astraya

          My mother died 4 years ago, so you may be revealing just a little bit too much about your preferences!

  • c man

    redlights save lives dumb a#$%$ you guys lick balls

    • Well except for idiots who see the point of driving through them.

    • oliveralbq

      mr semen—
      this is the highest rated post in the history of intensedebate-era listverse that contained the phrase
      "you guys lick balls"


  • c man

    long distance relationships are an annoying waste of time

  • c man

    but red lights aren't!!!!

  • your mom

    also big wheat thins is not an oxymoron cause they could be bigger than the original. Thick wheat thins would be an oxymoron.

  • Matthew

    Worst list I've seen at this site. Boring, pointless, unoriginal.

  • Bureaucracy is THE most annoying time waster in my opinion.

    • Oh, my goodness yes! And bureaucrats, along with lobbyists, are among the scum of the earth.
      I swear, if you have a small problem and want it solved, just give it to a bureaucrat, and presto-chango! you have taken a small problem and turned it into global disaster!
      I had my experience with Bureaucracies back in 1994, at the time of the big Northridge earthquake. The quake did extensive damage to my home; it split it quarters…half around horizontally, and again in half vertically. The chimney was damaged, and a lot of other, less severe, damage was done.
      I had to deal with FEMA.
      To say it was, initially, a nightmare, is treating them kindly. OTOH, they did have an overwhelming number of cases to respond to, and an almost equal number of scam artists trying to make a buck off of the victims of the disaster.
      Still, Julius, every Bureaucracy I have ever had the misfortune to deal with has been an enormous time waster.
      Funny how that is a common, world-wide experience.

  • Armadillotron

    What`s wrong with traffic lights? Whenever I`m in my car, and as soon as the lights go on Amber, I just zoom through. Only arseholes stop at Red lights.

    • Ok think of it this way,you zoom through and hit a car full of kids or a baby.Then you tell me who has a guilty concious.

    • angry

      Well, i'll hope that you will "zoom" enough to die.

    • I'm sorry… everyday it would appear you are getting progressively stupider?

  • comic book guy

    worst list ever

  • Let's not forget those idiots who walk into a store and then stop just after the doorway to decide what direction they are going to take. Meanwhile there's 6 people standing behind them STILL TRYING TO GET IN THROUGH THE DOOR.

    • silverfall

      Wish i could vote this one up multiple times. Or the idiots who STOP at the top or bottom of an escalator!

  • Ajaxkid

    I love to undo knots. I'm a weirdo, I guess.

    However, I agree with the rest of this list.
    It is frustrating to sit at a red light at 2am… nooooooobody about… and wait like an idiot for the light to change. I only bother waiting "just in case" a cop is hiding somewhere or whatever.
    On that note, what about the super short left turn signal? I think I've spent half my existance just trying to go left!

    • Ricky

      i've been to very few places that have redlights at 2 am…it's usually the flashing red lights that indicate 4-way stop at that point in the night(most places I've driven through or lived in started around midnight…)

      • @#$%!!

        You've been to very few places then. Where have you been I wonder. Lucky you pal.

      • if you are ever in the new orleans area i can take you on a 3am tour of traffic lights — (there are about 113 within 9 miles of my house)

        if you take me up on this, bring a picture of multi way stops that change at midnight — i've never seen one of those

  • Hellcat

    Traffic lights aren’t a waste of time. When they’re out & we have to use the one-for-one system it takes a lot longer! Come live in South Africa for a while then we’ll talk about wasting time in traffic & a red robot will be the least of your concerns.

    • Goku

      i wudn wana live anywhe els…aww i miss SA…

  • jeffthemaori

    With regards to number 1, why do there have to be so many varieties of toilet paper? Food items I can understand, but aw? Not that it bothers me. And in New Zealand, customer support is getting increasingly shifted to countries where English isn't the first language which can be both entertaining and frustrating.

    • Josh

      I've been reading, through your comments, and its seems obvious that you are a complete and utter idiot.
      People who are as stupid, as you shouldn't be allowed to post, comments on websites, in fact i'm surprised your smart enough to be able to read the lists at all.

      • Josh's neighbour

        and i have been watching you through your bedroom curtains Josh. You should stop doing that thing with your mom's hairbrush and the hot sauce. you'll get a rash!

    • manda

      There are different varieties of everything so that people can actually have a choice for quality/quantity/price. Otherwise you would have one company that has a monopoly on the market and would be able to jack prices up as much as they want and give you an inferior product.

  • hybrid

    You forgot the worst of all


    Oh and Infomercials

    • True and they always come on louder like their calling you to stop you falling asleep zzzzzzzzz

    • infomercials – yes, indeed

      but commercials?
      about 85% of the time its the programmes that suck ass—-the comercials dont bug me as much because theyre short — irretrievalby stupid, but at least you know theyll end soon.

      infomercials, on the other hand, were created by the devil.

      good call hybrid

      • Heidi

        Yes infomercials are indeed from hell. But they're definitely avoidable too. Same with commercials. Just don't watch TV!

    • I love the magic bullet infomercial.

  • BRIK

    How about not sleeping?
    Sure you might die but if you don't sleep you free up like 8 hours!

    • Sleeping isn't annoying though. It can be quite fun if you remember all your dreams

  • McNooberson

    you gotta admit,
    eye glasses (more specifically any eye defect that gets you to wear eye glasses) provided that contact lens is not so popular or very expensive…

    how much time have you wasted wiping your glasses on your clothes just to find that it got even more greasy

  • Michelle

    well. I guess this list should be on the list. Long time lurker, first time being disappionted. Bah.

  • Ros

    I got a new dyson accessory , the length of a ruler. It was posted in a box that would hold about 6 large cereal boxes. When I’d battled through the packaging, those awful packaging beads emptied all over the floor! ( too big for the dyson to deal with unfortunately ). Then the accessory was in such strong plastic I contemplated taking the kitchen knife to it. Visions of me blood all over the floor, led me to attack the packaging with garden shears! Thank you Dyson and Amazon!

  • Tom

    Worst list I have seen on here for a long time I am afraid. Petty and pointless

    • Don

      Kind of like your reply

  • Surya

    I just wasted 10 of my precious minutes reading this list.

    • then you wasted a couple more writing this response

      you shoulda quit while you were ahead

  • Love the list…gave me a chuckle this morning as I agree with all of them.
    Here's another….FARMVILLE! Annoying yet addictive. You can't help yourself. …..and I still can't believe I"m playing it.

    Great job, VanOwensBody!

    • From the title I also expected the list to be filled with new crazy apps, games and sites.

  • ciremelf

    you know what annoys me?

    Breathing, moving around, eating, talking, reading, etc… I want other people to do these things for me so i don't have to. I just want to coagulate and turn into a pile of mush. whine whine blah blah blah oh poor me.

    the above passage is the equivalent of this list. sorry…. No soup for you…NEXT!

    • Well go through a mcdonalds drive thru and they will feed you.Thats why its called fast food,gos to your mouth quick and comes out your ass quick.

    • @#$%!!

      Get help psycho. Seriously.

  • I just thought of one….Learner Drivers.

  • itsover9000

    Opening those dam cd cases

    • And who even needs those cases (or diamond boxes or whatever they are called)? A cd (or a dvd for that matter) could be packed in a cardboard cover (like some of the cheapo ones already are). Would be a better solution, definitely.

      • i fucking hate the jewel cases. however, wouldnt repeated, long-term, sliding against crdboard scratch the discs?
        ii mean — i know you can buy a little vial of "cd-fixit-crap" or 'scratch be gone' or whatever — but eventually it seems that cardboard would damage the surface film.
        i do have books — books full of plastic sleeves that house my cds. they hold like 300 discs (and i have one my dad gave me that still works great) — i have about 15 of those cd holder books

  • Arsnl

    We europeans we love red lights. We love them so much we make districts to celebrate them. We’ve got them in amsterdam in paris etc. Yup we’re big fans.

    • Sure… if we're talking THAT kind of red lights… :)

  • timmy the dying boy

    I expected to see StumbleUpon here..

    • Whats wrong with StumbleUpon, it's brilliant.

    • Stubleupon has actually saved me time in my search for something interesting to check out while I waste time on the comupter.

  • Regarding #10 (Blow in cards) — my wife used to work at a call center that handled calls for all of the Time/Life publications (including People, Sports Illustrated, etc) and she used to get complaint calls about those all the time. Apparently if you call you can actually request that your magazine subscription does not include blow-in cards. Don't know if that's still true or not, or if that will work with all publishers, but it's worth a try.

    • … and my wife's experience at that call center brings me to #2.

      OMG, the stories that she used to bring home from work about the parade of lunatics, maniacs, morons, idiots, blowhards, and other dregs of humanity with which she had to deal. Yes, your average customer service rep is underpaid, overworked, stressed out from constant monitoring and having to deal with the most ridiculous things imaginable. Plus since they are the "front person" for the company, they get verbally insulted and attacked by people who just don't realize that whatever problem you're dealing with, you're not talking to the person who caused it but a person who can go a long way to making it better if you just use some common sense and little courtesy.

      • Goku


  • Thomas

    Okay….. too many choices? Seriously? You're complaining about choice? How about this; go to a country ruled by a dictator ship. You won't have to deal with choices then; everything will be decided for you.

    By the way; generic Wheat Thins taste exactly like normal ones. Just look for the box that doesn't have an additional name and get that one. I guarantee you that it will be no different, and probably cheaper.

  • bob

    you need a listverse iphone app.

  • facehair

    thank you for encouraging me to be a professional writer. if you can do it, I sure as hell can.

    • Arsnl

      He doesnt get paid for this.

    • ricepaddy

      Hey, that's great! You're going to write and submit your own list!! What a great idea!! (sarcasm)

    • facehair

      i apologize for being a jackass

  • Shaun596

    Maybe its just an American thing but our roundabouts are horrible. At a local mall, they decided to put in 2 figure 8 roundabouts off the freeway. So, there's four circles that you must enter, exit, enter, exit, enter, exit, enter and exit. Not to mention that there are 2 lanes in the circles and when you exit, the lanes merge into 1 and as you enter a new circle, it becomes two again. It's just stupid.
    Now that our mall did it, other places decided to put them in where they aren't even needed. They added one not where a light was but where there was a four way stop. It's so small you pretty much have to stop if someone is inside the circle because they could go any direction quickly. I remember the police were called one time because some teenagers drove in circles not allowing anyone else in.
    Even worst they stuck roundabouts where there was only a road with nothing intersecting it….Yes. They put new trees in a less than a foot grass area in the middle of the road where you can make a quick turnaround. Its suppose to make things look nice but unfortunately, some are by a local bar and lets just say the trees have to be replaced often.

    • Shaun596

      And I forgot to mention, where it snows lanes disappear and people slide around especially when you're turning. I'd rather have a traffic light.

  • Tim

    As one who drives for a living, highway construction is the bane of my existence.

  • John

    I have a 5 year old and a two year old and I have wasted countless hours opening their presents. Why do you need 10 twisted wires to hold a plastic $15 toy in a box? My child can open a "child-proof" medicine bottle by himself but can't open his own present. I would rather spend the two hours I spend at Christmas getting their toys out of the packaging on playing with my children or my toys.

    • deeeziner

      Our home has made a standard practice of bringing a pair of scissors and a large trash bag to the Christmas circle.

      Saves time. hehehe

  • Department of public saftey? (DMV) come on! it took 3 hours and i was 4th in line!!!!!! and three people working up front!!! eh……oh well

    • Well, you see.. Its a complicated system in which they service one person and get 2 coffee tokens. They can trade these coffee tokens for a coffee break or just use them to laugh at your misfortune. Either way, you waste your time and they get paid.

  • When you said "Windows 98", I think you meant "Windows ME". You didn't mention Vista either.

    • melnve

      Anyone who thinks 98 is the travesty and makes no mention of the dreaded ME, or even Vista, clearly has no clue whatsoever.

  • Kon

    Just a quick grammarnazi-ism; PCs should not have an apostrophe unless something is belonging to the PC.

    Now onto the list – clamshell packaging! Gah! The most hated thing ever!
    Fortunately I have become accustomed to actually chewing through the packaging in my rage.

  • VsemPizdetz

    It's annoying when little kids stare at you and you feel like your face is deformed.

    • Kids usually stare at people who are interesting looking or pretty. If you don't have burns all over your face or something, I'd say they find you interesting/good looking.

      Also, your comment is a non sequitur.

    • Maybe your face IS deformed?

  • Titties

    Thomas, what exactly is a Dictator Ship? Is it the boat that the leader of the Dictatorship uses on his way to the dictatorship. You know, the dictatorship that the dictator rules over in a dictatorial manner?

  • lo

    not a fan of these "it's just my opinion" lists……

    this author comes off as simply whiney. most of these are not a big deal or can be easily avoided:

    -if you have time to turn the pages of your magazine you have time to pick up a piece of paper.

    -if you coil your cords and hoses well for storage you'll not be troubled by tangles.

    -the few added seconds spent opening tamper resistant foods and medicines are worth it.

    -traffic lights prevent accidents and just as many or more people absolutely hate roundabouts, it seems that people just prefer the one they grew up with.

    -if you hate windows stop using it.

    -tell a telemarketer "take me off the list please" then hang up. or use caller ID and never answer them to begin with.

    *however, the automated telephone directory thing is totally legitimately a waste of time!

    -malware can be detected and avoided most of the time.

    *agreed, poor and ineffective customer support is annoying.

    -this is ridiculous. if you're pathologically indecisive to the point that you'd prefer things to be chosen for you by utter lack of choice seek help.

    -just like the extension cords, this is only a problem if you're sloppy and let things knot up……

    so author, please stop acting so spoiled and crabby! no one's life is free of minor annoyances and everything on your list is a direct consequence of living in a wealthy and westernized country and having the money to own cars and computers and phones and subscribe to magazines, etc…… this list reeks of unexamined privilege. VanOwensBody, you should be very grateful that you live a life that even allows you to "suffer" these petty annoyances!

    • Ah, lo! You virtually took the words out of my mouth.
      # 10- The very first to do when a magazine arrives is to remove the cards. An excellent system is to hold the magazine over your recycle bin and shake it. All of the cards fall harmlessly into the bin and you are saved the annoying task of actually picking something up.
      # 9- Most people use hoses on an almost daily basis. I've found the easiest way to guarantee a simple and easy coil, every time, is to walk the hose out to it's full length after I am finished with it for the day. Then I can easily coil it into any size coil, usually a nice loose one, in about 30 seconds.
      Extension cords are easier! Hold one end in your hand and loop the cord around your elbow.
      If you have left if with knots in it. take the time this once, you'll never have to do it again.
      # 6- Microsoft Windows. Yes, a lot of people complain about it. Switch to Mac computers. They are free of all the problems with which Windows is rife.
      A simple solution.
      # 5- Telemarketers. As soon as you realize it's a telemarketer, advise them you are on the "Federal Do Not Call List", and they breaking the law. Tell them they MUST take you off their call list, and ask for their supervisor.
      What you will get is a removal from the list, a telemarketer who has probably just about lost his/her lunch, and a dial tone.
      # 2- Customer Support. This is my bugaboo. All systems have, somewhere, a secret code that if pressed can get you a live person immediately. The first person you get will almost certainly NOT speak your language well. Demand a supervisor. Right off. You will get something accomplished.
      # 1- Too many choices. No such thing. Seriously. If going to the grocery store, with all of it's choices bewilders you to the point of stagnation, you have bigger problems than can be addressed on LV.
      Seek help.

      • As soon as you realize it's a telemarketer, advise them you are on the "Federal Do Not Call List", and they breaking the law.

        That’s good advice segue but IMO even that is too much trouble. I like to just set the phone down and let them blather on until they eventually realize they are talking to dead air and hang up. That way, THEIR time is being wasted, not mine.

        In reality, I rarely ever answer the house phone. I consider the phone as being for MY convenience, not the callers’. If it is someone I care about, they’ll leave a message and I’ll call back when convenient for me. If no message is left, then it wasn’t important to begin with. In the case of an emergency, family and others that matter have my cell number.

        • Huh! I answered you, but my answer isn't here, Maggs.
          Anyway…cell phones. Believe it or not, I live in a village where there is one, count 'em ONE! cell tower, and almost all of the homes are built in the hills and canyons, making it impossible to get cell service.
          Our Main Street (yes, it's called Main Street, and is the only business street in town), and Moonstone Beach Drive, along the coast, get service…for the tourists. There are about a half dozen reliable places in the neighborhoods where one can get cell service, and there are always cars parked there, but it sort of defeats the purpose of cell phones, doesn't it?
          I live in a deep pocket in a hill, in the woods, surrounded by mountain. No cell signal reaches me.
          I do, however, live 1/4 mile from the Pacific, have wi-fi, a satellite linked weather station on my roof, and no neighbors.
          It's a better deal.

    • enucleator

      i liked the list, because it makes me smile, like every people sharing annoyances that touch almost everybody. I don't think that this list should be taken too seriously. Now, i totally agree with you on tha fact that people living in rich countries are the more impatients and prompt to get irritated and complain about absolutely everything. I've been broken for almost 2 years and a half, well, it makes you see things differently … i noticed how much wealthy people were whining for nothing while i was shuting my mouth trying to gather some food everyday and fighting to recover my rights at the same time. A lot of people are acting like spoiled babies, but i'm not pointing, i was kinda like that before becoming poor…
      So thanks for your comment ^^

      • I'm not sure it has a lot to do with money, unless you're talking about "rich" being people like Donald Trump. Then, sure, I'd agree with you.
        I think people have fairly set personalities, and whether they are poor or middle-class, they are going to react to most basic situations pretty much the same way. It's who they are.
        A lot of people are raised to feel entitled. Usually these are people who come from money.
        Middle-class people, or people who became rich by working their way up, have a different attitude. At least that has been my experience. It may not be the norm.
        I have family experience of this. So I am speaking from family experience, which certainly biases my view.

    • mcdonald sucks

      That list doesnt say that these things are useless, it says that they take a lot of time.

  • nice list… and amazingly a refreshing one too… I think this is the first such list we have had here and kudos to that… But its just that while I was going through the list, I wondered about the lister whether he is one of the most frustrated/ annoyed person here… Nice concept here, but don't you think life would have been slower and far less interesting/ adventurous if these things (read extension cords, traffic lights, computers and even knots… well, you get the point) were not there in our lives? Not criticizing here… Merely commenting. These things made our lives fast and better and then, then are not fool proof.

  • You forgot Listverse!
    But it's time-wasting in a good way….
    At least you learn something…;)
    Unlike, say, watching commercials while waiting for your show, waiting on slow service at restaurants or finding a parking space on (always) crowded mall lots.. >.<

  • Jomm

    Old people at the store?
    – "You see, all I've got are these here coins. Let's see. . . that's one nickel. . . and here's. . . another"

    • I actually bought a "little old lady" coin purse at the second hand store for those times at the market when I know I can grab a laugh from the people I'm sharing time at the counter with.

      Rest assured I never pull the stunt when lines are long and tempers are short.

    • What?
      Old people don't have the right to shop?

  • Mike

    I've learned from experience that whenever I have to call customer support not to ask my question in detail & take a minute or so doing it. Inevitably after spending my time doing this I'm then transferred to another rep or two or three & have to repeat it all over again. I now simply & very briefly tell the first rep that answers my call what I'm calling about & are they the person I need to talk with about it.

    • LOL! I usually just ask for a supervisor right off the bat, and skip all the in between. It works like a charm.

  • If there is one thing that I hate more than time itself it is knots, I sometimes wonder how they are even possible. i take off my headphones and lay them down, the next morning I wake up and they are in knots. I think string things are just cursed.

    • deeeziner

      Knots are what happen as they lead "the other sock" to it's lost zone.

  • james

    the number 1 is totally stupid, if you hate choice so much why dont you shop at a service station or small town supermarket? you say you hate choice now but if all the big supermarkets got replaced with small one you would the choice back

  • I thought this would be a funny list, but it kind of blows. Tamper resistant packaging really? Just rip that shit off. The doctors office is where the most time is wasted.

  • deeeziner

    Somehow, I suspect Jamie had to deal with a few folks calling his blog a time waster when he started it. Look who is laughing now.
    * * * * *

    Not so much a time waster than a money waster—-All the new choices for products. Seems 2out of 3 times the new flavor or deviation to a classic product is just not worth the extra time and money taken to choose it. All these new "ranch flavor" or other flavors taste like ass, and I throw them out, feed it to the yard chipmunks and our dog, or just leave to go stale on the pantry shelf.

    Too bad it's my eldest daughter who can't resist the "new" product and the evil advertising for them. You'd think she's get tired of me busting her ass for buying.
    * * * * *

    Product packaging/tamper resistance—-A pain in the butt, but for you younger readers who weren't around for the Tylenol tampering…….The news of those deaths was a shock and scary event. It took the public out of the trusting attitude we had for commercially produced staples of daily life. It was a serious leap of faith to use a pharma product after the event, but before the safety packaging.

    Not life altering, but every time you swallowed an aspirin, or gargled a mouthwash there was a glimmer of doubt or fear in the back of your mind.

    And it's amazing that Tylenol's corporation survived the plummeted sales immediately after the fact.

    The swiftness of the legislature was mind boggling. Too bad things in government don't move that fast these days.
    * * * * *

    Time waster—The asterisks I used to separate my thoughts in this comment.

    • Arsnl

      “You’d think she’s get tired of me busting her ass for buying.”
      “And you would think they’d get tired of the invariable loud rant that comes with my services.”
      And you’d think you’d know by now how children/kids work. No amount of shouting can influence them. They dont have jobs, they dont have pay rent, they dont have to feed the kids, they dont have to make the kids feel happy and they’re a couple of decades younger than you. They’re like on a permanent vacation and the worst of all they know you have to love them unconditionally so no matter what they do they know after a couple or days things will get back to normal. :-(
      So dont underestimate their capabilities to resist to your anger.

      • deeeziner

        Wow Arsnl—I knew that "somebody" would probably bust me for my overuse of the "you'd think". But for it to be YOU, and with such a lecture on parenting skills…..just wow.

        I'm of half a mind to just use wordpad to re-create my eternal rants and lectures…and then automatically e-mail them to you on a daily basis.

        I know my kids would thank me, my health would improve, and I wouldn't be wasting my breath each day at my house.

        I'm just kidding,,,,really.

        P.S. Actually I thought I'd be called out for allowing my eldest to put the things in the shopping cart in the first place.

    • Arsnl

      Actually this is a reply to your reply.
      Well deeez what can i say. I care and i pay attention to your comments :-)
      Ive got my eyes on you. You have my undivided attention.

  • enucleator

    hahahaha fun list! ^^
    Life, in fact, is the greatest time waster… :)
    i just wonder why bureaucracy is not on the list…..???
    3 years ago, i had a big problem with the welfare in my country…. suspended, no money…. it took me 2 years and a half (+ a successful trial against the welfare) to recover my rights. Just because of a mistake of the bureaucratic system… a misjudgment from only one person…. just a little example amongst other…
    On the other hand, i learn a lot of things, like, how to manage your life when our completely broken, which objects are really usefull and which objects you can sell to make some money, which friends you can trust…. mmmh maybe it wasn't really a time waster after all ;) it's all up to you in fact.
    I think we are too obsessed with speed, and what we are doing with our time, but i agree with the full list and most of the comments, a lot of things should be better and faster, specially the daily things … access to a service, shopping, driving…..why is it still such a problem? ^^

  • Rose

    I just got off the Student Loans customer support system …
    AH is all I can say.

  • There's an easy solution for #6. It's called Linux Ubuntu (or Mint or Red Hat or whatever you like). Delete your Windows and install Linux, and voilà! No more problems. :)

  • When youre waiting in line behind some fool who hasnt thought enough ahead to get out their cash or card etc.. then spend 5 minutes digging for correct change or pressing the wrong codes, causing you to miss youre bus or train by fraction of a minute!

    • Arsnl

      You what i hate. People that are behind me hurrying in the subway to get to it even though its beeping so the doors close in 4 secs. A new subway will be there in 3 mins. What the hell can you do in 3 mins thats so important to run like a mad man.

  • With regard to number 4 Telephone Directories – I'm surprised no one has posted this yet:

    • Nice link!!!

    • Maggs! Hooray for posting that.
      Most of those, the ones I need to call regularly, and ones not on the list I also need to call regularly (Government agencies), I have discovered by trial and error over the years. I wish I had your list of numbers in the beginning.It would have saved me a lot of frustration and kept my use of expletives to a more ladylike total.

  • BTW–Hilarious choice of photo for the Microsoft entry.

  • neesha

    This list.

  • Constipation—The worst time waster.

    Drink more water.

  • Bobnormal

    Try using a PC in 1980, oh that's right they didn't exist, at least not in a comfortable, graphic user interface like we have now, I like to say concerning your whining, "Compared to What?"

    • not in a comfortable graphic user friendly wayy

      understatement of the month

      my dad (who was director of computing in a few places–u.s. weapons lab, oak ridge natl lab, dept of energy, etc) bought a apple ii+ in 1982 or 1983.

      at the time, it was genius, but now, with hindsight, it was so fucking obtuse and primitive thatim amazed we put up with its dos format nonsense. —
      i mean — cutting edge notwithstanding, i was young young so it was tits all the way.

      • I had the same computer at the same time! I thought it was just the most amazing tool ever.
        Looking back, ollie, I have the same reaction as you! Still, it did plant the seed of loyalty in me to the point that I have never owned anything except an Apple/Mac computer.
        I currently have two.
        Of course, I use them almost exclusively for graphics applications, my photography. They really can't be beat for that.

  • Tribol

    bureoucracy and laws and politics are the GREATEST time wasters ever

    oh and internet too, things used to be much easier before the internet

  • Fungoo

    This whiny list should have been at #1. Maybe mommy can help you with the knotted cords, magazine inserts and using the phone. It'll be okay.

  • raph

    facebook should be here

    • myface *and* spacebook
      should be here

  • Bruno

    I used to work in a call center. I agree with you about IVR's (what you call Directories) and Customer Support. The reason why so many customer support agents are urned out and dont care is that they actually work for a third party such as Convergys. There, there is intense pressure to get everyone buffed and out of teh phone queue as fast as possible. 300-420 seconds is a common expectation.

    The contract I was on was technical support for a commercial ISP (in other words not for residential users but businesses). Yes we had tight time expectations but the ethic was a bit different. If we needed to take an hour to set up and test a series of email addresses on different computers, we could take the hour and no one would come over and "help" us!

  • Blake Honda

    Well, in no particular order, here are some of the things that annoy me whom are time wasters. I didn't read you list because it would be annoying to read that wall of text and your grumbling,

    1. Pennies
    2. Twilight Fans
    3. Reality Shows
    4. Burritos exploding in your microwave
    5. Hot Pockets burning your tongue
    6. Trying to find the god damn remote
    7. The inability to fall asleep
    8. Lebron James 1 hour special on his "decision"
    9. MTV
    10. Ads at the beginning of every internet video (especially ESPN videos)

    • with u all the way. except for burritoes cause that is funny

    • Reality Shows

      At least with these you can control it by choosing to not waste your time watching them. If you do happen to enjoy or get caught up in American Idol, what I hate about that one is the hour long so-called “results show”, where they waste 55 minutes filled with nauseating banalities and try to induce artificial drama with the whole “bottom three” thing, all just to make what should be a 5 second announcement. Instead, I’ll just look up the results on the internet after the show airs.

      • I'm not a huge fan of reality shows like Idol which is sad to say because my cousin was actually on it a while ago. I tried really really hard to watch it but I usually ended up falling asleep before they finished top-of-the-show announcements. The odd thing was that I always managed to wake up right as the show ended. Happened *every* episode I watched and when my cousin was kicked off the show, I stopped watching Idol and my evening naps stopped as well.

    • 1. We use euros and cents over here
      2. agreed
      3. I've got a shotgun to shoot all those "reality show stars" if they ever approach me
      4. WHY would you put burritos in your microwave? stupid
      5. agreed
      6. You should have several remotes, so if one gets eaten by the dog you'll have a spare one.
      7. Get a whore.
      8. I don't understand.
      9. Shoot yourself right now if you still watch that crap.
      10. True

    • well, i agree with no. 6

    • 1. they come in handy when the price of something ends in an uneven number
      2. don't watch network t.v.
      3. ditto.
      4. don't eat junk food
      5. ditto
      6. always put it in the same place
      7. that's a universal complaint. I wish there was an easy answer. I've found Melatonin to help sometimes.
      8. AGREE! What an egotistical brat.
      9. don't watch it.
      10. internet vids should be free of adverts.

  • Audrey

    Hey. I used to work as a survey interviewer. We’re like telemarketers except we have to bother you with surveys instead. it’s a grueling job. it’s no better when the person on the line is incredibly rude to you. Now try enduring that for 8 hours a day. it sucks. which is why it’s always a breath of fresh air when someone actually greet you politely. even if they don’t want to do the survey, it’s nice if you at least decline politely.

    you can really see the true side of human nature when you work at a call center. and let me tell you, it’s not pretty. amazing how people will be disgustingly rude to you when they know that you can’t see their faces.

    • bassbait

      It sounds like you are taking it too harsh. The fun of calling someone and bothering them is that they can't punch you in the face, so you don't have anything to fear. Of course, you could lose your job if you screw up, but I would probably bust up laughing every time somebody is "incredibly rude". It just seems too easy of a job handling idiots. I mean, it's probably not your thing, but I wouldn't mind doing monotonous work when rude idiots are involved. I think the polite people would be the boring ones!

    • Backwards

      Srsly the job you choose to do is cold call people at their homes to get them to tell you whether they like sap A or use supermarket B in their lives and it is THEY who have a dark side?

      It is as if I said "My job is walking up to people and squirting them with a water gun. You can really see the dark side of people when you do that, they are so rude . . . " I think you, caller and interrupter uninvited into their homes, were the rude one.

      Why do you think there was so much support for the Do Not Call List, which too many of you survey takers squirmed out of.

  • punkin

    My ex was an annoying waste of time.

  • Mimz

    Red lights may seem like a waste of time, but I'm glad that they're used in today's society, especially considering how many times I've almost gotten hit when some jackass decides [s]he's going to live by their own rules and think of red lights as a waste of time, thus putting everyone's life in danger.

  • Tim

    Signalized intersections are required for high-volume intersections. Throwing roundabouts/traffic circles/rotaries everywhere would be inefficient and idiotic. While roundabouts are great, they don't work everywhere due to flow rate, cost limitations and land restrictions.

  • Kabirbhai

    U know what annoys me and wastes my time, dont bother. I wont waste ur time. Too less space fr my personal views. Read th next comment, if u want to.

  • Josh Fox

    LISTVERSE!!! lol

  • Alfy

    This list wasted my time…

  • arkzist

    well actually were im from theres only one gas and electric company.. that i know pacific gas and electric

  • Mine was too. :)

    • bassbait

      Which two?

  • Screwed

    You know what wasted 5 hours of my time today? I successfully convinced my mother understand that my father is not having any affair (when in fact, he is). That wasted my day…

  • 1gav

    “Oh, I think I have the exact change in the bottom of my purse…”

    “Really? I’ve been in line for ten minutes, watched you scan my groceries and only NOW do I realize I need to provide a form of payment. Let me find my debit card..”

    “Hey kid, I appreciate how much fun you had pushing every single button on the elevator..”

  • Phil

    The comment function on this site is a annoying time waster. The page is unnecessarily expanded and the content and webpage takes forever to load. I love listverse, but this has been a huge problem for me for a while.

  • mcdonald sucks

    Some questions: How can I post a list?
    How I can make a user here?

    The biggest time wasters are in my opinion: explaining to tuorists that mcdonald is over the corner while they dont understand my language

    And thanks for the list!

  • Clark88

    Along the same line as red lights are stop signs. How many times have you had to stop at one when there is blatantly no car coming from either direction? Yet, if you get pulled over for running one it's points on your license.

  • Tryclyde

    How about idiots who get angry about a meaningless, light-hearted list on a website?

  • KabirBhai

    And What about idiots who comment on idiots who get angry about a meaningless light-hearted list on this website…

    • Chad

      Not funny Kabir. At all

    • Chris

      You mean like that exact comment right there? :-)

  • Moey

    You forgot one of the most time consuming.
    – Waiting for public transport.. I waste hours each week waiting for busses, trains, metroes etc etc.

  • KabirBhai

    @chad: why do u remind me of my girl friend?

  • Tammy

    I Fu#@%&ing HATE Christmas tree lights!!!!!!

    • Man that could have made my list! Like extension cords and water hoses they always get hopelessly tangled!

      • i agree — and i didnt htink of this at all

        cords and wires and bullshit like that are minor time wasters. we actually get to hone out untangling ability.

        but the little stupid necklace chains and christmas tree lights — tammy has a point about tree lights

  • Alfred Neuman


  • Loved the part about telephone directories, or as I like to call it, Voice Mail Jail. Thank you.

  • Adam Felt

    Wow this list is so true. The funny thing to me is that i never thought of these things as time wastes until looking at this. As much as telemarketers and survey interviewers bother me i don't like being rude to them because i know they must get sworn at and hung up on alot.

    • ouiareborg

      So sad

  • necropenguin

    those blow-in cards don't really bother me. i usually just toss them to the side and throw them when i go past the trash can.

    extension cords don't bother me either. just take up an instrument that requires electricity and you'll learn real quick how to deal with/take care of them.

    tamper resistant packaging and red lights are kind of annoying, but i'd rather have them than not.

    telemarketers can be avoided with caller ID. or just not answering the phone when it rings.

    i agree with you on the telephone directories and customer service people though. it seems like every time i call customer service i get some east indian guy who doesn't really understand english. that's not including the fact that it sounds like he's on the set of a bollywood musical that's filming in the background.

    the only problem i have with too many choices is not being able to quickly find the one i want. it's even worse if the company changed the packaging recently.

    how about this one that should be on there instead: those sticker labels that are on the top of cd and dvd cases. some of those take forever to peel off. and even then you're often stuck with the glue from them on your case with collects every bit of dust, dirt, lint, and pet hair that comes with 10 feet of it.

    • MissMeggle

      The worst is when those are the price labels. Makes it a nightmare if you want to give it to someone.

    • visna

      east indian? really? whats that supposed to mean?

  • I feel sorry for all you poor saps that waste so much time. I NEVER waste time. In fact, I set aside 2 hours and 15 minutes (give or take 10 minutes) every day specifically to reflect back on how well I spent my time that day. If you don’t believe me, I have copious notes and various charts and graphs that will prove you idiots wrong.

    • Arsnl

      Maggot wr dont want to know about your private you time. Keep that to yourself.

  • Jerry

    This list sucks, you sound like an hag that just complains about everything.

  • This really was a pointless, poorly thought out list.

    If you think that microsoft has wasted your time, try thinking back to a time when Microsoft hadn't populated the world with personal computers… Think snail mail; no electronic forms; etc, etc, etc…

    Also, try to imagine traffic conditions without traffic lights. You can't have roundabouts always. If you want a good example, look up Bombay!

    This list was simply put Horrible!

  • I agree with no.s 7-1, I think VanOwensBody has a serious guilt and hatred to these products, and specially Microsoft, i hate it you all wanna hear, and how about the door to door product-sharers, like "try our new product!" and just goes in talks fast, just cuz he's on a deadline, and forces you to buy it, we just buy it to shut him/her up, they are SO annoying, even when your mom or dad isn't there just you and your little bro, he comes in bla bla bla.

  • Will Trame

    Blow-in cards are a royal pain in the neck. If only all magazines had the bind-in card it would be better.

    Another annoyance is the over dominance of weather reports on the big 3 (or 4) TV networks. I understand the necessity of breaking into scheduled programming when dealing with severe threatening weather (i.e., tornados or floods) but it would be better if most networks would just run a tape at the bottom of the screen during thunderstorms instead of taking over programming for over an hour stating the same thing over and over.

  • The impossible to open packaging with the pounds of plastic and you can hardly open it without possibly ruining the product inside… gah >.<

  • barbie

    this list was not very interesting, and the entries were far too long. fail.

  • In those freakin' customer support, especially from online computers to annoying phone simcard support, I know the no. one remedy, PRANK! you can prank em like ur in trouble, solve em a logic puzzle that doesn't even exist,tell her (if ur a boy, be sure ur talking to a girl) that ur gf broke up with you, and tell her that if she can be ur new gf, and say that sumone is killing you while watching jason on the background then play the chainsaw scene, hold the phone near the tv and WHAM! hhhhhhhhrnghhhhhhhhhrngZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  • Jack Benimble

    Microsoft? Sounds like you just don't take care of your computer…or you're running on a crappy/old desktop. That's not me attempting to defend MS, but having a well maintained computer can avoid all these problems. It doesn't take much effort to have just that. Properly installed antivirus/adware software that self updates and scans weekly (during user downtime) can eliminate most, if not all your problems.

    The only other issues you might run into is attempting to use an old computer with multiple software/applications that will consistently bog down or freeze your system. I've seen multiple people complain about Windows 7 and still running <1gb or RAM on a 10 y/o computer with 10 applications running. Sorry, it's just not going to do it. The only answer to that is to stop complaining and buy a new desktop.

  • Ohmy-customer support! I once emailed a question to customer service and the response had nothing to do with my question. I emailed again and got the exact answer, word for word. I tried 4 more times, wording it differently each time and got the exact same email each time. I printed all those email exchanges and mailed it to them. They finally dealt with my problem.
    For those wondering-I didn't call because another aspect of customer service is that the amount of time you are put on hold is enough to eat up a lot of your phone minutes, so I prefer email. I don't have unlimited minutes.

  • Excellent as always

  • oliveralbq

    @vanowensbody: "The first modern roundabout in the United States was constructed in Summerlin, Nevada, in 1990"

    summerlin isnt really a "city', as much as a neighbourhood in northwest las vegas.
    its one of those planned communities.; the whole community was set up in 1990 — and there were a couple roundabouts — now there are several — one of the first ones was just west of las vegas blvd. (the strip), and not far from the 215 bypass

    the thing is that was stuck in a very new part of vegas — with essentially zero traffic. i didnt live there until 15 years later , and even then, it kinda created clusterfucks in spots, because most of the close residents are old and have not seen these roundabouts. — which are get much much busier every year.

    las vegas metro police has come out and said people get more comfortable the longer they have to deal with the things. the problem of course, is that if there are any peple who arent yet familiar, it slows everyone down. and isnt particularly safe to boot, as people slow down *too* much and get confused, and even stop right in the middle of the damn thing
    it is reminiscent of watching old people try to drive around new orleans or biloxi when it snows — cause they dont have a fucking clue how to operate autos in snow — somehing that is necessary growing up d.c. and albq.

    anyway — until they figure out how to teach old people new tricks, its the roundabout navigation that is a time waster

  • Is it just me, or is the guy in picture # 6 taking a leak on the Microsoft sign?

    • truth be told — there have been a few situations that i have encountered in which i thought to myself, "i'd sure like to piss on the microsoft ceo, programmers, and developers"

      in a purely symbolic move, i believe the sign at the headquarters would do just fine.

    • oh and seggie — im not ignoring the pm —
      its just that you asked a complicated question, and ive been swamped — but tomorrow tues, and wed. i will have lots of time — and i'll shoot you a reply back!!!

      as for this list–well::

      a comment in the comment section
      that happens to have zero, fuck-all, to do with the list content.

      i just singlehandedly wasted *everyone's* last minute
      *rolls eyes*

      • Ah! But you did not waste MY time, so not *quite* everyone's.

  • Hi – Vanowensbody here. Thanks for the comments, obviously people either liked the list or hated it, nothing in between. I anticipated that when writing it (my little comment about "press 1 if you like this list, -press 2 if you dislike it"). Looks like a lot of people pressed the number 2. ;) I apologize to all readers who feel they wasted time from their lives reading my list!

    I wanted to submit a fun list this time. The first two I submitted which were published (top ten modern industrial disasters and top ten nightclub fires) were so grim and depressing.

    For what it's worth – the only ones on this list that really bug me are 9, 4, and 2. The others are time wasters, but I can live with them.

    • ouiareborg

      "I wanted to submit a fun list this time." Whatever happened to "Natural Selection", and "Survival of the Fittest?" Overdosing with Antibiotics and Steroids in our foods, has done more harm than we can ever know.

    • well nice list you got there van, yeah, we'll love a fun list. :)

  • I so agree!

    especially with microsoft products

  • bassbait

    After reading all of these items on the list, I would just like to say that the worst computers I have ever used in my life were all Macs. In fact, almost every Apple product I've used is just obnoxious.

    • Mac computers are intuitive to use. If you have even the slightest knowledge of computers, and often, even if you don't, you can be up and running within minutes.
      Mac's do NOT get viruses, when a new OS comes out it is simple to install and never causes a problem with the machine (I have heard my husband, a Microsoft guy, swearing profusely because the new OS has caused a system failure in his PC).
      My last desktop lasted 10 years. A pretty good run considering how much heavy-duty use it got. My husband's PC's have to be replaced every 2 or 3 years, and he uses them far less, and far more "gently" than I use mine.
      I'll agree that the price difference is absurd. I'd be happier if Mac products were less expensive, but if they were, then they they would be probably be cheaper, too. I'd rather have quality.

      • I've said this before (in another thread) and I'll say it again: you don't have to use Microsoft Windows in a PC necessarily, you can use Linux. Linux is free and rarely causes any problems. Linux Mint and Linux Ubuntu are probably the easiest distros for a beginner.

    • And,BTW, it wasn't me who gave you the thumbs down. I don't use that feature unless I want to give a thumbs up!

  • YES.


  • ouiareborg

    You must be a lot of fun on a date

  • ThatGuy

    "A roundabout is a type of circular junction in which road traffic must travel in one direction around a central island."
    WHAT? NO WAY!!!!

    Tamper proof products = safety = saves lives
    Red Lights = safety = save lives lives
    This list = depression = suicide.

    well maybe not that bad but not up to other lists.

  • zuh.

    personally, overly PASSIVE drivers annoy me far more than 'aggressive' drivers. why do you wanna be the one going less than 60mph in the fast lane and blocking everyone…WHY, i ask?!?!

  • the main thing that has annoyed me — say, in the last year or so — was
    when i moved back into the area from las vegas last year, i lost a couple
    insignificant boxex–one of which had knives in it.

    let me back up —- when i get those damned clam shell plastic thingys, i typically cut the thing open with a knive.

    when i *bought* knives — of course, trying to get to the knives so that i could open the knife package to get to the knives that i needed to open the package

    my whole time/space continuum got fucked for like…a week

    they should sell knives in paper sacks.

    • I'd don't know, maybe it's because I'm an artist, but I always, always, always have some form of x-acto on me. I have lots of sizes, for lots of jobs. The coolest thing is, though, that in a pinch, the smallest x-acto will cut through just about anything.
      These things are SHARP!

    • Back when I started cooking for myself for fun, I noticed that I didn't have any decent knives. Not even one. Well, I bought a pack of Japanese kitchen knives and never looked back. They're really sharp, not to mention cool with the kanji characters in the handle. :)

      • What brand, fenda? I am always on the lookout for good knives!
        I have some excellent Global knives. They are made, blade and handle, from a single piece of steel. They are not only extremely sharp, but very strong (due to the single piece construction), and very beautiful. I've had them for five years, and so far had not had to sharpen any of them.

  • Plastik

    Roundabouts sound good in theory. In practice however they are extremely problematic and fail completely when traffic volume reaches a certain level. My country used to use them intensively. Now they are being phased out completely and replaced by ordinary traffic lights or bridges which are, while very expensive, are a much better solution.

    • We just got a roundabout put into the busiest intersection in the town next over from from us…about 25 miles. Every time we're there it seems to be working well. Except for the people who can't figure out how they work and just keep going around and around…or get off before they want to and then keep trying to get back on by creeping the car further and further into the flow of traffic.
      Mostly, though, it's a good thing.

  • Sam

    oh, yes! you’re right, although I can’t experience some of them. I think in this case when action is almost impossible it’s better to take it a little easy.

  • Top Kill

    I like all lists on listverse. If someone has a problem with a list, let them move next or stop reading. And i hate roundabouts. Terrible.

  • Great List!
    I must say that people who try to sell me timeshares while on vacation are a waste of my time. :) Like I really want to spend 2 hours listening to you try to sell me something while I'm on vacation. NOT!

  • Trapper

    @28 “I love to undo knots. I’m a weirdo, I guess.”

    You sound Gordian.

  • Lifeschool

    Hey. A bit late to the party today but I want to comment anyway.

    First of all, I really like the list – nice premise and a good range of everyday annoyances. I’m one of those people who finds most mundane things to be a waste of time. I dislike endlessly washing cloths, washing dishes, cleaning the house, having to cook and eat food and then wasting time crapping it all out again. As you can probably guess, I avoid all these things whenever possible. You could call it indolence, but I prefer to use that time spent standing at a sink or over a cooker developing and perfecting a career. Is that really so bad? ..It is for the piles dishes and the hairs in the carpet but it’s not something I really bother about. And that brings me to my second point.

    One philosphy might be: “It doesn’t matter – unless we make it matter.”

    We can get worked up about all kinds of everyday trivia, – but really it’s just US giving US a hard time. The biggest time waster in my book is wasting time being annoyed. There are some things in the world which really do matter; like huge oil spills or inhumane wars, but traffic jams and cable cords? Have you ever found that being annoyed actually makes something even worse to deal with? I have. I’ve broken things and thrown things out of the window, I’m slammed phones down and harboured grudges which have gone on to ruin my whole day, my week, or even many months. Why? Am I not simply harming myself? Am I not taking the status quo and repeatedly beating myself over the head with it? Sure I am. I must be crazy.

    Craziness can make time drag and work so much harder to deal with. The opposite of crazyness is peace of mind – and that’s really such a nicer place to be. So much easier. And so much friendlier to work with. So now I can sit in a car jam for three hours (on a typically one-hour journey) and not even think about it. I untie knots without thinking about it. I chat to telephone stoogies and wish them a ‘pleasant afternoon’; and do you know what?; they sometimes bend over backwards to help me.

    Retaliation is for fools.
    Resistence if futile!
    Let’s just get on with it shall we?

    (the opinions stated are purely those of the author, the author doesn’t mind if you like them or dislike them, the author doesn’t mind if you don’t read this comment at all – it doesn’t matter).

    • Lifeschool, you are a genius of the first order!

      • Gosh – thank you! Genius? Well… maybe. I just learned to stop giving myself a hard time. I learned to "get off it" and simply "get on with it". It works. I realised my 'ideals' are not a reflection of the real world – but that my attitude could make the difference between Masterminded Mysery (perpetual persecution, manufactured self torment etc) and something else… something easier.

        • For reasons I am unwilling to go into here, in public, I adopted the same attitude as you a long time ago. And, you're right in every respect. The only things that can drive us crazy are the things which we allow to drive us crazy.
          I admire you, Lifeschool. I don't know if you came to this decision just because it was the right decision, or, like me, because you had to. Either way, I admire you.

  • My fave has gotta be red lights! I mean, really? In Atlanta, there is a traffic light every 6 ft it seems and I catch them all. Makes me angry!!!! Hilarious post!

  • roflcopter

    Your website makes my heart vomit.

  • The J

    Wow, lists have really gone downhill. Why wasn't this list approved as "Things that annoy VanOwensBody " because then people not interested in things that annoy this person could take a bye on it completely.

    Lists should have some objective value or there should be a "rant" section for tripe like this.

  • Kris

    Lifeschool’s comment = coolness :)

  • Shilan

    One :]

  • Jim C

    "Invent a string device that when tied is 100% guaranteed to never knot"

    Umm…if a "string device" is tied, it's in a knot. So a device that's guaranteed to never knot won't stay tied. Someone already invented them, they used them for the shoelaces on a pair of boots I had, and they sucked.

    Think before you whine.

  • Summer

    You spent too much time talking about roundabouts than why stoplights are so annoying.

    • oh, stoplights… I thought you meant spotlights, so that you're a star and now you're annoyed by spotlights :)

  • 4channer

    4chan should be number 1.

  • What? 98 was awesome. That, xp, and 7 were the 3 best versions of windows. I think you're thinking of ME. It wouldn't even install without crashing.

    • Also, more utility company choices… What you're talking about is called a monopoly, and was the reason at+t was sued like crazy during the 80s. I'm gonna chalk that bit up to you being young and not remembering the price gouging, shoddy service, and terrible support you got from the megalithic utility companies.

      The free market, like it or not, is what's good about America. Those choices are a hell of a lot better than if, say, they got rid of wheat thins entirely and every cracker was a saltine.

    • yeah… well, I guess 7 has been ok so far… but I still prefer Ubuntu

  • You want to talk about time wasters? If you're a gamer and have been for the last 15 years, then add up all te MONTHS wasted while waiting for games to load! I worked as a games journalist and for PlayStation for 15 years and worked out I've wasted about 13 months on 'loading' screens.

  • PickledTink

    Thanks for taking the time to contribute a list! Pity about the complainers. Can whiners be an extra bonus? They certainly fit the bill…

  • Elmorris

    And what about movie trailers? They're f***ng annoying.

  • Jersy

    Speaking as someone working in Customer Support…

    There's pressure to get through calls as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, I literally CAN'T fix a certain problem and must transfer the call elsewhere- these places are compartmented to death where specific tasks are concerned. If you're calling me with anything more complex than an address change, I probably can't do it. I'm not holding out on you. Like, there's no possible way, with my computer, that I can do what you're asking.

    Lately has been especially fun. We've been given a sparkly new computer program that constantly glitches and freezes. The same week, we upgraded our website so that everyone who uses it must re-register. This has resulted in hundreds of people on hold for up to 40 minutes at a stretch while my department plays at being tech-support getting everyone online. Yup, people are cranky. Especially so when they're on hold for 40 minutes and then I can't help them or have to transfer their call. Just know I do enjoy helping others and I don't get off on those more frustrating calls.

  • c man


  • Springs

    Wasted around 100 days through bus trips to and from school. Around 80 kilometres each way, 160 round trip, every day, five days a week, six years. 2400 hours.

    • Hmmmm. Did you get an education at the end of all those bus trips? Or did you just ride back and forth, endlessly?

      • at least he should be a qualified bus driver by now…?

  • Strembop

    smokers: you are at home, or goggling at something pleasant like the eiffel tower or something then PUFF PUFF PUFF and u need 2 call 911 cos u are suffocating. and u have 2 run outside r away and the time wasted is horrendous

  • I did so enjoy that half way through this list firefox decided it needed to restart. Right after I finished reading the bit about Microsoft…

    Wonder if they are connected?

  • Mabel

    I hate all these things except the Microsoft products and too many choices. And I'm very good at untying knots for some reason.

    I hate the blow-in cards, but I like to tear them in half lengthwise and use them for bookmarks, so I guess they aren't totally useless to me.

  • TEX

    Actually I agree with number 1 – reminds me of Alvin Tofflers “Future Shock” where every day is an ever increasing bombardment of information – resulting in an ever increasing number of decisions to be made.
    Ever watch an old movie where a guy goes in a general store – what they have is what they have – you don’t name brands, you name the foods you want – that’s all.
    Beans, coffee, flour, eggs…

    Oh and something not on the list – gasoline pumps!!! What a pain in the ass – especially on the coldest windiest day of the year.

  • Gem

    I feel like you might have been having a bad day when you wrote this one… :P
    I think that it's not only tamper evident packaging but ALL packaging that is extremely annoying…
    like the thing you bought is ziptied a million times to a piece of thick cardboard or plastic inside a box which is taped and stapled shut wrapped in the thickest plastic wrap known to man, which is impossible to rip and so tight that it's extremely difficult to cut once you find a knife or some scissors…
    or even the simplest thing like batteries that have the plastic part glued on to thick cardboard that just can't EVER rip off in one go, and once you've ripped off the first layer there's nothing left to pull so you have to try and break through that last layer

  • Gem

    what I really DISAGREE with is the part about roundabouts… possibly because where I live it seems like everyone is retarded, and the drivers are just terrible and we have a ton of these things and people are too stupid to stay in their own lane or even figure out how they work, and try to exit from the center lane… and I feel like those roundabouts actually waste more time than stopsigns… (and I don't really see them being practical to replace stoplights at a real intersection, especially one that is very busy)

  • Carlos

    The reason why it is so annoying calling a “Customer Support” is because you’re ‘not’ the customer but the “consumer”. The Customer is the company that hired the Customer Support to cover their own butt.

    The reps at the Customer Support have no obligation to help you the consumer, but the one that hired them.

    I used to work at a Customer Support center.

    • fgrwehg

      My dad works at a school and when he orders computers that don’t work his call always gets redirected to Bangalore where according to him, the indians ramble on and on and give you one empty promise after the other

  • noelle

    most of these arent true time wasters. some of them we need. it sounds more like this list is about thing that ânnoy you.

  • nicoleredz3

    Being at work…

    Hey, so great to be back…

  • nicoleredz3

    Thought red lights would've been number 1!

  • Tribol

    informercials, worst time waster EVER

  • Dilvish

    On behalf of all cavers, cavern divers, climbers, alpinists and other people who often entrust their lives on one or several knots – FCUK your bonus sideways!

  • Tom

    Whoever said roundabouts and circles were useful has never used one. I moved from the East Coast where they are plentiful and are being removed because they don't work, to the West coast were they are few but growing in number. I was disgusted to see them putting these stupid things in. They will eventually realize they don't work and then I'll laugh when they get replaced.

  • Adramin

    I work as a sound engineer, and if you wind your cables/extention cords/ hoses properly it,ll never pose a problem. what would it be like if the roadies on tour with a band spent hours sorting cables?

  • Tas

    The wheat thins dilemma doesn't make a very valid point, if you go in knowing you want original wheat thins, then you're not going to waste your time pondering your choices, since you already know what you want. And, unless you're blind, or they decide to package all varieties of wheat thins in the same box, you won't spend more than 20 seconds finding it, if even that much.

  • zak

    you forgot to add “just” people to that list.


    THE WORST time wasters are the ad's you have to watch before a video on the internet!!

    • mjhguo

      yea and it just makes you want to buy their product less and less

  • Chris

    Slow walking groups of people that insist on walking side by side down a footpath. You have an appointment or need to get to work and they think that everyone just wants to walk along at a snails pace and keep stopping for no reason at all. Then you indicate that you want to walk past and they look at you blankly and keep on dawdling.

  • Chris

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention listverse. More of a time consumer than waster though.

  • urghhhhhhh

    I'm somewhat amused by the picture in the bonus because that knot is what routinely saves my life while rock climbing. I do not find that to be a waste of time at all. :P

  • kefka1337

    Windows 98?

    Go get a 95.

    See what you think THEN.

  • thebrainster

    If you really wana see bad driving, come to colorado, here, the people are notorius for side swiping, cutting off driving in between lanes with motorcycles, they don’t even use the left lane for passing! My uncle from chicago came here once and he said it was worse here than there

  • fuck

    these are the facts of life
    get used to it
    it’s only gonna get worse

  • Dux

    I am sure someones already mentioned this, but with entry 6 (microsoft) are you sure its not just vista?

  • Name

    half of all commrcials on tv today

  • ameliaweights

    Round-a-bouts are nightmarish inventions that should be outlawed!!!! I’d rather sit at a stop light any day of the week. Facebook/internet should definitely be on this list.

  • BreK


  • Kelli

    The DMV! Oh my gosh, it took me all day just to be told that I didn’t have the right papers, my dad was so mad he didn’t even want to come back the next day and get my lisense. Or wait three hours just to be told to wait in another line. Its annoying and the waste of a perfectly good day, shoot you’ll be there all day standing in line to make an appoiontment for months down the road and the still spend a whole day there, and the DMV is like an hour feom my house its rediculious.

  • linda10989

    If you really want to waste time, watch any Michael Bay movie. That’s 2-2.5 hours of your life you’ll never get back.

  • VJ63

    One more thing, airport procedures(Security checks, checkin, baggage claim waits, custom line etc.

  • James

    Stopped reading after the “Microsoft Products” entry. I’m sick of “Macs never crash or get viruses” fanboys. Give me five minutes with a Mac and I’ll get it to crash. Give me a week and I’ll code a virus that will render one unsable. The reason they suffer less issues is the user base is so much smaller that there’s little point coding viruses for them. That being said, Apple handheld devices are awesome and kick the ass off any Microsoft handheld device I have seen. I’ll give them that. Oh, and I hope Steve Jobs gets well soon, he’s been through the ringer lately poor guy :(

  • this list is horrible! Extension cords are extremely useful and they aren’t that hard to wind up. You just need to have some common sense! Jeez. People are certainly getting lazy these days. And Red Lights, really? Okay, so yeah, why don’t we all just run into each other?!?! You don’t understand order sir!

  • I hate those automated voice things when you have to call a business or service ..and you end up yelling at a recording because it fails to recognise anything you’re saying.

    I also hate hate HATE people who slow walk on busy sidewalks and/or stop in the middle of a crowded path to have a conversation and block everyone on the path/entryway from getting around. It’s the worst.

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    I’m from Australia also, and we just have to buy the DVD off Amazon. Come on guys, it’s not that hard to support Dr Horrible!

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    Oh nice a list of first world problems!!

  • Blaze

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