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20 Greatest Voice Over Performances

Voice over work is an art. The golden age of radio brought it into the world, and the realm of animation thrust it into the limelight. Toss in live action CGI characters and animatronics and puppetry and we’re hearing more and more exciting voice over work with a fair percentage of films that are released. I have included in this list 10 fine examples from animation and 10 from other venues of voice acting (puppetry, animatronics, CGI). These entries are in no particular order. They are all stand-out examples.


Brother Theodore
Gollum – Rankin/Bass The Hobbit


Brother Theodore was a dark comedian/philosopher who ran a one man show for several years, in New York. Sometimes appearing to border on lunacy, he tickled and often astonished audience members with his view on life. His take on Gollum is spectacular. As a kid, this Gollum was what interested me in Tolkien’s life work. The animation is a bit wacky, but the voice work is fantastic.


Eddie Murphy
Donkey – Shrek franchise

Shrek Donkey

Eddie Murphy has found his niche. His live action movies have suffered for years. Poor choices and poor scripts have led to low box office results. Put the man behind a CGI Donkey and we all remember why we loved him in the first place. The old Eddie Murphy (sans potty mouth) shines through in the Shrek movies.


Suzanne Pleshette
Yubaba – Spirited Away

Chihiro---Yubaba-Spirited-Away-399712 953 516

I do not know from experience, but it has got to be tough to do voice work on a movie that has already been animated in another language. Timing is critical. Suzanne Pleshette does a terrific job as the evil witch who runs the bathhouse in Miyazaki’s Oscar winning masterpiece, Spirited Away. I would have never guessed who was behind the microphone on this one. Even after reading the credits I was surprised. She does a really wonderful job.


George Clooney
Title Character – The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox Large 1

Slick, fast on his feet and faster in his brain, Mr. Fox nabs the goods before the farmers even know he is there. Totally bringing the spirit of Danny Ocean along for the ride, Clooney is smooth and sly…. well, sly as a fox in this remarkable role.


Bob Peterson
Dug – UP

Up Dug

If you ever wanted to know what a dog’s thoughts would sound like in words, watch Pixar’s classic, UP. Bob Peterson does not have a long voice-acting resume, but he does an incredible job here. He, to me, sounds exactly the way I envision a dog would sound, if it could talk. Very funny, and heartwarming.


Percy Rodrigues
The Locknar – Heavy Metal


A bit part character actor most of his career, the voice of Percy Rodrigues as the mysterious Locknar is commanding and eerie in the same breath. Although Locknar has no visible face or mouth, the emotions totally come through in this masterful job of voice over work.


Boris Karloff
The Grinch/Narrator – How the Grinch Stole Christmas


A monster or a madman in a lot of his roles, Karloff starts out as a fiend in this yuletide holiday TV special. His narration and voice acting are spot on. We have all seen it a million times, but every year around that time of year, we all end up watching it again. Everyone loves when he gains the strength of 10 grinches plus two, and saves the day. One of the few times where Karloff’s character goes from naughty to nice.


Cliff Edwards
Jiminy Cricket – Pinocchio


A star of Vaudeville and broadway, Cliff Edwards was a popular entertainer long before he became Jiminy Cricket. I doubt he realized how big of a job voicing Jiminy was going to turn out to be. Edwards ended up voicing the golden throated cricket in no less than 25 Disney movies and animated shorts. His version of “When You Wish Upon a Star” is often noted as one of the more memorable songs in children’s movies, or any movies to date.


Phil Hartman
Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery Service


Poor Phil Hartman, we all miss you. Phil did some fantastic work on The Simpsons as Troy McClure, and other various characters. He starred on SNL for many years. He is absolutely stupendous as Kiki’s smart aleck cat, Jiji.


Mel Blanc
just about everyone – Various Looney Tune movies and shorts


I do not think you could do a list about voice over work and not mention this man. A master of voices, Mel Blanc voiced nearly every character in Warner Brothers animated movies and shorts. Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Tweety Bird, Porky Pig and the list goes on and on and on. More versatile than a chameleon, Mel Blanc slides effortlessly from character to character. Voice acting of this caliber is seldom seen.


Frank Oz
Yoda, Chamberlain – Star Wars franchise, The Dark Crystal


I was thinking I needed to add both of these characters and, Lo and Behold!, they are voiced by the same distinguished fellow. Frank Oz has a long list of astounding credits, from Sesame Street and The Muppet Show to Star Wars. He seems to have done it all. He got his start with the late great Jim Henson, and has risen to great heights. No one who has seen Star Wars can forget the great, reverse-speech of Yoda the Jedi Master. The Dark Crystal, a dark-themed fantasy movie using muppets and animatronics from the mid 80’s, is memorable not only for its amazing use of puppetry, but for the whiny, whimpering Chamberlain. A bird/man like creature called a Skeksi. This character is what made the movie for me.


James Earl Jones
Darth Vader – Star Wars franchise


Don’t write in complaining of Star Wars being in this list twice. It would be in 3 times except for the fact that Anthony Daniels was actually in the C3PO suit, so it technically isn’t a voice over. No one, NO ONE can deny the power of this mans voice. I was going to include him as Mufasa in The Lion King, but I did not wish to use the same actor twice in one list. Darth Vader is his greatest performance anyhow, and it is instantly recognizable.


Fiona Hogan
V.I.K.I. – I, Robot


Another virtual unknown, Fiona Hogan does a grand job as the Super computer turned evil V.I.K.I., in I, Robot. The cold, emotionless voice saying “Your efforts are futile” is chilling. I am surprised she has not had more voice over work.


Christine Cavanaugh
title character – Babe


This heartwarming tale about a sweet little pig turned sheepherder is filled with great voice-over work. Nothing stands out more than the voice of the little pig, himself. Christine Cavanaugh had been doing work on Nickelodeon’s Rugrats series for awhile when she landed the role of Babe. She does a really good job as the little porker.


Toby Jones
Dobby – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


A very respected British actor, it was a bit of a turn for Jones to do the voice-over stylings of Dobby the House Elf. Dobby comes to warn Harry Potter of iminent danger looming in Harry’s 2nd year at Hogwarts. While sometimes the character comes across as a bit irritating, he also does so in the books. Toby Jones does a fantastic job of bringing this attribute out in the character.


Liam Neeson
Aslan – Narnia Franchise


A commanding king must have a commanding voice, and Neeson provides it stunningly in C.S. Lewis literary adaptations. Liam Neeson has done a bit of voice over work in his life, but none quite so memorable. Short of using James Earl Jones, I don’t think they could have found an actor with a more lion like voice in Hollywood.


Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime – Transformers franchise


Using the voice from the original cartoon was sheer genius. My hat goes off to whoever thought of doing this. I cannot imagine Optimus Prime being voiced by anyone other than Peter Cullen. I am so glad they didn’t use big name Hollywood actors to do this, as is so often the case. Tim Allen or Kelsey Grammer, talented as they may be, would not have cut the mustard.


Brad Dourif
Chucky – Child’s Play franchise

1257101844038 F

When I was a kid, these movies scared the crap out of me! Mostly in part to the wicked, knife wielding, maniacal doll running around butchering people, but also because of the eerie voice of Brad Dourif speaking through the thing. It might seem silly now that I am grown up, but that voice can still give me the heebie-jeebies.


Pat Welsh
Title character – E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Scifi2 9A

He didn’t have a lot of lines, but what lines he did have are written on my heart. Pat Welsh only worked in 3 films, and was uncredited in all 3. She was overheard talking in a camera store and offered the role of E.T.. She was a chain smoker and had a very raspy voice. Kind of ruins the illusion, doesn’t it?


Andy Serkis
Gollum/Smeagol – Lord of the Rings franchise


I have never ever heard Oscar buzz for best supporting actor for voice over work in my life until Lord the the Rings: The Two Towers came out. What Serkis pulls off in these films is nothing short of mind blowing. Nothing I have ever seen comes close. I cannot wait to see what they do with the Hobbit movies that are upcoming. Andy Serkis should have gotten an honorary Oscar or something. He is the example people use when they argue for a Best Voice Acting Oscar. Flawless.

  • Magnumto

    Great list, glad to see James Earl Jones on here. Also – and this is just a guess -but is John E. Miller a bit of a LOTR fan? I thought I was the only person who watched the Rankin-Bass version of The Hobbit.

    • Auburn Tiger

      Everybody watched that (or at least everybody who’s anybody).

    • br0ck

      what about the guy who narrates homer ?

      • msantana

        Dan Castellaneta

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  • natz1

    Wonderful list

  • Really interesting list. I am always surprised by who is doing the voice overs for Miyazaki movies and always very pleased, as well. Nice touch beginning and ending with Gollum, by the way. I was a little upset with Andy Serkis’ take on it since it didn’t sound like the cartoon version or the voice my dad would put on when he read me the stories (definitely the best one, in my opinion), but I’ve grown to enjoy it.

    • puzzlesovflesh6

      LOL that’s the exact opposite for me. I had read the books before I saw either set of movies and I had always imagined Gollums voice as that slithery kinda hissy voice Andy Serkis did. I LOVED that Gollum.

  • Lizzie

    WTF!! No entry for June Foray? Mel Blanc had been considered the male version of HER! Woman is in her 90’s and is STILL plying her craft!

    • Youtube clip please :)

    • ghin

      I have to admit that I didn’t know who she was, but when I looked her up I realized that she has quite the impressive resume! Plus, it wasn’t just anyone who said that, but Chuck Jones himself!

      • ghin

        By the way, the last part of my post was referring to how Lizzie stated that “Mel Blanc had been considered the male version of HER!”

    • QDV

      “And now here’s something we hope you’ll really like!” Amen on June Foray, and while Mel Blanc is easily my favourite, you can’t do a list like this and not include Daws Butler, who did so many Hanna Barbera voices (Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound, anybody?). Plus, anybody who knows anything about the Simpsons should know where Nancy Cartwright learned her craft.

    • Lizzie

      A compilation of some of her work:
      And her Wikipedia page:

  • dangsthurt

    Wow. Gollum is on here twice.

    Didn’t see that coming.

  • Jhoyce07

    no Ellen Degeneres for Finding Nemo movie?? waaa..

    • She was amazing in Finding Nemo. What i find more disturbing is the lack of Mark Hamill. Say what u will about star wars…but he is an incredible voice actor. His voice as The Joker in Batman: The animated series (the one from the 1990s) still blows my mind.

      • Spuddy

        Mark Hamill should be in the top 5 of this list for his batman work!
        The author mentions on the Darth Vader one that he wanted to mention Mufasa but didn’t want to list the same actor twice… Yet in the previous entry he does that very thing for Frank Oz…. Minor flaw in what is otherwise the best list on here for weeks!!

  • QueenWeiner

    I know this is from a video game, but the voice actress for GLaDoS from the game Portal was AH-MAY-ZING. I play the game a lot simply to hear her speak. In the Portal 2 trailer when she says ” Don’t fail me.. Or I’ll make you wish you could die..” Goosebumps :D.

    • The Mick

      i was thinking the same thing !! That voice-over performance was stellar, IMHO…pity it wasn’t in a movie instead.

  • Magnumto

    Some of the people who narrate audio books are amazing at making their characters come alive without even seeing the character. Two that I’m a particular fan of are Davina Porter, who narrates Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books, and Jim Dale, who narrates the Harry Potter books, must be witches or some such to do what they do. Just amazing.

  • Jael

    Now all we need is a “20 Greatest Voice Overs for Video Games” list.

    • Julius

      Glados (portal) , starkiller (Star wars the force unleashed),Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear Solid (basically all the actors from that series, amazing voice acting),Mark Hamill has done some fantastic voice acting, The cast of uncharted, the guy that does Nico Bellic in GTA4, Tricia Helfer , she did Kerrigan in Starcraft 2, the cast of WC3; the cast of Interstate ’76; The cast of Starcraft (basically any blizzard game, they usually do fantastic voice acting); …

      I could go on but there you have it

    • alright

      I swear, Niko Bellic, Glados, and the G-Man have to be in there. Oh yeah, not to mention Gordon Freeman :)

    • Auburn Tiger

    • QDV

      How about the guy who yelled “Die!” in 3D Realms’s “Rise of the Triad”? :-)

    • Jubbs

      Bonus; All your base are belong to us.

  • rachid

    nice list, but where is Morgan Freeman?

  • Rossco

    pfft Andy Serkis is terrible. Mel Blanc should be no1 and Dan Castellanetta should be no 2. Terrible list.

    • Yeah, I don’t know about the order, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a terrible list.

    • Magnumto

      I’m pretty sure the author mentioned something about “no particular order”…

      • franco

        why number them then?

  • Pietro

    As a long time fan of animation, I can tell you, your list sucks.

  • HelloDave

    How about HAL 9000?
    Also: Good news, everyone. I have invented a device that make you read this in my voice.

    • BA in WI

      So your voice sounds like a woman? ‘Cause that’s what I was heaaring in my head…

  • Yoda

    Today’s list I like.

  • MKO

    Gotta have Frank Welker on here. That man’s voice is in damn near everything.

    • JeffLillix

      My thoughts exactly. He’s done VoiceOver work on one of my favorite shows, Futurama, and if you listen to the commentary and hear the writers and actors gush over him there’s no way that you could leave him off a list about voice actors. He’s able to voice an entire flock of animals by himself in one booth sitting. He’s amazing.

      Personally I would have liked to have seen a mention of Billy West too.

      • allyb10

        I was actually very surprised that Billy West wasn’t mentioned. Wonder if there’s a reason?

  • Maggot

    Pretty cool list here; there’s going to be sooo many others called out in the comments, because everyone has their own favorite memorable character(s). For me, I gotta go with George Sanders as Shere Khan in Disney’s animated Jungle Book movie. Sadistically ruthless veiled in elegant sophistication…never has such a foppish voice sounded so badass.

  • Maggot

    I also love the versatility of Mel Blanc, with so many characters but no two sound even remotely similar. Your mention of Phil Hartman’s Simpsons work reminds me of that show’s many talented voice actors, in particular Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer, who each do quite a number of characters. Even Dan Castellaneta does many others besides Homer. Comic genius, those guys.

    • Yasir

      Dan Castellaneta should’ve been mentioned. And Mel Blanc shoul’ve been No. 1.

  • My fav is Mel Blanc, bugs , fog horn leg horn , Yosemite Sam, he’s the BEST . But bugs is classic he doesn’t give a flaming wet fuck -such balls .

    Also the “red guy” from Cow and chicken has a very different and distinctive voice too . Dig him.

    A nice big list , sweet!! MORE!!

  • My fav is Mel Blanc, bugs , fog horn leg horn , Yosemite Sam, he’s the BEST . But bugs is classic he doesn’t give a flaming wet fuck -such balls .

    Also the “red guy” from Cow and chicken has a very different and distinctive voice too . Dig him.

    A nice big list , sweet!! MORE!!

  • chrom3d

    The porn industries has many movies with great dubbing but the only thing you are going to hear are ooohhs and ahhhhhs..

    • chrom3d

      Let me change the censored word.. The ADULT industries hahaha..

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Enjoyed the read – brought back some fond memories.

  • hjro99

    what about Keith David, he’s Goliath from Gargoyles, as well as Dr Facilier in the princess and the frog, or Hugo Weaving the current voice of Megatron

  • Bansey

    If this list wasn’t in any particular order then why is your favourite number 1? Also to not have Dan Castellaneta in the list is mad. He pretty much is the simpsons.

  • ArtemisFox

    Fun list! No arguments whatsoever with Andy Serkis finishing off the list. I know, no particular order but still amazing performance.
    I was hoping to see Maurice LaMarche on the list. He’s been in so many shows, can do any voice, and even manages to sound more like Orson Welles than Orson Welles did. Cracks me up every time.
    Check it out:

  • jok

    Not having Robin Williams’ portrail of the Genie in Aladdin is ridiculous

    • reid1201

      I completely agree. When I saw the category, Robin Williams as the Genie was the first person to come to mind.

  • theashcan

    Andy Serkis’s performance is not voice over work – if you wouldn’t include 3PO because Anthony Daniels was in the suit then Andy shouldn’t be included either as Gollum was famously created using performance capture, meaning Andy performed everything about the character, from his expressions to his movements. It was a complete performance, and it wasn’t voice over work any more than the characters in Avatar were.

    • Kaz

      I was going to say the exact same thing. If one wasn’t included then I don’t think the other should’ve been included either.

      • Maggot

        For me, the two situations do not compare. The Gollum character is a 100% digital animation, C3PO is a live person (in a costume). I get the whole motion-capture thing, but regardless of how Gollum was rendered, you are not seeing the actual actor on the film. You’re seeing a representation of his actions and hearing his voice, but you’re not seeing the person. Same for the Avitar Na’vi people.

        That said, it is an interesting discussion point, as you could also say that about Anthony Daniels – i.e. you’re not seeing “him” on film, you’re only seeing a gold suit. But then, why not just say that about any live actor wearing a costume and/or completely covered in make-up and prosthetics? We don’t say that, because with those rolls (think: Planet of the Apes, Elephant Man, Wizard of Oz characters, for example), the live actor is there, under all the make-up. You’re still seeing the actual actor’s movements, not an animated representation of them. But then again – what about Bill Nighy’s Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean? His octopus face is also a digitally animated overlay of a live actor, but no one would describe his performance as “voice work”. The difference as compared to Gollum is because for Pirates, Nighy is still there in the finished film, enhanced yes, but not replaced, by CGI animation.

        • Awesome

          You make no sense, what a confusing comment… Andy Serkis performed his role 100% and is not just a voice over… He just had a “cgi costume” instead of a physical one. J E Jones didn’t get down on all fours for Lion King, that’s the difference.

          • Maggot

            I’m sorry you were confused by simple logic.

            He just had a “cgi costume”

            Lol, you had to put it in quotes, because even you know it’s stretching. He did not have on a “cgi costume”. He was replaced by a cgi image. An animation. Only his voice remained in the finished film.

            J E Jones didn’t get down on all fours for Lion King, that’s the difference.

            It is “a” difference, but it is not the relevant difference. The relevant difference is: some actors appear on screen speaking their lines, and some do not. Serkis did not. It’s pretty simple really, no matter how you try to spin it.

  • Wilkeh

    GLADoS from the game Portal should of got a mention tbh!

  • Hunter

    The dude who does Spongebob should be here

  • J

    Surprised Mark Hamill isn’t on the list, he’s done some fantastic work including The Joker in batman animated stuff, but besides that very interesting list. Top stuff.

  • Jazzy

    What about Sean Connery as the voice of Draco in Dragonheart? I know no other acter whos voice is strong and classy enough to pull of the noble Dragon.

  • Andyman

    You didn’t want to have James Earl Jones twice on the list yet you have Frank Oz (questionable) on for two characters?

  • loved the list, didn’t recognize some of em but I’ll youTube em later

  • Armadillotron

    Peter Cullen should be at Number 1 for God`s sake. And Frank Welker should be here and whoever did Starscream.

    • Julius

      “These entries are in no particular order. They are all stand-out examples.”

  • BadGuy

    No Ellen Degeneres for Dory? Mark Hamill for countless roles? Listverse fail…

  • elbobbo

    Technically speaking Serkis’ performance is not a voice over. He acted the part and they CGIed Gollum over him

  • oouchan

    I love this list! Great choices, too. I’ve always liked James Earl Jones. His voice is amazing. Also Tim Curry. He played Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys. A cute kids show. And of course Mel Blanc is the best! He hated carrots by the way.

    One of the best voice-overs were some clips of animals done by the BBC…this is funny stuff!

    • yes!! Tim curry , he has played so many animated bad guys , i remember him doing them since i was tiny. He just did the main bad guy in the video game “brutal legend” too . . .

  • David

    Patrick Stewart as Napoleon the Pig in Animal Farm?

  • mom424

    Pretty good compilation. I’m liking it. Kudos for mentioning Percy Rodriguez and the Loknar; Netflix has Heavy Metal on their list for anyone interested. It’s very much still view-worthy.

    I would have included William Conrad for his work on Rocky and Bullwinkle. Of course the 9 years as Marshall Matt Dillon on the radio should probably count in his favor as well. For those of you a little younger – William Conrad is the fatman from Jake and The Fatman. Waaay fatman.

    Probably should have mentioned Hank Azaria and most of the cast on The Simpsons too. Doesn’t matter whether you like the show or not, those guys have talent.

  • gav

    OMG! You Totally dissed Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit?!!!! Otherwise a great, fun list.

    • gav

      And Douglas Rain as “Hal 9000” should have at least gotten an honorable mention! :)

      • cambered

        100% agree with you… HAL was utterly amazing.

  • dread

    the pic for grinch is obviously wrong.

    charles fleischer as roger rabbit came to mind when perusing this list.

    • ironflange

      Yeah, Jim Carrey’s version was a bloated travesty.

      The original, though, has lost none of its charm.

  • dread

    okay gav, that’s just weird!

    • gav

      great minds…

      My internet is 0.00027 seconds faster than yours!

  • cambered

    Generally, a really good list tonight… but with a couple of obvious clangers. Ranking the voice of Optimus Prime and Chucky above Darth Vader??? True, this is a subjective list but c’mon man… it’s Darth freaking Vader..! That voice (and breathing) will live in peoples memories forever.

    Surprised too not to see Douglas Rain on the list, the voice of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey… “I can’t do that, Dave”… supreme.

    That being said, especially happy to see “Spirited Away” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service” on here… both excellent animations with really classy voice-over acting. I also think you nailed the Top Two… but Darth should have been #3… in my humble opinion.

    • cambered

      Oops… my humble apologies. I skimmed on the first reading and missed:

      “These entries are in no particular order. They are all stand-out examples.”

  • Dr Zaius

    Billy West! He is, in my reasonably worthless opinion, the greatest modern voice artist. He has a completely elastic voice and is just brilliant, whether it be Looney Tunes, Futurama, the red M&M, Ren, and all sorts I’m sure I’m missing out. Also, as someone mentioned, Frank Welker deserves a mention for being every cartoon animal ever.

    • @Dr Zaius: Looney Tunes, Futurama, the red M&M, Ren, and all sorts I’m sure I’m missing out

      —–west was the voice of ren only for the last 2 or 3 seasons after john kricfalusi (sp?) for canned.

      he did voice stimpy for the 7 year duration of the show, however.

  • adifferentJamie

    Good list. I think Seth Macfarlane deserves a mention, too.

    • allyb10

      Agreed. Say what you will about McFarlane, his politics, or his humor, but it’s undeniable that he’s a talented voice-over artist.

  • Lee

    What about Richard Burton, war of the worlds? Does that count?

    • cambered

      Good call. That magnus opus is magnificent… all of the performances are sensational, but Burton is the true genius behind it all.

  • You seriously ranked Mel Blanc below the chick who did the computer in I, Robot? And no June Foray? I’d put both of them on their worst days far above the work of Andy Serkis.

    And where is Frank Welker? That man has defined VO for millions since Blanc passed away.

    Heck, for that matter, where are the Disney VO performances? Just Jiminy Cricket (Dug is from Pixar)?

    • Julius

      “These entries are in no particular order. They are all stand-out examples.”

  • ss

    Interesting fact: Brad Dourif (the voice of chucky) also played wormtongue in Lord of the Rings (I know this because he is my friend’s uncle!). That being said, since neither Dan Castalleneta, Hank Azaria, or Harry Shearer from the Simpsons are on this list, IT IS A COMPLETE FAIL.

  • Phrank Loyed

    I kept waiting to read June Foray’s name on the list. Sorry, but this list just is not complete without her.

  • Madison

    James Earl Jones for the win!

  • NedNoodle

    Did Mel Brooks ever do voice over or am i just getting confused with Mel Blanc?

    • you might be getting confused —

      he did do a lot of voices in spaceballs (the animated series), and santa in something (jimmy neutron maybe).

      he was on the old kid’s show the electric company, the bird and the cat in the producers (with nathan lane and ferris bueller) :) — (wasn’t he also the voice for the singer for springtime for hitler in the broadway version of the producers?


      but, yeah, i’m gonna go with:

      you’ve confused him and mel blanc

      • NedNoodle

        Yeah perhaps, but Brooks has a great voice for animation/voiceover.

        • oh,, no question — and a lot of his work went as uncredited (the adventures of sherlock holmes’ smarter brother, look who’s talking too (mr. toilet man), the silence of the hams, prince of egypt, just to name a few.

          in my opinion, his best would be his first short called the critic where he heckles himself looking at weird illustrations.

  • Diz

    Nice list, but agree with everyone else about Hamil.

  • i love this kind of list — i can disagree with the whole entire thing (i don’t disagree with it) or i can think every entry is brilliant, and either way, we’re gonna see 75 more suggestions throughout the day …… all “correct” in what we would have placed on our own list had we made one.

    maggot … you got the one i really didn’t think i’d see, george sanders — good call.

    a few others that came to mind:

    —keith david — everything from goliath to cod to halo — princess & the frog — spawn — etc…

    —clark gable — for dr. ned darrell in strange interlude

    —casey casum — for shaggy, simply because it was first one i had ever heard where i was able to put the character voice with the man…

    —paul frees — more for his voiceover work on the haunted mansion and pirates rides at the disney parks than say…boris of rocky & bullwinkle

    —stone/parker — simply for the technique they use on south park

    —jeremy irons (scar) — billy west — jim henson —

    —steve carrell (despicable me)

    — and stanley tucci has a great upcoming role in cat tale as the villian to the sean astin-voiced cat named rover…..

  • Auburn Tiger

    Wow! I really liked this list. Pretty much every entry was a great choice. Mel Blanc takes the cake though. I take that back. He ties James Earl Jones.

  • gravyleg

    this list should consider voice-over actors who dubbed hollywood movies abroad. the actor who dubbed jerry lewis’ movies in french was very popular due to his delivery, and is considered the reason jerry lewis’ movies were so popular in france. once he died and was replaced, their popularity waned. re: andy serkis- i don’t consider him a voice-over actor as he acted the part then was digitized. he was scuttling around in a suit acting, not dubbing over a previously animated piece to a script.

    • Julius

      I honestly can’t watch dubbed movies/series anymore. The voice actors who dub in Germany are terrible.

  • Lifeschool

    Nice list – good to see a top 20 for a change. These items are mostly spot on, and I’m glad to see Andy Serkis on the top spot – very well deserved! I didn’t know Karloff did the Grinch – I guess I’ve only seen the Jim Carey version. Good job!

  • sleep

    a voice over is performed by someone who is speaking from outside of the current action as narrator of the movie.
    A voice actor or actress is someone who provides a voice to a character in the movie.
    only Boris Karloff meets the voice over criteria. this list title should be changed.

  • R.S.

    So let me get this straight. James Earl Jones is NUMBER 9, and the guy who voiced Gollum is #1? You should have ended the list at #9, bud. Better luck next time.

    • R.S.

      And I don’t give a d*** whether or not the list is in order. If you’re going to take the time to write a list for this website, put it in order. Good God.

  • Veddier

    What about Scar in The Lion King? Jeremy Irons does an outsanding job.

    much better then some on this list.

  • James

    Some damn fine picks there. Personally I think Leon Ockenden who played Norman Jayden and Ethan Mars in Heavy Rain was fantastic. As was Mark Hamill for his joker stuff, especially in the Arkham Asylum video game

  • gollumizer

    liam neeson: drool-worthy, yummy yummy man. oh my
    thank you for putting this list together. i, for one, am a girl who thinks that good voice wins over good looks most days.
    say, does javier bardem have any voice over work?
    and i also think that antonio banderas and mike myers should be honorable mention for shrek.

  • That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

  • freckledsmile99

    Love, love, love this list. Though would have also loved it if you had added a voice clip for all. :)

  • Bob

    No one from the cast of the Simpsons? Hank Azaria is one of the most talented voice actors I’ve heard in a long time. He definitely deserves some love on a list like this!

  • John Sherman

    Wow! People are taking this list very much to heart. Maybe it should have been two lists, one for tv and one for movies.

    I would have added Douglas Rain as HAL 9000 and the great Paul Frees, who did some many wonderful voices for all the Jay Ward cartoons.

  • allyb10

    I was glad to see “Fantastic Mr. Fox” mentioned, just because it’s my favorite movie right now! Clooney did a great job, but I liked Jason Schwartzman as well.

  • Omar Bacho

    WHERE IS UNCLE PECOS?! The mouse from tom and jerry! he was amazing!=P

  • MiSaNtHrOpE

    I’m so glad someone else appreciates Chucky as much as I do.

  • Topa

    May I recommend Anne Hathaway’s performance in The Cat Returns?

  • Everything you see on screen with Gollum is performance captured by Andy Serkis, Gollum is not a voice over character.

    How many times does Andy need to explain how performance capture works for people to actually LISTEN to him.

    Performance capture is acting, so Andy actually acted the role of Gollum.

    • Maggot

      Everything you see on screen with Gollum is performance captured by Andy Serkis

      However what you do not see on screen is Serkis himself. Instead, what you do see is an animated representation of his movements.

      How many times does Andy need to explain how performance capture works

      Does another explanation change the above?

      Performance capture is acting, so Andy actually acted the role of Gollum.

      A digitally-rendered CGI animation appeared in the film, voiced by Serkis. Ergo, the voice work qualifies for this list. In other words, I think if definitions are going to change in the acting profession due to new and emerging technologies, it will be the definition of “voice acting” modified to include motion-capture CGI work, rather than physical acting modified to include “CGI renderings of someone’s recorded movement”. I mean if the latter were to be the case, at what point would we not need talented and/or good-looking actors any more when basically anyone could “act out” a role and then get digitally prettied up (both in appearance and in dramatic expression) via post-production CGI?

      • Bob

        So, basically, for the reasons that Anthony Daniels was omitted from this list, Andy Serkis was placed on it. I have to agree with Maggot on this one, using a CGI overlay is definitely not the same as physical acting.

  • Bob Peterson’s voice acting resume is short because he’s actually an animator and a writer by trade, working at Pixar. In addition to his role as voice actor for Dug and Alpha in Up, he actually wrote the screenplay and co-directed the film. You’d think that would at least be deserving of a mention!

  • umakemehateu

    I wouldn’t have included the guy who played C3PO regardless. I always found his character to be annoying and unsettling. There’s just something, I don’t know, off about him. Sounds like a gay Brit. He’s the kind of robot that you wouldn’t leave your kids alone with.

  • You said about two characters from the same franchise (while talking about Vader), but there’s also a character that appears twice!
    Anyway, very good list, indeed Andy Serkis was perfect as Gollum. That will be Gollum’s voice for me until the day I die.

  • Moogoo

    Nice list. As an actor, who has dabbled in voice over work, I too am surprised that the Academy doesn’t recognize this pool of talent. Bringing a character to life with voice alone, without the other elements an actor has such as body and facial expressions, is very difficult. And I agree that Andy Serkis should have been recognized by the Academy for his work…bloody brilliant he was. Then again, the same could be said for Ian McKellen in LOTR…in fact a lot of fine actors in those movies got jacked in that department.

  • Liz

    Obviously this list is subject to opinion but I have share in the disappointment of HAL 9000 not being on here. Douglas Rain managed to make HAL soothing yet menacing at the same time. I get the creeps every time I hear “I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” To me, the voice/red light combo make him one of the scariest movie “villains.”

    Also…no Castellaneta as Homer? Talk about a voice that EVERYONE knows (I know he does a lot of other characters too). Should at least get an honorable mention.

    Yeah…wrong Grinch picture too…Jim Carrey did that one.

    Interesting list though, made me think a lot about my favorite animated/CGI characters.

    • Thurl Ravenscroft – He sang the theme song in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. He was also the voice of Tony the Tiger which everybody has heard.

      I also agree that the voice of HAL should be on here.

      The list is ok but too obscure.

  • Lindsay

    Personally, my favourite voiceovers are Bernadette Peters as Rita and Rob Paulsen as Yakko & Pinky on Animaniacs

  • chuchu353

    Great list. It seems that an entire separate list could be made of just outstanding women voice performances, starting with June Foray and Jean Van der Pyle (credits far too numerous to mention). Other members of that list could include:

    Ellen DeGeneres (Finding Nemo)
    Mary Kay Bergman (South Park)
    The Women of The Simpsons (Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardly Smith)
    Julia Sawalha (Chicken Run)
    Bea Benaderet (The Flintstones)
    Penny Singleton (The Jetsons)

    I’m sure there are many many more deserving of mention, these are just the ones that invaded my head in the 5 minutes I had to write this post ;-)

    • chuchu353

      Thought of one more….. Sherrie Stone’s priceless performance as Slappy Squirrel on Animaniacs

  • Mark

    Frank Welker has done Megatron, Galvatron, Soundwave, Skywarp, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Mixmaster, Mirage, Trailbreaker, Sludge, Tiamat, Dr Claw, Ace the Dog, and Hyena from Batman Beyond, and others and er, Wheelie and Uni. So why isn`t he here?

  • gav

    Mercedes McCambridge- the voice of the demon in “The Exorcist”- puts most of these to shame!

  • deeeziner

    Nice add-in with the voice over of the Locknar. I always wondered who that was, tho with IMDB, I could have easily found out. It just never occurred to me to look it up.

    Not quite the same as a voice over I suppose, but does anyone know who the creepy narrator/tour guide is in the Haunted House ride at US Disney parks? That voice is an equal to James Earl Jones.

    • oliveralbq

      @deeeziner: “but does anyone know who the creepy narrator/tour guide is in the Haunted House ride at US Disney parks? “

    • oliveralbq

      sorry i cut that off dez.
      the voice in haunted mansion and pirates of ther caribbean rides is named paul frees.
      when i mentioned him earlier, i remembered he voiced boris in rocky & bullwinkle, but totally forgot he voiced john lennon and george harrison in the beatles cartoon
      also many christmas specials (frosty, rudolph, jack frost, etc) and some iconic commercials (pillsbury doughboy, toucan sam (for a short time), boo-berry, fresh freedie (from the 7up ads), and little sprout (of the jolly green giant ads)).
      also worth mentioning, was his eerie resembalence to the voice of orson welles, acting as the wells sound alike reporter in war of the worlds.
      very versitile … i would have had to include him on the range of his roles alone.

  • Davy

    Good list. I would have found a spot for Jim Cummings though. Look him up on wikipedia to see some of his work

  • Mimz

    Way cool list!!

  • deeeziner

    Hans Conried—Captain Hook, and others. What a voice.

  • Poopyseedle

    I’m sorry but Robin Williams in Aladdin should’ve been here somewhere.

  • DGMdragunov

    Nolan North should be here

  • Tryclyde

    Good list. But wasn’t the debate that Andy Serkis should have been nominated for the Best Actor oscar? As people have already stated, it was pure acting that he did in LOTR…I also second Hnak Azaria.

  • Gemfyre

    Two big omissions here. Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson (did you know she also voiced Gusty in the My Little Pony Movie?)

    And another Star Wars guy. Mark Hamil as the Joker! I bet 90% of Batman fans now hear his voice whenever they read the Joker in comics and books.G

  • Sarah L. Carnes


  • Vince

    Decent list. As a Pixar fan(atic), I was hoping for more representation. Especially Joan Cusack for Jessie in Toy Story 2 & 3.

    I particularly enjoyed Patrick Warburton (Kronk, “Emperor’s Groove” fame) and both Patrick Stewart & Martin Short in “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.” Very funny stuff.

    Mel Blanc should be higher up the list, IMO.



  • Mike

    Phil LaMarr should be on the list I think. His voice has been in tons of stuff for quite a while.

  • Sara

    Mark Hamill should be on this list…best Joker there ever was. His voice performance for the video game Arkham City will be his last time voicing Joker. =[

    • jbrav55

      I had heard his voice acting for the cartoon was amazing but hadn’t gotten around to checking it out. I did recently play the Arkham Asylum game and thought the joker was great, I just assumed someone else did the role. Thankfully he did Arkham City, can’t wait to play it. Why isn’t he doing the role anymore?

      • Sara

        I’m not sure. He’s been voicing Joker for many, many years…perhaps he just wants to retire from it. Or perhaps his voice has become strained.

    • Liza

      I totally agree, Mark does such an amazing job voicing the joker. He’s one of the most difficult characters to pull off well and he does it so well, he makes it look easy.

    • Sara

      Arleen Sorkin makes an amazing Harley Quinn, as well.

  • Corwin

    Christine Cavanaugh also did the voice of Dexter on Dexter’s Laboratory. She quit show business around the year 2000 , I believe. She hasn’t done any acting work since.

  • RAS

    I’m also surprised Mark Hamill’s work as the Joker in the Batman cartoons was passed over. In fact, Hamill’s done a great deal of fantastic voice work, including some Miyazaki films.

  • ashleysweet

    this list made my day. first off, i had no idea darth vader and mufasa were the same person (which is completely obvious now) the dark crystal is the weirdest movie i have ever seen, and my friend and i mock chamberlin frequently. chucky is amazing, and i agree, the voice gave me nightmares as a child…but now i think he is funny. BABE isnt that great of a movie (at least i didnt like it ias a kid) but the voice is amazing. SPIRITED AWAY IS AWESOME, i’ve always wondered if the guy who did jiminy cricket was a castrato, Irobot scares the crap out of me (robots are awfully terrifying) boris karloff. watched the movie with my grandma last year, i said he played frankenstein, she didnt know that. i felt smart. and this is the BEST list thats been on here in a while

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Needs Jack Skellington. Glad to see Darth Vader though.

  • R-name

    Uhm… Mako? Hello? MAKO. The man was a legend in his own time! (“But that… is another story…”) This list is incredible poorly researched.

  • Hello

    Pat Buttram should be on here, at least as an honorable mention or something. The man has one of the most distinctive voices and has had significant roles in many old Disney movies. Anyways.

  • jbrav55

    Andy Serkis as gollum is number 1? What about Jar Jar binks if silly over the top voices are your thing? Decent list but I think your bias shines through a little too much. Then again I suppose it would if I wrote this list as well…

  • witcharachne

    Wow I did not know that Brad Dourif played Chuckie.
    I definitely think that Phill Harris should have been included, since he’s pretty much the voice I associate with every cartoon movie of my childhood. I also think that skipping Robin Williams’ performance as Genie in Aladdin is a huge oversight.
    Also, the image of the Grinch is from the Jim Carrey version, not the Boris Karloff cartoon version, which seems a bit silly to me.
    Other than that – awesome list.

  • Liza

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this but I’m surprised not to see Steve Blum here. He’s an incredibly talented voice over actor and I thought he should’ve been mentioned for his work as the voice of Spike Spiegel in the anime Cowboy Bebop. Since this is a list of performances rather than the actors themselves I can see why he wasn’t included to highlight the other awesome talents there. If a list is ever made of great voice over actors than Steve should definitely be included. I’d also like to see Hank Azaria who voices some of the most diverse characters on the Simpsons, he’s truly amazing.

    I also have a soft spot for Jon H. Benjamin who does the voice of Coach McGurk in the show Home Movies.

  • Dean Darko

    You forgot Frank Welker!

    Think of any cartoon in the past 25 years. Chances are, Frank is in there somewhere. Often doing animal sounds (some are unbelievable, he can make it sound as if a cat and dog were fighting purely with his mouth), he’s provided voicework as Fred on the very original Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, and literally dozens of other works. If you make a 2nd list for this topic, I am going to be VERY dissappointed if Frank Welker is not in it.

  • Katie

    I kinda wish you had put John Kassier on this list. He was the voice of the Crypt Keeper on “Tales from the Crypt”.

  • James

    I have to add Minnie Driver as Jane in Disney’s animated Tarzan. She was fantastic.

  • carlos

    Patrick warbuton should have been here near the top

  • George Zadorozny

    Truly a great and inspiring list! Thanks!!

  • Ryon

    Of course Mel Blanc is #1

  • Kimani

    Nice list.
    Someone should do a similar list for Video Game voice performance only.
    Two games that come to mind immediately are Legacy of Cain series and Final Fantasy XII.

  • Demonix

    I would like to say that I don’t believe that this list is in definite since there are far more famous and incredible voice actors there than Eddie Murphy and George Clooney. There are more incredible people there like in The Simpsons and the black girl who does multiple voice acting for cartoons (dn’t know her but her voice is very familiar in Rug Rats and recently Ben 10 Opening Credits).

  • -_-

    ASLAN? Wtf. Just talk in a deep voice and you’re freaking done. They can even edit you voice to make it deeper.

    And you forgot Ellen Denegeres as Dory

  • sarzica101

    Tara Strong. She made LOADS of voice overs.

  • James Murray

    I think James Gandolfini as the voice of Carol deserves some recognition. The nuances of the way his character spoke – paired with an excellent screeplay by Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers – truly added something beautiful to the film. It’s not often that a great voice-over sticks out at you, and this was deffinitely one of those times.

    • James Murray

      * Carol in “Where the Wild Things Are”

  • Mike

    Great list!…totally agree with your whole part about Andy Serkis, completely mindblowing performance that even goes beyond his voice since they captured his movements to completely capture Gollum on screen

  • Lauren

    great list but I loved, loved, loved Sean Connery in DragonHeart…perfect dragon voice ever!

  • Gabe

    Why is there a picture of Jim Carrey? Boris Karloff wasn’t in that movie. He voiced the cartoon from the 60s.

  • I think Patton Oswalt should have been on this list for his character in “Ratatouille”

  • casbro

    I agree with those sayin Mel Blanc should be the tippy top. I would have to mention Phil Harris, for me, his voice is classic.

  • andrea

    Dude who does spongebob is pretty sweet too..ohh and i would love to know who played little foot and sarah n the land before time! And i love the voice of helga(spell check) on hey arnold! Oh how i miss the old nick cartoons!they dont make em like they used too

  • Adalia Glenys

    Don’t forget Peter Woodthorpe, who voiced Gollum in the 1978 film. The film was absurd, but Woodthorpe’s performance was outstanding. In fact, he reprised the role in the 1981 BBC radio drama adapted by Brian Sibley.

  • Dilipkumar J

    Surprised to see no one from The Simpsons (apart from Phil) has been mentioned :(

  • Shawn

    I’ll totally agree with the No. 1 spot

  • weegmc

    Some good entries but the rankings kinda stink. Agree Mel Blanc should be numero uno for his creation of half a dozen iconic voices.

    Bart Simpson is the more recognizable, noted and quoted animated character in the last twenty years, if you want to note a single performance Nancy Cartwright must be on the list, and very high on that list.

    What about Walt Disney for Mickey Mouse?

  • jen

    No Harry Shearer or anyone on the Simpsons??? No Billy West?? And Mel Blanc should be #1.

  • Cool guy

    I’d just like to note, you are a comlete, douchelicking asshole if you watch japanese movies with english dub. There.

  • Name

    how about tom kenny for spongebob and all the other work he has done-cat dog powerpuff girls, to say a few.

  • Lisa e

    What about robin williams in Aladdin!
    Absolutely amazing!

  • Pizzlerot

    Learn something new every list. I thought Anthony Hopkins was the narrator in Grinch. Karloff died in 1969….

    • Pizzlerot

      Sorry….the Jim Carrey pic threw mw. Would you believe I have never seen the 1966 animated Grinch! Sorry, folks. My bad…

  • Janz

    What? No Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill as Batman and Joker’s Voice Actor from 90’s Batman Animated up to present?

  • Alexander Garcia

    In fact, Eddie Murphy’s voice performance of Donkey was so spectacular, that he was nominated for the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor, (the British “Oscar”). This is the first voice performance to be nominated in such prestigious award.

  • guardthedew

    great list. i see it’s been mentioned but i gotta say i would liked to have seen ellen degeneres as dory in finding nemo too. everyone loved that movie and that’s a great character.

  • Dyana

    Unfortunately, Frank Oz did not voice the Chamberlain. Barry Dennen was the voice of the Chamberlain. Mr. Oz performed the puppetry, but not the voice. None of the key performers that we are used to hearing (e.g. Jim Henson, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, etc) did any of the voices for the characters of the Dark Crystal. It’s one of the few movies of theirs that does not feature any familiar voices. It’s also my favorite Jim Henson movie with a lot of special memories.

    Mr. Dennen is still active, performing voices of characters on video games. He was also in the movies The Shining (playing Bill Watson) and Fiddler on the Roof (the 1971 version with Topol). Mr. Dennen played Mendel. I plan on watching that movie again to see what the voice of the Chamberlain actually looks like.

    Great list other than that issue. I was a bit disappointed to see that Frank Welker was absent from the list though. He’s a great voice actor.

  • Sara

    As far as I recall, Andy Serkis did regular acting for Gollum, wearing a mocap suit on set while acting the role, so I guess it doesn’t count as voice acting? He should’ve won an Oscar regardless.

  • You should’ve put Genie from and the bird Lago from Aladdin.

  • Hannah Rae

    pretty good list, wasn’t interested in the anime stuff but i think you forgot Patrick Warburton as Joe Swanson in Family Guy and as Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove. He’s got such a great voice, he could play just about any cartoon character but those two are his best. David Spade was pretty awesome in The Emperor’s New Groove as well (watching the movie while babysitting as i type).

  • Eartheinjel

    What happened to listverse? why are they not posting lists recently? is this the last list?

  • mandy

    Robin Williams? Genie? how could you forget that?!?!

  • V123

    I just clicked on this list to tell you you should have included Liam Neeson as Aslan. Then I saw you have and now I love you.

  • Softpaw

    Frank Welker

    Look him up

  • Danio

    Where’s Mark Hamill Joker?

  • msantana

    Jim Henson!!
    And the inter voice over cast of The Simpsons!!

  • archworf

    Mel Blanc did and will always rule. I met him in 1980, and at one point he had an ad lib conversation between several of his best loved characters, slipping seamlessly from one voice to another. Still in awe of his talents 30+ years later. Here’s to ya, Doc.

  • Chase

    How can you have a list of voiceover work and not mention Billy West?!?!? He has been so many characters in television. To name a few; Ren & Stimpy (Ren & Stimpy), Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Dr. Farnsworth, Zap Branigan (Futurama) Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig (Almost any Warner Bros. related movie, show or video game and that includes Space Jam), Doug Funny, Roger Kloats (Doug). And that is just naming a hand-full of his work. I also think Mark Hammel should be on this list as well. Watch any episode of Batman the Animated Series and tell me his Joker isn’t the best portrayed ever.

  • booo

    All the voice overs on animated studio chibli movies are amazing. takes a lot of work

  • KMitch

    Billy West! Fry/Farnsworth/Zoidberg/Brannigan on Futurama as well as succeeding Mel Blanc in several Looney Tunes roles, incredible!

  • DaChupsWife

    Really no Mark Hammel…The best joker voice ever!!! He did Joker in the animated series and in the Batman Arkem games. LAME!!!!

  • Tom

    uh, what about Nancy Cartwright or Dan Castellenta of Bart and Homer fame, probably some of the most recognisable voices on the planet!


    Anyway, I’d like to nominate Jennifer Hale. Foremost for me is her Dionarra in Planescape:Torment, her voice was epic and gave me chills. Second is her Bastilla Shan in KOTOR. And she’s done many other great voice-overs.

    The “…” is due to the fact that this is the most difficult/insulting website I’ve ever registered for just to comment on. It requires me to have my own blog ??? (which I just randomly faked)??? And from Listverse goes to this kind of dictatorship authoritarian capitalist secondary site which requires such crap as having y0ur own blog? WHAT IN THE HELL. Are comments encouraged here? Sure takes a ton of effort to make one from just viewing from afar and wanting to comment. WTF.

  • Ron

    Robin Williams in Aladdin? That would be my vote. Dude made it hip to do voice over work.

  • robb

    Where the hell is phil lamarr?

    • baliff

      i agree


    peter cullen in transformers is the shit and brad dourif he used to scare the crap out of me to, i really like the list exept that YOU PUT JAMES EARL JONES #9!!!!!! DUDE HIS VOICE IS EPIC AND LEGENDARY OTHERWISE AWSOME LIST

  • michael

    A cliche list of voice over performances..nothing new..such a bullshit list..seriously did you pull this list out of your ass?

  • Whitney

    What a great list. It’s always hard to tell if someone is picking great voice actors or just celebrities as that is what most movies have now. But this list has a awesome list of old and new. I can’t disagree with any…though there are a couple I would add! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sophie

    Um, Babe was an Australian movie, about a very Australian topic, but they just HAD to get Americans to do the voices of the animals. Huge disappointment. That movie was a mess.

  • Vayk

    Good list, but I honestly think Robin Williams’ voice over of the Genie in Aladdin was exceptional, and deserved a place on the list.

  • laura n

    great list! i was particularly pleased with the first place :)

  • What’s up doc?


    How on earth do you have Mel Blanc at number 11 behind some of the crap you have in the top 10?

  • romantictoysle

    check this for your all your cheap sex toys needs

  • codell76

    No list of this nature should NOT include Mercedes McCambridge in “The Exorist.”

  • Julia

    Does it bother anyone else that the wrong picture is used for the Grinch? That one is from the 2000 movie with Jim Carrey. I’m sure they knew, it just really bothers me…

  • Julia

    Does it bother anyone else that the wrong picture is used for the Grinch? That one is from the 2000 movie with Jim Carrey. I’m sure they knew, it just really bothers me…

  • Kirsty

    The Grinch is actially Jim Carey

  • James


  • ML

    How about Gru’s voice, Steve Carell, in Despicable Me? Others voices were great too, I thought.