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Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed Someone

Jack Lewis . . . Comments

We have many lists on the site relating to murder, killing and death in general. This list takes a slightly different angle from those in that it relates specifically to celebrities who have killed, or been accused of having killed. None of the entries here are celebrities because of their crimes; they are all people who committed (or were accused) after their celebrity was already established.


Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg 1

The rapper famous for his duet with D. Dre in ‘Ain’t Nothin but a G Thing.’ He was arrested and put on trial in connection with the death of Philip Woldemariam, a member of a rival gang who was shot and killed by Snoop’s bodyguard, McKinley Lee. Both Snoop and Lee were defended by Johnnie Cochran at the trial, and were both found not guilty on grounds of self-defense. He has since gone on to enjoy a lucrative career.


Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle
Silent Film Actor


A silent film actor who acted alongside the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Mabel Normand. Some of his most notable films are ”His Wedding Night,” “Coney Island,” and “Out West.” On September 5, 1921, he rented rooms 1220 and 1221, at the San Fransisco St. Francis Hotel, and invited several women along. One of these women was a party loving actress named Virginia Rappe. Rappe was already in poor health as a result of heavy drinking and multiple abortions. A drunken Rappe claimed that Arbuckle tried to rape her while she was unconscious. After she died, a week later, it was theorized that Arbuckle may have raped her with a Coca Cola bottle, resulting in her bladder rupturing. He was found innocent at a trial, however his career never recovered from the scandal, and it haunted him until his death, in 1933.




Rapper C-Murder, aka Corey Miller, who was part of the rap group TRU, with his brothers Master P and Silkk the Shocker, was at the Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana, on January 12, 2002. After an altercation resulted in 16 year old Steve Thomas being beaten and shot to death, Miller was identified as the assailant. After being convicted of second degree murder, the verdict was overturned by the Louisiana Supreme Court, in 2006. A second trial found him and the brother of rap mogul Master P guilty, and they were sentenced to life in prison. It has been said that the motivation for the killing was after Thomas embarrassed C-Murder during a rap battle hosted at the club that evening.


Gig Young


Academy award winning actor Gig Young, won Best Supporting Actor for “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” and appeared in films like “Sergeant York,” “The Three Musketeers,” “Teacher’s Pet,” “The Touch of Mink” and “Game of Death.” He married his fourth wife, 21 year old German actress Kim Schmidt, at the age of 64. Three weeks after their marriage, the couple was found dead in their Manhattan apartment. Police ultimately concluded that Young killed Schmidt, and then turned the gun on himself. No motive for the killing was ever made clear.


Don King
Boxing Promoter

Don King

Don King has promoted some of the most well known names in boxing, such as Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Evander Holyfield. After dropping out of Kent State University, he ran an illegal bookmaking operation and was charged with two different killings, 13 years apart. After he shot Hillary Brown in the back, it was found to be a justifiable homicide since Brown was attempting to rob him. King was convicted of second degree murder after he stomped Sam Garrett to death, an employee who owed him $600. He served just under four years in prison.


Paul Kelly


Stage and screen actor, Paul Kelly won a Tony Award for his role in the play “Command Decision.” During a fistfight, in 1927, with actor Ray Raymond, he ended up beating Raymond to death. He spent 25 months in San Quentin prison. Kelly later married Raymond’s widow, Dorothy MacKaye, who was briefly imprisoned as an accomplice. He died in 1956, of a heart attack at age 57.


Sid Vicious
Bassist for the Sex Pistols


Sid Vicious was the bassist for the controversial punk rock group the Sex Pistols. Along with his girlfriend, prostitute Nancy Spungen, he suffered from heroin addiction. One night, while staying in their room at New York’s Hotel Chelsea, Sid woke to find Nancy stabbed to death in the bathroom. He was arrested and charged for her killing. He frequently changed his story saying that he stabbed her, not meaning to kill her, in the middle of an argument, and then claimed he didn’t remember what happened. Sid died a few months later from a heroin overdose.


Phil Spector
Record Producer


This legendary record producer has backed numerous music legends such as the Beatles, the Ramones, Ike and Tina Turner and the Righteous Brothers. After actress Lana Clarkson was found shot to death in his mansion, Spector claimed the gunshot was self inflicted, but numerous people have claimed to have been held at gunpoint by Spector in the past. The first trial resulted in a hung jury, while the second trial found him guilty, and he was sentenced to 19 years to life.


Robert Blake


The actor who starred in films like “In Cold Blood” and the TV series “Baretta”, also started out as a child star in the 1930’s in the “Our Gang” series. In 2000, he married Christian Brando’s (Marlon Brando’s son) ex girlfriend, Bonnie Lee Bakley, who had a history of exploiting older men, especially celebrities for money. The couple went out to eat and, after leaving, Blake claims he went back to the restaurant with Bonnie in the car, to retrieve his gun he left at the table. When he returned to the car Bonnie was found shot to death. He was put on trial for her killing, but was later found innocent. Another jury found him liable for Bakley’s death, and he was ordered to pay her children $30 million.


O.J. Simpson
Footballer and actor


O.J. Simpson was recently divorced from his wife, Nicole Brown. When Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, were found stabbed to death, much evidence pointed towards Simpson whose high speed chase and trial became headline news for over a year. He was eventually found not guilty in a controversial verdict, despite DNA evidence and a long history of spousal abuse. He was found responsible for their wrongful deaths by a civil court, and in 2006 wrote a hypothetical book explaining how he could have killed them. Some say he did it, some say he didn’t. We will probably never know.

Notable Others (not found guilty or just not included): Christian Brando, John Holmes

  • SalamiSammy

    Dude, no Courtney Love? Does killing Kurt Cobain’s career count as murder?

    • ParusMajor

      Then Yoko Ono should also be included… she killed the Beatles :)

      • Rocky

        No she didn’t. There were lots of factors.

        • MrRocketSkates

          No, she killed the beatles.

          • Ruthless tooth

            You can say that.

          • Smooth

            Um, no she didn’t

          • Ghost

            She killed the Beatles. Just accept it.

      • austen


      • SalamiSammy

        No, when Epstein died the Beatles kind of wentnthere.

      • Enya

        No she didn’t dude, there was lots of different reasons.

    • tsasil

      Well, she was also accused of the actual murder of Kurt Cobain. By her own parents no less. You can see it in the documentary Kurt & Courtney

    • Zom

      I think she did us a favor in that case.

    • Curious

      What about Laura Bush (killed a man when she was 17) or Rebecca Gayheart who killed a nine year old boy?

      • Hilah

        Laura Bush wasn’t famous when she killed him. They said that these people were famous when they either killed or were accused of killing them.

  • Bewbs

    “10 celebrities who MAY have killed somebody” would have been a better title..

    • amandar


      • jim

        I think it’s fair to say they all killed one or more people.

        • Cate

          No, it wouldn’t be fair, many of them were not proven including Fatty Arbuckle. He didn’t do it.

          • jim

            okay one of ten still say it’s fair with one exception. :)

          • Abby

            I agree. The claims were outrageous and proven to be fabricated. Just because his career suffered doesn’t implicate him.

    • Josh

      Agreed, a lot of these people were found not quilty, so they legally didn’t do it.

      • Oneiros1313

        Enter your comment here.

      • oneiros1313

        That’s in a court of law, not a message board.

      • Hilah

        Was someone watching “Let’s Go to Prison” when they wrote their comment?

    • jIM

      Totally agree….YA MIGHT WANNA RETITLE THIS!

  • Satanas

    Im so ignorant, I don’t know anybody in this list except don king and simpson

    • Anon

      You’ve never heard of Snoop or Sid Vicious?! You must have been born under a rock and lived there your whole life.

      • Satanas

        That’s why I began my comment with “I’m so ignorant”

        • Satanas

          I’ll wikipediate those whose names I know not. (“wikipediate” is a made-up word by me.)

          • fendabenda

            Art thou a wikipedophile, you dirty bassist?

    • Anon

      You “didn’t know anybody” on this list EXCEPT TWO PEOPLE – those are somebody.

  • dangsthurt

    OJ was framed by racist cops. He didn’t kill nobody.

    • John Sampson

      You sound smart

    • OJ was framed by aliens… Yeah Right…

    • Matt C

      They found a glove at the scene. They found a matching glove at OJ’s which had Goldman’s blood, Nicole’s blood and OJ’s blood on it.
      The main house was empty – no OJ.
      The evidence was logged.
      Now: at this point, people say Fuhrman planted the glove at OJ’s house.
      Lemme see: a second glove, that no-one noticed, that he managed to pick up and take to OJ’s without any of the other cops noticing. Oh, and the penalty for planting evidence is a capital case in California is death.

      So… he noticed another glove which none of the previous 16 detectives to arrive had seen, and he planted it without anyone seeing, not knowing where OJ was – OJ was rich at that point. he might have been anywhere in the world. If he planted it and it turned out OJ was in… New York, or France, or Ontario or wherever, Fuhrman’s going to the gas chamber.
      Planted it anyway.

      Oh… and it had OJ’s blood on it.
      Around a cut on the left middle finger.
      When interviewed by police, OJ had a deep gash in the exact same spot. He had no explanation at all how that injury had occurred..

      Testing of blood at the scene found plenty of it belonged to OJ.
      Cochran claimed that detectives Fuhrman and Vannatter had sprinkled blood from a sample given by OJ.
      The two had never previously met: remember what I said about planting evidence being a capital offence?
      Oh, and who remembers the the media circus around the scene? HOW did they convince all those reporters NOT to say anything?

      Ever heard what the jurors had to say?
      “The blood at the scene was never an issue” “If OJ cut himself so badly, why wasn’t his blood on the glove?”
      Cochran played it perfectly. Robert Shapiro (one of OJ’s lawyers) said “we dealt the race card and we played it from the bottom of the deck”

      He did it. And he got away with two murders because his lawyers managed to get the jury to ignore or forget the evidence and rely on the fact that he was black and the police were white.

      Couple of other things: the trial lasted 9 months. The longest in California history (the prosecution go first, so lets delay and delay until the evidence was shown MONTHS ago)
      And the jury was 9 black people, one hispanic, two white.

      • Beth

        emm..OK!?! Jeees…

      • Danielle

        Thank you. Some people are so ignorant.

      • timmar68

        It’s so obvious! The killer went into the house, killed those poor people, ran out of the house and in all the ruckus he had a brain melt and accidentally went into OJ’s car, getting Nicole and Ron’s blood in it.

        He realized his mistake, did a face-palm, and said to himself, “I’m in the wrong car! Boy, do I feel dumb!”, then got out of OJ’s car and went into his own car and drove off.

        THAT’S how Ron and Nicole’s blood got in there.

      • GoodVibrations

        Oh and don’t forget the shoe prints of which less than 300 were made (and OJ had a pair of.)

        Or that he was proven to be responsible for the wrongful death of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown in civil court.

        And, DNA analysis of blood found on a pair of Simpson’s socks found in his bedroom identified it as Nicole Brown’s. The blood had DNA characteristics matched by approximately only one in 9.7 billion, with odds rising to one out of 21 billion when compiling results of testing done at the two separate DNA laboratories.Each sock had about 20 stains of blood.

        Also, the prosecution should have fought back at the race card. He contributed nothing exclusively to the black community and having that detective go on the stand was a terrible mistake.

        A lot of things just went his way and he got lucky to get away with it. For example, the venue being changed from mostly white Santa Monica, to LA due to the condition of the original venue. Since no person actually saw him, knowing OJ did it is like shaking a box of marbles — you know they’re in there, you just can’t see them.

        • +1

        • wicket18

          I agree with all your points, except for the civil court issue. I think if someone is found not guilty in a criminal trial, should not have to stand trial for a civil case. How can one court find not guilty while another finds you guilty? It is a weird double jeopardy.

      • Are you sure the punishment for planting evidence in a capital case is death? Because I’m pretty sure the death penalty is banned in California.

      • Rob

        More than anything I think the case had to do with a poor prosecution and explanation of the DNA evidence. What people don’t remember is that no one had really heard of or understood DNA evidence until the OJ trail. That’s where most people learned about it and that’s when cop shows started getting more and more about DNA and such.

        The jurors on that case were not the brightest people in the world. The prosecution was reliant on a method of evidence gathering that was not well known and they did a poor job of explaining it to people who probably couldn’t pass a high school Earth Sciences class. The prosecution needed to focus their case on other evidence besides the DNA evidence and they needed to explain the DNA evidence better in a way it could be understood by the jury.

      • ouiareborg

        That trial set the justice system back 100 years. After the trial, jurors were asking for his autograph. He is human garbage

      • datdemdar

        A high-speed chase? Wasn’t no such thing. Old people with walkers could had gone faster.

      • Namebadjokebob

        I cant believe we are still this passionate about OJ. This many years later.

      • Dopamine Addicted

        nice, i love this

      • Don’t Be That Guy

        If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit. Therefore in the eyes of the law he’s innocent and more relevantly your points are invalid

    • Cate

      You’re right! He didn’t kill NOBODY, he killed SOMEBODY- actually two people. Double negatives, eh? They’ll get ya every time.

      • coolio95

        so true

    • Babygirl

      Awwwwww got-dayyum, u just had to go there. Now there will be a million f****** post behind that bulls***.

      Let me say for starters, I’m the same color as OJ. He did that bulls***. What we (African Americans) get so sick of, is how this one dude’s name is brought up and everybody will forget the topic at hand and start going in at each other .

      ___ don’t like ugly, ain’t never been to crazy about pretty. That’s why “OJ’ is where he is right now. Where he should have been back in 95 (?)

    • Obviously, you are too young to have lived through the trial period, and actually heard the evidence. The DNA alone would have, should have, convicted, him.

      The only reason he was not convicted of the crime was that the jury was terrified of starting another Rodney King style riot.

    • Stever

      You’re a racist idiot. OJ is a double murderer.

  • Great list only knew 1 ,3 &4, knew there were loads of scumbags in Hollywood and stuff but jeez this is hectic . Fatty bastard with the coke bottle what a sicko . . . . what kindve fucking person does that? i dont understand people , i prefer dogs .

    • bees leroux

    • there’s Snoop

    • Matt C

      Fatty Arbuckle: The lady (Virginia Rappe) who died had tried to make a career in Hollywood, but was kicked off the Keystone lot for spreading VD far and wide.
      She turned up at a wrap party hosted by Arbuckle, and asked him for money for an abortion – she’d already had several. He refused on the grounds that he was morally opposed to them. She and a woman who’d arrived with her (Maude Delmont) slammed back a large quantity of (illegal – it was during prohibition) whisky and Virginia passed out in bathroom. Arbuckle found her and carried her into a bedroom before arguing with Delmont over what to do next – he was in favour of calling an ambulance, she told him to mind his own business.
      Rappe died in a maternity hospital a week later, without having made any accusations to anyone escept, apparantly, Delmont.
      She sent a telegram to some associates: “We have Roscoe Arbuckle in a hole here stop Have a chance to make some money off him stop” She had previous for extortion and blackmail.
      She then went to the police and told the first of several versions of her story.
      The D.A. started with a murder charge, which was lowered to manslaughter when Maude kept changing her story to fit with new facts (example – she said Arbuckle spent 15 minutes in the bedroom with Virginia, other guests disagreed and she later lowered it to 5 and then a couple)
      The first trial resulted in a hung jury – the dissenting voice later said she’d have found him guilty no matter what the evidence.
      A second trial also resulted in a hung jury, and at the third, the jury not only acquitted, they apologised to Arbuckle, saying that a great injustice had been done to him and there was no evidence to connect him to a crime.

      Will Hayes (the infamous censor) was hired by the studio to run damage control, and he banned Arbuckle from movies and his films from being released.

      Fatty never killed anyone, but it was better for the studios to punish an innocent man to make themselves look like the upholders of decency.

      The whole coke bottle thing was a Hollywood myth, never mentioned in any testimony or even in Maude’s ever-shifting tales

      • oh…… holy shit poor guy. :-o

      • ArjayM

        oh boy. He was accused without doing anything. Where is justice?

      • Scratch

        Thank you for that, I was upset to see Fatty in this list.

      • Crystal


      • Vivian

        Virginia Rappe was an actress with a future ahead of her. She received star billing in her last film, and she was voted best dressed girl in Hollywood. She had a history of bladder infections, there is no evidence that she ever had an abortion. She was engaged to a well respected director. She became ill from her bladder infection.
        She probably could have survived if she had received prompt medical treatment. Fatty had her stashed in another room and did not send her to the hospital until the next day.
        Her reputation was smeared in the last trial, the one without Maude testifying.
        She got the treatment usually reserved for rape victims. Nowadays such a smear tactic would not be allowed.

    • Scott

      Uhh… you prefer dogs? That’s a crime in quite a few states.

      • datdemdar


      • Oh man , lame, shoulda left that one in 8th grade .

        • Elyza

          Heck yeah bay-bee keep them cinomg!

  • John Sampson

    Mistakes: It’s Charlie Chaplin not Chaplain and the film you refer to is called They Shoot Horses, Don’t They not “They Don’t Shoot Horses, Do They”

    • Name


      • John Sampson

        Yes you are right, it is incredibly ‘lame’ to correct inaccuracies in an article.

        • jim

          it’s not about grammar though it’s about 10 celebrities who have commited mureder.

          • SalamiSammy

            It’s about understanding the article too, dumbass.

    • Thanks for pointing that out – I have corrected the errors :)

      • John Sampson

        No worries, it’s a very interesting article

  • linder

    What about Brandy? Rebecca Gayheart?

    • Jojo

      Matthew Broderick? Who was with Jennifer Grey at the time of his accident?

    • Sylko

      Yeah, Brandy & Gayhart should be there, NOT Fatty Arbuckle!

    • Liza

      I agree, also what about Laura Bush? She’s not really a “celebrity” but she’s well known and she caused a fatal car accident in her teens. She was the first person I thought of, probably due to Family Guy making a big deal out of it in one of their episodes when Lois dressed up as “the guy Laura Bush killed.” It’s really terrible that at the time she wasn’t punished at all.
      Just for the record, this has nothing to do with politics or how I feel about her husband, just saying, it’s similar to what happened to Brandy and Rebecca Gayheart.

  • 1. Were these people all in need of hair-cut or at least a comb. Maybe murder is linked to extremely weird hairstyle…

    2. I still cannot believe OJ got away. That nut ever wrote a book detailing how he might have killed his wife and her friend… Some juries are dumb… The Glove did not fit…

    3. An Indian actor, SALMAN KHAN, who is extremely popular all over the globe was involved in drunk driving. His car ran over 4 men sleeping outside a bakery in Mumbai; one person died and the other three were injured in the mishap. But what always happens with people with money and fame, he was acquitted of th charges of culpable homicide. He was found not guilty.

    • rats

      I agree with u kabir. Well said.

  • cqsteve

    I betting Lindsay Lohan will be on a similar list one day after running over someone in her car.

  • Jon

    Shameless. Let’s just change this site to and get it over with. Plagiarism is ruining this site. The part on Don King is WORD FOR WORD with Wikipedia. I don’t even want to research the rest. I’ll just be pissed off.

    • In defense of the author, one sentence of the Don King entry is from Wikipedia. But, I have to agree that authors should make sure they aren’t being so blatant about plagiarism.

      Don’t get too bent out of shape though. First of all, this isn’t some high-scholar journal. Secondly, it’s the compilation that’s the neat part about the lists.

    • Jfrater

      Please note that wikipedia is all creative commons which means you can freely copy as long as you allow others to do the same from your derivative work which we always do when wikipedia is largely sourced

      • I thought that was the case too, but I didn’t say something for fear of being flat wrong.

      • Twat

        JFrater, creative comments does not apply to those who lift a site’s content for financial gain.

        You am a twot!

    • who cares probably still more accurate than the sensationalist news media .

  • Ben Sumner

    Jayson Williams.

  • chickenman702

    You should have put Varg Vikernes on there.

    • Ulver

      Agreed, I was hoping he would be number one. Hail Varg!

      • Metalwrath

        Exactly what I thought, I was hoping Varg would be on here, but then again, he’s not a “celebrity” like Snoop Dog, or Sid Vicious were/are. Only in Norway I guess, and in the metal scene.

    • Eye-Licker

      let’s not forget Bård “Faust” Eithun either.

      neither celebrities on a grand scale, sure, but both with more talent than most on this list.

    • lukasbrunner

      I agree – I was expecting to find him here too. Oh well, maybe in the future, in “another top 10 celebrities who have killed someone” :-)

  • agk5793

    Dog the Bounty Hunter

  • Dawnbearer

    Bertrand Cantat of Noir Désir? He killed his first wife (conivcted) and his second one killed herself.

  • Bidzi

    What a list on Valentine’s day….. good one…..

  • jim

    Those rappers asked for it. Every other song they put out back then promoted murder and murderis situations. Not C-murder but ole Snoop’s career probably gained from the whole thing. that being said though Snoop never denied being involved he was just defending himself.

    Funny how Don King hardly served anytime for his second murder and was aquitted for the first. Bet that cost someone a whole lotta cash.

    This is a cool list, I’ve heard about most of these but I think most people have only heard of Spector and O.J. (who by the way is serving a sentence rite now as we speak for “unrelated crimes” (karma anyone).

  • Seth

    Chris Benoit?? It fired off Senate hearings for god sake!!! Laura Bush?? Wasn’t murder but could have been negligent homicide or manslaughter. Matthew Broaderick, Howard Hughes, Jayson Williams? And this one saddens me….how could you not include John Wilkes Boothe? Shame….

    • me

      top ten celebrities who hve commited neglegent homicide is not nearly as cool….fail…..

    • chrom3d

      Oh yeah! Chris Benoit, the toothless warrior! killed his family before killing himself.. And Justin Bieber for pulling the trigger to already sick and dying music industry!

      • Julius

        Again, this is not youtube.

        • murpheyslawyer

          Who cares Julius? If it was Youtube you would still have the same smart ass comments to make.

          • Julius

            Are you going to troll everything I say now? Good for you.

          • murpheyslawyer

            I am now. Because I have been reading most of your comments and they usually lean on being a complete douche bag and being a smart ass. Nobody asked for your opinion on whether or not this is Youtube. I think it it is pretty obvious that it is not youtube. So, with that said, you adding your brainless comment adds nothing to the conversation!

          • murpheyslawyer

            I have actually seen you make that same comment on several different topics! So who is the true “troll?”

          • br0ck

            yeah he allways tries to look smart but he allways look like an idiot lol

          • Anon

            Agreed. Julius is the saddest species of troll, the kind that doesn’t even realize they are trolling. He is always ready to chime in with smart ass comments just to get make himself feel important and to get a rise out of people.

      • nocturnesthesia

        Well he’s a successful troll, since you clearly all are enjoying some peanut butthurt with your jelly…

        Chris Benoit should surely be on this list, as well as Ted Kennedy. Arbuckle doesn’t really belong but it’s an interesting story, maybe he could have been a bonus. Interesting list though, I enjoyed it.

  • Sylko

    Not fair to put Fatty Arbuckle on there. Nothing was proved. Didn’t the guy from Rudy kill someone

    • Anon

      McDonald’s is the one killing. Why do you think they call him Fatty Arbuckle?

      • Jfrater

        Hilarious – especially in light of our recent list on food

        • Bryan J

          A list of silent killers would be a good one.

  • wishflip

    ok list..

  • evilzenius

    wat about Lex Luger(wrestler) and how can u forget Chris Benoit(also a wrestler) who killed himself after killing his wife and son

    • Seth

      Elizabeth wasn’t murdered by Luger. It was his drug stash but Her death was the toxic combination of the drugs, alcohol and asphyxiation while vomiting.

  • Iknewit

    I knew OJ would be number 1

  • Hinter

    “C MURDER” killed someone? No waaaay!

    • lol

    • Bryan J

      Also, Proof from D12 killed someone right before being shot to death by the man’s friend.

    • cool


      • cool




  • chris

    Not a very good list really, 2 of 10 found not guilty? No Vince Neil? He not only killed someone but he Killed someone else famous. Surely far more relevant in a list of people who killed someone than people who were found innocent or were merely involved.

  • Will Trame

    To think, I used to admire Phil Spector, Robert Blake and O.J. when I was a teenager. How the mighty have fallen. Still, O.J. was always known for his hot temper while Blake and Spector were definitely “out there”.

    Another notable example is producer Joe Meek (remember the Telstars’ “Tornado”?; excellent production). He murdered his landlady before committing suicide on February 3, 1967…the eighth anniversary of the death of his hero Buddy Holly.

  • natz1

    OJ Simpson never murdered anybody! LoL white people were furious that there own court system failed to bring a black man to jail… LoL I bet that wasn’t the case when robert blake “never murdered anyone”

    • jay

      Race arguments regarding this case skirted the true objective evidence during the murder trial. It isn’t about black or white, or at least it shouldn’t be. If you had any understanding of forensic science, you would find it pretty obvious that he did murder both of them. All of the evidence is now a matter of public record, including the DNA evidence which pretty conclusively shows he was at least involved. His trial was a mockery of the justice system. I won’t deny that minorities are disproportionately incarcerated and prosecuted in the US justice system, but that’s not any sort of justification for letting someone get away with murder. And for the record, Baretta did that shit.

    • Holy shit i cant believe this ?!! OJ was black???!!!??

    • Babygirl

      @natz1 you sound really smart. What the f*** did that “black” man do for “black” people. Nothing. Not a damn thing. Not even when he “miraculously ” got away with the bulls***. He continued to live recklessly, write stupid @ss books, chase younger white women, then run up in a hotel and rob a few people.

      Nahh, they have his @ss right where he should be.

      Ohh and don’t get it twisted it’s some real bullish!t that goes on in our justice system but they were on the right track with that one.

    • cool


  • Snoop D-O-Double G . . . sorry, i had to do that -_-

    • chrom3d

      whoopi whoop nigga what?!

    • Randeye

      As soon as I saw Snoop I said the same thing lol followed by Murder was the case that they gave me….When he came out in the wheel chair rapping at that awards show and stood up…AWESOME! Love him! Cant help it!

  • chrom3d

    Hey Hey Hey! Wait a minute!.. The tittle of the article says top ten celebrities who have killed someone.. well most of the people here is acquitted or not proven to do the killings so that means not proven to to have killed someone in the court meaning some are just speculations that they have killed someone..

    • Rocky Raccoon

      Being found not guity on the grounds of self defence still puts them in the catergory of “celebrities who have killed someone”

    • cool




  • jay

    Actually we do know that OJ was the killer… in my genetics class in college they used him as an example, showing the DNA profile of the killer and his, and they were identical. Unfortunately in the mid 90’s DNA evidence was still poorly understood by juries. That same DNA evidence is the reason he was found liable in the civil case, as it was quite clear that the evidence from the scene came from him. Unfortunately, due to double jeopardy laws and the specific outcome of the previous trial, he cannot be tried for the crime again.

    • chrom3d

      Damn I hate legal loopholes.. Politicians use these loopholes to save their asses whenever they’re caught red handed doing something bad.. Maybe its better for them to have the trial by ordeal, it would be fun seeing their old and ugly butts doing some obstacle or fighting some lions in an arena like gladiators :)..

  • Heidi Bundy

    Natz, seriously. Haha.

    We know what mistake OJ made when he ‘choose his victims’.

    Cool list. It looks like a second list is developing in the replies.

    JFrater, great site. I love your book. It is our bathroom book. We always come out with new list items to chat about. Lol

    • Babygirl

      We know what mistake OJ made when he ‘choose his victims’.

      I’m lost. Explain what you mean by that exactly?

      • Samara

        I’m assuming she means because they were white…

  • Crumpet

    Lol, I can’t get over OJ. ‘No, I didn’t kill them, but lets say I did… this is how I would have done it.’ Who does that?

    • heidi bundy

      An asshole. lol He’s a moron and deserves what he gets.

      • Anon

        You spelled Mormon wrong. Sorry, just had to do that.

    • A killer protected by double jeopardy laws I guess :)

  • cambered

    Matthew Broderick, star of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Producers, actually killed TWO people. He was driving a rental car through Northern Ireland in 1987, when he veered onto the wrong side of the road and had a head-on collision with a car coming the other way. A mother and daughter, aged 63 and 30, were killed instantly. Broderick claimed to have no recollection of the accident; was eventually convicted of careless driving and fined a paltry $175… to the understandable dismay of the deceased’s family.

  • Wasabi Shiba

    What about Matthew Broderick?

  • randomizer

    You know i always thought Phil Spector would be a great name for a game show host. Now imagine in old school style “Here comes your host PHIILL SPECTOR”. Thought i should live up to my name.

  • Will Trame

    My first post should stated “Telstar” by the Tornados..instead of vice versa…when mentioning Joe Meek. I’m on a roll; this is the second faux pas I’ve made in as many days.

  • oouchan

    Ok…what’s with the hair on these guys! Don King and Phil Spector look like they touched a light socket. hahahahaha!

    I knew of most of these but not all.
    Interesting list.

  • Paul McCartney

    Phil Spector has been a killer all his life, starting in 1970 when he killed the Let It Be album.

  • mom424

    Poor Fatty – poor bastard vilified in life and we’re still doing it. He has been exonerated on more than one occasion. We ought to find a better replacement eh? What about William S. Burroughs? Shot his wife (2 weeks in jail). Ted Kennedy too – way more deserving of this list than Fatty Arbuckle.

    Also what do you mean we’ll never know? Of course we know; everyone knows O.J. killed his wife and Ron Goldman. Not guilty does NOT mean innocent. Not by a long shot. Hope the bastard rots in jail.

    Otherwise great list. I wonder how many of these would have happened had these folks not been famous. How many are because of the sense of entitlement that comes with fame? Good job.

  • DeDe

    Interesting stuff.
    I didn’t know who some of the older actors were, but that’s just my issue :)

  • AndyV

    Famous Indian Cricketer, TV artist and Member of Indian Parliament, Navjot Singh Sidhu was involved in “culpable homicide”

    You can read more about him and the incident at

  • natz1

    @crumpet OJ should have left to africa or mexico but I guess once he was found not guilty he really thought that meant innocent. OJ lost in the end cus he is in jail now but he is gonna take the words NOT GUILTY to his grave and nobody can take that away from him.

  • Diane

    I like this list very much. Putting OJ at # 1 despite a not guilty verdict was a smart move. We all know he did it! That book he wrote was sad and laughable.
    Thanks to karma and his evil nature, he finally is in prison now.

  • wasabi peanut

    Interesting list. While I knew of most of the people, did not know about their purported crimes. Should do one about politicians who killed people. Even if you keep it to the US you would need to expand the list to top 20.

  • Tintin

    No Laura Bush? She killed a guy.
    Fatty Arbuckle did not.

  • Cate

    Um, not to be pedantic but since the majority of people on this list have NOT been convicted of the alleged murders, wouldn’t a more suitable name for the list be “10 Celebrities ACCUSED of killing someone”?

  • one

    So Snoop Dogg didn’t pull the trigger? He shouldn’t be on the list.

    • davo

      Snoop doesn’t look like he has the physical strength to even pick up a gun

  • paula

    when your mom names you “c murder” i wonder what she thought your career choice would be?heeheee. a nice best love songs, or best places to … would have been a better choice on valentines day!

    • Babygirl

      when your mom names you “c murder” i wonder what she thought your career choice would be?heeheee. a nice best love songs, or best places to … would have been a better choice on valentines day!

      *** His mother named him Corey Miller***

      I guess you automatically knew ‘Sid’s mommy didn’t name him “Sid Vicious”

      FAIL & LAME
      * humpf*

      FAIL & LAME

  • jimmy

    What about the wrestler chris benoit.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    If I took out 1 or 2 of our countries youth league big mouths I would be a celebrity in my country as well.
    Enjoyable read only knew 4 of them

  • citrinitas

    I thought for sure we’d see Ted Kennedy on here.

  • major harris

    matthew broderick killed two people when he was on vacation in ireland a few years ago. he and sarah jessica parker were driving on a narrow road and got into a head on collision, killing the other two people in the other car.

    • major harris

      oh, and laura bush “accidentally” ran into her ex-boyfriend with her car when she was 18, killing him. people are not allowed to see the case file from the police, bye the way.

      • My name is name

        And ted keneddy went for a drink after ‘accidentally’ driving his car off a bridge… and oh yeah there was a young woman inside.

        • Matt C

          If we’re talking killer politicians: Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill both saw combat and Josef Stalin shot his second wife.

          Then there are the actors who saw combat in WW2: Audie Murphy’s the obvious one, James Stewart flew dozens of bombing missions, Ernest Borgnine, Mel Brooks (who fought in The Battle of the Bulge (!!!!)), Richard Burton, Lee Marvin (a USMC scout sniper), David Niven, Henry Fonda (he got a bronze star), Anthony Quayle (he was in SOE with the partisans in Albania), Rod Serling (also a bronze star, saw a lot of action), Jack Warden (served with the famous 101st Airborne Division in The Battle of the Bulge, making him one of the Battered Bastards of Bastogne)

          I’m sure there are many others, including many who served, but didn’t see combat, like Charles Bronson and Benny Hill (!)

          • Magnumto

            Didn’t know about Mel Brooks – that’s another reason for me to like him, and he was already top of the heap on my “must see new movies of” list.

            I can only add Eddiy Albert, who saw action in the Pacific.

          • Skot

            I think it would be safe to say Stalin did a bit more than just shoot his second wife. And by “a bit” I mean slaughter a few million people to the point that he had to have people cropped or erased out of photos because they had been eliminated. But I guess we can thank him for the birth of Photoshop right??

    • Actually, that was in 1987 and he was with Jennifer Grey, not Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Name

    Don king is a Bitch, i never like that guy .

    • Randeye

      I agree!!! What a douche bag!

  • Carole

    This is a shabby list. A mixture of those who were guilty and got off, and others who were falsely accused.

    I guess you were more interested in shock value for Valentine’s day and less concerned about the content, which is no better than what you find in tabloids. AND yes accuracy is important. Who’s going to take you seriously when you don’t even know the correct title of a movie? Makes the whole thing look like a copy and paste job.

  • Bryan J

    Snoop Dogg wasn’t even accused of pulling the trigger. The court of law has found many of these people to be innocent and saying that they killed somebody is wrong. You could have headed in the direction of including some celebrities that accidently killed someone in a car crash, like Laura Bush and I think Halle Berry.



      but they didnt die

      they broke his window


      and he didnt go to jail

  • hiya

    William S. Burroughs sshot his wife in a game of William Tell

  • hiya

    Also. i think a bit of proof reading and fact checking would be nice… frinstance… it says under corey miller that he and master P’s brother were convicted… corey miller IS master P’s brother.

    and gig young was married 5 times, not 4. Interesting list but i think it could have been better

  • Randeye

    I thought I’d see Robert Wagner (The Towering Inferno and Austin Powers movies) on here for the “accidental” drowning of his wife Natalie Wood (1947’s Miracle On 34th St and 1961’s West Side Story) in 1981 after he became angry and jealous that she was flirting with Christopher Walken (do i need to say what hes done lol All I know is I Neeed More Cowbell!)

    Natalie Woods drowning was ruled an accident but she was deathly afraid of water and speculation of her death being a murder is highly believed

  • TopCat2021

    Here are a few more to think about, William Shatner in the death of his wife, and Robert Wagner/Christopher Walken in the death of Natalie Wood. Check out Google for more info.

  • Lizzie

    OJ had a “high-speed chase”? I could have sworn it was quite low-speed. :/

  • MovMet

    It’s interesting that most of the people on this list are African-American.

    • Junior

      Yes you are so right if MOST means 40%. There are 4 black guys and 6 white guys .

      • Babygirl

        @MovMet, nope, this list was actually very fair. This list however,

  • Pxlism

    Didn’t Laura Bush kill a guy? Lol.

  • IanK

    John Landis?

  • Foster

    The details surrounding Nancy Spungen’s murder are also murky at best. There was a third person in the room that night (Sid and Nancy’s heroin dealer) who was never found. A widely accepted hypothesis is that Nancy happened upon this individual robbing them and she was stabbed as a result.

  • murpheyslawyer

    Master P is not serving a sentence. He is actually in the studio.

  • allyb10

    I liked this list, but I have to agree that the title doesn’t fit the list. First of all, calling them the “Top 10” celebs that have killed just feels weird to me, but I can live with that I suppose, considering this is a Top 10 list site. But then I read the list and a few of these people were acquitted or never proven to have killed anyone. I mean, EVERYONE pretty much agrees that OJ did it, but the fact remains that he was proven to be innocent in a court of law. Having said all that, I did find the list to be quite interesting.

  • fendabenda

    Good list, except that #9 “Fatty” Arbuckle didn’t actually kill anyone. He was framed.

  • gigo70

    Guns don’t kill people, Rappers kill people.

    • fendabenda

      No, I kill people.

      • fendabenda

        DAMN I wasn’t going to confess that :(

  • TH3M0N5T3R

    I fully expected #1 to be John Wilkes Booth. Not even a mention?!? WOW!

  • SuperGeek

    The title is misleading. Many of these people were found not guilty in a court of law so we can’t say they killed somebody. We can think they did, we can assume they did, but we can’t say they killed anyone. Being found not guilty in a court of law means that in the eyes of the law, they did not kill anyone.

    No matter if we agree or disagree with the decision of the jury or judge, when someone is not guilty, they are legally not guilty.

    The justice system might have its flaws but these people had their day in court and really were found not guilty. Innocent people are accused of crimes so we really can;t say some on this list killed someone.

  • freckledsmile99

    Ooo, I loved this list. I did not know that Don King “stomped” someone to death. Yuck!

  • I’m surprised half of the Baltimore Ravens aren’t on this list.

  • Miss Kimothy

    I really don’t think Roscoe Arbuckle belongs on this list. Even the jury concluded that an egregious injustice had been perpetrated upon Mr. Arbuckle. The death of the woman in question was a result of a botched abortion, which had nothing to do with Mr. Arbuckle.

    • fendabenda

      Yes, but the incident destroyed his career as a comedian, even though he was found innocent.

  • Kevin Rafferty

    Arbuckle is generally regarded as being innocent of the death of Virginia Rappe. She was in the habit of accusing strangers of rape – and there’s ample evidence that she’d come to the party straight from an abortion clinic.

  • Teaparty4eva

    Barack Obama should be #1 here. He killed America.

    • junior

      Wow really??? yeah I guess you’re right Bush jr. and Mr. Clinton had nothing to do with the sad state of afairs the U.S is in now.

      • Achmedthedeadterrorist

        Silence! I kill you! :D


    • You are correct

      You are correct they were divorced when he killed her.

      • Michael


  • JD

    I’m sure it’s been said on here already, but Fatty Arbuckle was almost certainly innocent. It was a million years ago, but still, pay the man some respect.

  • texaspeach28

    I still think OJ’s son, Jason, did it. Do some research – it’s very interesting. Gives quite a different perspective…

  • Michael Czaczkowski

    How about actress Claudine Longet killing skier “Spider” Savitch. I hope the spelling is correct.

  • monie

    what about Christopher Walken? He might have had part in Natalie Wood’s death as long as we’re talking about celebrities where whether they committed homicide is still up for debate.

  • Bobert

    Racist!The Juice was found not guilty!

  • Bassbait

    I hate to sound racist, but why is number 1 black?

    • fendabenda

      Well… because he just happens to be black? D’uh…

    • ParusMajor

      You don’t hate to sound racist, you are a racist. Why would you comment like that otherwise? I didn’t even pay attention at all to the colours of these people’s skins. But you did, obviously, racist!

      • Parus
        lol, now you sound like the racist, trying to pretend like you don’t see colour.
        this lil banter made me lol, cuz you all successfully made yourself sound like douchebags.

        surprise! LV is biased!

        • ParusMajor

          I am colour-blind as far as people’s race or the colour of their skin go. I hate everybody regardless!!! :(

  • Alison

    Nancy Spungen’s mother wrote a book about her daughter and Sid, in which she said she believed Nancy ordered Sid to kill her. Nancy was a schizophrenic and had already tried to kill herself before; Sid was practically brain-dead from all the drugs he’d done, and did whatever Nancy told him to. The book was called “And I Don’t Want to Live This Life” and is an interesting (although horrifying) read.

    I think Matthew Broderick should have been on this list in place of Fatty Arbuckle. It’s disgusting how lightly Broderick got off for killing two people, especially since he was driving on the wrong side of the road and the accident was his fault.

  • Antanas

    What about Vince Neil?

  • Kaizan Kollin

    you forgot the most feared celebrity mass muderer… chuck norris

  • FlockO’Seagulls

    “Some say he did it, some say he didn’t. We will probably never know.”

    Yes we do. He did it.

  • cora

    Regarding Roscoe Arbuckle, the owner of this web site simply dropped by ball, shame, shame. Arbuckle was innocent. Arbuckle’s three trials helped the circulations of the newspapers and dragged a brillant comedian into the gutter. It is clear that the owner of this web site knows nothing about silent comedy.

  • Jacq

    ^lol. Gotta get the money somehow to pay off the families of the people you murdered so they’ll be quiet and drop it.

  • Rittersm

    How about Ted Kennedy? It’s not really even a question anymore that he killed Mary Jo Kopechne

  • Master L

    Uh, Master P was not sentenced to life in prison along with his brother.

  • Chamale

    Snoop Dog didn’t kill anyone – even the article says it was his bodyguard. Fatty Arbuckle was almost certainly innocent, and he was never found guilty in Rappe’s death. OJ was probably a murderer, but he was found innocent by a jury.

    When I saw the name of the list, I immediately thought of Roald Dahl, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Laura Bush – 4 famous people who have certainly killed people under various circumstances.

  • yikes.

    so let me get this straight…Snoop was found innocent of a murder he didn’t commit, yet he’s on a Top 10 list of Celebrities Who Have Killed Someone?

    should i even keep reading or finally just admit defeat that LV kinda blows as of late?

    • you can kill someone without it being murder . . .

  • OSO

    Christopher Lee (Saruman in LOTR, some dude in Star Wars) should be no.1. He apparently killed someone while working as a commando in WW2, and knows what sound a person makes when he is stabbed in the back.

    • fendabenda

      really? Dracula actually killed someone? Link, please

  • I’ve not heard of most of these people but an interesting article!

  • if I DID IT

  • We have to give some kind of award to Phil Spector for best hair on this list.

  • RC

    This is really a small thing to quibble with, but in the US we don’t call football players “footballers”. We call them football players.

    • ParusMajor

      We in Europe call American football players douchebags.

  • Cool!!!

  • antonlavey

    OJ’s cancelled tv show titled “If i did do it” pretty much ends any claims he might have been innocent.

  • What about Brandy Norwood, Vince Neil, Rebecca Gayheart, Matthew Broderick, Amy Locane, or Ledbelly?

  • Allie

    I don’t believe that Roscoe Arbuckle killed that woman. There was circumstansial evidence at best, his accuser Ms. Delmont (Rappe’s friend) had been previously convicted with 50 counts of extortion and fraud, and Rappe had been showing signs of being ill through out the party. This went to trial 3 separate times and each time he was aquitted. Maybe it’s b/c I such a big Buster Keaton fan and they were friends but I just don’t think he did this.

  • JB

    what about ray lewis?

  • dickywiguna

    Good actor Paul Kelly

  • The_U!!!!!

    What no Ray Ray? Ray Lewis for the non football fans.

  • phillyphil

    Gucci Mane also

  • Gina

    Tony Lovato could have been included, he was the singer of the band ‘Mest’ and now ‘Kisses for kings’, he’s really well known in the punk-rock music scene. He stabbed someone in a carpark, I think it was his ex girlfriend’s current partner or something. He was arrested and had a $1million bail, I can remember the band asking for donations because it was a ridiculous amount. I think the courts later accepted that it was self defense and he was released. There’s a few articles out there which can be found through Google, and there’s possibly a small section on the ‘Mest’ wikipedia page.

  • OJ, he got off lucky, but he will go to his grave denying the accusations. You should make one of the biggest celebs that were murdered.

  • Chris

    The big ones this list is missing are Laura Bush and Matthew Broderick. No question mark on those two. They did it.

    • Luki

      And Brandy. It’s a similar situation.

  • Mabel

    CORRECTION: Nancy Spungen was not a prostitute. She was Sid’s girlfriend. Her mother wrote a heartbreaking book about her.

  • Nice post. I enjoyed the list.

    But yeah, I second Courtney Love and Yoko Ono.

  • I was more suprised to see Spector on here than John Holmes simply because of the Wonderland scandal itself. The only murders I can think of that were more shocking were the Manson murders prior. I love your blog and this was a very well written post! Thanks for sharing the infomration!

  • Billybob

    k sid vicious, anyone coulda called that

  • Chris

    Fatty Arbuckle doesn’t belong on this list. He was in fact accused by Virginia Rappe’s friend, Maude Delmont. Both attended an admittedly drunken wrap party thrown by Arbuckle in his hotel suite. Rappe, probably already suffering from an infection from a botched abortion, had an attack at the party. All the guests witnessed it and tried ineffectually to help her. She was removed to another room and overseen by the house doctor. After she died Delmont made up the accusation against Arbuckle. An ambitious D.A. with eyes on the governor’s mansion decided to put Hollywood’s immorality on trial by going after Arbuckle, the biggest star of the silents then. Delmont turned out to be such an unreliable witness that she was never called though she made a good living telling the story on the vaudeville circuit. Arbuckle’s attorney thought his acquittal was a slam dunk and hardly tried. The first 2 trials ended in hung juries, with one holdout for Arbuckle’s guilt each time. With a new attorney, Arbuckle not only won the 3rd trial but the jury gave him an apology for what he’s been put through. Arbuckle, though, was blacklisted by the newly formed Hayes Office, set up by nervous studio owners to clean up films. He could only work as a director using a stage name. Put him on your list of most maligned people in history.

  • fattyfatfeet

    Another person that could be on this list is is a Norwegian black metal musicianVarg Vikernes from his one man band Burzum. Vikernes stabbed to death frontman of Mayhem Øystein Aarseth aka Euronymous. Varg and Aarseth had recorded tracks together for an album but never really got along. On 10 August 1993, Vikernes travelled from Bergen to Aarseth’s apartment in Oslo. He was discovered with 23 wounds on his body, mainly to his back, face and neck. Vikernes insists that it was self defence and that Aarseth had plotted to torture him to death and videotape the event using a meeting about an unsigned contract as a pretext. This would not suprise me if this is true, Aarseth too was a total pshyco. When his band mate ‘Dead’ killed himself in their house, the first thing he did was travel to the nearest shop to buy a disposable camera and return to take pictures, which he then used as the cover of their album ‘Dawn of the Black Hearts’. Aarseth collected what he could of the scattered skull fragments and brain matter and was said to have added some of the brain matter to a stew and eaten it. He was also said to have made necklaces using some of the skull bones and gave them to musicians he deemed worthy.

  • I entered a comment…actually a reply to another commenter, but my comment did not show up.


  • never mind, it finally did show up…better late than never.

  • Rambu

    Leslie Grantham British actor who did 10 years for murder in his youth.

    Pretty famous in the UK.

  • Luki

    You forgot Brandy.

  • Lindsey

    Should of had Conrad Murray! He’s practically become a celeb, and he killed a legend!

  • Ben S

    no ray lewis?

  • kreestah

    OJ didn’t kill them.. but IF HE DID, THIS IS HOW HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT. of course he killed them silly… (:

  • Dopamine Addicted

    master p is doin life? :0 (shocked) i thought he became a preacher

  • Col

    Matthew broderick. Google hit and run

  • Patty

    don’t forget Laura Bush!!!

    • dghammer

      Ted Kennedy

  • lostsok

    Great list! After that cheesy and highly debatable Middle Ages one, it was a nice read. Wondering, though: why has no one done a movie about Fatty? It’s a natural. Heck, Emily Blunt even looks a little like Virginia.

  • Johnbo

    Matthew Broderick? Didn’t he run someone over when he was drunk? But then I guess he’s paid the price: he married Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Alfonso

    Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, killed his brother in “accident” at the age of 18 (his borther was 14). It was in Estoril, Portugal, the 29 of march of 1956.

    THE BULLET WAS RIGHT BETWEEN THE 2 EYES, but the official story said that Alfonso (the killed) was cleaning the gun…

  • J Hodges

    Lots of others who are definites, unlike some of these: Mark Wahlberg, Vince Neil, Brandy, Matthew Broderick, Rebecca Gayheart, and Don King (twice).

  • You should make a list of top 10 NFL players who have killed someone. Of course, OJ would still be #1.

  • Boomer

    Wasn’t Ted Williams an ace frpom WW II and Korea? The pilot of at least one of his kills must have been, um killed. There must have been other actors serving during that time..

  • grinningdog

    Maybe a celebrity? King Juan Carlos of Spain accidentally killed his younger brother in March of 1956 when the two brothers were cleaning their guns. Accounts vary on exactly how the gun was discharged but there is no doubt that the now King of Spain was holding the revolver when it accidentally went off, putting a bullet in his younger brother in the head, causing him to die within minutes.

    From Wikipedia:

  • Het thenin

    Bertrand Cantat

  • Sharky

    I think this is a kinda stupid list. Half of these people weren’t sentenced and the term is: Innocent until proven guilty. If a court didn’t proof them guilty, they aren’t guilty.

    • Robyn

      THANK YOU! (Big thumbs up! You have a lot of common sense, which unfortunately is incredibly lacking among the other commenters as well as the so-called blogger who wrote this article.)

  • Banjo

    Thanky Thanky for all this good infmortaion!

  • gifrcon

    M3o15R iqdqbmmblmws

  • Klicova_slova


  • liz

    Fatty Arbuckle didnt kill her….sheeah were did you get your information?

  • The Collector

    Good title for a list, but the list is missing. It’s a good list, if it had a theme reflected by the title. The eternal Listverse curse – things that are vaguely related tossed together into a group and given some sensationalistic title that really doesn’t describe half the items in it…

  • Trey

    What about Matthew Broderick? Car Accident.
    Vince Neil (motley Crue LEad Singer) Car accident.

  • ashamed.

  • tara
  • Brandy, Amy Winehouse, Ashton Kutcher, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble, Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick (by accident), Courtney Love, Eaddy Mays, Tom Hulce (in “Slamdance”), Kathy Ireland, Gilbert Gottfried, Rowan Atkinson (in “Johnny English” films), John Belushi (himself), and Al Pacino.

  • Brandy, Amy Winehouse, Ashton Kutcher, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble, Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick (by accident), Courtney Love, Eaddy Mays, Tom Hulce (in “Slamdance”), Kathy Ireland, Gilbert Gottfried, Rowan Atkinson (in “Johnny English” films), John Belushi (himself), and Al Pacino. oh and steve martin and jane seymour!

  • some of the stars are factually murderers while others did not so check da web. there r more than 10!

  • some of the stars are factually murderers while others did not so check da web. there r more than 10! im prejudice against every murderer except for the ones who murdered a confrontation lover/murderer of innocent people.

  • dghammer

    # 1,2 and 9 shouldn’t count…….because OF COURSE O.J. and Bobby didn’t kill anyone. And its a fact old Fatty didn’t. And if Laura Bush is responsible for here classmates death then Teddy Kennedy is surely guilty.

  • My murderers for real life 10: Lindsay Lohan, Matthew Broderick, Courtney Love (I h8 that bitch and La Lohan), Brandy Norwood, Snoop Dogg, Laura Bush, Amy Winehouse (who died in 2011), James A. Fall (I h8 that man), Mark L. Walberg, Jeffrey Jones. My best 10 in films were: Rowan Atkinson in JOHNNY ENGLISH, Mac Culkin in HOME ALONE, Patrick Swayze in FATHERHOOD; same Swayze in GHOST; Sandra Bullock in THE NET; Gilbert Gottfried in ALADDIN 2 (animation only), Tom Hulce in THE BELLS (animation only), Jeremy Irons in THE LION KING, & Al Pacino in SCARFACE. Just for acts, not to be taken seriously!

  • Actually, there was no literal murder from Jeff Jones. It was Robert Downey Jr. Tom Hulce would murder Tony Jay’s bad guy role when he voiced Q.M. in despite that there was an accidental fall near the end. 4give me!

  • OJ Simpson’s mother

    Ihis is not tight !!

    It is calling OJ Simpson a murderer.

    The title of this list is Top 10 celebtities who have liiked someone.

    He was foiund not guilty.

    He was not found to have killed anybody.

    Shame on you !!!!!!!!!

    • The verdict of “Not Guilty” is not the same as finding someone “Innocent”. A Not Guilty verdict simply means that there was not enough evidence given to convict (in this case, “beyond a reasonable doubt”), or that the jury didn’t understand the evidence, or, perhaps, the jury was too intimidated to convict.

  • Brandy, Kathy Ireland, La Lohan, Gil G-fried, Matt Broderick, Snoop Dogg, etc. Brandy killed 1 person who was a waitress; Kathy Ireland in violent films like 4 no reason explanation; Gil G-fried did the murder (only on the earthquake in Japan by telling bad jokes on Twitter), Matt Broderick was in Ireland driving elsewhere; Snoop Dogg had a trigger.

  • robbo comeaux

    O.J. Simpson…..coddled because of his FootbaLL abilities; I was on college campus when he was found Innocent in the first trial…every black person on campus was jumping up and down and cheering; african americans to me are the most prejuidiced people I ever met; we are a hundred years from Racial equality in America.

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    So many sports figures could have been on this list that they should have a list of 20 sports figures who were murderers. I was shocked Ty Cobb didn’t make the list. Marvin Harrison, Chris Benoit, Bad News Barnes, Ray Mancini, even Rocky Marciano

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  • WIZ

    of course we know that oj killed his ex wife only an idiot would think he’s innocent

  • DJ

    Snoop didn’t kill anybody, his bodyguard at the time did. Take him out and insert rapper Gucci Mane.

  • SoFoily

    Gucci mane shot someone, admitted it, got off on self defense. He should at least have c murder’s #8 spot, hes just as famous and twice as real. Beatin up a 16 year old… come on.

  • I think this whole thing of civil liability is BS….You are found innocent or not guilty of a crime but then are sued in civil court and found liable? WTF? Found liable for a crime because they think you did it and got away with it? What a load of BS!!!!! #1 O.J. Simpson, high speed chase? Too f’ing funny, he never exceeded the speed limit while police were in pursuit. He might have been convicted if the evidence hadn’t been tampered with by the authorities. His lack of possible conviction was entirely their fault. BUT then to be found liable for the murders? That is such a load….I met the man about a decade before the murder, very pleasant, soft spoken and a perfect gentleman…The girl with him was stunning….I had spent the day in a resort pool teaching this young woman to swim. Later that evening I ran into her at resort restaurant and she invited me to join her and her boyfriend for dinner. Imagine my surprise when she leads me to a table occupied by Juice…..Really cool.

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  • Name

    I think Tony Lovato (lead singer on MEST -the “what´s the dillio” guys-) deserves at least a mention for being the only one who actually stabbed a man to death, called 911 himself, confessed to the murder of Wayne Hughes and got off after 3 days on “self Defense”. The guy was his current girlfriend´s ex.

    Also I don´t think Sid could´ve killed Nancy, he was probably less concious than Cobain during his alleged suicidal shot, also, there was a lot of money missing from the room, and there were no prints on the knife, none, not even Sid´s (someone had been conscious enough to clean prints and steal money there) but since Sid was the main suspect and he died, the investigation was closed, even though Sid was never actually “judged” for the murder.

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