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Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters

Josh Fox . . . Comments

[WARNING: Spoilers] Gigantic beasts have shocked and terrified movie audiences since the early 1930s. These monsters have entertained us in a variety of forms; from the stop-motion work of the legendary Ray Harryhausen, to modern motion capture technology. The creature feature genre began with the 1925 film, The Lost World, which featured a brontosaurus rampaging through London. The development of atomic weaponry, in the 1940s, gave a whole new kind of popularity to monster movies; some of which dealt with animals that became horribly mutated due to the effects of radioactivity. Movie monsters are often created in circumstances beyond their control, and are enemies of humanity because of their animalistic nature. Overall, cinema wouldn’t be the same without these terrifying beasts, and this list pays homage to them.


The Rancor
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, 1983


The Rancor is a savage and unintelligent animal whose only desire seems to be killing and devouring anything that has a pulse. In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi we first see the Rancor as the property of Jabba the Hutt, who feeds his enemies to it by dropping them through a pitfall trap into a cave where the Rancor lives. In early concept art, the Rancor resembled a crustacean and had a shell on its back; however this was later changed, with the end result resembling a kind of hideously disfigured dinosaur. The Rancor was also originally going to be played by a man in a suit, however the creators were not happy with the results. Instead, a small puppet was used as well as a high-speed camera to slow down its movements and create an illusion of immense size and power.

Interesting Fact: The Rancor was voiced by a Dachshund breed of dog.


Mothra, 1961

413520-Mothra Large

A list of giant monster movies cannot be complete without a shout-out to Japanese cinema. Mothra is a gigantic female insect that has appeared in numerous Kaiju (Japanese giant monster) films throughout cinematic history, beginning in the early 1960s in a film simply named Mothra. She is described as having a wingspan that exceeds 150 meters, with wings that are so powerful they allow her to create a tornado. Mothra is seen as a friendly beast and often works to protect humanity from other gigantic creatures that are attacking earth. Despite being monstrously over-sized, Mothra maintains some similarities with the average moth. For example, Mothra has been shown in movies to lay eggs that hatch into enormous larvae that then proceed to help her defeat her enemies. She can also shoot poisonous darts from her abdomen and trap enemies in a silk cocoon.

Interesting Fact: The distinctive shrill chirping sound of Mothra has been reused numerous times in Japanese cartoons. It has become a kind of a Japanese equivalent of the Wilhelm Scream.


Reptilicus, 1961


Reptilicus was the subject of an early Danish 1960s film, which was one of many monster movies of the era. The film features Reptilicus rampaging through Copenhagen killing hundreds of civilians and destroying anything in its path. The gigantic reptile resembles a serpent with wings, and has a power of regeneration that makes it incredibly difficult to kill. Reptilicus also spits deadly green slime on enemies, that causes agonizing death. Its generic monster movie name is enough to guarantee a place on the list. Overall, Reptilicus is most memorable for being one of the first examples of a killer reptile in cinematic history. Furthermore, Reptilicus stood out and garnered significant popularity and a cult following, in a time period when cinema was dominated by crude, low-budget horror movies.

Interesting Fact: A deleted scene in the movie featured Reptilicus flying. This was cut from the final version as the producers felt it was too unrealistic. Of course, everything else is totally believable.


Them! 1954


The idea of ants as the subject of a horror film may seem absurd to some, but seeing human beings dragged into an enormous anthill to be consumed is nothing short of terrifying. These ants have been hideously mutated and enlarged due to the effects of nuclear testing in New Mexico. After significantly growing in size, the ants developed a taste for human flesh and threatened to become the dominant species on planet Earth. What makes these ants memorable is that they are the first example of giant insects in cinema. Them! was originally going to be shot in 3D, with many 3D scenes cut for the final version, such as characters shooting flamethrowers directly into the camera, and extreme close ups of the ants chasing characters. Despite this, Them! has become a cult classic and was one of the highest grossing films of 1954.

Interesting Fact: When Them! was first released in Sweden, it was strangely named: “Spindlarna”. This translates to: “The Spiders”.


The Rhedosaurus
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, 1953


The Rhedosaurus is a stop-motion masterpiece created by animation legend Ray Harryhausen. Like many other famous movie monsters, this 10 meter tall lizard rampages through the city destroying buildings and eating people wherever it can. The Rhedosaurus does not have any special abilities such as breathing fire or spitting acid; it mostly relies on its razor sharp teeth and giant claws as weapons. In truth, the movie was designed to be extremely realistic, and indeed it was at the time of its release. The amazing stop-motion beast truly terrified people during the 1950s. The name Rhedosaurus strongly implies that this beast is a type of dinosaur, however no such dinosaur ever existed. The creature has qualities that exclude it from being any type of dinosaur; for instance, the Rhedosaurus has a forked tongue and dragging tail that no true species of dinosaur possesses.

Interesting Fact: The name: “Rhedosaurus” is thought have been named after the initials of its creator Ray Harryhausen.


Cloverfield, 2008


One of the things that make this monster truly terrifying is that we never find out what it is, where it came from or why it has suddenly decided to wage war on humanity. Cloverfield applied a brand new first-person perspective to the monster movie genre. As the film progresses we see and hear blatant evidence of massive destruction, yet we only see glimpses of the elusive monster. Throughout the film, the monster shows great resilience to modern weaponry. It even manages to survive attacks from stealth bombers and RPG fire. If that doesn’t make it dangerous enough, the creature also harbors parasites that live on its skin and drop off to viciously attack anything they see. Did I mention that anyone who gets bitten by one of parasites ends up exploding?

Interesting Fact: Three images are hidden in Cloverfield that appear for only a fraction of a second. They are screenshots from monster movies such as King Kong, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and Them!.


Gamera the Invincible, 1965

Utyukaijyugamera 516 20080201

Gamera is a tremendously popular Japanese “Kaiju” who has defended the planet in 12 different movies, beginning in 1965. The friendly beast works to protect planet Earth from other ridiculously creative Japanese monsters that threaten to destroy humanity. Gamera is, effectively, a giant turtle with tusks that has all kinds of crazy abilities. Perhaps the most bizarre example is when he withdraws his legs into his shell and replaces them with rockets that allow him to fly. He can shoot fireballs and ice beams from his mouth, and his shell is said to be indestructible. In some movies he is also shown to perform acrobatic feats such as swinging from a pole and delivering attacks that resemble moves taught in martial arts. Gamera’s favorite thing in the world is fire, that he eats on a regular basis to recharge his rockets. Overall if you love seeing a man in a rubber suit, swinging a giant squid around his head by the tentacle, Gamera is the monster for you.

Interesting Fact: In the western world Gamera is relatively unknown, though in Japan he is said to be equally as popular as Godzilla.


The Kraken
Clash of the Titans, 1981

Monsters Csg263 Clash Of The Titans

The Kraken was the last work of famous stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen (also notable for The Rhedosaurus in The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms). According to the plot of Clash of the Titans, the Kraken was the most powerful Titan, created by Hades to destroy all other Titans and allow the Olympians to rule over humanity. It differs significantly in appearance from the traditional “giant squid” Kraken we have seen in Pirates of the Caribbean and other films. For one thing, this Kraken is humanoid and has a pronounced fish-like head. It has four arms, green scaly skin and a constantly pissed-off look on its face. Sadly we don’t see much clashing of Titans in either the original movie or the recent remake, and the Kraken is dead seconds after its release. Even so, the events leading up to the Kraken’s release make its eventual appearance thrilling and worthwhile. Despite the remade version of Clash of the Titans showing an extremely well animated version of the Kraken, the old version is a timeless masterpiece and the jewel in Harryhausen’s stop-motion crown.

Interesting Fact: The Kraken is described as being a Titan in Clash of the Titans; however the Kraken never appeared at all in original Greek Mythology and actually originated in Norse Mythology.


King Kong
King Kong, 1933


Since the ground-breaking 1933 movie, King Kong has become more than just a giant monster. Kong is perhaps one of the most famous movie icons of American cinema. He is described as the last of a breed of prehistoric ape that evolved in the isolation of Skull Island. Despite being incredibly large, there is nothing abnormal about King Kong and he displays the basic characteristics of an ape. Kong’s main assets are his acrobatic skills, which he utilizes during the famous scene when he climbs up the Empire State Building. Kong also possesses immense strength, which he demonstrates when breaking the chains that hold him whilst captive in America. The inspiration behind King Kong and Skull Island came from the discovery of Komodo Island and the giant lizard, the Komodo dragon. The first Kong was an 18-inch model, animated using stop-motion techniques. Andy Serkis acted the part of King Kong in Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake. This was done using motion capture technology in exactly the same way Serkis portrayed Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Interesting Fact: The original King Kong model sold, in 2009, at auction for over $200,000. It was covered in rabbit’s fur for the 1933 film, though this cover has since decomposed, leaving only a metal frame. You can view the model here.


Godzilla, 1954


The greatest and most influential movie monster in history is, without a doubt, the king of monsters: Godzilla (Japanese: Gojira). Godzilla did not only kick-start the Japanese giant monster “Kaiju” craze, but became a pop culture icon, inspiring dozens of sequels to the original 1954 version, including a big-budget (albeit terrible) American remake, in 1998. Godzilla was conceived as a mutated product of nuclear detonations, and as a metaphor for nuclear warfare in general. The famous scene of the devastation of Tokyo in the 1954 film when Godzilla rampages through the city destroying everything in its path, is commonly cited as an indirect portrayal of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945.

Physically, Godzilla is over 400ft tall (according to Godzilla: King of the Monsters) and resembles a dinosaur-like creature with gigantic spines on its back. Godzilla is widely accepted as the most powerful Kaiju, with numerous unique abilities and powers. His signature weapon is his distinctive atomic breath. Godzilla’s dorsal spines glow ominously, and then he lets loose with a concentrated blast of radiation from his mouth. This power is often mistakenly confused as fire breathing.

Interesting fact: The Japanese name for Godzilla (Gojira) is a cross between the Japanese words for a Gorilla and Whale, despite Godzilla resembling neither of these animals.

  • Stu Miller’s Gust

    Good job! I hadn’t heard of a couple of these. I Heart Gamera!

  • Awesome collection. Godzilla & Kraken are my all time favorites.

  • Gabryel

    every one expects a monster from japan , not just a giant one , also the weird one :O

  • agentstyx

    Actually, the Cloverfield monster is a baby monster, it was scared and people were trying to kill it, also the fact that it was huge meant for some serious destruction, though unntentional.

    • JWynter

      If that was a baby, what do the parents look like? O_0

    • Lip

      I never heard that explanation before, where’d you read that?

  • Dalek6450

    This is a lot like the Cinemassacre top 10 giant movie monsters ( except the Giant Claw ( came first.

    • Drac

      I assume the inclusion of The Giant Claw was a joke. The story is that they filmed all the scenes without the monster and then sent the film to special effects people in Mexico to have the monster put in. When they got the film back, it was the first time any of them had actually seen the creature. The movie had to be released at that point, no matter how ridiculoous the final product was. It’s worth a look, just for fun, but it’s the silliest giant monster eveer put on film.

  • YouRang?

    Mothra is my favorite, but for many years no one else seemed to see the good qualities of the original film. It really is a beautifully-made film. I love the Peanuts, too, and I wonder if people know that these ladies had several very popular records in Japan. Later the Peanuts were portrayed by other singers but the original sisters were the best. Somewhere I still have a copy of the lyrics to the Mothra Summoning song. It’s amazing how many people immediately find the melody familiar with no idea where they heard it.

  • Planet Earth

    # 10 – I got the action figure from back in the day .

  • Guestimations

    What about the creature from Super 8

    • p1t1o

      Way too new, although I love him.

  • Dogbolter

    Godzilla had to be number 1, seriously. However, Gamera isn’t just cheesy 60s style movies – the trilogy released in the 1990s, directed by Shusuke Kaneko are commonly accepted as being the best of the series. I suggest people watch this series (and with subtitles, rather than dubbed – still bad, even in modern times) to see how good kaiju can be in the modern times. I love the old kaiju movies from the 60s for other reasons – so bad,they are good. I was talking to a friend’s kid who watched the American version of Godzilla and couldn’t understand why I thought it was trash. He didn’t “get” the old movie either. Kids these days… :)

  • fendabenda

    Where’s “Pulgasari” (1985), the monster from North Korea? The film was directed by a South Korean director Shin Sang-ok who was kidnapped and held hostage by Kim Jong-Il and the North Korean intelligence in 1978. Surely would have been worth a mention.

    • p1t1o

      Sounds pretty obscure, are you sure you think it rates *top-10*?

      Give it an honourable mention, sure! But I doubt Godzilla has much to worry about at pole position :)

      • fendabenda

        I’m sure it doesn’t rate Top-10 for popularity… and Godzilla has nothing at all to worry about. I just thought the background story of Pulgasari was quite extraordinary. As for its obscureness, it’s available on Youtube now.

        • p1t1o

          What about a monster top-10 “who would win in a fight”, now THAT would cause a kafuffle in the comments section!

  • fraterhater

    I was surprised by “Them” it was actually pretty good. And I’m a horribly cynical person.

    • You ever play fallout? Was the mission called those a reference to that?

      • fraterhater

        No, never played it but it would be a cool reference. What were the ‘those’?

  • Obvious Man

    Umm…. JAWS????

    • fendabenda

      Well, I suppose sharks do exist (and occasionally also attack people), so that doesn’t count as an imaginary monster. A great film, though.

    • Dogbolter

      While Jaws was a big shark (and let’s face it, great whites are huge), it wasn’t megalon sized. I think this list is for creatures abnormally huge, not at the high end of the normal species size. :)

  • Will Trame

    This list brought back a lot of memories. I knew Godzilla would top the list, but no mention of Rodan or Ghidrah? The Japanese monster flicks also remind me of “Ultra Man”, one of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid back in the late 60s. I wasn’t too fond of Gemora; it was featured (and criticized) on MST3K). “Them!” was a surprisingly good flick; another honorable mention would be the giant octopus (or was it a quintopus?) from “It Came From Beneath The Sea”.

  • chela

    Reptilicus has cute hands hehehehe

  • odin

    no dragons?

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    You forgot about the biggest Monster on this list..My dick!

    • Ness

      And my BALLS!!!

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        And your imagination!

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          Do u wanna see it? It’s huge! I love showing it off. You guys shouldn’t be so jealous. It’s bad for you! And it’s not a fantasy if u can feel it, and make the women scream.

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            Your post is funnier if you assume you are talking about a single, huge, greenish, feotid, distended buttock. That you stroke affectionately.

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            You would love showing it of you perv the only women you made scream was your mum, when she found out you spent her heroin money on penis pump.

      • Ha!

        You wish!!

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      Yes, this is a fantasy list.

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  • Jayboman XXI

    I was really looking for the Alien. To each their own.

    • ace

      The keyword here is giant. Reading is hard.

  • Mira Bel

    This was cool, great job!

  • oouchan

    Godzilla rocks! I’ve always been a fan. Was hoping to see the dragon from Reign of Fire. Now that one was huge! Interesting topic today. Really enjoyed the read.

    Cool list.

  • Truth

    Ummmmmmmmmmm the mother alien from aliens. Seriously not here? You suck at lists. How do you leave her off?

    • Um because she wasn’t giant u suck at being smart

  • missmozell

    I’ve seen all these except Cloverfield (came out after my mobility was limited). All hail sixties afternoon creature features!

  • Randall

    Lifted from Cinemassacre’s original list:

    Even the joke at the end of the entry on Reptilicus is nearly the same.

    Basically, this guy took a funny list from YouTube (which also made some serious points) removed the funny, changed a couple entries, and submitted it.

    It’s not ordinarily my thing to point out plagiarism, unless it’s truly egregious… but in this case… well, no serious list would include “Reptilicus,” one of the worse movies ever made. Reptilicus (and the Giant Claw) are in the original list as a JOKE… even on the silly, cheesy scale of giant monster movies, they’re awful. (Trust me, I’ve seen them both–in fact, I’ve seen every movie on this list).

    • JCJackson

      Your comment was posted for the (rather pitiful) thrill of a complaint.

      1) Five entries are different
      – Cloverfield
      – Them!
      – Star Wars: return of the jedi
      – Mothra
      – Clash of the Titans
      with the others being obvious; who wouldn’t pick King Kong or Godzilla? Maybe Reptilicus is a little obscure, but still worth a mention.

      2) The author clearly spent a long time writing this up, and after watching the video I can see no wording that is the same as in the video at all.

      3) Even if parts of this list took inspiration from other sources, isn’t that how all lists are made? Using your argument I could argue that #1 is plagiarized from Godzilla…

      Just shut up and enjoy the list. If you feel like complaining, just don’t comment.

      • Gabriel

        I agere with Jakcson. A list with the same title as another isn’t going to have all 10 entries different entries. To be honest I’m surprized that this list has only 5 that are the same, well done Listvrese for an original and enjoyable list.

        • YouRang?

          I tend to be more forgiving than some when it comes to letting your sources show, and I’ve gotten in trouble for that before, but I gotta agree with those who say the list is not a plagiarism of the Youtube list. It seems very different to me. That’s not to say someone won’t find another list that this is taken from, but so far the list writer is in the clear.

  • MandieMurder

    jet jaguar. jet jaguar. punch punch punch.

  • Chineapplepunk

    Bit of geekage here:

    Them! was the inspiration behind the Fallout 3 quest Those! Where you have to battle against Giant Ants that breathe fire.

  • Hercules321

    Hahaha.. The Kraken in the picture looks so funny! Way different than the one from the recent Clash of the titans movie.

  • fendabenda

    I would like to mention the sea monster Iku-Turso from the Kalevala. Why not also Vetehinen (aka Vesihiisi) from other Finnish folklore (it would have been a lake monster that drowns people and then eats them, especially children.)

    • Metalwrath

      “Top 10 giant movie monsters”. Notice the word “movie” in the title of this list. Unless the Kalevala inspired a classic world-renown movie, which I doubt, your comment is totally off-topic.

      • fendabenda

        Oh… sorry. Movie monsters. My bad. :(

        • fendabenda

          Actually, now that I looked into it, there was a 4-part TV-movie series based on the Kalevala in the eighties. It won the Prix Italia as the best TV drama of 1983. I’m not sure if the sea monster was in it, though.

  • mom424

    Good list; entertaining and nicely written. Very fond of the interesting facts at the end of every entry.

    Seeing as you’ve included Reptilicus (seriously awful), I’m surprised you didn’t include the giant arthropods from Attack of the Giant Crab Monsters; a classic Roger Corman B movie. The best of the bad – hilarious dialogue and cheesy effects extraordinaire. Oh well, can’t have everything.

    Big face palm for me – can’t believe I totally missed the homage to Harryhausen in Monsters Inc. – for shame.

  • Armadillotron

    You know, I wish we had movies today like 1950`s monster movies, and not the ridiculous stuff we have now. Am I the only person who thinks that it`s cool, that a nuclear weapon is tested, and a monster appears?

  • JetJaguar
    • MandieMurder

      I love your name.

  • Judge Holden

    What? No Mega Shark, Mega Python, Dinocroc or Gatoroid? Pppppffffftt

  • OddJobb

    I read somewhere recently (maybe on Listverse?) that the Cloverfield monster was lying dormant under the ocean for thousands of years but became huge when an evil Japanese corporation pumped tones of chemicals/steroids into the ocean.

    • Eddie O.

      Actually, at the end of Cloverfield, the shot of the ocean from the Ferris Wheel, you can see an object come down out of the sky and splash into the water just before the camera swings over to the girl saying “I had a good day”. It’s very easy to miss, but you can find it on youtube here:

  • Hallowed

    I’m missing Stay Puft, the marshmellowman from the Ghostbusters in this list!

  • poppypower

    I’d have mentioned the Balrog of Moria from Lord of the Rings, he was a giant monster worthy of inclusion….

  • I was scrolling down the list, and was wondering where on earth is King Kong and Godzilla … and I was happy to see them in the number 1 ‘n 2 spots. :)

  • Perfect list for me! I love giant monster films, they’re the best horror genre in my opinion

  • eumesmopo

    Ending with King Kong and Godzilla was just too obvious, not a intereating list a all.

    • confused?

      So you are suggesting put something terrible and ill-fitting, yet unexpected just to liven things up? You write the list…

    • That’s the point of a top 10 list. King Kong and Godzilla deserve to take the top two spots because it IS obvious. That’s what distinguishes a top 10 list from just a list.

    • Slappy

      You wanted the Jabberwocky?

  • Philip

    I was happy to see Them, but missed seeing The Giant Gila Monster:

    I was also half-expecting to see the 50-Foot Woman…

    • Metalwrath

      Haha! Great trailer! I guess we’ve gone a long way from using innocent lizards walking around miniature models.

  • ringtailroxy

    I am so tickled peaches that Gamera is on the list! I was a young kid in the early 80’s and loved the Saturday Movie Matinee on television… I loved Gamera best of all!

  • Blue66Mustang86

    Overall good list. I would have put King Kong as #1 though. It seems to me that without King Kong the other movies wouldn’t have had as much success.

  • Mayur

    Bored of seeing lists of ghosts, monsters, devils n stuff. Pls put up something educative, informative.

    • Suggestion mann

      Go to school

  • Jon

    I knew that Godzilla was going to be #1.

    Great list. It was as satisfying as an Asian buffet, that’s VERY satisfying ^_^

  • karl

    would have thought the Balrog from Lord of the rings would be worth a spot. Love the original godzillas…can see why people hate the american version haha

  • fendabenda
  • Great list!

    I grew up addicted to monster, sci-fi, and horror films (very tame films by later standards), so I’m familiar with many of these. Others, by no means a complete list, I might have liked to included: The Crawling Eye, Rodan, The Blob, and a host of others from the early days of movie monsterdom (sheeesh! I can see that I actually have enough entries on my personal list to make a list of my own). I spent countless hours in dark movie theatres, or on my stomach on the living room floor watching old monster movies on television (a misspent youth).

    • fendabenda

      Oh, I loved The Blob. Two trivia factoids:

      1. The Blob was Steve McQueen’s first leading role film
      2. The sequel, Beware! The Blob was directed by Larry Hagman (aka J.R. Ewing of the soap opera Dallas.)

      • Name2

        Actually, “The Blob” was Steven McQueen’s first leading role. Why he changed from Steven to Steve, I don’t know.

  • BTW, what happened to Sunday’s list, 10 Top Crimes of the Century? Did the overwhelming plagiarization of list items get it dropped?

    • fendabenda

      I don’t know, but I get an error message trying to open it.

  • The_Snowdog

    This might not exactly fit the list but in the movie The Mist (based on Stephen King’s novella) one of the creatures in the mist at the end was a towering creature that you could only imagine the size of because all you saw was one of its’ enormous legs while the rest of the creature was hidden by the mist.

    I was always fascinated by that creature (in the movie as well as in the novella which King had it in there as well).

    Here is a link in which someone included the creature (called on the site a Dinosaur Creature) and also shows a bit of a scale of the size of it:

    There is also the Tentacle Monster and the Lobster Monster that might be able to be considered.

    And what about Lord of the Rings…

    …the Watcher in the Water – the tentacle beast that the fellowship fights at the gates of Moria

    …the Balrog in Moria

    …Shelob the giant spider

  • DanF

    hmm….whats the name of the Korean (i believe) film with the doctor who flushes chemicals into the river and it makes a giant monster that comes on to land killed each other. I can picture the cover of the box, its a bridge with the thing rising out of the water to reach it….someone help!

    • DanF

      Just read that and it didn’t make sense, someone starting talking to me halfway through writing it and i got distracted, it should say “…that comes on to the land to kill people….”

      • DanF
        • MeDan

          Yeah, that was a great movie. I assume that scene where the monster is running along killing random people at the waterside was the inspiration for a similar scene in the King Kong remake involving a whole herd of dinosaurs.

          Only thing I hated about “The Host” was {SPOILER ALERT} that I knew how it would end after the first couple of scenes. The girl who choked in competition… it was obvious she’d eventually face the creature and have to overcome her fear.

  • tuco


  • John Sherman

    The monster in The Beast From 20,000 Fantoms may not have had any special powers, but his blood was radioactive. This is why they couldn’t just shoot him. They had to shoot him with a special isotope and burn the body.

  • regular name

    The thing? :(

  • Slappy

    Too many giant monsters for a single list. We seem to have ignored spiders altogether, which is unfortunate as they are among the scariest.

    I have a candidate which might not qualify: the spider from “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” True, it wasn’t a giant to us…

  • My Addiction for Eccentric Action

    Oh god. please no hairy giants! terrified :(

  • rudy.elgato

    howzabout a shoutout to Gorgo!

  • MT

    I love this list! Thanks JF. (Not Jamie Frater!)
    My additions to the list would be:
    Rodan-Godzillas arch enemy and the most popular flying giant movie monster.
    Ghidorah-another kick ass flying monster from another planet.
    The 50 Foot Woman-c’mon,you know she was hot!
    Anguirus-The armadillo monster that was Godzilla’s enemy then friend.
    And of course the list would not be complete without…
    The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

  • SwampRob

    A fun list! Enjoyable read, well done!

  • John

    Mothra Sucks

    • Omar Bongo

      “… wings that are so powerful they allow her to create a tornado.”

      Sounds more like Mothra blows than sucks…

  • Carra23

    Your statement “we never find out what it is, where it came from or why it has suddenly decided to wage war on humanity.” has been partially answered already – at least the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ – as for where: we don’t know the specifics but we DO know it came from SPACE (don’t they all, these days?)
    At the end of the movie we see the rest of the videocam footage shot at Coney Island Amusement Park and in the background there is what appears to be an object which plummets from space and lands in the ocean – then the mayhem starts.
    Though we never pinpoint it’s spatial origins, that is often the case in these kind of monster movies and has very well established precedents and followers: The Thing, The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Slither, to name but a few.

  • Mabel

    My favorite Godzilla movie is Godzilla vs the Smog Monster (Hedorah). I remember being terrified by it as a kid, and there were still some kind of spooky shots, but when I and my bf watched it recently, we laughed ourselves sick.

    Seriously, check it out. It’s too funny!

  • peter8172

    I wouldn’t know the classification of this monster movie, but the one movie that always astounds me is “The Incredible Shrinking Man” (1957) in which a man is exposed to radiation and is reduced to the size of a speck of dust. Their is a mathematical theory called the “Square-Cube” theory (which would take pages of typing to explain it). He accidently gets pushed down by his pet house cat (go figure) into the cellar of his house and his wife presumes him dead. Then comes the monstrosity of a Tarantula that is after him basically as a snack for him. What’s fascinating about the movie is how things we take for granted in our household, become weapons and shelter for the shrunken man (i.e. A sewing needle used as a spear or grappling hook, thread used as rope, an empty matchbox book becomes his shelter, etc.). I highly recommend it and its not long (about 80 minutes)

  • peter8172

    Fay Wray as Ann Darrow in the classic King Kong probably had the easiest script in the history of cinema. Her script ??…….Just SCREAM !!!!

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