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Top 10 Makeup Trends That Went Nowhere

by Patricia West
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Not everyone is into makeup or cares about the latest trend. If you are that type of person, good for you. However, thousands upon thousands of people are looking for the newest thing. You may spend hours scrolling through social media, watching for the next big thing.

By contrast, some want to be trendsetters. They want to be the reason everyone is doing new makeup techniques and styles. Sadly, some trends just never get off the ground. Some trends should never have been put into action, let alone thought up. Here are ten makeup trends that went nowhere.

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10 Permanent Marker Eyeliner

Sharpie Eyeliner – xoVain

Years ago, Taylor Swift admitted that she used permanent markers for eyeliner instead of actual makeup. She instantly regretted the idea and eventually decided to start being nicer to her skin. But that didn’t stop many makeup users from copying the famous singer. Some have taken it so far as to use Sharpies for the majority of their face.

How did Taylor Swift even come up with this idea? Was she tired of having her makeup smeared as she slept? Or did she need a touch-up and had nothing else on hand? No matter what started the original idea, using Sharpies for makeup is not a good idea.

Sharpies are supposedly non-toxic, but that doesn’t mean you should put them near your eyes! You have no idea what chemicals are in that marker and what they could do to your eyes. So do yourself and your eyes a favor and stick to the makeup developed for them.

9 Oreo Cookie Mascara

DIY Oreo Mascara – NAILED IT #12

In 2015, YouTuber Katharine Ward made mascara with Oreo cookies. It sounds like it would smell divine. The mascara is supposed to make your lashes look dark, long, and luscious. Some other YouTubers call this a good idea if you do makeup on a budget. However, the face or eye primer alone can get quite pricey, depending on your brand. Then you add in the price of the cookies and other supplies. By the time you get everything, it gets expensive.

Why waste Oreos for makeup? Oreos are supposed to go with milk, not lashes. Most who tried the trend said they couldn’t see a difference between Oreo and regular mascara. Many had trouble with the mascara being too runny and getting cookie crumbs in their eyes. It is up to you if you want to massacre innocent cookies for makeup.

8 Color Pencil Eyeliner

DIY Eyeliner out of COLORED PENCILS | Does it work???

I have no clue how this trend got started. Who was coloring one day with colored pencils, looked at them, and said, “Hmm…this would look amazing on my face”? Now, the problem is that you cannot draw on your skin with colored pencils. To make this idea work, you must put the pencils in warm water and dip them again every once in a while. The water softens the colored pencil allowing it to go on your skin.

With this trend, you can have eyeliner in every color of the rainbow! Just make sure you get non-toxic colored pencils. However, is it worth putting something not made for the skin on your face? You can already get eyeliner in other colors. So why did someone feel the need to use colored pencils? I wouldn’t dare say that colored pencils are less dangerous than using Sharpies for eyeliner. If you are using the product in a way it wasn’t intended, you are putting yourself in danger. Thankfully, this trend didn’t move on to the majority of the population.

7 Teeth Nails

Teeth Nails | Extreme Halloween Nail Art

So this trend initially started as a thing for Halloween. Some people really love to dress up their nails for holidays. If that is something you are into, go for it! There are several ways you can do a teeth manicure. If you don’t add gums or yellow the teeth, the manicure can look tasteful (no pun intended). This doesn’t seem like a look the average person can make on their own.

The thing I don’t get is why? I mean, some of the manicures don’t look horrible. However, long nails are already difficult to deal with if you aren’t used to them. So why would you want to make your nails bulkier and more difficult to manage? Maybe teeth nails would be great for a scalp massage or something? Let’s leave this idea for Halloween.

6 Nose Hair Extensions

I Tried Nose Hair Extensions (Instagram Beauty Trends)

Nose hair extensions were first seen in October 2017 on Instagram. The user @gret_chen_chen glued false eyelashes in her nostrils. So this isn’t legitimately nose hair extensions, but rather the illusion of them.

Before you go all nose hair cray, think about what you will do. You are going to glue fake eyelashes to the inside of your nose. Doesn’t that mean that real nose hairs will get caught in the glue? You will be yanking those out when you take off the extensions. Ouch! In addition, what kind of chemicals are in the glue? You are inhaling those and putting who knows what into your system.

What purpose does this trend serve? Makeup is meant to enhance and showcase your face. How do nose hair extensions fit into that? To me, it just draws attention to your nose, and not in a good way. I would constantly think you needed a tissue or felt like a spider was crawling out of your nose or something.

5 Ear Makeup

Several people are credited with starting or restarting this trend. This is actually a trend I could possibly get behind if I cared about making my ear look fancy. The whole point of the ear makeup trend is to hone in on your ear’s anatomy and paint or decorate the most prominent features of your ear. It could look pretty cool if you have short hair or intend to wear it up.

However, this trend is pointless if you have sensitive ears or wear your hair down. The look would be ruined as your ears turn red from irritation and worsen if you have an allergic reaction. If you wear your hair down, the makeup will be covered and could even get onto your hair. That is terrible news if you have a lighter hair color or use specific colors on your ear. Some are still trying out this trend, but it hasn’t become a thing with the general public.

4 Back Neck Contouring

Contouring the back of my neck challenge (epic fail)

It used to be that you only contoured your face with makeup. Some people would even contour their collarbones. However, some makeup enthusiasts have moved on to contouring their necks, especially the back of the neck. The whole point is to make your neck look thinner and longer.

I could understand contouring the front of your neck, but why the back? You cannot even see what you are doing! How did the person who started this trend get a nice enough result to post it on social media? Were there quite a few mirrors in the room so you could see every angle of your neck? That just isn’t feasible for the average person.

Contouring the front of the neck seems to have caught on pretty quickly, but contouring the back of your neck fizzled out.

3 Live Ant Manicure

Nail salon puts live ants in fingernails

This trend was developed in a Russian salon that produces manicures that will definitely cause a stir in the beauty world. I really want to know the thought process of the person who came up with this idea. I cannot even look at pictures of this manicure without cringing. Don’t even ask me to watch videos about it; one is included if you’d like to watch one!

The salon came under heavy fire for this manicure. Since posting the video, the salon has defended its idea and let people know the ants are still alive. I doubt the masses will run out and ask for ants in their nails.

2 Halo Eyebrows

Hannah Lyne created this look based on a suggestion from one of her Instagram followers. The halo eyebrow is precisely how it sounds. You make a halo from the outer end of one eyebrow to the other. This leaves a substantial brown halo (or whatever color you choose to do) on your face.

This is another trend where you see it and immediately ask, “why?” It certainly isn’t the weirdest trend, but it hasn’t caught fire with the general public. Thankfully.

1 Pimple Nails


YouTube vlogger Natasha Lee created pimple nails for a Halloween thing. Natasha uses layers of base nail polish, clear nail-strengthening gel, yellow and red nail polish to add discoloration, and globs of hand cream. All this effort is to create something that will be destroyed in moments.

This sounds great for Halloween when people expect your nails to be off the wall. However, this doesn’t sound like a good idea for everyday wear. I guess it would be okay if you needed a pimple-popping fix and don’t have any other way to get it. Thankfully this trend didn’t go anywhere.

fact checked by Rachel Jones