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Top 10 Cool Facts about Space

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There is still so little known about outer space by modern science, but of that little we do know, there are some extraordinarily amazing things. This is a list of the top 10 cool facts about Space.

10 Lightweight

Saturn's Rings

Fact: If you put Saturn in water it would float

The density of Saturn is so low that if you were to put it in a giant glass of water it would float. The actual density of Saturn is 0.687 g/cm3 while the density of water is 0.998 g/cm3. At the equator Saturn has a radius of 60,268 ± 4 km – which means you would need an extremely large glass of water to test this out.

9 Constantly Moving

Milkyway Pan1

Fact: We are moving through space at the rate of 530km a second

Our Galaxy – the Milky Way is spinning at a rate of 225 kilometers per second. In addition, the galaxy is traveling through space at the rate of 305 kilometers per second. This means that we are traveling at a total speed of 530 kilometers (330 miles) per second. That means that in one minute you are about 19 thousand kilometers away from where you were. Scientists do not all agree on the speed with which the Milky Way is traveling – estimates range from 130 – 1,000 km/s. It should be said that Einstein’s theory of relativity, the velocity of any object through space is not meaningful.

8 Farewell old friend!

600Px-Moon Pia00302

Fact: The moon is drifting away from Earth

Every year the moon moves about 3.8cm further away from the Earth. This is caused by tidal effects. Consequently, the earth is slowing in rotation by about 0.002 seconds per day per century. Scientists do not know how the moon was created, but the generally accepted theory suggests that a large Mars sized object hit the earth causing the Moon to splinter off.

7 Ancient Light

800Px-The Sun1

Fact: The light hitting the earth right now is 30 thousand years old

The energy in the sunlight we see today started out in the core of the Sun 30,000 years ago – it spent most of this time passing through the dense atoms that make the sun and just 8 minutes to reach us once it had left the Sun! The temperature at the core of the sun is 13,600,000 kelvins. All of the energy produced by fusion in the core must travel through many successive layers to the solar photosphere before it escapes into space as sunlight or kinetic energy of particles.

6 Solar Diet

800Px-171879Main Limbflarejan12 Lg

Fact: The Sun loses up to a billion kilograms a second due to solar winds

Solar winds are charged particles that are ejected from the upper surface of the sun due to the high temperature of the corona and the high kinetic energy particles gain through a process that is not well understood at this time. Also, did you know that 1 pinhead of the sun’s energy is enough to kill a person at a distance of 160 kilometers? [Sourced from Planet Science]

5 The Big Dipper is not a constellation

637Px-Ursa Major Constellation Map

Fact: The Big Dipper is not a constellation, it is an asterism

Many people consider the big dipper to be a constellation but, in fact, it is an asterism. An asterism is a pattern of stars in the sky which is not one of the official 88 constellations; they are also composed of stars which are not physically related to each other and can be vast distances apart. An asterism can be composed of stars from one or more constellations – in the case of the Big Dipper, it is composed entirely of the seven brightest stars in the Ursa Major (Great Bear) constellation.

4 George’s Star

602Px-Uranus Voyager 2

Fact: Uranus was originally called George’s Star

When Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781, he was given the honor of naming it. He chose to name it Georgium Sidus (George’s Star) after his new patron, King George III (Mad King George). This is what he said:

In the fabulous ages of ancient times the appellations of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were given to the Planets, as being the names of their principal heroes and divinities. In the present more philosophical era it would hardly be allowable to have recourse to the same method and call it Juno, Pallas, Apollo or Minerva, for a name to our new heavenly body. The first consideration of any particular event, or remarkable incident, seems to be its chronology: if in any future age it should be asked, when this last-found Planet was discovered? It would be a very satisfactory answer to say, ‘In the reign of King George the Third.’

Uranus was also the first planet to be discovered with the use of a telescope.

3 Extra Moons

S3753 2

Fact: Earth has at least 4 moons

Okay – that is not actually true – but it is very close. In 1986, Duncan Waldron discovered a asteroid (5km across) that is in an elliptic orbit around the sun with a period of revolution virtually identical to that of Earth. For this reason the planetoid and earth appear to be following each other. The periodic planetoid is named Cruithne (pronounced krin-y?) after an ancient group of Scottish people (also known as the Picts). Because of its unusual relationship with Earth, it is sometimes referred to as Earth’s second moon. Cruithne, is fainter than Pluto and would require at least a 12.5 inch reflecting telescope to attempt to be seen. Since its discovery, at least three other similar asteroids have been discovered. These types of objects are also found in similar relationships to other planets in our Solar System. In the image above (courtesy of Paul Wiegert), the earth is the blue circle with a cross in it, and Cruithne’s orbit is shown in yellow.

2 Sunspot Music


Fact: Sunspot activity may be the primary reason for the beautiful sound of Stradivarius violins

Antonio Stradivari is considered to be the greatest violin maker ever. He lived in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries. Scientists have been unable to work out what it is about his violins that makes them so incredible, but they do know that the timber used to make them is a very important contributing factor. From the 1500s to 1800s, the earth underwent a little ice age mostly due to increased volcanic activity and decreased solar activity (this is called the Maunder Minimum). As a result of this cooling, the types of trees that Stradivari used for his violins were particularly hard (due to slow growth). Hard timber is especially good when making violins. It is very probable that had Stradivari lived in a different age, his violins would not be prized as they are today. This picture above is made of three overlapping photos. It shows the rings in the spruce tree used to make the most famous Stradivarius violin, the “Messiah.” The first row of numbers gives the width of each ring in millimeters (one mm is about the thickness of a fingernail). The bottom row gives the years in which each ring grew.

1 Cold Welding

Space Station 0614

Fact: If two pieces of metal touch in space, they become permanently stuck together

This may sound unbelievable, but it is true. Two pieces of metal without any coating on them will form in to one piece in the vacuum of space. This doesn’t happen on earth because the atmosphere puts a layer of oxidized material between the surfaces. This might seem like it would be a big problem on the space station but as most tools used there have come from earth, they are already coated with material. In fact, the only evidence of this seen so far has been in experiments designed to provoke the reaction. This process is called cold welding. For those who still don’t believe it, here is the Wikipedia article on Cold Welding.

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  • interesting facts, but im curious if scientists don;t agree on the speed on which we are flying through space, can it really be considered a fact?

    • p1t1o

      Its definitely a fact because we can detect relative motion, the exact speed is a bit of a weird one because one needs a fixed point to work out your speed, and exactly which point should we use?

      This is further complicated by things like the expansion of space and rotating frames of reference and the limited speed of light.

      But rest assured, we *are* moving.

      On a side note, the scientific method considers only very few things as *facts*, but generally something doesn’t need philosophically robust *proof* in order to be accepted.

      It jars me when people (present compant excepted, at least you posed it as a question and qualified your statement) bang on about *facts* when in *fact* they would be hard pressed to explain to the degree that they seem to require for even a few of the things that they regard as common knowledge. Not that they should be able to, its just double standards.


        boooooooooooooo mate LOZER

  • mix2323

    what would happen if the moon were to move so far away that it would have no effect on the earth

    • We would all die.

      • shabba

        i don’t realy think that will happen

    • The Universe season 4 episode 2 deals with that question. A few billion years ago when the moon was closer, we had 5 hour days and the gravitational pull was so strong that the Earth had 2 mile high tides of lava. There are many interesting facts but if the moon disappeared, it would have many consequences, such as the regular shifting of the axis: while the poles may remain the same, Antarctica could face the Sun for a period of months or years while the Northern Hemisphere would spend the same period in total darkness and then it would shift erratically. The Sun would have the only gravitational effect on the Earth which would be a lot less making the tidal bulges settle making sea levels rise…. I can’t remember if the Earth would speed up without the effect of the moon.


      less the no of tsunamis

    • Lucy xoxo

      It wold then have the biggest effect of all on us! Our oceans would run over the dry land covering the whole planet under Neath tons and tons of water

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  • Juggz: of course :) It is a fact we are travelling

  • smac

    Very interesting stuff. I didn’t know some of those facts, especially about Stradivarius violins.

  • mklong

    off topic but has anyone else seen “the red violin” with samual jackson….
    good movie

  • dan231

    taken from the same wiki article:

    “While cold welding is real, an unqualified claim that “in space metals stick” should be treated as an urban legend.”

    So not really a fact abut space, but still super cool. (no pun intended)

  • dan231: I accept your point but it DOES state that tests have shown it happens :)

  • torn and frayed

    Do the other “moons” of Earth orbit the Sun? or do they orbit the Earth which orbits the Sun?

  • torn and frayed: I believe they follow a similar unusual pattern to Cruithne

  • Shabab

    hmmm…interessting… always….but what i actually want to say is if u stare at the picture of saturn at the top of the page…it changes shape..stare at the centre and observe the sides..seriously…its like one of those optical illusions thingy….or maybe ive just been awake for too long…damn you listverse!!!

  • Shabab – hmm – it doesn’t have that effect on me – I would guess it is your sleep lack :)

    • tre

      Enter your comment here.

  • mix2323: I wondered that too – I couldn’t find the answer to that question.

  • mix2323

    i assume it would be catastrophic in some way or another

    • Yegor Rowan

      we wouldnt have tides anymore that means sea turtles and some species of crabs wouldnt be able to lay eggs because they only lay eggs when the tide is high. i assume we would have fewer earthquakes. also in 2 billion years the earth will either be destroyed by people or a desolate waste land with no life.

  • Shabab

    jfrater: wow that was quick….the response i mean….well yea its 3:02AM here so its probably the sleep….

  • cool

  • These are cool facts, haha! You defined asterism so well, but what is a constellation?

  • Kelsi: according to Wikipedia:

    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) divides the sky into 88 official constellations with precise boundaries, so that every direction or place in the sky belongs within one constellation. In the northern celestial hemisphere, these are mostly based upon the constellations of the ancient Greek tradition, passed down through the Middle Ages, and contains the signs of the zodiac.

  • So the only REAL constellations are the ones that make up the zodiac? Hmm..

  • Kelsi: Yes and no. The Zodiac are 12 of the 88 official constellations. There are 76 other constellations.

    Here is a list of all the constellations

  • 20Fan20

    Two more cool facts IMO.

    1) Without a pressurized suit your blood boils in space due to the vacumn.

    2) For that same reason if the boiling blood did not kill you a lack of space suit would cause you to overheat very fast. There is no medium for the heat of your body to transfer to.

  • You know, our solar system and its orbits & planets. All of them placed linear (expect Pluton). So much for a 3d space :P

  • @mix2323

    i saw a Discovery Channel special on that a few years ago.
    Basically, it said something along the lines of this:
    Oceans would no longer have a tide
    The earth would be seriously effected, as the moon counter acts some of the wobble caused by the earth’s being tilted, so seasons would be effected, and so would some other things.

    i dont remember all of it as it was some time ago, but it was interesting.

    also, i never knew about the cold welding, and to me, that sounds like the coolest fact about space, and worthy of the number 1 spot.

    good list

  • Dangerous Dan

    20Fan20 wrote that “1) Without a pressurized suit your blood boils in space due to the vacumn.”
    Your skin is almost strong enough to keep this from happening. It is strong enough to delay most of the boiling until after you die in a minute or two because you ran out of oxygen in your blood. “In space, no one can hear you scream.” In space, you can only exhale.

    “2) There is no medium for the heat of your body to transfer to.”
    There doesn’t need to be any medium. One mode of heat transfer is called Radiation. If you were in space, and shadowed from the sun, your body would lose heat through emission of infrared radiation, until you reached equilibrium with incoming radiated energy, which could be as low as about 4 Kelvins or degrees Kelvin. If you were not shadowed from the sun, you’d cook like you were in a toaster oven, again, due to radiation (of sunlight).

  • heavybison

    9. Constantly Moving ….. moving where…where does the damn thing end?

  • Why is Wikipedia so often used as a reference on this site? It is a “wiki” and therefore not a valid reference.

  • Binglebore: Wikipedia often cites its sources – if those sources are wrong it doesn’t matter whether you use Wikipedia or books – both are wrong. As I am not an expert on every topic on the site I have to rely on other sources :)

  • 2worlds

    i believe No. 1 is also called cold spray, But i think im wrong, but im right My gradpa discovered that *dances*

  • #1, Cold Welding is interesting. I think I need to take my trampoline to space that way it will finally be fixed..and not only that, but permanently. haha.

  • Brittney

    If the sun is about 30,000 years old, how is it that scientists believe that dinosaurs were alive something like 60 million years ago?

    • caleb


    • Maciej

      No that how long the light has taken to reach earth from the core, the sun itself has been around for nearly 5 billion years!

  • Dre

    @Brittney: It doesn’t say the sun is 30,000 years old, just that the light that reaches us (Earth) from the sun is that old.

  • erin

    i dont understand how the moon can be slowely drifting away from the earth if at the same time its actually changing into an egg shape because of earth gravitational pull.

    • The Moon is causing the Earth to slow down by pulling at our tides, while at the same time the tides are slowly pushing the Moon away from the Earth.

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  • Jamie: Wouldn’t this classify as the least commented list???

  • astraya

    10. I once did a short course on astronomy. The lecturer mentioned Saturn floating in huge bath, then said “But it would leave a ring around the tub!”. (We all groaned.)

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    Interesting stuff.
    Most of it I didnt know.
    Was it supposed to be in order of which fact was better.
    E.g,is fact 1 supposed to be more intersetig and intriguing than fact 10
    Just thought they might be ranked.
    Personaly I think that fact 10 is the best.
    To think you could float a planet in water if the density was right.
    Quite wonderful

  • dragon boy

    totaly amzing guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i didnt know one fatc of those

  • All

    I really like the facts but i wantef to know more about planets and less about other things!!:(

  • All: Check out the list archives, there is a list for the planets.

  • killjoy

    this is fucked up man

  • aj

    hey i loved this website i had to do a project and i had to find 5 cool facts on the internet and this website had the coolest facts that i had never known.

  • TBL

    With regards to the moon:

    I saw a show about it on Discovery channel a while back. The previous commenter was right about the tides. They would stop, which would have a serious effect on the currents worldwide, which has scientists disagreeing about the cooling/heating implications.

    The main problem though is in regards to the ‘wobble’ the earth has, as the moon does in fact help negate it. Scientists have known about the moon traveling away from us, and the fact that it will eventually allow the earth to wobble off-kilter, effectively destroying all of our seasons, and most likely our orbit itself. Sometime in the 50’s I think it was, some famous person I can’t remember actually came up with the idea of stealing a moon from another planet to replace it. Visionary indeed!

  • J jay

    Here are some facts i found,

    •December 21st 1968, was the first time that humans truely left Earth.
    •We know more about space than we do about our deep oceans!
    •Driving at 75 miles (121 km) per hour, it would take 258 days to drive around one of Saturn’s rings.

  • J jay: Your stat on the rings is a bit flawed, One of the rings? Which one?

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    i liked it it was cool an handy for my project

  • gabi

    the earth has 4 moons what is that people stoop to low to get your attention

  • copperdragon

    actually, an asterism is any pattern in the stars that does not exactly match one of the 88 official constellations. also, an asterism can use stars from several constellations.

    Summer Triangle
    Winter Hexagon
    Northern Cross
    Big Dipper
    Shark’s fin (in Virgo)
    The Teapot
    The Pinwheel
    Orion’s Belt

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    yo yo im a science geek and the facts i learnt in yr 5 and now in 8 . still interesting. the sun is over trillions of years old

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    • yegor rowan

      if a person was sucked into a black hole feet first by the time your ankles reached the event horizon your feet would have been stretched 93,000,000 miles

  • Apothecary

    “s spinning at a rate of 225 kilometers per second. In addition, the galaxy is travelling through space at the rate of 305 kilometers per second. This means that we are traveling at a total speed of 530 kilometers (330 miles) per second”

    actually, you can’t just sum up rotational and translational velocities,, that rotational speed may be the speed at the outer edges of the galaxy,,, what you can do is compute for the rotational velocity in radians per unit time, then multiply it with the distance of the earth from the mass center of the galaxy hehe

  • Mark

    100. Apothecary : Why the mass center of the galaxy, I thought you would have to work geographically. But you can’t determine just how fast the Earth is moving period because of the difference in directions of all of the different velocities that must be taken into account. Oh yeah, you don’t HAVE to use radians do you? You could just use plain old degrees right?

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  • Apothecary

    Mark >> the addition of translational plus the (rotational)x(distance of earth from the COG of the galaxy) is better than adding up the velocities themselves,,, the exact might be not quite near, but adding them up per se is even more wrong,, but it is possible to actually calculate that velocity given the rotational speed of of galaxy,,, you only need 3 dimensions (and thus 3 vectors) for the velocity,,, relativity excluded,,,

    and yes you can use degress per unit time, but its harder to compute if you are converting into m/s since you would really convert it to something like the revs per unit time, w/c is in radians :D

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    I heart LV! lol. space is one of my favorite subjects. I just got done reading a book by Dana Berry(wish i could remember the name of the book) an astronomer, that covered everything from the solar system to black holes. It was very well written, meaning you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand what the author just said. I love when he got to the theory of the moon being a piece of Earth broken off by a large asteroid. Because before that he had mentioned Earth has tectonic plates, and venus doesn’t, and no one knew why. So my theory, is that if the theory of the earth and moon is true, when the asteroid hit earth, it cracked the earth’s crust, kinda like an eggshell. Even after earth eventually reformed into its round shape, the cracks were still there. Venus has no moon, therefore, no asteroid large enough to create one, has ever hit it. Which is why earth has tectonic plates, and venus doesn’t. Thats my theory expanding on another theory anyways. I’m to darn smart for my own good sometimes :)

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    Oh, and if you like spacey stuff…..may i recommend Death From The Skies! by Dr. Phil Plait? Awesome read! He has ten long chapters on how the world will end by stuff from space. Asteroids, gamma rays, black holes, the sun going supernova…that sorta stuff. Its an easy read, the guy is really funny, and has a blog on Discovery called the Bad Astronomer. I love that guy!

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    Yeah, the only thing I’m kind of confused about is the sun one. Unless I’m reading it wrong, how is the sun only 30000 years old? There were the dinosaurs that roamed Earth about 60000000 years ago, and weren’t people living on Earth for more than one million years (I may be wrong though)? Just wondering. But still, this is so awesome!

  • BloodSuckingLeech

    Okay not to play devil’s advocate….but isn’t it great that we all take what has been told to us as fact without asking for proof? Because it is assumed we are generally too stupid to understand the proof? We just assume that these really smarts ppl have to be right. We don’t even question the people in power anymore.

    I mean really! What proof is there that Saturn would float? How would you prove that we are moving through space that fast? Or that the light from the sun is how many millions of miles away?

    What happened to questioning what is being passed off as truth anymore?

  • Joe Shmoe: try Reading the entries.

    BloodSuckingLeech: Point taken and agreed with, however, when science, has facts. They tell us. Is there a good excuse to lie about any of these?

  • Cybogen

    Everything you’re about to read here seems impossible and insane, beyond science fiction. Yet it’s all true.
    Scientists now believe there may really be a parallel universe – in fact, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them. These other universes contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter. Some of them may even contain you, in a slightly different form. Astonishingly, scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimetre away from us. In fact, our gravity is just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours.
    For years parallel universes were a staple of the Twilight Zone. Science fiction writers loved to speculate on the possible other universes which might exist. In one, they said, Elvis Presley might still be alive or in another the British Empire might still be going strong. Serious scientists dismissed all this speculation as absurd. But now it seems the speculation wasn’t absurd enough. Parallel universes really do exist and they are much stranger than even the science fiction writers dared to imagine.
    It all started when superstring theory, hyperspace and dark matter made physicists realise that the three dimensions we thought described the Universe weren’t enough. There are actually 11 dimensions. By the time they had finished they’d come to the conclusion that our Universe is just one bubble among an infinite number of membranous bubbles which ripple as they wobble through the eleventh dimension.
    Now imagine what might happen if two such bubble universes touched. Neil Turok from Cambridge, Burt Ovrut from the University of Pennsylvania and Paul Steinhardt from Princeton believe that has happened. The result? A very big bang indeed and a new universe was born – our Universe. The idea has shocked the scientific community; it turns the conventional Big Bang theory on its head. It may well be that the Big Bang wasn’t really the beginning of everything after all. Time and space all existed before it. In fact Big Bangs may happen all the time.
    Of course this extraordinary story about the origin of our Universe has one alarming implication. If a collision started our Universe, could it happen again? Anything is possible in this extra-dimensional cosmos. Perhaps out there in space there is another universe heading directly towards us – it may only be a matter of time before we collide.

  • BloodSuckingLeech

    112. There are probably as many conspiracy theories out there to explain why our scientists, why our government would want to fabricate explanations for any given hot topic so much so that it would make your world spin. Ha….Since the beginning of time there have always been ppl who think they know what’s good for the rest of us and telling the truth has never been an option.

    All you have to do is remember who benefits from the lie and it’s usually business.

    A little off topic, but seems to prove my point is this I just received from stumbleupon:

    it’s from a site called

    Have you watched “Sicko” … makes you wonder if anything we have been told is true.

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  • Keep learning darcie! Some day you’ll be able to out smart guys like Leech here. :)

    Blood”Sucker”: Anyone who follows the word of Moore like like a religion needs to be beat over the head with the Anarchists Cookbook. I’m not really a fan of the Government either, but I don’t run around attempting to annoy scientists. Put your hate where it belongs an let people do their jobs, bugger up a politicians ass, not someone trying to get the human race off of this rock.

    I’ve seen your precious video, That’s isn’t proof enough that science lies, It’s proof that some one else is running the country. Get your trajectories straight. Gov. is the target.

    In the mean time, get this argument to the conspiracies list. It has No Place Here.

  • BloodSuckingLeech

    117. Wow…didn’t know that you have the right to censor anyone! You have condemned free thought, free thinking and public opinion-you should be proud of yourself. And you have crowned yourself Queen of the ListVerse! Hazaah!

    But if you would take a moment out of your opinion squashing hate mongering and re read what I wrote: No where in my comment did I even indicate that Moore is god, but that he is worth looking at. And it was a comment regarding what average idiots (mirror for you) take as truth without even bothering to do the research yourself. Oh! It’s on the internet! Oh it’s above my understanding! Oh it must truth!

    You are right up there with the governments of the world and the Catholic church! Congratulations asshole.

  • Sucker: I never tried to censor you, I informed you that there were other lists for your chosen topic. Pardon me for pointing you in the right direction.

    9/11 + Sicko = Some one follows Michael Moore and hopes he doesn’t catch you rubbing one out.

    “take as truth without even bothering to do the research yourself. Oh! It’s on the internet! Oh it’s above my understanding! Oh it must truth!” You don’t know me very well. Wikipedia is the death of common sense and the wildfire that is misinformation. If I’m interested, I research. I have no problems with going to library and picking out the journals. In a field where I am not qualified, I have to rely on what others have devoted their lives to. Science is God in my world. All you have are conspiracies that people, just as small in the brain as you are, have come up with.

    If science is lying to us, aren’t you just poking at a magic box?

    Stop being an instigator. Go here (

  • Randall


    WRONG. No on is “condeming free thought” here. But YOU, certainly, are NOT an apt defender of it.

    It’s the old litany, that no one else but YOU is smart enough or self-aware enough to know what’s going on.


    Unfortunately, what zeal (albeit of a moronic and juvenile kind) you display for “free thought” is utterly compromised by your total lack of critical thinking skills. How can we “know” that the things told to us by science are true? By education, you idiot. There’s nothing mysterious about such things as the density of Saturn—it’s well documented by a number of different observations and experiments, all of which can be duplicated and easily investigated. People like you, however–who are just smart enough to question but too dumb to find the answers for yourself–automatically assume that if they can’t readily understand something, then there must be some bunkum to it. Uh huh. Meanwhile, if you possessed the slightest modicum of true intelligence and wit, you’d realize that science is neither a deception-from-authority being played on us, nor is it an arcane those-who-understand-the-secrets-only club. It’s open, testable, and observable.

    We know how fast we’re moving through space, and know how many millions of miles the sun is from us, jackass, by the CLEAR AND TESTABLE observations which have been made for DECADES by people who use tools to measure, and then set down their findings. Other people have then verified these findings TIME AND TIME AGAIN. THAT is science. Nobody “buys” this stuff because someone on high TELLS us to buy it—rather, it can be clearly understood and OBSERVED by using the tools at ANYONE’S disposal, if they have the wherewithal to educate themselves and seek out the answers.

    Disbelieving EVERYTHING doesn’t make you smarter than everyone else, “Blood.” In fact it just makes you an uncivilized and self-important prick.

    Oh—and just to show you how ill-informed and close-minded you actually are (while professing to be a “free thinker” because you “question”) the fact is that there is not ONE discrepancy in the crash of the airliner into the Pentagon. RATHER… all of the whack-job conspiracy nut ravings about it are based on IGNORANCE. Ignorance of simple physics and ignorance of the nature of aircraft design. A) There is a direct relation between speed, kinetic energy, and mass. An airliner is a big, relatively heavy object LOADED WITH JETFUEL. It slams into a massive concrete and steel structure built to withstand large impacts. Result? BOOM. B) However, while said airliner IS large and *relatively* heavy–it is, in fact, a comparatively fragile structure. It HAS to be, otherwise it wouldn’t make it into the air. The only reason airliners seem so massive is because they are so *physically large.* But in point of fact ALL aircraft are, as I said, comparatively fragile and, relative to other objects of a similar size, are actually light in weight. Now, yes—heavy in terms of actual tonnage—so their kinetic energy is enormous—but COMPARATIVELY speaking they are light, and as I say, the HAVE to be, in order to fly. Therefore the reliance on aluminium and other relatively lightweight metals, composites and plastics.

    C) The PENTAGON, on the other hand, is a BUILDING… and a uniquely massively structured one. Built during WWII and over-engineered to withstand all manner of possible attack (it’d probably stand up–though not without very serious damage–to a nuclear strike, unless said strike was VERY close by) it is, by contrast, a steel-reinforced concrete structure of tremendous weight and mass and RESISTANCE to the kind of energy that would come from an aircraft collision. Whereas the towers of the World Trade Center were themselves relatively lightweight (they too had to be, in order to keep cost and engineering problems to a minimum) and were lacking in the kind of core reinforcement that might have saved them from the great heat of exploding aircraft fuel—the Pentagon was an entirely different animal, and was able to shrug off even the relatively massive (and intensely hot) explosion of an airliner colliding directly into it with only the modest damage we saw. The airliner, however, having no such immmense strength, simply vaporized for the most part.

    There is nothing surprising, unusual, or suspicious about this. We shouldn’t EXPECT anything of that craft to have survived, except bits and pieces (which WERE found) and possibly certain engine components (which ALSO were found). We WOULD expect, however, the Pentagon to escape relatively unscathed. Which it did.

    Anyone with a REAL brain and a TRUE willingness to understand and grasp the science of these matters could get this, “Blood.” But of course, YOU and your ilk are EVER so much smarter and aware than the rest of us, aren’t you? And I’m sure you’re asking how I dare respond to you with facts instead of lunacy-driven stupidity, which is what YOU peddle.

  • Randall

    Oh, and excuse me… in MY zeal to show you up for the pinhead you are, I mistakenly typed “kinetic” energy when I meant POTENTIAL energy in a spot or two. Ah, but see–*I* have the ability to admit an error. Do you? I highly doubt it.

  • BloodSuckingLeech

    my my my…did your mommie help you pick out the big words? Look at you! So cute!

  • Randall


    Technically, a black hole is even more dense–which is why it, in fact, moves out of the realm of ordinary physics and, perhaps, "disappears" from our dimension.

    It all depends, basically, on how massive a star is to begin with. See, stars are always struggling between points of collapse, and the force that *prevents* them from collapsing. They are immense and massive balls of gas, so gravity, of course, is trying to force them to collapse. The electro-magnetic force, on the other hand, prevents the collapse—so, given ideal conditions, there is for a time a balance. A long time. With our sun, for instance, which is an average, and rather small star, the balance is maintained for billions of years. In a star like our sun, eventually the nuclear fuel is exhausted to the point where first the star expands outward—-the red giant phase—because its reduced density can no longer generate the gravitational force strong enough to keep the star totally together–and then as it shed its "outer" layers, the inner core then reasserts itself, and the initial collapse begins again. In a star of such size, it continues to collapse until it reaches a point where the electro-magnetic force halts it—and what's left, then, is what we call a white dwarf–the last burning ember. Eventually this goes out and the dwarf goes "brown." And the star is dead. That's the fate of our sun.

    A somewhat more massive star, however, continues to collapse, because it has more mass than the electro-magnetic force can withstand. Eventually, the collapse is halted by the strong nuclear force, which prevents the nucleus of each atom from being squeezed apart. This star becomes a "neutron" star—intensely massive, unbelievably dense.

    An even MORE massive star, however, does not find its collapse halted by even the strong nuclear force. Nothing can halt the collapse. It continues collapsing in on itself, past the neutron star phase, until finally it becomes a "singularity"–where all the matter that had made up the star is crushed past the atomic stage, past the nuclear stage…and winks out of our universe. What exactly a black hole is like, no one knows for sure. Our physics break down when we try to model it. But as you may know, nothing can escape it… not even light.

    • ZacBitzer

      Prove it. YOU CANT

      • p1t1o

        Proof is a very slippery concept and surprisingly few things can be literally “proven”.

        However, black holes and the life cycle of stars has been observed for centuries and the understanding of the underlying physics, while by no means complete, can be shown (by observation and mathematics) to be far more reliable than many things.

        So before people start demanding proof from people way out of their circle of understanding, they should ask themselves “What exactly, can *I* prove?”.

  • Cybogen

    I read this on a science site. Its truly amazing of how dense the matter of stars and black holes could weigh!

    Neutron star: heaviest teaspoon of matter
    Is there anything in the observable universe that weighs more? 1 teaspoon = billion tons

  • Randall


    And oh so cute that that lame response (and sadly pathetic, attempt at a cliched joke) was all you could come up with. Very telling actually. I had you pegged–and I was right.

  • Jackie

    BloodSuckingLeech: My mom works in DC and was there when the attack happened. My mom drove right by the pentagon after the crash (and after the smoke cleared) and she said to me “I have to laugh everytime I hear that people think a plane didn’t fly into the pentagon, I was there and I saw it, I could see pieces of the plane.”

    Thank you Randall for giving us that clear explanation of how the plane impacted the pentagon and why we saw exactly what we saw in the aftermath.

  • Randall


    No problem, glad to speak up for sanity, reason, and intelligence around here.

    It flabbergasts me that there are so many people who THINK they know what they’re talking about on the ‘net, but in fact are as ignorant as toddlers–and most of them are, not coincidentally, conspiracy nuts.

  • Cybogen

    It may never be possible to send probes into a black hole because they would likely be shredded to minute particles. If it were possible it just mgiht be interesting to know what phenomenal events occur within the black hole and right up to the point of the center of the black hole.

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      The diameter of Saturn (and other planets in our solar system) have been confirmed by a number of things. First, it is actually simple to get a density and size of any object within optical telescope distance due to spectrometers and measuring by parallax. They can tell the composition and density of the object by the spectrum it reflects. They also have had several satellites that have gone by and the cassini probe which still is around saturn. There are a LOT of ways to measure things and size from a distance. Try a physics or astonomy class :)

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    It’s my belief, that it depends on the rotation and direction of movement in the galaxy regarding the speed at which we travel in number nine. If you are in a rotating pattern of movement at some point or another the forward travel will cancel the rotating, therefore resulting in almost no movement for a small period of time. I’m not a scientist, this just seems to make more sense to me instead of a constant 530 km/hr

    • p1t1o

      That does make sense, although the rotation of the galaxy takes a quarter billion years to complete a rotation, so in the time humanity has been around, not much has changed and we are moving in roughly the same direction.

      There is also the problem of frame-of-reference, any motion must be described relative to a fixed point and which point do you choose in a universe where everything is moving?

      Then there is the expansion of space itself to complicate matters further…

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    If you were to leave earth and travel at 10000 miles a second for one year, when you returned, time on earth would be advanced hundreds of years, while you were only a year older. (the amounts are incorrect, but the science is not) Who wrote this list?

    • p1t1o

      You misunderstand what is meant by the meaninglessness of velocity.

      Don’t take it badly, it is not an intuitive concept, in fact I’m less than 90% sure that I’m about to explain it correctly.

      Obviously, velocity is not completely meaningless.

      Since velocity can only be measured relative to a fixed point, and that velocity is a function of distance over time, things start to get very hand-wavey because YOUR time will change relative to the time experienced at the fixed point that you are using to measure your velocity.

      Then we come to the difficulty of finding a “fixed” point in space.
      A point in space can only be considered stationary relative to another point.
      These two points may have their own velocities relative to other points.

      In other words, it becomes much more meaningful to regard YOURSELF as the stationary point and to measure how the positions of objects change around you.

      It also becomes more meaningful to observe how time dilation effects the other points/objects, rather than to say how time changes relative to yourself.

      If you were on a spaceship that accelerated to 99% lightspeed, you personally would not percieve any change in time, what you would percieve is everything else starting to behave differently, as if it is THEIR time that is being distorted, whereas an observer would see the opposite happen. But it would not matter if it was the observer moving, or the rocket, it makes no difference. It only matters that there is a RELATIVE velocity. RELATIVE velocity DOES count, but only in the specific context that you give.

      If I zoom past a moon in my rocket, it makes no difference to anything if it is me moving past the moon, or if it is actually the moon moving past me, what matters is the RELATIVE velocity. I might actually be stationary, but in both examples I, standing on the rocket ship looking at people on that moon, would observe the same time dilation effects on those people, regardless of who is the one moving.

      “My velocity” becomes meaningless.
      “My velocity relative to the moon” has meaning.
      But I cannot empirically tell whether or not I am stationary and it is the moon that is moving (assuming we ignore the observation of any other objects) because the observed effects be the same either way.

      This is why velocity can seem meaningless, but *relative* velocity is still meaningful.

      Does any of that make sense? I know I’ve mushed up some of the finer points for sure, but the takeaway from this is that the meaning of time and velocity does become blurred in relativistic regimes. Someone please correct me if I am leading ben up the wrong path.

      Thats the problem with concepts like these, they are quite hard to illustrate with words…

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    The second one is not a fact because velocity is relative. To suggest that we have any specific velocity requires you to set a reference point, which is not “specified” within this fact. I’m moving with a velocity of 0 relative to my desk, 530km per second with respect to the center of the galaxy and several thousand km per second with respect to the Andromeda galaxy. Would you say that it is a fact that I am moving 0 km/s and 530 km/s at the same time? I certainly hope you wouldn’t!

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