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10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken

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The words “Last picture taken” before his or her death conjure up many emotions, whether in front of the camera or behind it. This list consists of 10 last time stamps in history taken of and by some fascinating individuals. If anyone has new or conflicting information concerning the photos or information in this list I hope you will share it in your comments.


Wiley Post & Will Rogers
1898 –1935, 1879 – 1935


Wiley Post who was the first pilot to fly solo around the world and his good friend Will Rogers a famous comedian, humorist and social commentator were set out to fly around the world together. This photo (that’s Will Rogers in the hat and tie, standing on the wing) was taken on August 15, 1935 shortly before taking off from a lagoon near Point Barrow Alaska. During take off Post’s experimental Lockheed Explorer sea plane crashed when its engine failed killing both men.

Interesting Fact: The airport in Barrow Alaska was renamed Wiley Post – Will Rogers Memorial Airport.


John and Jackie Knill


On January 13, 2005 the bodies of Canadian couple John and Jackie Knill were discovered on a Thailand beach resort. They were two of the many victims killed from the December 26 2004 tsunami. Weeks later a Seattle man doing relief work found a damaged camera and discarded it but kept the memory card in the camera. After downloading the images he discovered pictures of the Knill’s enjoying their vacation, as well as shots of a huge wave approaching the shore. With each picture it shows the wave getting closer and closer to shore. The last picture taken of them before the wave hit (shown above) was shot just after 8.30 am on December 26.

Interesting Fact: The Seattle man that discovered the images recognized the Knills from a missing person’s web site and contacted the couple’s two sons in Vancouver Canada. The man then drove from Seattle to Vancouver to give the sons their parent’s last images.


Albert Einstein
b.1879 d.1955


The photograph above is the last known picture of Einstein, taken in March, 1955. There are not a lot of details concerning this photo but he is probably at his home near Princeton, New Jersey. A month later on April 17, 1955, Einstein experienced internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an aortic aneurysm, which had previously been diagnosed and reinforced. He went to the hospital and took a draft of a speech he was preparing for a television appearance commemorating the State of Israel’s seventh anniversary with him. Unfortunately he did not live long enough to complete it. The following day Einstein died at the age of 76.

Interesting Fact: Einstein’s brain was removed within seconds of his death (without the permission of his family) in hope that future neuroscience would be able to discover what made Einstein so intelligent. Recent scientific studies have suggested that regions involved in speech and language are smaller, while regions involved with numerical and spatial processing are larger.


Marilyn Monroe
b.1926 d 1962


Many believe Celebrity photographer George Barris took the last pictures of Marilyn Monroe. However, it was actually Life Magazine’s photographer Allan Grant. The pictures were taken July 7, 1962 during an interview at her home. Six pictures appeared in Life including the one pictured above.
Just under a month later on August 5, 1962, the LAPD received a call at 4:25AM from Dr. Hyman Engelberg proclaiming that Monroe was dead at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The official cause of Monroe’s death was classified as “acute barbiturate poisoning”, and was also recorded as a “probable suicide. Many questions still remain unanswered about the circumstances of her death and the timeline from when Monroe’s body was found.

Interesting Fact: The Life Magazine issue featuring Monroe’s interview was dated August 3 1962, just 2 day before her death.


Bill Biggart

182794935 C533A839C2

Photojournalist Bill Biggart was covering the events of September 11th and was Tragically killed as the second tower of the World Trade Center came down. Four days later Biggart’s body was recovered from the rubble and his personal effects, including his cameras were given to his wife. Biggart’s widow later handed over the camera bag to a good friend and fellow photographer. She was convinced that no pictures had survived because the falling debris had blown off the backs of the two film cameras and the lids of the film canisters had been peeled back. His friend turned his attention to the digital camera that was covered by ash. The lens had been sheared off but when he opened the chamber that held the flash card he discovered it was in pristine condition. The card contained 150 pictures including the last picture taken shown above which is time stamped 10:28 am and 24 seconds. The time was 10:30am when the second tower came down.

Interesting Fact: When Biggart’s wife reached him on his cell phone shortly after the first tower fell. He told her not to worry, and would meet her in 20 minutes at his studio. “I’m safe,” he assured her, “I’m with the firemen.” It was the last time they ever spoke. About 20 minutes later, the second tower collapsed


Lady Diana
1961 d.1997


Last year when the long-awaited inquest into Lady Diana’s death began, this picture was released that shows the last picture taken before the crash. The press competed to be the first to print it even though the last photo ended up just showing part of her hair. Unfortunately and ironically photos like this one ended up contributing to the crash that ended her life.

The photo shows the four speeding away from the Ritz Paris At around 12:20 a.m. on August 31, 1997 with Henri Paul the hotel driver, right, and Dodi Fayed’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones in the passenger seat. In the rear seat is Princess Diana (looking back at the pursuing paparazzi) with Dodi Fayed sitting next to her. Seconds after this picture was taken the Mercedes entered the Place de l’Alma underpass going at an estimated speed of 105 km/h (65 mph.) The driver lost control of the car and swerved to the left before colliding head-on with one of the pillars in the tunnel. Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul both died instantly. Trevor Rees-Jones was still conscious and had suffered multiple serious injuries to the face. Diana was critically injured but died later that morning in the hospital leaving Rees-Jones the only survivor.

Interesting Fact: As the casualties lay seriously injured or dead in their wrecked car, the photographers continued to take pictures. Critically injured Diana was reported to murmur the words, “oh my God,” and after the photographers were pushed away by emergency teams, the words, “leave me alone”.


Elvis Presley
1935 –1977

Elvis Last Picture Taken At 12..28 Aug 16 1977

This last known photo of Elvis was taken on August 16 1977 at 12.28am. The picture was snapped as he is pulling into Graceland after a night out. That afternoon Presley was found on his bathroom floor by fiancée, Ginger Alden. According to the medical investigator, Presley had “stumbled or crawled several feet before he died”; he had apparently been using the bathroom at the time. Death was officially pronounced at 3:30 pm at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Interesting Fact: Elvis had visited his dentist on August 15th to have a temporary crown put in and has been suggested that the codeine the dentist gave him that day resulted in an anaphylactic shock that assisted in his death because he had suffered allergic reactions to the drug previously.


Adolf Hitler
1889 –1945

2541115510 A540A68C90

This last know picture of Hitler was taken approximately two days prior to his death as he stands outside his Berlin bunker entrance surveying the devastating bomb damage. With Germany lying in ruins after six years of war, and with defeat imminent, Hitler decided to take his own life. But before doing so, he married Eva Braun and then penned his last will and testament. The next day in the afternoon on April 30, 1945 Braun and Hitler’ entered his living room to end their lives. Later that afternoon the remaining members of the bunker community found Hitler slumped over, and blood spilled over the arm of the couch. Eva was sitting at the other end. Hitler had killed himself by biting down on a cyanide capsule while shooting him self in the head. Eva only used the cyanide capsule.

Interesting Fact: When Hitler asked his physician to recommend a reliable method of suicide his doctor suggested combining a dose of cyanide with a gunshot to the head.


Anne Frank
b.1929 –d.1945


This is believed to be the last known photo of Anne Frank with her sister Margot taken in early to mid 1942. Later that year In July her sister Margot would be among the first to receive notice that she was to be sent to Nazi Germany ordering her to report for relocation to a work camp. Anne was then told by her father that the family would go into hiding. The Frank family was discovered and arrested on the morning of August 4th 1944. Having been arrested in hiding, they were considered criminals and were sent to the Punishment Barracks for hard labor. In March 1945, a typhus epidemic spread through the camp and killed approximately 17,000 prisoners. Witnesses later testified that Margot fell from her bunk in her weakened state and was killed by the shock, and that a few days later Anne Frank died.

Interesting Fact: In April 1945 just weeks after Anne Frank’s death, the camp was liberated by British troops.


Abraham Lincoln
b.1809 –1865


There is some controversy as to which photograph is the last picture of Abraham Lincoln taken before he was assassinated. I ran across three different photos on the Internet that claim last picture. However from information recently discovered the general consensus is the photo pictured above is the one. It was taken by Henry J. Warren during a photo session around the time of his inauguration. Mr. Warren took some candid photographs of crowd scenes on March 4th and two day later on March 6th Warren took this picture out on the White House Balcony.

A little over a month after this picture was taken on April 14, 1865 Lincoln attended a play at Ford’s Theater. John Wilkes Booth a well-known actor and a Confederate spy from Maryland crept up behind the President’s box and waited for the funniest line of the play, hoping the laughter would cover the noise of the gunshot. When the laughter came Booth jumped into the box with the President and aimed a single-shot, round-slug .44 caliber Derringer at his head, firing at point-blank range.

Interesting Fact: As mentioned above many Internet sites claim a different last picture taken of Lincoln claiming a date of April 10, 1865. (Just 4 days before the assassination) New evidence indicates what they thought was the last photo was used to paint a portrait. That particular portrait was painted February 5th 1865. This being the case, the Warren photo suddenly became the last picture taken of Lincoln alive.

Contributor: Blogball

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    The paparazzi killed Princess Diana…

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    The paparazzi were the ultimate cause of her death.
    An awesome list by the way.

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  • beff

    these are very cool….
    i find it so interesting when you see the last picture someone took, like the sunami one or the one of the towers…
    just to think of their photos being one of the last things they ever saw is amazing. It doesn’t compare in the way a 911 call does…it is the imagery of the camera and your imagination of what happens next, which makes so deep….anyway, neat list.
    the one of lincoln is a little boring. but i suppose that candid shots were impossible at the time….

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    All of these have a lingering sadness about them. One can never know which picture is going to be their last….

    • Lola

      Well, sometimes they know. My father died last september of a lung cancer. He knew it was the last time he was looking at the sea. He was so exciting to go on vacation, and organized it with a local hospital. So sometimes, you know when it’s the last time for you!

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  • emu

    The things which killed Diana: drunk driver, speeding car and the fact she wasn’t wearing a seat belt then possible aggravated by the chasing paparazzi i dont believe it was all their fault and Diana courted the press a lot of the time as well. but they were bad when the crash happened as they seemed to do little to help.

  • Andrew

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  • Andrew
  • astraya

    emu: Why was the car speeding? To escape from the photographers, perhaps?

    There was a cartoon in an Australian newspaper soon after. An average reader holding a magazine is pointing to a photographer saying “You hound celebreties”. The photographer is pointing to a magazine editor saying “You buy our photos”. The editor is pointing to the reader saying “You buy our magazines”.

    Harking back to WWI photos, there is a photo allegedly of a soldier actually being shot. There is doubt about it, as equipment was too bulky and the exposure time too long for the photographer to react and capture the image. I’ll try to find that.

    The last photo I have taken (so far) is of an archway of balloons made by the students, in front of the door of the school.

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    the tsunami wave was freaky.

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    21. astraya *Harking back to WWI photos, there is a photo allegedly of a soldier actually being shot. There is doubt about it, as equipment was too bulky and the exposure time too long for the photographer to react and capture the image. I’ll try to find that.*

    You’re probably thinking of the famous photo by Robert Capa of a loyalist soldier during the Spanish Civil War:

  • Ashleigh

    I really like the Bill Biggart and John/Jackie Knill photos, especially the latter. I also have a special place in my heart for the man who drove all the way up to Vancouver to return their photos to their sons. Nice to know good people do exist in the world.

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    True JFK! Shots of him seconds before death.

  • Phil

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    You’re banking, of course, on the fact that Elvis is actually dead? He is actually living in an East Texas retirement home, defending it’s residents against a cowboy hat wearing mummy.

    Cheers to the people who get that, and cheers to this list.

  • MT

    Great list BB. It’s interesting, informative and eerie all at the same time. A classic list.

  • Cedestra

    I really liked the content of this list- it was only marred by a few grammatical issues.
    I saw the place where Princess Diana was ran off the road in Paris, about 10 years ago; would have been less than a year after her death (April 1998). There were still dozens and dozens of flowers, pictures, and candles out there. If memory serves me correctly, it was just before a tunnel or underpass, after a curve in the road. I suspect the driver lost control going around the bend.

  • Jackie

    tfisch73: I got that reference…Bubba Ho-tep, correct? I think my brother tried to get me to watch that movie..

  • Anon

    As the focus of related events to this very interesting list, if not a possible companion theme, I recall a famous image taken at the time of the miltary coup in Chile. In fact it was a ciné sequence, but is very often represented by a still.

    The photographer is covering a soldier sheltering in a doorway who is dealing with urban sniping. We see the soldier turn towards the photographer, raise his gun, and then everything topples and we are left with a motionless image of sky and upper buildings. The last shot of one of those photographers *killed in action*. These are extremely moving memorials to exceeding brave men, and I don’t doubt women too. I wonder how many there are?

    Also related are that famous image of the Vietnamese being shot in the head, and the one in the Spanish Civil War. There must be a large portfolio of that type.

    Interesting facts:
    My wife, Anita, was friendly with a family who lived in a large block of central Santiago flats with a direct view across to the presidential palace, where Allende and his bodyguard were resisting the military in vain. From curiosity, on the day of the coup the father looked out of the window to see what was happening and was shot dead by a soldier.

    We have a Chilean colleague who now lives in Argentinian Patagonia. During curfew hours in their poor district of Santiago shortly after the military coup, his 11-year old elder brother ran into the street after a ball that they had kicked out through the front door. He was shot dead before our friend’s eyes by a patrol. That has partially traumatised him for life.

  • Mom424

    Excellent list Blogball – no worries about the grammar, nothing so glaring as to rob the content of its impact. Geez.

    Yes it was the curve in the road Cedestra; that and the fact that the driver was hammered out of his head. I’m not excusing the paparazzi’s horrifying conduct before and after her accident/death, just saying if he wasn’t hammered he may not have engaged in such stupid behaviour. Impaired driving kills.

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    • Whatup

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    Great list, I checked the John and Jakie Knill site and there´s actually another photo of the wave hitting the beach:

    My favorite last Picture has to be this one:[email protected]/2438143030/
    Anyone heard about this Brazilian priest who attempted to break the balloon flight record?
    Definitely Listverse material.

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    The picture of john lennon giving mark chapman an autograph just hours before he would eventually kill him. That is the one that brings the most chills as far as i am concerned.

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    #3 Hitler – This is a known fake photo composite.


    What about that famous Vietnamese execution photo?

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  • bigski

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  • Clantargh

    A number of years back I collected celebrity autographs. One catalog I saw at the time had something for sale which I thought was interesting. The last check that Marilyn Monroe had ever written. It was for a new set of furniture showing that she was redecorating her home. It was dated (if I recall correctly) just 2 days before her death. The question was if someone was shopping for furniture for fixing up their home, are they likely to be depressed or suicidal?

  • Brickhouse

    Nice list – very somber. Esp 9/11 and the tsunami.

  • Wonderful list. It really pulls at ones heartstrings, knowing the fate that awaited each of these people, some mere seconds later.
    It gives perspective to life. None of us know what the next hour will bring.
    Thank you, Blogball. Thank you very much.

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    great list blogball. very interesting and compelling.


    how are you guys gonna allow the link in #44 without any sort of NSFW warning. i appreciate knowing that that picture is now on my work computer. thanks alot guys. i love coming here and this hasn’t happened before. i’ll assume this was a mistake and won’t happen again.

    • Mercedes

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  • Maggot

    Great list Blogball. Fascinating and informative.

    Not a criticism, but one IMO notable ommission is the well-known photo of John Lennon signing his autograph for the nut job that kills him just hours later. As I was reading down the list, I actually was thinking this would be number one.

  • kim

    DiscHuker, I agree. Thanks alot guys for not warning us of the link with #44. It is now on my work computer too. Would it have hurt you drunken monkey to warn us? Geezzz

  • smurff

    I read an article in a magazine not so long ago about Richard Branson, and Steve Fossett, with all their hot air balloon records they set between them.

    Their was a couple of photos taken of him on Sept the 3rd last year when he took off from Nevada, in the single engined plane.

    Ja the rest is history, I only have the picks from the magazine.

    Great list Blogball

  • Tom

    Amazing list, one of the best I think published on the site. If you could find any more of these to make a second list, that’d be awesome.

    I don’t know why, there’s something just so fascinating about a person’s last moments being recorded in a photograph.

  • Cyn

    i removed drunken monkey’s ‘Hitler photo’ ..that was really uncalled for and inappropriate. and it was my call to do so.

    as for those of you @ work should know by now that you click any link online at your own risk or risk of your job …if you don’t realize that yet…go back to work!

    and drunk…there are minors who frequent this i would appreciate you and others keeping that in mind when you post links to adult only content..text/graphics/pics. k?

    so far J has been good about prefacing lists w/ content i think it only fair that commentors do the same or simply not post adult content.


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    Thanks for all the positive comments Listversers! It really is appreciated and makes all the work worth while.

    I don’t know what that picture was in the # 45 comment and really don’t want to know, but what struck me funny is the cyn’s (#61) comment that started out “i removed drunken monkey’s Hitler photo”

    I was thinking, I wonder if those exact words have ever been written or said before.

  • Maggot

    With all due respect Disc (#69), it obviously got missed. Plain and simple (and surely unintentional). Get over it.

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    The Anne Frank one makes me want to cry. So tragic.
    They are all sad an beautiful in their own way.

  • Re: drunken monkey’s photo link.
    I have no idea what was in it. I have a firm policy of not opening unsolicited links from anyone I don’t know, and on a site like this, where someone can pretend to be anyone, I don’t open *ANY* links.
    It’s just plain, good old-fashioned, common sense folks.
    In no way am I blaming the one’s who opened the link and found something disturbing. I’m just saying you don’t know who is out there, what evil creeps might be laying traps for the unwary.
    Be wary. Be very, very wary.

  • dole

    .61 Cyn

    “as for those of you @ work should know by now that you click any link online at your own risk or risk of your job …if you don’t realize that yet…go back to work!”

    Sounds like you’re blaming the victim. We got scolded and DM got a polite “please be more careful in the future”.

    .73 Segue

    What world do you live in. Common nature outweighs common sense when it comes to opening links that appear to be harmless on harmless sites like this.

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    The link I posted (#46) is perfectly safe. That picture has always fascinated me.

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    Great list, but depressing

  • Precision

    Fascinating list, concerning a subject I think every human is at least a little morbidly curious about. Photographs like these raise some pretty powerful emotions.

    A comparison (even if it is a little Generation Y) is viewing the profiles of deceased people on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace etc. It’s a very creepy experience to read a person’s postings about their everyday activites suddenly end and be replaced with tributes from their friends.

    This is the type of list that motivates a person to make the most of every day they have. Great work Blogball.

    Also, Anon (35) – thanks for sharing those personal stories. Sometimes I take the relative safety of my life and the place that I live for granted, and events like those you wrote about make me remember how lucky I really am.

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    I LOVE THIS LIST…i have long been a fan of listverse but its the first time i ever dropped a comment…this list is incredible!

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    Another great list!

    I’ve always been fascinated with last photos. It makes you wonder what the person was thinking just before the end.

    In the case of Diana’s driver it was obvious…

  • astraya

    Spocker 26: You’re right. Thanks for that, even though it means I’m 20 years out of date.

    Blogball 70: “cyn’s comment ‘i removed drunken monkey’s Hitler photo’. I was thinking, I wonder if those exact words have ever been written or said before.”

    I am reading a book about the development of language. In it, the author mentions that apart from standard utterances like “How do you do?” etc, almost every sentence we say or write is unique.

    I just googled the phrase. The only occurance of those exact words is this page, but there was a partial match to the following on another discussion site:

    “Hitler was a muslim?????……Jews Say…
    no-one said that, you donkey-brained monkey, Hitler allowed Moslems to join the SS, and the Grand Mufti of …. ISLAM is by far way more important and worth reading than arguing with semi-illiterate writers who are drunk and have …”

    which I don’t dare click on to read all of.

    Great list, but with my English teacher and former publishing editor’s hats on, I have to quietly say “Be careful about the copy editing. It does make a difference.”

    Muffin Priestess 78: Welcome. I’m now wondering what a Drunken Monkey and a Muffin Priestess might do if they even met.

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    lol cyanide plus a gun to the head.

  • 74. dole:….73 Segue, What world do you live in. Common nature outweighs common sense when it comes to opening links that appear to be harmless on harmless sites like this.
    dole, I live in the same world you do, which is why I have the policy I do. If you allow “common nature” to outweigh common sense, the results of your curiosity are your due.
    I have been on the web since it’s inception, and I have learned caution. This site may be harmless, but all of the visitors are not. I could point to several actual cases in point, but would rather not.
    Anon, astraya, Randall, CRSN, and several others can verify what I’m telling you.
    It’s just be cautious. I can’t understand why that’s so difficult to grasp. OTOH, maybe your first sentence really does explain it all; common nature.

  • 81. orenj21: lol cyanide plus a gun to the head.
    Isn’t that called overkill?

  • Precision

    83. segue – not really. It’s overkill if he did it while jumping out of a plane flying over a volcano :D

  • prude

    The point is “#3 Hitler – This is a known fake photo composite.” is a fact. THAT photo should be censored from the list! Don’t perpetuate hoaxes!

  • Erin Tom Tom

    So, it’s OK to post pics of VIOLENCE but not rather tame nudity?! What is with you and society?

  • Thanks to Cyn for removing the drunken monkey link. I was away from the computer and unable to do so myself.

  • Erin – we don’t censor – we warn first – as Drunken Monkey should have done.

  • Brian Moo

    Lincoln looks… pretty damn cool. Wonder what he would have looked like if his hair was longer.

  • Phillies

    He asked his physician?? How in the world did THAT conversation go??

    Doc: Well, A-Hit, I’ve checked you all up and down and I can happily say you’re fit as a fiddle!
    Hitler: Well, thanks Doc, I appreciate it….Oh, and BY THE WAY…I was just wondering something
    Doc: Yes?
    Hitler: Now, understand that this is PURELY hypothetical. Just something I’m curious about.
    Doc: All ears.
    Hitler: Ok, say there’s a guy….and he’s running a country that’s at war with a whole lot of other countries…
    Doc: Alright…
    Hitler:…and now they’re invading HIS country, and that guy has to kill himself. What would be the best and most efficient way of doing so?
    Doc:Psh, that’s easy! Cyanide and a gunshot to the head! Guaranteed to work at least 95% of the time!
    Hitler: Thanks Doc, you’re the best! Take care
    Doc: (waving) What a nice guy…

  • hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting list

  • TW

    I still like the last minute photo’s from Mt.St.Helens disaster taken by Robert Emerson Landsburg.

  • Cyn

    not all comments w/ links automatically go into moderation. usually it’ll kick a comment w/ more than one link and/or a link w/ something else in the comment that triggers the move to moderation. so most comments w/ links will simply publish. which is why i would strongly suggest anyone posting a link in a comment consider the audience.

    as for clicking has been said before..its just common sense to not click on a link IN COMMENTS especially when you are not familiar w/ the commentor or source. links IN THE LIST ITSELF are fine.

    i assume commentors will have the sense to self censor regarding anything posted in a comment. like any kind of personal information. like who would post the real name, address and phone number in a comment on any website? just exercise common sense.

    and given the usual degree of maturity and intelligence in MOST of our commenting i have been assuming i’d be ‘preaching to the choir’ on how adults comment.

    or have i misjudged our community?

    take a look around …we do have the occasional trollz but nothing like at some sites. we also have well established commentors that we all ‘just know’ about they are…and even so…we still tolerate them. hell…even love ’em. ;)

    we are a community, yes? so i am far more in favor of self policing than anything else ..yet the occasional trollz should be shown the door.

    anyway…the technical aspects of commenting only go so far and its not like there’s a whole team of folks actually eyeballing comments 24/ it is up to the community to determine how it wants to present itself to the world. i’d appreciate more chastisement from our regulars when comments are outa line. that seems to work better on idiots and trollz than even the ‘report abuse’ button. and when you do see something …just please be patient, it will be dealt w/ as soon as possible.


  • astraya

    There’s also a photo of a car near Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines. I don’t know whether that’s a last photo, for either the driver or the photographer.

  • Trevor

    Here’s a really neat story about a kayaker who tried to cross the mediterrainian, but capsized and drowned.

  • Trevor

    Sorry, I meant the Tasman sea.

  • bigski

    It was just a picture of a guy who hardly even looked like Hitler(looked like some ginger freak to me and didn`t even have the unmistakable moustache)gettin freaky.Lighten up or tighten up folks.I`ve seen the (F)and(S)and(A) words used on this site and plenty of X and R rated visual material and G and PG rated also. He should have gave some warning when it was posted but [email protected]%t happens.Maybe he wasn`t smart enough to censor.The sun will rise and all us Listverse fans will be checking what`s up in the morning.

  • MPW

    Very good list, and quite interesting as well.

  • What a great list, blogball!

    Brilliant research, fascinating info. Keep up the great work.

  • Miss Destiny

    I don’t understand why the people taking the pictures of the tsunami weren’t trying to, oh I don’t know, find higher ground! I might die anyway, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be sitting around snapping photos, I’d be running! At least I’d die knowing I tried to save myself. Same thing with the 9/11 photos. A plane flies in to each tower, one after the other. The first tower falls. Wouldn’t you try to get away from that second tower, figuring that it also might fall? Life is far more important than pictures.

    That being said, I do appreciate this list. Great job Blogball, I got chills reading it!

  • Jose mari

    Excuse me, but the best photo ever taken before death is a photo from the spanish civil war (RObert CApa. This photo was shot, just at the moment oh the death.

  • Saquito

    I missed Allende’s last picture too…

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  • twilighter

    can i post this on my blog?
    well, i just posted it.:))
    i’ll just write the source!
    thanks listverse.!!!

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  • notas

    One of the best lists I have come across on this site.

    well done Blogball…. interesting that you seem certain that the papparazi led to Lady Di’s death

  • Anon

    segue, (83), ex orenj21, (81),

    “lol cyanide plus a gun to the head.
    Isn’t that called overkill?”

    Belt and braces, I believe.

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  • Endroren

    Thanks for a very interesting list that was at the same time very respectful. Artfully done.

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  • Pingback: La dernière photo |

  • Pingback: The Wonderland of Mia Mäkilä » 10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken()

  • fairbanksan

    the photo of will rogers and wiley post was taken on the chena river in fairbanks alaska, just prior to their departure for barrow.

    notice the trees in the background? there are no trees along the chukchi sea coast, around walakpa lagoon, where they did crash, after stopping to check their location.

  • Cedestra

    90. Phillies; That was very good, I laughed.

    I have to side with segue on the side argument. You are borrowing your computer and internet usage from your employer. I take it you’re not supposed to be using the computer for that reason (and I’ll own up, neither am I- right now). I’m guessing your outrage is so strong because now there is an increased chance you will get caught. Nothing is sacred on the internet, you should know that. Even would be hacked and vandalized if it existed (maybe it does?). If you really enjoy listverse, you can check out all the links at home, with no moderators checking what links you look at.

  • Bleep

    The creapiest photo is the one of Lady Diana showing the driver. Check out that guy’s face!

  • Scott

    With Wiley and Will’s picture….FANTASTIC.
    Believe it or not, I HAVE the tail section of the airplane with the call numbers and a flashlight from Will and Wiley’s airplane. It’s hanging in my house. It was given to a family member from Wiley Post’s wife. It was in the plane with them when they crashed in the bog. My grandmother’s Uncle lived in Barrow at the time and was one of the first on the scene for their attempted rescue. He worked for the Department of the Interior at the time.

  • Algonkin

    I love this list. Very interesting

  • Scott

    I wanted to add, Will and Wiley were supposedly going to Barrow to lassoo reindeer.

  • Toni

    Many years ago I was watching an episode of VH1’s Behind The Music. It was about Jim Croce. They showed what was believed to be the last pic taken of him. It was at a concert. The thing that REALLY made it eerie was that the final guitar part of Time In A Bottle was playing as they showed the pics, and then there was a few minutes of silence as the last pic was on the screen. Then the announcer said that this was the last pic taken of Jim. Something about the way the song ended and the seconds of silence as the pic was up gave me goosebumps then…and even now too.

  • Blogball

    Phillies # 90 that was funny, I think that would be a good Monty Python skit.

    astraya, it amazes me that drunk, monkey, & Hitler were actually used before in the same sentence. Also thanks for the heads up on the careless grammar.#33 Cedestra pointed it out as well. I know English teachers have a low cringe threshold when it comes to that stuff. :-)

    Scott # 110 ,that is some interesting information. Here is more information via a you tube clip you might find interesting as well.

    Thanks again for everyone’s comments.

  • Pingback: ????? ?????? - ????? ????? ???? ??? DVB()

  • Erin Tom Tom

    “Hitlers Last Photo” came from a UK blog by unknownninja. Brit wankers!

    BTW, Your listed Hitler pic IS a fraud. Why don’t you lose it?

  • Vicks

    Great list but I wonder if all the facts are as incorrect as the Diana ones. Despite what the UK\US media keep insisting the actual events on the night she died are very different. The most telling testimony came from the doctor who was first on the scene because he was traveling in the opposite direction. He clearly stated that minutes passed before the paps turned up (as most of them had been fooled by a decoy car that left the Ritz earlier), he was then aided by an off-duty student/part-time firman who’s friends then formed a cordon keeping back most of the onlookers and photographers who eventually turned up. He even thanked one photographer for his assistance. The others who did get to the car took pics but the doctor insisted they never hindered his rescue efforts at any time – that’s what photographers do, they take pictures of events, no shock there. This flies in the face of the public perception of bike riding paps chasing the car into the tunnel. I’m not saying paparazzi don’t overstep the lines (they very often do) but it just did not happen the way we are continually told – course that wouldn’t sell as many copies of the Daily Mail.

  • Cyn

    Erin Tom Tom – obviously not a regular, i’m an admin here so i’m supposed to moniter comments. as for the pic in question that was pulled due to content. it is an old internet meme…close up of a man w/ a mustache ‘muff diving’, so not appropriate for the list or the site. and i’m sure regular commentors would appreciate being warned about comment content just as they are warned about list content. as for any other photos posted w/ the original list and NOT in comments…whatevah.

  • Teapixie

    This was an amazing list. It reminds you that any photo could be your last.

    Well done, Blogball. Maybe you could work on a part 2. (Please)

    And for all those whining about admin. F**k off. They do a great job.

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  • ~April

    Well, now after all of the controversy, I want to see the pic link drunken monkey posted.

  • bigski

    April- It was a wierd looking guy with his head between (how should I put this without offending anyone) a pair of steep flesh colored mountains and make a harrowing desent onto a very neatly trimmed landing strip.

  • ArcticPrince

    The picture of Wiley Post and Will Rogers could NOT have been taken at or near the lagoon where they crashed. I have been there and you are so far north of the Arctic circle that the trees shown in the background can not grow there.

  • Pingback: » 10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken()

  • Bobbi

    117. Cyn – “Erin Tom Tom – obviously not a regular…”

    do you want people to become regulars? that kind of response is not welcoming. don’t admins want the website they’re a part of to be successful and doesn’t this happen by encouraging readers to return?

  • jen112

    super sad the story about the canadian couplee
    it made me cry!!
    at least they died 2gether but that was really fascinating to see the pic but so sad at the same time

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  • suzi

    This is one of the best list here. So many of them have real emotional impact.

  • Scott

    Our family member has a home movies taken from Rogers and Post’s departure from Barrow and then some of the recovery at the crash site. It’s never been seen by the public, as it’s family home movies. This has been fun to see this as it’s prompted me to search the net and find several pictures and videos regarding this today.

  • Cyn

    122. Bobbi –

    ~quote~115. Erin Tom Tom –
    Cyn et al do seem like little hitlers. Preachy, prudish and martinets.

    “Hitlers Last Photo” came from a UK blog by unknownninja. Brit wankers!

    BTW, Your listed Hitler pic IS a fraud. Why don’t you lose it?`/~ quote

    so..would you like being compared to Hitler? and have you seen the pic this is in reference to (there is more than one pic involved..scroll up and read all comments to understand that) and would you like that to pop up on your screen at work? so no, i would not encourage someone to continue commenting who insults people by calling them Hitler or posting offensive images in comments that have nothing to do w/ this site or the list at hand.
    understand now?

  • D Holmes

    This list has been featured on Fark… here comes the crowds…

  • luna1580

    jamie -this list has been FARKED. unfortunately the poster credited it to “some guy” (no LV love…:) )

    expect traffic

  • Phillies

    108. Cedestra, 114 Blogball; Not a problem, I aim to entertain!

    An all-around excellent list, Blogball, alleged fake pictures of Hitler or not. And, to be perfectly honest, is any depiction of Hitler (real or fake) actually a GOOD depiction? Not really, so it doesn’t matter.

    Enjoy the Fark traffic, JFrater!

  • AshleyLoan

    Does anyone else see a slight resemblance between Abe Lincoln and Billy Bob Thornton?

  • Blogball

    I’m not sure what the basis is as far as the alleged faked Hitler photo.

    It was from a couple of different sources. I think it was even in a documentary on a history channel. Here is a youtube clip.
    If it is a fake please site the sources which would bring someone to that conclusion.

  • Matt

    Correct, no trees in Barrow, Alaska.

  • Devon

    Phillies, with all due respect your comment #129 is idiotic!

    Hitler is a part of history..their is nothing wrong with posting pictures of him and calling it a good or poor depiction! And yes there are some incredibly good depictions of Hitler…as their are of other tyrants like Stalin, Che, Mao or Idi Amin….it is not condoning their actions to speak about good or poor depictions.

  • Lilith Hel

    6 and 9 are facinating for obvious reasons. john lennon giving an autograph to his assassin is creepy as hell, but the others are just…no big deal really…imo. the only reason anyone would find marilyn monroe’s last photo shoot remotely interesting is b/c of the mystery surrounding her death and the same goes for elvis and princess diana. in other words, it’s the people you find fascinating–not neccessarily the photos which are about as interesting as my grandma’s last picture.

  • Taylor Paki

    Number 5 is fascinating because it was taken by a person who was probably a player in the orchestration of Princess Diana’s death.

  • mahboud

    If the paparazzi continued to take pictures after the accident and until the rescue team arrived, then the picture above is not the last photo of Princess Di.

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    no “www” required here.

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  • Phillies

    133. Devon

    :( I’m sorry…

  • infallibleangel

    Very good list.

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  • keith

    The supposed last picture of Wiley Post and Will Rogers “taken near Barrow Alaska” has trees in the background, and so could not have been taken anywhere near Barrow. Barrow is a couple hundred miles north of the tree line.

  • Randy

    I would have liked to have read the part about Will Rogers and Wiley Post instead of the god damn zwinky pop up add.

  • Randy – you should not get any popup ads on the most recent lists – they are configured to only appear on the older lists – as a courtesy to our regular readers.

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  • Devon

    Sorry Phillies, that was rude of me…forgive me…

    Anyways, one mistake that I do know on this list, that is not the last picture taken of John Lennon alive…the same photographer that took that picture took a sequence of pictures of John at that moment and a few seconds later, the last picture of John was taken of him gettin’ into his car going to the recording studio…That was the last picture taken of John…Youtube had a wonderful documentary about the photographer and the last picture ever taken of John..that is where I saw it…I’m sure if you google it, you can find it..

    Of course, if you are into the tacky, their is one last picture of John but that is while he is in the morgue….

    Take care

  • BigDumDav

    Thanks for taking my comment. Longtime Interweb fan. First time “Commenting”.
    I’d like to have a mirror as my “Desktop picture”. Anyone know how I can do this?
    I’ll wait for the answer “off-line”.


  • Thilo

    No mention of Tupac? I thought that photo of him in the car would have made it somewhere.

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  • Chris

    And what about the one of the little girl being raped by 5 men, just minutes before she was assassinated?
    You guys are fucked up. Voyeurism…

  • Eve

    Fine work ! too many people with too many time

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  • redhedgrl

    wow…people…dont take this stuff so personally…its a list, not a will.

  • Josie

    Amazing photos. Thanks. The one of Marilyn was great. She was beautiful and so amazing herself. From Lee Strasberg’s eulogy: Marilyn Monroe was a legend. In her lifetime she created a myth of what a poor girl from a deprived background could attain. For the entire world she became a symbol of the eternal feminine.

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  • Elan

    Great and interesting photos and a good read.

  • Vinkle

    Interesting foto, number five. It look like the camera was using a big flash. How we see, the paparazzi car was before diana´s. They could to dazzle diana´s driver and let him blind for a moment.

  • hipmonkey

    You should have included the last picture of John Lennon.

  • I swear to god, people don’t read posts any longer! They just come upon the scene and put in their own 2 cents worth not realizing that, by post #152, it has been said at least a dozen times already.
    Read the posts above you before posting, people! It saves you from looking like an idiot, and us from the frustration of reading the same post from a dozen different people.

  • Isa

    Marilyn looks sad in that last picture.

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  • guy

    segue- who wants to go through 152 comments before posting their opinion?

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  • henk
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  • Alberto

    Hi, I’m sorry to say you’ve just been copied:

  • Peter

    John Lennon on the cover of Rolling Stone, with him naked with Yoko. Taken, I believe, the day he was killed.

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  • Anon


    “segue- who wants to go through 152 comments before posting their opinion?”

    Some simple answers – obvious enough, I should have thought:

    1) Anyone who has the slightest genuine and sincere interest in the topic and other people’s opinions about it instead of simply wanting to ejaculate their own egotistical fluids onto the screen.

    2) Anyone who would like others to be aware that their own opinion has thought and value behind it, who would like to be regarded seriously, and who has considerately taken into account the ideas of others who have spent time and thought in their earlier posts.

    3) Anyone who expects THEIR comment to be read. This being the most glaringly blatant point of all.

    Recommendation: if that doesn’t make sense, or you still can’t be bothered, then stay away. No one worth taking into account here will give you as much as 1 out of 10 for trying .

  • Cyn

    doth quote Anon –
    “…simply wanting to ejaculate their own egotistical fluids onto the screen.”
    in context or out of…i love this snippet of text!

    YES! commenting is a mastubatory experience for anyone not here for the lists, the pics and the community.
    henceforth those that do can not only be known as trollz but truly JERKOFFS! or comment pervs? or … i’m sure there are more equally eloquent terms of endearment. ;)
    obviously people commenting w/out regard to previous comments or for the sole purpose of ‘rubbing one out’….are sexually frustrated, sexually repressed, most likely sexual deviants and i strongly suspect either sexually inept OR VIRGINS!
    HA! someone should do a doctoral dissertion on this..human sexuality, inappropriate and nonsensical commenting on websites and implications on commenters sexuality and/or intelligence.



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  • Buster

    I wonder who took the last pic of Kurt Cobain. He was photgraphed at Sea-Tac, that I know, but the last pic of him alive? Someone?

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  • ARG

    Impresionante la foto del tsunami.
    Impressive picture of the tsunami.

  • Zouvalou

    Poor President Lincoln, he died so young and full of promise.

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  • Samm

    The picture of Wiley Post and Will Rogers is not taken in Barrow… there are no trees in Barrow. It was taken on the Chena River in Fairbanks before he flew to Barrow.…searchnum=0003

  • 159. Anon…instead of simply wanting to ejaculate their own egotistical fluids onto the screen.
    My hero!
    As I said over on another list, I’ve been offline most of the day, so wasn’t here to respond to “guy”.
    Thank you, Anon, I couldn’t have said it any better myself, and I see that our own Cyn is equally amused by your response!
    Amused though we are, your response is exactly on point, and exactly what I would have pointed out to “guy” and his ilk, who I can see by the preponderance of Wiley Post/ Will Rogers posts are still active.
    Oh well, maybe someday they’ll learn.

  • Blogball

    Samm, thank you for the clarification and the others that pointed out that there is no tree line in Barrow.

    So I guess that photo was taken on August 15 before they left Fairbanks for Point Barrow. It also mentions they became uncertain of their position a few miles from Point Barrow and were in bad weather then landed in a lagoon in Barrow to ask directions.

    This will be the last time I use Sarah Palin as my Alaskan source. :-)

  • Cyn

    segue quote ~ Oh well, maybe someday they’ll learn ~
    ROFLMAO! as if that were even possible.
    sweetie..learning requires THINKING…okay, i’ll shut up now before i get really nasty.

  • astraya

    Blogball 167: I read an article a couple of days ago that says that the “Is Africa a country?” comment originally came from a parody website, and either that she didn’t say it at all, or that if she did, that’s not a reliable source.
    Anon: the mind boggles!

  • Blogball

    astraya, IMHO I’m sure she knew that Africa was a Continent and not a country. I just thought I would blame her for my weak source thinking she has so much on her plate right now she wouldn’t notice.

  • ZedroZ

    Hi all,
    Sorry to say but the photo you got there for John and Jackie Knill was not, in fact, their last.
    Take a look at the last one here.

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  • eddie

    rushfan…..ever been to ft. euseless?? ft. eustis. lol and all that other funny stuff if so, gimme aholla at [email protected]

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  • Samm

    170 Blogball… How do you know this is not she? :P

  • Pingback: The last shot… — Kairos Blog ...()

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  • pedant

    rampant apostrophe abuse!

  • 168. Cyn:…sweetie..learning requires THINKING…okay, i’ll shut up now before i get really nasty.
    sarcasm, my dear Cyn, sarcasm. ;-)

  • 170. Blogball: astraya, IMHO I’m sure she knew that Africa was a Continent and not a country…
    Blogball, I almost hate to burst your pretty bubble, but she was interviewed a few days ago on television and she reiterated the mistake!
    She actually did not know.
    I thought it was impossible at first, too. I would have sworn it was not within the realm of possibility for an adult to become a mayor of a town, then a Governor of a state and not know a simple fact of geography like that.
    Heck, I didn’t think one could graduate high school without knowing!
    She really *is* dumber than we thought…and that is quite a feat!

  • Cyn

    sarcasm? go *whoosh* right over their little pointy heads. ;)
    nope…need to speak slowly. use small words. and pictures if handy.

  • Cyn

    damn. that might work w/ the Sarah Palin comment too.

  • Cyn, damn, I always forget to use those one syllable words responding to the little minds.
    ~sigh~ oh damn…I’ll have to get that new dictionary, “Words for Dummies”.

  • Anon

    astraya, (169),

    Not only the mind!

  • libertyflip

    The photo of Wiley Post and Will Rogers could not have been taken in Barrow, because there are trees and Barrow is above the tree line.

    You really should include John Lennon’s last photo, and also the ones of the Spanish Civil War guy and the Vietnam guy getting shot.

    Finally, who would want to read through 180 other comments before posting his opinion?

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  • Pingback: Las diez últimas imágenes más fascinantes « Garito Comunicacion()

  • Anon

    libertyflip, (181),

    Looks like you might be trying on a glaringly obvious and unfunny wind-up. But in case not, easy and effortless to reply when all one has to do is to make a copy of one’s recent post IN THIS THREAD to:

    “who wants to go through 152 comments before posting their opinion?”

    Some simple answers – obvious enough, I should have thought:

    1) Anyone who has the slightest genuine and sincere interest in the topic and other people’s opinions about it instead of simply wanting to ejaculate their own egotistical fluids onto the screen.

    2) Anyone who would like others to be aware that their own opinion has thought and value behind it, who would like to be regarded seriously, and who has considerately taken into account the ideas of others who have spent time and thought in their earlier posts.

    3) Anyone who expects THEIR comment to be read. This being the most glaringly blatant point of all.

    Recommendation: if that doesn’t make sense, or you still can’t be bothered, then stay away. No one worth taking into account here will give you as much as 1 out of 10 for trying.”


    4) In order to get a reply (at post 159) to one’s own question.

    Affectionately, Anon.

    With apologies to all *full-thread readers* who’ve been obliged to read most of this twice.

    Any more for any more?

  • Cyn

    ‘…instead of simply wanting to ejaculate their own egotistical fluids onto the screen…’

    maybe we could just shorten this to ..those of you only interested in public mastubatory expression..

    or just public mastubators?


    basically lumping…the usual internet trollz, the eogmanical-drive-by-commentors and all-round-cyber-deviants into one group…ROFLMAO!

  • Anon


    “maybe we could just shorten this to ..those of you only interested in public mastubatory expression..

    or just public mastubators?”

    Right on! Alas though, we have to stay with your longer, albeit slightly more cumbersome, first 3-word phrase. It has to be clear that we are talking figurative not literal. They may indeed spend their time in such gloriously risky physical sport. Many probably do, even in the standard uniform of a dirty raincoat, and at the standard venue of the almost-deserted (rainy) mid-week afternoon porno cinema auditorium. But until we have evidence (spare us!) we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

    By the way, we seem to have a poor, sad, bruised ego wandering aimlessly around on another site, but I expect it may go away if nobody feeds it.

  • Oh my. I always seem to feed those idiots on the loose.
    I really have to stop myself, before I adopt one and take it home!

  • therealist

    Anon #159 – HERE HERE!!!! very well said. Cyn, male or female? R u usually this hot headed and arrogant or is it just a bad day or couple of days? Im a regular visitor and im feeling somewhat “attacked”. Deep breaths darling deep breaths.

    “Cue snappy come back from Cyn here”

  • therealist

    By the way great list!

  • Anon

    therealist, (186),

    Many grateful thanks for your kind appreciation.

    Having said that, I’ll leave you to the tender mercies of Cyn, who will give you a pleasant going over without the slightest need of help from me.

    Meanwhile I have to tell you that Cyn is a lady, or had FW better be, ‘cos I most certainly don’t address comments to MALES as I have done to Cyn in other topic threads, oh no, oh dear me no!

  • Cyn

    damn sure ain’t no lady ;) but indeed female. as for the rest of whatever else was said…i’ll just go back to ignoring the internet and enjoying the final moments of my birthday. tomorrow is another day and maybe i’ll be back to being more ‘on point’ then. or not. ;)

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  • therealist

    Ummm….. Happy Belated Birthday Cyn, thanks for not eating my head off by the way.

    Anon #188

    LMAO i have to research those comments now? This may take days but i smell a crush! ;)

  • Anon


    Quite likely you smell crush. Anita is doing wondrous things with fresh strawberries, peaches, oranges and the like in the blender these days!

    And Cyn,

    To my favourite damn sure no lady female (sock it to us) and LV martinette. Many, many belated happies too. You should’ve forewarned us (actually you did, I failed to read between the lines).

  • Cyn

    Anon –
    well..made for an easy excuse to slack. ;)

  • Cyn

    oh..had to be sure, so googled martinette. ROFLMAO. nah, not me.
    ;) much more like resident domme. ;) in a fun kinda way. ROFLMAO!

  • Anon


    Naughty little boys love being spanked by a martinette, especially naughty little British Public Schoolboys. You know it makes sense!

  • Cyn

    uh, yeah i do. LOL

  • Animesh Ray

    Among the famous last photographs, here is the last known photo of Gandhi, taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson:

    Gandhi was dead some 20 minutes later.

  • As wonderful as Cartier-Bresson’s photo of Gandhi is, I believe I have seen a photo of his body, taken moments after the shot was fired.
    It was a long time ago, I could be wrong, but it made a huge impression on me.

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  • sue

    Great list.Photography lists are my fave.

  • Dennis

    May be my English is not that good but “Interesting” seems very very odd here. Can you use another adjectiv? Even “Some related fact” would be better as it seems not very respectful to at least some of the people here.

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  • Pepe-Tony

    Would it be a problem to show pictures of minors in this list? I saw some pictures of the late “Poltergeist” child star Heather O’Rourke taken about one month before her death (happened on February 1988, at her early age of 12). Her appearance wasn’t as shining as it was in the Poltergeist films (cortizone & other aggressive medicines had visible effects in her face, it was very sad, but I think it was interesting (sorry Dennis) to see her in her last days, as a way to follow her evolution from the distance (both in space & time).

  • Gustaf

    What about this one then? Chris McCandless last photo

    or this of Freddie Mercury

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  • userjon5545

    very interesting facts. thanks

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  • dan

    This is such an amazing collection of pictures. So sad about the first couple from Vancouver.


    very intersting collections, it reminds us that how close is death to us………………. time goes you say ! ahaaa no ! time stays we go

  • riderz49

    Will Rogers photo was not taken anywhere at the lagoon where the plane crashed because there are no trees anywhere near that location.

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  • Really?
    Gee whizz, tell me more?

    Only a dozen and a half others have pointed out the same thing.

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  • Sean

    You should put Notorious B.I.G. up here, his last picture was taken minutes before his death, and it’s actually quiet interesting.

  • BigDumDav

    McCandless was an idiºt.

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    Wonderful it is a good job

  • Rondy

    Where the hell is John Lennon?

  • Does *ANYBODY* read the posts above their own any longer? Or do they all just have to put in their own 2 cents without regard to the fact that it might have been covered 8 or 10 times already?

  • aidan

    interesting collections. :(

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  • Qamber

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  • Parker

    Miss Marilyn was beautiful and brilliant. i have a picture of her over my bed. She is missed. along with Princess Di. both Icons.

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  • nina

    I came here looking for the last Elvis photo

    I have seen two from this moment, at slightly different angles as there were 2 fans with cameras

    but numbers 6 and 9 made me cry

  • 216. nina: I know exactly how you feel. I had an old friend on the plane which plowed into the first tower. I can’t look at pictures from that day without being torn apart.
    In the beginning, it was so bad I thought I was losing my mind. Not just because of her, but her death was the springboard to a holy hell. It took a couple of years for me to come to grips with the whole thing. Then I see a picture like #6, and read the story, and I get kicked in the gut again.

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  • djimean

    that was awesome yaw!but sad.

  • cubs

    anyone on here from Scotland? great list!

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  • pleasedont

    you actualy mentioned Anne Frank together in one lsit with that monster Adolf Hitler. How dare you? this man has more blood on his hands than both Bushes, Stalin and Mao together. He is responible for herdeath, he doesnt deserve to be mentioned here, or atleast not in a list with her she is a symbol for the deaths in the holocaust.

  • Pepe-Tony

    Excuse me, pleasedont: it’s Stalin who’s got more blood in his hands than they all together, Hitler included. But 2 B honest, none of them got really stains in their hands: they didn’t kill by themselves, but ordered those killings, unlike some “revolutionary” called Ernesto “Che” Guevara: he killed by himself & ordered 2 kill as well, about 250 people.

  • Pepe-Tony

    By the way, Stalin ordered about 32 million murders, and Mao Ze Dong, more than 2 million (many of them by hunger). OTOH, you forget to mention other “(in)famous murderers”, as Den Xiao Ping (responsible for the deaths of Tiahnnan-Men Square in Beijing in 1989), Pol Pot or Nicolae Ceaucescu. Regards.

  • pleasedont

    ok your right about stailn my bad, but i just hate that a monster like hitler is mentioned in a list togehter with anne frank who is victim of the holocaust hitler ordered. btw. hitler did kill himslef and che guevara was execuded in a very cowradly way after he fought aginst his captators.

  • erum

    very good sharings….
    for more these kind of interesting stuff check

  • meka613

    hey theres a new picture of Abe that people are saying is the last picture, it was apparently foun in Ulysses S. Grant photo album!!! See for your self…there is no web address but you can google it and it will show as the 2nd entry. Its a small picture but you can def see Abe in front of the white house!

  • Kelsie

    i think your pics r really cool                           love,kelsie Paige

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  • GTT


    Hats off to you, sir, for this list. These pictures gave me goosebumps.


    Miss Destiny (100):

    I didnt want to be the one to say it but I´ve always thought the same thing. I know some of these people didnt have a lot of time but seeing that wave engulf two ships and I´d be running like mad in the opposite direction.


    Chris (146): What in the…?!?


    Anon (159):

    Is anyone keeping track of the LV dictionary? This ” simply wanting to ejaculate their own egotistical fluids onto the screen” should be on there… :)

    That said, one more comment about John Lennon, or the fact that Barrow has no trees and I think my head will explode.


    segue (176):

    Please tell me you´re kidding… She really didn´t know that Africa was a continent? The mind boggles…


    pleasedont (224):

    Please dont tell me you´re ranting about including a picture of Hitler and then proceed to paint Guevara as a martyr… You´re kidding, right?

  • Bob Saget

    Marilyn is a sexy lady and i would like to see her nude

  • Pepe-Tony

    Well Bob, that’s not too difficult: just take a look at a Playboy’s special issue from the 1950s or from New Yorker in early 1960s.

  • RollErCoAsTrs

    I love this website- and in my opinion this is the best list I have seen to date. So incredible these photos are to me. Great list.

  • markus

    add michael to the list he’s dead…

  • Norman

    1 was just a let down for me. Most of these pictures have either a feeling of imminent disaster or that the person is going on a journey. The picture of Lincoln conjures up no emotions for me.

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  • stefan

    god damn paparazzi!
    a dying lady on the floor and they’re still snapping away.. what a way for Diana to die..
    great list though!

  • Nigga wa?

    fukin paprazzi,,this is why i dont wanna be famous

  • Rae

    great list, though I expected some pics of JFK in the car. Those pics give me goosebumps

  • dave

    what? no james dean?

  • emmajean

    i wonder what my last picture of me will be?? anyone else wondering that?

  • Joel

    This guy wasn’t famous for anything else, but I hear a tourist once posed in front of a sign that read “If you swim here, you will die” near a pool at the top of a Yosemite waterfall. He is shown pointing at the sign and laughing. He went swimming just after it was taken, and was sucked over the falls by the swift current, falling to his death on the rocks below.

  • spawnner

    The photo of Will Rodgers, Wiley Post was not taken in Point Barrow, It was acctualy taken in Fairbanks Alaska. There are no trees in Barrow or the lagoon they they crashed in.

  • Subhash

    The Above Information that you people has delevered above is absolutely correct which depicts the history once again.

  • Subhash

    Thanks to the Team who ever suggetted

  • guru

    the picture of legend they don’t know if their picture will be the history of this generation

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  • Kay

    There should be a last video taken list

  • Bystander

    Nice list, particularly the inclusion of the Knills and Bill Biggart because they were the last pics taken BY the victims rather than of them. Kind of a creepy, real-life Blair Witch thing going on.

  • MakeYourOwnPheromones

    So interesting

  • Stacy Braswell

    The third word in #3 – Hitler is know and it should be known.

    Just to help.

    I love this site, read it and RE read it all the time and suggest it to friends.

  • binky

    That photograph that John and Jackie took of the approaching tsunami is not the last one they took – there is a still a closer one, one that shows the killer wave not more that 20 feet away from them. It is absolutely bone chilling. Here is the web address to all of the pics, including the very last one:

  • rinne

    the paparazzi is such a murderer

  • Daniel

    The White house balcony wasn’t built during Lincoln’s presidency. So, how was the picture taken at the balcony?

  • Norman

    This is the most viewed list on Listverse, so well done Blogball.

  • Marty

    Fascinating…simply fascinating…..I wish there was more!!

  • thecluelessanon

    I guess the Monroe picture could do with a bit more research. Difficult to believe that no picture of hers was taken in the last month of her life.

  • Rider3

    This was very interesting!

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    Amazing collection of information. Nicely put. Some very sad moments though.

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  • Angel
  • someone

    Jesus Christ, that is one big fucking wave. Look at the person standing out on the sand, if they are 150 cm tall then that wave is atleast 15-20 meters in height. Which begs the question, why the fuck are they standing there?

  • Great Dane

    What about the picture of John Lennon and his killer taken a few a hours before the murder ?

  • toni

    Great list.
    Please, where are the latest pictures of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee?
    Of course, with life

  • johnjacobean

    Will Rogers and Wiley Post died at Point Barrow, Alaska in a P3 Orion aircraft that had been modified so that the airplane was nose heavy. It had a larger engine and a larger propeller, and therefore the pilot could not pull up the nose on take off. The place where they crashed is now an airport named the Will Rogers Airport. Found this information at the Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore, OK.

  • i never thought b4 that it was a huge waves of tsunami…the man on pic #9 looks so small compared to the wave
    it killed more than 250000 people in indonesia…no wonder

  • richard paynter

    awesome photos,of some iconic,historic,figures,of this generation,lets have some more celebs as well.

  • Shadoe

    Wow, Alot of arguing, I think we can all agree that any picture taken of any of these indivisuals is is great. Thank you.

  • nicoleredz3

    @Phillies (90): Lol! Hilarious! :-) Made my day…

  • Ibrahim Ramzat

    @TW (92):
    Would somone post an image link for the mount saint helens disaster, the photo is taken by Robert Emerson Landsburg.

    Ihave tried to google it but it didnt work :(

  • mediklogrus

    ???????—?????????????? ????????? ????????? ???????? ?????? ?????. ?????? ?????? ? ???????????. ?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ???????? ????? ????????????? ????????????. ? ????????????? ?????? ????? ??????????? ???????? ??????? ???? ?????????? ?????????????, ??????????? ??? ????? (????????, …

  • Very interesting and meaningful. Truly well done!

  • Sidney

    I was kind of hoping that John Lennon would be on this list…he was on the cover of Rolling Stone a short time before his death.

  • Gerard McEmm

    Two things:
    (a) Elvis was not returning home after "a night out", he was returning from a late night visit to his dentist.
    (b) Elvis Presley has been living just outside the village of Tweed, Ontario, Canada since March 1989.

  • Jeff Schrembs

    Long live the King

  • Shit

    what a pile of shit!

  • Adolph

    I love Hitler…

  • Antonio

    Antonio It is interesting that some see the Turkish organised processing and murder of Armenians as a model for German nazi round-ups and gassing of Jews. In that context allow me to add that at the end of WWII President Harry Truman, aware that the nazis had looked upon U.S. historical banishment of North American indigenous tribes to reservations ( i.e. concentration camps ), as an example to follow, took steps to alleviate the horrible circumstance and condition of remaining native peoples, and apparently paid some closer attention to their complaints concerning treaties, annuities, etc. It does not hurt to keep in mind that our human actions, group or individual, good or bad, serve as examples to the rest. And as for the German populace "not knowing" about what nazis were doing to Jews, a study has shown that Germany had excellent, if biased, media, plenty of it, and well distributed. Germans knew, and don't believe otherwise.

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  • anonymous

    where's john lennon?

  • trin

    Bill Biggart's destroyed camera and personal effects are on display at the Newseum in Washington, DC. Really creepy.

  • JamesSmith


  • Gerry Alanguilan

    I think John Lennon ought to be here…. in that photo showing him signing his killer’s copy of Double Fantasy.

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  • Bobassie

    The forgotten victims of WW2 are the children :(

  • Atrinnaloffich


  • colonel eloris lori williamspresley tm

    t HANK you very much for these last photos.

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  • Mike

    This article wasn’t incorrect at the time but it is now. The Marilyn Monroe photo above is not the last known photo, there are several photos taken 5 days before her death that came to light in 2009.

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  • d1hrcaba4


  • Calvin Pitts

    Your picture of Wiley Post and Will Rogers with the Orion Explorer has an incorrect caption under it. There were no pictures taken at the Walakpa lagoon near Barrow AK until after the crash. The picture you are showing was taken at Spencer’s landing in Fairbanks AK on the Chena river where Wiley was signing autographs for the Spencer children and their friends. Just thought you would like to know.

    I am a Wiley Post researcher, retired Airline pilot, and I flew a 50th Anniversary commemora-tive ’round the flight of Willey Post’s first such flight in 1931.

  • Calvin Pitts

    In the posting just sent, for the phrase ” ’round the world flight,’ I left out the word “world.” Sorry.

  • Calvin Pitts

    Your description of the location of Wiley Post’s Orion Explorer is incorrect. That picture was taken at Spencer’s Landing on the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska, after which they flew to Harding Lake, then to the Walakpa lagoon 12 miles SW of Barrow.
    Calvin Pitts,
    Wiley Post Researcher

  • Raj
  • Alex

    You forgot 2Pac

  • Oqaplsjdha


  • Mikeyo

    The last one of Chris McMandless is interesting after you’ve read his story.

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  • Laji

    Hitler could have used his own gas chamber for his suicide.

  • krimdall

    wtf,, who cares about anne frank last photo compared to others on the list

  • Imagenes OMG

    Yo estoy muy Complacido da haber encontrado este sitio. Yo quiero a darles las gracias por su tiempo de esta fantastica lectura!! yo definitivamente me gusta cada pedaso de este y yo tambien tengo que book-marked para ver nuevamente.

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