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New Advert Trial

I have received a couple of emails regarding the new advert type on the site (the ones which follow your cursor around for five seconds). I thought I should post a brief note about these adverts to keep you all in the know.

The adverts are on trial for one month to see if they will be a viable replacement for popunders. They are a new type of ad so we are part of the beta test. The reason I am looking at this option is because they have more going for them than popunders – here is a non-exhaustive list:

1. Unlike popunders, these ads only once per session per user per 24 hours.
2. Instead of having to bring the popunder window to the front to close it, you can just click close on the cursor ad – or wait 5 seconds and it will go away on its own.
3. They are context sensitive – in other words, they should be more relevant to the list they are on

People hated popunders when they first arrived on the scenes – and that is probably true of any new advertising method, but the cursor ads, while being slightly more intrusive initially, should be easier to deal with in the long run.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the trial in the comments.

Listverse Staff

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  • I don’t care what kind of advertisement it is. Those cursor ads are probably the most ANNOYING ads I’ve EVER seen. No joke. If you keep those ads up for one more day, I am quitting this website.

  • RZKB

    When I first saw the ad following my cursor, I was like “WTF GET OFF MY SCREEN!! WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?!” But then I read the explanation, and I don’t think they’ll be that bad.

  • Himself

    @ deathgleaner
    No one cares whether you stay on this website or not.

    On a side note, using Firefox and ABP, no ad(s) whatsoever.

  • my2cents

    I’ve got to agree with deathgleaner above. Those are THE most annoying ads I think I’ve EVER seen! :(

  • oouchan

    Okay…the explanation helps. Glad it’s only for a month and on a trail basis. It’s annoying but I can live with it.

  • The browser I use, Firefox, disallows all these types of adverts. Since I don’t see them, they don’t bother me.

  • tokiloki12

    once per session per 24 hours? everytime i change a page it pops back up, even as ive refreshed this page, every time the ad has came back.

  • telosphilos

    1. Unlike popunders, these ads only once per session per user per 24 hours.

    This is patently false as I’ve been visually assaulted with the stupid thing at least five times. I’m using Firefox with ABP. Fix that so that I really am only seeing it once in 24 hours and it will just be annoying, but not a big deal.

  • telosphilos

    Case in point, I posted my comment and the stupid thing popped up again.

  • Daemon

    “On a side note, using Firefox and ABP, no ad(s) whatsoever.”


  • timmar68

    ugh. Five seconds of annoyance is worse than a popunder. It makes me want to NOT click on it. Pretty please get rid of it.

  • Ariadne

    It is very annoying, and it also pops up for me everytime I go to a different page. But it doesn’t show up if you use Firefox.

    It’s really not *that* big a deal though.

  • Goochey

    Listverse is my favorite site ever! However, these new pop ups are absolutely horrible, they appear more than once per session and are extremly annoying. They ruin the site. And if they stay I know I won’t.

  • Burpolon2

    I don’t know about any of you, but it has definitely popped up more than once for me…

  • Give it some welly

    Firefox, no ads so far… (I’m almost curious, haha)

  • FlameHorse

    Everyone calm down about these things. They’re not NEARLY that annoying. If they’re all it takes to make you quit a website, you were never that hardcore about frequenting it.

  • @my2cents [4]: Thank you! And do you know why I would quit this website because of the ads?

    I can put up with ads to a certain point. When those ads get past my tolerance level, I will just be extremely angry. ESPECIALLY these kinds of ads, which take the definition of intrusive to a whole new level. I have to revise what I said before: I won’t quit this site, but rather, I’ll use Adblock Plus to smash these ads till they’re dead.

  • lee

    It sucks. Get rid of it please

  • snakeman

    anyone ever heard of adblockerplus eh?

  • littleitaly1990

    I have literally read every list, but even with firefox and ABP this thing is still popping up randomly….for the love of the site get rid of it.

  • Doug

    Incredibly annoying.

  • astraya

    Safari also seems to disallow these ads.

  • Meek

    I appreciate you allow users to comment on your “New Advert Trial” as if our notions would have any bearing on your site or your decisions. When I first started to come to this site it was fantastic, awesome lists and limited distraction, a real forum for real people, but now there seems to be something else taking over. The culture of the site has changed dramatically. Although I am only one user among so many fans, you are falling into the same trap as SO MANY other great sites. You are debilitating toward obscurity through endless ads and distractions away from the very material that made you great in the first place. I would urge you to consider placing your money producing ads to be as invisible or marginalized as possible to keep this site a “definite visit” every time I log on. Other sites have not gone the path you have.

  • BubbaJones

    I’ve been here a million or so times(give or take) and after the new ads, my firefox has quit randomly twice now.

  • stevenh

    As you know, I have been a follower (and contributor) of this site for quite some time. I am not sure which is worse (a) the ‘omigod! noway!’ voice that sells Smileys or (b) this new Advert system.
    At least with plan (b) I do not have to remember to turn off my sound when visiting listverse.
    (btw, i do not mind popunders)

    I appreciate that you need to make listverse a going business, and I respect all that you have done here. That being said, it seems that the cursor follower seems un-professional and, being so new, I think that it will piss off visitors, at least until it is a ubiquitous presence on the web.

    I know that you listen to your community (ousting 2leep).

    I would vote that unless this advert system is very profitable – drop it.

  • Mongo

    Hate it! popunder are less annoying. Nonetheless, Listverse is a great site and will continue to visit.

  • Jordan

    Google Chrome doesn’t have them either.

  • @astraya [22]: Safari is blocked at present.

  • Pabben

    To all of you saying that you hate these annoying ads and you are going to leave the site… I have one solution for you people.

    I have never experienced any ad from listverse, no popunder or an ad following my cursor. That is because I use MOZILLA FIREFOX with AD BLOCK PLUS (ABP). I promise you that this is the best solution. Just download firefox and ad block plus. It’s all for free! :D

  • islandboy

    I come to this site everyday, that advert ruins my experience. Will I quit the site? Probably not, but I won’t visit it as much.

  • TiredOfCrap

    If the goal of the advertisements is to draw visitor interest and actually generate click-throughs, then all of the new advertising is misguided. Popunders are universally ignored.

    The cursor tracking is annoying. Regulars will ignore it, new visitors may confuse it for malware and think the site is unsafe.

    The grid advertisements at the bottom of the site, which mix internal links with other “helpful” sites are also frustrating. Sometimes I will click on a link thinking it will refer to this site. Instead, I am taken to some other site with little or no value. On some clicks, the sites are actively harmful.

    If you want to generate revenue, find a way to host ads that people might be interested in. Pop-unders, cursor trailers, and the ridiculous link-sharing encourage people to (at best) ignore the advertisement and at worse leave the site.

    Host relevant ads within an attractive site design. Have interesting and complementary links that keep users engaged with the site (and thus increase impressions for more effective and thereby lucrative advertising.)

  • theturbolemming

    One the one hand, I don’t want to use Adblock because I don’t want to decrease your revenue. On the other hand, these ads make me wanna gouge out my eyes. Your call.

  • andy

    the real question is what makes the site more money? Cause as long as its still free I can live with a cursor ad or a popunder

  • lyckligmig

    Jfrater –

    I read listverse religiously and am a big fan.

    I am also a businesswoman and understand that your primary revenue stream is from ads on the site. As a reader, I can tell you that I do not look at the advertisements. Whether they are relevant or not does not matter to me. The cursor ad will discourage new listverse viewers from following the daily lists as it comes off as tacky. (Not to mention, it did not only occur once for me, but for each list I surfed. ANNOYING!)

    Your best move is to go back because if people are becoming enraged that already follow listverse, you’re profit will decrease (from those that may leave) as well as not progressing.

    It’s my professional opinion.

  • Cataline

    @jfater, did you try talking to Kontera? I ran their intext ads on my site for a while and made some good money from it. It’s slightly less intrusive than AdBull. Just a thought.

  • Wow. That cursor ad has to GTFO ASAP. It appears every time I go to a new page on Listverse, and ABP does nothing. Eww. If this doesn’t change, I think I’ll be coming here a lot less, and I just joined.

  • Marian

    I appreciate the explanation, but the damn thing pops up every time I visit a new list. Not just once, as you’ve been told, but continuously. It also “runs” from your cursor so you have to chase the damn thing to x it off. Very annoying. Kill it, Jamie… Kill it.

  • mike

    ads of any sort are irritating as all hell and will make me stop coming to this site. these are especially bad if youre in mid-click when it comes on and end up clicking on the ad.. id rather deal with looking at banner ads than having something i cant control. sorry for the spelling. spilled on laptop now keyboards messed.

  • simplecarboncopy

    @deathgleaner [1]: your dumb, people have to make a living. Get over your 2 seconds of being better than most and deal with it. I hope the website brings one up as soon as you start to reply to this.

  • Strafe

    I’ve been following Listverse since (quite near) the beginning and I regret that this is my first comment. I must say, the cursor-followers are the most intrusive, distracting and concerning form of adverts I’ve as yet encountered here. I avoided the popunders completely by using Chrome… and mitigated them somewhat by only right-clicking in Firefox. So far, when browsing this site at work, I get the popups every page, sometimes multiple times, and x-ing them off only makes the page freeze.

    However, at home, where I exclusively use Ubuntu, I haven’t seen them at all yet.

  • Joanne

    I’m using google chrome and I’ve had no problems with ads

  • Silvodia

    All I really have to say is wow. I don’t understand why people are so threatened by this. First of all, it takes a few seconds out of your day. Second, I’d think that most people would be their cursor in an inconspicuous area of their screen while reading lengthy articles, so the ad won’t be in the way of the article and shouldn’t hinder your reading experience.

    Think about it. It takes you longer to go through your mail, find and determine what is junk mail, and throw it away, than it does to deal with an “obtrusive” 5-second pop-up, and you hear no one complaining about it. We live in a very bizarre society if people are losing their minds over something so insignificant.

  • Calliope

    I’ve been a longtime Listverse reader, and I absolutely adore it. :)

    However, I do have to say that this new ad is extremely annoying an off putting. In fact, up until today, I thought it was some kind of spy/adware thing me or my kids had picked up somewhere. I guess I just didn’t even associate with Listverse at first, cause I don’t expect that kind of ad from here.

    And as others have said, it comes up rather continually (and I do use Firefox). And no, you cannot click to close it in my experience, because it “runs” from you.

    Sorry, JFrater :( LOVE the site, but dislike the ad immensely. Of course, just my humble opinion, maybe others will find it less intrusive.

    Good luck with figuring it all out! I helped run a small site once, and even from that experience, I know this kind of thing can be frustrating.

  • Maggledy

    Don’t really care what ads you use to keep the site going, ya gotta make a buck.

    BUT! Howsoever it happens that the “further reading” links (the ones with the green dots, especially) so often lead to other websites that are full some of the most sexist, racist, religionist crap I have ever seen on the internet, PLEASE get rid of them. They bring the tone of this site down and are offensivde in the extreme.

  • SourApple

    I tried using IE7 and Google chrome, I got no ads at all.

  • happyfaceslaura

    Gosh people just get all sorts of foam-at-the-mouthy about ads. I don’t mind the cursor following ads…I’ve only gotten one and it was, oddly enough, when I clicked on this post. I have adblocker, but I guess I don’t have it calibrated properly. Oh well. It’s FIVE seconds so I think I can handle it. I will agree that it could cause people to think the site is unsafe. I think that would probably be my first assumption, if I hadn’t been reading this post when it popped up.

    In other news…I can’t believe I actually commented in this much depth on this…

  • I hate ads

    I use Firefox with ABP and for some reason it did not block this new ad. I’m sure next block list update will take care of this issue but in the meantime I added *adbull* to my list and haven’t seen it since.

    BTW that ad would show up every time I loaded a new list, sometimes several times on one page (without reloading).

  • Heather

    ANNOYING AS ALL HELL. Seriously. A million times more annoying then popunders. I mean, hello, popUNDERS, verses some random thing attacking my cursor without warning?! I can’t believe ANYONE would want these over popunders.

    And, like message 47, I have ABP turned on as well and it didn’t block this.

  • Heather

    Okay wait. This article/update/whatever says “these ads only once per session per user per 24 hours.”

    I just clicked to another tab for roughly ten minutes, came back, and the ad came up again!! I did NOT close the site or navigate away from this page! Either the ads are messing up or your info is wrong.

  • MmmHmm

    For all those people crying about the pop-under ad. Using the latest version of Firefox will disallow such ads from getting loaded. Installing the latest Firefox will also give you more beneficial facilities. You have to understand that Jamie needs to allow ads on his website to get his website thriving.

  • bluesman87

    The adbull ads appear evry time i open a new window .take a lesson from how [email protected] runs his site no bullshit – thats why he calls it the “best page in the universe” .

  • James

    I actually kind of like these pop-under ads. It was a nice little surprise. And I do like that they are at least content sensitive. It makes it feel like they aren’t a complete waste of time.

  • Red7

    A choice between the devil and the deep blue sea… The pop-unders causes my FireFox to hang while it is loading and has also caused it to bomb out a number of times. Will see what the new system does to my mental health.

  • Yes i agree these ads have to go… It is realy anoying….

  • Chipmunk

    I haven’t actually seen one of these ads yet, and I’m still on internet explorer…
    Everyone has to make a living though, and for the couple of seconds it takes to close an ad, be it a popunder or these new ones, surely its not that big a deal for something you enjoy?

  • Elf

    opera doesn’t show them. even if it will show them in the future, I really really don’t care. I’m here for the content, not for a full multimedia experience, and the ads don’t ruin the content. this being said, keep them, throw them away, it doesn’t affect me in any way (just a personal opinion, should only be taken as one).

  • 83cab83

    Firefox, Adblock Plus, Redirect Cleaner… My connection being not very fast I need this…5-6 seconds for a page to load feels like an eternity ;)

  • Enoooo

    You people are crying waaaaaaaaaay too much about crap that really isn’t that big of a deal. Yes it’s annoying, but is it really that hard to move your cursor half an inch to click an X? Or just wait 5 seconds? Turn your head away for 5 seconds after you click on the page if it’s really bothering you that much. Or maybe just cry some more. Just not on here.

  • tokiloki12

    ok, every site has ds. duh, thats how they stay afloat… but almost EVERY site manages to make their money without using ads as intrusive as the adbul ads.

    and for the people telling to download , why should we have download a specific type of browser and program JUST to prevent an Ad from one site?
    i use google chrome and have never, EVER, had a problem with popups on ANY site until this one.

    i dont care if you have banner ads entirely down the sides of the page, they dont interfere with the content and the browsing, so they’re not nearly as intrusive. get rid of these ads, please.

  • Thanks to all for the comments – I appreciate them all – even those who are against the ads – but I am, of course, in favor of those in support :)

    We will see how the trial runs and see how people get used to them in that time. Let’s not forget how much we all hated popups when they first appeared on the net – but now we are all used to it!

  • Shifty

    As long as the ads don’t have sound I’m happy.

  • Whitelighter33

    Wow, reading things like…’enraged’….’leaving the site’….’anger’…!!!! Wtf? Gotta be kidding me? Either use something to stop them angering you to the point of enragement and deciding that quitting the site is your only option before you implode or take a breath and realise there are bigger things in the world to worry about.


  • tookyb

    Geez people just use Firefox and get Adblock Plus and you never have to worry about ads again.

  • stockyzeus

    what ads?i havent seen any ads on my browser. im using opera atm and nothing follows my cursor when i log on.

  • Give it some welly

    @Shifty [61]:

    I second that..

  • Scape

    No ads here – using adblock. I can appreciate that the site needs to make some money for upkeep, but those ads sound really annoying and are probably more likely to drive new visitors away. As for popups, they are every bit as maligned now as they were when first introduced.

  • Voice of Reason

    Just get Adblock plus for firefox, I haven’t had a pop up or adverts for months

  • gw1pcd

    Some of you people need to get real. You are viewing a very popular site with excellent content which will be devouring bandwidth which has to be paid for. These ads make the site possible, a small price to pay. I’m amazed how low the annoyance threshold of some of you is!

    However, confession time, I use Firefox with APB.

  • Julius

    If you really hate the ads so much (which I don’t see at all) get a decent browser (google chrome, opera) or get off this website, everybody has to pay his bills as long as we don’t want to pay jamie ourselves we will have to get used to the ads.

  • MouseintheHouseMI

    @TiredOfCrap [31]: I’m on board with TiredofCrap. Name’s kind of crass, but he summed up a few of my thoughts. I would like to see LV make some money, Jamie and the crew put in a lot of work.

    For the sake of the beta-test:

    – I have clicked on the “Further Reading” ads before. Some go off site, but go to a real site with related content. I usually check them out to see if there’s anything that interests me.

    – The popunder ads are terrible. A popunder ad would be like walking down the street in New York and a big bearded, smelly, toothless bum jumps in your face advertising free rub downs.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Mr. Frater! Nothing wrong with trying a few different things. Keeping your readers on board makes us feel special :)

  • bikelove

    I really appreciate the trial process, and keeping us in the loop. I must say that with firefox and abp, I am getting these every time I change the page. Absolutely annoying. Worse than those splinters in your sock that you can’t find, and every time you move it just pokes you again. Please, remove these ads!!!

  • Brian

    I think it’s exceedingly invasive.

  • Clark

    @MmmHmm [50]: No one should have to completely switch web browsers because of annoying ads; it’s ridiculous.

  • lords8n

    I don’t read any ads on any sites, and I doubt most people do. You have to know this. And, knowing this it can only be assumed that you are simply accepting payment to annoy your readers.

    I’m sure your statistics will show you the information you need to know here regardless of what any of us say.

    I have FF + ABP and these annoying things still get through. I am certainly less incline to visit any site that annoys me with ads. This will be the case here. The intrusiveness of your ads, old or new, probably have and will turn back potential readers.

    Do the right thing and remove all intrusive ads. Hide them in a corner wrapped in a div set to 1×1 with a zorder of -99 and set your readers free.

  • John C

    As a lurker I have to say that with FireFox and ABP I have NO advertisements at all on here. But I’m almost scared to say that,lest it gives clever programmers ideas. Heh. I love this site, and I do understand that JF has to make this at least a somewhat paying proposition, but I for one would be willing to donate a modest sum provided the quality stayed high. Just my 2 Australian cents.

  • polecat

    I’ve tried firefox, safari and internet explorer and still don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Joe

    Guess I’ll come back to the site in a month. If the trail ads are still here I won’t come back. Extremely annoying.

  • vintageobsessive

    @deathgleaner [1]: If you will let a little annoyance like a cursor ad (while admittedly it IS annoying) stop you from visiting Listverse, I’d venture to say you aren’t a true fan, anyway. Virtually every website you visit will have some type of advertisement as the administrators of said sites have to bring money in, somehow, to be able to offer the site free of charge. You don’t pay a membership here. Jamie and the other admins have to use advertisements in order to offer us this free, AWESOME site!

    Also, as Jamie stated before, it is only for a trial period. I’m quite sure after everyone’s reaction he will opt for other forms of advertisement.

    In short, SUCK IT UP!! :)

  • vintageobsessive

    @lords8n [74]:
    “I don’t read any ads on any sites, and I doubt most people do. You have to know this. And, knowing this it can only be assumed that you are simply accepting payment to annoy your readers.”

    Let me get this straight, you think that the admins of the site, (of which is their livelyhood), are “accepting payment to annoy your (their) readers”?

    Perhaps they are trying to find the least annoying, intrusive forms of advertisement they can for their readers and are trying several forms to gauge what we hate the least. This would make more sense in my opinion.

  • Kristina

    Using Firefox AND ABP, and it still pops up for me, nearly every page.

  • Meecht

    I’ve been reading the Listverse for a little while now. I enjoyed traveling from one list to another through the links at the bottom of each list.

    I have to agree with many people here that the new ad system is a great annoyance, made worse by the fact that the add will run from your cursor when you try to close it (as somebody else has said).

    I was able to go to manually add ** to my ABP filter list, and it seems to have blocked the ad.

  • Kabul

    Are people serious about quitting the site because of these…suck it up I’m sure you can sit through a 5 second ad.

  • nicoleredz3

    How come I never encountered any problems, I wonder… Not that I’m complaining!

  • Nauplius

    I was getting them on every page, but now it seems to be just as advertised once per session. If you changed something thank you, it really isn’t that bad this way.

  • thatGuy

    I visit this daily and thoroughly enjoy my time here. However, if this is the advertising format you plan to adopt I will never return. An earlier poster asked who cares if I leave and never come back? Obviously the advertisers and by extension the site’s owner do, without a dedicated readership this site has no monetary value to potential advertisers.


    This article made me disable Adblock Plus to see the ad, maybe that was the actual purpose of this Hehe. I think ads are not that bad if they are well placed.

  • Bob

    Same here. I’ll be back in a month. If those horrible things are still here, I won’t be back again.

  • Marv in DC

    I love the new way. I haven’t had any problems maybe cause I use Firefox. I have a great Idea. If you all are complaining that much about ads maybe Jfrater should turn it into a strictly pay to view site so that you all can get your precious five seconds back. Any takers?? Thought not. Grow up people. Jfrater needs money to run this site for your FREE viewing pleasure. Man, what a bunch of whiners.

  • lords8n

    @vintageobsessive [79]:

    (of which is their livelyhood)
    I seriously doubt that. If this is true than “they” are making a LOT of money off these ads.

    From experience, a site like this is a passion and a hobby. Any money made is simply to offset operating costs.

    Ads are annoying, I have no sympathy, and as a free man I have a choice and I’m not afraid to use it.

  • Nathan

    Jamie, I have been visiting your site for years now and come here every day…I love that on my Mac I don’t see any ads, but when I look up listverse on any other computer I get the ad that follows the cursor. I too am a web developer and I own a site that has a high traffic usage rate. I think that this new ad is both tacky and annoying. It degrades the quality of site that this really is…I will too discontinue coming to this site if the ad continues. While it seems like a little thing, you should know better than anyone that the little things are what can draw a use away from a site. An extra click or a longer time to scroll makes all the difference. I love this site and your book…..but not the ad.

  • Eclecticpoet

    These cursor following ads remind me a lot of certain spyware that used to be quite frequent. Knowing that they are on the site by choice is reassuring in the fact that it is not rogue software, but people who don’t know that may be scared away from the site thinking it is unsafe.

  • Honeywell

    I am so glad I have Chrome adblock. I had no idea that such ads even existed. Is a banner in the sidebar not feasible? Banners are probably the least obnoxious option there is.

  • JK III

    Luckily I haven’t encountered these ads (don’t know why; my ad-block is off), but came here to say that those popounder ads are also very annoying. I hated them before and I hate them to this day. Why can’t you just use text ads and jpeg banners? Things like popunders, flash ads and gif banners make me want to use ad-block.

  • vintageobsessive

    @lords8n [89]: Actually I heard a recorded interview with Jamie stating that he “wanted to see if I could make a living by creating a website of lists, which of course, I have.”

    so, in fact, that would be his livelyhood.

  • vintageobsessive

    @Kabul [82]: Thank you! :)

  • Lifeschool

    I can’t comment on this one as I’ve more-or-less configured the popup-blocker to weed those things out. One solution, perhaps, may be to have a whole bank of ads below the comments section – then they can be viewed at the users leasure. Unfortunatley this would mean the pages would take longer to load.

  • Give it some welly

    I think it’s funny how some people (like me) don’t have any ads whatsoever (I even disabled popup killer to no avail just to see what the fuzz is all about), while others seem to be flooded with them. There must be a way for everybody to block them, given the phletora of popup-killers available.
    Jamie, suppose that anyone would be able to block any ad, would you still make money from them?

  • andrestm

    I stand by my previous remarks, they’re among the most annoying things I have seen (up there with single moms in my area working at home and making $6,780/mo or discovering great teeth-whitening techniques), but if that’s going to bring revenue to keep one of the Web’s best sites alive, they’re welcome. So long, of course, as they pose no safety threats to my computer whatsoever.

  • PurpleBoots

    i can stand them :) if j earns money off it and we get to keep coming to listverse its all cool

  • I hate ads

    Let me repeat this, when using Firefox and AdBlock Plus you need to add a filter to stop this ad. To do so



    Click on OK

    And the ad is gone :)

  • katie

    They’re horrible! Probably the worst sort of ads I’ve ever seen…and I’m using firefox with ABP, so I don’t know what the deal is. I would seriously ditch these things – please?!

  • kitsonas

    You’re doing it all wrong! More ads won’t bring you more clicks (unless you’re getting paid by ad impressions which i doubt). Don’t forget the “ad blindness” phenomenon: regular visitors never click the ads, it’s the random guests that clicks them. You should use ozh-who-sees-ads plugin for wordpress to block the ads for your regular visitors. This way you won’t annoy your fan base.

  • –this has gotta be one of the most egregious, nonsensical, and undeserving cases of making mountians out of molehills i have ever seen……
    are you guys fucking kidding?……these are 5 second ads
    …if you try to tell me that there is any difference in reading a list in 19 min and reading a list in 19 min and 5 seconds, i call bullshit

    –dont get me wrong….i hate em too… *theyre 5 second ads*…but @FlameHorse [16]: — @Enoooo [58]: == @Whitelighter33 [62]: — @vintageobsessive [78]: –and @Kabul [82]: got it right…..

    @Clark [73]: “No one should have to completely switch web browsers because of annoying ads; it’s ridiculous.”
    —you dont have to….you can just deal with it….did i mention that these are 5 second ads?

    @jfrater [60]:
    –ok jamie–one positive, one negative/.
    -the (+)…im in support, so i guess you like me today ;)
    -the (-)…you have made the argument about 3 times that we all hated popunders/popups at first….its worth pointing out that that isnt really good analogy, because cursor ads are on an entirely different level of annoyance…not necessarily better or worse…..just different

    @nicoleredz3 [83]: “How come I never encountered any problems, I wonder”
    –probably becasuse of the browser…but really….does it matter? just be thankful you dont have to put up with them — as you can tell, they drive people into a state of insanity normally reserved for people who get their car door super-glued shut, or get duck-taped to their bed after a night of drinking in college…..

    @Lifeschool [96]:
    –i am fairly sure ads at the end wouldnt pay as well since they are presented after the fact, instead of in a more visible spot…..there are probably fancy marketing terms for this but i dont know what they are…..all i know is that if they appeared after comments, a majority of the people would probably close the window, rather than viewing them, and i have the sneaky suspicion that marketing groups know this too, and pay accordingly

    @jfrater [60]:
    –man….by the time this month is over, youre probably gonna have to read about 1,725 comments about taking these ads off…..that would drive me nuts…..of course my pet peeve is people saying ‘you left out jefferson airplane’,…’you left out bald eagles’…’you left out amelia earhart’, and shit like that more than 3 times in an afternoon……good luck brother….

  • katie

    Thanks *I hate ads* – worked like a charm!

  • jcs299

    Haven’t had any problems with popunders here or these news things. Kinda wondering what they are. Only thing I’ve had here were some noisy world of warcraft ads on the sidebar or middle of the list that would load at different times to lengthen the noise. They’re gone now, though. I did notice some ads when I visited the States a few months ago, but have no problems in Russia.

    Keep up the good work J! Ads aren’t gonna keep me away from this site.

  • anony-mouse

    You say they only pop up “only once per session per user per 24 hours” but EVERY GODDAMN TIME I open a new page it pops up!!! This is frustrating the shit out of me.

  • Kat

    I think they are irritating. Please don’t use these. My computer at work blocks pop ups, but not these things.

  • paradoxo

    These are truly horrible, please make them stop! With firefox the popunders are not that big a deal. For real, this is annoying as hell.

  • mrsmarvel

    They are supposed to appear only once per day per person? I get them every hit on the home page.

    Do you really want to stop traffic from moving into your site for 5 seconds? On the internet that’s an eternity.

  • Maggot

    I think something should be done about all these Firefox and ABP ads in the comment thread. I feel so violated because I no longer enjoy whining about all the other ads.

  • lee

    firefox + ABP doesn’t block it out every time.

  • Tat2Fly

    Its not that bad just move the pointer to another part of the screen and not where you are looking!

  • Ducky

    I like them very much!

  • Tofu Mogu

    I LOVE THESE NEW ADS!! They are SO much less annoying than popunders. I think they are very cute following your mouse, and only last for 5 seconds!! yay! hooray for new ads!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I just recently got addicted to this site and I was going through the old archives and reading ones I found interesting. The ads pop up every single time I click on a new article. It’s very annoying and they’re hard to close because they chase your mouse. I have since taken a hiatus reading because of this.

  • Julius

    To qoute Immortal Technique: “If you don’t like the smell of burning meat, well get the fuck off the planet”.
    If you don’t like ads, well then get the fuck off the internet :-)

  • Maggot

    @Tat2Fly [112]: Its not that bad just move the pointer to another part of the screen and not where you are looking!

    Oh that’s soooo easy for YOU to say. The ad follows my pointer around like a lost puppy and I cannot look away. I tried moving it to where I’m not looking, but then I look over there to its new place. I just can’t stop looking at my pointer and the accompanying ad no matter where I move it to. When I do look away, even for only a second, a feeling of emptiness and despair washes over me, so I quickly look back to the pointer for comfort and guidance. But then dammit, there’s that fucking ad again, right next to my innocent lil pointer, latched onto it like a mutant parasite, sucking its life blood! And laughing at me!! It’s making me insane!!! Argggghhhhh make it stop, before I kill again!!!1!

    Btw, love the site.

  • Kou

    “1. Unlike popunders, these ads only once per session per user per 24 hours.”

    that’s why I just got 1 per article I just read? including this page. That’s 10 in 1 hour. Get rid of this crap

  • 33333

    what the fuck is this shit?

  • Lisa

    My apologies if this is beating a dead horse. I will take a pop-under over that mouse thing _any_day._ I couldn’t even open the link for this page because of the stupid ad. I’m an ADD kid, 5 seconds staring at that thing is 4.8 seconds too long. I’ll still love this site, but I’ll be slightly more annoyed if you keep them, so my hb will probably prefer you don’t keep them. :)

  • Carole

    I don’t see any ads

  • chris

    they piss me off. a lot. enough to make me stop coming here.

  • carp

    I will not return to this website if the ads stay.

  • BobFrank

    I’m also using Firefox and I can’t see those ads.

  • Patricia

    To add my opinion: The ad was super super annoying. I only got it once so far in multiple page visits but 5 seconds of that ad felt like forever in internet time, its almost like when a page loads slow when you have super fast internet if you get what I’m saying.

    Anyway its not enough to keep me from visiting (the cursor ad) but I like popunders better.

  • Tragik

    I don’t like the ads. Even tho checking listverse in the morning is often the highlight of my day, and this site probably cost a butt-load of build and maintain, I totally think that you should rid me of the slight inconvenience of an annoying five second ad and doom yourself to a life of poverty by making this site ad-free.

    Please send me free stuff too.

  • bulzi

    odd I have never seen any adds except the ones on the side

    People can’t look away from the screen for 5 seconds eh?

  • Dk

    So here are my thoughts. They are annoying. More annoying than popunders? I dunno, equally annoying at least. Some people have commented about “keeping a loyal fanbase” and stuff. How’s this for loyal? Quite some time ago, I turned OFF my ABP for LV, simply because I knew it would help keep this site alive. I’m not sure about now, but I know that for a time, certain ads paid by “load” and some paid by “click.” I figured at the very least he could get some credit for me loading the ads.

    Someone else mentioned that “regular readers” will completely ignore the ads, and that’s not totally true either, probably once a week or so I see something that does catch my eye. I especially like to see what ads show up as “related to” the list, sometimes it’s incredibly ironic.

    The last point I want to bring up though is that these ads do seem a lot like some of the malware stuff that goes around, and I think that new visitors to the site might be scared off thinking the site is not secure.

    Ultimately it will take more than some annoying ads to get rid of me, but given the choice I think I’d rather not see this particular type of ad.

  • 83cab83


    :o WHAAAT?!!

    remember this one?

    Top ten list of ads you don’t want to see on your favourite website

    -the ones with annoying sounds

    -the ones that pop up in the corner of the screen

    -The flash ones

    -the ads from dating sites

    -the “video will begin right after this ad”

    -the classic pop up

    -the you’ll be redirected within 30 seconds

    -the ads following the pointer

    -the ugly banners

    -the “why the hell are they thinking that I might need this shit”

  • tokiloki12

    its not like his sole revenue is from the adbull ads. LOOK HOW MANY OTHER ADS THERE ARE ON THE PAGE!
    I count 7 ads + an ad for buying the book. That should be plenty… and if not, just add more banner ads.

  • Maria

    Ha ha, i new this was gonna happen!, i introduced that adblocker thingo before. Looks like iam not alone, this is desperation as he can see the click are going one way, :)

  • Brian

    @bulzi [127]: If you have never encountered the ads, how can you call others pathetic? Pretty ignorant.

  • Gaindi

    Windowa Internet explorer blocked my ad.

  • gersgraeme

    download ad block plus, its available for firefox and chrome, im unsure about IE8.

    I dont get adverts.

  • Ike


    I don’t care what ads you have on here, as long as you keep on keeping on with the great lists. As far as these other people that don’t want ads or they’ll “quit”… maybe they will be generous enough to pay for the site themselves and keep it completely ad free?

  • DarkAngelGenesis

    I normally do not comment. I am a lurker. But this is enough to prompt me to delurk and beg. PLEASE, please get rid of this. I LOATHE this sort of ad and if it remains, I am likely to abandon this site out of frustration.

  • Meh

    I’ve tried Firefox (with and without ABP), Google Chrome, Opera and even IE7 and I am yet to see these ads. I even turned off the built-in pop-up blocker in IE7 because I figured it would be the most likely to show them and there’s nothing.

    Lucky me I guess.

  • amerileira

    My abp on firefox doesn’t block them. Not sure what’s up with that. It’s on & everything. I can just ignore it though — it’s not up there long.

  • I Hate Ads

    @amerileira [138]: Read my post (#100) not gonna type it again.

  • bucslim

    Seriously don’t get all the “if you don’t do this, I’ll quit” announcements.

    Ok, so you’ll quit coming here. Is that supposed to be some sort of threat? Is a five second interruption to your web habits that intrusive? Isn’t there any patience anymore? We’ve come a long way from the original AOL days of waiting half a week while ‘new artwork downloading’ to being pissed off over a 5 second delay.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the biggest fan of these gizmos they keep coming up with to get me to purchase whatever it is. Truthfully, the only problem, if it even could be considered a problem, was when I went to quit Safari and discovered a popunder and Safari asked me if I wanted to shut down when there were two windows open.

    The plain fact of the matter is, this is a popular website. Popular websites need money to keep running and improve the services they provide. That takes money and making money on the internet means advertisements. I wished it were free, but it ain’t. It sucks ass, frankly, but I put up with it because I like coming here. I mean, how many other websites admins actually ask your opinion of something like this? Most of them don’t give a shit and just do it anyway whether you like it or not.

    Just seems odd that people would lash out at Jamie like he shot your dog. He doesn’t have to ask your opinion, so cut the whiney shit and try to be a little more generous about your answer next time.

  • I Hate Ads

    @bucslim [140]:

    But this site needs visitors otherwise no advertising money so yes if ‘in your face’ advertising annoys too many people the website will suffer too. The fact is you need people visiting your website to make money.

    Personally I don’t give a shit if someone is making money or not. If this site dies I’ll live. I’m sure you did a google search for these list sites and there are a LOT of them out there. I have been using Firefox since v 1 and it is the best browser out there. I can’t stand ads. Don’t care why they are there. Irrelevant to me. Why?

    I learned long time ago that advertising is a load of crap. There are no good deals out there, a lot of shady companies pushing their crap to potential buyers and lately a lot of security risks related to compromised ad servers or piece of shit software we know as Adobe Flash player.

    If I find an ad not blocked by ABP I will go out of my way to set up a filter and if I’m not able to do so I will ask for help online. And yes I did load this site in IE and I could not stand it. Way too many ads completely distracting from the stuff I want to read. I even block text ads. But you guys feel free to use IE and see ads, after all someone needs to pay for this and I’ll be there freeloading all the way.

  • Maggot

    @bucslim [140]: Ok, so you’ll quit coming here. Is that supposed to be some sort of threat?… The plain fact of the matter is, this is a popular website. Popular websites need money to keep running and improve the services they provide. That takes money and making money on the internet means advertisements. I wished it were free, but it ain’t.

    What some folks don’t seem to realize is that without the revenue stream from the ads, Jamie might have no choice but to shut it down all together. So threatening to leave because you don’t like ads is a rather empty threat when the alternative is potentially losing the site anyway.

    @I Hate Ads [141]: If this site dies I’ll live.

    Of course. We all will. I’m just saying, losing a few complainers is better than everyone losing out.

    Don’t care why they are there. Irrelevant to me. Why?

    Why they are irrelevant to you is meaningless. Whether they are “crap” or ignored or blocked by the majority of users does not change the fact that it is a viable revenue stream that helps the site continue to operate. I fast-forward thru commercials on my DVR too, but that doesn’t stop advertisers from paying networks so that those networks can continue to provide free or reletively cheap entertainment to me.

  • bucslim

    @I Hate Ads [141]:

    All I’m saying is the guy asked for some feedback. A simple ‘I don’t like this,’ or ‘It’s fine,’ would have sufficed. What he got instead was a bunch of pinhead mooks with an entitlement complex throwing monkey shit back at him.

    You don’t have to tell me that internet based advertising is a bunch of whoo-haa. Clicking on a web ad is akin to inviting the ShamWow guy over to your house for an afternoon. Sure, all of your spills will be mopped up and your vegetables will be sliced, not to mention your cheese will be grated, but the whore he brought with him won’t stop biting. The day I buy something advertised solely on the internet is the day I marry a Nigerian Prince.

    But it’s here to stay, and Jamie was asking how we felt about the new thingamagig they came up with. Is this the way we respond in our personal life when someone asks our opinion on something – spewing out vitriolic profanities with all the subtlety of a chainsaw at a teddy bear factory?


    Do you want fries with that? THAT’S A F*&^NG STUPID [email protected]#$ING QUESTION!!! I’M AT MCDONALDS AREN’T I??? WHAT A DUMBSH*T!!!


    Come to think of it, that would be an awesome way to go through life.

  • bucslim

    @Maggot [142]:

    Good point

  • Yau


  • Maggot

    @bucslim [143]: Come to think of it, that would be an awesome way to go through life.

    You just described Woyzeck.

  • I Hate Ads

    OK well I changed my mind. I think jfrater needs to add more advertising, make it more intrusive and annoying. After all this will help the site.

    I won’t see it anyway…and you guys don’t seem to mind. So life goes on.

  • Melissa

    Those ads have popped up every time I access the page. Boo!

  • VintageObsessive

    @Maggot [142]:
    @bucslim [143]:

    You should know that your responses are awesome.

  • tokiloki12

    i hate when people dont read the comments and post the same “download so and so! its awesome” without seeing that 20 other people have said the same thing… and people keep replying “i shouldnt have to download a certain program just to go to 1 website in particular”

    @Maggot [142]:

    what YOU may not realize is that he already has Ads all over the page. this site is going to make money without the adbull ads.

    personally, ive been coming here for well over 2 years, and even got my name in one of the earliest site updates (woot!)… Thats a lot of page hits that i’ve given the site (which means money for the site from ads) and im sure there are a lot of other people who are in the same boat. While 1 person might not matter, other people are bound to have the same opinion and you might lose a lot of loyal readers.

  • Maggot

    @tokiloki12 [150]: what YOU may not realize is that he already has Ads all over the page.

    Why would you think I don’t realize that?

    this site is going to make money without the adbull ads.

    Perhaps not enough to cover costs and/or make a little bit of profit. Look, I don’t know what his balance sheet is or if his objective is to make a profit or just break even, but he’s trying new things and asked for feedback. I’d venture to guess that the majority of his loyal readers appreciate that. My point (and buc’s) was that Jamie asked for constructive criticism and instead is getting a lot of soapboxing by people with false senses of entitlement.

  • Dan

    I know you need the advertising, but the more we ignore it, the more annoying these become. I will most likely not visit the site if that cursor ad keeps up, sorry. I know we get all this for free, but the banner ads will have to do.

    anyone who clicks on the other moving stuff just does it by accident, anyway.

  • CJ :)

    I turned off my ad blocker to see them…they aren’t too bad, I guess. I could live with them, but I will live more happily without them.

    The thing that bothers me about it is how unprofessional and cheap the ad’s appearance is. I can see why people would be afraid that they had been infected with spy- or malware from the appearance of the ad.

  • ianz09

    @tokiloki12 [150]: Hey dude, I don’t want to burst your bubble or anything, but as far as generating hits goes, nobody is all that significant on here. I have 6 lists published on the site. No, I don’t have my name in an update, but I’ll live. My point is, my 6 lists have generated quite a few hits for the site. Lots, probably. But at the same time, if I didn’t submit them or Jamie didn’t publish them, the site would be far from dead. Not even damaged. I love contributing to this site. I submit a lot of lists, have my fair share published, I regularly give feedback on other people’s lists, and just generally interact with the other community of users here. If I stopped altogether, I doubt very much that Listverse would suffer. I mean, for as much entertainment or insight I have provided, there are plenty of more entertaining and more insightful people on here. If the ads are so bad, then please leave. We won’t notice.

    And to you and everyone else ripping Jamie a new ass over these adverts, I say this: Get over yourselves, and say something constructive. What I am about to say will probably sound a whole hell of a lot like ass-kissing, but I don’t care (kissing ass has never gotten me anywhere on this site before anyway). Plenty of other sites have plenty more annoying ads than this website, and the admins don’t respect their audience enough to care. Jamie actually ASKED US our opinions. Think about it. The ads rake it cash for him. His site gets millions of hits. We cannot do anything. What if some of us leave? Not even a dent in the hits, and less of a dent in the revenue. He has no reason to care what we think, but he still freaking asked. For his unnecessary courtesy, you all tear into him. Like a few months ago, he published a list that he regretted publishing, pulled it off the site, and ISSUED AN APOLOGY. Who cares? He benefitted in no way from that apology. As a matter of fact, the controversial list actually raked in MORE hits, so he wasn’t saving face before his audience could leave. He had a bigger audience for publishing the list. I’m sure most of you have read most of the updates and administrator notices he posts.

    He values our opinions, and I have no idea why. But that is why I continue to hang around here. Is Listverse the only interesting list on the web? No. I know plenty of other websites that have lots and lost of interesting and entertaining content. I like Listverse because JFrater shows us respect. He treats everyone here like people, not usernames. He doesn’t benefit from showing us respect, but does so anyway. I and all the regulars show him that respect back. It doesn’t benefit me to do so. I don’t know him, and most likely never will. He isn’t paying me. Getting my lists published doesn’t get me any royalties, and since I don’t use my real name, won’t even get me recognized. But, the respect flows anyways. He presents us with these updates knowing full well that a big load of ungrateful trolls and douchebags are going to tear into. And yet he continues to post them. I’m just saying, there are worse websites and admins you could be yelling at, so why don’t you guys go find them?

  • Angharad

    This kind of ad makes your website look sleazy.

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t like the cursor ads. They are very intrusive and constantly get in the way of reading the site.

  • Hillerious

    I know I’m a little late in the game, but I will add my two cents: These particular ads do indeed make the site look a bit.. trashy? Tacky? Something unpleasant. You care about the site design? Then you should care about how pointless having a design for the sight is when the first thing people see on it is some kind of cursor leech dancing with their poor, defenseless arrows. I’m all for ads, I understand they generate income and that it is important to the site’s maintenance, but these are ugly ads.

    Full disclosure: I do indeed have firefox with abp (though it did not block these particular ads). I feel bad about blocking your source of revenue from my computer, though I hope I have made up for it by contributing a few fairly popular lists. I wouldn’t have downloaded abp in the first place if half the ads on all the sites I visit weren’t women with their tits out. There are small children in this house, after all. If I wanted to see porn, I would wait for them to go to bed and seek it out myself. That may make me out to be a prude, but I hope it’s at least understandable.

    Surely there are better ways to make money? A donation button? A shop? Anything but ads that come across like malware.

  • ianz09

    @jfrater [158]: Open comments have only been back for a little while, and already it has begun.

  • Nevermore

    The ads make the site look bad and, perhaps it’s only me, browsing slower. My internet grinds to a near halt when one of those damn ads pop up. It’s bad enough that I seriously considered deleting Listverse from my bookmarks and coming back in awhile to see if they were gone.

    Also, the whole “once per session per user” idea is defeated if you’re like me, and for convenience, you open all the new lists in tabs. Then you get those fuckers like mad.

    I’m planning to find software that’ll block the ads from popping up, at least. It’ll hurt you, and I’m sorry, but I can’t stand those ads.

  • Mia

    I use firefox, and still get the ads at each page load, and even occasionally 2 or 3 times per page. I have yet to be able to find a way to make them go away, except to ignore them for about 10 seconds. They lock onto my cursor in such a way that I’m not sure I could click on them – the bottom right corner of the ad is right at the point of the arrow.

    I used to check this site once a day, but I haven’t been back in a few days because these ads are impossible. Everything slows to a standstill while the stupid ad is up. I love the lists here, but it’s not worth the headache. These kinds of ads come off as beyond unprofessional, they’re practically predatory, trapping your cursor like that. I never had a problem with popunders or the ads on the sides of the pages, although avoiding rapidly flashing bright colors would be nice – they cause nausea and migraines, not fun!

  • Grey

    What’s wrong with good old-fashioned banner ads? If it interests me, I’ll click on it.

    Forcing an ad under my cursor is just annoying. I have now blocked everything from the adbull domain so it’ll no longer appear. Sorry.

    Contrary to what webmasters and advertisers might think, your visitors DO have a choice in what kind of ads they are willing to see.

  • EZ

    Wow, these are really annoying, way too intrusive. wtf are they following me????
    and they keep appearing whenever i have a new listverse tab open (yea i like to jump from list to list)

    Just thought i’d let you know

  • VintageObsessive

    @ianz09 [158]: yeah I noticed that, too. :/

  • Seanette

    I’ve just been hit twice in as many minutes and it CAN’T be Adblocked. Looks like I’m getting back some time I used to spend here (headed over to Morning Coffee to remove Listverse AND Cogitz).

  • Seanette

    @Pabben [29]:
    I AM using Firefox and ABP!

  • BattleHard

    @bucslim [143]: Quite possibly the greatest single comment ever on the interwebs.

  • Dk

    @mike [166]: Dude, no need to be an asshole. This site takes time and money to maintain, and if you had read the recent site updates, he is also looking to potentially hire some paid writers. That money doesn’t come from trees.

  • bucslim

    @BattleHard [166]:

    Thanks, I try.

  • DH2!

    WORST- ADS- EVER- WAAAAAAAYYYYY worse than pop unders.Used to come everyday,now no way. Until they are gone(and there are other ways to make $,cause no other site I gravitate to DARES put these on their site)another site will get my traffic on a daily basis. Did I say how much they SUCK? I’m done.This is SO INTRUSIVE-I will make sure I never go to wherever they are pointing out. Oh wait,thats the main point of advertising,to get more traffic..NOT. Keep the ads, lose folks.

  • DH2!

    All blocked! No more Ad BUllS#it ads.Sorry,I want nothing following my cursor.I like the site,but not enough to frustrate me. I’ll come back in week or so to see if they are still here.This is worse than 2leep.

  • Tropical

    To all those whining at the people whining about the ads. Jamie asked for his opinion and people are giving it and almost all of them have mentioned that the ad is annoying enough for them to consider leaving the site or to dampen their experience on listverse. That is constructive criticism! They are telling Jami exactly what they hate about it and are even recommending alternative popups that would annoy them less. I don’t actually see anyone effing and blinding about it as 143 seems to insinuate. So why when Jamie has asked for people’s opinion on the matter, are people getting pissed when others are actually giving their opinion on the matter? And its funny that almost overwhelmingly the commentators telling people to get over it and suck it up are the ones who can’t view the ad because they have some sort of blocker.

  • Regular Joe

    I was very bothered when I first saw these ads because I thought that I had been directed to a different site or that I had some sort of malware. I think the new ads are very distracting when I attempt to enjoy articles on this site. They definitely pop up every time I navigate to a new page on Listverse.

    I will be excited when this trial is over and I hope you decide to pursue a different sort of ad revenue.

  • bob

    whatever dude
    I love your site
    I check it out every day
    It makes my day

  • Missyhelen

    Really annoying, but not a big deal in the slightest. It was hilarious when i first saw them though. I shook my mouse around trying to get it off for the whole 5 seconds before I was told what it was. :D

  • bob

    I understand that jamie has to make money in order to keep the site running, but there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. The adbull ads are the wrong way.

    Pop-unders suck. I’m not saying they don’t. However, they don’t cover the text. With pop-unders, the article is not obscured.

    With the adbull ads, the text you are reading can, and will be, covered by the advertisement. Sure, it’s only for five seconds, but it’s principle.

    We came to read an article, and the article is obscured by an advertisement. Pop-unders do not do this, they are far less intrusive and confrontational.

    I use adblock, and I have blocked all ads from listverse now. Now, if your ads were not intrusive, I’d be more than happy to turn them off. I will support a website I like, but I will not support something that annoys me. These adbull ads are bad form, you should know better than this.

    Shame on you.

  • Maria

    I know we should write a list, top ten signs Listverse is losing its integrity. #10:-annoying ads that auto clicks! :)

  • mike

    listverse is losing it’s integrity and jfrater sold his site out a long time ago

  • Bucketheadrocks

    I love listverse no matter what happens so do what you will

  • Bucketheadrocks

    I understand why you put the ads and I love them if i’m interested in them… but, not even 5 minutes into it I go to a website I did’t even choose! It was really annoying and had to reopen this website! It was strange because I didn’t even have my hands on anything at the time. BUT… I was reading some new lists and was interested in something and had VERY easy access to them so… I hope this helped in any way. LONG LIVE LISTVERSE!!!

  • Detailed instructions on blocking these ads from hell –

    1: Click on the AdBlockPlus icon at the top of your Firefox browser.

    2: Click “Open Blocakble Items”

    3: Search “adbull”. You’ll find a few items. Items that are red are already blocked, items that are not red have not been blocked.

    4: Block the ad – select an item and hit enter. A dialog box will come up. Just hit “OK”

    5: Do this for every other piece of sh*t adbull ad.

  • Kailee

    i understand running a website requires income from advertising, but that is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen.

    Not only that but its setting off me virus scanner.I will admit it overreacts, but i cant tell whether it was cause its a nuisance or because i accidentally clicked it :(

  • roger


  • Okay – the cursor ads have now been removed and won’t be coming back.

  • 34E

    I hate ads, but unlike the retards who complain about things like this, I understand that is costs money to run a site. :P As long as it doesn't interfere with list reading (like those ads you get redirected to on some other sites) I'm OK with it.

  • Baltimore

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