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New Advert Trial

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

I have received a couple of emails regarding the new advert type on the site (the ones which follow your cursor around for five seconds). I thought I should post a brief note about these adverts to keep you all in the know.

The adverts are on trial for one month to see if they will be a viable replacement for popunders. They are a new type of ad so we are part of the beta test. The reason I am looking at this option is because they have more going for them than popunders – here is a non-exhaustive list:

1. Unlike popunders, these ads only once per session per user per 24 hours.
2. Instead of having to bring the popunder window to the front to close it, you can just click close on the cursor ad – or wait 5 seconds and it will go away on its own.
3. They are context sensitive – in other words, they should be more relevant to the list they are on

People hated popunders when they first arrived on the scenes – and that is probably true of any new advertising method, but the cursor ads, while being slightly more intrusive initially, should be easier to deal with in the long run.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the trial in the comments.

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Jamie Frater

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