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Top 25 Amazing Animal Videos

by TyB
fact checked by Alex Hanton

In the comments to one of my previous lists someone suggested that I should submit a list of videos about animals. Fortunately, as the avid animal lover I am, I had saved the links to several interesting videos and it was only a matter of putting the best all together. I hope you enjoy them! WARNING – Some of these videos may be disturbing for very sensitive people, although I doubt it; also, for some reason, You Tube users often edit videos and put music tracks instead of the original audio; often, the result is abysmal. I apologize about that.


Videos 1 – 5

1. Orcas hunt seal as “training”, then let it go.

Orca Attack Seal with Waves

Adult orcas in Antarctica causes a crab-eating seal to fall off the ice by throwing giant waves at it, then return the seal to the ice instead of killing it. They were seemingly teaching their young how to hunt seals, but saw no need to kill the seal at the moment.

2. Warthog fights lioness off.

A young warthog defends itself against a much bigger lioness. Warthogs are known to kill hyenas and even lions in self defense; their tusks sharpen against each other every time the animal closes its mouth.

3. “Birth” of a stalk eyed fly

Life Stalk Eyed Fly Challenges of Life

Amazing footage of a stalk eyed fly hatching from its cocoon and “shaping” into its adult appearance.
This incredible insect is found in south eastern Asia.

4. Sumatran rhino caught on camera for the first time in the wild

Sumatran Rhino (Borneo Subspecies) caught first time on Camera at Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah.

One of the rarest mammals in the world is filmed in the wild for the first time.

5. Young horn shark survives angel shark attack

Horn Shark Vs Angel Shark,

Check out the amazingly fast attack of the angel shark.


Videos 6 – 10

6. Coconut carrying octopus

Coconut-carrying octopus

A clever octopus carries an empty coconut shell around.

7. Mimic octopus in action

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus

The amazing mimic octopus changing its appearance to resemble other marine animals.

8. Octopus camouflage

Shapeshifting Octopus, amazing camouflage

A common octopus changes its skin’s color and texture to match its surroundings.

9. Crocodile bites man’s arm

Man Caught In Crocodile Death Roll | Untamed & Uncut

A man teases a crocodile and obviously gets bitten; the croc then does the infamous “death roll” trying to tear the arm off. More than admiring the “bravery” of the guy, I admire the crocodile’s patience…

10. Christian the lion’s story

Christian the lion (Full Story)

A very touching story of a lion raised by humans and then succesfully reintroduced into the wild. Rather famous story by now…


Videos 11 – 15

11. Gibbon taunts tiger cubs

An irreverent gibbon has fun by messing with two young tigers.

12. African crowned eagle in action

A majestic African crowned eagle hunts a vervet monkey to feed its family.

13. Megamouth shark caught on video

rare megamouth shark

Extremely rare footage of a live megamouth shark, a species usually found in deep waters.

14. Superb bird of paradise

Weird Bird of Paradise

The spectacular and bizarre mating dance of the superb bird of paradise.

15. Battle at Kruger

Battle at Kruger

A tourist captures a lengthy but fascinating scene involving a herd of buffalo, a pride of lions and a crocodile.


Videos 16 – 20

16. Transforming owl

The incredible defense mechanism of the African white faced owl when presented with enemies of different sizes.

17. Blanket octopus

Tremoctopus defense mechanism

A little known and seldom seen sea creature displays its defense mechanism.

18. Leopard catches impala in mid air

Unbelievable Leopard Hunt

Amazing footage of a female leopard catching a fleeing impala.

19. Tiger attacks tourists on elephant

A tiger attacks an elephant carrying several men.

20. Leopard cuddles baby baboon

A leopardess kills a female baboon, and then realizes there is a baby baboon clinging to the body. Amazingly, instead of killing the baby, the leopardess seems to adopt a maternal attitude towards it.


Videos 21 – 25

21. Great white shark hunting sea lions

Footage from an excellent BBC documentary; great white shark in South Africa breaches to catch sea lions

22. Chito & Pocho

!Un increible amigo ,Chito y pocho, se llama el Cocodrilo!!Increible

After curing and feeding a wounded American crocodile he found, a Costa Rican man nicknamed Chito develops a close bond with the enormous reptile, which according to him, is still aggressive and dangerous to everyone but him.

23. Female cougar protects cub from grizzly bear

A cougar risks her life to protect her cub against a much bigger and stronger grizzly bear.

24. Galloping crocodile

galloping crocodile

An Australian freshwater crocodile runs for the safety of water at full speed.

25. Giant squid caught on video for the first time

Not a particularly big specimen, but this is an important video; no wild giant squid had ever been filmed before.


Ninja cat
だるまさんが転んにゃ – Stalking Cat –

A funny video of a house cat stalking its owner.

fact checked by Alex Hanton