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15 More Firsts In Video Game History

nathaaan90 . . . Comments

This, the second installment of our firsts in video game history, includes some slightly more obscure (but important) firsts that have made contributions to the state of video games, and the industry which produces them today.


Black Character

First game to feature a playable black character – 1979

Although on the Atari 800, the game ‘Basketball’ was the first to feature an obviously black character that was playable. In the same year, ‘Atari Basketball’ was released to arcades but only in black and white. Because of this, the Atari 800 home system (which was, amazingly, in full color), broke the color boundary in more than one way.


Female Lead

First female lead character in a game – 1981

Along came the rise in popularity of games programming in the 80s, and with this, along came the hackers. The arcade hit Pac Man (1980), was hacked and changed by a company called the GCC (General Computer Corporation). The high quality copy they had created was called Crazy Otto, but after showing Midway Games (the creators of Pac Man), it was bought, the sprites slightly altered and released as Ms. Pac Man. Much the same as Pac Man, minus the red lips and bow, Ms. Pac Man was the first female game character to be at the center of a video game, and to be the only character the player controls. They also changed the orange ghosts name from Clyde to Sue.


Animated Cut Scenes

First game with animated cut scenes – 1981

Donkey Kong on the arcade was released in 1981, and featured “animated” cut scenes, being movements of other objects in the game used as a transition. You can watch a video of the 1981 game being played and completed above. The cut scene is at the end. Also, the first game with interactive cut scenes, these being cut scenes where you could choose what to say, or press buttons to do actions was ‘Die Hard Arcade’ on the Sega Saturn in 1996.


Voice Synthesis

First game to feature authentic voice synthesis – 1982

1979 saw the release of the Intellivision, a second generation games console by Mattel. 125 games were released for the console as well as numerous peripherals, including a keyboard component, the “Entertainment Computer System”, and the “Intellivoice” – a voice synthesis device that added speech to the gaming experience, when played with certain games. Only 4 games truly supported the Intellivoice, the first being Space Spartans (1982), although all featured the voice as an integral part of the gameplay. Before this, no “human” voice had ever been put into a console game.


Console-based RPG

First console-based RPG – 1982

‘Dragonstomper’ was released for the Atari 2600, and published by Starpath. It is rated as one of the top 10 Atari 2600 games, and was the first real console RPG of its kind. The story is particularly clichéd, as with any RPG; you play a dragon hunter, ordered by the King to find a dragon, and retrieve an amulet. The game features random battles, item collection, quests and chances to increase the player’s stats to become stronger.



First game to feature swearing – 1982

Today, swearing is as commonplace in games as it is in films and TV programs, with age ratings being used the same way. The first “swear” featured in a game was on the original arcade version of ‘Q*bert’ in which, when falling off the pyramid, a speech bubble appeared over Q*bert’s head with “@!#[email protected]!?” in it, while a loud noise played. The original idea was to have a speech synthesizer say “you have got 10,000 bonus points’ but after just ending up with “Bogus points” one of the creators just put incoherent text above his head and the loud noise was made by an internal coil that hits the interior of the wall of the machine.

The first game to feature the word “fuck”, uncensored was ‘The Orion Conspiracy’ (Windows, 1995). It was rated 18+ because of its frequent profanity, but also its use of the word homosexual to describe the hero’s dead son, another first in gaming.


Nudity and Sex

First game to feature nudity and sexual acts – 1982

[WARNING: the clip above contains appallingly bad video-game sex.] Not a lot can be said about ‘Custer’s Revenge’, the first game to feature nudity and sexual acts. Released for the Atari 2600, the player controls General Custer as he has to make his way across the screen, bearing a huge erection, avoiding arrows, in order to get to a tied-up, Native American woman, and rape her… The back of the packaging states, “She’s not about to take it lying down, by George! Help is on the way. By God! He’s coming”, while the manual says “If the kids catch you and should ask, tell them Custer and the maiden are just dancing.” As you can expect, the game came under opposition from woman’s rights groups, had an $11 million lawsuit filed against it, and is also labeled one of the worst games ever made.


10 Million Copies

First game to sell more than 10 million copies – 1985

It’s hardly surprising that this title goes to one of the greatest games in history; ‘Super Mario Bros’ on the NES. To date, this game has sold over 40 million copies worldwide; around 40,241,000 to be more precise. The character of Mario has, amazingly, appeared in over 200 video games, and the Mario game franchise, as a whole, was the first to sell over 100 million copies worldwide.


Play by Play Commentary

First sports game to feature play by play commentary – 1991

Play by play commentary, for people who don’t know, is used in sports games the same way it is used in sports in real life. It is consistent and varied commentary of a sports game, outlining things such as different players, scores and other information, all depending on the action. Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football, on the Sega Mega Drive, was the first game to feature such commentary and Sega contracted Lon Simmons to do the voice. Their second game, ‘Sports Talk Baseball’ (in the same year) recycled many of the phrases and was more successful.


First Game to Film

First film to be based on a video game franchise – 1993

‘Super Mario Bros’ the movie was released in 1993, starring Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi. The film tells the story of the two Italian-American plumbers living in Brooklyn, New York (yes you read that right), as Luigi falls in love with (Princess) Daisy, and the two brothers have to rescue her from a dystopian parallel world, where humans evolved as dinosaurs (yeah…). As was expected, the film received negative criticism for being much darker than the games, not to mention, nothing like them. Princess Daisy appeared, rather than Princess Peach (who has been in many more Mario games), Bowser is a humanoid descendant of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, not a fire breathing turtle, and Toad is represented as a reptilian, not a mushroom. Oh dear.


Motion Capture

First game to use motion capture – 1994

‘Rise of the Robots’ had the premise of a great game. It was the first to use motion capture technology to create fluid, real movement in characters. It used CGI sprites rather than pixel art for them, and the look of the game is well ahead of other games released around 1994. It was available on many home consoles, PC, and also as an arcade version. The game, however, received negative feedback (as most of the games to use new technology do), because it was considered “too easy”, as most enemies could apparently be defeated with a simple flying kick. Critics felt the makers had sacrificed gameplay for graphics.


Ragdoll Physics

First game to feature ragdoll physics – 1998

‘Ragdoll Physics’ is the name given to a type of animation used in games to give a more authentic and less static death animation to a character. The term Ragdoll was used during the development, as the character tended to collapse with little joint or skeletal stiffness much like a toy ragdoll. This type of animation was developed quite recently (in the scope of the games industry), as it replaced the older style of death animation, which was just a number of sprites loaded in sequence, no different to any other part of the game. The machines needed huge amounts of processing power to employ the physics engine needed for this type of animation. ‘Jurassic Park: Trespasser’ (Windows) was released in 1998, and was the first game to feature this new technology. Although the game was considered awful, it was a milestone in game physics. Today, games such as Call of Duty 4, Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV use a modern type of ragdoll physics.


Game Theme Park

20050223 Pokepark

First game franchise to get its own theme park – 2005

This one remains a little bit ambiguous because the Pokémon series isn’t exclusively a video game series, although around 30 games have been made since the franchise’s release in 1996. The first ‘Poképark’ was built in Japan in 2005, with a second being built in Taiwan a year later, with rumors of one coming to the USA. Although both are now closed, they had attractions such as Lugia’s Spinning Ship, Pikachu’s forest, Pokémon Safari, Altomare Sightseeing boat, Mudkip’s splash adventure, and a Pokémon merry-go-round and Ferris wheel.


1 Billion Sales


First publisher to sell more than 1 billion games – 2007

Nintendo is one of the longest running games companies, and has enjoyed huge success all around the world. It was founded in 1889, in Kyoto, by Fusajiro Yamauchi and made playing cards. Up until 1963, the company had tried various exploits including a taxi company, a food chain, a TV network and a love hotel, until it started making computer games in the 70’s. As of October, 2008, the company has sold 470 million hardware units, and 2.7 billion software units.


Bizarre Marriage

First marriage between man and a video game character – 2009

A man calling himself ‘Sal9000’ married a character from the DS game “Love Plus”. The clip above speaks for itself.

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    Long time ago, started playing pac-man and it sure was fun. Short and sweet fun. Still play it. Still enjoy it.

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    SMB one of the greatest games in history? Get real, and take those rose-coloured glasses off.

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      Considering the Super Mario bros has spawned countless versions of the game, a Tv show, a movie and sold millions of copies, maybe its you who should take off your black colored glasses.

      • Boxman

        Everything you said was true, but that doesn’t mean SMB is good. Every single one has the exact same story and gameplay.

        To put it simply, Mario is getting boring.

  • Great list. I love when you guys put up a list that acknowledges different innovative things and made history.
    Plus, I’m in the top 10 comments! Finally!

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    BTW, I heard of this survey.
    In that survey, people were asked, what game would they choose if they were locked in a room with only that game and nothing else. No contact with the outside world. They would have only one thing to do, and that was to play that game. Most people said SMB. I would also select SMB.

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      Oooh, can I play!

      When you say 'locked in a room' – did you mean forever??

      It is was 'forever' I may choose the original Far Cry with the 'Predator' expansion pack – it took me six months to complete and I just wanted to start it all over again.

      If it was for a year solid, I suppose I'd choose GTA-San Andreas (because it's massive, fun, and the player can always wander off and make up their own game), Second choice would be Red Dead Redemption (only because it's a smaller game and more repetetive than SA). Third choice would be the latest Gran Turismo (because it takes months to get through and is a constant challenge).

      I don't think I'd go for a game like SMB because I could complete it in an afternoon or a few days and then be completely bored after that.

      Fun comment Froggy, anyone else wanna play…?

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      I'd take mount and blade with the native expansion. That game is literally endless, even if you captured every town and castle you could still fight bandits.

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      mmmmh that's a tough one…. SMB is an awesome game but, i think i would go for games like survival horror…. mmmh ok i will choose Forbidden Siren… very challenging in my opinion, very long and difficult.
      Or maybe, something like Fallout 2? or one of the wwf serie? i can pass hours designing characters….mmmmmraaaaaahhh !!! it's difficult to answer, i like a lot of different games, and it depend of my mood ^^ anyway it's fun to think about that… locked in a room… nothing else to do but playing a video game… hey, i already lived that! Meeeemoriiiiiiies :D

    • If I chose Modern Warfare 2 would I still be able to play online?

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      which narrows it down to pong, tetris, and backgammon.

      the computer cheats at backgammon….(yeah…yeah…thats it)
      and i do not own a moving company, so tetris gets annoying.

      pong? — if i pretend im shaped like a stick, its like virtual tennis
      sort of……

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    Wah… i've just tried Rise of the Robots yesterday…. plain awfull and painfull :D
    yarh thanx for the list, i like to learn about video-game history.
    a short history, but, oh boy, so much already happened…!

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    oh, about Rise of the Robots : music composed by Brian May himself!!! but, well, it doesn't save the game, which is on many 'worst games' lists, and since yesterday, i know why ^^;;;;;
    not the worst game ever but "Critics felt the makers had sacrificed gameplay for graphics" says it all…..
    and about the flying kick, well i don't know… i passed the first match trying to fight but the movements are so stiffy that i've lost the match and i didn't go further….
    Avoid this game, people, it's a pure waste of time!

  • Lifeschool

    Hi games fans. I like to play a few games now and then; but not anywhere near as often as I used to. I gave up the whole thing for a while after I lost my 360 but I'm back to having a weedy Ps2 now and heaps of emulators on the PC.

    Thanks for writing in again Nathaaan90. You seem to know quite a bit about Console games and technology. I was looking forward to seeing a few ZX Spectrum or C64 mentions but otherwise I can't fault your choices and your reasons. Except of course to point out that we've had that aweful block-fest Custers Revenge on two lists now when non would have been enough for me… :D

    I always thought the running animation of the guy in the Impossable Mission games was kinda cool – and reminded me a bit of motion capture – even though it wasn't.

    For voice systhesis I'm reminded of 'Berzerk' (1980). It may not be the first to appear with speech in the arcades (or perhaps it was?), but I know it was ported to the Atari.

    As for the swearing one. Since when did '#@?#'@?' ever resemble swearing? I'm trying to remember a game where, when you died, a sweet female voice-over would say 'Oh shit!', but I think that was a later game.

    Anyway, quite an interesting read. I'd love to see more comments. e.g. Swearing in games – what the fucks that all about?


  • enucleator

    About Custer's revenge (abominable piece of shit), it's on the Atari system, but not licensed by Atari. Back in the days, anybody could make a game for the Atari 2600 and sell, so yeah, there's a lot of shitty/porn games because of that… :D

  • I love video games and just loved this list. Most of the LV regulars know I have 10 game systems and regularly play video games. I've played most of the above (certainly not the custer one) and still have an old Atari. I detested playing Qbert and still hate it to this day. I swear along with that little guy every time too. :)

    • Yeah, me too with Qbert – simply aweful, and unfair.

      So what games have you gotten into recently? …just for fun.

      • Dark Kingdoms for the PS3. I enjoy RPGs the most and I'm trying to beat this one. I have also been playing Assassin's Creed even though I have beaten it several times. I just like sneaking up behind someone or scaling rooftops. Quite fun. :)
        What kind of games do you like?

        • Lifeschool

          I'm totally with you on the sneaking behind thing. That's why it took me six months to do Far Cry. The Tenchu games are also great sneak-em-ups.

          Always figured you for an RPG girl.

          Oh, I'm into all sorts but mainly driving games and FP shooters. I enjoyed playing the original arcade Outrun on mame the other day, and Rick Dangerous 2 on the Amiga is always worth a bash. er? The farthest I got with an RPG was Eldar Scrolls IV – Oblivion on the 360. A MASSIVE game but one of those things you might say 'why am I wasting my life with this' kinda thing. Fable II was fun for a while – with the dog and all – but I never finished it.

          • Try Champions of Norrath or Baldur's Gate II. Both are awesome games and not too time consuming like the Elder Scrolls.

          • I love Baldur's Gate II. My favourite RPG of all time however is Neverwinter Night's

          • I loved both Baldur's gates, I & II. I've looked for the same type of games for a while now and have only come close with the soulreaver series.

        • Assassins Creed 1 was to repetitive for my liking. 1.Go into town 2. Go to view points, help citizens 3. kill bad guy 4. move into next town.

          • Yeah….but if you use your imagination a bit, you can have some fun. Like go into town, blow off all the quests and run into a few guards. Get them to chase you and the hunt it on! I do this a few times then hide on a bench, let them pass then assassinate one and it starts over again. :)

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    Great list. I wish I could go to PokéPark. :D

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    correction on no. 6. an earlier mario bros movie was released in japan in '86.

  • Ringo Starr

    As for #13, I distinctly remember Pac-Man having animated cutscenes, and it came out in 1980, a year before Donkey Kong.

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    Im kinda sketchy on #15 as well. Character in my mind means a playable person in a game that actually has back story and you know… a face. I highly doubt a couple of pixels changing colour was that big of an event. you might as well say pac man was the first yellow character .

  • leo

    first digitised person in a video game was the original prince of persia i think

  • Great list! Love the warning on #9, hilarious AND accurate!

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      "GOD FORGIVE ME" what bungie programmers said after releasing the lamest game of all time aka halo.

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    oh my god I laughed so hard at #1!!! That poor loser…

  • Only played Pac Man and Donkey Kong years and years ago.

    Interesting list – only one gripe its made me feel my age today.

  • I think you should have Uwe Boll on this list…. because he's the best director of all time.

  • timmy the dying boy

    Q*Bert was my game! When I was in college I could drop in a quarter and play all day. No wonder I'm so damn broke now.

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    Awesome list.

  • Hahaha way to start my day

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    So when a busty woman dies she sees her cleavage? Isnt that impossible? Well what do u i care. Cleeeeevage. Yeeey.
    Btw i love the chicks voice in #1. Im going to marry that voice. Not the girl. The VOICE.

  • bassbait

    Um, I have a feeling that this is inaccurate as a list. Pac Man had Cut scenes as well, and it was from 1980.

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    There was a game called Frak! for the BBC Micro computers which contained the work 'fuck' from 1985. This game was a hacked version of the original.!

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      i actually am, and was, far from worked up. and the truth of the matter is that jonathan's comment was semi-funny. semi-dumb, but semi-funny. i even gave him a little thumbs up thingy.
      my post was directly related to the post it was replied to — kinda off subject for a second, but something that is a pet peeve — peolple thinking comment numbers mean somtething in the general scheme of things. the one example you used is about the only thing i can think of that makes sense, however, you know that most of the readers either dont read comments at all, or read all of em.
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      and thanks for saying something — hopefully because you did that, there wont be anyone else confused by the direction of the post.

      • I remember that post by Bluesman, haha. That was great. And I did think you were talking to jonathan, so your hostility seemed a little harsh. But it makes a lot more sense that you weren't, what with the nesting comments and all. Sorry for the confusion :)

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    when i read #1 i immediately thought to myself —- this has to be one of the signs of the apocalypse —- along with the popularity of miley cyrus and ke$ha, the blood waterfalls of taylor glacier in antartica, "first" comments, and the use of ' lol ' in snail mail correspondances.
    (there were originally 12, not 7 you know)

    • ollie, I know you at least half kidding about the apocalypse, but this afternoon I saw some footage from the Gulf showing dolphins and whales dead and dying from the oil and the dispersants, from the poisonous toxins themselves, and from the fact that they suck the oxygen from the water. There were dozens, maybe hundreds, and it will only get worse. The coming hurricane may do irreparable damage to the marshland.
      You live down there, don't you? I feel awful for everyone there. I'm angry at PB and the lack of initial response by everyone who should have responded.
      I know a little too much biology to think that this will be anything but a disaster of the first order for the entire marine ecology for decades to come…and the clean-up workers are in for some terrible diseases in the next 10, 20, 30 years.
      Sorry for the rant, but this is inexcusable.
      Take care.

      • oliveralbq

        aw, hell seggie — i was almost completely kidding about the apocalypse ;)—–>—-<

        i can see the gulf of mexico from my roof. i knew about dolphins but not the whales (plural whales — i knew about 1). this whole thing sucks. ive cleaned birds. there has been a dead whale that surfaced south of the spill site (i think sperm whale) — dolphins — they are findin them but im not sure where. the scary thing — the most telling thing — is what you said about land enviromental damage.
        now, to interject one bit of good news, this hurricane (alex) isnt going to make a difference directly, because its a little too far west, and south. the spill site stretches afrom the area south of lafayette, la, all the way over to panama city, fl……..i am almost directly between —-and it is about as big north to south. indirectly, however, the hurricane had halted the clean-up efforts for at least 3 days, and they were skimming geographically to keep oil away from land,and the oil is winning. now that skimming has temporarily ceased, its going to take a miracle for it not to get worse by 5-fold.
        the whole entire area is like….stunned — no one knows what to do — the people you were referring to (who should have responded faster) didnt respond at first, because they wanted to make sure they had answers when they did get here — they still cant tell the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground. on top of all this, a few agencies (bp included) has taken to influence the situation with propaganda. bp actually has reporters iinn the area hired to write news articles with a positive spin (clean up workers look like a ballet troupe on mississippi beach — that was one of the stories). they dont look like any ballet anything — i can see them from my driveway — they look tired and pissed off and hot..

        • All the hurricane has to do to in order to do it's damage is raise the water level by five feet or so. Even if it misses you, and all you get is a tropical storm, that'll do it.
          In the ocean just kill off the top few feet, the alge and krill, the smallest sea creatures on which the largest sea creatures depend, and you have your apocalypse, both for them, and for for all for all of the food chain that depends on on that delicate balance.
          Am I surprised that the media has been bought by BP?
          Not for a second.
          That's why my husband and I do not, under any circumstances, listen to or watch, any network news. We have found a couple of cable shows that, after discounting some of the more obvious biased reports, can be counted on for truthful reporting.
          This is really a discussion we should be having off.line, but I don't have your addy. Mine is listed in Forums (I think).
          Thank you for helping with the oiled birds. I hope you wore some some kind of protection.
          The shrimpers and the fishermen, most of whom have had their businesses in the family for generations untold, are going to have to learn a new trade.
          No wonder domestic violence is up is NO and vicinity. The amount of of rage, helplessness, and hopelessness those guys must be feeling has to explode somewhere.
          Does anyone remember that this is, underneath it all, a criminally negligent murder case? That 11 people died because, after being warned that things weren't working properly, that, in fact, it was dangerous to continue on the way they were, the workers were ordered not only to continue on, but to increase speed to meet demand from the home office?
          Those deaths will be swept under the rug, no one will remember they ever happened.
          Tony Hampton has life back.
          Too bad we can't say the same for the dead and for the shrimpers and fishermen, the restaurant owners and workers, the small business owners, the hoteliers, and countless others whose lives may never be the same…who may never "get their life back".
          This was a disaster waiting to happen. As long as deep water drilling is allowed the wait is not over.

          • actually the hurricane made landfall 795 miles from here — not only did we not get a tropical storm, we didnt even get rain. it skirted about 225 miles south of the spill.
            ***but that was this one***

            you are exactly right about it raising 5 feet——actually i think it will start having adverse effects if it raises less than 3 feet.
            i was talking to an official with noaa about 3 weeks ago, and he said if there was a hurricane with a strom surge of about 11 feet (katrina was over 35 feet) then this area (from mobile to new orleans — im right in the middle) would be premanently damaged ad deemed unlivable. periiod. end of story.

            i have no reason to doubt him.

            and you have also gotten into the area of sociological and psychpological dilemmas associated with this whole mess (psych, as you know, is one of my degrees)

            now i really could go on and on, but i'll take it off the comment sectns—–when i get home from work tonight i'll find your addy, or drop you a line somehow——i just wanted to drop a quick note to ya

          • Lifeschool

            Of course I'm also with you guys. The longer this goes on, the more aweful I feel about the whole thing, and the more I question the sanity of what's going on. In june 2008 it was all about Al-Quieda and an Economic crisis, in june 2009 it was all about the swine flu crisis, in june 2010 its all about an oil crisis. What's going on? Are we really so inept!

            Even Iran; the (manufactured) devil in a dressing gown; sent offers to humbly help clear up the spill. No dice. The following link shows a history of the international aid efforts and their response:

  • Dr. Steve Brule

    Nerd alert!

  • I wonder what 'sal9000' and his "wife" do when they want to get intimate. What, does he mount……………………EEEEEEEWWWWWW DUDE!!

    Does anyone remember a game called Leisure Suit Larry? The one where you could get Larry to have sex? It was on the computer in my classroom in Intermediate school (year 8).

  • moi

    i remeber there was one game on the odessey with a black basketball player…dunno if it came first before the atari's tho….:P nice list

  • I liked pong.
    What ever happened to pong?

  • Atari's ET should've been on the list, for being the first video game to almost singlehandedly destroy the entire industry.

  • Ah yes, Rise of the Robots. Groundbreaking graphics and was touted for months as a Street Fighter beater. Then it turned out there were no throws, no special moves and if you jumped over your opponent you couldn't turn round to face them.

  • Ryan G

    So many, many forgetable games…

  • Sexysmell

    You're all laughing at the japanese guy, but it was probably some kind of publicity stunt set up by nintendo. Dude probably made a pretty penny. He's probably swimming in DS' right now.

  • nicoleredz3

    Kickass list!

  • I would have liked to hear more – but I guess I'll yield back.

    • Lifeschool, if you email me directly, I'll gladly discuss this further. I just thought we had taken too much time, too off-topic, already.
      Seriously. You have my permission.

      • like i was telling lifeschool — sorry bout the delay. i dont feel quite as bad posting off-topic stuff in a week old list, but as for furrther discussion — this situation is a lot worse than theyre letting on. which is probab;ly expected, but i was surprised to learn a few things than i wouldnt have learned had i not been down on the beach, and listen to crew heads

        its crazy—-and i just gor a txt message from a friend that works at noaa saying there were a couple potential storms heading this way — a long way off at this point, but still unnerving

        im emailing jamie and telling his to shoot you my address……

    • i am semi yielding — i just waited a lil while so that other lists were occupying peoples time. although the centre of the spil is directlly south of here, i went down to barrier islands of louisiana.

      the whole thing is more fucked up than you think

      ill tell jamie to send yoou my addy if youre still wondering about anything.

  • AE

    Not a bad list, though it’d be nice to see more groundbreaking and important firsts that directly relate to the games and consoles.

  • Spocker

    #11 – Console RPG

    Wasn’t ‘Adventure” for Atari 2600 the first RPG game? That one you had three dragons to kill (green, yellow, and red in order of difficulty) and collected items (including a magnet, sword, and bridge) to find a golden goblet and return it to your home castle. There were mazes and hidden mazes and that annoying bat who came around and stole your stuff (though sometimes you can ‘catch’ the bat and get transported to another part of the dungeon). It came out 1979, three years before Dragonstomper, which BTW I’ve never even heard of.

    • Anthony

      Generally "Adventure" is considered an action game. Your character does not "level up" or progress, your basically frantically moving about the screen dodging things and collecting keys. I tend the feel that it is not RPG like.

  • charlie

    good list but 1st 3d probly deserved a mention

  • Anthony

    In regards to the first voice synthesis, there was an add-on for the Magnavox Odyssey2 called
    'The Voice" released in 1978. When paired with games marked compatible, it allowed the system to translate typed words into synthesized words. This included a speak and spell type game that allowed the system to read back what you wrote. This predates the Intellivision voice by several years. A correction to the article would be appreciated.

  • CorrinDaGreat

    Okay I'll admit I'd probably mary Sonic the hedgehog/Knuckles when I was LITTLE lol but, not now omg that shocks me with delight that someone did that o_o

  • cody hoover


  • Unknown Error

    I remember reading about the number 1 spot on an article. It was very surprising, but at the same time it showed the lengths at which people want to be with someone they care about.

  • Lukas

    Sorry, but DooM was earlier than that 1994 release, and it used motion capture for most of it’s sprites. The sprites were actually pixilated pictures of physical clay models.

  • Datnukka

    How was no GTA game on this list? First person free-roaming game?