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Top 10 Memorable Spaghetti Scenes

Movies and spaghetti: two of life’s most reliable and satisfying joys. When spaghetti appears in a movie, it can sometimes play an important part in the movie’s plot, style or character depiction, and could have, as this list will demonstrate, a lot more meaning or purpose beyond just food. So let’s count ten great films that contain memorable scenes in which spaghetti plays a major role. These are the top ten movies for spaghetti. Where the specific scene in question is not on youtube, trailers are provided.


A Night at the Opera

Nothing is worse than the disappointing, nostalgic feeling you get when watching an old movie and you have to ask yourself, “Why can’t they make movies like this anymore?” Case in point: A Night at the Opera, by the Marx Brothers. At the center of this comedy masterpiece is a lively musical sequence that includes Allan Jones belting out a hearty vocal solo, Chico Marx performing his signature piano routine, and, of course, the ever poignant Harpo on the harp. And it all starts with a plate of Spaghetti.

As with similar comedy teams from the period (read: The Three Stooges), a running theme with the Marx brothers was that they were always trying to find something to eat. The context in this film is that they are illegal stowaways on a ship from Italy to New York, and they are starving, and when they finally do find food it’s a banquet of spaghetti, served out of a ridiculously large bowl, with meatballs and sauce, all liberally heaped onto their plates with no questions asked. There’s nothing they can do about it except stare with wide eyes at their newfound feasts, and smile. After all, what better way to launch into an epic song-and-dance number than on a full stomach? And with these amiable protagonists, it’s difficult for the audience not to feel stuffed right along with them. Yet, the spaghetti scene is only one of the many reasons A Night at the Opera frequently, and rightfully, earns a spot on shortlists for the highest-rated, most critically acclaimed films of all-time.



In his first foray into the family genre, Will Ferrell plays Buddy, the Elf, a man raised by elves on the North Pole. After learning that he is not really cut out for elf work, Buddy decides to leave his adoptive elf father (Bob Newhart) and reconnect with his biological father (James Caan), who lives in Manhattan, where the storyline proceeds with several zany, fish-out-of-water antics.

In one scene, Buddy makes himself a breakfast consisting of spaghetti topped with what appears to be sprinkles, marshmallows, M&Ms, maple syrup and chocolate fudge pop tarts. He then grabs this concoction and shovels it into his mouth with his bare hands. Besides being hilarious, this is an important scene because it gets to the core of what Buddy really is—not just outrageous, or ignorant, or bizarre, or immature, or stupid, but, in fact, childlike. What scene in this whole movie better portrays this one quality, and what better quality for him to have in a Christmas movie?

It’s a shame, however, that the ending of this emotionally-driven movie was trampled by cheap CGI reindeer. You can view the clip here.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Two words: Spaghetti Tornado.

Two more words, these two meekly uttered by Flint Lockwood, the inventor (Bill Hader), when he first witnesses the terrifying Spaghetti Tornado: “Mama Mia.” Enough said.


I Love You To Death

In this movie, probably categorized best as a “dark comedy,” Tracy Ullman discovers that her Italian husband (Kevin Kline) has been serially unfaithful. Devastated, her reaction is to secretly plan and carry out his murder. Unfortunately her many attempts at this fail, leaving him blissfully unaware that he is in any danger, and thus providing the action of the movie.

One of her ideas is to poison him by making him a big spaghetti dinner with two whole bottles of sleeping pills mixed into the sauce. She keeps serving him plate after plate, waiting for him to keel over, to no avail, as other silliness ensues. Now, it may be mildly notable that her character isn’t Italian, she’s a Slav, so there may be some vague racist tones in this spaghetti strategy of hers, especially since he and his mother-in-law insist on insulting each other in their native languages, but that’s only if you want to look really deep into it. Given the rampant immorality of all the characters, this movie is actually very funny. At one point Kevin Kline says to one of his girlfriends, “I’m Italian, I can’t make love to a woman with a German Shepard in the room. It’s awkward for him.”



Going much further into the realm of the macabre, fittingly for Listverse, Se7en takes the concept of Murder-by-Spaghetti to whole new level.
The setup is basic enough: Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are detectives assigned to a case, Freeman is on the verge of retirement, he doesn’t care for Pitt’s cocky attitude, yada yada yada. Anyway, at the first crime scene they visit, they find a morbidly obese man sitting, dead at a table, with his hands and feet bound together with barbed wire, and his head facedown in a bowl of spaghetti. There’s also a bucket of vomit and human excrement under the table. After visiting with the coroner, they conclude that the man must have been tortured by being force-fed numerous cans of spaghetti, at gunpoint, until his organs eventually burst and he died from internal bleeding.

The story goes that the killer responsible is a maniac who follows a pattern based on the Seven Deadly Sins, with the obese victim representing Gluttony. The rest of the corresponding murders follow (Greed, Lust, etc, all similarly grotesque), but this first one is what sets the tone for the whole movie. It’s twisted, disgusting and disturbing, which is exactly how both detectives feel about the unidentified “metro” setting they both live in, and cannot stand.



In this Japanese language film, a humorous restaurant scene shows an unexpected interplay between two cultures. A Japanese woman is instructing a group of younger girls the polite way to eat spaghetti. She demonstrates the correct way of holding a fork and spoon, how to politely twirl the noodles up off the plate, bite, chew and so forth.

Across the dining area at another table is a western-looking man who is served his own plate of spaghetti. As he eavesdrops on the etiquette lesson, he attempts to eat his spaghetti according to how the Japanese teacher is describing. Before long, however, he grows impatient and simply starts to scoop the spaghetti into his mouth and slurp it loudly. When the Japanese women hear him they are all very shocked and embarrassed, but after a couple of minutes they realize that his way is more effective and they all abandon the proper style in favor of slurping, including the instructor. This awesome scene works great even without subtitles.



The role of Italian food in this movie is to symbolize the extravagant life of the mob members, and it is summed up with a line from the final scene. Ray Liota, a former “wise-guy”, and the film’s narrator, is lamenting his new suburban life in the witness protection program, as he says, “I can’t even get decent food! Right after I got here I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I’m an average nobody.”

Contrast this sentiment with a previous scene in which he and the gang are preparing a delicious dinner, while they’re actually serving time in prison, on “Mafia Row.” As mobsters, they were somehow privileged enough to not have to stay in cells like regular criminals, and they got to cook their own meals from scratch. As Pauly Cicero is cutting paper-thin strips of garlic with a razor blade, Liota walks in with fresh baked bread, cheese and two bottles of wine. (This scene only refers to “pasta”, and not spaghetti specifically, but still.)

Another notable scene in which the relationship between food and lifestyle is illustrated is when Ray Liota is in the middle of a major drug deal, and he calls home to make sure his little brother is stirring the tomato sauce he has on the stove, just to make sure the sauce doesn’t “stick.”
Make no mistake, Martin Scorsese earned an Best Director Oscar for this movie, even though they gave it to him for The Departed.


The Apartment

In one nice little scene Jack Lemmon is making dinner for Shirley McLane in the apartment, and as he is singing and dancing in the steamy kitchen, he uses a tennis racket to strain the spaghetti over the sink. As if this act of typical uncivilized bachelorhood wasn’t enough, McLane then says, “You’re pretty good with that racket,” to which Lemmon replies, “wait ‘til you see me serve the meatballs!” Classic.


Problem Child 2

To fully appreciate the spaghetti scene in this movie, you have to consider it from the point-of-view of its target audience: adolescent boys. Bean Healy (John Ritter) is a single dad who is raising his only son, Junior, and the two of them are out on a double date of sorts with his (Ben’s) single mother girlfriend Annie and her daughter Trixie. At the restaurant Junior and Trixie spot their school principal Igor Peabody (Gilbert Gottfried) sitting at a VIP table with his scantily-clad female companion, and the two kids decide to start some mischief. With a spoon, Junior catapults a meatball across the dining room and into the ample cleavage of Peabody’s date where it is securely buried. As Peabody presumptuously attempts to fish it out with his fingers, Trixie pelts him in the side of the head with another meatball, at which point Peabody screams, “You rotten kids! You should be locked in cages!” At this, Ben retaliates in the kids’ defense and before long the entire restaurant is engulfed in a full-fledged spaghetti food fight (there are also pies).

This is a fundamental turning point in the movie’s plot and character development, as before this scene Junior and Trixie regarded each other principally as a rivals and both were in a power struggle against their parents, but now, as a result of the food fight, when they have teamed up for the first time, the audience can see how truly loyal all four characters are to each other, and how perfect they all are as a family.


Lady and the Tramp

It’s difficult to single out another exact moment in all of the vast Disney collection that’s more charming, creative, tender, iconic and downright romantic, than when the cocker spaniel and the schnauzer-mix in Lady and the Tramp serendipitously pull each other into a kiss when they slurp up the same noodle from a plate of spaghetti. It’s their first official date, it’s under a starry sky, there’s music, and they’re both completely oblivious about what’s about to happen until the very last moment when their lips touch! Except for the borderline-hostile ethnic stereotypes in this scene, it is nothing short of flawless.

What’s interesting is that, with such a great moment, it becomes totally irrelevant that the two characters are dogs, instead of people. No small accomplishment, but maybe the fact that they’re non-human in the first place is what makes the whole thing so universally accessible to viewers young and old. This is truly one of the crowning jewels in the Magic Kingdom.

As a side note, this scene was later lampooned by the 1993 movie, Hot Shots Part Duex, even down to Charlie Sheen pushing a meatball across the plate with his nose. By and large a worthless picture, this one parody succeeds in not completely desecrating the original. It actually pays a modest tribute in its own weird way. The Lady and the Tramp scene was also alluded to by the show Married…with Children when Buck takes a female dog to the backdoor of an Italian restaurant (where Al Bundy also goes to beg for food.)

  • mememe

    crap list

    • cate

      Did you even read it?

      lighten up!


      • frisbee

        Yeah, and um…it sucks!

  • Summer

    Um… spaghetti? random!

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  • bluesman87

    random list but i liked it . I cant watch good fellas without getting munchies especially the prison scene , also cloudy with a chance of meat balls kicked ass .

    • Not sure why you got the thumbs down- it's exactly what I was thinking! All the food looks awesome in Goodfellas.

      And cloudy with a chance of meatballs was awesome, even if you just think of steve!

      • bluesman87

        straight up , so much good Italian chow . Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was awesome , i discovered it when baby sitting for a friend me and the kid loved it . Thumbs down uh oh!!! hahaha

  • A few things to say…
    -How i love a list that, once in a while, is not trying to make you a better, smarter man but just wants to entertain you!
    -The Marx are hilarious, they are not soooo popular in europe but i loved to discover them a while ago
    -Trailers once where so cool with that really "tale-telling" voice, liked the "I Love You to Death" one
    The critic gave it TWO THUMBS UP!!!
    How i miss the world where i grew up… one could say such a thing and not be pointed out as king of jerks.

    • jerk.

    • amrit

      i agree with u tat all lists need not make us any smarter and just entertain us… but how on earth does 10 sphagetti scenes in movie entertain anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now u can try a list like "top 10 memorable scenes of bathing in the bathroom"….

      • josh

        Well, I am going to do a list called "Top ten movie scenes where someone goes to the toilet".

        • bluesman87

          that would be awesome , can i suggest the machine gun spray kak scene in dumb and dumber ?

          • ZedroZ

            Can I further suggest the scene from Pulp Fiction where John Travolta goes for a crap and gets gunned down by Bruce Willis.
            Shame to waste those pop tarts!

        • if youre shooting for people in the toilet (with the phrase 'in the toilet' acting as a euphamistic verb for people actually pissing or whatever) — you may find that to be boring once you begin writing, and have 5 examples. or maybe not. i guess youd have to be into pissing to some degree, to enjoy that.

          if youre shooting for people in the toilet (with the word toilet being used as a noun meaning: the room in which youre supposed to do all your pissing) — then youre 3 years too late:… — the order kinda seemed screwed up to me. i believe you could do "another 15….." type lisr, if you were so inclined.

          if youre shooting for people *in the toilet* (with the word toilet being used as a noun relating to the white thing near the shower in which youre supposed to do your pissing) — then good luck — all i can think of is "trainspotting".

          lifeschool, im with you, i understand your apprihension on the details — the descriptions arent something i want to delve into at 7am here.

          happy writing, sir.

          • Try as I might, I can't find the list of toilet scene items amoung the many list demos I've written. Hey ho. I know I remember seeing the bathroom scenes list (you linked to) and came up with 10 more, but I can't remember which ones I chose. Actually, I think the original list would be hard to beat.

          • characterized by brevity and literary consciousness, that list was quite succinct. i actually think it was one of the earlier lists that frater wrote. making a sequel may be challenging, but obviously ya connot go around trying to beat lists that are continuations of shit that's almost 3 year old. typically, you pen your ideas cleverly — im thinking you could do this.

            the challenging part would be in the scope of the movies (or, scenes, anyway) it detailed. what with 4 homicides and 3 suicides thrown in amongst slap-stick comedy — it was pretty different..

      • Cereal Killer

        The toilet scene in Pulp Fiction.

    • jesus i was just kidding!!

    • Chase

      Yeah.. but I really REALLY find enjoyment in getting smarter and better so…

  • Zacharyyy

    I am completely and utterly appalled at the lack of the Spaghetti Breakfast from John Cassavetes's film A Woman Under The Influence (1974).
    That's one of the best scenes in 1970s cinema, perhaps any cinema!
    The scene requires some context to understand and it's all on youtube, so here's a link to the very beginning . (The Spaghetti scene starts in the latter part of the 3rd video though)

    • bluesman87

      whoa i guess the only thing you can do is…….. try to go on… and live life day by day , day by day….

    • good call
      i hadnt seen this scene before — we watched the movie in a film criticism class i took at u. of alabama, but i'm thinking i might havebeen hungover,,……….i mean… . .. . .. … …
      … . .. 'sick'….

      yes "sick" that day because i can remember how it started and how it ended.
      your links went tto scenes i have definately never seen.

    • oh——as for your displeasure with the absence of the film on the list.
      you nailed it yourself…….

      @zacharyyy: "…The scene requires some context to understand and it's all on youtube, so here's a link to the very beginning…"

      uh-huh — it wouldve been too damn hard to explain to tons of people who had never seen it (or even heard on it)……

      although comments serve a plethora of purposes, one a wonderful side purpose is to add to the list authors. that way, instead of ten items, and then peple aruging ad nauseum alll day, — we get 35 items before the day is over — because of people like you who point out movies we hadnt thought about in ages.

  • Anorak

    What about the scene from Muppet Show where the Swedish Chef gets attacked by Spaghetti with a life of its own

  • eteddsy

    rather twee

  • camo

    I thought 'Alien' would have been on this list. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought that Ash (and the rest of the Nostromo crew) were dining on spaghetti when the Chestburster made it's grand entrance..!?!

  • Jim Roadie

    where's Magical Mystery Tour or Alien

  • ok i'll give this list points for the utter wtf'ness
    there you go.

    • And I give you a thumbs up for your use of "wtf'ness."

  • bassbait

    Where's Hot Shot Part Deux? That scene relies on the spaghetti for the jokes! As for the rest of the list, it wouldn't exist without Lady and the Tramp. That's the reason the list was made.

    • last paragraph of the list.

      its the one that starts out with this sentence:
      "As a side note, this scene was later lampooned by the 1993 movie, Hot Shots Part Duex"

      if it makes you feel any better, you spelled the movie's title right, where the list author did not..

  • Packeranatic

    oh how i anticipate the daily list from listverse. but only really one of these scenes i have heard about or recall. and describing scenes in big blocks of text defeats the purpose of the movie. id have to say that the movie lists lately have been a disappointment.

    Please pardon any textual errors, cba’d to change them from my mobile.

  • KabirBhai

    What next? The top 10 chicken scenes or top 10 hotdog scenes?

    • Top 10 Hotdog scenes could be interesting… but all I can think of off the top of my head are porn titles.

      • oliveralbq

        with hot dogs — there was one movie where the possibility of there being worms in hot dogs was discussed. it was later pointed out that worms are much more expensive than pork, and there was much doubt as to why anyone would make hot dogs *more* expensive than necessary (or put perfectly good worms into a tube full of "lips and assholes")

        sorry — i cannot remember which movie it was. (or maybe a tv programme)

        that plus 9 pornos and youre good to go

        • That might have been Uncle Buck. Don't remember for sure but think there's a camping scene near the begining where they discus that taboo subject of hot dog components.

          • oliveralbq

            i can neither confirm nor deny that.

            u.buck's release was about the right timeframe for when i'm remembering it, though.

            i just thought the scene's premise was funny —
            –being served dog in an asian restaurant —
            –the prospect of gators in the dish segues was talking about the other day called: 'food with vegtables'.,,,,,,

            and so here comes the thought of worms in a hot dog. quickly refuted due to the fact that worms are too expensive and too good to be crammed into a hotdog.

          • "i just thought the scene's premise was funny —
            –being served dog in an asian restaurant — "
            There was one studio lot on which we shot many times, the back entrance of which was across the street from two businesses:
            A Veterinary Hospital and a Thai Restaurant.
            I swear, as in all the years we shot on that lot, we never, ever ordered ordered from that restaurant. It was just a bit too creepy.

          • Uncle Buck for sure is a top 3 pancake movie.

          • so i take it you have a few more of these lists lying around in your brain or on your desk?

            there isnt anything wrong with shaking up the subject matter of this list's contents every now and then, as many have pointed out today. and for the ones who said this list was boring, well, they can go watch re-runs of old ufc fights, or feed some birtds, or learn to knit, or whatever.

            having said that, i certianly wuoldnt try to submit 37 of these.

            theres still that issue of overkill

            this was quite interesting, though, and i — for one — was reminded of handfuls of movies i hadnt thought about in quite some time.


    • upon reading your comment about chicken —
      the chicken salad sandwich scene in "five easy pieces" rushed into my head instantly. please put this in the top 3

      and dont cheat and pretend like eggs are chickens — with "v for vendetta", "rocky", that pee-wee herman movie, "cool hand luke", you can make a whole list of eggs in movies.

  • No spaghetti westerns?

  • porkins

    that list was bare awesome, its good that every now and again we get a list that isn’t all serious

  • brock

    you guys ran out off ideas?

    • obviously not :-o

      if anything, everyone is armed with a shitload more ideas than when they woke up this morning. chickens, hot dogs, toilets — even instructions on how to better enjoy spaghetti

      now, when someone writes a list of top classic rock tunes with a 5 syllable word in the first line of the chorus, then i';ll surely call that a stretch.

      • "Welcome to the Hotel Ca-li-for-ni-a"????

        • yessir
          the panel will accept words that are 5 syllables due to aussie accents. if i tell you that when i lived in cali, we said "ca-li-forn-ia", then that opens the flood gates to "americancentric" complaints. and i dont wanna hear it.

          so, yes — thats one.

          –con-grat-u–la-tions for breaking my heart. ….. (congratulations — traveling wilburys)
          –syn-chro-ni-ci-ty — (the police)
          –snuf-fle-up-ag-us — (a song by ice cube, or dr.dre, or n.w.a.(?))
          –jus-ti-fi-a-ble homicide — (dying fetus)
          –i want a hipp-o-pot–amus for christmas — traditional xmas tune (although the jonas brothers re-did it….*do not* flame for talking about jonas bros….my niece is 9 and she's responsible
          –be-hav-iour–cont-rol technician — fishbone (i told ya it would be a stretch)
          –cancels my qual-i-fi-ca-tion to think of you — ban qing ge — (shorty yuen)
          —at least i was calm on the road to the big ob-ser-va-tor-y — (aimee mann)
          —some reference to e-qui-lli-bri-um in "sexx-laws" by beck
          you still have the number 1 though
          this is this month's version of "movies about cows" list

          • It's sung as "Cal-i-for-nya" in the song. I have only ever heard it pronounced as 4 syllables, except in "Surfing USA" where it is pronounced "Cal-i-for-nye-ay" (to rhyme with USA).

  • elise

    i totally thought this would be about spaghetti westerns. i was severely disappointed :(

  • "She demonstrates the correct way of holding a fork and spoon, how to politely twirl the noodles up off the plate, bite, chew and so forth."
    You don't eat spaghetti with a spoon, you eat them primarily with a fork, occasionally using a knife to help you.

    Awesome list!

    • cate

      actually, eating spaghetti with a spoon is often regarded at the refined way to eat the strands of pasta, twirling the pasta with a fork into a spoon. Depending on what country you're in I guess this custom can vary. Emily Post herself wrote that 'twirling pasta into a spoon with a fork is a genteel way to eat pasta strands"- that it is a sign of manners, refinement, and class. I know that any restaurant I've ordered pasta in has given me a spoon to twirl and politely eat the pasta. Maybe it's just a Western thing?

      • hunter

        Really? people here in the Philippines have been eating spaghetti with a spoon and fork for the longest time. I didn't know we were 'refined' lol. Hell, you could order spaghetti at a McDonald's here……and they'll give you plastic spoon and fork to eat it with!

        • someone somewhere told me about a mcd's in hong kong (i believe) serving spaghetti — that is truly hard to imagine as "good" fare.

          i mean, jesus, their hamburgers taste like raptor shit

          and although i do not like scary-o's at all, i cant imagine mcghetti is even that good.

          and they make ravioli too
          whatever — you knnow what i mean.

    • oliveralbq

      i know fuck-all about emily post.
      i have worked (years ago – in undergrad) in an extremely up-scale fine dining restaurant — were they did many many things differently (but, of course, had no spahghetti, as it was a french steakhouse)

      what i do know, is that i have a weird french / italian girlfriend who will not break up (or cut) noodles, and claims the easiest way to eat spaghetti is with a fork and a spoon — easiest, and most proper.

      get noodles on your fork, put the tines in the spoon, and twirl it up into a nest.

      she is further convinced of this because she learned the technique in italy.

      ? that may have never occurred to me, but neither would writing a list on spaghetti scenes.

    • Renee Pussman

      You are clearly an unrefined slob. Spoons are OFTEN used in Italy and in other countries in fine dining establishments as well as in peoples homes. You may want to either: A: do some fucking research before making yourself look like a fag, B: keep your mouth shut.

      Fuck you.

      • bluesman87

        why so aggressive ? A) Shut the fuck up and stop being a snotty bitch B) Shut the fuck up and stop being a snotty bitch . I eat with my hands because thats how incredibly macho and awesome i am . You sit down while you pee. If you are of a different opinion , don't worry you are wrong . Serious . You are consistently a dick . I hate to use gay slander ( with respect to friends and family )but you sound like the fukin fudge packer .

      • Julius

        Well, this'll be fun. Have you ever been to Italy? In Italy, the tourists eat with a spoon, the locals eat with a knife&fork. Also, I have worked at a "fine dining establishment" and the few times spaghetti was on the menu, the guests got a knife&fork, not a spoon.
        I'm far from an unrefined slob, without going to far into my personal life which is really none of your business, I'm just going to say that I'm well educated in etiquette.
        Calling someone an unrefined slob while insulting them with really the most basic of insults (and a nice little bit of homophobic slur) is probably one of the stupider things I have seen in a while. Judging from the rest of your comments on this list you are a slightly racist, homophobic imbecile, so to make sure you understand me I'll try it your way: Fuck off and go troll somewhere else asshole.

      • WTF?
        Who died and made you queen of the etiquette faeries? Or the keeping one's mouth shut faeries?
        You should take your own advice about the latter, Ms. Pussman.

      • dear renee pussy:

        your passion for douchebaggery is fascinating.

        parva leves capiunt animas, fucking asshat

    • TEX

      I ate spaget for years just twirling against the plate. Then I saw someone on the “TV” use a spoon and I tried it. It works quite well – I don’t give a shit about eating spaghetti in a restaurant or how someone else eats it. The spoon works so that’s what I use.
      I also take mashed potatoes on a fork and smash other stuff on the plate to make it stick – works great – got that from the Stooges.

    • Princess711

      I’ve never eaten pasta with a knife…only a spoon/fork for the spaghetti… :) try expanding your horizons a bit!

      • some people cut the noodles so that it's easier to eat.

        which is completely unecessary
        if you have a spoon

  • Gotta agree with bluesman87 & mordecharmordechai – not all lists need to be deep and meaningful. This one has still sparked comments and magoopaintrock is sure thinking outside of the box with this list! I never would have considered it.

  • Mr. Ree

    Several porn scenes have benefitted from spaghetti but I can't think of any titles at the moment…

    • Renee Pussman

      That's because you only watch for 4-6 minutes before you finish and turn it off.

      • Princess711

        And honestly Renee, your comments are a bit much. This site is supposed to be fun, there’s no reason why you have to be a bitch about everything and everyone because you have an opinion!

    • Mr. Ree

      4 – 6 minutes would be a long time for me, actually. I'm normally a '2 minute man'…

  • Just some girl

    hah! this reminded me of the spaghetti scene in Gummo

    cute list!!

  • This list is ridicolous. Spaghetti are ITALIAN pasta and this list does not include A SINGLE ITALIAN MOVIE.
    Let me show a couple of movies that are now LEGENDS with legendary actors. And do a decent research next time, please.

    1) Miseria e Nobiltà (Poverty and Nobility) starring Totò, maybe the most legendary comic actor we have had.

    2) Un americano a Roma (An American in Rome ) – starring Alberto Sordi, another true movie legend for us italians.


    • But are there specific "spaghetti" scenes in those (not just scene that happen to have spaghetti in them)?

    • Renee Pussman

      Hey, shit head. Why the fuck do we give a shit about your lame ass Italian films? Oh yeah, we don't, so fuck off.

      • Because, you dork, this list is about SPAGHETTI. Would you do a list of movies about Hamburger without mentioning american movies?

    • TEX

      Then it should list Chinese movies since they invented noodles/spaget.
      And you might talk to someone in Germany cocerning "Hamburg"ers.

      • tex–
        youre right on one thing — many chinese movies could go here.

        oh yeah — and the chinese invented noodles. right there too.
        however they were rice noodles, and the italians took the idea back to italy, began making them out of flour, and spaghetti was born.

        —spago is the italian word for thin yarn, or thin string.
        —spaghetto is the diminnuitive version (due to the length not matching up with the length of a ball of string.
        —spaghetti is the italian plural of the above (since you have 75 noodles on a plate, not one big long one)

        • TEX

          yeah I know – semolina -i was trying to dance around it – and the Hamburg thing too

    • Ritzz

      It's true this list is crap without Totò at N.1
      you should have renamed it "Top 10 Memorable Spaghetti Scenes in american movies"

  • eyexplod

    Dumb list

  • nicolelynnw

    Kudos to you for making me crave spaghetti at 6:30 in the morning :).

  • rain

    Wow Lady and the Tramp came out on 1955? That's educational for me.

  • What?! No "Magical Mystery Tour"?! I am severely disappointed…

    • Rachel

      You are so right! Aunt Jessie's nightmare deserves a spot on here!

  • robert mondavi

    is this a real list,,,,,,wow

  • Princess711

    Haha this was cuteee :) good job! I love the elf scene and of course lady and the tramp lol

    • oliveralbq


      one of the best kisses ever.

      (and no, segues, im not stealing your line from a couple weeks ago — i just happened to agree with you before you said it) –… :o)

  • Lifeschool

    @ josh: I already started the research on that one! Well, I got as far as the list of items but couldn’t be bothered with the descriptions. So I sent in what I had anyway – to the LV – and it looks like nobody at LVHQ could be bothered to finish it either. It’s a smart-arse piss-take kinda suggestion. :)

    As for this list, well – it’s certainly a unique standpoint. Who’da thought it. At one point I was thinking the list – like the pasta – was rather limp, then I changed my mind when The Apartment came up. Tampopo also looks like an interesting choice; so for those reasons I’m IN.

    • bluesman87

      i really did write a list on wiping your ass . really . And i submitted it with only community service and intellectual integrity in mind . But i guess some geniuses are only recognized long after they are gone .

  • catz fornando

    Next up: Top ten list where people go out the door, then come back because they forgot their car keys….but later realized they were in their pocket the whole time…and went back out again after saying '"oh here they are".

    • bluesman87

      Heh heh heh now thats funny…

    • TEX

      how about the "where are my sunglasses" scene
      there on your head dumbass

      • my mom has been the ringleader of the
        "did i turn the oven off, and/or unplug the iron" club
        for as long as i remember.

        on some special occasions, she throws in
        "did i lock the door" to complete the hat trick

        • "on some special occasions, she throws in
          "did i lock the door" to complete the hat trick"

          ha ha ha! I moved from L.A., where you didn't go to the laundry room without locking your doors, to a village so small, you can go on vacation for a few weeks and leave the place completely unlocked…the only reason you wouldn't leave the door actually open is to keep the wildlife out.

          • oliveralbq

            what do you have against the wildlife?
            let 'em in…
            they want to read listverse, too

          • I have nothing against wildlife…in fact, I have planted nasturtiums in abundance only because they are the favorite food of the local deer population; I put out chopped apples and lettuce for bunnies; my husband makes a special breadcrumb mixture, year around, for the birds…who actually sit on the kitchen walk wall and wait for it every morning…then when they see that he is gone, they pull the "sorry me" act on me and I feed them again.
            I can only imagine the havoc a family of raccoons could manage, given free range of the place for a week or so. It would be nasty.
            I love the little guys, don't get me wrong! They just belong in outside.

          • I once had a dog who could read "Taco Bell".
            She was a Border Collie. They are very smart.
            I would have to go in and order her a breast of chicken, skin removed, chopped up, no bones, in a cup, and the only way she she would eat it was from a fork, which I had to handle for her (dogs not being equipped with an opposable thumb).
            I never ate Taco Bell. I never ate "fast food". I'd had her since she was 12 weeks old, so I have no clue how this came about.

          • TEX

            My ex-sister-in-law had a border collie – only it was black and white, I mean she had markings along the lines of a standard collie – but she was black and white – stunning little girl named Missy. Absolutely the smartest dog I have ever met – she never ceased to amaze me with her quick grasp, memory and politeness – she never forgot any human she was introduced to.
            I don’t have a dog currently – but I made the decision a ling time ago – when I do it will be the little collie.

    • do home movies count?

  • WaeL

    LOL epic list. Thumbs up!

    • Renee Pussman

      Epically gay.

      • vormir

        Why do you have to be such an asshole? You are obviously homophobic and extremely sensitive to anything someone says that you do not agree with. Learn to express yourself better without slandering people. Grow up and get a life!

      • Rachel

        Are you a troll Renee?

  • Fun and cute list today. I just had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night to perfect timing for this list. As an added bonus, spaghetti is great for a food fight. Maximum damage and can hit multiple targets at once. :)

  • vanowensbody

    Nice list, nothing wrong with a little fun.

    It is linguini and not spaghetti but there is the famous scene in the film Odd Couple where Oscar picks up a plate of linguini and hurls it at the wall.

    • Oh yeah! – classic movie, classic scene!

  • patrice

    no 'saturday night fever'???? 'he hits my hair'

  • 'Seven' is a great movie. Poor Gwenneth.

  • missmozell

    Spaghetti seems to have been a theme for middle class comfort food or slightly indulgent dining out in movies and television from the fifties through, say the early seventies. I remember an episode of The Andy Griffith Show where Andy somehow found himself having to make his way through three successive bountiful spaghetti dinners, growing more and more miserable. I believe it was Howard, Helen, and Aunt Bea who all had fixed them for him, knowing how much he liked spaghetti. Rather than hurt anyone's feelings he kept shoveling it down. And each one proudly confessed the 'secret' to their sauce–oregano.

    • I remember that!

      The Vicar of Dibley did an episode that echoed that, though not with spaghetti. She was too polite to turn down four Christmas dinners with friends. This must be a recurring theme..

  • uncle dave

    The restaurant scene from "Defending Your Life" with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep might qualify, although Streep is actually eating linguini noodles. Still, it could be worth an honorable mention:

  • Well I think it's a cool list. An interesting premise that I would never have thought of – should have of course. It's always about either food or sex. All the best things are. :)

    great job putting Lady and the Tramp first btw – had to be eh?

  • i knew lady and the tramp was going to be on here just by reading the name of the list!!! didnt think it would be number 1 though. I liked it

    • out of sheer curiousity, what were you thinking #1 would be?

      when i saw the list title, i immediately thought of:
      'goodfellas' and 'i love you to death;: — river phoenix, wm.hurt, kevin kline — good scene good flick — hell, keanu reeves was even ok (he didnt really have to act)….
      —–*didnt* think of se7en cause i forgot about that scene

      not counting lady and the tramp in this list would have been sacrilege
      so i was with you there.

      but in my mind, the placement was spot-on
      this scene being at the top was like secretariat winning the '73 belmont by 31 lengths
      — i mean — it wasnt even sort of close……

      if i had stopped you and asked — what would have been your top answer?

  • Lisa Marie

    Seriously, how did this list not have A Clockwork Orange included?

  • DiscHuker

    I can’t believe someone actually used the terms “plot and character development”. In reference to a Problem Child movie.

    • Renee Pussman

      HAHAHA! Seriously.

  • dc420911

    What about magical mystery tour?

  • Film_Fan

    I thought I'd add this one, in case the OP hasn't seen it. Not from a movie, but from the (American) classic TV show, "I Love Lucy."

    (Next time someone has a mouth full of spaghetti, stare at them and see what happens!)


    Nice list, but what about that scene from "A Clockwork Orange" where Alex is sedated by the old man???

    I mean, I don't think anybody could forget about that…

  • Crazy-Jazz

    I really liked this list, kinda random, but nice.

  • adam

    Spaghetti? Honestly? C'mon man

  • aubloom

    I’m actually commenting today because I don’t like this list at all. I get excited to come to this site first thing in the morning after getting to work but this list left a sour taste in my mouth.

    Jamie, break it out old school tommorrow and let’s see one of your lists!

    • Scratch

      I'm not replying to your comment.*

      * Please note that before it was edited, the comment above me stated that no comment would be made. Now my reply makes no sense and I am heartbroken.

  • Renee Pussman

    This list suck a fat dong. Also, you might want to not allude to how much you hate other movies, spoofs, parodies. Nobody gives a shit how much you hated Hot Shots: Part Deux. I thought that movie was funny. So why don't you fuck off and jerk off to Lady and the Tramp again?

    • patrice

      i will. thx for the suggestion

    • frisbee

      You are 100% correct. This is easily one of, if not THE worst list I have ever seen on this site. Ridiculously stupid and pointless! Please vote my comment down, I'm going for the record!

      • rachel

        i will rate UP to piss you off lol!

  • Unique concept for a list, I must say.

    That scene in the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour is pretty memorable:

  • timmy the dying boy

    Two of my favorites:

    The Godfather, scene in the restaurant. I'm not sure whether it was spaghetti the crooked old cop was eating, but close enough.

    The Odd Couple. "What's so funny?" "That's not spaghetti, it's linguine." "Now it's garbage!" Again, close enough.

  • Not the best list – but readable

  • Alex

    Imagine the outburst if Lady and the Tramp wasn't included. This would be the most controversial list on Listverse.

  • The porn film "Edward Penishands" has a scene where the title character tries to eat a plate of spaghetti, hilarious.

  • Didn't realize how important spaghetti could be in movies haha. Nice list.

  • nicoleredz3

    I love spaghetti and meatballs… Loved number 1! Awww… Sappy Disney. Lol!

  • NiMur90

    nice list, but those ads are seriously turning me off listverse,,

    • NiMur90

      The audio ones*

  • Guest

    Did anyone notice that in the trailer for I Love You to Death, the announcer calls Keanu Reeves "KEE-nu"?

    • TEX

      I call him bad actor.

  • Mau

    I cannot believe you left out John Lennon's Magical Mystery Tour sequence where he is shoveling spaghetti.

  • As any good Italian knows, it’s all about the sauce. In a notable omission from the list, Clemenza teaches Michael how it’s done in The Godfather as they’ve gone to the mattresses:

    "Heh, come over here, kid, learn something. You never know, you might have to cook for 20 guys someday. You see, you start out with a little bit of oil. Then you fry some garlic. Then you throw in some tomatoes, tomato paste, you fry it; ya make sure it doesn't stick. You get it to a boil; you shove in all your sausage and your meatballs; heh? And a little bit o' wine. An' a little bit o' sugar, and that's my trick."

  • Greeen

    I know this has already been said before but why not the scene in "A Clockwork Orange"? And Why spaghetti?

  • FlameHorse

    As great as the Lady and the Tramp is, the Night at the Opera scene has to be #1. Great list.

  • enucleator

    Hey, you can learn from any kind of lists, it's up to you…
    For example, i didn't know about the movie Elf, and i saw Tampopo on tv a few years ago, i really liked it, but i didn't catch the name, so i couldn't find it. And voilà, little miracle, thank you spagetti list, now i know the name of the movie i was searching for ^^
    Always something to learn, don't play snob, people, if you stay humble and curious, you will learn so much things, any time, anywhere ^^

  • Colby

    Today's list inspired me to have spaghetti for lunch. I hope tomorrow's list involves tacos.

  • lili

    when i read the title i was sure that the scene from Magical Mystery Tour would be mentioned here……..but yeah, it wasnt! boooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moi

    ignore the haters, i liked this list. i like spaghetti especially with lots of cheese on it…mmmm… and i don't see anything ethnic racist about lady and the tramp! except those mean cats! roflmao

  • apan

    no Fisher King? With Amanda Plummer and Robin Williams dining out

    • Moonbeam

      Good call! I loved that movie, it's one of my all time favorites.

    • TEX

      Them sitting in the faux golden dragon booth – Perry singing “Lydia the Tattooed Lady” – camera zooms slowly back, the booth reflecting on the shiny glass tops of the tables.
      Terry Gilliam at his best – a true artist.

      (ties in to # 10 – “Lydia the Tattooed Lady” was performed by Groucho Marx in “At the Circus”, 1939 – probably an ode to Groucho from Robin Williams and Gilliam)

  • Courtney

    I was actually surprised not to see "Patch Adams" on here. Does no one else remember the scene where they swam in a giant pool filled with spaghetti?

    Unusual list, but cute :)

  • What's with all the hate on this list? It was a breath of fresh air, not entirely serious, just sweet. It was random, but it was nice to read. Not everything has to be oddly informative!

    From the moment I saw the title, I saw hoping Lady and the Tramp would be listed. Pleased to see it was number one. (:
    Thank you for the delightful read.

  • I thought I was going to hate today's list…~ surprise ~…it turned out to be amusing.
    I am a big Marx Brothers fan…I mean, I know all of their movies…I love all of their movies…the earlier ones are better than the later ones, after they lost Chico, but I love them all, so when the list began with "A Night at the Opera", a movie I can literally play in it's entirety in my head, I knew the list was a winner no matter what.
    Soooooo, the rest was a hit or miss, big deal. "Lady and the Tramp" was wonderful.
    "Goodfellas" was wonderful.
    "The Apartment" was a fabulous movie for so many reasons, the spaghetti scene really had so little to do with the brilliance of the movie as a whole.
    I, too, question the exclusion of "A Clockwork Orange", but that decision is up to the list-writer.

    • TEX

      Thank goodness for Turner Classic Movies – if it wasn’t for TCM I doubt anyone around here would ever get to see the Marx Bros.
      "Hail, Hail Freedonia"

      • TCM has introduced an entire generation to some really wonderful movies they otherwise would never have seen.
        I only took issue with Turner when he began to colorize a lot of the old black & white movies…they simply looked wrong in color.

        • TEX

          agreed – I took Woody's side on that – not so much on Soon-Yi
          I would have simply called it TCM rather than invoke his name, just not sure how feeds are around the country – the world
          i have DTV – they showed "Freaks" the other night, called some freinds – they have ATT because of iPhone – BUT NO TCM

  • was u high when u made this list?

  • Plastik

    A favorite spaghetti scene of mine is from the Japanese sci-fi flick "Returner". In the scene Anne Suzuki, playing a time traveler from a post apocalyptic future, is served some spaghetti cooked al dente by Takeshi Kaneshiro, playing a present day thug. The food is so delicious to her malnourished palate that it literally brings her to tears.

  • Dr. Awesome

    This list was shit.

    • frisbee

      You damn right!

  • Mimz

    Aww! I love the choice you made for number 1!!

  • Mario Mario

    Spaghetti is good but for the love of pasta don't drown it in bolognese!

  • Maggot

    Is anyone besides me more than a little gooned out by that freaky looking kid enthusiastically chowing down on what appears to be a plateful of bloody entrails in the pic on the LV front page for this list? I think there should have been a warning posted. I had to go look at a picture of a clown holding a spider just to settle down. If you disagree, have a better look:

    • TEX


    • That's one of the creepiest pictures I've ever seen…what's even creepier? That kid grew up, and is somewhere an adult, looking (holy moly) like a bigger version of that child! It's almost like Magg…oh…
      oh…uh…nothing, Maggot, nothing at all…I had nothing in mind there…nope, not me…nu uh…well, I'll be shoving off now.
      See ya.

  • Chris De Giorgio

    What do Mangia Cakes know about pasta?

  • don

    Yup, have to agree with this being one of the most stupidest lists you came out with. Ideas getting lax?

  • tee hee hee!
    ne plus ultra!

  • Steve

    Has the shark been jumped?

    • frisbee

      The shark got jumped long ago around here.

      Please vote my comments down, I'm going for the record!

  • DionFDNY

    Odd Couple
    Oscar Madison: Now kindly remove that spaghetti from my poker table.
    [Felix laughs]
    Oscar Madison: The hell's so funny?
    Felix Ungar: It's not spaghetti, it's linguini.
    [Oscar picks up the linguini and hurls it against the kitchen wall]
    Oscar Madison: Now it's garbage.

    • bortop

      This should have been #1, and it didn't even make it on the list at all. I call bullshit.

  • Killroyoneal

    "Alien" is the only spaghetti scene.

    • camo

      I agree… as I read down the list I was sure it was going to be #1… I mean, who could forget that first entrance of the chestburster??? Fucking awesome scene from a fucking awesome movie.

  • thisguy

    I loved lady in the tramp but this list is :(

  • revolver04

    Where is Magical Mystery Tour? Dumb list.

  • mmm

    The old lady in Tampopo is Okada Mariko, a legendary actress.

  • frisbee

    How did this list get approved? I'm serious, this list is crap! There is no way that nobody submitted a better one than this tripe!!

    Please vote my comment down, I'm going for the record!!

    • snowclonem

      Spaghetti beats tripe;
      most people agree to that.
      perhaps that is why?

  • The best is #6 (se7en)…

  • fasterthanu

    I'll get a lot of flack for this,but this used to be an entertaining website.

    So go ahead. See if I give a fuck.

    • @#$%!!

      I give zero fucks.

  • Alison

    The spaghetti scene in "Lady and the Tramp" pales in comparison to scene featuring "The Siamese Cat Song".

  • Jael

    Its funny that I'm reading this list just after watching Remember Me. There's a scene from the film where the pegnant chick from Lost takes a huge pot filled with water and leftover spaghetti from dinner earlier on and dumps it on her boyfriend's head. There's even some spaghetti caught in the guy's shirt.

  • @#$%!!


    • T&EASGJ


    • and the quest for the golden treasure

  • Boogie

    Hey Frater….you could make a list of “biggest whiny crybaby primaddona ungrateful loser comments”…you dont even have to navigate out of this comments page to get your material!

  • hanta

    The glaring omission is G U M M O !!!!

  • ourobeauros

    You missed my favorite, Alex delarge passing out in his plate.

  • AStuart

    This is the first time I've posted. I've been reading Listverse for almost 2 years, usually from my phone in the minutes right before I drift off to sleep. It wasn't until about 2 weeks ago, though, that I started reading the comments. It's honestly become just as good as the lists, especially when the list isn't that great.

  • MadMonkey

    Is it just me or is this list FAR too overly cautious about supposed racism? :-

  • Dan

    What about the Gummo Spaghetti scene??

  • diogenes likes pussgetty

    it’s funny that I chanced upon another website this morning that talked about Tampopo but it a completely different context of coarse. weird. I love that movie or at least I remember loving that movie. Ah spaghetti lists! I know they’re a dime a dozen these days but it still thrills my noodle to think of all the best moments I’ve spent with spaghetti….and the worst too. Like, how many new shirts have been blotched by the sauce?? I have a whole trunk of spaghetti sauce shirts that I only where on very dark night or at that club with the red lights.

    –So has anyone asked if the movie Meatballs has a spaghetti scene?

    I luved the list! better than the ‘best swimming pool scenes in movies’ by Blogball.

    —oh yes Dan!! Gummo spaghetti in a dirty tub with bacon taped to the wall!

  • Supz

    Looks like you guys are running out if things to put in a list.

  • RedMan

    STUPID! DUMB! This is a crap list while well researched it is just well, DUMB! Where are the standards anymore?

  • Yautja

    When I saw this list I immediately thought of Wrongfully Accused.

  • sdfsdf

    ELF??????? The spaghetti appeared once for 1/2 a second and I had to watch it 3 times before I saw it. That is your memorable spaghetti scene? You must really like spaghetti to see that.

  • Boogie

    P.S. I show select scenes of Gummo (mostly the spaghetti scene) to my kids if they lay around all day being super lazy, asking them if that is how they would like to live later on…i like to throw it in as well that the kid has the motivation to wash his ears with soap even though he lives in a shithole. Suddenly the kids are cleaning the hell out of the house…)

  • I don't like movie excerpts or spaghetti. I didn't even read the list, I just had to comment on my disappointment.

    • loves some spa-ghetz

      You sure you didn't have some traumatic spaghetti experience as a child? Something that involved a movie excerpt? Maybe you repressed it…..

      • Erwin

        No it was that famous Spaghnetti Incident by Guns´N Roses

    • Maybe you should create a list of your favorite full-length movies with no spaghetti scenes, a kinda yin to this yang of a list.

      • sofkes

        Well, I did learn how to properly eat spaghetti (using giant spoon to capture spaghetti whilts turning said carbs with fork) from a movie….No joke. Maybe I or perhaps you, can write a list about the things ppl learn from movies. Sex, drugs, how guidettes are suppose to act (Jersey Shore), these were all firsts for me.

  • Mike

    I always enjoyed the scene from Godfather 2 when a young Vitto Corleone has two of his friends at his apartment. His wife is making them all a spaghetti dinner & they are discussing how to get the local mobster off their backs. Vitto tells them that "He'll make the mobster an offer he can't refuse."

  • samfishers

    gummo had an interesting spaghetti scene. I'm just sayin

  • the_elan

    I've got a friend who has directed a handful of episodes on The Simpsons. In two of his episodes he's made a parody of Lady and the Tramp and I've joked that his entire animation career is based on that scene.

  • Greasy ‘un

    Reading this list made me want to watch lady and the tramp again. So I did. :D

    Spot on putting it at number 1, it really is a classic.

    But I agree that the spaghetti scene from a clockwork orange should have been on here!

  • Christlike

    fuckin’ eggits tha lot of ya

  • What about that scene in Magical Mystery tour with John Lennon & the crying fat lady, and the waiter dumping loads of gross spaghetti on the plates with a shovel? I forget if it's John or the waiter, but somebody keeps saying "Spaghetti!"

  • fluffieskwerl

    Hey what about Gummo?? The bath tub scene with Solomon!

  • Anna

    Where's I am David? there's a scene with spaghetti.

  • Jermaine

    What about the bathtub seen in GUMO?

  • peach

    What about the bathtub scene in Gummo??!?!

    • peach

      sorry I didn’t see the other comments…but it should be there!

  • lolita

    Charlie Kelly would approve ‘what is your spaghetti policy?’

  • Trash Humper

    Gummo should be at the top of this list.

  • Obient

    Where is “A Woman Under the Influence”?

  • Jaggers

    Best spaghetti scene in terms of palpable deliciousness is when the future Don Vito (Robert De Niro) eats spaghetti with his comrades while they’re planning how to take down Don Fanucci. They looked like the best goddamn noodles ever made.

  • Jack

    Umm, this one’s a little obscure, but Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro had a really memorable scene involving two of the main characters and a big-ass plate of spaghetti.

  • albergopalermo

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  • AS IF the Gummo scene wasn’t on this list. (starts at 1:25)

  • Contracting Info

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